Gisele Bundchen calls Bridget Moynahan’s son ‘my child’

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Is Gisele Bundchen so beautiful that no one ever corrects her? She gave an interview to Vanity Fair, and OK! Magazine has some early quotes. They are not flattering. Gisele says that she loves John Edward Thomas Moynahan – Tom Brady’s love child with Bridget Moynahan – “as if he were mine.” She also calls John “my child” and mentions that she “already [felt] like he’s my son, from the first day.” Yikes.

Back in late 2006, Tom Brady pretty much dumped his newly pregnant girlfriend (Bridget) when Gisele came along, and by many accounts, there was some overlap in the two relationships. Part of the problem is that I have always felt really bad for Bridget throughout this whole situation. She’s a beautiful, classy woman, and I think she’s done the best she could with a really uncomfortable situation. OK! has more from Gisele:

Now that Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady have tied the knot, it seems the supermodel is more than ready to stake her claim on his love child with ex Bridget Moynahan.

The newlywed says she feels that John Edward Moynahan is hers, telling Vanity Fair, “I understand that he has a mom, and I respect that. But to me, it’s not like because somebody else delivered him, that’s not my child – I feel it is, 100 percent.”

Bridget gave birth to John in 2007 (and appeared on the cover of OK!) and by then her former boyfriend, Patriots quarterback Tom, had moved on to Gisele’s loving arms. She’s never met the Brazilian beauty.

“I want him to have a great relationship with his mom, because that’s important, but I love him the same way as if he were mine. I already feel like he’s my son, from the first day,” Gisele reveals in the interview.

“He’s a little angel – the sweetest, most cuddly, loving baby. I feel blessed to have him in my life,” she adds.

That little angel was a shock at first for Gisele, who had been dating Tom before they found out his ex was expecting.

“It was definitely a surprise for both of us,” she says. “In the beginning, you’re living this romantic fantasy; you’re thinking this can’t be true, it’s so good! And then, whoops – wake-up call!”

Your move, Bridget!

[From OK! Magazine]

Yeah, I’m sure it was a huge “wake-up call” for Gisele that she was dating a man who just unceremoniously dumped his girlfriend. So, how much of this is being taken out of context? I actually understand what Gisele is basically trying to say – that she has a great, loving relationship with her stepson. But the way she says it seems like she’s trying to out-mother Bridget. It’s all very The Hand That Rocks The Cradle, with Gisele cast in the Rebecca DeMornay role.

Here’s Gisele and Tom spending time with her family on their honeymoon in Brazil on March 15th. Images thanks to WENN .

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  1. happymom says:

    Actually, rumors were that Bridget is a total bitch-and that she got pregnant to try and keep their relationship going. I think it’s great that Gisele feels so close to her stepson.

  2. HEB says:

    Regardless of what kind of co-parent relationship Tom and Bridget have now, if I were Bridget I would be SO MAD if I read that.

  3. turth-SF says:

    Gisele darling, that is a BIG NO-NO!! You never try to claim your husband’s ex’s child, no matter how good the relationship with the mother. And just because “rumor” has it that Bridget is a bitch does not give Gisele the right call another woman son “my child”as if the child is hers. if she wants her own, she now has that very man to give lil John a step-sibling that she can claim as her own.

  4. ac says:

    the whole article can already be found on she doesn’t come across as that terrible once you put the quotes into context.

  5. lola says:

    OH HELL No.

    This is the mistake of every follow up woman. That is not your child. PERIOD Step parent has no right to that fidelity to call themselves a “parent” until or unless they adopt. They can be a role model, a parental type figure, or an ‘auntie,’ but who in the hell does this woman think she is? That kid has a mother.

    You can be a role model and keep your mouth shut. When there’s another woman who actually birthed the kid and earned the right to have him called son, that’s usually the best course of action.

    Saying this is just being a bitch.

  6. Jen says:

    From what I understand, they broke up and Bridget found out she was pregnant after the fact… Pregnancy doesn’t keep people together, nor should it, so I can understand why Tom didn’t come back.

