Bridget Moynahan furious with Gisele Bundchen over mommy claims


On Monday, Vanity Fair released an interview with model Gisele Bundchen that was fairly explosive. Bundchen didn’t seem capable of censoring herself or using the slightest bit of tact or discretion. In it, she said her baby stepson (the child of her husband Tom Brady and his ex-girlfriend, actress Bridget Moynahan) is 100 percent her own, amongst other shockingly insensitive claims.

In Vanity Fair, Bundchen not only said John was “100 percent her child,” she added: “It’s not like because somebody else delivered him, that’s not my child. I love him the same way as if he were mine. I already feel like he’s my son, from the first day . . . He’s my little angel — the sweetest, most cuddly, loving baby. I feel blessed to have him in my life. I understand that he has a mom, and I respect that. But to me, it’s not like because somebody else delivered him, that’s not my child — I feel it is, 100 percent.”

[From Page Six]

Bridget hasn’t dignified Giselle’s statements with a response, but her friends say she’s furious at the model’s audacious presumptuousness.

BRIDGET Moynahan is furious with Gisele Bundchen after Bundchen boldly bragged to Vanity Fair about being mommy to Moynahan and Tom Brady’s son, John. But while Moynahan is taking the high road and keeping quiet, her friends are not.

One close pal told Page Six, “If Gisele loved Bridget’s child like he was ‘100 percent her own,’ then she would not talk about him in the press. Discretion and respect are not either of Gisele or Tom’s virtues, as was evidenced even when the child was still unborn and they publicly flaunted their relationship without any discretion whatsoever.”

Brady and Moynahan broke up before the “Lord of War” star learned she was pregnant and he began dating Bundchen. Moynahan gave birth to John on Aug. 22, 2007.

Moynahan’s friend continued: “Don’t you think Jack will grow up and read her comments and find them disrespectful to him and his mother? If Tom is such a great father as everyone likes to say, then you would think that he’d respect the privacy of his young child and would ask his wife not to use his son as a publicity prop and a subject of public discussion. Is she is so desperate for attention that she can’t find anything more productive to talk about other than Bridget’s child?”

Moynahan’s friend also quipped, “Hey Gisele — real mothers don’t call their kids ‘it.'” Moynahan’s rep declined to comment.

[From Page Six]

A lot of people responded to the original story by saying Gisele was just trying to show how much she loves John and that she doesn’t consider him less important to her for being a stepson instead of her biological child. I think her language is too strong and emphatic for that.

The 100 percent her child thing is just way over the line, mostly because it’s absolutely untrue. John is 100 percent Bridget and Tom’s child. And frankly, that must be a little painful for a newlywed. There is this beautiful, happy baby boy in her life, and he belongs to her husband and his ex-girlfriend. Perhaps Gisele copes with it by trying to maximize her own relationship with John. But in so doing, she also dramatically minimized Bridget.

Here’s Bridget Moynahan taking John Edward for a walk in Pacific Palisades last Thursday. Images thanks to Pacific Coast News.

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  1. Kolby says:

    So, along with being a total butterface, Gisele is also an insensitive jerk? Sounds about right.

  2. mhjmc says:

    I was waiting for this .. I seriously hope Bridget gives her hell!! How dare she say these things about Jack!! This baby is 110% Bridgets!! She had to endure 9 months of being pregnant alone and then raise HER son on her OWN!! I’d love to see a Gisele / Bridget Smackdown!!

  3. HEB says:

    Team Bridget!

    That shit was wack.
    WACK. uh uh-not cool Giselle
    (I’m pretending its 1999 today)

  4. sarcra says:

    I still think it’s blown way out of proportion, but whatever.

  5. Wow says:

    The only thing I disagree with in the page six article is them claiming Gisele and Tom flaunting their relationship. To be fair, they are both huge celebrities and that was the begining of their new relationship. The paps were going to photograph them for those two facts along. I don’t think they were “flaunting” anything at the start. Celebrities who date are going to be followed.

    I think its a classy thing that Bridgete isn’t making a huse statement over this. She’s not threatened by Gisele and realized that Gisele made a fool of herself with some of those quotes and she doesn’t have to say anything else to add to it.

    Secure women don’t have to made grandiose statements to prove anything.

  6. Seven says:

    Isnt the kids name John ? Why are the “friends” calling it Jack ?

  7. snappyfish says:

    What I find funny is the v v public & simple fact Gisele married Tom Brady because she wasn’t able to get Leo back.

