Kylie Jenner flashes a possible engagement ring & wears the raunchiest t-shirt

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Kylie Jenner posted this provocative photo for a different reason that usual. She’s mostly dressed, which is unexpected. She’s trying to draw attention to her new ring, possibly an engagement bauble, with her caption, “king kylie.” Some people believe this is very much an engagement ring, and her caption reveals an impending union with Tyga. He has a new show called Kingin’ With Tyga, which airs on MTV2. Yep, Tyga couldn’t make the E! channel and not even regular-old MTV.

Is Kylie engaged? Who knows. She joked about the subject on the I Am Cait premiere, apparently. I wouldn’t be surprised if she and Tyga tied the knot shortly after she turns 18, but she needs to get a prenup for sure. Kris Jenner will probably insist upon one, which will be one of the only decent things Kris will ever do for Kylie. It’s all about the money with Kardashian-Jenner marriages. “King Kylie” is either a reference to a real engagement, or Kylie’s making things up for fun.

Kylie’s also grabbing attention for a really gross t-shirt (with a sexual message) that she wore on social media. I’m including that photo at the bottom of the post. The shirt isn’t something a teenager should ever wear. First, here are some pictures of Kylie flashing her new ring yesterday in Calabasas.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet & Kylie Jenner on Instagram

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  1. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I’m really going to try to stop reading about these repulsive people. They just make me sick.

    • Snazzy says:

      Me too. They are repulsive

    • Jules says:


    • FLORC says:

      It’s really easy to! You just stop caring enough to click on the link. Or for better wording stop being interested/curious enough to click on the link.
      We all know what waits on the other side and all know the reactions.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        I know, I know. I just get lazy about it, then I’m sorry and want to bleach my brain. 😖

    • EM says:

      I definitely stop reading about them on most sites because I fear that they will count my “click” as actual interest and keep bombarding us with their stories.

      At work I have instituted a K-free Zone. You are only allowed to discuss them while in the zone (which is 1 cubicle) – not sure how long it will last but we are definitely enjoying ourselves 🙂

  2. Froggy says:

    Keepin it Klassy as usual.

  3. Lilacflowers says:

    Nobody should ever wear a t-shirt like that, teenager, young adult, middle-aged, elder. Nobody.

    • NewWester says:


    • Pamela says:

      Well, maybe a really elderly lady. But only because THAT would be something to see. Otherwise, I completely agree.

      • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

        I’ve seen really old people in sexually provocative statement shirts and it is indeed something to see.

        You never know if you’re with some aging hippie who’s all about the free love or some poor soul who can’t see anything and doesn’t know what the hell they’re wearing.

    • Shambles says:

      I’m all for sexual experimentation. However, if you have to resort to wearing a t shirt to get that message across to your partner, they probably just don’t want to do it.


    • meme says:

      Agreed. This young girl is completely vapid. What kind of doctor performs all this plastic surgery on a kid?

    • INeedANap says:

      Ack! I can’t see the pic on my computer. What does the shirt say?

      • HaHa says:

        It’s a take off of the logo for a SoCal hamburger fast food chain, In-N-Out. But it says Eat-ME-Out.

        Makes me wanna ask her “Does a milkshake come with that?”

    • Blackcat says:


    • Anne tommy says:

      I can’t read / don’t get the tee shirt and am ashamed of myself for even wanting to know…

  4. JudyK says:

    Out of boredom, I watched several Kardashian shows over the weekend until I couldn’t take it anymore. Kylie was asked if she even knew how to do her own laundry and she said no.

    Apparently, the only thing she has learned to do is to take selfies and think of nothing but herself.

    • Zip says:

      What is so hard about doing laundry unless you have super complicated fabrics? You throw it into the washing machine and when it’s done you take it out to dry.

      • swack says:

        Not that difficult. My 16 year old grandson had been doing his own laundry for a couple years. She doesn’t need to know how to do laundry. Just how to either know a good dry cleaner or the maid does it.

      • bondbabe says:

        Because that would take actual cognitive thought–which skipped a couple of generations in this family.

