Khloe Kardashian: ‘No one was doing coke’ at Kylie’s graduation party

Kylie Jenner

On Friday, we talked about Kylie Jenner’s unexpected yet lavish graduation shindig. She celebrated her exit from an online academy at age 17, and Ryan Seacrest threw her a massive party. Kylie danced seductively after opening her luxury gifts, including a super-charged Rolex watch and some other jewelry. The one thing that everyone is still talking about is the video where Khloe Kardashian twerked with her Pinocchio butt. In addition to the tush at hand, people noticed that the dude in the background was possibly rubbing a mysterious substance onto his gums.

Let’s review the evidence one more time.

It’s easy to be distracted by the twerking tush (Kaiser called it “hypnotic”), but the background dude’s gestures also pulled attention. Khloe takes issue with speculation that anyone was doing drugs at Kylie’s party. She spoke out on Twitter:

So Khloe maintains that Background Dude was only doing Jell-o shots, not cocaine. I guess this makes sense, but it still looks weird. Also, Khloe and E! are fine with Jell-o shots at a 17-year-old girl’s graduation party. Khloe is probably correct that no one would do illegal drugs when they know the footage is being captured for KUWTK. But it still looks sketchy.

Kylie Jenner

Khloe Kardashian

Photos courtesy Kylie Jenner on Snapshot, Fame/Flynet & WENN

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  1. Catwoman says:

    That ass looks like a snake swallowing a couple of rats.

  2. swack says:

    Hard to tell because he is shown in very short snippets where exactly he is putting the finger – teeth or gums. But bigger question is: How many jello shots did Kylie have?

    • Nhi says:

      Drugs are not their style?? How about being married to a junk!e (Lamar), how about Rob smoking pot (ok, it’s not that hardcore but still), how about Lamar’s best friend Jamie dying and he was an addict and those two other guys (their close friends) who were hooked as well but we’re killed? Oh yeah, drugs are so not Kardashian/Jenner style, yup.

      • swack says:

        Didn’t say that. First, there has been no evidence other than sources proving Lamar was a junkie. So Rob smoking pot proves the guy in the video was doing drugs. People die from drugs and just not addicts. All it takes is one time and the wrong drug choice. All I’m saying (and it has NOTHING to do with the Kardashians) is that from the video you cannot tell what this guy is doing. And I can tell you this, I would not want to be judged by what others around me do.

      • Susie Q says:

        I seem to remember some coke falling out of her purse on camera, years ago. Drugs might not be all the Kardashian’s style but they seem to be Khloes.

    • Nhi says:

      @swack oh nooo, I wasn’t “attacking” you or something, I was just ranting at Khloe. She kinda pi$$ed me off with her holier than thou shtick. I’m sorry..

  3. mia girl says:

    Twerkin’ and Jello-Shots at a family HS graduation party…
    You stay classy San Diego

  4. Jane says:

    I swear she is trying harder and harder every day to look like Kim.

  5. Livealot says:

    Professional liars.

  6. ozmom says:

    Jello, not cocaine.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      Jello with alcohol, not cocaine.

      • Shambles says:

        Because underage alcohol consumption is the better kind of illegal.

      • ozmom says:

        I don’t see any underaged alcohol consumption. Did I miss something in the video or story?

      • Shambles says:

        OZMom, I was going off the fact that Khloe tweeted “We were taking Jell-O shots though.” She never explicitly says Kylie was taking Jell-O shots, I was just assuming.

      • Kitten says:

        “She never explicitly says Kylie was taking Jell-O shots, I was just assuming.”

        Even if we generously give Kylie the benefit of the doubt, it needs to be pointed out the inappropriateness of Kylie’s “friends” who are apparently, all of legal drinking age.

        I would understand if she was in college, when you meet and befriend people from 18-24 or whatever, but that’s not the case here. When I was graduating high school, the oldest people I knew were like 19 years old max. But Kylie has a 25-year-old BF so obviously she’s going to hang with a much older crowd. Ugh.
        This poor girl will never have the chance to enjoy being a kid.

  7. NewWester says:

    ” no one was doing coke at Kylie’s graduation party” They all waited until the kids had gone home that evening and then the adults brought out the drugs

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      Or because Kylie didn’t really graduate, honestly no drugs were consumed at the “graduation” party.

    • Petee says:

      You don’t even have to wait for the kids to go home.Coke is one of those drugs you can do privately in a bathroom or other room.The guy was most likely doing a jello shot but I would bet big time there was drugs at that party.Who do this family think they are fooling?