    All the talk about Brady’s pure heart (treated the expectant mother of his child with blatant disreguard ) and how much she loves her step-son is just chatter. See I am happy, I am wonderful see I wasn’t exchanged for a younger hotter model (Bar)

    Blah blah boring blah. She is a tool

  8. sarcra says:

    Jack is a nickname for John, maybe that’s what the family calls him.

  9. lara says:

    I would be furious as well. It’s one thing to love your stepchild, but another to act like you’re the actual mother who “graciously” admits there is this other woman who gave birth to your “100% own” child.
    Still not sure, if she just doesn’t know English good enough and therefore wasn’t able to express herself adequately.

  10. geronimo says:

    “Bridget hasn’t dignified Giselle’s statements with a response..”

    Really? What exactly would we describe this as then:

    “One close pal told Page Six, “If Gisele loved Bridget’s child like he was ‘100 percent her own,’ then she would not talk about him in the press. Discretion and respect are not either of Gisele or Tom’s virtues.”

    Yeah. Very dignified, Bridget. *eyeroll*

    This has been blown WAAAAAAAYYYYYYY out of proportion.

  11. ann says:


    I would describe it as PageSix trying to stir up trouble.

    I’m always wary of anonymous quotes in gossip rags from “pals”. We don’t know if the quote came from a real clost friend of Bridget or someone who just claims to be.

    Page Six isn’t above stoking the fire.

  12. Bodhi says:

    I would be pissed as hell too! Gisele’s comments cross the line. I know what she was trying to get at, but what she actually said was out of line

  13. javelin says:

    In the televised interviews I have seen Giselle has always talked quite emphatically, as if to overcome the lingering language barrier. This debacle seems to me like merely an unfortunate consequence of her less-than-delicate linguistic skills met by a touchy subject. Of course Bridget has every reason to be upset, but I doubt the infraction was intentional.

  14. dido says:

    If I were his mother I would be very happy that his stepmother loved him like her own. Better that than a stepmother who resents my child.

  15. Lem says:

    blown way out of proportion.
    If it were my child I’d be so glad the step mother loved them as 100% their own. Would you rather the step-mother say ‘that’s not my kid’. She’s been with him since ultrasound photo’s. It’s very natural that she think of him as her own as well. she said he has a mother. He has a mother and I think of him as my child.
    People need to relax. How upset with her would you be had she not taken any claim to love him. John/Jack is a lucky child. The more who love him the better

  16. geronimo says:

    @Ann – Ok, can’t discount that, but it’s very convenient at the same time, isn’t it? Bridget gets her message across loudly and clearly without ever having to dirty her hands.

    I honestly don’t see any malicious intent in what Gisele said and think people are using this to have a go at Gisele. I’m on no one’s side, I just think it’s been blown out of all reasonable proportion.

  17. Texas Gal says:

    Give me a break! Ppl make too much out of anything.

  18. czarina says:

    I think picking one little phrase (the 100% thing) and making it a huge insult is foolish.
    Very likely, it was a language issue. She just meant she considered the boy as her family. Nothing wrong with that.
    However, I do agree that it might not have been appropriate for her to make big, public declarations about John/Jack, even nice ones.
    Giselle is used to being the center of attention…she needs to learn to respect the fact that not only is this another woman’s child, the circumstances of Bridget being a single mother (while Tom has been parading around with a supermodel) are not about to make them all a cozy family.
    Giselle can say he loves and cares for John without the big “look at me” speech.

  19. Cinderella says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who saw through Giselle’s disturbing comments. She is not that ignorant. She wants to hide behind her “language barrier”…yeah, right. Has her broken English ever caused a controversial interview in the past? Didn’t think so. She’s Mrs. Brady now so it’s time to run her yapper.

    It was a dig at Bridget plain and simple,and she was attempting to mark territory that is absolutely not 100% hers. She needs to get those malnourished ovaries back up to speed and crank out some of her own.

  20. Sauronsarmy says:

    geronimo: I agree with all your points.

    People really care about this story? A past her peek model, a hasbeen actress, and a past his peak football player?

  21. Tammy King says:

    I understand her being upset, but would she rather have Gisells not love her child? Some women that marry a man with a child (especially since he never was married to the mother or lived with the child) would try to steer their husband away from the child.
    While I think she should have thought about what she said, I think it’s great that Giselle loves the child that much. If I was Bridget it would be a big relief knowing my son was loved and cared for when he visits his father.