    Gisele’s not claiming anybody’s kid, it’s simile, people. I think it’s great she embraced a situation that could have been potentially worse, and it’s great she’s welcomed him and accepted the child.

  7. Scribe says:

    English is not Giselles first language. Probably what she said sounds way strong because of that. I think it is great that she is so bonded with her step-son. However, she should avoid talking about this. Too private! TMI.

  8. boomchakaboom says:

    It’s a big NO. She ought to have some freakin’ regard and respect for the boy’s mother. I would feel like telling her to back up, bitch.

  9. Alexis says:

    Yeah, Giselle is self absorbed. Surprising for a super model, right. I know!

    Anybody remember the Harper’s Bazaar article? Bridget talks about how it felt to be dumped when she was pregnant, and about how she copes as a SINGLE mother. She doesn’t seem like the type of gal who takes shit from anyone. Should be interesting.

  10. sandy says:

    giselle’s phrases are very creepy
    but it seems more creepy to me that these 2 women have not met.
    if i were bridget, i would insist on meeting this stuper-model to see if she can handle watching my toddler.
    no worries for bridget though… once the little guy can understand the dynamics of families, she will make sure he knows who his real mommy is and correctly call giselle by her first name or “step mom”.

  11. geronimo says:

    All I’m getting is Gisele saying she mad about the kid and feels like it’s her own. Bit woo. Who cares, the kid’s loved, that’s all that counts.

  12. caro says:

    nice to see she love the son of his husband! everyone has a love past!him he has a child with another woman!

  13. Raye says:

    As a step mom of 2 children I can tell you that I love these kids as much as if they were my own and I do consider them my children. I understand where Gisele is coming from completely. However, a magazine interview is not the place to express it. It will be interesting to see if John actually refers to her as mommy or not.

  14. Wow says:

    I have been rather impressed with with way all three have seemed to make the best of this from all three sides, but Giselle lost me with the first sentence of this quote: “I want him to have a great relationship with his mom, because that’s important, but I love him the same way as if he were mine. I already feel like he’s my son, from the first day,”

    The little boy’s Mom is all he’s had since the begining so her “wanting him to have a great relationship with his Mom” is sort of condesending in a way. It sounds misplaced, as if Bridget would be the one to say something like that, instead of the other way around. Giselle is the one coming into an already established relationship between Mother and Son. I could see Bridget being the one saying “I hope he has a good relationship with his Step-Mom because that is important.” blah, blah, blah. But noth the other way around.

    I think its great that they have worked it out to be amicable, but the “tone” of these quotes come off as Giselle saying hey I’m beautiful, I can have your ex and your child with him.

    Happymom, I recall reading that about Bridget too. I think it was from someone who claimed to work in the PR offices of that team Brady played or plays for.

  15. Ryo says:

    The part that sticks out is the “I want him to have a great relationship with his mom.” Sorry, honey, what you want has NO bearing at all. She does act like SHE gave birth and Brigit is the “secondary” parent. How self-absorbed.

  16. gavin says:

    I think it is interesting that they are doing a PR spin now that they are married about how it was a shock for both of them when they found out Brigit was pregnant.

    If they care about the kid John, they would never bring up anything of the sort.

    What a selfish person IMHO.

    Why did’nt they come out at the time or shortly thereafter and say that

    Recreating history and writing a new story. Always easier to do after you actually have a ring on the finger when the mother is now in the weaker position as the single mom.

    Something just seems really fishy about the time lines etc…

  17. Ernestine says:

    There are plenty of people out there who treat their stepchildren as lesser beings — remnants of the first marriage who deserve to be shunned as the family pariahs or whatever. So Gisele loves this boy as her own. So what? Chances are, she WILL phase into a strong maternal figure for the kid, seeing as how she’s been around even before his birth.