  8. Watcher says:

    For once I think she’s telling the truth. It looks exactly like he’s loosening a jell-o shot, you can tell that’s what he’s holding.

    • OrigialTessa says:

      Seriously. He has a little cup in his hand. It’s clearly some sort of food item. Jello shot makes a ton of sense. Poor guy.

    • Zigggy says:

      It does look like that. And I don’t know anyone who rubs cocaine on their gums- isn’t that just a movie cop thing? But I think I heard you could rub molly on your gums. But the Jello shot thing makes sense.

      • manda says:

        They snort it, and then what’s left over, is wiped up with the finger and rubbed on the gums (“gummies”). I have friends (I’m in my late-30′s) that did those a bunch in their 20′s, and now all of them are losing teeth. Just say no to drugs kids!!! Ugh, and people doing coke are so annoying with all their chatter

      • Brittney B says:

        Gumming is a very real thing… it numbs your gums if it’s good coke, so many people do it to test the quality before snorting. Others do it to use up the last scraps in the bag.

        I don’t know how it’s related to losing your teeth, though… something like .5% of the coke gets gummed, versus 99.5% getting snorted. I think maybe your friends were doing more than just coke…

    • Miss M says:

      And Why did he smell after he touched his gums? Just curious.

    • Mare says:

      You’re suppose to suck the Jell-O shot out, not put it on your fingers and then into your mouth.

      • lou says:

        Yeah, but the Jell-O gets stuck to the plastic cup if you don’t loosen it with a toothpick or your finger first.

  9. lassie says:

    It’s been awhile since I’ve done Jell-O shots. If I recall, they come in test tubes, right? They’re pretty large and colorful. you have to slurp them out of the tube-that’s pretty much the physics of jello, right?

    Conclusion: I’m not buying this bullshit.

    • OrigialTessa says:

      No, that’s not right at all… You typically do a jello shot out of a little plastic cup, that in the US can come in a lot of different shapes and sizes.

    • Colette says:

      Test tubes? Really? We use the 2 oz. size plastic cups.

      As for coke I have never seen anyone use it like that.If he was snorting it and used his fingers to lick the remaining residue I could see it.But obviously there is something still left in the cup.

    • Nicolette says:

      Test tubes were always liquid shots. Jello-O shots were served in little paper cups, like the kind Italian ices would be served in only shorter obviously. You could just squeeze it out into your mouth. Easy and no mess.

    • Brittney B says:

      I’ve only done Jell-O shots out of Dixie cups. Sometimes at random overpriced bars, a girl will come around with a thing of test tubes and watered-down Jell-O shots… but that’s about it.

      It’s pretty clear that he’s doing a Jell-O shot.

  10. nene says:

    Kim Kardashian is her role model. Not surprising since she is her sister. #shudders. And these days Kylie is morphing into Raven Simone facially. I wonder who she’ll look like in say 5 years.

  11. Annie says:

    Holy sh**t! I didn’t notice that until this post! You can totally tell he’s touching his nose! Why would anyone do that with a jello shot??!

    Also, STOP TRYING TO BE BLACK. Jesus, it’s like they do everything to be black and they look ridiculous. But honestly, black girls shouldn’t be offended. I’d laugh my ASS off if someone was paying all this money and trying sooo hard to emulate my culture and body and failing spectacularly. It’s pathetically hilarious.

    • Livealot says:

      We don’t mind folks “appropriating” our culture…just be consistent and fight for our rights as well. Also, don’t condemn or insult us when we do something, then turn around and celebrate it when it’s adopted by your own. Simple really.

    • Brittney B says:

      I don’t see him touching his nose at all.. and the controversy wasn’t about him putting it in his nose, it was about him gumming it. He isn’t, though. He’s holding a little cup and sucking the Jell-O off his finger. His other fingers go up a little while he’s doing it, probably to avoid getting them dirty too… no nose touching, no coke.

  12. Dez says:

    He was taking more than “shots”, there is a pic of them together and he got the “coke sweats” thing going on. Plus he’s acting like there is something wrong with him that laugh says “I’m a virgin/gay/high and I can’t believe she showing me this”. What grown man would act like that watching a fake butt tweak? Plus that guy is from “college hill” a reality show that was on BET and he has never acted like this mess even when they were being messy on that show. So I’ll got with he was getting high Alex for 800.

    • Brittney B says:

      Wow… what did he do to deserve such venom?

