Ice-T & Coco Austin are expecting a girl & they’ll name her Chanel: ugh?


In case you’re wondering why Ice-T and Coco have been blanketing the media for a week and why every gossip site has been running stories about them, it’s because they’re doing a new talk show together. Like Live with Kelly and Michael, only it’s Ice-T and Coco and they’re obviously better at everything. Anyway, as we learned last week, Coco is finally pregnant! Her biological clock was a big plot point on their old E! reality show, Ice Loves Coco. Towards the end of that series, doctors told Coco that if she wanted to have a baby, she needed to get her blood pressure in check. I hope that happened! In all of the interviews I’ve read in the past week, it does sound like she’s been keeping pretty healthy, so good for her. Meanwhile, Ice and Coco just confirmed the sex of their baby and what they’ll name the kid:

Just a week after announcing their pregnancy news, Ice-T and wife Nicole “Coco” Austin have revealed the sex of the baby: it’s a girl! The couple shared the exciting news about their first child together on the premiere episode of their new daytime talk show, Ice and Coco, which was taped July 24 and aired Monday.

“I’m 21 weeks. I’m over 5 months,” Austin said on the episode, revealing that she’s due in December. The pair has even already chosen a name for their bundle of joy: “Already got a name,” Ice shared. “The girl’s name is Chanel.”

The little girl will be Ice-T’s third child – he’s already dad to Tracy and Letesha, his two adult children from a previous relationship. Austin told PEOPLE that she couldn’t contain her emotions after first learning she was expecting.

“I took the test and when I found out, I ran downstairs. He was on the computer and I was bawling, screaming. He thought someone died,” she told PEOPLE. “He was just as surprised as me.”

Austin initially was told that her pregnancy could be high-risk due to high blood pressure, but the news caused her to change up her approach to health. She said her body is now in a “healthy zone.”

“You never think it could really happen to you — that you can actually make a human being — and when you do, you’re like, ‘Wow!’” Austin explains. “Your body takes over and does it itself. You’re not putting the hands and feet together – your body’s cooking it and it’s amazing. It’s a miracle how life can happen.”

The mom-to-be’s pregnancy cravings so far have included a variety of fruit, including honeydew, blueberries, and pineapple. Despite the healthy diet, Austin has allowed herself on indulgence: soda.

“I’m not really a soda girl but I’m craving bubbles,” she said.

[From People]

Chanel? Ugh. Ice’s real name is Tracy Lauren Marrow, so I’m assuming the girl will go by Chanel Marrow. Which… I’m not feeling. I like the last name “Marrow” and a lot of cool first names would go with it. They could even call the baby Lauren, for goodness sake. Coco’s legal name is Nicole Natalie Marrow, which is also perfectly acceptable. Why would they name their baby Chanel?!?! And when are wannabe fashionistas going to start naming their babies Givenchy, Prada and Burberry? Burberry Marrow actually sounds kind of posh.

Here are some photos of Ice and Coco last week. Coco is carrying this baby in her boobs, good lord. How is she upright?! Her back must be killing her.



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Mrs. Wellen Melon says:

    Chanel because it’s a nod to Coco – Gabrielle Chanel the designer was known as Coco Chanel.

    I don’t hate it.

  2. Colette says:

    I like the name Chanel, maybe they got the name from model Chanel Iman.

  3. Franca says:

    I used to watch their old reality show and I really liked them. They both seemed like nice people and their dogs were so cute. But what an awful name.

  4. Tiffany says:

    The name fits with who they are. And I love them.

    • Lara K says:

      It totally fits them.

      And honestly unless a name is completely stupid (Mike Hunt? Hugh Janus?). It’s totally fine.

      BTW those are real. I worked with a Mike Hunt and had a teacher named Hugh Janus. It’s pronounced “yanes” but I think he still would have been destroyed if he wasn’t such a totally cool guy.

      • Cran says:

        I love those names. Honestly if you hadn’t pointed it out I would never have noticed. I can picture a classroom full of 8 year olds hysterical during roll call back in the day with the teacher being clueless. Lol

    • lisa says:

      i wouldnt expect anything different from them

  5. Giddy says:

    I can’t wait to see her evolving maternity style.

  6. Kate says:

    Predictable but I’ll give them a pass because I like them.

  7. Marion says:

    Because of Gabrielle Coco Chanel

  8. OSTONE says:

    It fits them, they seem happy. Chanel is actually better than a lot of celebrity names we’ve seen.

