US Magazine: Ben Affleck, 42, is dating the 28 year-old nanny

The Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner carefully coordinated divorce press has taken a dark turn. Remember how it seemed like People Magazine was running stories from Ben’s side while US Magazine was running stories from Jennifer’s camp? It was like slightly different sides of the same coin though, in that there weren’t that many dirty details and the stories made it sound like they would work through the divorce as a family. Plus we’ve seen Ben and Jennifer continue to do happy family photo ops (they were just at a kids fair this weekend) and to both keep wearing their wedding rings, for whatever that’s worth. They were trying to control the narrative around their divorce to a ridiculously detailed degree.

Well now US Magazine, a relatively reputable celebrity outlet which gets many scoops and planted stories from publicists, is reporting that Ben is boning the 28 year-old nanny, hired earlier this year to watch the kids. This isn’t surprising at all to me, what’s surprising is that it’s being published. Somehow this information is now out there after the most orchestrated divorce PR blitz that I’ve ever seen. Someone is not toeing the line and this smells like revenge.

Nearly one month after announcing the end of his 10-year marriage to Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck has began to move on. And the two-time Oscar winner, 42, didn’t have to look far to find a new romance. In the new issue of Us Weekly, multiple sources reveal Affleck has been dating 28-year-old California native Christine Ouzounian, a woman he and Garner hired as a nanny for their three kids this spring.

When Ouzounian — an employee at a high-end Beverly Hills nanny agency — first started caring for Violet, 9, Seraphina, 6, and Samuel, 3, Affleck and Garner, 43, were in the midst of a secret 10-month trial separation. The Arizona State University communications grad soon developed an attraction to the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice star.

“They would hang out without the kids,” explains an Ouzounian pal. “And they were very flirty.”

When Garner discovered there was something going on between her estranged husband and Ouzounian, she let the babysitter go. But the ex-sorority girl wasn’t cut from Affleck’s life.

The pair spent time together at Affleck’s new L.A.-area rental on July 17 and, says the Ouzounian pal, were in constant contact over text and email. “She says Ben really, really likes her,” says the friend. “She’s saying this is true love.” (A rep for Affleck tells Us “all allegations of a romantic relationship are baseless and untrue.” Ouzounian couldn’t be reached for comment.)

For more details on how the romance began — and Garner’s reaction — pick up the latest issue of Us Weekly, on stands now!

[From US Magazine]

According to this report, Ben and Jen were separated when he took up with the nanny but that’s still so low. It makes you wonder how many other women there were and how many of them Ben boned simply out of convenience. He’s a celebrity, he surely had enough opportunities to hook up with randoms. Also, of course this girl would think it’s “true love” with Ben Affleck, because she would be dumb enough to hook up with Affleck while working for his family and while he was obviously still married.

If this happened as US is claiming, and I don’t doubt it did, I don’t blame Jennifer for making it public. (I’m assuming that’s what happened, although it’s also possible the nanny sold her story or the paparazzi caught him somehow.) I think Jennifer knew for months, obviously since she fired the nanny, and that she held it over Ben’s head to get him to play this divorce out on her terms. He’s pissing her off now though, and she pulled the trigger on the nanny story. I bet she was willing to forgive a lot of his other hookups, but this one just hit too close to home.

Along with denying this report to US Magazine, Ben’s rep also denied it to The Daily Mail, stating that “it’s garbage”.

Ben Affleck Stops By The Pet Store With His Daughter

Jennifer Garner Stops By The Park With Her Children

Jennifer Garner Stops By The Park With Her Children

Paparazzi photos are from Atlanta on 7-26-15. Credit: FameFlynet

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  1. Froggy says:

    Well there’s a surprise.

    • CG says:

      Ha! Right? Shocking absolutely nobody …

    • Snazzy says:

      No kidding. I believe it. He’s such a cliché

      • Jensbend says:

        Can Jen have been that stupid? Every Hollywood wife knows to hire a nanny who is older and unattractive. (Though even that doesn’t work sometimes–look at Arnold.) Are these men pathetic egotistical losers or what?

      • ell says:

        @jensbend, i don’t like garner, but i hope you’re not implying it’s her fault he cheats because she hired a pretty nanny. a man who wants to cheat WILL cheat, no matter what you do.

      • JLo says:

        I agree with Elle. A friend of mine hired a pretty and young nanny who was overweight, assuming her fitness-obsessed husband would find her gross. Wrong! He totally went after her. A person who wants to cheat will do it given the opportunity, regardless of how attractive the bait is.

      • Tulip says:


        It is his fault. I think she was referring to the idea that if you have an ass for a husband you strategize to minimise the amount of damage he can do near home. He may well have sex with, say, a 56 year old nanny, but chances are slimmer that he won’t when at his age he an still get someone younger and “prettier” for sex AND his ego.

        Also, the 28 year old might be more keen for an affair because she’s young enough to pursue long-term gold digging (by having an “accidental” pregnancy) so she would be a higher risk than someone who couldn’t have kids anymore. If your husband is an idiot and you don’t want to the family income to be further drained, you do the thinking for him (and protect your own interests) by hiring a lower risk candidate.

        He’s a lowlife, but lower than low since he could get laid by almost anyone not near his home life.

      • WindowChair5 says:

        Nannies and admin assistants are always the cliche.

      • Petunia says:

        To Snarky….guffaw! My first laugh out loud of the day….freakin Basic ass bitch!

      • Petrichor says:

        @ Snazzy, that’s EXACTLY what I came here to say.

      • Zwella Ingrid says:

        You are so right. If he is going to cheat, he will cheat. Mine did while we were newlyweds during a time period where we were having sex every day. You would think I would have been safe there, but no. Still, no point hiring some hot batch to keep the kids.

      • clickjen says:

        What about the Shwarzenegger housekeeper? She was older and unattractive, and well we all know what happened there.

      • JohnWayneLives says:

        Of course he’s is

    • Ravensdaughter says:

      So cliché!

    • OrigialTessa says:

      Jen is better off. This guy is a goofus.

    • Katenotkatie says:

      Lololololol stop the presses!

    • Pinky says:

      Right out of the Ryan Philippe/Jude Law/Ethan-Hawke/every-Hollywood-middle-aged-idiot playbook. Perfectly executed. But old hat. I give him a 6.9.

    • Christo says:

      He went “method” for Gone Girl and, apparently, never stopped.

    • Sabrine says:

      I doubt it. He’s vehemently denying these allegations and launching a law suit so will have to stay tuned. If it is true, he better be careful because the nanny will try very hard to get him to ditch the condom in order to ensure 20 years of hefty child support payments.

    • jinglebellsmell says:

      I, personally, am shocked.

  2. Goats on the Roof says:

    I was hoping you’d cover this today! I don’t have much to say (this isn’t surprising, after all), I’m just here for the comments.

  3. jules says:

    What happened to their other (longterm) nanny who used to always be pictured with them? I noticed that Jen has a new nanny with her in Atlanta but the other girl has disappeared – she was with them for years. People move on, but the timing is interesting.

  4. kai says:

    Of course he is. Ben Affleck is nothing if not original.

    • sensible says:

      Dude is so lazy! If I were Jennifer Garner it would be difficult to not become a woman hater, like these liasons are his fault….but the amount of dumb girls willing to shag a married man would break me, does nobody have morals anymore?

  5. boredblond says:

    It’s almost too typical..shrug..

  6. Tate says:

    Ben looks like a real blast to be around. (not at all)

  7. merski says:

    Wow, what a shocker!

  8. Luca76 says:

    I think everyone knew there was a woman somewhere in this mess right. I’m sure she’s not even the ‘one’ just the one that p**ed Jen off the most. I still think she would have reconciled though. I think he wanted to be caught.

    • Barbiedoll says:

      ^ ^ ^
      This + 10000

    • WinnieCoopersMom says:

      Agreed. I’m sure Jen was willing to and did turn a blind to MANY sidepiece situations…But this, as embarrassing as it is, was probably the deal breaker. Dont blame her!

  9. Mia4S says:

    Oh Affleck, how cliche! How gauche! Goop could have instructed you in appropriate extra-marital affairs. A low level studio exec at least.

    Now if true I could see it being Garner’s breaking point. A much younger woman with regular contact with the children (who may have adored her)? All kinds of ouch!!

    • The Other Katherine says:

      I know, right? Dating the help — how very peasant-y.

      This story makes me laugh and laugh, for reasons I cannot fully explain. Perhaps because Affleck so clearly regards himself as extremely clever, and yet here he is making the oldest mistake in the wealthy person’s extramarital affairs playbook.

  10. LB says:

    Oh Ben. How cliched.

  11. FarmGrrrl says:

    Keep it classy, Batman! :/

  12. Angie says:

    Another broken family…no big shocker there – it seems to be the norm today. Hang on Jennifer…the next few years will be a bumpy ride, but it will all be smooth sailing once you have crossed that patch.

  13. Ms. Turtle says:

    It probably shows what a horrible person I am that when I saw the US cover, my first thought was “why would you ever hire a nanny who looks like that if you’re married to Ben Affleck?” He’s a pig if this is true. But it’s not surprising, sadly.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      We must have been posting at the same time. As I said, this is all on Ben, but I’m surprised at women who are married to men like Ben when they hire pretty, young women to live in their home. He probably would have gone elsewhere if she hadn’t, but why make it easy for him? (I also think why be married to someone you don’t trust, but that’s a different question.)

      • Ms. Turtle says:

        GNAT, LOL. I love my husband and trust him but even if I were married to a troll, I wouldn’t hire a hot nanny. Men + hot (or even marginally attractive child-bearing age) woman + kids in a home without the wife around is a recipe for trouble. Old ladies all the way!

        I hate to judge based on demographics but the Arizona State U sorority girl communications major may not have gotten into full-time childcare just for her love of children.

      • Liberty says:

        Ms Turtle. LMAO.

        The ad agency I worked for a few years ago hired a young comm grad from Az State. Smart, savvy and like, a 45 year old in 23 yr old packaging. Coolly informed me and an AD after a meeting that she’d only come to our city for better selection, would only work until she found a meal ticket and he had to “be manageable” —– slightly over three weeks later she showed us her new mink bikini — yes — and a thick Cartier bracelet she got from a hedge funder who had stakes in a tv group through his dad. We’d met him once at lunch — nice but sort of quiet, not much to look at, but rich and clearly in her thrall. She laughed, said bye, said “do what I’m doing, don’t be stupid and sit here rotting!!” and took off. She climbed through three more guys to higher LA, last I heard, and kept going and as two years ago. Shops, travels and writes unproduced screenplays for $$$$$$$$$ per her current guy’s agency. Ha!