  22. get real says:

    the baby is not 100% giselle’s. it is actually 0% hers. language barrier or not.
    she has never spoken about her private life before–ever. why start spilling her guts now over a two year old? It is not her place.
    to all of you that say it’s great that she loves the kid. when you love someone you respect boundaries. you don’t declare ownership of them in an international magazine. treating a person as possession is not love.

  23. Rosanna says:

    Helloooooo Bridget… newsflash: Gisele doesn’t need you (or your son) for a publicity stunt. They know her all over the planet!

  24. Bubulle says:

    Well maybe I’m wrong but this article sounds fishy , April fool joke maybe ?

  25. barneslr says:

    Instead of looking for insults where clearly none were intended, shouldn’t they all just be happy that this child has so many people in his life that love him?

  26. kira says:

    Most of you guys sound so stupid! This is the same thing that Jada Pinkett Smith has said about her stepson Trey since she has been with Will Smith, I think it is beautiful that women are able to offer a child 100% love – and I agree with Gisele a child does not have to come from you to be your child ( I know I adopted my daughter and she is 100% mine), yes Bridget is his mother and in his life but he is blessed to have a bonus mom! Just think of how many kids get treated like dog poop from the step parents, let’s celebrate love here people

  27. guest says:

    ya think? gisele is & was completely inappropriate.

  28. rbsesq says:

    This is one of those times when I think it must be really hard being a celebrity. I mean, she can’t win. If she makes a statement, she’ll undoubtedly come off looking like a b*tch. She still needs to be able to vent her feelings on the matter though, but if she talks to her “friends” about it, they’ll just leak what she said and she still looks bad. Some friends.

  29. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    Gisele proves yet again why ‘modulls’ super or otherwise should STFU and stick to doing what they are paid for; walking back and forth wearing clothes. Don’t test yourself with anything more.

  30. Wif says:

    I’m glad the little boy has three people that love him.

    But as a mom I have to say I’d have been pissed off at Giselle. Who will be there when that boy needs to be deloused, or cuddled from 2-5am with a fever, or disciplined when he’s smacked another kid? Not Giselle, she’ll be in St Tropez or something.

    Love isn’t enough. Mothering is a hell of a lot of hard, exhausting, draining work. It’s not about whose vagina he came out of, it’s about who is always there, that’s who gets to say “I’m Mom” because it one of the few perks that come with the job.

  31. daisyfly says:

    Good grief. If she said she hated the kid, people would jump down her throat. If she said she had no feelings at all, people would jump down her throat. If she said she likes him, people would jump down her throat.

    She can’t win for losing.

  32. Ally says:

    a) She could have not talked about the child at all.
    b) She could have said he’s a wonderful kid with wonderful parents, and she feels lucky to be able to spend some time with him when he’s with his dad.

    Staking her 100% ownership of someone else’s child (especially her husband’s previous partner’s) is repugnant and unacceptable.

    You’re right, she can’t win saying stupid, self-centered, insensitive sh%$ like that.

  33. becca says:


    A) I agree with Ann. It’s page six making trouble
    B) Bridget’s FRIENDS made the comment. Friends, PR, whatever. NOT HER.

    Team Bridget. Anything I have to say about the new Mrs. Brady is not fit to be typed up here.

  34. TinaWithPom says:

    It’s tough enough being a single mother. I know because I had to raise up three girls by myself. But to have your ex-boyfriend’s (your ex-boyfriend for three straight years, mind you) younger, new wife talk about YOUR child like that, in a magazine interview, is just…*shaking head*… horrible. I’m cheering for Bridget and for HER son Jack.

  35. daisyfly says:


    a) People would have accused her of ostracizing the child because she wasn’t speaking of him at all.
    b) She would have been accused of being disingenuous at best.

    Also, she never said he was hers, that she was staking “100% ownership” on him. (For taking something out of context, you get an A.)

    Her comments are not dissimilar to those made by other women out there who have stepchildren by their husbands – someone made a comment about Jada Pinkett saying the same thing about Tre from Will’s first marriage – and one would think that it be a far better thing that she feels this way than to be apathetic to his existence, like so many out there would. It’s quite plain that her comments are implying that when she and Tom do have their own children, John will be loved no less because he’s not hers BIOLOGICALLY. Not many women out there can honestly say the same thing and mean it.

  36. L says:

    @Daisyfly: a) People would have accused her of ostracizing the child because she wasn’t speaking of him at all.
    b) She would have been accused of being disingenuous at best.

    How do you know? Are you psychic?

