Ben Affleck denies buying the nanny’s Lexus, claims he’s not in contact with her

Christine Ouzounian Stops To Fill Up Her New Lexus
The former nanny who worked for the Garner-Afflecks, Christine Ouzounian, loves press attention as you know. These latest photos of her putting gas in her car are from yesterday. We’ve been seeing her do pap walks to her new Lexus and she recently had the audacity to request a police escort due to the paparazzi outside her home. She’s done at least three separate photo leaks to various news outlets, including two bikini photo ops and another at an expensive pap-friendly restaurant with her friends. So she’s keeping the “Affleck slept with the nanny” story alive and she’s keeping her name in the tabloids. Many outlets, including People, have reported that Affleck is footing the bill for her luxurious lifestyle and four star hotel stay.

Yesterday we reported that a source denied to TMZ that Ben is talking to Christine or that he paid for her Lexus. He’s also previously denied footing the bill for her stay at the Hotel Bel Air. A source told People earlier this week that Ben “did not cover the Bel-Air bill. You would not find his card there, plain and simple.” That’s oddly specific wording, right? Well according to Radar that’s because Ben thought he was being sneaky by billing the nanny’s stay to his manager and then paying the manager off:

A source tells Radar, “Ben directed his business manager to pick up the tab for Christine’s hotel stay, and the manager was obviously reimbursed.”

“Ben wanted Christine to have a safe place to stay after the rumors stated about their involvement,” the source said. “It’s now becoming apparent that Christine is loving the attention she is getting from the media.”

So why deny his involvement in setting up her new luxurious life? According to the insider, his estranged wife, Jennifer Garner “would obviously not like that at all. This entire scandal with their nanny has been very unseemly for them.”

[From Radar Online]

This makes sense and it explains the curious “you will not find his card there” denial to People. Ben also issued a denial to People, claiming he did not buy the “new drop top Lexi” (her words) that Christine is showing off. A source tells People that “He did not buy her the car. It’s not from him.” The source also denies that Ben keeps in touch with Christine. “They are not in communication. They are not talking.” Ok but did the manager buy the car? And by “not talking” does that exclude texting? The source adds “He’s focused on his kids and his work. He’s trying to ignore this circus.” Christine will not be ignooored!

US Magazine has some quotes in their print edition about Ben and Jennifer’s divorce. They claim that Ben is a good dad and that Jennifer is trying to protect their kids from the press coverage. A source says “Her priority is shielding the kids as much as possible. She just wants to move forward and make everything happy and normal. They are happy kids, with lots of love and positive experiences. Jen is trying to keep filling their lives as much as she can.” As for Ben, the source says “He always picks up right where he left off with the kids. He brings energy and laughter to their outings. It’s fun for them to be with Ben.”

Christine Ouzounian Stops To Fill Up Her New Lexus

Christine Ouzounian Stops To Fill Up Her New Lexus

Ben Affleck's ex-nanny, Christine Ouzounian seen out and about in LA with her new Lexus convertible

These photos are from 8-13-15 and 8-12-15. We don’t have access to any photos of Ben or Jen we haven’t run yet. Credit: FameFlynet and Pacific Coast News

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  1. Jane says:

    She’s really loving the photo-ops isn’t she? $20.00 says she’s in Playboy next.

      • Sabrine says:

        I don’t think he touched the nanny. The tabloids drummed this up because they’re looking to make money and to do that you need sensationalism to get people to read your rag. So knowing this marriage was in trouble they honed in on the nanny angle to make a boring divorce much more interesting. That’s it in a nutshell.

      • Maia says:

        Thank you. I have been saying this for the past week. Glad to see someone agrees.

      • alice says:

        @Sabrine. That’s their business, there’s nothing new about that. What can’t be denied by Affleck’s desperate PR team is THAT picture of the nanny with Brady’s ring. Also the one where the nanny brings champagne to his rental place. What kind of nanny does that to her divorcing and notorious philanderer employer? Those pictures basically prove Affleck did had an affair with the nanny and she made sure to made them public when she realized Ben just used her to speed up the divorce.

    • Starrywonder says:

      Oh heck yeah. And I still want to see the receipts. This chick has nothing as far as I can tell. And yeah I actually (shocker) believe Ben here. I don’t think he paid for her or paid for her car. I bet he wishes she go away. She’s a mess.

      • kay says:

        If she were lying he would have sued her.

      • Starrywonder says:

        @Kay not really. Most of the time even with a lawsuit it’s hard to prove intent and she hasn’t actually said anything. Sources are saying things (I am sure that the sources are her friends and they are parroting what she said) but she has not come out and said she’s having or had an affair with him. I think if she does and he doesn’t respond with a lawsuit then yeah we can give Ben some crap. Right now I am not hearing anything new so I take what she says with a grain of salt.

      • Kitten says:

        How often do tabloids print lies? That’s practically how they make a living. How often do you hear about a celeb suing a tabloid? Very, very rarely.

        He’s not gonna sue her and drag this thing out, giving the story even more attention. I’m sure at this point he just wants it all to go away.

        I’m with Starrywonder– I actually believe Ben’s side for once.

      • ladyg says:

        Yeah, defamation is exceptionally difficult to prove in the U.S. Especially for “public figures.” They must satisfy a higher preponderance of evidence (“actual malice”) than us normals in slander and libel lawsuits.

      • Nina says:

        Something totally happened. Ben may have been paying. Although if he did pay, it seems to me that shed keep her trap shut or shed be inviolation of the contract. But I don’t think he is talking to her now. Shes on a rampage– this has the markings of a woman scorned, and/ or ready to burn her threadlike bridge to being one of his many girlfriends.

      • Chichi says:

        I think Ben would be well advised to sue and the fact that he hasnt even began to drop statements about instructing his lawyers is damning. The costs of not suing at this point trump the benefits of staying mum. Sure the Streisand effect could be a worry however this is Ben. In not setting up a clear deterrent to keep other jumpoffs from blurbing he is laying himself open. If this girl just goes away, it will be clear that Ben is in the business of paying his mistresses off. Secondly, he doesnt need to win, he merely has to drag it out and make her life hell with lawyer fees and constant extensions. Thirdly, the longer this runs the more entrenched it becomes into his brand and in the age of social media its reaching an audience who had no idea that this is who he is.

      • KB says:

        @chichi Are you saying he should sue her or the tabloids? Suing a tabloid in the United States is basically just a waste of money because the burden of proof is ridiculous. It drags the situation out and he’d lose because of the First Amendment, which would it look like the tabloid was right even if it was all lies. He can’t sue her because she has yet to say anything publicly. The tabloids won’t reveal their sources of the photos or quotes for a civil suit.

        I think the best thing he could do at this point is, if he did indeed sleep with her, put it out there through “sources” that they hooked up once and she went all Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction on him. He’d get sympathy and we’d all be able to move on.

        If they’re still in contact or she has texts, photos, whatever on him, then he needs to just pay up and get an NDA. That would cover her leaking things to her friends so they can leak it to the tabloids. And I’m sure they could negotiate social media silence until this all dies down. There was almost certainly an NDA that she had to sign as their nanny, but that’s not going to cover anything after she was fired (like their trip to Vegas).