      • Kali says:

        My 4 year old nephew does the laundry…….sorting, washing, drying. He loves it and gets mad when someone else does it instead of him. The only thing he can’t do is fold the clothes. Sad that a 17 year old doesn’t know how to do laundry.

      • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

        Kali your nephew sounds amazing, I hope he can keep that up! Nothing’s cuter than a guy who really cares about those little responsibilities.

      • jwoolman says:

        You would think she would want to know such basics just so she could have some privacy when she wanted it, rather than relying on employees being in her house.

  5. fee says:

    17 yes old and her surgeries have altered her face dramatically, she looks like Kim. Those lips are scary. No parental supervision, mom too busy whoring them out for a fee, dad is too busy becoming a mom, all their kids are a mess. Soon she’ll have an ass like her older sisters, disgusting how they have changed who they truly are, looking at all their b4 n after pics are effed up. This teenager, has no goals but taking selfies, ugh, why do people pay money to be a part of their demented circus.

    • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

      Yeah that was pretty much my only thought, I don’t care about the shirt, she’s a walking sex billboard – what else is new in that family?

      But she already looks SO old, you can tell she’s started blurring the space around her lips because it’s probably starting to look weird.

  6. danielle says:

    I can’t see what the T-shirt says..

  7. Jenns says:

    She’s about to turn 18, but looks like she’s about to turn 35.

  8. lisa2 says:

    She is overly sexual.. and I think that is 1) because of her older sister, and 2) because she has been in a relationship with a GROWN man.. her mindset is not what it should be. I don’t think she would be able to be with a young man of her own age at this point. She knows too much and has done too much.

    • MrsB says:

      It’s because she has been raised to believe that her value as a woman is tied directly to her sexuality. I feel very sad for her that all the adults and mentors in her life have failed her.

      • bondbabe says:

        Yep–exactly! What other skills, other than taking selfies, spending money on surgeries and lying, does this child-woman have? All she’s ever been exposed to or taught is value=sexuality.

  9. AlmondJoy says:

    This child is so lost. Nothing much else to say.

    I’m guessing Kylie is the new Kim. Her posts get hundred of comments lol. I guess we’ll be seeing more and more of this family 😭

  10. MrsB says:

    “the shirt isn’t something a teenager should ever wear.”

    I think it’s a shirt that NOBODY should ever wear, teenager or not. So gross.

    • Nicolette says:

      Agree. I mean what kind of response would anyone expect from wearing that? Then when something is said it’s sexist. Then don’t invite it morons.

  11. littlemissnaughty says:

    How is this an engagement ring? I’m really asking because I don’t see it at all. Her poor face, those lips look like they hurt so much.

    • Esteph says:

      The ring is by Cartier and it’s called the ‘love’ band. It’s been promoted and sold as a wedding band/engagement ring

      • MG says:

        I doubt it’s her engagement ring. Her engagement ring would be big and gaudy like her lips….and Khloe’s ass, etc.

      • Nicolette says:

        @MG you’re right it’s way too small. No soulless self serving narcissistic Kardashian/Jenner would settle for anything less than a skating rink on her finger. PMK’s first rule of “marriage”.

    • snarky mcsnark says:

      MG you nailed that one! Don’t know how anyone could think her engagement ring would be something so demure. Demure takes class and neither she or Tyga have any!

    • Michelle says:

      Not saying I believe she’s engaged, but it could be a small ring because Tyga really can’t afford a big one. I just read this morning on TMZ that he is being sued by yet another landlord for not paying his rent. He owes this guy $50,000 and was just ordered last month to pay $80,000 to his old landlord. Maybe he should’ve paid his rent instead of buying his girlfriend a $30,000 Rolex for “graduating” from her online high school program.

      If she is divorced, all it means is that she’s on the fast track to her first divorce because obviously we know her and Tyga will not last, and so far with both of her idols, Kim and Khloe have both been married at least once. Divorce is a right of passage in this family.

      • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

        Yeah I think it’s funny that the author of the blog suggested Kris would make him sign a prenup, lol.