    Most celebs don’t talk about their kids, its called respecting their privacy. just cos you choose to be an attention whore, doesn’t mean you should force kids into it… esp SOMEONE ELSE’s kid. ANd there were plenty of things Gis could have said without taking a stab at bridget…

  37. whatevs says:

    Wasn’t there a picture out a few months ago of her, the baby, and Tom Brady sitting in a field somewhere? As I recall, she looked totally uninterested in the kid. Maybe this is just her extreme attempt at pretending to care. I don’t really think she was being sincere, considereing she’s never really mentioned him and her love for him before.

  38. Ana says:

    In Gisele’s defense I do believe English is her second language. Sometimes it’s easy to say the wrong thing.
    Although I think it would have been best if she would have kept her mouth shut about it. I can only imagine how Bridget feels.

  39. becca says:

    ^^^ Last I checked, Gisele’s english was good. She’s got no excuse.

  40. Jade Fox says:

    Holy overreaction Batman! Not just from Bridget’s camp(and you know they leaked this) but from everyone here.

    So she basically said she loved the kid like he was biologically hers. Big whoop. Step families are very common and the more loving caring adults that John has in his life, the better he’ll be off.

  41. Ana says:

    While Gisele’s English is very good, it’s still sometimes difficult to say what you mean even if you only speak one language.
    I kind of understand what she was trying to say, but I do agree it was insensitive.

  42. ChristinaT says:

    here’s how i would first react to this “the bitch got my man, now she wants me kid too?”… so i can see how someone would be sensitive about this… then i would probably calm down and realize she can have the dirstback, but the child will always be mine no matter how many percentages she throws around…

  43. Ned says:

    Bridget is one classy lady.

    Gisele more and more comes across like a total b!tch who is trying to hurt a woman who did her no harm.

    That, and her horsey face.

    It seems Tom made a huge mistake.

  44. Marmot says:

    Gisele reminds me of a very pretty blonde ‘friend’ I had in high school: she was vehement about her opinions, could never admit when she was wrong, and wasn’t all that bright. At best, she spoke without thinking, and when anyone tried to call her on it she’d dig her heels in hard. I guess she was so used of getting positive attention for her looks, she just assumed that everything that came out of her mouth was perfect too.

    Just like on 30 Rock: she was in “The Bubble”!

  45. daisyfly says:

    L, exactly how long have you been reading celebrity gossip blogs? It doesn’t take much to know that in this venue, assumptions and accusations against celebrities are par for the course, and these have been tossed out several times already.

    The venom directed at Giselle blackens everything she says, whether it be inflammatory or innocuous. For example, nowhere in her statement does she “take a stab at briget”, but obviously others see it that way.

    Also, where exactly is she FORCING John into anything? When has a celebrity NOT said that they love their children/step-children/adopted children/et al? Good grief, jump onto the hate Giselle bandwagon, please, but try to keep the overreaction to a minimum. This isn’t a Brangelinaston thread, after all.

  46. ms adamantia claus says:

    Giselle has always looked like an enormous spider monkey with HUGE feet and long bony wrists and hands. Her face is truly unattractive and I’ve never understood the appeal. Because she has big horsey features she films well with the right light.
    But before this I’ve never known (or cared much) her to give an interview like this – she never seemed to have any personality unlike Heidi Klum who seems smart(ish), funny and cool as hell. English barrier or not, the statement was yet another proclamation about how SHE WON, and how very gauche and uncool she is. The circumstances of her relationship were uncool by any standards but her opening up her big horsey mouf and inserting her equally big feet just a serious lack of taste and class. Let’s all ignore her shall we? I feel for Bridget, she must wanna throw herself off a building everytime she realizes that she wasted her time with that big doof Brady.

  47. lara says:

    daysyfly, by no means am I a Gisele hater or Bridget lover, but talking about you’re husbands exes children like they’re you’re own, saying things like ” I (the stepmother who sees him irregularly) want him to have a good relationship with his mother” is nothing short of insensitive and disrespectful. Gisele hasn’t discussed her stepson before and nobody accused her of hating him. So why is she talking now?
    I remember reading a quote from Sandra Bullock regarding her stepchildren and the things she said had practically the same meaning, how she loves them as if they’re are their own, but she said it with so much more maturity and class without taking a dig (intentionally or unintentionally) at the biological mother. That’s the way to go.

  48. lara says:

    With an edit button the sentence would be “your husband’s ex’s (or so)…” 😉

  49. Nony says:

    Gisele made a very inelegantly worded comment, and I’m not surprised (if this is true) that BM would be upset about it.
    However, no matter how well you speak your second language, finer nuances can still be difficult. I see no proof that it was intentionally offensive or hurtful.