      • Starrywonder says:

        What KB and others have said. It’s really hard to sue a tabloid in the U.S. Celebs do sue tabloids overseas since the preponderance of evidence is less and it’s easier. Also as others have said she hasn’t said a thing. So Ben can’t sue her for stuff she hasn’t said. When and if she’s dumb enough to sit for an interview (which I doubt she ever will) then he or Jen could sue due to the NDA she signed if it was during the time period when things occurred. I still say this dumb chick didn’t sleep with him.

      • Chichi says:

        @KB I see your point, shes been very sleek in how shes released info.

      • I Choose Me says:


      • melodycalder says:

        For some reason or keeps crossing my mind that maybe someone from jennifers camp is funding this. What a great way to drag ben down while looking innocent and the victim. I love her, don’t misread that, but how brilliant would that be

      • Elisha says:

        Yup, ben’s “keep silent and let her hang herself” shtick is starting to work on me too! Do I believe they slept together? Yes. Do I think it was anything more? No

        I’m pretty sure she’s they one who bought the car to keep getting more attention. She knew the assumption would be that Ben bought it for her, and she was hoping it would make their relationship look like more that it is to keep up that “they talk every day and Ben bought them both phones” narrative.

        She loves the attention so much it seems like we would’ve seen any “evidence” she had by now. Brady’s rings seems about the best she could do. She honestly seems like she has no clue what she’s doing and is eating up the attention so much we would’ve seen any pics she has days ago.

      • Christin says:

        She lost me at the car. If she wants us to think a multi-millionaire car nut actor is into her enough to buy it for her, she needs to do her homework. That car is a pre-2014 model (sorry for saying that three days in a row, but I like cars and it grates me that she and media want us to think it’s brand new).

        Now, when she can get photos of her driving his classic Chevelle, I might be moved. (He better lock his garage when he departs for Atlanta.)

      • Emma - The JP Lover says:

        @Kay …

        I agree … if she were lying, Ben would sue. Lies in a Tabloid are different because they can hide behind their First Amendment rights (here in the U.S.) and as long as they credit their made up information to the elusive ‘source’ there’s little people can do, unless it is blatant (the Jolie-Pitts were only able to sue the British newspaper because they went too far and claimed that the Jolie-Pitts had met with a law firm to discuss their divorce, but the named the law firm, which hadn’t heard a peep from the Jolie-Pitts, so they were able to sue).

        On the other hand, Christine is a private citizen who is accountable for libel. If she is lying about a relationship between them there ‘are’ legal steps Ben could take to make her stop, or drag her buns into court in a suit. I think Ben won’t go there because of what she could say … and Christine knows it. I think you guys are reading this all wrong. Christine isn’t looking for a meal ticket. This chick is out for revenge, big time, and I can smell it all the way in Ohio.

        And why is everyone up on this chick about the Pap walks? They are camped outside of her house. How else do you expect her to get to her car, pump her gas, go shopping, and spend a night out with her girlfriends? This is not all on her, it’s all on Ben because ‘he’ was the married party. Whether you guys are right in labeling her a thirsty strumpet or whether Ben went after her … this is still all on him.

      • laura in LA says:

        If he had paid for her car, it would be new, not a used 2013 CPO as we’ve discussed on previous threads. And is that her cellphone she’s holding while filling up at the gas tank? We can only hope it and this all blows up in her smug face.

        Stupid girl.

        Ben’s birthday is tomorrow, and he’s back in Atlanta with Jen and the kids. So if this chick’s got anything, which I doubt, she’d better deliver it this weekend – or her 15 mins are up.

      • Bread and Circuses says:

        I believe Ben too. This girl wants to be famous SOOOOOO BAD. And she’s been quite clever about spinning nothing into tabloid gold.

      • minx says:

        Whether they fooled around or not, he’s certainly not planning a future with this chickie. And she just doesn’t fit his type, IMO, even for a roll in the hay.

      • Allie says:

        Tabloids paid her for leaking the story and follow up pics. Remember SHE called media when she dropped off the champagne at his house! They should be able to file a lawsuit on the grounds she violated the confidentiality agreement she signed. She not allowed to utter his or Jen’s name in public or media. Period.

      • Palar says:

        What’s he going to sue her for? Buying a “Lexi” and being a girl on fire?

      • Mare says:

        I’m wondering if the “source” is one of her friends.

    • Starrywonder says:

      @Emma as we have been saying she hasn’t said a thing so he can’t sue her. And suing the tabloids in the US is always a losing proposition. Didn’t Tom Cruise try to sue a tabloid and lost? Or the case got dropped. It’s hard in the U.S. to sue a tabloid. Celebs can and do foreign tabloids since the standard of evidence to meet is so much lower. I think that Tom Cruise (him again) has won against tabloids in the past overseas. And Leo is now suing a French tabloid.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Starrywonder, who wrote: “@Emma as we have been saying she hasn’t said a thing so he can’t sue her. And suing the tabloids in the US is always a losing proposition.”

        Right, she hasn’t said or ‘suggested’ anything that isn’t true, and it’s hard to sue someone in the US … didn’t I say that? 🙂

    • Kiyoshigirl says:

      Notice how she displays the two cell phones making it clear she’s got the “general” cell phone and the “just us” cell phone. Two cells are a dead give away. Whether or not her “just ours” is genuine…who knows?

      • Kitten says:

        Yep. Strikes me as so much try-harding.

      • Arock says:

        it not two phones. the phone is the pink one, the object shes holding on top of it is and LV change purse that attaches to keys.

      • Cat'sMeow says:

        Damn, and I was feeling so clever for spotting two phones.

      • Andrea S. says:

        I thought it was 2 phones too, but in the pic where she’s getting outta the car at the gas station you can clearly see it’s a Louis Vuitton Daimer Azure change purse she’s holding w/the key ring hanging off it. That’s what she’s holding over the cellphone in the other pic.

    • bluevelvet says:

      This caca is driving me to drink…seriously…popcorn just doesn’t do it when it comes to this fameho situation… cheers!!!

  2. H says:

    This one is just thirsty. Rather degrading to want the attention of being a homewrecker.

    • Sunshine Gold says:

      Agree! He picked the wrong girl to mess around with. Do you know how many affairs are going on on a daily basis in Hollywood and no one ever hears about them? And he goes for the trashy one who wants to be in the tabloids every day! Lol. Serves him right.

  3. Belle Epoch says:

    I know I’m stupid, but what does she want? A reality TV show isn’t even remotely possible. She’ll never be a nanny again, obviously. She’s not an actress. There are thousands of pretty faces in Hollywood. What is her end game?

    • Jane says:

      I don’t know how much Affleck is worth, but I say Blackmail. Oh the stories this chick could tell and give out to the highest bidder. As I said above, I can see her doing Playboy and giving an interview.

      • But blackmail for what? What’s the angle? We all know about the affair, Garner and Affleck are sticking to their guns with the story that the marriage was over long before she came along (and I believe that’s her story too)…so why would he pay her at all, other than as a one-off gesture of goodwill (the hotel stay). I’m not buying it. There’s no reason for this to continue….unless there is more to the story. Pregnancy? But even then, the damage is already done. Maybe there were some serious hard-hitters on that plane, who definitely so NOT want their presence known.