      I can’t stand this family, but there’s nothing “wrong” with his laugh or his personality. Guess what? I have a weird laugh and I sweat a lot and I act weird when I get a little tipsy… I’d hate to see random strangers declaring definitively that I was doing drugs and dissecting my mannerisms.

      Also, “I’m a virgin/gay/high”?! In what world do those three traits share the same “laugh” — or any stereotypical mannerisms at all? People are people. Grow up.

      • Lynnie says:

        Also, “I’m a virgin/gay/high”?! In what world do those three traits share the same “laugh” — or any stereotypical mannerisms at all?

        I think what Dez was trying to reference was the nervous/overly stimulated/excited laughs you get when you’re out of your element. Now all people are different of course but *shrugs*

      • Dez says:

        Thank Lynnie that’s exactly what I was trying to say. Also I have seen him on the reality show and he never acted like that even when he was drunk. Again is my opinion.

  13. The Original Mia says:

    Cocaine is probably about the only thing that don’t put in their bodies. And yes…let’s have jello shots at an underage graduation party. I’m sure they were making sure none of the kids got into them.

    • Marie-France says:

      Just say no to fake lips and asses, kids

    • jwoolman says:

      Yes, alcohol is a drug. And it’s an illegal drug for most of the people at that party. Doesn’t mean the underage ones partook while the cameras were there, however. When I was a kid, I didn’t drink at events where my parents and their friends were drinking alcohol. But it would have been wiser at supposedly a 17 year old’s party to have non-alcoholic beverages only. Too difficult a concept for the Kardashians though, especially since Kris starts drinking before she gets dressed. They can’t imagine having fun without getting at least tipsy.

  14. Enn says:

    Trash, all of them. Pure trash.

  15. Lynnie says:

    This party was just a mess from start to finish. From the cheapest looking “diploma”, I’ve ever seen, to the Rolex and other expensive party favors for graduating from online HS, she would’ve honestly been better off not acknowledging the graduation rumors.

    • jwoolman says:

      Especially since it’s likely she just barely passed her courses, if she didn’t just straight out hire someone to do the work and take the tests. In all this time, not a peep out of her about what she was studying, what was interesting her, what projects she was working on. Truly homeschooled kids tend to be enthusiastic about their studies. The only thing she said once was that it was 3 to 4 hours a day – which even if true means it was pretty basic, because there is no way that a super-motivated person like me could have dealt with my high school courses in that amount of time. Just homework took 3-4 hours, and not all time spent in school itself was so inefficient that it could be discounted. I was taking science, math, foreign language, literature, history, religion at minimum every semester. High school is a full time job with overtime if you expect to actually learn anything. Homeschoolers could do grade school in 3-4 hours a day because of efficiencies, but are just kidding themselves if they think it works that way at high school level. People in a regular school who don’t bother with homework and sleep in class don’t learn much and barely scrape by- that’s what my brother did, he was saved only by being a lot smarter than Kylie (he still kept failing science and math since you can’t cram those).

      It’s really sad. She may have learning disabilities, since at one point she said school was difficult for her. But her family has the resources to give her all the help she needed to develop her brain and get a good education, and they blew it. They just don’t care.

  16. grabbyhands says:

    For a family that allows and encourages their 17 year old to portray herself as much, much older via heavy makeup and cosmetic surgery AND gives their blessings to her relationship with a man that is almost 30 (and has for at least a couple of years), I find Khloe’s scoffing that they would do any questionable in front of teenagers laughable.

  17. H says:

    All I’ve got is Khloes body looks banging in that black dress. Working out is doing her good. The youngest K? As a teacher, I’d love to quiz her on her general knowledge of high school subjects…she’d probably fail. That diploma isn’t worth the paper its printed on.

  18. My Two Cents says:

    Me thinks they must be desperate for something to film! They have become so fake and ‘commercialized’ there is nothing they film that has to do with anything real in their life. Next she will be getting a degree from the same university Kanye did. What a joke all these people are.

  19. BGirl81 says:

    This has to be the trashiest denial ever issued by anyone, anwhere.

  20. Hannah says:

    I think Khloe’s uses Coke as a diet pill!

  21. Ellie says:

    I’m not a Kardashian fan or apologist AT ALL, so I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I don’t see an issue with this! I love Jell-O shots, they are a really fun (if trashy, but idgaf) at parties and I even served them at my college graduation party. Yes, Kylie is 17 and only graduating HS, but at least she’s drinking safely at home. For the Kardashians, it could be a lot worse. Let that sweaty random man enjoy his lady-drinks in peace!