    We also do not know the context of GB’s original comment. Perhaps she was asked about the boy with an overtone of “You must resent this kid that your husband has with his ex” and she was anxious to assure the asker that that wasn’t the case. Things we emphasise to convince someone can sound perfectly appropriate in that moment, but taken out of context and put on paper, sometimes sound really weird.

  50. SixxKitty says:

    Team Bridget!

  51. barneslr says:

    “Wasn’t there a picture out a few months ago of her, the baby, and Tom Brady sitting in a field somewhere? As I recall, she looked totally uninterested in the kid.”

    Well, that settles it then. If you happened to see a PHOTO of these people you don’t actually know, and interpreted her facial expression that way, well…that must be true then. Her facial expression couldn’t possibly have been misinterpreted in any way.

    Thanks for clearing that right up.

  52. whatevs says:

    Woah, bring the sarcasm down a notch will ya.

    It’s just one opinion of many. Wasn’t trying to clear anything up. I just remember seeing it and reading the speculation about it. That is all.

  53. gg says:

    Okay, c’mon … Giselle is gorgeous and has a gorgeous body. I’d suspect anybody who says she’s ugly is probably just jealous of models.

    But all that aside, I think the girl is just guilty of making an inappropriate comment, not starting WW III. And yes, her English “sounds good”, but it’s still her second language and she thinks in terms of her original sentence structure from her first language.

  54. get real says:

    If English is her second language and she cannot comprehend certain nuances and sentence structures then maybe she should stay away from talking about super sensitive issues in a majorly public forum.
    she CHOSE to speak about the baby. she opened herself up for the criticism. Now, all of a sudden it’s the press trying to get a headline or crazy bridget fans overreacting. I call BS, try accepting responsibility.
    bottom line–she made dumb and insensitive comments.

  55. Sal V says:

    In my opinion, Gis comments were very inappropriate. I dont think she realizes the degree of stupidity her comments had. If she were in bridget’s shoes, maybe then she would know. My son has a step-mother who he sees 4 times a month and if I ever heard her say crap like that, you better believe I’d give her a piece of my mind. Have some class and self respect!It infuriates me when people choose to voice their opinion on something that they have never had 1st hand experience in. So for all of you who aren’t mothers, your opinion don’t mean Jack!

  56. Angie says:

    I think this is being blown way out of proportion…would people rather she say that she can’t stand the baby and wishes she wouldn’t have to deal with him?? I think the fact that she cares for him is a great thing…who, as a parent, wouldn’t want to know that when they send their child/children to their mother/father’s house, will be loved and cared for by the step parent there?? Really?!

  57. lj says:

    Though I don’t doubt her love for Jack, It’s not her place to mention ‘Jack’ in her interviews. PERIOD.

    Ok we know she is popular and she has tons of interviews throughout the year. Hopefully she has learned her lesson!

  58. j. ferber says:

    Now I know what Gisele’s comments remind me of: a woman whose child was brought into the world by a surrogate mother or a woman who adopted a child (“Just because I’m not his birth mother, doesn’t mean he’s not mine.”) Trouble is, John has a mother who is his primary caregiver. I agree that she is diminishing Bridget’s role, which is really disrespectful.

  59. Ana says:

    gg-I do agree that Gisele does have a pretty nice body, but I don’t think she is that pretty especially compared to other striking models like Adriana Lima. I understand why people call her horsey.
    Everybody has different opinions on beauty, doesn’t make us jealous.

  60. CB Rawks says:

    Gisele went way too far with it. It was just plain rude and insensitive.

  61. CB Rawks says:

    @gg: Not at all. There are many amazingly beautiful models out there, some I would love to look exactly like. She simply isn’t one of them.

  62. Pufft says:

    People need to take a CHILL PILL and stop making too much out of nothing!

  63. Patrice says:

    “as was evidenced even when the child was still unborn and they publicly flaunted their relationship without any discretion whatsoever.” It seems Bridget’s friends are just as dillusional as she is. I’m so glad the author of the site FINALLY pointed out that Bridget and Tom’s relationship ended BEFORE she even knew she was pregnant. Please, once and for all, can all of you psycho Bridget supporters please tell me how Tom moving on from his ex-girlfriend and into anew relationship was at all direspectful to anyone? What wre tom and Gisele supposed to do, hide in his house until the baby was born? True, it was very soon, and I’m sure that stung like all hell (first hand experience) but there is no time table for these things (or is there ???)and a pregnancy does not AT ALL make him having a new girlfriend somehow more innapropriate. The man was no longer in love with Bridget,and if you believe reports, the two of them had been at each others throats for quite some time before they split. Peopel break up all the time. A baby does not mean that you should stay someplace where you are miserable, that’s not good for anyone involved, especially the kid.

