Kristen Stewart covers the September issue of Elle UK: beautiful or boring?

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Here’s a little preview of Kristen Stewart’s Elle UK cover. We only have the cover. The editorial and interview haven’t been released yet, but I’m assuming we’ll probably have it later this week. I think Kristen looks really nice here. It’s refreshing to see her in bright, bold colors even if it’s just for a magazine cover. Magazines rarely put Kristen in purples, reds or pinks, which is too bad – she looks great in those colors. Here’s Elle UK’s preview:

Put two of Hollywood’s coolest characters in a room together and sparks are bound to fly. That’s exactly what happened when we tasked rockstar/actress Juliette Lewis to have a ‘deep and meaningful’ with her friend Kristen Stewart, one of the few young actresses working successfully across Hollywood blockbusters, high fashion and cultish Indie movies today.

The results were predictably unpredictable with Lewis accusing Stewart, 20-years her junior of being ‘a scrapper’ and able to ‘throw a punch’, Stewart admitting she has ‘no rhythm’ but wishing she could ‘tear sh*t up on the dance floor’ and the pair discussing everything from the perils of social media, to telling autograph hunters to ‘f-off’ and maintaining true friends despite the pressures of fame.

Lewis calls comedian Amy Shumer her mentor, while Stewart describes meeting Patti Smith when she was in a ‘f**ked place’ emotionally and how the older musician’s advice has proved invaluable. She also addresses those rumours about her bitchy resting face.

[From Elle UK]

Does Kristen have a resting bitchface or is she just naturally predisposed to being sullen? We’ll probably never know. Kristen covers this issue because she’s promoting American Ultra, which comes out August 21st. I’m assuming Kristen will be covering more than one September magazine issues, but this is probably the biggest shoot. Incidentally, how crazy will the promotional tour get between Jesse “Interviewing Me Is An Act of Genocide” Eisenberg and Kristen “Being Photographed Is Like Being Raped” Stewart? The Hyperbole Train is coming to town, y’all!!

Oh, one more thing – Kristen didn’t step out with her girlfriend Alicia Cargile in more than a month. But then this weekend, they were photographed in LA – go here to see the photos. They’re still happening. Just FYI.


Photos courtesy of Elle UK, WENN.

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  1. Alessio says:

    How many scientologist friends does she have? i swear she’s surrounded by them!

  2. Snazzy says:

    I swear, I don’t understand the appeal of this girl. Just looking at her irritates the hell out of me

  3. Neah23 says:

    To me the Cover looks like all the other Covers Kristen has been on same open mouth and dead eyes just a different outfit and pose.

  4. kri says:

    I always love her photos. Great face. And lloving the color on her as well. As for being sullen, yeah-she is the Strasberg of sullen. Her Resting Pout Face is damn good.

  5. Beth No. 2 says:

    This is how I look like after taking a shower and realising I forgot to remove my eyeliner beforehand.

  6. bns says:

    The media needs to stop pushing her as some groundbreaking rebel. Scowling and flipping off cameras is not edgy or cool. Enough.

  7. Ms. Turtle says:

    Celebs interviewing celebs tends to grate my nerves. “Isn’t fame the worst?” “Oh totally the worst.” So I have low expectations for this “interview” Juliette is sometimes funny, sometimes annoying. Kristen is almost always annoying. Pretty cover, though.

  8. Paige says:

    I don’t care for her as an actress but she does great photo shoots.

  9. Jane says:

    She always looks bored and lifeless. I don’t think this woman is capable of any other emotion.

  10. Don't expect much... says:

    I don’t expect much from this interview. Kristen has a way of saying a lot of nothing. She speaks in generalities and tries to use flowery phrases to sound smart, cool. Example: “I set my world on fire and watched it burn” was Kristen speak for “I cheated on my boyfriend with my married director and broke up a family”. She never addresses things directly or really answers questions. Juliette Lewis won’t even ask tough questions anyway. They’ll just commiserate about the pains of fame.

    Kristen has done nothing but complain about her fame and fortune since the moment she achieved them. She always comes off as a miserable, entitled brat. She needs to go with Angelina Jolie on one of her visits to refugee camps and get a much needed reality check.

