Josh & Anna Duggar welcomed their fourth child, a girl named Meredith


Now that TLC has canceled the Duggar Family’s show, 19 Kids and Counting, I’m not sure where pop culture/gossip coverage of the Duggars will go. Packaged with the cancellation announcement came the news that TLC would be doing some kind of special documentary about Josh molesting his sisters and how the family dealt with that. Which sounds like a recap of their awful Fox News interviews, but whatever.

Anyway, that’s my way of asking how much coverage you want of the Duggars from here on out. I’m perfectly willing to keep covering them, especially if there are still ongoing investigations. But the Duggars want to deflect to what they know best: breeding. Josh Duggar has added a fourth child to his family, a little girl.

Josh and Anna Duggar can now count four kids in their family. The former TLC reality stars welcomed daughter Meredith Grace Duggar, Josh announced on Twitter. She weighed in at 7 lbs., 14 oz. and 20.5 inches long.

She joins big siblings Marcus, 2, Michael, 4, and Mackynzie, 5.

[From People]

I feel sorry for Anna. During the craziness of the initial reporting on Josh’s molestation of five children, Anna was forced to come out and say that Josh did some kind of full disclosure with her when they were “courting.” My guess is that he didn’t tell her everything. My guess is that even if he had told her everything, she still would have been forced into marrying Josh by her family, his family and their church. And now she’s given birth to another girl. Ugh.

As for the M-names… I don’t have a problem with it so much, although it grows old pretty fast. Jim-Bob and Michelle did J-names and it got tedious. Oh, and as far as I know, Josh still hasn’t gotten a job? He quit his position in the Family Research Council in May. Did they have some money saved?


Photos courtesy of Josh Duggar’s Twitter.

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  1. GlimmerBunny says:

    I think the combination of the names Meredith and Grace is really nice. Doesn’t cange the fact that Josh is disgusting and if I was Anna I’d take the kids and run ASAP.

    • Elisabeth says:

      She’s already drank the kool-aid. I wonder how many good names begin with M

      • Lilacflowers says:

        Drank the Kool-Aid and swallowed half a bottle of lorazepam, judging from the zoned-out look on her face.

      • qwerty says:

        Where would she run though? Their world is constructed like in the middle ages… she has a bunch of kids, probably no education, no access to money and nowhere to go. Not to mention the backlash she’d get if she left someone she’s supposed to be with till the rest of her life.

      • Shambles says:

        They both looked zonked as hell to me. My immediate thought when I saw that first picture was, “Josh looks like he’s on #allthedrugs.” Whatever helps you sleep at night.

      • I Choose Me says:

        Anna and all the Duggar girls have this frozen, deer caught in head lights look that creeps me out. They remind me of body snatchers trying to act like real people. Or maybe they’re all secretly Stepford wife robots.

      • Suzy from Ontario says:

        Sadly she was raised in a culture in which she was told that the man is her superior and that her sole reason for being is to have baby after baby and support her man in whatever he says and does. She likely has very little self worth beyond that. She was never encouraged to get an education or explore the world to find her passion or figure out who she really is or what she truly wants from life (just like the Duggars and their kids). If she was told anything about Josh and the molestation (and I’m still not sure she really was told anything), then I’m sure it was a very watered down, minimized “he barely touched them over the clothes” type thing and he immediately apologised and begged forgiveness for his youthful curiosity. That’s basically what they tried to pass off in the tv interview. Now that she’s stuck in this marriage with a bunch of little ones and no education or work-skills beyond housekeeping and popping out babies, her whole self-worth wrapped up in being married to this man, she’s in an impossible situation. I suspect her family, like the other in-laws, are choosing to believe that Josh has been redeemed by God and it was just a small mistake he overcame by coming closer to God, blahblah. I just hope that a part of her will be more vigilant about watching Josh with the kids, especially the girls, and that if she did discover any molestation going on, would take them and at least go home to her family. What’s sad is that if she did leave, there’s a large part of the public that would bend over backwards to help her in every way, ditto for any of the Duggars who want to escape that rigid cult they are brainwashed in.

    • Detritus says:

      I hope she’d be gone if she had a regular support network.
      As it is? I just keep hoping she’ll figure out she needs to leave for the kids. For herself there’s pretty much no hope, but maybe for the kids.
      Or maybe child services will step in? Pretty please?