  64. Patrice says:

    Ned: Please tell me what is so “classy” abiut intentionally getting pregnant in order to try keep a man. Bridget has been verry careful to not come out and publically address Tom and the situation herself, but miraculously her anonymous “friends” always seem to be there to due verbal damage (remember the OK! photoshoot)?

  65. Jeanette says:

    Wasnt it a rumor that Bridgett got pregnant out of desparation? People mag says one of her gripes is that T&G are photographed with him (petty-stupid given they are both high profile) not to mention a little matter of the photo above this article…

    I think that she should be glad the future step-mom has a loving relationship with the son and put her bitchiness and nitpicking aside and be glad that the most important person in her sons’ fathers life will take care of him correctly and love him when she is not around, because that is what is best for him-and that is supposed to be what its all about.

    And when you take that into consideration her indignation seems kind of self-centered and unnessecary. Move on with your life dear, YOUR baggage affects him too.

  66. Good says:

    I think Gisele has a fan club in here. Hopefully people who do not see anything wrong with Gisele’s odd behavior will never become parents themselves.

  67. Angie? says:

    The 100% percent thing was due to Giselle’s english, it is her SECOND language!

  68. Angie? says:

    My parents have accents and have had a broken english and you get really good at deciphering what they mean. We don’t know that Giselle is trying to maximize her relationship with John in order to deal or that she looking for press, time would tell that. But really, I think she was trying to express that despite not being her BIOLOGICAL, her love for him was 100% CERTAIN.

    She spoke in an abstract manner and then sped up only to say more so it was confusing, I think she has a sense that people won’t understand her, hence, the comment about his relationship with his bio mom and all, but that only fuddled it more.

    I wasn’t a fan of Giselle but I think people want a reason to hate her so the jumped on this, not on purpose, it presented itself and it was released (obviously) as an excerpt from this interview, but I don’t think she is purposefully trying to be devious.

  69. Good says:

    English is hardly my third language, yet I would have never said something so crass. Stop making excuses for her, she knew what she was saying and she wanted to come off as a cool stepmother. Instead, she came off as Tom’s dumb, insensitive and extremely immature wife.

  70. Brad says:

    “I think she was trying to express that despite not being her BIOLOGICAL, her love for him was 100% CERTAIN.”
    I think you’re reading too much into this. She is just some stupid model.

  71. Ned says:

    Saying she was just “stupid” is also making an excuse for her.

    She wanted to “get Bridget” and rub it in her face a little.

    Gisele should not have been allowed by her HUSBAND to use HIS son, as part of her PR attempts.

    I don’t care if she is insensitive or stupid.
    Tom is the father of that child, and she should have made sure to protect his son’s privacy.

  72. Charley Kane says:

    Usually i would just assume this was a model being stoopid, but given that English isnt her first language it may simply be a way of emphasizing that she loves the kid like her own.

  73. Cletus says:

    I dig it that my ex’s g/f likes my kid and is good to her. That being said, if she ever popped off like THAT, I’d be forced to administer a beat down. Just saying.

  74. Patrice says:

    Jeanette: I couldn’t agree with you more!!! You said it perfectly.

  75. Amy says:

    Gisele’s comments are just ridiculous and spoken like someone who is NOT a mother and has NEVER given birth to a child. If she ever has children of her own (this baby isn’t hers 100%!), then she will likely regret those comments. She is young and foolish. It is sad that this baby has become a pawn. I also feel sorry for Bridgette. How sad to be in her position. I would be furious if I were her. I hope she can make advances in her custody claims with this incident and above all protect her baby from further public nonsense. They forget he may know about all this mess someday. How embarrasing and sad.

  76. Lexy says:

    You people need to grow up and find something else to do or criticize…..Giselle may not be able to express herself well because of the language barrier and everyone is taking it overboard….also, its better that she excepts and loves the child and if Bridgette has moved on why the HELL would she give a damn what is said if its not negative??? Maybe she has moved on and all of you should too???!!!!! Of course its easier to hate the beautiful younger supermodel….then to be happy for her?

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