    As someone who bore the brunt of my dad’s psychotically jealous former longtime girlfriend (he dumped her and I now have a stepmother whom I adore, yay), I applaud people who can recognize that children in this situation can only benefit by having lots of lots of good, positive attention — rather than the former. What’s she supposed to do? Ignore the kid because she’s not his ~real~ mother?

    Good for her. I think she sounds reasonable, compassionate and mature.

  18. caribassett says:

    I don’t think she should discuss the child. He should have some privacy.

  19. LondonParis says:

    What a slap in the face to say something like that about another woman’s son- without ever having met said woman.

    Here’s what I hear: TOM BRADY’S A DOUCHE!
    Left B, probably while she was pregnant (whether either of them knew or not, those are the facts), and is gorgeous man-cakey enough to keep G around. But overall, douche.

    Where does she come off? I mean, it’s not like they see him often. Bridget has primary custody, and shares a name with that adorable baby.

  20. anneesezz says:

    Sorry, no. These comments are totally inappropriate and I would be really angry if she was discussing MY child with the press. And her comments are very self-serving. As if to say, aren’t I such a big person that I love this child my man had with some other skank. Pleeease.

  21. CiCi says:

    I’m going to give Giselle the benefit of the doubt and assume her english came off more harsh than the thought behind it.

    And Scribe, I agree, she shouldn’t be talking about this stuff in a magazine. THAT SAID, if god forbid i ever got a divorce, or died, I should only be so lucky that my kids’ step mom would love them as if they were her own. It’s not about petty possession – it’s about hoping to God they get a step mom who genuinely has their best interest in minds at all times.

  22. Rosanna says:

    First time Gisele made sense EVER *grin*

  23. ll says:

    I don’t know whether Bridget is a bitch or not, I do know she comes off as quite the self-made martyr in many of her interviews. She and Tom didn’t know she was pregnant, apparently from the timing, when they broke up, so this whole “he left his pregnant gf” thing is so ridiculous.

    I hope everyone complaining about how Gisele is talking about her stepson and what about his privacy made the same comments when Bridget made all her comments about being such a single mom and sad and alone. What happens when her son reads that? I guess she wants him to hate his father like she does.

  24. LondonParis says:

    I love that Gisele cares deeply about the baby. It’s a healthy thing, and it’s really admirable of her. A lot of women couldn’t handle it.
    My thing is, it’s not like she’s having a conversation with friends. She said this in an interview for Vanity Fair ffs! Is it a wonderful thing that she cares deeply for her stepson? Absolutely. But why on earth would she need to say something like that in an interview? There is no excuse. And her comments are inappropriate for their setting.
    Personal conversation, great. Interview in a magazine read all over the world? Not so much. I’m not saying it’s the end of the world, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Bridget put her in her place through the grapevine.

    ll: if Bridget is a bitch (I don’t know much about her) that’s too bad, but she is John’s biological mother so, too bad.. I know lots of people with bitchy mothers. It’s also perfectly within her right to talk about HER son in an interview. He’s not Gis’ kid no matter how much she loves him while he’s got both of his parents around. And she hasn’t even met his mother so it’s really inappropriate for her to talk about John and refer to Briget offhandedly at all.

  25. sarcra says:

    I don’t see what all the fuss is about; I think it’s great that she loves her stepson as if he is her own.

    She is not replacing his mother or trying to get Bridget out of the picture, but she is Tom’s wife now, and so when the baby grows up, it will be important that he doesn’t feel like an outsider in his father’s home.

    Especially when Tom and Gisele have their own kids, it will be important for this first child to feel a part of that family as well as his mother’s, whenever Bridget marries someone. Gisele loving him as if he were her own son is a good start. It doesn’t lessen Bridget’s role in his life, as I assume she is who he spends the most time with.