      • Meryl says:

        I feel like she would have to sign an NDA to get the job as a nanny. And that’s probably why we haven’t seen any receipts. If she spills some info, then I could see a lawsuit happening. That’s why she’s playing so coy.

      • yuck says:

        I’ve seen reports that as a couple, Ben/Jen are worth around $180mm. So there’s a lot on the table. Does anyone else want to smack the smug look right off her face? Ben was an idiot to allow himself to be suckered by this one–world-class poker player indeed!

      • Chichi says:

        @Highland Fashionista

        You are right, an affair in of itself would expose him as a liar but wouldnt do much more damage. A sex tape however……….He may survive ofcourse (unlike Colin Farrell and Rob Lowe) but the humiliation! Especially if he has “floppy” issues or is a 2 minute man, both of which are likely in a man who smokes, drinks and probably does drugs. I dont know if theres a tape (and Ben may not know for sure either which explains his messy handling of this) but imagine Batmans sweaty moobs in an unflattering lighting and angles in the age of memes and twitter then tell me he has nothing to fear.

        As for WHY he wouldnt know with certainty what she has, I think we are witnessing a game of poker between them. I think she approached him for a much larger sum, he ave her a fraction hoping she would take and run. Instead she is still in the game for more and he is calling her bluff by not topping it up. So she keeps herself in the news to keep him guessing and on his toes. Meanwhile, since he has no clue what she has on him he cant mitigate the potential fallout. He is waiting on her, shes waiting on him. Everything else is distraction and pr posturing.

      • stinky says:

        chichi : killing it!

      • bettyrose says:

        Chichi- I think you’ve nailed it. I do believe that he’s paid for some of this (through his manager) in hopes that she’ll be satisfied and go away. I think he’s used to women taking their cash prizes and leaving quietly and he misjudged this one.

      • Now THAT I can believe. The only explanation is that there is the spectre of something bigger that is lurking in the tall grass. Even with the Garner/Affleck millions in the bank, really a fly by night nanny who signed a NDA and has taken to social media and the paps wouldn’t stand a chance of seeing a dime. So there either HAS to be something else, or she is making him think that she has something else, and he was just in too drunken of a stupor during their times together to be certain about it.

      • Cindy says:

        Yeah, I think you may be exactly right. It could just be just a couple minutes, but those couple minutes could be really humiliating for the reasons you stated. The simplest explanation is usually the correct one!

      • DIANE says:

        I think Highland Fashionista’s on to something to connect this whole thing to the trip to Vegas. I’d be curious to know the other members of that party. Who knows? Maybe BA’s not paying the bills at all. Maybe he’s a smokescreen for somebody else who was on that plane. I’m kinda surprised the tabloids don’t already know who’s footing all her bills. Unless, of course, she pays with everything with stacks of $20s.

      • Wren says:

        @Chichi: I can get on board with that! There’s got to be SOMETHING she has or that she’s making him think she has. Else why would he let this drag on while issuing merely lukewarm denials? If she really has nothing besides the affair, I’d expect him to at least be making noises about suing her or some kind of cease and desist, even if he doesn’t follow through. He’s got strings he can pull to make this chick go away, or at least be less prominent. She’s bluffing him out, he’s afraid of skeletons being dragged into the open, and here they sit in their little stand-off.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        “There’s no reason for this to continue….unless there is more to the story.”

        There might not need to actually be more to the story…she just needs to convince tabloids that there is more to the story than what she has revealed so far.

    • Lara K says:

      That was literally my question.
      She is nothing but gossip fuel. When this dies down she will be unemployable.
      What the plan here?

      • Starrywonder says:

        Money from talk shows. Though I think unless she has absolute proof she would be still since I don’t doubt she had to do an NDA and Garner would have no problem suing her. And if she’s lying about anything I think that Ben Affleck would sue her.

        My take and I said this yesterday is that maybe she witnessed or overhead him saying something that he wouldn’t want out there. I still say that he must have had an affair and I am still looking Gal Godot’s way. He always seems to mess around with co-stars and the nanny doesn’t fit the pattern. If she overheard or he was dumb enough to tell her about someone else he was involved with I can see him giving her initial hush money to shut up. Could explain the initial texts back and forth between them and then him finally realizing that this broad was setting him up everytime they interacted. I really don’t believe he’s talking to her in anyway shape or form at this point.

      • dippit says:

        Simple (speculative) question: does her maintaining high media visibility for as long as possible (whether she did Ben or not – I’m now, surpringly, erring towards Not) increase her Dubai type options, and her ‘sponsorship’ price/potential?

      • Starrywonder says:

        @dippit, probably. It’s gross what some men apparently go after. Look at Lohan and Tara Reid. You can last for years overseas apparently.

      • Chichi says:

        She may not have enough exposure for a standalone reality show but she absolutely could leverage the notoriety for a recurring guest role on a reality show. Didnt Eddie Cibrians mistress have a spot on some show? From there its a matter of bringing enoughdrama that the producers give her a permanent spot ala Brandi Glanville.

        She can also shoot for a “career” in club promotions. Lots of these hangons have succeeded at this, think Black Chyna, Kerreuche Tran even Stacey Kibbler. Granted, these girls already had some traction before they got with the famous dude, just saying you never know.

        Either way what did she have to lose? Its not like she wanted to make a life of childcare work. Shes 28, over the hill for Hollywood. Shes pretty but no trophy wife material for men with access to models and actresses. I can see wealthy men making her a jumpoff but shes not hot enough for the official position of spoilt mistress. Its do or die time for a woman like this, just saying

      • Starrywonder says:

        @Chici good point. She could do a blog. Everyone is these days (eyerolls).

      • stinky says:

        chichi : again!

      • Personally, I think by being so exposed in the media, she is actually hurting her net worth as a cheesy “reality” Dubai-style celebrity. I think if she had bunkered-down a bit more…taken a bit more out of the Greta Garbo playbook, the mystery surrounding her would have upped the ante a bit. the LEXUS!?!? Guuuuurl, that is just asinine.

      • bettyrose says:

        Okay, now I’m pearl clutching. Do we really live in a world where all a gal has to do is be loosely associated (by unsubstantiated rumor) with an A-lister and she’s set for life by way of reality show appearances or middle-eastern sugar daddies?

      • frivolity says:

        @bettyrose: We sure do!
        But not for long given how we are dismantling and causing the extreme deterioration of our entire planetary ecosystem.
        Oh, and have a nice day!

      • laura in LA says:

        bettyrose, not anymore when there are smart people like us on CB here, getting wise to and disgusted by their fame-ho ways!

      • Tiffany :) says:

        “What the plan here?”

        Hopefully a trim, because her ends are long overdue!

        Meow, I know. 😉

    • Esmom says:

      I think she originally wanted Ben and all that comes with being an A-list Hollywood wife. Maybe now she’s hoping that since Ben isn’t an option anymore that maybe some other A-lister will take notice of her charm and beauty and sweep her off her feet. Lol.