      • A. Key says:

        It does not matter what she looks like. If he wants to cheat, he will.

        Look at Ethan Hawke who cheated on Uma Thurman with an ugly nanny.

      • mary simon says:

        I would never hire a hot nanny or any household employee, either, but look what happened to Maria Shriver. Arnold’s baby mama was not at all attractive, but she was available and convenient. A dog is a dog, regardless of who is servicing him.

      • qwerty says:

        “It does not matter what she looks like. If he wants to cheat, he will.”

        Ok, let’s not play stupid here. Looks MATTER. If she were 65 and obese would he fcuk her too?

      • ell says:

        ok, this is the second comment like this, are you guys having a laugh??? so now she shouldn’t have hired a pretty nanny because he cheats? lmao, you can’t control people, a man who wants to cheat will find ways, nannies or not.

        and she’s likely one of many, anyway. when it wasn’t a nanny it was co-stars. he’s a pig.

      • rianic says:

        My husband wouldn’t cheat – he’s seen too many things like that up close and personal.

        However, when he had a solo clinic, the doctor next door and his wife tried to get him to hire a young, hot, enhanced nurse. He asked “Are you crazy? I know how the rumors go about doctors and nurses when you live in a small town.” He went and hired a short chain smoking nurse the same age as his mom. Since that clinic closed and he’s employed by the hospital, he asks for really religious nurses.

        He doesn’t even want the stories to be implied.

      • JenniferJustice says:

        I think perhaps the homely ones boost these guys’ ego even more than a hottie. Plain or homely women will do anything they want, put up with anything, beleive lies, etc. because let’s face it, they have fewer options and their own ego is toying with them. From what I’ve seen most guys who cheat do cheat with women who are less to look at than their wives and not necessarily even younger – just more enthralled and easier to charm.

      • Ronda says:

        JenniferJustice: its true. it all seems very primal when it comes to cheating. Men want to be adored by their affair and women usually cheat with better looking men or men of a higher status than their partner. (Which is also why we hear less stories about female celebs cheating, a nanny or a stripper have a lot more financial interest in talking to the press than a CEO who is boning a married actress)

      • Belle Epoch says:

        Tiger Woods married another family’s Swedish nanny. Quite a step up – financially.

      • Liberty says:

        —- he has come out w a strong denial fyi

      • vauvert says:

        Here’s a comment from the perspective of someone who ran a high end nanny placement agency; yes, maybe you can find a relatively non-pretty nanny, but let’s be clear here, most nannies that are being hired for the full-time positions, whether live-in or out, tend to be young, well-educated, pretty girls. the pretty varies, obviously, but no family wants to hire an older person – you want a high energy nanny who can run with them in the park, take them swimming, do crafts on the floor, wash them up for dinner etc. Guess what, older women who fit that bill are usually high earners not interested in caring for your kids. Someone in her thirties who loves kids has her own family by that age (usually – I am not saying there are no exceptions) and cannot work 12 hours days, be available for extra weekend hours and travel with your family all over the place. So yes, the default nanny is young, university educated, and more likely than not pretty. The young women love these career because it pays very well, they generally get to travel at no cost, they do love kids and they see it as a great opportunity between university and settled family life.
        That being said, if your husband is a d*ck, then he will find someone to mess with; if the nanny is not to his taste, the massage therapist, the hostess at a bar, the neighbour’s wife. It’s idiotic to blame Jen for not hiring an unattractive woman, when the world is full of opportunities.

      • laura in LA says:

        vauvert, that’s a very good point about the NDA. And given that this woman apparently worked as a nanny for NPH through this high-end BH agency before, she’s probably not unaware of this.

        If she were to go to the tabs, she would make herself vulnerable to a major lawsuit and likely “never work in this town again”, unless she’s really clever enough to spin it to her advantage.

        That’s why I’m kinda thinking this has to be coming from Jen’s PR, since they’re the ones after all with the close ties to US Weekly and no NDAs. So it would be a shame to think this nanny was only a setup for Ben?

      • Lotta says:

        I hired two nannies in my life: the first was a very butch lesbian nanny and the second one was a manny (a male nanny). I was a single mom then so I didn’t have any reasons to be threatened by a young and beautiful girl, they just happened to be the best choices.

        So you can find a nanny who is not a young and gorgeous women, they are out there. Still I think that the important thing is that you should be able to trust your husband and the father of your children.

    • Juluho says:

      Right? Not to blame Jen but we’ve ALL seen ‘Hand That Rocks The Cradle’. Get an ugly nanny girl.

    • kibbles says:

      So many of these wealthy men have affairs with their nannies. It is cliche and unsurprising. I’d imagine these dudes would be more than happy to have sex with any fairly attractive (even just average looking) nanny under the age 40. And many of these 20-something nannies for high end clients do it so they can marry a rich man of their own. Either the person they work for or one of the friends of the family. It’s their golden ticket to a life of luxury.

      • Liberty says:

        So a friend just texted me that her super snarky work husband just told her that among his male peers, when a famous guy is caught hitting on he nanny or maid or waitress (Jude, Robin Williams, etc) they rate it as a “Bro hits guest room toilet paper” level of, uh, conquest. Her comment and mine: “GAH!”

        So, I guess, “go, Shatman”? Keep charming us.

      • qwerty says:

        ““Bro hits guest room toilet paper” level of, uh, conquest. ”


      • Liberty says:

        @ qwerty — she asked him. He says, “just a handy convenience” GAH

      • WinnieCoopersMom says:

        Let me comment on this from personal experience – I was 27 when I was hired to work for and live with one of the weathiest families in the US as their nanny. I did not do it to meet a rich man, but I would not have turned it down if the right one (single and attractive) had come along LOL. Yes, I am cute, fit, young…BUT I would have NEVER even considered hooking up with the dad. 1) married. and I have character 2) Ew. Just no. Not an attractive guy. Im sure the wife knows nobody wants her husband, even with his extreme wealth.

        And as a side note, their wealthy friends were all married and I feel would have considered it beneath them to get with “the nanny.” LOL Many underestimate how snobby the extremely wealthy can be. They are all pretty boring and GOOP-minded. “Did you see the Picasso sketch in Bill’s library? Nancy got it from Sotheby’s for his birthday last year.” Yawn.

    • Obsidian says:

      That was my first thought too! Why the heck would you hire a hot nanny? It doesn’t even matter if your husband is hot or not. Ben is not only hot, he’s rich too! Double the temptation, and he’s been known to cheat. It’s a no brainer.

      • Juluho says:

        I second hiring a hot male nanny. Liam Helmsworth movie career isn’t that great right now, maybe he needs a day job??

      • JenniferJustice says:

        Stop boosting this gold-digger’s ego. She is not hot! They’ve shown one picture on a mag cover and she’s making a face so we can’t even tell what she looks like. I don’t see hotness just a younger woman who thinks he’s a big f—ing deal and does not have any expectations or standards he has to meet. She’ll feel dumb when she gets thrown to the wayside for an actual hottie in one of his next movies.

  14. sarah says:

    “The Arizona State University communications grad”

    That’s literally all I had to read to know EXACTLY what this woman is like, bwhahahaha.

  15. Alice says:

    Wrap it up, Ben. You know what can happen.

  16. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    This is Ben’s responsibility and no one else’s, and I’m not blaming Jennifer, but if I were married to a man I didn’t trust, I’d hire a 65 year old fat nanny. Just sayin’.

    • Ann says:

      why would you want to be married to a man you couldn’t trust?

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        So true. I wouldn’t and I’m not. But I doubt she trusted him, that’s all.

      • Carey says:

        Exactly. If you can’t trust him enough to not bone the nanny, what makes you think you can trust him once he leaves the house?

      • ell says:

        THANKS. finally someone talking some sense. if you’re married to a man you don’t trust you need to deal with that, not thinking about not hiring hot nannies. because if you hire the fat old dude, he’d cheat with someone else. you can’t stop people from cheating on you, and you shouldn’t be married to people who cheat on you and you’re well aware of it!

      • Obsidian says:

        Because love is blind. Some women follow their heart instead of their head.

      • kibbles says:

        There are SO many women married to men they don’t trust. I worked with a guy whom everyone in the office knew was having an affair. He would lie to his wife that he was going to a country where my office did business for work, but he was actually going there on vacation with his mistress. His wife would call him at the office a lot to check up on him. Deep down inside she knows she married a dog. She knows she can’t trust him. Why else would she have to call him five times a day? But for some reason she is in denial and remains committed to him. This is just one of many men I’ve met in my life who have had affairs and their wives drive by their office at lunchtime, call incessantly, and do things to prevent their husband from being around attractive women. All of these methods do not work. If a man wants to cheat he will cheat. Doesn’t matter who the nanny is or how many times a day you call to check up on him.

    • FarmGrrrl says:

      Yeah, but that’s no guarantee. Remeber, Schwartzenegger was bonin’ and breedin’ with the maid, and she was……uh, NOT a hot, thin young thing in any way. I’m sure Maria never suspected that she was a threat in any way. Some men like their strange truly STRANGE!

  17. V4Real says:

    The real question is how long has he been sleeping with the nanny. If this story is true.

  18. Ronda says:

    not surprising.

    I wonder if the papers will also reveal who Jen was cheating with. They dont dare to touch her.

    • Luca76 says:

      Whether or not she was cheating at least she was smart and tasteful enough not to bang someone indiscreet like the nanny. I am not one to defend Jen because she’s no angel but there is a whole other level of jerk in this one that belongs solely to Ben.

      • NGBoston says:

        Wow. This is some double-standard BS right here. Jennifer has also taken Lovers. Like others have pointed out–this one hit too close to home.

        Point is, Garner is no angel either.

        Affleck actually has bigger fish to fry then keeping it in his pants and refraining from boning the hired help. Namely his alcohol and gambling addictions. He is still talented IMO and should not be vilified for making a dumb mistake. If this story is true he should pick someone else. Do you know who cheats even more on his former Bartending/Waitressing Wife and treats all his jump offs like human excrement making him way more of Douche-Nozzle than his good buddy and homeboy??

        Bingo. Matt Damon himself. Fame, money and wealth changes everything.

      • WinnieCoopersMom says:

        Indiscreet?! Hah I HIGHLY doubt it was the nanny who spilled the beans on this. Ironclad NDAs are the standard for working with high-profile people. This has Jen (or someone close to her) written all over it.

      • Zwella Ingrid says:

        I am disillusioned. I thought Matt Damon really loved his wife. I am very sad to know this. I had always liked Matt Damon.

      • laura in LA says:

        NGBoston, how do you “know” this about Matt?

  19. Jayna says:

    US is only reputable about half the time. I read stories on there and they can’t even get basic facts right half the time that are out there for everyone to know.