  26. Patrice says:

    “Yeah, I’m sure it was a huge “wake-up call” for Gisele that she was dating a man who just unceremoniously dumped his girlfriend.” God. I hate it when people like you (the author) say S*it like this. ONCE AND FOR ALL. Here are the facts: Tom and Bridget broke up some time in October of ’06 (the month she concieved, and therefore BEFORE either one of them could have possibly have known that she was pregnant). Tom and Gisele started going out in December. Whteher or not the two had been informed that Bridget was expecting yet could not be more irrelevant because their relationship was ALREADY OVER.I suppsoe in your perfecct world, he would have dumped his new girl and run back into the arms of his ex (whom according to reports) he had loathed quite some time even before their break up? Grow up all you haters. Tom and Bridget were over loooong befoe Gisele came along. And I refuse to have a pity party for a woman who intentionally (inserts gapsps here) got herself inot the family way. It’s wrong on every level and she deserves a little karmic retrobution. Let’s just hope no one does that to her little boy someday…

  27. daisy424 says:

    Please, if Giselle lists him as her child in her HS alumni book, like my ex’s wife did with my kids, then Bridget has something to get irked about.

  28. the original kate says:

    if giselle had said “i feel lucky to have the baby in my life – he’s a womderful boy” or whatever, fine. but to go on about how he feels like her son is kind of strange. but no worries – as sson as she & tom have a baby together( they will both forget the other one even exists.

  29. the original kate says:

    sorry my last post is so badly typed…i need coffee!

  30. Autumm Leaves says:

    ITA w/londonparis & anneesezz.

    Gisele needs a muzzle because she has no business discussing her relationship with her stepson in the press. Not even Tom Douche Brady does this. Both are tacky and I wouldn’t be surprised if Bridget’s lawyer put a gag order on Gisele. This whole interview is tacky, low class, and in very poor taste.

  31. Pufft says:

    Damed if you do, damned if you don’t.

    Gisele does an interview with a respectable magazine. The journo asks her the questions (as is NORMAL in an interview) – and she answers them. If she had avoided questions about her step-son, the headlines would have read differently.

    News would have been that Gisele didn’t want to answer questions about her step-son because she doesn’t give a damn about him, blah, blah, blah.

    Perhaps her phrasing is wrong, but I applaud her for showing mad love for her step-son. The rest is secondary.

    People need to learn to stop reading too much into everything and see the simple massage behind things. She loves her step-son. Period!

  32. anon says:

    gisele needs to just stfu & have her own kid with tom. the baby has a momma. her name is bridget. tom really needs to grow a pair & define the parental roles.

  33. Pete says:


    Even though I seriously doubt your accusation about Bridget, I must say that even if somehow true, no one forced Tom to have sex with Bridget, let alone unprotected sex.

  34. mel says:

    Gisele is way out of line claiming her step-son to be her own is wrong. She has no claim to him other than being married to his father. She needs to keep her mouth shut for the sake of everyone involved.

  35. MochaNthaMiddle says:

    OMG!! You people. If she wasn’t claiming the little boy then people would talk. I have MUCHO respect for Gisele. She obviously have much love for Tom and John.
    I too am in a similiar situation. I’m a stepmother to 3 adorable girls and the 2 youngest call me MOM. Long story and most don’t agree but I have love for them just like they were my own. PLus their bio-mom sucks and is not in their lives. I know that’s a little different but I don’t think Gisele is saying she’s John’s mom, just that she has so much love for John that she feels like he’s her own.

    Get off her back.

    Who cares if Tom left Bridget and moved on to Gisele. You can’t control who you love. I don’t see anything wrong with it. I did in the beginning when the story first broke but after seeing Gisele with Tom and his son, you can see the love between them.

    I’m sorry that Bridget didn’t get Tom in the end but that’s how love and life goes. Look at Brad/Angie and Jennifer. Brad broke his marriage for Angie and they seem like the perfect couple. I don’t like it or agree with it but really the song is true….THAT’S THE WAY LOVE GOES!!!!!

  36. HashBrowns says:

    @Pufft: she most certainly is not damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t.

    She could have phrased her feelings in a way that didn’t make her seem like she was the Alpha parent when she really is not. I had a stepmom who cared about me and loved me but I knew that she was my stepmother and I knew who my real mother was so we treated each other accordingly.