      • Lara K says:

        I remember someone said that every pretty girl in America gets told to go to Hollywood at some point, so LA is filled with them. She is sweet-looking, but there are a million more like her that don’t come with the same baggage.
        So yeah, good luck with that.

      • dippit says:

        No A* will touch her with even Ben’s barge Pole. Even usual A-list lock down conditions won’t hold this woman.

        Dubai and yachting seem to have a different well established nudge, nudge, wink, wink code for discretion and public/private exposure.

      • Wren says:

        I think she wanted the A list wife role (and all the money and fame that goes with it) too. Now that that’s not going to happen, she’s going to twist the screws for as much as she can get. I think she has something on him, something damaging, that he’s stringing her along to keep her quiet about. This guy has proven he’s not very good at managing himself or his PR, so it may not even be very “bad” by celebrity standards. I mean, the whole PBS thing was beyond stupid.

      • Tammy says:

        I doubt she has anything on him. She likes the attention she is getting from this “scandal.” Maybe she thinks she can work this into something more lucrative for her or she’s the cover up for who Ben was really cheating on Jen with. I still can’t believe he would be so basic or stupid to have an affair with the nanny. I would not be surprised if this was manufactured to distract the media and the rest of us from what the real problems are.

      • laura in LA says:

        dippit, we can only hope she gets sent away to silence in Dubai! It would be a good gig for her if she can learn to keep her mouth shut.

    • Liberty says:

      Her list of wants may include:

      (1) more money, plus house or condo in her name
      (2) a strong studio or talent agency job with perks; or, her own DASH-type little shop
      (3) him; maybe she has seen enough “weakness” somehow on his part thus far to feel she can keep on bending him, and we know she seems to believe she has top skills above her socks
      (4) starter role in some movie he is working on, or tv, or similar sustaining contract
      (5) stock portfolio

      Her lack of discretion won’t play in other “avenues” open to her.

      A poster the other day said her cousin/friend knows this nanny, and that she is by nature relentless about getting what she wants, right? So she may go and go, as in school or past “work” she had, if any. But this is big leagues now, and a team somewhere may be working on a way to shut her down.

      She may be getting these dregs – a used car, a few days in a hotel — but, remember, that’s not much really from an actor known to tip six figures at poker. And meanwhile, maybe his team is just trying to find someone else for her to latch onto, and that new latch will carry out her take-down in the future. I know a few instances where pesky staff were fobbed off to new places and 13 months later, were fired neatly, and done.

    • Bee says:

      15 minute of fame?

    • lucy2 says:

      I think she’s just after fame and money. So many want to be famous yet do nothing for it these days, and she’s clearly loving all the attention. She was probably hoping for that, plus a nice fat “be quiet now” check from the Afflecks.

  4. Ninks says:

    If there weren’t young children involved in this mess, I think I’d be really enjoying this mess. I would enjoy her famewhoring, just because it ensures that Ben Affleck can’t brush the story under the carpet and it’s still out there and we’re still talking about and nobody will buy his nice guy/family man bs again. But there is young children involved and she has shown no thought or consideration for them so the whole thing just leaves a terrible taste.

    • Kalypso says:

      I think Ben truly deserves every moment of embarrassment and humiliation that woman can dole out. But even though Chrissy O shouldn’t have to hide in shame or anything, those kids deserve none of it. It’s painful to think of. In conclusion: Ben, you suck. And Christine, you suck too.

  5. Jemma says:

    I hate to break it to you Ben, but this chick is like a shark getting her first taste of blood in the water. She’s not going away.

    • Tracysmiles says:

      Absolutely! Someone said on a thread a couple of days ago that this is what he gets for messing with a savvy, thirsty one who has grown up on social media. It has stuck with me since… so true!! He has no idea how to handle her.

  6. Palar says:

    Reminds me of: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”

  7. Luca76 says:

    Another site (gossip rocks I think) said there was a rumor about Ben meeting and hooking up with this chick on the set of Gone Girl when she was watching NPH’s kids, and Ben getting her the job so she could be close by. I don’t know if I think she’s discreet or quiet enough to pull that off but I think Ben is capable of it.

    • Don't kill me I'm French says:

      It is how I thought he met her via NPH

    • frivolity says:

      This makes the most sense to me. The NPH connection means something.

    • The Original G says:

      OH? Well. He never fails to disappoint here, does he?

    • MrsBPitt says:

      Oh, so he was using “method” acting….let’s see, my character has an affair,,,,mmmm, well, I really need to get this part perfect. Dammit, I hate to do this….OKAY, I will have an affair, but only to really get into my role…

    • WinnieCoopersMom says:

      Have you seen his young costar from Gone Girl, who played his mistress (coincidentally lol)? She is wayyy hotter than this nanny. Maybe he was sleeping with both of them while filming? Just speculating..

    • nic says:

      Jen Garner admitted that she was the one who hired the nanny.

    • ScotiaGirl says:

      I remember when all the reporting of him gambling was going on someone on Twitter posted about him gambling In Detroit and mentioning he had a blonde with him that looked to be half his age. Could that have been her back then??

  8. Goats on the Roof says:

    I believe he didn’t buy the car because it’s not new. Do you really think Christine would have settled for a mid-range Lexus that’s at least three years old if he were footing the bill? Yeah, not buying the car nonsense at all. That’s her working to make it look like Ben’s paying her off left, right, and center. The 20k hotel bill is a different story, though. His people sure worded that denial creatively, didn’t they?

    • Luca76 says:

      Maybe the manager gave her his old car and Ben bought him a new Lexus.

      • serena says:

        it’s from Ben anyway then, since he’s paying the manager. It’s just wording, but if he’s basically paying the bills then it’s from him.

      • Goats on the Roof says:

        She got the car from a dealership, though. She’s been driving around with the tags from the dealer. The ‘Lexi’ isn’t a handmedown.

      • Luca76 says:

        Then the manager bought it just like he paid for the hotel (my theory anyway).

      • Saywhatwhen says:

        He can say he didn’t buy the car if his manager has been giving her money and she went out and shopped for the Lexus…playing with words but still it says what he wants the public to hear.

    • BeBeA says:

      I think so too. She has something on him though. What ever it may be I wish that he would get in front of it so this girl would jump off already. At this point I think that people will forgive him just to get this thirst bucket to go away.

      • Don't kill me I'm French says:

        Some pics of him doing drug or very intimate pics or awful commentaries on Jen Garner

      • Liberty says:

        Unless she has video of him banging her while he is dressed as Thomas Jefferson and she’s dressed as Sally Hemings, I would think a Kimmel show mea culpa hangdog apology would end this spectacle.

        So why no simple shut down?

        Either he is too arrogant, or, he actually does want her because he doesn’t see her game, and he is waiting it out ’til the divorce is final.

      • stinky says:

        His pattern is kinda about the cover-up. remember his whole ancestry debaucle.
        This is why I believe he’s a liar… though what hes lying about THIS time – well – time will tell, I suppose.

    • Christin says:

      The used car is where I began doubting. She may be maxing out her own resources for part of this charade.