        Unless Kris’s mental faculties are going she better start destroying him NOW. There is no future where Tyga will have money or be successful, even Kanye is having trouble pushing his music and performing to the levels he used to.

        Dude is broke. Everything he’s spending money on now he’s using his celebrity to coast and owing in the tens of thousands.

      • jwoolman says:

        That’s a thought. Engaged to be divorced.

      • Michelle says:

        There was a typo in my initial post. I meant to write, “If she is engaged all it means is that she is on the fast track to divorce.” The record holder for longest relationship/marriage in this family is Kris Jenner for her 20+ year marriage to Bruce. The younger generation can’t keep it together when it comes to their romantic relationships. Kim’s longest marriage so far was only 3 or 4 years, Khloe’s marriage only lasted 4 years, and Kourtney’s relationship with Scott lasted 7 years but was an obvious mess for a long time before they pulled the plug.

        I get it that people make mistakes and life happens and divorce is inevitable sometimes, but I can’t imagine being 34 years old and on my THIRD marriage. Khloe is only 31 and has already been divorced. Kylie will probably be like 23 years old with her first divorce already under her belt since she so badly wants to be the fourth Kardashian sister.

        This is a bit off topic but what bothered me so much about the interview Khloe gave is that in a lot of ways Kylie is exhibiting normal 17 year old behavior–she thinks she’s more mature and grown up than she really is, she thinks she has it all together and doesn’t need anyone telling her what to do, she thinks she’s really cool and grown because she’s having sex regularly, etc–but all teens think that way. It is her parents’ job to guide her and even fight with her when necessary because whether or not she is financially independent or, we all know she doesn’t have it all together and still needs guidance like ALL 17 year olds do. Instead of justifying this girl’s relationship with a grown man with a child by saying she was “f*cking” a grown man while underage as well, Khloe and Kim both should be telling their little sister to learn from their mistakes instead of encouraging her to repeat them.

  12. jeebus says:

    is it just me or does her ass look weird in one of those pictures?

    • Dvaria says:

      she’s probably on the pinnochio butt treatments like Khloe these days.

    • Michelle says:

      Yeah it does. Kylie got butt implants or injections too. It’s just less noticeable because they’re not as big as her sisters yet but I’m sure it eventually will be. She’s just trying to be slick. If you google it, she had the flattest butt ever and literally turned up with a butt overnight.

    • TeaAndSympathy says:

      I was about to ask the same thing, jeebus. It’s the 3rd and 4th photos. At first, I thought it was a trouser pocket in photo 3, but there are no pockets. Thanks for confirming, Dvaria and Michelle.

      Is that a hairy bag she’s carrying, or are some of her hair extensions hanging out?

      Only 11 more days until her birthday… I don’t think I want to see what’s coming.

    • HatetheletterKf says:

      I thought it was just me, but I think she got some junk put in her trunk.

  13. boredblond says:

    Is that an In and Out Burger tee? Wonder if they paying her for wearing it..

    • Goats on the Roof says:

      NOT an In-n-Out Burger tee.

    • TheOriginalTiffany says:

      In n out sells burgers, not sex.

      Clearly says Eat, not In.

      Save us all.

    • swack says:

      Apparently (what I read on another site), it’s the In-N-Out Burger logo with the other words.

      • Tiffany says:

        I visited a In N Out Burger when I was on the west coast. The burger was great, but the strawberry shake, I still drool about it after all these years. Hmmmmm…..

  14. Nessa says:

    Why is she trying to morph into her big sister Kim? What goes on in the mind of a teenager (who was already so pretty) that she has to change her whole appearance with plastic surgery? This family is sick, and they are influencing a whole generation of kids. It’s tragic when you think about it.

    • Dvaria says:

      I think its really weird she’s trying to take on her older sister’s Armenian heritage look. Like the dark tanning, the eyebrows, the black hair….Kendall seems to have truly embraced herself as is and its sad Kylie can’t do the same.

      • Sassy says:

        The girl doesn’t have a drop of Armenian blood. Both Kris, her mother and the former Bruce Jenner, her father, are white bread Americans. The girl will never be a sex symbol because there is no sense of humor, not a spark of light behind her eyes, not a hint of intelligence or wit. She is just a hollow shell.