    There are just certain things you don’t do with children that aren’t yours and claiming them as your own is one of those things. I know what she meant and I understand how she feels. It’s just super tacky and inappropriate to EVER refer to your ex’s children as your own. Especially when said ex is still living and has primary custody of said child.

    If my stepmother had tried to say that she loved me like her own kids (of which she had two), I’d have told her to back the hell off because I already had a mother who loved me like a mother should.

  37. rarahrarah says:

    All tom’s fault. fqing son of a toot!

  38. rarahrarah says:

    tom’s an ugly mofo anyway :(

  39. Pufft says:

    @HashBrowns: Than me and you completely stand on two different ends. Firstly, try reading the full interview… it really isn’t as bad as this article has made it out to be. Secondly, Gisele doesn’t express herself at best in English, understandably so because she is Brazilian mixed.

    Thirdly, I also have a step-father who I happen to call ‘dad’ while my bio-father gets called by his first name. It’s not that my bio-father doesn’t love me any less or hasn’t been there for me, it’s just who I view to be more of a father growing up. The lines have not been clearly marked in our relation. There is none of that ‘treating each other accordingly’ BS. So, I don’t agree with the notion that step parents can’t have a meaningful relationship as worthy as of that between blood ties just because the step-children’s bio parents are alive.

    In fact, if you can find such a relationship with a step-child (as I have with my husband’s first born) while both parents are still alive, even the better.

  40. Judy says:

    I am a step mother too and I love the kids but their mother is their mother. I will never be their mother and would not try to make it out like I was.
    I have news for her..she should just stfu

  41. IvyMades says:

    @ rarahrarah

    I think Tom’s hot. But from his actions, he’s obviously ugly on the inside, like his wife Giselle.

    On another note, I’m sick of Brady apologists saying that Bridget got preggers on purpose. That’s crap. He’s a big boy. He knows how to prevent pregnancy.

    Anyways, Team Bridget!

  42. IvyMades says:

    @ Pufft

    I don’t know the specifics of your situation.

    Generally speaking, if a child is brought up by separated parents, where one has remarried I could see calling the step parent ‘Mom’ or ‘Dad’ only IF that person has been more involved in raising the child.

    In this case, Bridget is the primary parent. Tom has shared custody ONLY when they’re in LA.

  43. Ally says:

    I guess this way Gisele gets to act all impressively maternal in front of Tom Brady (“I already have a kid!”) while preserving her figure and avoiding the not-lovely “stepmother” title.

    Fine if you want to pretend that, but don’t so publicly and insensitively step on the mother’s turf. Just ask a mama bear.

  44. Ryo says:

    Pufft, why are you comparing your relationships to this one when they’re obviously so different? What exactly is the point? I could see it if Brigit wasn’t John’s full-time parent, but she IS. So, logically, why would he call his stepmother “mom” when he already has one? Especially if they only see him when the two of them happen to be be in LA?

  45. HashBrowns says:

    @Pufft: The point I was trying to make is that Bridget is quite clearly the child’s primary caregiver and she probably takes good care of the kid.

    I understand that in certain situations the stepparent can be a better parent than the biological one. But in this case, Giselle is NOT the primary female caregiver therefore she should understand the proper boundaries.

    Treating each other accordingly is not BS at all, in my opinion. I think it is incredibly disrespectful to your biological parent to call a stepparent “Dad” or “Mom” rather than by their first name, especially if your biological parent has been there for you like a parent should.

    To me, a stepparent (in an ideal situation where the biological parent is a good parent) should treat the stepchild like they would a kid who is best friends with their kid. A stepparent can care about them, and protect them and all that jazz but the child is not theirs and never will be.

    Given my situation where my mom was the primary caregiver, I felt like I would be figuratively slapping her in the face if I called my stepmother “Mom” or treated her in the same way as I did my mom. We got along perfectly fine and my stepmom was a great person, but she wasn’t my mom, period.