      • laura in LA says:

        Yep, you said it, Christin, no way Ben would’ve bought her a used car.

        If she was doing nanny gigs but living with her parents on/off, she may have money from her jobs, but I do also think she got a payoff or “severance” (“hush money” to some, “go-away money” in her case).

        And now she’s spending it all…

        In her delusional mind, she’s taunting or trying to impress Ben from afar and make the tabloids think he’s keeping her as his mistress.

      • NGBoston says:

        ^^^^^. THIS. X 10,000

    • Jen43 says:

      He is paying for everything. Rich people set up companies to foot their expenses. Their names may not even be attached to the company. Unless she is independently wealthy, which doesn’t seem to be the case, Ben or someone close to him is paying for all this.

      • Goats on the Roof says:

        Like I said, I think he paid for her hotel stay, but the car? No way. A hustler doesn’t settle for a years old starter Lexus if she’s got the gravy on someone as wealthy and well-known as Ben Affleck.

      • Jayna says:

        Why would he pay for it? She did him in again by releasing that photo proving she was on the plane with him lying to his wife? So why would he buy her a car for being out there trying to bring him down and making money doing it by selling all the photos and stories?

        That airplane photo she sold of her on the trip to Las Vegas with Ben and with Tom Brady’s rings on brought her some nice money, no doubt about it. That photo got a lot of traction

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Or, if as his employee, she threatened a lawsuit, his insurance policy might be covering it as well. Or it could be severance pay. Or it could be the tabloids.

        The used car makes me think it isn’t a sugar daddy situation.

    • Wren says:

      Oh yeah, totally. He’s paying (in whatever roundabout way) for her hotel stay and I bet he’s giving her some kind of stipend/allowance as well. She likely leased the car herself, which really wouldn’t be terribly expensive, with the money he’s likely giving her the play with.

    • Merritt says:

      I think she bought that car. Granted it could have been from payoff money from Ben or from money that came from selling her story. Knowing how old the car is, just makes her look even more desperate for showing it off. Pretty much everything she has been showing off is attainable by most people who are willing to max out their credit cards are blow their savings. If she was getting Affleck to pay for things, that well has run dry. Either that or she is easily impressed, because nothing so far has been crazy expensive.

      • DodieTn says:

        I think she got it because he has a grey one and she was driving his grey one to his house the night they were papped. She is that simple.

    • nikko says:

      Ben probably paid her off. Gave her $50-75K for the money she loss from losing her job (money to keep her silent about the 2 of them.

  9. Jas says:

    Maybe he did pay for her to stay until he realised that she was the one selling him out and had set him up with the paps? It makes no sense for him to be paying her anything now, if he was she would be invisible and silent as part of the deal. Instead she is smugly famewhoring, setting up photo ops and selling information and photos to the highest bidders. I think that’s where the money is currently coming from.

    • KB says:

      +1 It seems like she’s just trying to keep speculation up at this point. She never had anyone respond to his quotes about them no longer talking or his denial that he paid for anything. She’s trying to make it look like he’s still footing the bill and I don’t think he is.

    • ninal says:

      It makes sense if she has documented dirt on him. And if he let her take pics on the private plane with Brady’s rings on after garner sent her home, it sure implies he let his guard down with her.

  10. PHD Gossip says:

    I think she got extensions. When she was photographed as the nanny earlier, her hair was much thinner.

  11. Chelly says:

    How you land them is how you lose them, is that not how the saying goes? We seem to forget how Affleck and Garner’s relationship started…no way am i justifying this, Im just saying no one should really be surprised. Im sure shes more embarrassed than hurt however

    • Jane says:

      Not to mention I heard rumors during his engagement to J Lo that Ben had some fling with an exotic dancer in Canada while he was doing some movie. She dumped him as a result of that. I have no idea how true that is, but I wouldn’t put it passed him. He like to gamble—in more ways than one.

      • Luca76 says:

        The story was a stripper at his Bachelor Party. Somehow JLo caught wind of it and the wedding was called off. Then the stripper came forward and sold her story. Ben and JLo stayed together for a while but everyone knew they would be done any minute.
        Then Ben went off to do the Electra shoot and Bennifer 2.0 was born to be fair it’s possible that they had broken up and hadn’t announced so that the stripper story would die down. But Jen Garner had been chasing after Ben like a puppy dog for years, while she was married to Scott Foley. At the moment of the shoot she was involved with Her costar Michael Vartan.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Luca76, between JLo and Bennifer 2 was Enza Sabatino, who has managed to milk a date to a Red Sox game into a decade of coverage with the Boston Herald’s gossip columnist. And the Nanny bears a very strong physical resemblance to Enza.

      • Neah23 says:

        Ben cheating on JLO wasn’t a rumor but a fact she even confirm it, just like Goop confirmed Ben cheated on her.

      • Kitten says:


        ♫ Ernie Boch Jr…everything you’re looking for. ♫

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Kitten, is Enza with Boch now? He’s one obnoxious spoiled brat. But she’s probably aged out of the baseball player demographic

      • Kitten says:

        Yup. I believe she’s actually pregnant with his baby..or maybe just had a baby with EB Jr.

        I feel like Youk dodged a bullet with that one.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Kitten, just googled them. They have a little girl who looks to be about a year old but, typical Enza. No idea what happened to the little boy she had between Affleck and Youk with some other car dealership guy. Enza must alternate between car dealership guys and athletes/actors. Youk seems stable these days with Brady’s sister.

  12. Mia4S says:

    I think Lainey had it 100% yesterday. Affleck’s not directly paying her a cent. His manager/agent/WB studio though? Well they just are doing a favour for…someone…who will pay them back later.

    • KB says:

      Just wrote a response and I got an error, let’s try this again!

      I genuinely don’t think he’s paying for anything at this point. As Jas said above, I think he was paying for the hotel until he found out she was leaking photos. At that point, I think he probably cut off all contact. Which led to her selling the private jet photo to the Post, selling the Instagram photos to ET, and setting up these paparazzi shots (which she may also be getting a cut of.) As someone else mentioned before, it’s not a new Lexus. She’s probably leasing it with the money she got from selling photos. In my mind, there’s no way he’d still be paying for things without her signing a NDA.

  13. Pixi says:

    Could I BE any less interested?

  14. Eleonor says:

    And we are supposed to believe him because ???

    • Blue says:

      The truth to Affleck is whatever he wants it to be. This from the guy who insisted his slave owner ancestor past be covered up on the TV show about his ancestors and who spent years lying about his mother being a freedom rider.

  15. DodieTn says:

    I have to say I actually think she has nothing. I havent seen anything yet to provide an affair has happened. All the pics that have been seen can easily be explained. Also why does this chick look different in all her pics? Is she and her twin switching out pap strolls? Why havent they dug up any of her friends for the record to talk? Or exes? Why is she carrying two cell phones in one of the pics? I think she is delusional and has actually set Ben up. I need to see more pics which I dont think she has!! Ben and Jens team need to dig into h er background. I would shut this girl down and now and be done with her drama.

    • kay says:

      He took her to Vegas with is bro Brady and no children in sight. She was babysitting him.