    • TeaAndSympathy says:

      I was wondering if Kim is trying to race further ahead in the facial reconstruction stakes. I saw a picture today on DM of Kim. I don’t know if it was just a bad photo, but her lower face, particularly the mouth, is just…grotesque. More so than usual. Perhaps others who know about this stuff can determine if she’s had some recent tweaking, because to me, her mouth looks bigger, lips look even more full and …sticking out more (?) or something. She looks horrendous. Kylie still looks human, for now at least. Sure, she doesn’t look like her real self, and looks 35, but at least she doesn’t yet look like an extra-terrestrial. Aaahh…these people. What to say that hasn’t already been said?

  15. baby faced killer says:

    I can’t make out what the shirt says…aside from the fact that Tyga is 25 he’s also such a loser and a horrible rapper..she’s like a Kim clone now.

  16. sensible says:

    Excuse her extreme beauty, but she matched her trainers to the slogan on her t-shirt. One can only be eaten out in a colour co ordinated fashion. Seriously though, she is such a lost soul… it is painful to watch.

  17. Loopy says:

    I am just waiting for when she is done with Tyga and you will see the Kardashian slander machine put to work, when it is Kanye’s turn that will be epic.

  18. Goats on the Roof says:

    Pure trash, the whole lot of them.

  19. pretty says:

    she copies Kim K so much and she looks like a budget inferiour version of Kim K.

  20. Esteph says:

    For someone who goes on media and says that she’s mature or beyond her years, her wearing an engagement ring on her wedding ring fingers sure is immature. Plus, they know what they’re getting themselves into, I mean that ring is called the ‘love’ band – which has been promoted and sold as a wedding band.

    • swack says:

      Don’t know where you are from but engagement rings are typically worn on the wedding ring finger.

  21. Aussie girl says:

    She is completely flashing her hand around in a lot of these pics. Is it real or just attention..? It’s most probably both. Have you ever notice how Kris hangs around the main bread winners of the fam bam. Kim or Kylie in Paris. And when one if them is under heat for something she is seen having lunch with them. Idk, perhaps it’s me but you don’t see a lot if her hanging with Courtney or Rob, who are much more low key. Perhaps it’s because they are low key, making the reason we don’t see it buuuut I don’t think so. Imagine you self worth and your relationship with your mum if you where in that fam. Is it any wonder Kendel is what she is.

    • jwoolman says:

      I doubt that Kourtney would ever spend time with Demon Mother except for the show. She can hardly stand being in the same room with the woman even for pay, and it’s been obvious from the very beginning.

      Hopefully Rob is beginning to feel the same way, he just needs to make a clean break with Demon Mother.

  22. jess says:

    Kim 2.0 They needed a newer younger version, so we got another 15 years of this. Then they will be pimping Penelope out. So it never ends….

    • Zip says:

      I don’t think Kourtney will let that happen. North will be be next.

    • Michelle says:

      I actually think Kylie will be the one that finally makes America and hopefully the world get tired of these people and feel disgusted enough by them to stop paying attention. They’re mostly in the news for something gross or troubling that Kylie does now because no one cares about anything else they do anymore. Not even Kim’s latest pregnancy. With Kylie, the stories aren’t praising her, it’s people shocked and weirded out either by her behavior and antics, or her relationship with a 25-year-old father who left his fiancé for her when she was like 15. This family has been so desperate to legitimize themselves since Kanye became part of the family, and Kylie is singlehandedly making them look worse than they ever have before because just about everyone is looking at her and thinking “wow this family is trashy and screwed up” Khloe just gave a long interview and the only thing anyone seems to care about out of it was that she defended Kylie’s sex life. It’s all about Kylie not but not in a good way. I used to be surprised that no one has tried to rein in Kylie, but it’s becoming obvious that they’re just letting the situation play out because they’re afraid of how irrelevant they’re becoming and any attention is better than none at all.