    Regarding nannies, let me just say I would never ever ever hire a young, even halfway attractive nanny. You can trust your man all you want, but when someone is there day after day, sometimes at night, often alone with your husband and kids, and getting to know each other, a flirtation can develop and happen between both parties. Men don’t need beauties to want to bang someone, and having a young female in such close proximity with a cute figure and the banter that develops, nope. Look at Jude Law and the flirtation that developed between those two and then escalated.

    I’ve read too many stories by nannies. As a babysitter when 17 and 18, I even had a father I would never have thought of develop a crush on me when I was over at the house so much. It became uncomfortable.

    Ben and Jen had marriage troubles when she was hired. He may not have been unfaithful, but I can see that a crush and flirtation could develop over time when hanging out in the house so much and getting to know each other and Jen picking up on that and firing her. Add to that, a marriage on its last legs when she’s hired. What was Jen thinking even hiring her, as she looks cute, is my thought.

    • ell says:

      why don’t you also stop your man from leaving the house then, i mean flirtations could develop literally everywhere and young women are everywhere, too.

      i don’t get these comments.

      • JenniferJustice says:

        Me either. You all are making it sound like men have no control over themselves and if any temptation is around, they’re going to cave. Ben is not the norm. He’s just a lousy excuse of a man. So, he got married and had kids and he’s been successful the last few years in movies. He’s still a dweeb with obvious insecurities. I don’t beleive real men who are good with themselves and truly happy, cheat. Little boys cheat. People who put themselves before their family. Most husbands don’t need young girls to make them feel manly. Real men don’t need to prove anything and put their wives and family’s happiness before their own. Ben is just a douche. Jennifer was stupid for marrying him and thinking she could change him. I do hope this Nanny gets what’s coming to her. Youth is no excuse. She was happy to be his mistress and help move along the breakup. No morals or boundaries. I hope Karma gets her good.

      • Tifygodess says:

        @ell I get it , don’t be with a man you don’t trust. But funny story is most women who have been cheated on did trust their spouse and were the first ones to say “oh my man would never cheat” .
        But the point you may be missing from some of the comments is that while yes if your man is going to cheat he’s going to cheat – you don’t bring that sh*t into your own home. (And No one is saying they are trying to control every aspect of their husbands interactions either and yes he may still cheat w/an old fat nanny but isn’t as likely) Nannies work with your children , in your home – it’s an intimate relationship because you intrust them with your kids, your personal space and around your family. Bonds form. Why risk it? It’s a story that happens over and over again so it clearly is a problem . So I don’t think its foolish for women to protect themselves and their kids by being proactive. Janyas comment is actually spot on. Why do you think so many men (and women) cheat with people they work with – same exact reasons. Closeness, some level of trust and so on now add in martial problems and you have a recipe for disaster. If my husband was going to cheat I would rather it not be with a woman living under the same roof that has bonded with my kids that I trusted. He can go out and be a D-bag somewhere else.

      • Redd says:

        I agree. It’s as if men are just giant ranging boners and they have zero control in the presence of a young woman. That’s the way the Muslims think so they cover up the women.

        We ALL have desires, us ladies too, and we ought not need to remove temptation in order to cope with it. That’s what you do with a toddler or a dog. I give my husband a little more credit!

  20. DavidBowie says:

    Hasn’t Lainey been saying there have been other women for YEARS now? This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

    • LB says:

      She was. But she was alluding to co-stars like Olga K. or Gal Gadot. The nanny angle – surprising in how obvious it is.

    • shannon says:

      I agree. And not just because Lainey said so, but she’s right A LOT and yes, she has said for years that there have been numerous women. Because, OF COURSE THERE HAS! This is Ben Affleck. Someone who has gambling/compulsion issues and has for years. I’m not saying he’s right, but I’m not surprised by ANY of his behavior. It’s the women that keep getting involved with him that I question. Like Wonder Woman. What an idiot.

      • Jayna says:

        You talk like it’s fact. Gadot aka Wonder Woman seems very in love with her husband and very much a team and have a little girl and praised her husband in a recent interview a couple of months back. And he is not the type to put up with a Ben Affleck affair from what I can see about him. She had a minor part in the movie, not even some big part where she would have interacted with Ben a lot.

        But now it’s fact because of gossip.

  21. stacey says:

    Stories like this only validate my choice to never get married or have kids. What a nightmare.

    Jen can look forward to Ben dating and bringing his random girlfriends around their kids now…gross!

    • bettyrose says:

      IKR? Cue a thousand comments saying not every marriage is like this, but having kids really seems to swing the power dynamic in the man’s favor. Even with money to hire staff, it’s so much harder for the mom to build new relationships. Especially with dad hanging around boning the staff.

      • Neonscream says:

        Most of my married with kids friends would be quick to say “not all” except that most of their partners have hit on me over the years at some point, a few have made it patently clear many times that they’d sleep with me if they could. I prefer to hang out with single women now because it’s just too horrible.

      • stacey says:

        exactly. getting laid is generally the top priority for most freshly seperated men, not their kids or family. Goodluck Jen, sounds miserable

      • Ronda says:

        if the man wants to screw around he has more power, yes. if he wants to see the kids the woman usually has way more power.

      • JenniferJustice says:

        I have to disagree. Why is it harder for mom’s to find new relationships? Most women and men work and have commitments. I don’t see the inbalance but maybe it’s because I don’t really know anybody who is a stay-at-home mom, so we (wives and husbands) have the same opportunities to meet people. Sorry to be the cliche myself in stating my husband wouldn’t hit on anybody, young, nanny, hot, otherwise. Some people do still stay in love. It may be rarer now adays, but it isn’t fiction. I could just as easily be boned by one of the hot rich attorneys I work for, but I’m not interested. My husband could easily hook up with somebody from his work, but he isn’t interested and it’s not because I’m blind or naiave. There are still men who have morals and only have eyes for their wife. Most of my friends have been married for a long time and cheating is not at all an issue. Don’t make it sound like it’s impossible to have long-lasting love. It is the norm in my circle. Hollywood is a different story. If you’re not in Hollywood and your circle of friends are by and large unhappily married or married to cheaters or would-be cheaters, it’s time to find a new circle of friends.

      • Tifygodess says:

        @bettyrose I agree with your comment. @jenniferjustice I hope your world stays a rosey as you believe it to be.

      • Kitten says:

        No lies detected, Bettyrose.

      • JenniferJustice says:

        You think I’m niaive. I didn’t say I don’t know anybody who has cheated. I’m saying they aren’t who I hang out with. The people I hang out with wouldn’t cheat even if they had marital problems. I used to have people in my circle that were cheaters, but I ditched them or the ones who stayed and put up with it. I don’t want it in my life. I kept the friends who had solid marriages and found new friends who have solid marriages. The others can play out their drama without me.

      • JenniferJustice says:

        And for the record, I have been cheated on – just not married. I was young when a boyfriend I completely trusted had been boning everybody and everything behind my back. His friends told me. I left and never looked back and I’m glad it happened when I was young. I knew after that what to look for and what not to. I don’t think cheating doesn’t happen. However, I think its really important to surround yourself with like-minded individuals who have the same moral compass – men and women alike. There were signs I didn’t see with old boyfriend. There are always signs. I recognized them after him. He tought me a tough lesson, but lesson learned.

    • ell says:

      i’m with you. i’m unsure it’s something i would ever want, exactly because at least half of marriages (if not more) become very unhappy at some point. i’m unsure it’s worth it.

    • Boston Green Eyes says:

      Me, too, stacey. I’m so glad to be single. I’ve been trying to get that through to a friend who is going through an awful divorce (her husband left her for someone else and is now trying to sue her for $$$ – and she doesn’t even have that much but is a good saver) – that being single can be an awesome experience.

      Even friends who are in good relationships don’t sway me from wanting to stay single.

      • Celebwatch says:

        They will never sway you. Only your future husband can. I wish a good or even “good enough” marriage for everyone out there. As women, it’s harder to date as you get older. Sad fact of our youth-obsessed society. If you want intimacy in your life long-term, marriage is the most reliable vehicle for that. Find a good man and you will be happy married to him.

        I agree divorce has unequal effects. Divorced moms can date divorced dads, whereas divorced dads (if they have money) are more likely to find single women to date as well. Divorce sucks but both parties can still have the children from the marriage, which is nearly everything anyway.

  22. Ally.M says:

    I don’t believe they’ve been separated for 10 months, I think that was a cover in case this affair and possibly others were made public. I wonder if she was the unidentified female he was seen with in Cheticamp, Canada on Jen’s birthday, I have a feeling that’s when Jen was done.

    The way this is worded it’s sounds more like it comes from the Nanny’s camp.

    • Ms. Turtle says:

      That’s what I was thinking. Nanny’s friend got paid.

    • frivolity says:

      Agreed. The announcement of having been separated for 10 months is backtracking to cover something up – maybe this affair with the nanny, maybe something else.

      So much for all of elaborate machinations that Jen supposedly always orchestrated when she was away from the family – or when Ben was away on his own – to keep Ben in check … That need for manipulation and control is never the sign of a good relationship …

    • belle de jour says:

      Yep. At this point, my interest in this – such as it is – mostly involves watching the tactical leaks & maneuvering of separate PR/damage-control camps, as well as the battles between content and timing.

      It’s almost a sad irony – or is it entirely predictable and fitting? – that they can’t seem to fake-co-ordinate their ‘amicable separation’ the way they couldn’t really seem to keep to the same script in their marriage.

      • laura in LA says:

        That’s my only interest, too. It seems like it’s all passive-aggressive PR leaks now…

        Your move, People magazine.

      • Kitten says:

        He issued a denial, or his rep did:

        “The story is complete garbage and full of lies. You shouldn’t be able to hide behind ‘blind sources’ and attempt to destroy families going through a difficult time. The tabloid [Us Weekly] decided to construct stories in order to sell magazines. It’s like story time in kindergarten. It’s shameful and desperate,” a rep for Affleck told Page Six on Wednesday.

      • laura in LA says:

        That’s a pretty strong denial and not the usual PR kind. Any story claiming “true love” has to be bad fiction.

      • Kitten says:

        I side-eyed the “true love” BS as well, Laura.

        Mmmmkay, yeah keep telling yourself that, girl.

  23. tracking says:

    “Dating”? Why that’s downright respectable sounding. 20-something ex-sorority girl sounds about right. Just one in a long line of booty calls to come. Maybe he and Hugh Grant can hang out, and Hugh can give him tips on sneaking in and out of dorms.

    • funcakes says:

      Can you imagine the conversations they must have?
      Ben: Mallrats?
      Nanny: No
      Ben:School Ties?
      Nanny: No
      Ben:Buffy the Vampire Slayer?
      Nanny: Vampires! OMG, isn’t Robert Patterson dreamy?
      Ben: No!