  46. lisa says:

    Regardless of the drama that “may” have happened between Tom and Bridget, there is a fine line the “other” wife has to walk in regards to the kids. Saying that Bridget’s child was like her own was probably meant to tell people how she has really taken to the baby, but it isn’t going to be taken well by the mother. That is just how it is and I believe Gisele needs to curb her talk a bit.

  47. cakes says:

    Wow. Are yall for real?
    She loves that baby and that’s what’s most important. She didn’t say she is his mother, she looks after him and cares about him like he was her own not “that’s MY son”. As long as she doesn’t make him call her mom or step in and try to take bridgets place in his life every one needs to back off. I love my god daughters like my own but they KNOW who their mama is and I am NOT her. But I do love them and care for them in a way that’s maternal.
    I think its awsome that she can love the child as much. A lot of women look at children from previous relationships and threats them like crap. She’s obviously not like that and that baby is very lucky to have so much love in his life.

  48. J-Lin says:

    If I was Bridget, I would have two words for Giselle: Bitch, please!

  49. Ashley says:

    I doubt she mean’t it in a Psycho way. If anyone’s ever heard Gisele speak you’d know she doesn’t speak English all that great. I mean she can speak English but she mixes her words or sometimes doesn’t udenrstand certain words sound off in context with what she’s talking about.

    As for Brady, can’t stand him, he’s an ass. Love Bridget.

  50. sarcra says:

    “But in this case, Giselle is NOT the primary female caregiver therefore she should understand the proper boundaries.”

    Maybe she does understand. Everyone is jumping to some major conclusions based on comments alone – we know nothing about her actions. She obviously wanted to convey that she loves the child. That’s all I see. People are condemning her for what might just be the fact that she said too much. Hardly an evil act. Now, if we get reports that she’s trying to get Bridget out of the picture or wearing a ‘World’s Best Mom’ shirt, that would call for the criticism she’s getting here. What she actually said? I think people just like to judge and criticize. In this case, I believe it’s unwarranted.

  51. L says:

    Grrr. People make me so angry!
    First of all “HAPPYMOM” – yea cos a woman can get pregnant all on her own you fkn dumbass.
    What is with blaming the victim??

    Gisele is the biatch. You don’t say that about somebody else’s kid. Guess what, Gisele, ITS NOT YOUR KID! If I were B I would wanna punch her.
    And btw, Gisele looks like a man.

  52. lilybme says:

    oh come on! what’s all this negativity? she’s a fantastic stepmom in love with her beautiful stepchild…everyone scores! hooray for gisele!

  53. Spike says:

    As for the comments about her stepson, it is misplaced, but it is very small in comparison to the breadth of the article. He and his mom should be left out of the mix.

    I adore my fiance’s daughters and they’re really young. They’ve struggled a bit with what to call me, but we’ve stuck with my name. I never refer to myself in a parental role but as their friend.

    I’ve heard a couple of step-parents say something that I love and hope that my skids can say about me some day — she loved us like we were her daughtrs. But I would never think that I could ever replace their mom.

    I understand about the language barrier, but it’s important to be very careful when children are involved. Confusing them about your role in their life is not in their best interest..

  54. Aspen says:

    Would you prefer that she be cold to the kid and make him feel unwelcome?

    It’s not like the kid’s parents bothered to get married, and if it wasn’t Gisele it would be someone else that he traded the mother in for. He’s a pig. Gisele chose him.

    That’s bad enough.

    But I, for one, am glad the kid’s got a stepmom at his dad’s house who loves him instead of one who wishes the child didn’t exist…who would constantly make him feel resented and unwanted there.

    This is a good thing.

  55. Bonitto says:

    Autumm leaves, you have to be the stupidest person on god green earth.

  56. K McFarlane says:

    I don’t have any problem with this. She loves the kid. Tom loves the kid. Bridget loves the kid. Fantastic. The child feels like he has two moms? Equally fantastic. Jada Pinkett Smith has been vocal about how Will Smith’s son before they got together is her son too. Katie Holme’s stepchildren call her Mom. It’s not that unusual and it’s not up to us to judge it. I can also understand the strong connection given that she’s been in the child’s life since he was a newborn. He’s grown up knowing her as his father’s partner.