      • littlestar says:

        I agree with you, I think it’s a good bet that Kylie will finally be the one to “bring the Kardashians down”. The only people who admire her are young teenagers. I have yet to meet a single adult who isn’t disgusted by her appearance and behaviour, as well as her family for allowing her to be like this and for not being nurturing towards her so she develops normally. The attention Kylie gets is all negative, and Kim’s posts barely generate half the comments they used to (I actually can’t remember the last time I read a Kim post, I can honestly say I am truly bored of her now).

  23. EM says:

    that first image is proof that there is such a thing as ‘beyond photoshop’.

  24. sassy says:

    Courtney STodden 2.0 only with money…..but she will have a porno by December – i’m sure she has 100’s on tap already. Can you imagine her porno – with her finding the camera at all times with what she thinks is a sultry look and him with his mouth open the whole time …….UGH

    Imagine thinking you have no value in life if its not on camera ?This whole family is so inappropriate -their whole days are scripted and they contribute nothing to society as a whole. They’ve all sold their souls to the devil -every damn one of them on E!Channel….nothing but a trashy station full of trashy people.

  25. Roo says:

    She is aging herself drastically with the fillers, clothing, and makeup that she puts on like spackle. I’m proud to be on the brink of 30–but definitely didn’t want to look like it when I was 17. Damn girl.

  26. QQ says:

    King Kylie Might refer tobThe Brilliant Idiots Podcast Crowning her that/excusing Tyga Redshirting her/perving over her about aMonth ago or so, she’s been using he moniker since

  27. MonicaQ says:

    I laughed at HuffPo because they were all “Kylie Jenner got a rolex for her graduation. What did YOU get?” and about 90 people replied “Accepted into college”.

    • FarmGrrrl says:

      Or maybe, “continued support from parents who aren’t pimping me out.”

    • Christin says:

      I hope that watch lets her know her 15 minutes of fame are dwindling fast.

    • Pegasus says:

      “A future that DOESN’T involve doing p0rn.”

      And what the hell does she need a watch for? She doesnt do anything.

    • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

      Parents who were proud of me.

      Oh, and a mother who would have literally worked herself to death before using me to sell my body and soul.

      It’s funny too because looking at that watch I think on some visceral level you’re supposed to feel jealous like, “Oh look at this shiny thing, I wish I had it.” But it was all so hollow and boring.

      The Kardashian cohorts twerking around in their backyards, whoo. I’m sooooo much the jealous.

      • TeaAndSympathy says:

        You put it perfectly, The Eternal Side Eye. I’ve always hated those watches – so gaudy – and cannot stand the whole deal of flaunting labels. That’s what it’s all about for this lot. I adore watches (and clocks), but am so clumsy that I cannot be trusted with a watch costing more than $50, but that’s great, because I can have so many! If I wasn’t so clumsy, I would have my all-time favourite watch – the classic Cartier with rectangle face, Roman numerals and black leather band. Gorgeous.

        I wonder if Kylie knows how to tell the time on an analogue watch? Not being nasty. It’s just that most kids use the digital clock on their phones to check the time. I guess it doesn’t matter, since it’s a ROLEX. She was wearing two watches recently. I wonder if we’ll soon see her with three… Ugh.

      • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

        There are some trends that I ‘get’ but that two watch thing is so hilariously stupid.

        It just makes me think even more that you can’t tell time. I have to say I do love the look of men’s watches on women’s wrists, the contrast of it is beautiful.

        Yeah I’m not going to vouch for the Kardashian education plan, Kylie might not be able to tell time.

    • swack says:

      Doesn’t she already have a rolex from Tyga? Wasn’t she flashing it on twitter or instagram a while back in the war vs Blac Chyna?

      • Michelle says:

        I’m not sure if that other watch was a Rolex, but yeah, Tyga is such a classy guy that he really bought his current girlfriend the same exact watch he bought for his former fiance. I guess he has an affinity for giving watches to his girlfriends.