      • belle de jour says:

        Thank God you were there to transcribe this for posterity; the reporter hiding behind Roosevelt and Stalin at Yalta.

      • laura in LA says:

        You forgot to add: Wait, you know Jason Bourne?!

      • Dee Kay says:

        @belledejour you won the internet today. “reporter hiding behind Roosevelt and Stalin at Yalta” LOLOLOLOLOL

      • belle de jour says:

        @Dee Kay: and you just made my entire evening getting a good old Yalta gag.

  24. Tippipippi says:

    If it isn’t true then I feel sorry for this woman because she will be unemployable now, nobody is going to want a woman around who is flirting with their husband while they’re minding their children!!!! If true then she will be dropped quickly enough by him because her gossipy friends have made him look bad and if he does settle for a private person it’ll be someone in a successful career. Ben will have sex with anything but all his former partners, while very different from each other, are all high achievers. A 28 year old nanny just isn’t.

    I don’t have sympathy for Jennifer though, she wore a hospital gown/ night shirt, I’ve no idea what it was supposed to be, to the park with ben and the kids the other day, she’s been purposely badly for a long time but that was ridiculous. I think it’s passive aggressive on her part, make herself look as awful as possible so she can blame him when he is embarrassed by her or turned off.

    • Christo says:

      Sorry, I just don’t understand your viewpoint. Are you trying to insinuate in that last paragraph that Jennifer’s wardrobe choices are directly related and the cause for Ben’s cheating?

      • Tippipippi says:

        I’m saying that it seems like she was doing it on purpose. She looked well turned out in casual wear when they first married and then the clothing got hideous and embarrassing. It was like she was purposely making herself as unattractive as possible. If you love someone, you want them to be attracted to you, you don’t purposely try to turn them off you. If you do then you can’t complain if they give up and find someone who likes them enough to present themselves appealingly.

        I don’t know why that’s so controversial here.

      • JenniferJustice says:

        it’s not controversial, but it’s definitely offensive. Why should she have to dress like she’s going out just becuase she’s his wife? I don’t get that. And in my house, the moment I walk in the door, my husband wants me to change and get casual and comfortable. His cheating has nothign to do with her warddrobe. She could wear diamonds and furs, get plastic surgery, wear hot couture every day and he would still cheat. If she was dressing unattractive on purpose, it’s becuase he’s already cheated and she doesn’t want him that way anymore. Or maybe she’s been sad and depressed and hasn’t had any interest in fashion. So far, he’s been thought to cheat with Blake Lively and Gal Gadot, neither of which are fashionistas. What Ben likes is women who think he’s a big deal. Women who don’t know him, don’t hold him to any standard as a wife would, and are up for casual callous sex. BTW – I’ve seen Ben looking pretty disshevled and not particularly fashionable many times. I don’t see how that would be a pass for Jennifer to cheat or even want to.

    • jugil1 says:

      I agree the “hospital gown/ night shirt” look is not flattering in the least. However, wearing something unflattering doesn’t give someone the “right” to cheat on you. Ben was going to cheat no matter what she was wearing.

      • deborah says:

        And Ben’s always dresses really sloppily. Why does a wife have to dress well, and sexily, when her husband can look like a slob?

    • Pandy says:

      I can’t imagine her self-esteem has been very high if she’s with a serial cheater. Having been cheated on, I instantly imagined the other women were all gorgeous and younger. One of them wasn’t – larger than me and my age! That kind of surprised me.

      And my self-esteem? I think I’m a good person, but I hate my body – and this is after a couple of cosmetic surgery rounds. I don’t feel like I’m ever enough.

      • Kitten says:

        Aw, Pandy, that makes me sad. I’m sure you’re gorgeous.
        F*ck that ahole for making you feel that way. .\/.

      • laura.e says:

        Pandy you need to go on an exotic holiday, and have a few young foreign guys make you feel special again. You sound like a great person, it’s your ex who will end up old and lonely and regretful.

  25. Size Does Matter says:

    Oh please no, not this. I do not want my 90s-girl crush ruined by a cliched nanny jump off.

  26. Jo says:

    Sorry, not buying this.

  27. lisa2 says:

    Am I just naive to not believe this story? (don’t be mean)

    • Jayna says:

      I don’t know if he saw her after and had sex with her. But a strained marriage and a young cute nanny around all the time with your handsome husband, often when you’re not there, a flirtation and crush developing as time goes on between them? She’s out in her cute bikini in the pool with the kids, etc. Absolutely I can see that, not just with Ben, but with many men in their home.

    • Heat says:

      If you’re naive, then so am I.
      I just don’t buy it, for some reason…that doesn’t mean that I don’t believe that Ben cheated on Jen at all; I just think this is a bogus story. Seems like the nanny’s “friend” is trying to cash in on the Bennifer Divorce Gravy-Train.

    • Hawkeye says:

      No, I don’t think you’re naive. For me, this being true or not is almost beside the point. One, I think that the hot young nanny cliche is low-hanging fruit slash red meat for gossip consumers (and I am totally guilty of this!), but two, if this is true, I don’t think there are many Garner-Affleck nannies/staff members/friends/neighbours/teachers/anyone that Ben hasn’t been cozy with, so not surprising or earth-shattering.

    • PennyLane says:

      If it really weren’t true, he’d be suing.

      • lisa2 says:

        It is hard to prove Malice, If they thought the person was telling the truth then there is no lawsuit. Which as many have said before is why celebs don’t sue. So saying if he doesn’t sue then the story is real. that is not fair.

    • Neah23 says:

      I have no clue if this story is true or not but I remember people on this site and other pointing out weeks ago that they got a new nanny. Their was no speculation just fans noticing the new face.

    • OhDear says:

      I don’t believe it either, mostly because you’d think they’d (or at least Affleck would) want to end or at least lessen the divorce drama coverage. Why bring up an incendiary story after the Shelton-Lambert divorce drama overshadowed this story and gave them an opportunity to do so?

      Unless someone wants attention, though.

      • Neah23 says:

        That’s what I’ve been saying someone whats attention.

        When the Shelton-Lambert divorce was announced instead of going quite, they give the Puppy story to People Magazine and then give more information on there living arguments and that they are going to be staying at Brooke Shields old house.

        Celebrities who don’t want the media attention and what privacy don’t engage with the media like that.

    • Kitten says:

      I’m with you, Lisa. I do believe that he cheated, just not with the nanny.

      • laura in LA says:

        And while everyone’s asking why would Jen hire a nanny like this one who’s so obviously Ben’s type looks-wise, maybe she was trying to tempt him to finally get some kind of “proof”?

        And he took the bait as revenge or to force her hand in ending it.

        This is all smells a little Tori-Dean to me, only difference is that the latter two are too much in-debt to divorce, plus they just deserve each other.

        It also makes me think, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, more highly of GOOP for accepting things as they were w/open relationships and doing this whole conscious-uncoupling business.

        Ben and Jen’s divorce, on the other hand, seems to be the vicious-unravelling, and it’s now spinning out of control.

      • Kitten says:

        That’s possible, Laura.

        I just always figured that if he cheated it would be with some rando from the casino, a showgirl, stripper or something. That OR a young co-star, not a big name but someone who’s trying to make it big.

        I just don’t think Affleck is stupid enough to cheat with someone so close to home.

      • laura in LA says:

        Yeah, I’m thinking this story is pure fiction.

        And either the nanny or her friends are trying to cash in based on her short time with the Afflecks at at critical time in their lives. So I guess this is what an ASU Communications degree is worth…

        Or maybe she wasn’t so hard-working, paid too much attention to Ben, and just wasn’t a very good nanny?

        These photos say nothing except that they went on the usual Farmers’ Market run.

        (Also, someone damaged the bumper of their car.)

  28. Nusi says:

    Wow, surprised more people are not blaming Jen for this as usual. I mean, if you look like that and dress like that and top it off by hiring an attractive younger nanny surely your husband can never be at fault for going there. Having said that though, the only women that should ever have been left alone with those children and Ben apart from Jen are the two Mothers, Jen’s mum and Ben’s mum, am just saying………

  29. cakecakecake says:

    he wears a lacefront toupee (like Travolta) and he can’t keep it in his pants, EVER.
    what a catch (sarcasm) Let the REAL Ben stand up–come out, we know you want to. I wonder if the lil chick sent in her own story to let Jen and the world know, smdh.

    There have been sooo many stories of his infidelity, where there is smoke there is fire, believe that.

    • Hawkeye says:

      That is an EXCELLENT lacefront then! I always thought he just went to the top Hollywood plugs guy.

  30. The Original G says:

    Is this a deflection from someone who’s famous and more incendiery?

  31. funcakes says:

    Mostly everyone called this. People in Hollywood are so predictable.
    Next Blake Shelton who already has all of Miranda’s belongings on the porch.

  32. Mrs. Darcy says:

    I really like her torn up shorts, I don’t know why. I need to do some squats though, my legs are not up to short shorts at all! Her body is insane for a 43 yr old (I’m just envious, I’m struggling to lose any weight for a couple of yrs now and seeing her gives me hope I guess). She does look like she’s lost some weight since the divorce stuff went public though. (If only I could go on heartbreak diet without actual heartbreak!)

    This story just seems so predictably obvious, I mean, sure it’s possible, but it’s such a cliche even for Ben to do the nanny. If they were separated though I guess it’s not quite as horrible? If it’s true she really must be wearing the ring for the kids/paps/whatever public divorce weirdness is going on. The whole ring thing confuses me. Because you can be separated and not wear the ring and not necessarily have it be the end – they are sending out a message by keeping them on. Would the kids even really care? They obviously know Mom and Dad aren’t living together.

    • Alice says:

      I think she looks great and is probably very relieved that the pressure of keeping up a charade is over.

    • candice says:

      Agree wholeheartedly about her fit bod – she’s earned it. She’s got quite a rigorous exercise regimen and has mentioned on more than one occasion that she’s up at it at 4:30 a.m. every day. I guess it’s a no brainer when you have a home gym and the personal trainer (Valerie Walters) comes to your front door…

  33. EM says:

    Because in this world, there are no other options, but the nanny….

  34. MrsBPitt says:

    I’m not going to believe this just because it’s in US magazine! When they show me a picture of Ben and the Nanny holding hands or something, then I’ll believe it! Until then, just another tabloid story!!!

  35. ToodySezHey says:

    Ben pulled a Jude Law. One winders if he will pull a Robin Williams or Joe Piscapo (marry thr nanny)

    When will these woman learn that if your husband is a dog you don’t hire a bone to watch the children? ???