  22. Shelley says:

    LOL…that isn’t really twerking…of course her fake derriere is going to move in the opposite direction to her body when she tries to dance. LOL…

  23. kimbers says:

    Chloe is a liar lol it’s been known for years Chloe was a drug addict who was clean years ago but not for a long time now.

  24. Mar says:

    Isn’t anyone else sick of this shallow, plastic, meaningless, vapid family yet? I did I never saw any of them again. Even Cait can go away for a very long time too

  25. Kiki says:

    I am just about to had with these fame attention seeking parasites. I am sick of seeing Caitlyn and the Karjen clan. If I see one more picture of Kim, Caitlyn amd these leeches on newssites I am through with blogs, gossip sites and TV altogether. But I can’t quit Celebitchy, I love you guys.

  26. Vampi says:

    Trashy liars. They lie so often that whatever they tell the media, the opposite is probably true so, yep, I believe coke. And alcohol, and weed, and Molly. All of it. Chronic habitual liars don’t ever deserve the benefit of the doubt. Not after 10 years of lying to make bank.

  27. iheartgossip says:

    Let’s see here; a Trashian opened their mouth, words formed and fell out; and more lies were dropped upon our earth.

  28. LAK says:

    That behind is quite something.

  29. Vampi says:

    I didn’t think it could get any worse…but it HAS!
    TMZ has a post up with a pic of Kylie wearing a shirt that says, “EAT ME OUT”
    What the??!?
    This is sick stuff. This is BEYOND trashy! I’m more disgusted by this than any other thing she’s done. Wow.

    • Bella says:

      +1. I posted the same thing in a comment below. If I would’ve seen your post I would’ve just responded here. It’s sad. No one cares enough to parent this girl. Khloe is 13 years old than Kylie–with an age difference like that Khloe should feel more motherly toward her and she should advise her little sister to cool it and stop acting so trashy. It’s not even defensible anymore by her army of fans and supporters who claim she’s just an “average teen” having fun and being immature. Kylie is straight up skanky and trashy and if anyone in her life really cared about her, they would tell her to knock it off and take it down a few notches. She also looks more and more like Big Ang every day. There is a meme floating around comparing the 2 and after I saw it, I can’t unsee it they really do look alike.

    • Petee says:

      I just saw that.Wow this girl is messed up.The shirt was for In and Out but her dancing and sexy posing made it look all wrong.I am just waiting for the nude pictures and tape.Sad.

  30. Bella says:

    Has anyone seen the video Kylie posted on snapchat wearing a shirt that says “Eat Me Out” on it, whilst lip synch to the song “Rich Sex” by Future?? They’re all such messes. I don’t care how anyone tries to justify anything she does, there is no reason in the world that Kylie should be dressing and acting the way she does, even if she is going to be 18 soon. Even TMZ, who posted the video, said “This all seems like a promo” because practically the whole world is betting that this girl is going to put out a sex tape soon. I saw an Instagram account that posts Kylie’s snapchats and it’s so crazy how vapid she is. You really have to see it to believe or understand how incredibly bad her whole life situation is. She posts videos of herself posing and making faces attempting to be sensual and sticking her finger in her mouth. All I can do is shake my head.

  31. HarleyB says:

    So that wasn’t Kylie on IG with caption
    ‘high af’ a few weeks ago?

  32. alicegrey12 says:

    jello shots and a big butt what a party

  33. Not impressed with an ‘online diploma’

  34. NOT impressed with an ‘online’ diploma

  35. LMS says:

    Then why does the tip of his finger look white after he pulls it out of the cup?

  36. Paris says:

    Ok, this time I will believe, but …
    The Kardashians are liars. Aaaaaall!

    Liar Liar Pants On Fire :)

  37. WePanic says:

    He’s probably taking Molly or coke. That’s not a jello shot cup. It’s a tiny plastic baggy that coke and molly come in. People do rub coke on their gums, aka nummies. You can snort or eat Molly. Based on gum rubbing I’m going w/coke and not shocked at all, especially in this family, enough already w/them.

  38. Mispronounced Name Dropper says:

    Tens of millions of people take drugs. It’s time the media stop giving the prudes of the world a platform to tell everyone how they should feel about it.

  39. kgb says:

    That is not twerking, even Miley Cyrus can twerk better than that.

  40. smiley36 says:

    He missed his mouth by a mile. That was dope as evidenced by the white finger. Then he snorted the shit out of it. Look again closely