  57. DD says:

    yes k mcfarlane, but Jada came long after Will’s son and his relationship with their mother was over, whereas Giselle hooked up with Tom during her pregnancy. The wounds are still fresh, and it’d be best if she didn’t put too much public expression into the relationship with her step-son. She should have a little respect for now since it is still very recent.

  58. Blondie says:

    As a mother, if anyone made those comments about my child I would be livid.

    Hopefully they are just ‘lost in translation’

  59. Rosanna says:

    As a mother, if somebody else (especially a step-parent) would love my kid as much as I do I would be SUPER-happy! Kids are not properties and they deserve as much love as they can get, no matter whom from. Wake up!!!

  60. lara says:

    “Kids are not properties” True, and that’s why I don’t understand how she can say “he’s 100% mine” and think that’s completely appropriate. She may mean well, but she said it in a stupid way.

  61. Wow says:

    This reminds me of how “in love” Halle Berry was with her then husband’s child named India. Now that she divorced the cheat hubby, it appears she also divorced his child who she thought of as her own. I think these celebrities say what will get them press and make them appear in a positive light. Once the relationship with the person goes south, they also bail out on the kid and that is not right.

    I can see Gisel being the same way Halle was. Its good to love someone else’s child from a previous relationship, but be genuine about it.

  62. Wow says:

    I doubt its a language issue. Gisele has been working in the States for how many years now? I’m sure she knew exactly how it would sound.

  63. RAN says:

    I’m afraid if she had made those comments about any of my kids, the two of us would finally meet – face to face. Words would DEFINITELY be spoken and they might fall in the unprintable category.

    I have a step daughter… I’ve loved her from the moment I met her and have never alienated her from the new family her father and I created, but… I would NEVER put her in this position. I agree that love for the child is critical, but divorce/never married situations are tricky and put the child in an emotionally insecure position. Why put him in a situation where he may feel he has to choose between loyalty to his mother or his father? This was the wrong move on her part and if that scumbag douche of a part time, football “daddy” had any sense or class, he’d tell her to stfu.

  64. RAN says:

    P.S. Can you tell I loathe Tom Brady? :) Giselle I don’t care about either way, but I do like Bridget and she deserves better.

  65. Ned says:

    “It’s all very The Hand That Rocks The Cradle, with Gisele cast in the Rebecca DeMornay role.”

    You said it all.

    I can’t believe she is still trying to hurt Bridget and take her place even as a mother.

    That child has a mother. One mother and she seems to be doing a great job (though I have no idea how she keeps sane when she has to deal with Gisele trying to get to her).

    Tom must be the dumbest person on earth.

  66. CB Rawks says:

    I’ve never understood Giselle Bundchen’s success. Does she have an amazing swimsuit body? Because her face is nothing above ordinary.

  67. Biological Mom says:

    Yeah. And if Tom dumps her one day…I’d like to see if she will “feel the child as her own” then too. She is getting carried away and it’s scary. Tom, wake up!!! It is so wrong. It’s great to accept and love someone else’s child so just DO IT and shut up; don’t advertise yourself “as the mother”. I look forward to her having her own child …. then Brigit should claim that child “as her own…a little brother for her son”

  68. mk says:

    Funny,that is exactly what my ex’s wife was doing.Claiming my children as her own all while my ex was quiet.However that was few years back and now there is “nothing” from both of them-you see they have their own child now.Remember when Brithey was on magazine covers with Federline acting as a happy Stepmom with his kids?Loving them and all……
    I wonder when was the last time she saw them these days…