      • qwerty says:

        Can they just bang on their door for no reason? I mean there are reasons they SHPULD do it but from a legal point of view, can they?
        Anyway, she’d probably just protect him like everyone before her… I see lots of comment assuming she’d like to run but who’s to say she’s not like his parents, blaming the girls and absolving him of any wrongdoing? These are not smart people. She might believe it’s all water under the brodge cause they prayed together and he asked his god for guidance or whatever.

      • Belle Epoch says:

        He should be a registered sex offender.

        God help his little children. And his zombie wife would never interfere.

      • Babyswans says:

        Anna is the only one with a college degree. She has a degree in education.

      • Lucky Charm says:

        I don’t think Anna ever went to college, they don’t believe in it for girls. She got engaged on her 20th birthday and was married three months later, then got pregnant right away. Derick, Jill’s husband, is the only one in that entire family who actually attended college and has a degree.

      • Konspiracytheory says:

        Supposedly she did some sort of online education certificate program (whatever that means) – probably useless in the real world.

      • Neah23 says:

        @ qwerty

        So you think it’s better if she says living with a child molester? There are many shelters out their and she could get public assistance. Not to mention lucky othat she from a Reality show and one word from her about living him and the public would be more then happy to donate money to help her and her kids.

      • jesb says:

        I read she has a certificate to teach elementary Christian Education. Basically she can teach Sunday School.

      • qwerty says:

        No idea where you got that from.

    • Jayna says:

      I agree. Meredith Grace is a beautiful name. At least, it’s not some J name again in that Duggar family.

    • original kay says:

      the name reminds me of Grey’s Anatomy.

      Seattle Grace, Meredith Grey. Perhaps they were fans?

      • whipmyhair says:

        That would imply they would watch a show where people have sex for pleasure and use contraceptives. Doubt it.

      • kcarp says:

        I thought the same thing. Maybe Anna has been mentally picturing McDreamy on top of her all these years?

      • Cleo says:

        @whipmyhair: And a lesbian couple raising a child!

    • Bonehead says:

      God Josh just looks like a creepy child molestor in every photo.

  2. GuestOfAGuest says:

    Adorable baby. Many blessings to her.

  3. platypus says:

    Those poor girls. Even if he never touches a hair on their heads (which I so hope he doesn’t), imagine growing up to know your father sexually assaulted his own sisters…

    • Red32 says:

      They won’t go to school. They will have limited, if any, internet access, and any bit of information that somehow reaches them will be dismissed as “secular media lies”.

    • JWQ says:

      If they are raised the same way as the other members of the family, they either won’ t know because they won’ t be allowed to use the internet or educate themselves outside of what their parents tell them, or they will know, and will think nothing of it.

    • NorthernGirl_20 says:

      They will be taught that it is their fault for not being ‘modest’ enough

  4. Rae says:

    This makes me feel a little ill.

    • Snazzy says:

      Me too. This man should not be allowed to reproduce

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Me three. Gross. Another girl trapped in that sick family. I see very little to celebrate.

      • I Choose Me says:

        Right? Usually when I see a baby pic I think yay, look at that cute, warm, snuggly new human. But knowing who her father is, what he’s done and what she has to look forward to as female in that family just makes me sad.

      • jwoolman says:

        She looks like she’s checking out the nearest exit in one pic…

  5. Lilacflowers says:

    Can the entire family please drop the wholesome ice cream parlor routine? They aren’t wholesome. He’s a pervert and his disgusting child-molester-enabling parents come off as perverted too. The others come off as uneducated gun-worshipping bigots. Not a drop of wholesomeness about any of them. The ice cream parlor industry will be so relieved.

    • Kiddo says:

      I’m more put off by the People announcement. Like NOTHING ever happened. CHILD MOLESTER has another kid should be the freakin’ headline.

      Pudding, jello and now ice cream, RUINED.

      • minx says:

        Oh, People has been disgraceful with the whole molestation story.
        Just ignoring it with happy talk.

      • original kay says:

        This. I could not quite wrap my mind around the People article. 🙁

      • Esmom says:

        Kiddo, I agree. WTF is wrong with People? That’s got to be one of the bigger elephants in the room they’ve managed to ignore.

      • Kiddo says:

        minx, Now would be a good time for People Mag to make an announcement on Jerry Sandusky’s Summer showering habits and Bill Cosby’s relaxation tips for women.