  28. krtmom says:

    Accident waiting to happen…

  29. Toniko says:

    Remember when she was trying to be a model like Kendall(?) extra skinny, super high heels and all that edgy look, but when she failed miserably she decided she’s gonna be Kim. 🙂

    • Lynnie says:

      Yeah I think that and her dad transitioning really set off this downward spiral

      • Neah23 says:

        No it didn’t she been getting work done before Cait. Now once she got with Tyga set her on a downward spiral.

        She been seeing Tyga since 15/16 people have been questioning why she was flying all over the place with Tyga by herself. PMK response was that she learning about music from him, which made no sense because Kanye was in the picture then and why she wouldn’t learn from him. Which is around the times she first started getting work done I guess to make herself older and more attractive for him.

  30. Mark says:

    omggg wtf ‘eat me out’ with an arrow pointing to her vag. omgggggggg im laughing so hard right now, what a dumbass!

  31. JRenee says:

    Actually speechless. ..

  32. Lynnie says:

    I don’t see what her end goal is. She wants the model life and the attention, but she’s ruined her face and her figure. Even if that hadn’t happened no reputable brand is going to hire her based on her antics. She’s deeply insecure and can’t take criticism yet her whole life is on the gram. She has no marketable skills besides her name. Does she think looking like Kim and being linked to Tyga is a way out?

    • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

      I think it’s cute how all these celebrity kids are lining up to be models when a. For the real, super attractive, willowy 6ft models that’s a job where you at best retire by about 28 unless by some magical intervention and b. you all are getting into it late anyway.

      Like Kendall Jenner has how many years left to even do modeling before even the designers in her mom’s pocket want a younger girl?

      The folks that design the extensions Kylie reps aren’t going to want her forever and that’s the only ‘business’ I’ve ever seen her do regardless of Khloe’s inane comments.

    • Michelle says:

      I truly believe this girl has a plan that mirror’s Kim’s. Tyga is Kylie’s version of Ray-J. He’s not really a celebrity…he’s kind of famous, just enough to get her notoriety. He is the starter boyfriend/possible future first husband. Next up comes the nude pictures or the sex tape scandal, then she rides out whatever fame she gets until she finds herself the most famous and successful husband she can get her hands on. In other words, she jumps from guy to guy and shamelessly does whatever she can to gain fame and fortune until she gets her very own version of Kanye West. There is no great love between Kim and Kanye. He might love her, but she just loves the fact that arguably the most famous rapper in the world right now/one of the most people on this earth is her husband. Kim is living her dream because she has a fabulously wealthy and famous husband. This is the end game for ALL of these women. These people seriously only care about fame and fortune. It is all about the money and being a celebrity at the end of the day.

      • me says:

        On TMZ the other day, they were talking about how if Kylie had a sex tape it would be far more popular and lucrative than Kim’s. It’s like the world is just expecting it at this point. I agree, Kim seems to be with Kanye because he is rich, very famous, and has good connections. Kanye wanted Kim for years, but Kim never wanted him. It wasn’t until Kanye gained more wealth and fame and connections that Kim ran to him. And of course Kylie is going to pose for Playboy or some other nude shoot, that’s a given.

  33. Size Does Matter says:

    Wasn’t it Kardashian-level behavior that led to the fall of the Roman republic? I’m just sayin’.

    • Lauren says:

      I mean Julius Caesar was pretty damn full of himself. He once has some henchmen fling poo at the face of one of his enemies and assault the man in a public square, but even that isn’t Kardashian levels of crude behaviour 😉

  34. Dani says:

    I know I’m in the minority here, and while I think this whole situation is all sorts of messed up, she has an insane body. Like, at 17, and I know it’s enhanced, but still at 17 i would have killed for that body. I don’t mind her face, maybe a bit less lip but over all I don’t have an issue because I think she looks good. Aside from that, I’ve seen a handful of teenagers wear that shirt/similar here in NYC. This whole generation…

    • meme says:

      I live in NYC and I haven’t seen that t-shirt and I work in Times Square where the topless girl prance around.

    • Dani says:

      Venture to Williamsburg/Bushwick/Bedstuy. I saw it on one boy and two girls. Saw Milky Chance last week at Central Park where I saw it on said girl.

