15 workers fired for accessing Octomom’s medical files

Nadya Suleman

In the fall of 2007 through the spring of 2008 there was a epidemic of hospital employees snooping through celebrities’ medical records. Part of George Clooney’s records were leaked in the fall after his motorcycle accident, then 13 UCLA employees were fired for looking through Britney Spears’ records, and it was eventually revealed that one of them sold her information for $4,600. UCLA staff also snooped through Farrah Fawcett’s information, some of which was sold to the Enquirer.

Given all that, it comes as no surprise that 15 employees at Kaiser Permanente Bellflower Medical Center poked around through Nadya Suleman’s hospital records without reason.

Fifteen hospital workers have been fired and another eight disciplined for looking at medical records of octuplet mother Nadya Suleman without permission, hospital officials said.

Kaiser Permanente Bellflower Medical Center reported the violations of health care privacy laws to the state and has warned employees to keep away from Suleman’s records unless they have a medical purpose, hospital spokesman Jim Anderson said Monday.

“Despite the notoriety of this case, to us this person is a patient who deserves the privacy that all our patients get,” Anderson said. Anderson would not elaborate on how the other eight employees were reprimanded, saying only that the punishments were significant.

Anderson said Kaiser does not believe any of Suleman’s information was shared with the media, based on the results of their inquiry. Her attorney Jeff Czech said Suleman does not plan to file a lawsuit over the breach, though he suspects Kaiser employees were looking for medical information on Suleman’s sperm donor. He said the name is not listed on the medical records. “She trusts Kaiser and they said they’d look into it,” Czech said. “We feel that they’re on top of it and are taking care of it.”

Anderson could not provide details about when Suleman’s medical records were accessed and what kind of hospital employees looked at them. He said Kaiser had warned its employees about patient confidentiality rules before Suleman checked into the hospital in December.

Even if the employees peeked at the records just to satisfy their curiosity, without any intention of disclosing details, they were disciplined according to Kaiser’s policies, Anderson said.

[From the New York Daily News]

I could never work in one of those positions. I would find it way too hard to resist looking at people’s files. Not to sell stuff, but I can’t be trusted not to snoop. Idle curiosity I suppose.

I’m very surprised that Nadya isn’t planning on suing over this. A large bulk of her income over the last several years has come from working the system. She’s generally considered to be quite the opportunist, and this issue seems like a potential goldmine. I mean she didn’t have anything to do with the wrongdoings – what more could she ask for?

I’m guessing the decision not to file a lawsuit has as much to do with public goodwill as anything. Nadya’s really on a lot of people’s sh*t lists. She can’t take much more publicity without expecting a mob of torch-wielding villagers banging down her door.

Here’s Octomom on March 21st. Images thanks to INF News and Features.
Nadya Suleman

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  1. Kathi says:

    Offtopic, but these photos are stunning. This woman just gave birth to eight kids, how did she slim down like that so fast? Can’t be healthy, can it?

  2. yadira says:

    I am SO tempted to chop off that braid she always wears. It looks fugly and I know it matches the fugly face and all but it seems like it must be used more like a weapon to whip someone.

    She did slim down quite quickly, probably due to all the constant shopping! Damn her

  3. jane says:

    thats scary that your medical records might be up for grabs. i dont trust kaiser for crap after watching sicko. screw those guys.

  4. Annie says:

    When you have an image to maintain, I guess slimming down is a priority?

    Not that she has children to raise or something….

  5. Wow says:

    Kathi – I think she might be using spanx to hold in the jiggly. And breast feeding helps as well (if she’s doing that) She still looks good to have had eight babies though, I’ll give her that.

    I wouldn’t rule out her suing though – more money to add to what she is getting. I recall the same thing happening with George Clooney after his motorbike accident. I’m not sure how it was resolved though.

  6. Flourpot says:

    i like her braid, only because i wear my hair similar. when it’s long, it’s a wonderful way to keep it out of your face. tho her face freaks me out, ew. she looks so plastic. as for her weight, yeah, she’s def got some sort of girdle going on. pictures of her from the other day show a post baby belly. nice to know that she’s spending her hard earned cash on something so needed.

  7. Justalark says:

    Is Nadya the new model for Hollister? Every time she is photographed lately she is wearing clothing from the store. I recognize the flying seagull logo and the phrases because my daughter went through a Hollister phase when she was in her early teens. Now that she’s eighteen she wears a lot of J Crew and Banana Republic. Funny that Nadya is such a big fan of the youthful, form-fitting fashions…Why am I not surprised?

  8. gg says:

    Through the years I have worked with medical records, and the vast majority of them are really quite boring. Psych records are the clincher.

    She really does have ducky-wucky lips innit?

  9. CiCi says:

    Not just 8 babies, the woman’s had FOURTEEN! why does she look like that?!!

  10. lisa says:

    Aww, the poor girl was violated? How sad. Wonder how her kids feel with mommy gone all day.

  11. Blah Girls says:

    man, it’d be hard not to snoop through her files!

  12. Ally says:

    The privacy to which she was entitled, like any patient (including you), was violated. Get a grip, you hateful people.

  13. lisa says:

    Ally, it is hard to have compassion for a woman who is so openly and continually selfish. I only have compassion for those babies.

  14. Valensi says:

    I honestly don’t understand why everytime I see a photo of this loony woman, she’s wearing Hollister. And has perfect toenails. I thought she was swimming in IOU’s after giving birth to eight freaking kids and keeping them in the hospital for so long. I mean, even her dad has to go back to the Middle East just to support her. So how can she afford wearing Hollister? (Not that it’s Chanel when it comes to price, or anything… but still, it adds up.) More importantly, how can she fit in it?!

  15. Jack says:

    She just spent $1,000 on mac makeup, so a few decent outfits wouldn’t break her newly topped up bank account. Plus isnt she a millionaire from donations already? someone said she was I forget where nw.

  16. Chiara says:

    Lsooking for the sperm donor, atty says …who cares. This is Tuesday, three more days left in the week to read some truly interesting story about Ms Suleman 🙂

  17. Michelle B. says:

    Ally, this is Cele*bitchy*. As in bitchy. Get it? If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen. That bitch is very deserving of our contempt.

    I agree that nobody should ever have the privacy of their medical records violated, though.

  18. OXA says:

    It is possible that kaiser did a tummy tuck right after the birth of the litter. It would be worth it to them to do it while they were in there. They have all the free publicity with their name in the media every day.

  19. yae says:

    “Get a grip, you hateful people”

    Yes Ally, I’d say Octo-human stands right up there on my list of people to loath, second to the profiteers of the banker bailout. They both stand for the exact same thing. And I’d like both the bankers and octo-human’s files transparent since they both are criminals in my eyes. I wanna see who paid for her face work an her invitro WHILE she was on welfare with 6 children. I’d gladly invite a senate hearing for that one. And then jail time for fraud.

  20. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    Why do I never see a picture of her without shopping bags? Where are her babies?

  21. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Good, that’s privileged information and they should be fired.

  22. CB Rawks says:

    I second that, Hieronymus Grex. Damn straight.

  23. posttal says:

    Thats one ugly piece of meat.No wonder she has to get the turkey baster to “DO” her..no man would…Well not sober anyway.

  24. Oberon Pan says:

    How did she lose all that baby-weight?

    Ever heard of plastic surgery?

    Ever watch Dr. 90210?

    Kaiser doesn’t do that kind of plastic surgery, btw.