      • Esmom says:

        Kiddo, lol. And maybe some party planning tips from the Palins too?

      • Kiddo says:

        Esmom, yes , BBQ season at the Palins’.

      • Kiddo says:

        I tried to edit, but ‘save comment failed’. Palin doesn’t actually deserve to be in the category of these predators.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Right? WTF is wrong with People?? Who is in charge of that magazine? It’s crazy!

      • Konspiracytheory says:

        + bazillion to all of the above!

      • Esmom says:

        I hear you, Kiddo, about Palin. She’s easy fodder, too easy sometimes, but definitely not in this category. Bad example on my part.

      • lizzie says:

        I’m officially done with People. The coverage on these a-holes is disgusting to me.

    • holly hobby says:

      Jess Cagel is the managing editor of People. He used to be the editor of Entertainment Weekly. He has ruined People with all this “put on a happy face” crap. You can contact him on his Twitter: @MrJessCagle.

      Complain to him with Twitter’s word limit!

  6. Sixer says:

    As someone who has only even heard of these people by the coverage on this site, I’m personally only interested in updates on the abuse scandal – or you know, related issues similar to the way you cover Scientology.

    Coverage here has educated me a great deal on the US loony fringe but, perhaps more importantly than that, it’s also saved me from the possible assumption that all Americans are wingnuts.

    I think you do a great job on this type of thing – especially for me, coming from a European perspective. I don’t comment much – due to ignorance – but I do read.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Yes, please cover it if one of them goes to jail, more about the scandal comes out, one of the girls breaks free, someone punches that fat-headed father in the face, stuff like that.

    • Antonym says:

      +1 this is the only duggar coverage I’m interested in.

      PS – @sixer & @GNAT – I always enjoy reading comments from both of you. I find your posts to be well thought out and informative.

  7. Lauren says:

    This story really made me cry. I can’t understand how she can have a baby-(girl) with him and stay. As someone who has been abused as a child and raped on a regular basis for years as a teenage girl and grown woman I can tell you that his sisters will never ever be fine. I don’t believe what anyone says.

    • Betti says:

      Am sorry to hear what happened to you but the fact that you can talk about it is commendable. Hope u r OK?

      He will re-offend – most peado’s do and he will turn his attentions at some point onto his daughters. The fact that he went for a 5yr old says all we need to know about how dangerous he is to his daughters – even more so given how secretive the sect is. Am sure he will move his family to love somewhere remote where he will have complete control over the entire family.

    • Snazzy says:

      Oh my goodness I am so sorry this happened to you and while I am sure it is difficult I hope you are surrounded by love and support. sending hugs

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I’m so sorry, Lauren. You are brave to talk about it, and I’m with you – this child is NOT safe. Hugs to you and try to remember that YOU are safe now. Take care of yourself.

    • kri says:

      @Lauren you are so right. I am so sorry that happened to you, but I am very happy you are here posting, and sharing. It’s a major victory when someone who has gone through this abuse can talk about it. You are the definition of strong.

    • spurc says:

      @Lauren, me too… Glad to see you’re here and I hope it means you’re safe IRL that you’re able to comment and get some support!

      I hate seeing these stories bc of the memories they can bring back, but at the same time, I don’t want anyone to forget what kind of people the Duggars really are (the kind that either are child molesters or protect child molesters) and I think it’s important for other victims / survivors to see the disgust people have for them. Some victims / survivors are surrounded by similarly effed up families (fundamentalist or not) and realizing the world doesn’t necessarily condone sexual abuse / assault can be the first step for them to find a way out, or just reinforce for some of us that there are people in this world worth knowing.

      • Lauren says:

        Thank you all ladies for your messages!
        The only thing that keeps me going is my babygirl who is the product of a rape. She’s the only reason why I’m still here.

  8. Luca76 says:

    Ugh makes me sick to think of what could happen. Ironically one can only pray that Anna wakes up and gets her kids away from that monster.

    • minx says:

      I, do, too, but sadly I doubt she ever will. She’s poorly educated and has no marketable skills; she’s been raised to be a breeder. The family pressure on both sides would be intense.

      • minx says:

        I just read upthread that Anna does have a degree, so, good for her.

      • pinetree13 says:

        Someone above posted that it’s not a real degree, it’s an ‘online education certificate’ and probably means its for teaching sunday school

  9. polkasox says:

    Something about her smile makes me think she perpetually has gum in her mouth. Not sure why.