  35. Wren says:

    I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t see the big deal with her t-shirt. Yes, it’s raunchy and gross but, eh, I had a couple raunchy and gross t-shirts when I was a teenager and I thought they were hilarious.

    What disturbs me is her painful-looking artificial lips, make-up troweled on so thick her skin is suffocating and the fact that she might be engaged to gross man-child she’s been dating for who knows how many years. Ugh.

    • FingerBinger says:

      It’s the t shirt coupled with the older boyfriend and how over sexualized she is.

    • Wren says:

      I think the “outrage” over a stupid shirt takes away from the far deeper issues and sets up a perfect strawman target. She’s a teenager, teenagers think sex and raunchy jokes are funny. That part doesn’t matter. It’s all the rest of it that’s disturbing and deserving of outrage.

      • Kitten says:

        But people aren’t just talking about the t-shirt here. If anything, people are talking about how this t-shirt is indicative of how incredibly abnormal her lifestyle is, how dysfunctional her family is. It’s not like people don’t see the bigger picture.

        Also, whenever there’s a Kylie story, a handful of commenters (not pointing at you specifically) come out to say “this is just what teenagers do”. Now granted I’m an old fart but I NEVER did sh*t like this at 17. I would never wear a t-shirt like that because 1) um, ew and 2) I was in HIGHSCHOOL and I would have been asked to turn my t-shirt inside out, given a detention and gotten grounded by my parents. As a teen, no provocative t-shirt was worth risking my freedom.

        Honestly, I have never seen someone, much less a teenager, wearing a t-shirt this vulgar in public or anywhere. Maybe that makes me unhip, but in high school a controversial t-shirt had a pot leaf on it, or maybe a swear word. But an arrow pointing to her vagina saying “Eat Me Out”? That’s so beyond anything that I experienced.

        And you know what? I’m f*cking GLAD I was that sheltered. I’m glad I got an education and that I hung out with people my age and that I was a virgin till I was 21. I had a CHILDHOOD, I know what innocence is. I truly feel sad for Kylie that she’ll likely never experience that.

      • TeaAndSympathy says:

        Once again, Kitten, well said.

      • Wren says:

        I guess I’m just slightly surprised at why a shirt matters so much. Maybe because it’s an easy symbol of her life to rally against. Trust me, I’m not approving of her lifestyle here and I feel sad for her and deep disgust at her family for allowing this to happen (or even encouraging it).

  36. saras says:

    Child abuse for profit. So sad she is on the Courtney Stodden route at such a young age. The whoredashians are one trick ponies. So disgusting. All are diamond encrusted turds…

  37. word says:

    Kim used to do this when dating Reggie…she wanted people to think he proposed and she did a lot of “stunts” to make the media believe it. She called the paps once and had them wait outside a jewelry store and act as if she was in there getting an engagement ring fitted or something. Kylie is Kim 2.0 so of course she’s going by the same play book. These girls have nothing else to offer but tabloid sensationalism.

  38. meme says:

    I wonder how Kendall has escaped the plastic surgery addiction that rules this family. She should have told her little sister not to mess with her face.

    • Zip says:

      She would not fit the model standards anymore.

      • word says:

        Agreed. If Kendall wasn’t able to make it as a model, she would have gone down the same route as Kim and Kylie…big lips…big ass…all fake. Kendall got lucky and didn’t have to do the tactics Kim and Kylie have had to do to stay in the press and make money.

    • swack says:

      Just wait until her modeling days are over. Hopefully she won’t go down that route at that point in time.

    • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

      While others say modeling I honestly think it’s because her body was just different from the start.

      Take away all of Kylie’s plastic surgery and she’s still much shorter than her sister. Kendall was always the stick thin tall one and that’s honestly what the Kardashian women seem to want with their sky-high heels and always wearing clothes off runway.

    • TeaAndSympathy says:

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it was established a while ago that Kendall had her nose and lips done. Subtle, and done well, but still done.