  9. Dawn says:

    I think these two are a sweet couple. They’ve been together for awhile and seem to be the real deal. Plus I think that naming their daughter Chanel is not as bad as many of the celeb babies are from fruit to direction those are the names to question in my opinion. Plus I went to school many years ago with a girl name Chanel and she was the best, funny and cute and very sweet. May they have a healthy and happy little girl! Congrats!

  10. belle de jour says:

    Or how about the name Chanel Number One?

  11. Elisabeth says:

    I like them and like the name
    Ashlee Simpson just named her daughter Jaeger…yee-uck

  12. AlmondJoy says:

    My name is Shenelle and my middle name is Joy. Why the ugh, Kaiser? I like my name 😊

  13. cujokay says:

    Married 14 years with no children I can’t be the only person asking, “who’s the baby’s daddy?”

    Coco’s been racking up miles before and after marrying Ice T. I’m just saying…

    • Elisabeth says:

      he has two other children…she openly said this was a planned pregnancy and she has been on birth control for years. perhaps she wanted to have a career first before having a child.

  14. Sonia says:

    I took it as if it’s a girl the name will be Chanel. If it’s a boy…we didn’t hear the name they picked for a boy. It’s not like they say “our daughter’s name will be Chanel” and said it’s a girl, did they? Btw I loved their show too!!

  15. Aria says:

    I’ll take Chanel over Jagger Snow or Bronx Mowgli (side eye Ashlee Simpon on both.)

  16. erindipity says:

    I just want to put it out there that I think it’s a little distasteful to “ugh” the name a couple chose for a desperately wanted, very earnestly tried for, and long awaited baby. These guys may not be the definition of class, but they love each other and it seems certain that in kind, they will provide their new child with bountiful love and care as well. That’s all that matters, in my opinion. Chanel isn’t even that unusual a name, anyway.

    • jwoolman says:

      Yes, the kid will be fine with two sensible parents who will adore her. That kind of unconditional love is what really makes a person into a strong and happy adult.

      Often posters seem to think pathological narcissism in celebs comes from being spoiled as a special snowflake and told throughout childhood how great they are. Actually, it comes from just the opposite- a deeply rooted sense of never being good enough thanks to bad parents who are never satisfied and undermine the child’s self-esteem at every chance. The narcissism develops as a coping mechanism, a kind of shield. Look at Kim Kardashian – she was badly damaged by a cold mother who focused entirely on the superficial (nine year old Khloe even overheard her saying the child needed a nose job) and saw her children just as glue to bind her to their rich fathers (and now as her direct meal ticket). Kim was physically and emotionally abused by her Demon Mother. Her response was to become a pathological liar to smooth her way, and a narcissist obsessed with her own body and yet never satisfied with it, emotionally stunted and cold even to her own child. That’s a damaged person, not someone who was loved too much. The oldest, Kourtney, seems to have suffered the least damage from Demon Mother, probably because as the oldest she was closer to her dad and got disgusted with her mother very early because of the way Demon Mother was treating her dad. It really does help if you see through a bad parent early, that helps protect you because you don’t pay attention to them after that. Kim still wanted her mother’s approval.

  17. Bea says:

    I love them, may she have an easy and healthy pregnancy. The name is fine, they don’t take themselves too seriously, it’s a nice change from all the self important North’s and Reign’s.

  18. QQ says:

    I love this about Celebitchians: We CANNOT with the Maroon 5 Douchebag But These two?? These we go to bat for hard! I love em too and Chanel Is about what one would expect

  19. IfUSaySo says:

    I kinda love that Ice is gonna have 3 girls. Now the name Chanel is not a fav of mine but who cares?

  20. Nicolette says:

    I like them. Used to watch their show and was surprised at how down to earth Coco came across. She never acted like a diva and just seems nice. Congrats to them both!

  21. Brasileira says:

    I like them so much they could name this baby Coconut Icecream Strawberry Syrup and I’d still be happy they’re having a child together.

  22. EricaV says:

    Sort of reminds me of that Kanye lyric “Couldn’t afford a car so she named her daughter Alexis.”

  23. Jag says:

    I like the name Chanel for a girl much more than Jagger!

  24. Veronica says:

    I can’t bring myself to hate on these two. Whatever it is about them, they’ve made it work fourteen years, which is hell of a lot longer than most people. And however trashy she may come across…well, I can’t hate on that either because he obviously likes and respects her enough that he hasn’t tried to change her in all the years they’ve been together, and hell, kudos her for being proud of what she’s got. Whatever, go for it, you crazy kids. Rock that g-string bikini and break some champagne on the starboard side of the SS Coco when that kid gets here.

    As for Chanel as a name…obviously a nod to Coco, but there is a fairly famous model named Chanel Iman. She used to model for VS, I think?