  10. Sarah says:

    I reckon keep up the coverage please – if sunlight is the best disinfectant, these people need a lot of it.

    • Konspiracytheory says:

      I totally agree – the press needs to push back on the ‘aw, shucks’ wholesome image this family has so carefully crafted for mass consumption.

    • spurc says:

      @Sarah, EXACTLY.

  11. Izzy says:

    I don’t mind coverage of them on this site about other parts of their lives – so long as every story references the molestation scandal. I want the a-holes at TLC to realize that no, you can’t sneak these miscreants back on the air at some point, because we won’t forget.

  12. Fori says:

    I feel sorry for him, his parents chose to create their own cult and raised him isolated from a normal peer group with a confusing obsession with sex while having a huge taboo around it. Once puberty hit he had no appropriate outlet to express those urges, no appropriate education to understand what was happening, just sex obsession mixed with guilt and extremely warped development. It was inevitable that at least one of the kids would react to such abnormality with sexually abnormal behaviour.

    It’s easy for the rest of us to judge but he has never been exposed to an alternative viewpoint in his entire life, has been brainwashed and kept ignorant so he can’t escape his parents mentality. Remember that these people teach their children that to question leads to eternal damnation. He obviously doesn’t have the intelligence and rebellious nature that would be required to overcome his upbringing so he’s now repeating what his parents did to him with his own family because that is all he knows.

    If people really care about children raised in these cults then the law has to be allowed to intervene to ensure they are appropriately educated, socialised and once of age, enabled to leave their restrictive environments. It’s horrific that these kids have been raised with no education to prepare them for the outside world. That should not be allowed.

    • original kay says:

      I totally agree with your last paragraph.

      I would perhaps see the point of view represented in the other paragraphs, if not for the cover up tried, and failed, by the Duggars. Not once did they won any responsibility for any of this, Josh included. Even if he didn’t know it was wrong (which I do not believe) he does NOW know and still does nothing. He is not a victim and trying to understand him, at this point, is wasted energy. Much better served to further the cause presented in your last paragraph; help the children.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      You make many good points. But in the end, I agree with original kay. All child molesters were probably victims at one point in their lives, and that’s sad. But as long as they are dangerous to children, and in my opinion, that’s until they die, molesters should be kept away from children. Maybe it’s not their fault that they are who they are, but that’s no reason to allow more children to be victimized by them.

      • Abbicci says:

        Newer research is showing that few abusers were abused as children. Previously studies asked convicted molesters if they had been abused. Turns out people who abuse kids will also lie about being abused themselves. Perpetrators making themselves victims. Newer research has followed victims into adulthood and has seen almost no correlation between being a victim and becoming a perpetrator.

        I thought the same thing myself. That perpetrators learned it someone where.

        This is one of the newer papers if you wanted to read it.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Wow, thank you. This is really news to me. I always thought there was a direct correlation, and that men who were sexually abused as children were likely to become abusers, and women were likely to be re-victimized. If I understood the article correctly, it’s just not that simple. First, it’s very hard to establish the connection for many reasons, including the false reports by perpetrators of having been victimized, and second, they simply haven’t found that the single fact of a person having been sexually abused as a child leads to that person becoming a perpetrator. A person with a childhood history of neglect is actually more likely to become a sexual offender than a person with a history of child abuse. I am truly shocked, as I thought for years that most sexual offenders were victims themselves. Thanks for filling me in on this.

    • Sheila says:

      “If people really care about children raised in these cults then the law has to be allowed to intervene to ensure they are appropriately educated, socialised and once of age, enabled to leave their restrictive environments. It’s horrific that these kids have been raised with no education to prepare them for the outside world. That should not be allowed. ”

      Except, if the parents don’t appear to be doing anything illegal, and if the children appear to be generally safe (well fed, properly clothed, getting decent medical care) no one can anything because in this country we do not police religious philosophies. A religious group can only be interfered with if they’re caught conspiring to commit felonies. We don’t take kids away from their parents based on what they think about eternal damnation or the role of women. Well, it has been done in the past and that was wrong, and it went against our “separation of church and state” clause and we no longer do that for a *reason*., we no longer take children en mass away from their parents to “raise them correctly”. And that shouldn’t matter if the parents in question are fundamentalist wingnuts or indigenous non Christians.