  36. A. Key says:

    I only blame Garner for not leaving sooner. Don’t tell me she didn’t know what an a-hole he was, years ago. We all knew hence no one is surprised now.

    • stacey says:

      I agree but man…it must be hard falling in love with the womanizer. What a head trip.

    • Luca76 says:

      She knew from day one.

    • npk says:

      Well Ben said they fell in love on the daredevil set even though he was with Lopez too, so she started out as the other woman. She knew exactly what this guy was.

    • WinnieCoopersMom says:

      She was waiting for the 10yr deal. They filed for divorce like 1-2 days after the 10 year mark I believe?

  37. t.fanty says:

    That’ll teach him not to look miserable during family photo ops.

  38. Frosty says:

    I can see where a partner might tolerate a wandering spouse for whatever reasons. But bringing it home? I would lose my sh*t. That is why my nanny would look like an orc.

  39. JudyK says:

    If the US article actually said, “…Ben Affleck has BEGAN to move on,” then it’s not much of a publication.

    Jennifer Garner can do so much better,

  40. pk says:

    Sounds like tabloid gossip to me.

  41. Suzy from Ontario says:

    There’s a reason that there’s an old wives tales about “the hand that rocks the cradle” and never letting another woman into your home to care for your kids. You see this happen over and over with male celebrities and the nannies who watch their children. I think it’s because she’s in the home and he’s seeing her in a regular everyday kind of way interacting with his children and often they get to be friends. She doesn’t seem like some vamp in a tight dress at a party trying to flirt with him. It’s insidious and there’s an impact of seeing your children with someone and the kids responding with affection and having fun with them. It would be hard not to compare. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not giving him a pass. I think it’s the ultimate betrayal by both of them, but I can see how it happens. It’s not so different than men having affairs with their wives best friends…it’s because they are around all the time and there’s no pressure, they can just be themselves and be comfortable and laugh together and have fun. It’s like dating without really dating and sometimes feelings creep up without people even realizing it, especially if there’s trouble in the marriage. That’s why even if she’s somewhat unattractive it can happen. They get to know the person rather than just being attracted to some exterior. They probably talk and she may even become kind of a confidant if he needs to vent or talk about the troubles in the marriage. It’s not right, but I see how it happens. So many cases of it in celebrity couples! Often doesn’t last and sometimes it’s just affairs, but sometimes …Ethan Hawke comes to mind. I mean he left Uma Thurman for that nanny and married her! Robin Williams left his wife for the nanny and they were married 19 years! In fact OK Magazine did an article in 2008 on Nannies and the Men Who Love Them:

    • Ennie says:

      It also happened with Arnold and their maid. The lady was not model-pretty. They ç8the husband/boss) also have on their favor that they are the powerful ones, they have the upper hand and the women may gain something, out of admiration or interest ($$)

  42. alice says:

    I don’t buy this. This is IMHO another carefully constructed story by his PR team, with a false news tabloid and an official deny. Why? To cover the real affair that broke his marriage. With I doubt it was with a nanny, so clichéd and predictable that would end up not being believed by most or just buried as the classic nanny affair. Remember that US weekly, the outlet that is reporting this, is the same that broke the divorce story and is, alongside with People Mag, the outlets that have been contacted by both Ben’s and Garner’s PR with carefully constructed stories to control the news of the divorce. I believe that, just like Lainey is hinting, the other woman is a big name in the business, and as Lainey put it, if he goes down, he drags a lot of other interests down with him too. I think this nanny story is just a smoke screen to cover the real thing.

  43. Sashmo says:


    A. Jen Garner looks 28 (those dimples!’n)

    B. She’s a devoted mother

    C. Obviously a forgiving and supportive spouse ;qualities we should all aspire to, although, under these circumstances I couldn’t forgive, I would have left the first or second time (yli hit fidelitiy issues in relationships! People are human but- ben’s behaviour is very deep rooted).


    If you can’t make it work with Jen Garber- you can’t make it work with anybody!!

    • Neah23 says:


      Jen dose not look 28 it’s laughable that you think so and I want even comment on the the rest especially not the Conclusion 😂😂😂😂

      • candice says:

        28 may be an exaggeration, but she does look better than some celebs who are around the same age – Rachel Zoe and Fergie come to mind (they were both 39 for several years lol)- even without make up. Helps that she is in great shape and carries herself well too.

      • Neah23 says:

        Rachel looks old for her age, which I believe she lying about, now Fergie drug use aged her as did bad plastic surgery. As for Jen I think she looks her age not old or younger just her age. Jen being in shape has nothing to do with it, Fergie in shape too and looks older.

      • Tifygodess says:

        @neah23 remember looks are subjective. So what you dont think it? Doesn’t mean she can’t. 😏

    • jen2 says:

      Well, he didn’t make it with “Jen Garber”, (typos are a bit*h I know)… Garner either. And she is not exactly Snow White since she has a few broken and somewhat sketchy relationships herself and a divorce, so let’s not make her a saint. Both had and continue to have issues. I don’t trust US mag anymore than any other tabloid.

      • laura in LA says:

        Wait, so you mean she’s not actually Victor Garber’s daughter? Huh…

        It’s also funny when people are all Team-Jen, then keep spelling her last name as “Gardner”.

  44. Andrea says:

    This is totally Jude Law/ Ethan Hawke territory. Bottom line: men are like children, if they aren’t getting attention enough from their partner, they seek it from the easiest available source.

  45. kri says:

    Where are Punch and Judy when you need them.

  46. Lala Lopsie says:

    “IF these gossips were true,” then I think it’s about a f*cking time Jennifer get those divorce proceedings started, take-off your damm ring and shove it into Afflecks ass!

  47. Saywhatwhen says:

    Lordy, Ben! Have a care for the gossipmongers. The nanny? How 90s of you! Move it along to Ms. JLO so I can do up some cornrows, pop popcorn and wait for video 2.0 of Jenny From the Block.

    And Garner, move on. Let it go. Bitterness, though understandable , ages one. You still have the thighs of a 20something…Stop PRing and spinning. Just. Move. On.

  48. Joni says:

    The People article says she was photographed arriving at home recently. Looks like we’re about to get some receipts.

  49. anne_000 says:

    I don’t get it.

    If your husband has a roving eye, then why hire a pretty 20-something nanny?

    I’m assuming it’s Jen who’s doing the hiring, so did she sabotage herself or did she set it up hoping to get something on Ben?

  50. Mixtape says:

    Ugh. Dating the nanny is the laziest form of jumpoff. Like, he didn’t have the energy to actually go out and meet someone. Like swiping his thumb on Tinder was just asking too much…

  51. Jayna says:

    I’m not believing he had an affair at all. I don’t find US Weekly that credible at all for years now.
    She may have been sacked because Jen felt a flirtation was going on from one side or another, but an affair? No. The source is bogus because on Page Six it’s saying the source said they are so in love and talked about living together. You have to be kidding me. Ben is so happy to out of a marriage and free that that is the last thing he would ever want, is to be tied down in a living situation with another woman right out of the gate. That’s laughable and not even believable.

    “But Affleck’s camp says it couldn’t be further from the truth.
    “The story is complete garbage and full of lies. You shouldn’t be able to hide behind ‘blind sources’ and attempt to destroy families going through a difficult time. The tabloid [Us Weekly] decided to construct stories in order to sell magazines. It’s like story time in kindergarten. It’s shameful and desperate,” a rep for Affleck told Page Six on Wednesday.”

    • Jegede says:

      Agree about US Weekly, but gotta disagree on your other point Jayna.

      The details/pro-nanny spin on this story, gives me the impression the nanny is the one who has gone to the tabs (under the condition of anonymity), & probably cause Ben dumped her.

      Was the same playbook with David Beckham and Rebecca Loos.

      • Kitten says:

        Or maybe the nanny is just pissed that she was sacked. Even if it was the nanny that went to US, how do we know that she’s not just looking for some cash and her 5 minutes?

      • Jegede says:

        Yup, very true Kitt.

        But if so, US Weekly is taking a helluva risk cause stuff like this is easily disproven in court.

        And as I said the write up, like Beckham/Loos playbook, is so much in the nanny’s favour that well……….

      • laura in LA says:

        This isn’t going to pan out well longterm for the nanny, and I’m not sure what she stands to gain?

        She may have gotten a pretty good payoff from the tabs, but the nannies who actually end up marrying don’t sellout beforehand like this.

  52. rianic says:

    I wrote about about my husband, but I’ll add this. Some women throw themselves at married men. He came home ashen faced one day and opened his Facebook with me. He had messages from a 22-year old single mom at work – tall blonde and w big boobs (I’m short, tiny and brunette – and 39 – so all kinds of contrasts), where she was flirting and asking him out to breakfast “whenever he gets off work”. Another time she messaged him her phone number when she knew the girls and I were gone for two weeks. He didn’t block her, but he promptly changed his profile pic to one of us kissing and the cover to a family portrait, even though she already knew he had a wife and kids.

    She now hides when he’s on call.

  53. Andrea S. says:

    Maybe Jen hired this pretty, young nanny as a “gotcha” moment for Ben? If I was in her particular situation(& I don’t think I would’ve lasted as long as Jen did,) I would hire her just to be like “see, you dumb***, you can’t leave any woman alone, even our young, vulnerable nanny! Get out already!!”

  54. JoJo says:

    Who knows if this is even true, although not saying I’d be shocked if it was. Queue the flames, but:

    1) I actually do believe they were separated for some time before the divorce announcement. Pictures even dating back to last Fall/Winter look very forced and uncomfortable, including the one where he gives her a bear hug on he stteet and at the children’s charity gala where they both stood wooden next to each other on the red carpet and Jen’s hands folded in front of her. The fact that she and Violet attended congressional hearing in March with him means nothing to the contrary to me.

    2) If this rumor is true, of course it’s not good, and I don’t put the blame on Jen. That said, my stance on her is never.ever going to change.

    She knew all of this beforehand and then CHOSE to continue to STAY and keep having babies with this man. This makes me seriously question the type of person she is. And I think it’s a far cry from the innocent that people assume.

    • frivolity says:

      Yeah. When I saw that photo from the charity function where Jen awkwardly fiddled with her hands and would not touch Ben, I knew they were in real trouble – despite Jen trying to cover up the obvious tension with her big dimply smile. Sometimes actions DO speak volumes.

    • Neah23 says:

      But the pictures of them in March they seem very happy and touchy-feely so to me something happened between March and June.

      • Jayna says:

        Yeah, she was very much in love with her husband at the Congressional hearing. They weren’t some strained, separated couple showing up for appearance sake. The pride and love in her face was not the face of a woman separated, knowing she was getting divorced.