  69. DeCe says:

    gisele was only trying to say that when her and tom have children she feels that he is 100% hers and would never let him feel anything less! obviously they have never been around people from other countries, my grandparents, in this country from italy, over 40 years, have a unique way of expressing themselves, like gisele. the “friend” of bridgets’, i suspect was none other than bridgeets, loud mouth, obnoxious cousin ROSIE O,DONNELL, who loves to start controversy and force her opoinion on everyone, whether you want it or not. according to people close to the family, bridget admitted to tom her pregnancy was NOT and accident, even though he said he didn’t want to marry her or have a family. but she imposed her will and made a life altering decision, and went off the pill without telling him. then tried to manipulate the public and tabloids into shaming and pressuring him to go back to her, black mailing his last name, only to change if they married. she has been shameful and conniving through all this and just made him angrier. eventually when john realizes he is here to trap his father she will have a lot of explaining to do. and lets not forget what she did to scott rosenberg, dumping him after 2 years to go with a younger, hotter tom brady, and after scott dumped his wife and kids for her. so all this bridget being a victim, a saint and mother of all times is a load of crap. she must be a better actress than i thought, there seems to be a lot of people buying into her act!

  70. Tiana says:

    I know what she was trying to say, but still the way she said it comes across as snobbish to me. “Okay I understand this boy has a mother, but I feel like he’s mine, 100%! Oh and I want this boy to have a good relationship with his mom because that’s important…” what gives her the right to say she wants the boy to have a good relationship with the mother? It should be the real mom who says that about her! She’s not in charge of the boy’s life, and she shouldn’t speak as if the real mom’s influence in this boy’s life is second hand next to her. If I were Bridget this would really rub me the wrong way.

  71. Laura says:

    I Thinkits admirable that giselle has embrqaced Tom’s child…Come on ladies we all know how “catty & territorial” we can be at times, esepcially when we have been dumped for another woman.
    Giselle and Tom were dating before he knew Bridgette was Pregnant. He and Bridgget were BROKEN-UP already!!!!
    Just because she became Pregnant after her and toms breakup does not mean he has to leave Giselle and go back to her.

    There is a reason Tom broke up with Bridget!…the only crappy thing is the ‘timing’ of the pregnancy..people willl always wonder if it was done as means of Holding onto a man…Getting Pregnant is not a Guarantee to make a trouble relationsip Work.
    Ithinkits cool Gisellle loves his baby.
    Maybe she ciould have worded things differntly but, seriously?..lets be honest how many of us could be as Graceful as her and, accept this baby
    as she has? We all know how hard that would be…Sad for Bridget but its obvious Tom does not love her..even with his baby. He sends his message across LOUD & CLEAR…HE DOES NOT LOVE HER….Best wish’s to Bridget Im sure she willl be a great mom! and do just fine!

  72. Sherry says:

    In my opinion Gisele said a wonderful thing, just maybe could have said it a little differently. I was a step child and was treated as step-siblings were treated better than I was, and my step mother NEVER claimed me, at all in any way..I was always called ” his kid” or” not her kid”. I have stepchildren and my children have stepmothers. I love my stepchildren as they were my own and treat them all the same. When I am asked how many children I have I count them in and do not say” oh and they are only stepchildren.” My childrens stepmother also loves my children and treats them equally and claims them as hers also. We personally do not get along, but I respect her enormously for the love she gives my children. I think if everyone treated all children equally and different put lables on them, then maybe our children would grow up more respectful and responsible. They wouldnt have so many issues , and be in and out of jail, thieves, rapist, and murderers. LOVE knows no limits. I think its WONDERFUL that Gisele claims that little boy as her own. Would everyone prefer if she didnt love him, and called him ” that child” or ” the little bastard” or some other horrible name? And Bridget should feel happy to know that she can send her child to visit with them and not have to worry about him being mistreated! Get a grip people.

  73. Lucy says:

    As a Brazilian myself I can assure you that it was a matter of language. The way she expressed herself it´s a very common affective way in Brazil. It didn´t sound too good in English. It´s more about our culture than the language itself, I think.
    BTW, I am not her fan and I actually think she is overrated . There is plenty of more beautiful woman out there then her. But this is the way the world spins..…..