      • Ally8 says:

        Well, he is the biggest baby of the bunch.

      • DodieTn says:

        I know she went to Vegas…so did Tom Brady and his rings…..still she needs to drop her big pics if she has far nothing scandalous really….

    • Goats on the Roof says:

      Yeah, I’ve started wondering if this girl isn’t a slicker ticket than I originally gave her credit for. Obviously things weren’t totally aboveboard because she did go with Ben to Vegas when professionalism dictated she should have gone home, but something’s fishy here. We have one set of pap photos that were clearly orchestrated by Nanny, and really nothing else. I’m beginning to feel like she’s capitalizing on his bad reputation and set-up photos to make their relationship seem more substantial than it ever was. I’m gonna need to start seeing some receipts.

      • DodieTn says:

        I am coming around to that thinking too

      • Christin says:

        That’s what I think at this point. One scenario is that he did consider her ‘his’ hire, so he kept her around for a couple of weeks after she was allegedly let go by Jen. Thus the late night errand in his Lexus.

        And he may have partied with her. But would that be a surprise, really? If he confided a bunch of marital woes to her, then that was stupid on his part. Boundaries, Ben.

      • KB says:

        And in those photos, does she ever even shut her car door? It looked like he walked out there to get the champagne and walk back in with it alone. If they were actually together, she would have just parked the car and gone up to his front door.

      • Saywhatwhen says:

        Or, as others have said, her temerity comes from the fact that she has been his side piece for a while now—way before Nannygate and from back in the days when they met at NPH’s.

      • Cass says:

        Yes, the most obvious reason for her wanting this much attention, is that they have been lovers for a lot longer than a the few months she was their nanny, but much longer since the filming of Gone Girl. And she doesn’t want to let the relationship go.
        If Jen was smart, she would have her attorneys hire a p.i. to investigate what this girls’ movements were on that set and afterwards. My guess is that the reason Jen already had suspicions about this woman before bringing her to the Bahamas, was that maybe Ben helped the nanny get her job in the first place, “oh NPH said he has a great nanny we can use!” The nanny’s mistake was in believing Ben. He probably told there weren’t others and that he loved her, and wanted a future with her after the divorce. Who knows if she had played it cool even with the rumors flying, he might have gone back to her eventually.

    • frivolity says:

      “Also why does this chick look different in all her pics?”

      See Seinfeld: “The Two Face”:

    • KB says:

      It still bothers me that there weren’t any photos of her going into his house when she dropped off that champagne. He may have just been treating her like a personal assistant at that point. There was no affection or touching of any kind in those photos. If she were coming to hook up with him, why would he walk out to her car? If he was walking out to her car to greet her and welcome her because they were sleeping together, he would have had his arm around her or something.

      • I Choose Me says:

        Exactly. Those photos were never that convincing imho. Everyone was focused on the fact that he had a big smile on his face when he greeted her but why couldn’t she have given him the champagne inside? Where are the pics of them actually touching? I really believe the emperor has no clothes with this chick.

    • Elisha says:

      She probably staged the two cell phone thing to match up with the “Ben bought them phones for each other” quote one of her “sources” gave out (to People I think.) i am now starting to think, this chic is cray and made up all of this and Ben is a dog and totally deserves all of it.

    • laura in LA says:

      I’ve been saying this for weeks, and I got a LOT of flack for it here, but now I see others coming around to this way of thinking…

      First of all, I doubt there was an affair, nor even a fling, but if the nanny had anything, what could be worse than that? It would have to be drugs, but she’s so far revealed nothing of the sort. And the photos say nothing more than this was a setup. She even has ones of her on the evening of July 17th before she was known, on her way to Ben’s pad buying him the champagne with her nanny money?

      Anyway, I’m projecting a bit, but I’ve let my guard down with personality-disordered people, even when I knew I shouldn’t, and I regretted it. I know how this can happen so easily, these people pretending to listen and care, meanwhile, “poisoning the well”. So maybe Ben in his vulnerable state did let slip things about their marriage, and the nanny assumed there was more to their relationship because of it.

      As for the Bahamas and Vegas, here’s my take…

      Ben and the kids went to the Bahamas w/the nanny five days ahead of Jen. In that time, the nanny felt like she was getting closer to Ben while “playing house”. So she broke up w/her fisherman fiancé there. This is why when Jen arrived, she noticed the nanny was “over-emotional”, probably not doing her job again, and still paying too much attention to Ben and not enough to the kids.

      Jen fired her, and maybe Ben felt badly about this or being the assumed cause of it because he knew nothing had really happened. So he offered the nanny a plane ride back to LA, but she asked to stay in Vegas and work as one of his assistants on the charity poker tournament. At this point, I’d still like to know, though, how late did the event go, what happened when it was over, and did Ben get the nanny a separate hotel room?

      Later, he probably did have his people put her up at the Bel-Air because maybe he didn’t want her getting mixed up in this divorce mess, but little did he know that’s exactly what she wanted. As I’ve said before, this chick is a classic Histrionic Personality who craves attention, good or bad, and lives to create drama with herself as the center of it. This is why normal people here ask ourselves, why would someone do any of this?

      And it’s also why people sense right away that there’s something “off”, even if they can’t quite understand it, or “not quite right” about this person as I believe both Ben and Jen probably did. Yet they were both in too much personal pain to deal w/much of anything besides going through the motions, doing pap walks and meeting career demands. After all, they hire the help to take care of their kids and handle their business, not to give them more problems.

      If the nanny has anything incriminating, she’d better come out with it this weekend, or it’s game over for her. And no matter how anyone feels about Ben, can you imagine doing all this to him when he’s going through a very public divorce – and on his birthday?!

      What a selfish b*tch.

      I’ve said enough and spent more time pondering Ben/Jen (or thinking about this Hollywood fame-ho!) than I ever cared to, but that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

      • Kitten says:

        Why would you get flack for this?
        This is a pretty sound and thoughtful take on things.

        I’m not sure that it’s true, but it’s no more/less plausible than any of the other theories about Ben (AND Brady) that people seem to be touting, and with far less groundwork than you have here.

      • laura in LA says:

        Well, Kitten, some people just hate on Ben, no matter what, and they want it to be true that he cheated with the nanny in sort of a “gotcha” moment…

        So anything I say to contradict this or offer up other ideas is seen as me defending him or his actions and being some kind of superfan? Trust me that I hadn’t seen many of his movies until recently and never really gave him that much thought!

        Now, he probably has cheated, and with how many who knows, but I really don’t care to hear anything more this fame-hungry woman or her “friends” say, just wish people like her would go away.

      • Cindy says:

        doesn’t sound too far fetched to me…..I’m still more inclined to think they had an affair, but she really could be someone with a personality disorder, like you said, and her relationship with Ben may exist mostly in her head.

      • Maia says:

        I did make a couple of posts a few days ago along similar lines but no one seemed to notice. I also don’t believe that there was an affair with this particular girl. She is trying too hard and usually if you are saying the truth you don’t have to try this hard. Plus the fact that no TV show etc. has picked her up for an interview is telling. I think that the media has set her up and is paying for the hotel and the car in exchange for her selling her soul and agreeing to be photographed each day and keep up this ridiculous charade.