    • Cirien says:

      I feel like I say this in every Jen Garner post but Scott has said that as far he was concerned there was no cheating….I’m not saying she didn’t but she may not have done

      • frivolity says:

        Think about it for a second – would Foley (or ANYONE in the public eye, for that matter) actually admit that their spouse cheated – especially a former spouse who has a lot of Hollywood power and clout? Come on.

        Garner garnered HW power in spades via her marriage to Affleck. She even had some of her own before the marriage to Ben. Foley would not jeopardize his own career by burning bridges like that ….

      • Kitten says:

        Yep, frivolity. I’ve always thought that Scott was just covering for her. His so-called denial was vague and evasive. It wasn’t some vehement “She NEVER cheated on me!! That is an absolute lie”, he said there was no infidelity and that Jen becoming a big movie star is what ended their relationship.

        If anything he seems to deflect the question.

        As much as I like Jen, I do believe that she cheated on Foley with Vartan. When that rumor first came out, it had major legs in the gossip world.

  55. Luca76 says:

    According to Anne Helen Peterson (from Buzzfeed) they’ve been sitting on this for a while. Ben didn’t want to look bad. Sounds just like him.
    I’m wondering if Jen leaked this or the nanny?

  56. My Two Cents says:

    So they have moved on from Jennifer Lopez now to the nanny. I don’t believe anything the tabloids say until they have pics of them kissing. Tabloids always create this buzz that comes from ‘sources’.

  57. serenella says:

    I mean, of course this is Ben’s fault (gross and gross all over), but if I were Jen and knew/forgive his cheater habits I’d never hire a young nanny.

    I think I won’t ever watch his new batman movie, because now I look at him and all I can see is gross.

  58. Merritt says:

    If that is true then both Ben and the nanny are deeply stupid. Did neither one of them pay attention to the fallout from other scandals involving nannies?

  59. Firebomber says:

    I think men cheat not neccesarily because the woman is younger or better looking. It’s how the woman makes the man feel. Men need to be stroked (in more ways than one) often. Not all men but lots of men. Ususally men with huge but very fragile egos. JMO

  60. The Original Mia says:

    Screwing the nanny is about the dumbest and low-downiest thing this douchecanoe could do to Jen. She’s put up with a lot, but sleeping with the woman she’s entrusted her children to would be the final straw. I’d bounce her and his ass out the house.

  61. Boston Green Eyes says:

    I still don’t know how some women can think it’s okay to get together with a married man. To me, it’s just so gross and it also creates SO MUCH drama. I guess that’s what appeals to these girls – the drama. Now that I am older, the last thing I need or want is drama.

    • laura in LA says:

      Ask my 45 y.o. neighbor, not a girl anymore. As a histrionic personality, she lives to create drama.

  62. Seren2318 says:

    I’m wondering whether Jennifer’s selection of a young (presumably attractive) nanny might not be deliberate. She is apparently smart and surely knows her husband, so I can’t see this scenario not entering her head. At the time the nanny was hired, their marriage was already very rocky, they were possibly separated – she might have known the end was inevitable and be on damage control mode for herself. Knowing her husband was a serial cheater – is it at all possible she hired the girl knowing idiot Ben wouldn’t be able to help himself? It’s certainly more ammunition for her camp if this is ultimately proved to be true.

  63. PennyLane says:

    What if it wasn’t a mistake at all when Jennifer Garner hired a cute, blond, single, 28-year-old nanny a few months ago?

    What if JG knew exactly what she was doing, and she meant for this to happen?

    Think about it: you are 43 and your marriage, despite the band-aid baby and various other attempts, is well and truly over. At this point all you have left is the divorce: you want to be in control of the divorce, its timing, the announcement, and the terms of the settlement. So, what better way to have the upper hand than for your husband to be boinking the nanny?

    Maybe JG set up a juicy bit of bait knowing that her poor-impulse-control husband would take it…

    • laura in LA says:

      Yep, exactly what I posted upthread twice…

      Not blaming Jen here, but maybe his inattention to her and flirtations with other women were driving her crazy.

      Besides, this nanny sounds like a perfect decoy.

  64. FWIW says:

    Ben Affleck is a PIG. I believe this and I am sure there are many more ugly affairs like this one. He is a dirty dog plain and simple. He has plenty to hide and that is why he has been on overdrive pretending to be. part good dad in Atlanta. A good father doesn’t do this sh*t to his kids and family.

  65. Jayna says:

    Ben is furious about this for good reason. It’s a blatant lie. He knows it is. But he’s concerned. He doesn’t want the one he loves to think he would do this, cheat on her. No, I’m not talking about Jennifer. The one waiting for him to get divorced that he’s lost his mind over and is worried she won’t hang on forever until he gets his divorce straightened out and the children stable, and a fake tabloid story like this doesn’t help poor Ben keep his current love patient

    Okay. I’m just joking…..maybe..

    • laura in LA says:

      Once again, who is it among Don Draper’s women…

      Suzanne the teacher left waiting in his car? Bethany the easily forgettable sorority girl? Faye the mature career-minded one more his equal? Or Megan his adoring secretary/babysitter?

      The only thing that surprises me about this nanny-nonsense is that as far as relationships go, Ben has consistently chosen women his age or even 1-2 yrs older.

      He’s an incorrigible flirt, though, that much we do know.

      • Jayna says:

        Ben’s next serious woman (or one already there waiting in the wings) will be a gorgeous actress in her 30s who wraps him around her finger… for a while, someone very independent minded and a little mysterious. That is what will keep him interested and jealous and wrapped around her finger…for a while.

        People keep saying he will be with an early 20s bimbo actress or just a cliched very young thing. I don’t think so, not seriously.

      • laura in LA says:

        It would have to be someone smart who challenges him mentally (and verbally) to keep him interested for very long.

      • Kitten says:

        My guess is a woman in her 30s too, Jayna, at least in terms of a public relationship.

        (that’s not to say he hasn’t/won’t mess around with some twenty-somethings)

        Agree with you guys that she will have to be talented and independent.

    • Tippipippi says:

      I think you’re a hundred percent right. The nanny has been out posing for the paps all dolled up, obviously this story is being sold by her so there’s definitely no current relationship with him and tbh I don’t believe there ever was. She looks so crazy and desperate. It’s so easy to take advantage of their divorce and his reputation to get attention if you’re the deranged stalker type desperately seeking attention which is how she appears.

      I think he’s madly in love with another woman – a woman equal to him, he likes them successful and intelligent but this one is his ‘true love’. She’s enough to drag him out of his marriage and he’s furious that she may think he’s not as serious as he is. Also perhaps grossly offended that he would play so close to his own children.

  66. katy says:

    “Has began?” I’m fairly sure that isn’t correct…

  67. word says:

    This story is b.s. Ben and Jen are suing the mag for the false story. It’s ridiculous how the press just makes up false stories…what’s worse are the people who believe everything they read.

    • Neah23 says:

      There not suing US magazine, that’s just a threat that many celebrities use in America because the US Magazine and others are protect under the first amendment. Nothing will come of it and it might do more harm then good to take this to court.

      You also have to ask yourself if this story is BS why aren’t they suing the nanny for defamation of character.

      • Jayna says:

        It never said the source was the nanny.

      • Neah23 says:

        Sorry They are not suing not There are not suing.

      • Kitten says:

        Do you know how often tabloids print BS stories compared to how often actually sue? It’s very rare for a celeb to sue, even if the story is completely baseless. Most of them don’t want to be bothered with the legal costs and time involvement. Additionally, most don’t want to give the story any more attention than it deserves.

        Eh. I don’t think it’s true but who knows…

      • KellyBee says:

        Both kitten and Neah23 it’s very unlikely that they will follow through with a lawsuit. Ashton Kutcher also threatened to sue when a story was written about him cheating on Demi and nothing came of it.

        Now Tom Cruise sued the tabloid and all he got was “I’m sorry you didn’t abandon your daughter you just didn’t see her in 72 day’s”. Which hurt his image along with the crazyness he was talking about while on the witness stand more than anything.

        I think if this story is BS it’s best for them not to give this story any more attention.

      • Jayna says:

        He won’t sue, because he’s in the middle of a divorce. He might prove this didn’t happen, but in a discovery deposition open up a whole can of worms regarding his private life. It’s not worth it, and I agree with others, gives the story more legs.

      • word says:

        Who said the nanny said anything? If the story is false (and I believe it is) then the “witness” testimony would be all fake as well. Magazines do this all the time and the laws in America need to be stricter. A person’s career can be ruined by one false story…not to mention the lives of children involved.

  68. Bread and Circuses says:

    Well, sure. Banging the nanny. Whatever.

    What I want to comment on is why does US Magazine refer to this woman as a “babysitter” and “ex-sorority girl”? She’s twenty-eight years old!

    She’s a grown woman with a degree and a career. Stop infantalizing her for the sensationalism, US Magazine. That’s really gross.

    • Ana says:

      She went to AZU, an easy to get in school. We from California, we consider that school as last resort if our UCs and Cal State schools rejected out college applications. Nothing remarkable about it. Plus it is a huge party school.

      • Paleokifaru says:

        It’s ASU. Their Barrett Honors College recruits a huge number of Merit Scholars. Their business, engineering, teaching and anthropology departments are highly respected as well. I know because I went there and followed it up with a full ride for my Masters and PhD at Yale. Not exactly a last resort school.

  69. MadMenluv says:

    found some pics of her, she’s pretty cute

    there’s pics of them on Radar

    • laura in LA says:

      Hmm, who knows if she’s just being used as a pawn in the divorce or for someone else to make some tabloid money…

      But I don’t see anything in these photos that suggests flirtation or a relationship here.

  70. Jayna says:

    Here’s the nanny. She’s the taller one with the headband on. She’s pretty, but I don’t see him falling for the nanny like the story says, talking about moving in together. I could see a flirtation and zip, she’s gone girl gone.

    Now if you told me he fell hard for the actress Olga Kurylenko, that he worked with years ago, and who broke up with her boyfriend in December, which is great timing, I would believe it. She’s stunning and intelligent and involved in a very worthwhile charity cause in her homeland, and speaks many languages and is fiercely independent.

    • Lisa says:

      Found these on US Weekly…a few comments posted there. US Weekly will not post something big as this if they don’t have anything to back it up. Ben is Batman and it is a huge franchise. There is actually a picture of Ben with this nannyho and somebody who looked like to be her mom that I saw sometime in May. I just can’t find it right now. Did she think she was going to replace Jennifer on their Farmer’s market walk?

      Here are the comments on US Weekly:

      “If this is all lies and garbage, why was she gallivanting around Las Vegas with him (no kids around) just days before their divorce announcement? Dig, and you will find.”