      If kids like the Duggars were forced to attend public school, then no one else could be homeschooled either. Otherwise, we’d be persecuting one fringe branch of one faction of one type of one religion because their beliefs don’t fit in with the rest of the country’s. Where’s the cut off point? Where’s the line beyond which we say “your beliefs are too freaky to be allowed to determine your children’s education”?

      Especially because fundamentalist wingnuts are exactly the sort of people who would take that and run with it, “The LIBERALS are taking our kids and indoctrinating them! It’s just like we feared would happen, The BEAST IS UPON US!”

      Were the kids in this particular situation safe? No. Were crimes being committed? Yes. Was there a conspiracy to hide the crimes? Oh yes. But that was not clear to outsiders, CPS can’t look into families based on what religion the parents belong to. Once that starts, where does it end? Now that CPS knows, they can watch the family more closely, but none of the religious beliefs the Duggars taught their children are illegal regardless of the unintentional consequences, they displayed no outward signs of child abuse, and you know, plenty of boys raised in fundamentalist Christian homes do not molest their little sisters, so a lot of this is on the Duggars and specifically on Josh. He wasn’t just sexually stunted due to anti sex religious beliefs, he manipulated people, and he makes jokes about what he did and he’s entirely unrepentant.

  13. Jayna says:

    I believe she was told something. She could have backed out. I read he had a girlfriend in his teens at some point when it came out and he had to tell her and her family everything. She eventually bailed. I think Anna just sees it the way the parents do. And I do believe she feels it was him as a young teen and not who he is today as an adult man. That may be the case or it may not be the case.

    • Betti says:

      Am not sure – if he did tell them when they were courting then i think she was pressured by her family and his to stick with him. From what little i know of her background her family were not that wealthy -so they would see Josh as a great match for their prospects. Money can make anyone look like Jeebus.

    • Goats on the Roof says:

      I don’t believe for a second that her family would have let her back out in any circumstances. She was from an extremely poor family packed into a tiny trailer home. No money, no education, no real prospects. Josh must have seemed like a perfect catch, and no one held the molestation against him because he downplayed it. Oh, and because “Jesus” forgave him.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Also, I’m sure he told her the girls were provocative and it was mostly their fault, and she was raised to believe that.

  14. minx says:

    CB is the only site I trust with honest Duggar coverage, so I vote to continue.

  15. Jewbitch says:

    Love her name. That’s all I have…

  16. Esmom says:

    Is it me or does his wife look like she could be one of his sisters? Ugh…I shuddered even as I typed that. And is it one of their cult’s rules that each kid in the family have the same first initial? I don’t get it.

    I never watched the show but I appreciate the coverage here. I think this guy’s story needs to be kept from being swept under the rug, as People seems to be doing.

    • I Choose Me says:

      She does. I think it’s because she and his sisters and mother all have the same dead-eyed look and smile.

    • jwoolman says:

      Their church is probably relatively homogeneous ethnically so they aren’t from radically different gene pools. Similar hairstyles are tied with their church also, and that makes people look more alike. Plus they don’t use as much makeup as is common elsewhere, so you can see the original features more easily. I doubt Josh had that much say in who he courted, or many choices.

  17. NGBoston says:

    Three things I would like to go away, permanently:

    Any stories of Josh or the Duggars. Ugh.

    Donald Trump and his big mouth. People who have power and money who are idiots are dangerous. Imminent and huge failure on the horizon.

    Bill and Camille Cosby, but especially Bill. Bring on the civil suits–that’s all I want to read about. And someone needs to come out with a Sweatshirt with a photo of him sitting in that damn chair with his slippers that says, HELLO RAPIST. I would so rock that shit.

  18. K says:

    That poor little girl, I really need for child and protective services to be investigating this family. Is that even possible I don’t know the rules?

  19. Talie says:

    I’m sure without the show, they are feeling adrift. I mean, this girl was married off to this family like she was being married into some kind of royal family. And now, it went bust. Same with Jessa and Jill (who is now begging for money online to do missionary work).

  20. INeedANap says:

    For all the people who try to wave away his actions because he was a teenager, NO. He was old enough to know better, continued for years, and preyed on his single-digit-age sisters while they were asleep and defenseless.

    And their upcoming special sounds like they’re trotting out Jill and Jessa — two VICTIMS — to defend him. Abhorrent.