      • Aren says:

        I like your theory, it’s very similar to what I’ve also been saying since this mess began.

        This is a no-story, when the attention stops for this girl she’s going to give interviews admitting nothing happened, just to get more attention.

      • Jas says:

        Laura, I think you’re right. Everything we’re seeing is manipulated and there is zero evidence on him. Having seen close hand the behaviour of personality disordered people, I’m very suspicious of this woman. She does not have normal reactions, most people would be mortified and devastated by the negative attention and reactions she’s getting but she’s revelling in every second of it. The only important thing for her is being in the centre of attention, she doesn’t care what people think of her or how her behaviour impacts on others, just that everyone is focused on her. She will do and say anything to get that attention. There doesn’t have to be any truth in it at all because her truth is whatever fantasy she decides to use for attention. It’s all about attention.

        He may have treated her like a friend and confided in her because he thought her sincere, if that’s the case it’s even worse because she’s betrayed the trust of someone vulnerable due to his circumstances. Men often have a hard time in divorces because other men aren’t great for listening so unless they have female friends they have nobody to confide in. That’s probably why he would with someone he doesn’t know very well, he had nobody and she listened. Then this happens, how cruel.

      • laura in LA says:

        Maia, it’s like you said, “She is trying too hard and usually if you are saying the truth you don’t have to try this hard.” So true, and it reminds of what I/we so often find myself/ourselves saying here, “The lady doth protest too much…”

        Jas, yes, it is cruel, and seeing Ben look so sad, also Jen worn out as well, my heart goes out to them in their situation. At this point, it’s painful to watch, no snark from me anymore, except for the one who deserves it most…

        So in nanny “news”, she drove the new/used “Lexi” down to visit her parents in Newport Beach this weekend. And in other exciting developments, I’m right now drinking iced coffee, starting Live By Night and preparing for temps in LA near 100F today.

        Anyway, I hope the Gafflecks enjoyed his birthday in Orlando, though I can only imagine how hot it was there? Well, at least they got far away from the “heat” of what’s going on (or not) here.

  16. BearcatLawyer says:

    In that first pic she reminds me of Lindsay Lohan before she messed her face up so badly.

  17. MonicaQ says:

    She needs some gatorade, an IV drip, and some insulin for how thirsty she is.

  18. marmoset says:

    Is she holding two phones in that second photo? Is one of them the Batphone?? Dun dun dunnnn.

    • jccw says:

      Well sources (she) said in one tidbit that Ben got them each phones. So either he did, or she is deranged enough to buy herself two to back up the story.

      • Jayna says:

        She’s not called the Bunny-Boiler Nanny for nothing. If she is holding two phones, I go with she bought another one to back up her story and is making sure she’s photographed with both.

      • laura in LA says:

        Jayna, can you imagine her texting back and forth on the phones these messages from “Ben”, which are actually from herself?

        Given that all these “sources” and “friends” are really just her, maybe another reason she wouldn’t comment to the paps or they’d recognize her voice, I sure can!

    • Size Does Matter says:

      Came here to say the same about the phones. But the more of these shenanigans she pulls without some sort of prior documentation of the “affair” the less I believe her story.

  19. Daisyduck says:

    Maybe she’s scored some cash from selling her stories and pics to every outlet that will take them, and this explains the hotel bill and car?

    • frivolity says:

      It looks to me like she might have endorsement deals. She is flaunting a number of designer wears and everyone is talking about them. (Viral marketing.)

    • Jayna says:

      Maybe? Of course, she’s making money off of all of these photos and stories, and that’s where the money came from for a used 30,000 Lexus. It’s not like she paid cash for it anyway. Like most people, she probably put a down payment on it and has a car loan. It’s not like she bought some outrageously priced car. With what she was making off of all of these stories on her affair with the A-Lister boss while working for the famous wife, she’s made some bank on the story and especially a couple of those photos.

      • Christin says:

        She could have stayed in the hotel using credit cards, for all we know. We live in a credit world. She didn’t have to plunk down cash for all these things.

        Most any of us could pull off a similar charade, if we wanted. Not saying he may have given her severance or whatever, but she hasn’t sold me that she has some earth shattering story, either.

      • Kitten says:

        I agree with you, Christin.

      • laura in LA says:

        You know what’s funny?

        As I posted on yesterday’s thread in response to Rudy yesterday, the tabloids aren’t even buying her story anymore because she’s now resorting to plants in blindgossip (…

        Who does this sound like: “This divorcing actor told his wife that he is not paying for the other woman‘s expenses. Liar!”

        Oooh, boy, the fame-ho’s aaangry.

      • Kitten says:

        LOL…this chick is just..

  20. Mimz says:

    What if we’re reading this all wrong, and the person who’s paying all of this girl’s expenses is actually Tom Brady, and he’s pinning it onto Ben so people won’t be digging in too much, because this is SO OBVIOUS that it’s Ben?!. hahahahahaa my conspiracy theorist side is showing, but how amazing would that be?
    I still struggle to believe Ben would be this dumb. This is too stupid not to be a setup. Even if she is blackmailing him, as a smart guy I believe he is (sometimes), he would have set some strict conditions like, don’t flaunt it, disappear for a year, go live the high life in Brazil or whatever, and when all of this dies down you can come back. Even if he is not smart at all, his PR team would have made her vanish in thin air.
    No, i REFUSE to believe that this is as obvious as it looks. Someone is trolling us.

    Ben, WHY?

    • Kitten says:


      Also, I miss your old Gravatar, Mimz.

      • Mimz says:

        Hahahah Kitten, we will find out that her photo with his rings was all the evidence we needed.
        I will put it back, I promise. I was so excited to finally remember where I set my picture, that I uploaded 4 new pics and kept the last one. Will change again soon, Promise 😛

      • Kitten says:

        Don’t get me wrong this one’s nice, but I miss your smiling profile.

    • Miss M says:

      We dont want her in Brazil!

    • Tammy says:

      That would be awesome if it was Tom Brady…but I think the person trolling us is someone closer to Ben than Brady. Or maybe it’s Ben to distract us from the real story.

    • siri says:

      Actually, I thought the same. That plane trip might have been a simple “fun” trip, too much alcohol involved, girl takes pics ( or says she has some) during making out sessions…it’s not impossible. But there is also some nagging feeling that Jen is involved in all this. She’s smarter than Ben, and very calculating…

    • TrustMOnThis says:

      OMG, maybe they had a 3way in Vegas!!!

    • WinnieCoopersMom says:

      What if it’s Matt Damon and Ben owes him one? LOL ..Damon did write most of GWH, and Ben’s been on the train ever since.. he needed to take one for the bro team at some point

  21. Bethy says:

    I assume she signed a NDA? I guess it wouldn’t cover her extra curricular activities with Ben?

  22. Div says:

    The thing that makes me believe some of this is that I doubt People magazine (and they consider themselves the “respectable” tabloid) wants to piss of WB. Ben is a favorite child of WB, and now that he’s playing Batman and directing spin-offs for Batman along with other films…I doubt they are happy with him being drug through the mud like this on such a continual basis. A big studio like WB can threaten to cut off People from any sort of news or exclusives about their DC films and other things….but People keeps gunning for it. I also think it’s VERY suspicious that he kept insisting he and Jen were separated for ten months initially.