      “An article on another site said that the building permit described the construction work on their home as a remodel to the master bedroom and
      bathroom, and that the request was submitted by Garner’s business manager on June 16th. The photos online show that the construction appears to be the complete removal of a room, which I ASSUME means rebuild from scratch. Sure he didn’t … Does 2+2 equal 4 here? IF SO, then Jen, you go girl!”

      • Jayna says:

        “Gallivanting around Las Vegas with him” and not one photo? Sure. Not one mention. You have to dig for that info? Okay. Then he sure wasn’t gallivanting around Las Vegas with her when I’ve never seen it once on a gossip site talked about. It seems very suspect, someone posting that to the article without proof.

      • laura in LA says:

        Well, with all the people “gallivanting” around Vegas, anyone could say they saw them together…

        But with all the security cameras everywhere, too, not to mention cellphones, I’d expect to see some photographic proof.

      • laura in LA says:

        Jinx, Jayna! ;)

      • lisa2 says:

        That sounds like what Lainey said.. and since when is USWeekly the pillar of truth. Why is it that all of a sudden people are so quick to put their trust in Tabloids. Tabloids that have been WRONG more than right. I googled USWeekly covers, and had to laugh at the cover stories. But it seem people have short memories.

        I don’t know if this is true or not; but I don’t trust tabloids; and this is a tabloid.

  71. Mispronounced Name Dropper says:

    As soon as an age gap is mentioned the red mist descends and critical thinking goes out the window.

    • notasugarhere says:

      I don’t think it is the age. She’s 28 not 18, college educated, knows what she’s doing. It is the idea that she was paid to care for and protect those children. That is a position of trust in the family. That trust was possibly violated both by her and by Affleck, which seems to be where the majority of the negative sentiment is coming from.

  72. Juluho says:

    I’m not blaming Jen. I’m just saying girl c’mon. Even the best marriages would struggle under constant temptation. Look at Lord Grantham and how much he loves Cora. Then BAM! he’s making out with the new maid. These things happen.

  73. Eru says:

    Those people…. Why, why on earth couples are hiring pretty young women as their nannies? Why cant they just hire 45-50 years old ordinary looking women? And then not be afraid that husband will have affair with nanny.

  74. JoJo says:

    I don’t necessarily believe the nanny rumors, but only because she doesn’t seem like his type, as others said.

    Also, per my other comment above, I don’t think Jen cheated on Scott F. with Ben (in fact, I’d be surprised if she did.) But I DO think she was very clearly infatuated with Ben and wanted him and was emotionally pursuing him before her divorce from Scott. You only have to watch Dinner for Five, and it’s painfully, awkwardly, embarrassingly obvious.

    Also, I kind of have to disagree that all was well during the congressional hearing. JMHO. So many photos, including the children’s charity event, painted a very uncomfortable couple in the months before that. I think Jen is absolutely more than capable of playing happy couple/family for the public, and I think having Violet attend the event in D.C. was also probably important to her. You only have to look at the way Jen was acting right up until days before the divorce, trotting the family out to farmers’ markets with a big simply smile. She is a politician’s wife, and I think she would have stayed with Ben even longer if possible. In fact, she probably still hasn’t completely ruled it out.

    • Jayna says:

      Maybe so. They just looked like such a cute family that day. But she can put on a happy face when hell is going on behind closed doors, it appears.

    • laura in LA says:

      Hmm, as for Jen and Scott, not so sure about that…

      In this post from last year (, Emma – the JP Lover wrote:

      “Well, I remember an interview with Kevin Smith…(who) said ‘Yeah, Ben called me up and said “I just got a blow job from Elektra.’”… Daredevil came out in 2003 when Jen was still married to Scott Foley.”

      All this, of course, depends on whether we think Kevin Smith was joking again at Ben/Jen’s expense – or not.

      • frivolity says:

        Lol. I believe Kevin Smith’s exact phrase (in describing what Ben said ) was “I just f*cked Electra in the mouth.” But, that doesn’t mean it happened when Jen was married. She also did an Electra movie in which Ben was supposed to have a cameo as Daredevil, but I think he was cut out. Not sure of the timing of any of this (I didn’t see either movie and I’m too lazy to look it all up right now), but the Electra movie may have been after her divorce.

      • lisa2 says:

        what kind of friend makes that kind of offensive comment about a woman. Says a lot about all of them to me

      • frivolity says:

        @lisa2: Yes, both Kevin and Ben seem like real prizes. I laugh at what Kevin said only because I can’t really imagine having such misogynist douchebags around in my own life. Guess all the money and fame is worth it to some women …

      • Alice says:

        Pure crassness. A$$hats.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Kevin Smith is a misogynistic douchebag, you’re right. If you’ve ever watched his comic book store show, you see it easily.

  75. Jayna says:

    That nanny so sold the story and wants her 15 minutes of fame. She just happened to be “spotted in Los Angeles” all made up, hair perfect, a few hours after the story broke, and paps just happened to catch a bunch of shots of her.

    Lights, action. “All right. Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up.” LOL

    It’s on the Daily Mail. Poor Jen. They are putting side by sides of them, comparing them out and about today and dressed similarly. That is going too low. And how does a nanny afford a pair of black Chanel espadrilles, which retail at $550? At least, I liked Jen’s shoes for a change, but she looks drained and tired.

    • laura in LA says:

      Jayna, are those photos posted anywhere? It seems incriminating enough because she’d be in hiding if she were really embarrassed by this – and not out shopping for Chanel with her tabloid payoff.

      The thing is: The nanny is inconsequential, and this will get her nowhere fast in Hollywood because even if she’s protected by Jen’s PR, they’ll never cop to it. And Ben will have nothing to do with her, if he ever even did, from now on.

      So if she’s the “source”, she vastly underestimated what she was getting herself into, whatwith the media sh*tstorm surrounding this divorce and the powers at play between Jen and Ben. As for media savvy, I guess this is what an ASU Communications degree gets you nowadays, that is to say, not much.

      Although Ben may seem to have the most to lose here, he’s also the hottest Hollywood property now, if only because he has so much riding on him. He has a big studio, WB, behind him with a major franchise and movies in the pipeline to protect.

      Jen has some friends, plus the sympathies of the minivan majority, not sure what else? And the nanny has nothing but a new pair of shoes.

    • laura in LA says:

      Just saw the photos…weird that the nanny is dressed almost exactly the same as Jen the day before. What the heck is going on here…did Jen’s PR people somehow screw up?

      • Jayna says:

        I know. It’s odd the similar style outfit. Jen doesn’t have anything to do with it, though. I don’t think she wants her name tied in with the nanny. This low-rent nanny just saw a chance to get her name out there and make a few bucks. And you’re right, what is she thinking? She will disappear back into her boring life and now hurt herself as far as nanny jobs, if she’s still even doing that.

        And I agree. None of this hurts Ben. He’s at his peak. The divorce will move along and happen. He’s making a thriller. If it’s a great thriller, which is rare these days, no one cares about his failure as a husband. I expect Batman v Superman to be huge. He’s fine. Jen will get some movie roles and get a lot more endorsement deals and be fine also. What is going to be interesting is who their next significant relationships are with.

      • Neah23 says:

        I like the nanny shoes much better then Jens 😀😀 but I agree it’s low of them to do a side by side.

        @ Laura in LA

        Ben is NOT hottest Hollywood property now far from it, that title goes to Chris Pratt and your kidding your self if you think the nanny only got $550 for this story she got a lot more then that.

      • laura in LA says:

        I wonder, though, how do you suppose the nanny managed to dress in such a similar outfit only the day after? Or maybe everyone’s wearing it this summer, and I just missed it…

        Uh, I doubt that about Chris Pratt over anyone else, he’s just emerging, but whatever, I’m only repeating about Ben what I’ve heard everywhere. As for the payoff being more than $550, no kidding, but once again sarcasm goes right over your head.

      • Neah23 says:

        We’re is everywhere? Funny I go to many different site and blogs and have not heard that, but your a fan of Ben so i get where your coming from.

        I don’t like Chris Pratt but it’s true he had 3 or 4 big blockbuster in a row and he’s in demand and the studios all want him unfortunately.

      • laura in LA says:

        Go ahead and google if you like, Neah23, though I assure you the terms “hot” or “hottest” are subjective, not actual rankings based on fact.

        So believe what you want to believe, but once again, you sure do bring on the “bitchy”!

      • Neah23 says:

        You say your sarcasm when right over my head but I could say the same for you because your taking my disagreement personally and for the record I’m not try to be bitchy.

      • laura in LA says:

        Why is it you always come off that way? Maybe you don’t understand what sarcasm really is. Of course I take it personally because your snark seems directed at me instead of (ta da!)…the Celebs.

        And I really don’t care to debate with you who is “the hottest” in Hollywood. So please don’t bother responding to my comments anymore if you must disagree with every little thing I have to say. It’s kind of annoying.

      • notasugarhere says:

        His career has a lot of up and down, through his own poor personal and professional choices. This whole debacle will impact him negatively, and I’m sure the studios are hoping this all goes away quietly before the big Batman push.

        They’ll be scrambling to come up with pre-scripted questions for all the interviewers to ask, because they cannot ask anything that relates to his family life during the time of filming.

  76. FWIW says:

    This was probably the last straw for Jen. He had sex with the nanny in their home and probably used their bed too. He is disgusting and I hope she doesn’t show him any mercy and takes everything.

  77. JoJo says:

    @jayna – I say this half-jokingly, but sadly,
    I think it’s kind of true, no? The only thing different about the congressional hearing day was that BEN actually looked happy! Jen looked the same as she always does. Which is smiley family face.

    @Laura in LA – Oh right, I totally forgot. I do remember that! :) It’s kind of hard to believe about her (that she would actually cheat, although I think she sure as h$&// wanted to and was gunning for Ben from the start.) Maybe that’s why she cut off Ben and Kevin’s friendship, aside from just not liking Kevin’s crude ways. :)

  78. Nayru says:

    The idea of dear Tom Hiddleston being a home wrecker does make me like him significantly less. However in this case I can’t even hate on 23 year old nanny communications major. Ben Affleck is a skeevy loser. What’d you expect? Everyone involved should’ve known what was going down when she was hired so can’t even hate.

  79. laura in LA says:

    Just saw the photos…weird that the nanny is dressed almost exactly the same as Jen the day before. What the heck is going on here…did Jen’s PR people somehow screw up?

    • Neah23 says:

      Wow I just saw the pictures jayna was talking about. Wow their outfits are so similar and their shoes are the same brand just different styles, theirs definitely a story here.

      I misquoted in a above post saying the nanny sold the story but now I’m positive she sold the story she looks so smug in those pictures.