    • Annie says:

      Agreed. She’s empty and never says anything beyond how tough her life is. I’m sure if someone asked her about major world events she’d have absolutely nothing to say because she’d probably never watched the news in her life. Israel and Palestine, the conflict in Syria, the mission to mars, heck, even the upcoming election in her own country. If you ask her about women’s issues she’ll probably bring up how mean the tabloids were to her after her affair. Because let’s remember, she was the victim of that situation, not the wife and the kids, and her own loyal boyfriend. **She** was the victim. Why won’t people side with the homewreckers? Misogyny! Even though months before she said she wanted something bad to happen to her so she’d have a story to tell because she felt like she was too boring. Well, share the story now! Was it worth it? Don’t play coy now.

    • EN says:

      > She needs to go with Angelina Jolie on one of her visits to refugee camps and get a much needed reality check.

      To be fair this can be said about 90% of the Western world population.

      I sympathize with the over the twihards, I think this is one of the most insane fandoms out there. The fact that she still kept her sanity is already an accomplishment.

  11. mädchen says:

    Gorgeous! Love this cover and can’t wait to see the movie. Adventureland is one of my favorites, Kristen and Jesse work so well together. I thought vanity fair photo shoot would be my favorite this year of her, but this one also looks fantastic.

  12. MrsB says:

    She looks nice in the fuschia top, but I hate it paired with red pants. I have an irrational hate of any combination of pinks/purples/reds being mixed together.

    • EN says:

      It is jarring, I would never wear a combination like that, it is against all the rules, but it works on her. On her it actually looks interesting. it made me look at the cover twice. Her red pants match the big red ELLE on the cover and that makes it look OK.

    • Birdix says:

      I’m glad you wrote that–I feel exactly the same way looking at that photo but chalked it up to my own lack of hipness.
      Also– interesting that Lewis chose someone younger as her mentor…

  13. funcakes says:

    She was the hottest thing around because of twilight. Now it over. Why are people still covering her? Go away.

  14. EN says:

    Beautiful. She has a beautiful face and body.

    As for comments about dead eyes/ dead face/ sullen etc. I think we are so overloaded with the current plastic standard of beauty – big dead eyes and big empty smile ( just look at any model/ actress) that a sullen face looks different and edgy. Cara D. comes to mind. She is the thing now, isn’t she? And she has the same sullen face.

  15. Ronda says:

    Shouldnt Juliette be the mentor of Schumer? It seems weird, she is around since a couple of decades and Amy only for a couple of years.

  16. Annie says:

    “how crazy will the promotional tour get between Jesse “Interviewing Me Is An Act of Genocide” Eisenberg and Kristen “Being Photographed Is Like Being Raped” Stewart? The Hyperbole Train is coming to town, y’all!”

    I personally cannot wait. These privileged antisocial neurotics see themselves as oppressed people and victims of everything surrounding them, so the circle jerk around how hard their lives are will be very funny to watch. And I do expect some dumbass quote to go viral followed by a “you missunderstood me” instead of “I misspoke” non-apology.

    Is he still with Mia Wasikowska? I hope not. She’s too good for him.

  17. OhDear says:

    What’s with the “comb-overs over the face” style in magazine covers this month?

  18. Cindy says:

    ” kristen didn’t step out with girlfriend Alicia Cargile in more than a month”

    I have this suspicion that Kristen is tiring of Alicia and phasing her out. Before anyone throws things at me, I could be wrong and I am basing this hunch on nothing other than her past behavior and tendency to be kinda sneaky and dishonest. I would even guess she’s got a new potential partner lined up. *ducking*. I will show myself out.

  19. Bonnie says:

    I can’t with her. She reminds me of a moody high-school brat acting out for attention. Except she has money.

  20. Carmen says:

    I do not find her attractive at all, and purple and red are a dreadful combo.

  21. Corrie says:

    I don’t find her sullen at all. I do think these clothes make her look like she works 9-5 vs her words of being a different HW actress on the cusp of cool. Don’t match. She’s better in cooler labels. Chanel isn’t cool.

  22. Micki says:

    With proper make-up and good styling she looks gorgeous.
    I’d love to have the top.

  23. Deroet says:

    I think she is breathtakingly beautiful. Yeah, she’s moody and childish sometimes but she is stunning.

    • NeNe says:

      Thanks for making coffee come out of my nose!! ‘Breathtakingly Beautiful”. LOL!! Very funny!