  21. Antonym says:

    “Anyway, that’s my way of asking how much coverage you want of the Duggars from here on out.”

    My gut-check response: NONE!
    But, after reading the comments I agree with others, keep on reporting developments. The story is a trigger for many, but at least the coverage here is accurate and calls this family out for what it is.

    P.S – am I the only one that thinks the middle name Grace was chosen to send a message? Josh was forgiven by God’s grace (according to their storyline)

  22. kri says:

    I am so sick from this story. That evil thing has a brand new, beautiful baby girl. Sigh. If I was his wife, I’d take those kids and get out. Now.

  23. A says:

    Hope the wife leaves for her children’s sake

  24. Annie says:

    Anna has perfected the hunching shoulders, I see…

    Duggar coverage that has to do with the molestation investigation or victim civil suits I am all for.

  25. Lucky Charm says:

    Definitely keep posting updates (the lawsuit, etc that are still in the pipeline) please.

    And at this point, Anna has to be aware of the seriousness of what her husband and in-laws did? I mean, how can she ignore her husband quitting his job and then having to move back to Arkansas? She’s almost 30 and has four young children, I would hope she would know how to contact the authorities or someone that could help her and the kids leave, for their own protection.

  26. Mrs. Darcy says:

    So I’ve never seen the show or heard much about it because I’m outside the U.S. So it’s obv. no loss to me to not hear about updates on this man unless they involve him getting any kind of comeuppance or jail time for being a molestor, sorry. Seeing him with a new baby just skeeves me out.

    • Mrs. Darcy says:

      And seriously, why does he even have social media at this point? Does he think people are going to conveniently forget he’s a sister molesting creep? Are there people out there who are ok with this? I just don’t get it.

      • Red32 says:

        Sadly, yes. There are lunatics defending him on TLC’s Facebook page. “He was young! He was curious! God forgave him so who are you to judge?!?!” It’s awful, depressing, and embarrassing.

      • Tate says:

        I went on Twitter out of curiosity and his picture had over 3,000 favorites and plenty of people congratulating and defending him. Lots of…. “Let he who casts the first stone” BS going on

      • Mrs. Darcy says:

        Wow, sickening and scary. Religious zealots (of any faith) are just fricking nuts, sorry. His family let him get away with it from what I understand basically thinking Jesus was the only law their monstrous son answered to.

  27. Ella says:

    The Duggars continue to breed more victims of this crazy cult sadly. The dysfunction chain will continue on unfortunately. I’m sorry, but if I was the wife of a discovered pedophile, I’d not only be rethinking the idea of having any more children with him, but how I could leave to protect my own children, especially having two little girls.

  28. Abbicci says:

    This entire family disgusts me. The cult they belong to is dangerous. They are only having so many children, not because it is the will of god but to out breed liberals and progressives. I wish I were making this up. They want to send women hurtling back to the dark ages. Having a bunch of barely educated, indoctrinated children is how they want to send us all back to the dark ages.

    Keep writing about them, expose them for what they are at every turn. They are all professional Christians, they are not private citizens just living their lives. If not one is calling B.S about how dangerous they are the daughters will once again end up on the cover of People Magazine pretending they are normal and not members of a dangerous cult that arranges marriages for their daughters like they are breeding horses.

    I only ask one thing, please post a link or two to the blogs and articles describing the motives of quiverfull movement and to the stories of members who have left and still struggle to survive in the real world.

  29. Penguen says:

    PLEASE tell me that they’ll name the next one Mmmbop.

  30. Cheryl says:

    Any one of these women could walk and write a tell-all. I hope it happens. Instead we get the family playing the media, playing the networks and playing their church/politics supporters.
    I hope CB covers it all because this site is pretty honest in calling out what we all see and feel.

  31. Lucretia says:

    That sweet baby is side-eyeing her world already. As she should.

  32. Andrea says:

    My ex boyfriend’s best friend growing up was molested by his father, he and his brother both. His brother now has kids and the best friend has been in fear that he himself is molesting (exhibiting similar behavior to the dad). It is a sick world we live in that this repeated behavior carries on. I wouldn’t be surprised if Josh himself was molested given this is such an insular family. Disgusting he has children now. Blah.

    • KellyCanada says:

      I may be reading this wrong, but are you insinuating that because I was molested, that would molest my own children (if I had any children) ?