  80. Tippipippi says:

    I saw the pictures in the Daily Mail, the former nanny looks so proud of herself, smiling, smug, she’s all dolled up for the cameras and posing away thinking she’s a celebrity. From her body language and desperation for fame it looks like she’s the one who sold this story. If it were true she wouldn’t risk her relationship with him by famewhoring like that so he’s definitely not seeing her now. This woman is looking to launch a career as a ‘celebrity’, probably hunting a reality show. Her posing is way too obvious and desperate to be anything else.

    The only question is was he seeing her and is he now being sold out for ‘fame’ (infamy) or was she fired for being inappropriate and obsessed with him and now lying for fame and attention. Celebrities do attract stalkers and she looks crazy tbh. I’m having a hard time believing this story, with all the rumours swirling around Ben it’s so easy for any female who’s been near him recently to make a love affair claim and be believed. He’s definitely a cheat but I don’t know if he was stupid enough to cheat with her. He’s denying it and threatening to sue which is unusual for him to comment on allegations like this.

    • Neah23 says:

      I said the same thing in an above comment she look so smug so I believe she sold the story. If their was no affier I would think Ben would be saying he’s going to sue her not the tabloids or both.

    • laura in LA says:

      Agreed, Tippipippi.

      This is all so surreal and getting a bit too Gone Girl for me. As I posted upthread, you know who this nanny used to work for?

      Neil Patrick Harris.

    • KellyBee says:

      It’s not unusual for him to comment on allegations like this. Ben and Jen normally go to Gossip Cop to deny these types of rumors if not People.

      Nannies are easy and accessible that’s why affair like this happen. No one questions them when their seen together in public and they live in the same house.

    • ican'tsnap says:

      Oh god, there are photos of her out in LA two days in a row now. She absolutely called the paps: here’s my address! CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU!

      I’m sure she sold the story, and judging by her famewhoring (I really don’t think I’ve ever seen a more blatant display), the affair’s over. Unless she’s stupid enough to sell the story and not expect to get dumped, like, yesterday.

      Groooooss. Gross gross gross gross.

  81. Jayna says:

    Oh, Lord. It just gets worse. People Magazine now has a story from this nanny’s I guess friends with more details on the alleged affair, obviously really coming from her. Although, it sounds like she was hired when Jennifer and Ben were on the outs but still living together, just a couple of months before they announced the divorce. The nanny even went down to the Bahamas with them the article says where they announced it. It’s either a big overlapping mess or the nanny is a delusional nutcase spinning stories to her friends.

    • KellyBee says:

      I believe the nanny that there was an affair, I think it was just a fling and she took it as something more. I also believe the affair is why she got fired Jen found out.

      I think now she upset that Ben went back to Atlanta to play happy family, so she talking, it’s a message to Ben that payback a b*tch.

      • aga says:

        This is the most probable, and the worst thing is that I don’t believe them or their PR now.

    • laura in LA says:

      Of course, all this comes from her “friends”, no photographic proof as claimed or physical evidence given otherwise. And the last line: PEOPLE has not been able to reach Ouzounian for comment.

      Riiight. Well, it appears that plenty of paps found her today, so it shouldn’t be that hard.

      That she claims it’s been going on “a long time”, when she was only in fact hired a few months ago, makes it sound like this love affair was pretty one-sided and all in her head, maybe why she got fired. This chick sounds batsh*t crazy to me.

      You know what this reminds me of? The UVA fraternity rape case that never really happened because no one at RollingStone magazine dared to question this woman’s claims or bothered to corroborate some simple facts:

      Not that I expect anything more from US and People, but they really are running w/all this BS, aren’t they.

    • Ana says:

      Looks like the nanny is a nutcase. Fatal attraction much?! New pics are on Daily Mail and looks like she will be staying at Hotel Bel Air with her assistant/stylist. Lol!

      • Jayna says:

        Her assistant/stylist? LOL She’s a somebody now; don’t you see? Well in her head she is. She sounds like the type that is going to run through her money from the tabloid stories rather quickly and doesn’t get that there is no where to go and capitalize on this. She’s not even interesting enough for a reality show. What’s her talent? Nothing. She’s a dime a dozen, just another alleged short-term mistress selling her story.

      • serena says:

        Too bad , nobody will hire her as a nanny again after this.

  82. Az says:

    Ben Affleck, the most basic of bitches. If this is true and she gets pregnant, he will have crossed over into totally gross Kelsey Grammer territory. Ew.

  83. siri says:

    Ben wanted out. Simple as that. And for long. I don’t think it mattered if the nanny was pretty, she was just another opportunity to get caught. A third child, marriage counselling- he still wanted out. He trotted along, but never really looked happy. I don’t doubt he adores his children- and for them, I truly feel sorry- but in the end, it’s about him feeling trapped. Possibly from the start. I think Jennifer tried to hold something together that never really was going to last.

  84. NGBoston says:

    @LaurainLA/Zwella Ingrid-

    Ok. Here is the inside scoop from here in Boston. Good friend of family owns Restaraunt in Boston proper. Damon & Affleck frequent there. Owner and Wife also know both personally.

    Damon has brought several of these young things who know he will never leave the Wife and family (while she is in LA) in to said establishment and not been very nice to most of them. He is rude and gross and they figure, hey, I am sleeping with Matt Damon and paid handsomely and have had to sign a NDA. Was told there was also a time where he was trying to kick the habit and be more loyal to his Italian Wife, so he toned it down a bit.

    Of course, a select few of these women were brought in to establishment after hours. Now the real skinny on Ben is what has been reported here. Knew marriage was in trouble, they were trying to work it out for months. When Ben saw his other women (and, yes- he also did hook up on more than one occassion with J-LO while she was with the Tool Casper)- at least Ben didn’t do it around here. He admits to and knows he is struggling with his own personal demons of alcohol and gambling. He actually does count cards and is quite good at it which is why the Casino banned him.

    Ben is more likeable personality-wise. Damon can be nice but also says some really bogus shit. Not saying he still cheats but has most definetly in the past.

    Will not name establishment in Boston or Owners for obvious reasons and am certain if they knew I am posting here I would be disowned but you know what—not fair that Damon is portrayed as nice guy and Affleck is the Scum.

    And to also confirm- Jen had taken more than one Lover through this and Ben was aware-it was agreed upon between them and Jen’s were random here and there type things. Jen’s PR camp trying to show her as Little Miss Goody Two Shoes. Bull Crap. She did pull the trigger when Ben chose the Nanny near the end (which is completely temporary and they probably already have stopped things on romantic level) – Ben not interested in her for anything permanent- so today’s new post about how this former Nanny is in love with him is all for naught,

    Ben wants no part of anything serious, for obvious reasons.

    There you have it.

    • Olenna says:

      Wow. Covert meeting places and Damon’s tippin’ out? My head is spinning.

    • Jayna says:

      Interesting. I could believe that about Matt. I thought when they did the vow renewal it was in relation to some things that had gone on in the marriage and that was his way of making it up to Lucy and recommitting and giving her a big wedding. The only fault I have with Matt is he’s a big namedropper when talking in interviews, but he always comes across like a very nice guy to me.

      I could see them knowing Ben’s marriage was in trouble and him cheating. But I find it hard to believe an establishment they go to, are friendly with, that Ben would admit to them he’s banging J-Lo a few times. Come on. He’s not going to put that out there to someone who isn’t a close, best friend. And Matt and his brother are the only two people that Ben would confide that kind of info to.

      And I do not believe that Jennifer Garner has had several lovers and that he is going around telling people this. I just don’t believe it. Call me naive.

    • notasugarhere says:

      You just happen to have insider info about both Damon and Garner that makes Affleck look better for possibly cheating with the nanny? This feels more like something an incog would claim on LipStickAlley and get their just desserts.

      BTW, Damon’s wife isn’t Italian. She’s Argentinian.

    • laura in LA says:

      Wow. Just wow.

      (But I still believe the nanny was a “plant” or decoy by Jen and is now on her PR payroll, too many things just don’t add up here).

      Ugh. I need a drink. Or a nap.

    • laura in LA says:

      The restaurant’s in Boston Proper, you say? So that narrows it down, and it’s probably been open for at the last ten years, if the owners have known them for awhile.

      Since I’m from Boston myself, born in Cambridge, I could probably guess which place this is…

      But I won’t.

  85. NGBoston says:

    Jayna- You don’t have to believe any of it. He hooked up with J-LO intermittently a few times and why does everyone always assume the worst? They both admitted to have been keeping in touch.

    He was asked I guess if he ever ran in to or saw her and he responded affirmative a few times. The owners of this Establishment knew both Damon/Afflecks families from back in the day in Cambridge, Mass so I can tell you that- you don’t understand the mentality here and yes- he would give Deets bc never would be sold out by these people.

    Garner had more than one Lover taken and it was purely for sex and an attempt to make Affleck jealous. That plan and the BandAide Baby both backfired.

    No, even Ben does not forget what Jen did to support him when he was Box Office poison. That speech he made was from the heart, IMO. He really did and does love her as Mother of his Children and standing by him– just not enough to stay by her when things got challenging.

    Last paragraph are my thoughts and opinions, no one else’s.

    I posted a long response about some
    of TIIPIIIPPII’s and LA Girls questions on Matt D. but somehow got deleted. Will repost at other time. I am merely relaying what over the years has been told to me and leaked out little by little. These are not Folks who are out for any financial gain or noteriety– they dont need or want money or attention.

    It just it what it is– take it or leave it so I guess in the sense the way it has been told to me,,, its all heresay anyway.

  86. NGBoston says:

    Hi Laura in LA– Yes, I bet you could easily figure it out— but let’s not post name here and thanks for refraining on the guesses. Luckily there are hundreds of places in the area so it wouldn’t be so easy for others.

    Guess I’m trying to use discretion myself but honestly, I have no loyalty to an old Homeboy Scriptwriter turned Star Actor& Director who I will never know personally. But i’m
    not talking smack… over time these things were told to me by actual eyewitnesses. I am
    not a Troll but love coming here for the gossip and to read comments– even though BA may deserve some of the scrutiny– just guess secretly my desire was to even the playing field a little.

    BTW, I also read a Blind Items Revealed
    log and I would really have to go digging but sometime back either CDAN Lainey someone credible had a reveal on Damon’s cheating and being a d*ck to some people in public which surprised me also as it really doesnt appear to be his style.

    Guess you never really know.

    Hope you are ok out West with all the Wildfires and I give you props for living there. Lovely place to visit but I would be too afraid to relocate there bc of that damn San Andreas Fault!

    With Love & Light from here in the N Shore Burbs of Boston. ❤️


  87. S says:

    Looks like a desperately unhappy man. I hope he finds some joy in his life.