  39. MargoRita says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t having plastic surgery BEFORE your body is done growing extremely bad for said body? I was reading a site called “” and they directly state that the long term affects of teenage plastic surgery is not known, nor has it been studied…plus, the FDA approved silicone implants (remember it was saline for a bit) in 2006, but only for women 22 and older….(not that the FDA is some magical creature – sometimes they’re whack) — but that’s very telling to me. And unfortunately, she is seeking self-esteem through plastic surgery. Which, of course, always works. She said so herself. Her mother and father have damaged her beyond all recognition. She and her sister were probably left to fend for themselves while the K brand was being created and being sold and marketed…it’s just sickening.

    • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

      To piggyback off this comment I was watching a video about lip plumping being performed and when they were finished I remember thinking, “Wow that’s really subtle” and the Dr. said something to the effect of “This is good because the patient can return to their normal lips without any damage or sagging.”

      It just made me think of Kylie and how she’s ballooned her lips so much that they’ll probably never look quite normal again. If she stops plumping then she’ll get sagging and a very sad pout, but if she keeps it up she’s just exacerbating the problem.

      They should never have allowed her to do so much that basically her face has been ruined under the fillers and makeup.

  40. Miran says:

    I would have some strong words for my daughter if she wore a shirt like that at that age (or any age really, it’s just not necessary). It would be like the time my grandma literally put my mother over her knee and spanked her at the age of 37 for piercing her nose. Nini was not impressed.

  41. Kori says:

    I’m all for guys “being there for her” (Friends reference) but that phrase always grosses me out and for anyone to wear a tee shirt with it is just so nasty.

  42. My Two Cents says:

    These people have nothing to offer society except their tabloid life. Can you imagine how sad it would be to be born into and raised in that? They spend 90% of their time playing with their hair and the other 10% eating salad out of the same clear bowls! How pathetic!

    • Pegasus says:

      “They spend 90% of their time playing with their hair and the other 10% eating salad out of the same clear bowls!”

      And yet they need Rolex watches to keep up w/ it all, apparently. They cant be late for their next 2-hr shower followed by 500 selfies. Gotta stay on top of that workload.

  43. serenella says:

    Kingin’ with Tyga.. just the name is dumb, I would image the show being all about how great he is (who the hell was he, before the Kardashian-Jenner disaster?). Also didn’t he call his son King?

    I don’t even want to comment on everything else because it makes me so disgusted, I just hope she’ll get sick of him soon enough.

  44. Krista says:

    Old lady here: is it pronounced Tee-guh or Tie-guh?

  45. Dawn says:

    I am not at all surprised. She was so hungry for attention from a guy like TY-GA that she will end up paying him to be with her. Blac Chyna probably doesn’t care where the money comes from as long as she gets hers. Having a sister like Klhoe who basically pushed her into this lifestyle is nothing to be proud of either. This family and those that support them make me absolutely ill.

  46. YupYepYam says:

    She looks like Theresa Giudice

  47. LadyKeller says:

    Girl, where are your parents? Oh wait – never mind.

  48. alicegrey12 says:

    no other comment

  49. Jayna says:

    After seeing old photos of her without makeup, I realized she had her upper lids done. She has full upper lids now; whereas before, she didn’t. No wonder she looks completely different. It’s not just the lips and heavy makeup. She has changed the shape of her eyes by doing that.

    So we have this:

    Eye job.
    Boob job.
    Booty enhanced (just not as much as Khloe).
    Duck lips.

    All before the age of 18.

    • Lala says:

      She also had her chin/jawline shaved down… Nobody here ever comments about that but Google “kylie Jenner shaved chin” and you’ll see lots of side by side comparisons of her now vs. before… It’s sickening how much work she’s gotten done. She literally looks like a completely different person from 5 years ago… That doesnt happen from just getting your lips plumped.

  50. Izzy Paris says:

    I told myself not to ever engage again around these people…To forget them, but I can’t help it : as a reminder to you all : this Tyga is dead broke, just look up all the money he claims to have when he owes money everywhere. These stories are just out there to buzz and make people talk. Have you notices that these people (KKK) will do anything to be in the media, dress in a ridiculous manner, engage in stupid relationships just so we will make comments and keep them in the buzz. its all fabricated and nothing stops them,