      I can assure you, that although I was a victim, I would never EVER put a child through what I went through, and still continue to go through as an adult.

    • Abbicci says:

      Please not all victims of abuse become abusers. In fact the exact opposite appears to be true. Victims of physical abuse are statistically likely to repeat those behaviors. Victims of childhood sexual abuse are not. At one time it was thought both types of victims would repeat it is NOT the case.

      We all need to stop repeating this false ‘fact’ it stops people who have suffered abuse from coming forward and getting the help they so desperately need. Can you imagine being the victim of horrific abuse and then wondering if you yourself will be an offender or if everyone around you is just waiting for the moment you become an offender? And it is just not true.

      Please read this report here.

      And Kelly, you kick ass. I am sorry you had to go through that. I know for a fact you will never molest you children ( if and when you have some, your choice).

      • KellyCanada says:

        Thank you for providing that report. I really appreciate your response.

        I truly don’t understand how people could actually believe that a victim of childhood sexual abuse would ever willingly subject another child to that, let alone their own child/children. With that “logic” there are people out there who may believe that Jill, Jessa and the other 3 victims would be a danger to their own children. Is it “digusting” that they had or are having children, just because they are victims of sexual abuse?

        Ridiculous! If anything, victims would probably be more diligent in protecting their children. (although I can’t imagine any of the Duggar girls raising thier own children in the same kind of isolation that they themselves were raised in)

        Personally, I still wonder if Josh would have done what he did if he’d been raised in a ‘normal’ home. Not seeing his horn-dog parents all over each other, but at the same time being told that any sexual curiosity was evil.

        Don’t get me wrong, what he did was horrible….

  33. The Eternal Side-Eye says:

    …sigh, good luck kid.

    That picture sadly confirmed a previous opinion I’ve had that some kids are born only to be lost. I don’t feel joy looking at her cute baby pictures, only dread and impending doom.

  34. Tia says:

    If she were thinking of leaving, she would have to be concerned about his access to the kids. At least if she stays, raising the children is ‘women’s work’ and she can be with them. If she does have limited education and no money then if she ended up in a shelter, he might well end up with custody since he would have the nice home and the supportive family. After all, if senior politicians support the Duggars, what’s to say the local Judge isn’t part of the cult?

  35. K says:

    It’s a total lie that there was full disclosure before they started courting. He talked about “being tempted and making mistakes” and given there was a real thing made about how her mother didn’t tell her about the facts of life until 2 weeks before she was married (she didn’t need to know before, you see…) I don’t really understand how they can claim she knew what the hell he was saying.

    She’s been raised in a cult which conflates abusing your baby sisters with looking at a girl in a lowcut top and feeling attraction, so what chance has she of really getting out, far less getting her babies by him out?

    It’s all awful and I hope they go away and preach their poison to the already converted, in future. At least their Disney-shaded fantasy of the perfect family has been shown up as made of lies to everyone else.

  36. Susan says:

    Anna has no support system what so ever. She doesn’t know leaving is an optionS Her “friends” are other brainwashed woman. This woman has no idea what a normal sexual relationship should entail- I guarantee you Josh is one weird sicko in the bedroom and Anna has no idea. There is no exposure to any resources to help her.

  37. wow says:

    I’ll never understand how anyone would have children with a known child molester. And continue to have children with a molester.

  38. Jane says:

    Beautiful baby. I feel so sorry for her. She is being born into an awful situation. I really hope his wife leaves and takes the kids, but sadly I don’t think she will. This man abuses young innocent children!!!! He should not be allowed to be around any of them, I really hope child services does something quick.

  39. Elizabeth says:

    Named for Meredith Vieira?

  40. Cara says:

    She’s 26 and has four kids already.
    There’s a very long road ahead knowing you can’t use birth control- I feel tired just looking at her. Despite her spouting her happiness about all her kids- I have to wonder if she ever has a human moment and thinks “please let me not get pregnant immediately again.” But probably not.

  41. belle de jour says:

    I am hoping that the ugliest upholstery on earth – as seen behind them, in this photograph – actually includes the most subversive text imaginable in its fake book pages. Then I’m hoping that Meredith will soon learn to read that text, pondering its ideas on freedom as she leads her siblings in a sinful swaying f-u conga line out the front door and far, far away from the abuser.

  42. Nymeria says:

    Another future victim. This is fucking horrifying.