    JMO but she has something on him for this to keep continuing. Why it hasn’t been released yet, who knows. If it isn’t released in a week or so, maybe there is nothing after all but the fact that it took a good two weeks for her on the plane with Tom Brady’s rings to leak makes me think they may be holding on to something.

    • Starrywonder says:

      Eh People is a mess these days. Let’s not forget the continuous positive Duggar stories they keep doing and the Kelly Rutherford crap. I don’t think them reporting on this means anything except they keep missing exclusives and jump on the backwagons. Remember how they and everyone reported that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield were done and it was pretty apparent that they were never done and on a break and they all backpedaled like fools.

    • Don't kill me I'm French says:

      TMZ and WB are the same company .When TMZ had Bale’s rant tape,they asked to WB if they were able to release the rant,WB said them it was okay whereas Bale was their Batman.( I always thought WB disliked Bale for some reasons)

      The nanny has something on Ben ( pics of him doing cocaine? Sex tape ? Tape of him saying bad stuff on Garner) but it never will release (because Affleck team is paying her ) but she profits of the paps attention

  23. Heat says:

    Whether he paid or not doesn’t matter to me…this woman is disgustingly thirsty and reveling in all this attention.

    She should change her first name to K-ristine…maybe the Kardashian’s will adopt her. She’d fit right in.

  24. serena says:

    Sure Ben, sure, we totally believe you *eye rolls*. And anyway you brought ‘this circus’ to yourself, so..

  25. Jo says:

    I think maybe she knows about his affair with Gal Gadot (was she the Nova Scotia lady?). That would be disastrous for WB and the DC cinematic universe.

  26. Senaber says:

    Those accessories, tho… Hideous. Who dresses like that for a pap stroll?

    Honestly looking at it… My hubby would think she was dressed cute with all the jewelry and weird shorts. Dressing for male approval? She is a “cool girl” for sure and “amazing Amy” will take this bitch down.

    • stinky says:

      (wait – im wearing an armfulll of bracelets right now and im just sittin at my desk at work … what’s so ‘off’ about her look to you.. I DO think her style sux ass, so im not arguing… just wondered what caught your eye )

      • Senaber says:

        It’s not any one thing, just the combination with that outfit. Nothing against bracelets specifically. 😃

  27. KNOW-IT-ALL says:

    Jennifer Lopez written all over this circus Ben is trying to hide he wants to get back with Jennifer Lopez not to annoy Jennifer Garner by the time he gets back with her noone will realise this was the whole plan from the onset.

  28. CidySmiley says:

    I really, really doubt he bought her that car, or that’s he’s footing her stay. I think he GAVE her money previously, probably hush money, and she took the money and won’t shut up. Ben isn’t stupid, I mean he’s dumb enough to sleep with her (probably) but I doubt this is his first rodeo. I think he gave her money, and she decided she liked her position (the Rouge nanny) and now she’s here to stay. Not to mention her money pile is just growing from selling her story.

    I think Ben is extremely embarrassed by her, and she knows it. Ben loved being with Jen because she was put together and represented something “positive” – he wouldn’t go from her to someone else without much consideration. Especially not the nanny. And the nanny knows it (I refuse to call her by her name) I don’t know why she would do it this way, however, because she’s never getting a job in Hollywood again. She basically blew all her chances.

  29. Jesme says:

    Benanny ?

  30. KNOW-IT-ALL says:

    Jennifer Garner must be feeling the heat right now next time instead of being so ambitious you stay with the safe guy.A list actors do not fall inlove with sweet nice girls they want absolutely the most smart women they can lay their hands on next time know your limit.It is just a matter of time he will be running back to Jennifer Lopez this thing with the nanny is just to draw us away from the truth.Fairy tales only exisr in books.Jennifer Garner your fairy tale has come to an end now it is time for you and your fans to see the real truth he was never really into you.

    • Elisha says:

      Umwut lol. Jen Garner has got her PR image on lockdown. All of what you just said about Jen is what she projects, miss makeup free Suzy Sunshine, when she’s actually a social climbing cheater and is quite conniving.

    • Starrywonder says:

      Um okay. This is Jen Garner’s fault? How. She was married to him for 10 years. Don’t treat her like some chick he met in a bar who managed to get pregnant by him three times.

  31. Dani says:

    Those shorts are doing nothing for her. She acts and dresses like a stereotypical rich white girl. She’s the definition of basic from the hair to the oversized sunglasses to the ugly Tory Burch sandals. Girl, bye.

    • StormsMama says:

      She just reeks of The Hills to me

    • stinky says:

      (Tory Burch sandals are very well-made & comfy tho, I gotta say)
      (im not a preppy dresser at all, but I really wanted some of those sandals when I saw em at the Rack! … but I still couldn’t afford em!!!)

      • Dani says:

        Some of her stuff is good! I will admit, I have one to two Tory Burch items (her canvas shoes are great) but those sandals. My god. Every girl I went to high school with wore them in either silver gold or black. It’s just so typical and ‘basic’ it’s hilarious.

      • Jayna says:

        Live with mom and dad for years and have no real bills to speak of and you, too, can afford them. LOL

    • WinnieCoopersMom says:

      She does wear unflattering clothes. She not big by any means, prob a size 4/6, but she wears outfits that make her look short, not fat, just short and compact. She could atleast put on some wedge sandals. My goodness girl, you got cameras following you around, wear something better.

    • shoochai says:

      she’s one of those people that aviator sunglasses just look terrible on.

    • Susannah says:

      Add stumpy legs and wiiiiide rear end to complete her picture.

  32. Christin says:

    THR has an interesting piece about how JFK Jr handled gossip, written by a lady who worked for him and now does PR crisis management. Maybe Ben should ring her up.

    She said that “when it came to media stories or anything that was blowing up, the more crazy things would get, the calmer he (JFK Jr.) would get. He wasn’t going to justify himself or address every rumor and every story, and I think people do that now, to an extreme.”

    That last sentence is so true.

    • Saywhatwhen says:

      @Christin, yes. But back then most people still had dignity enough not to put it on display. Even the philandering jackasses kept it civil…now everyone is thirsty for twitterlove.

    • laura in LA says:

      But sadly, JFK Jr. died before the internet became what it is today, though I think most celebs understand there’s mo way to control it.

      And for PR reps, especially those in crisis management, Twitter is their worst nightmare!

      • laura in LA says:

        p.s. What I meant was that it’s sad JFK Jr. died so tragically, not sad that he died before the internet blew up!

    • Christin says:

      She actually addresses the social media landscape by saying he would have been very adept at it. And she adds he would have probably put little teasers out there to watch people talk.

  33. KS_Paula says:

    so she is pretty much advertising that she has 2 cell phones in the one picture; pretty much a tell-tale sign she’s got something going on on the side with someone

    • Jayna says:

      Yeah. The paps. She buys one of these throwaway phones and that’s used to call in all these stories and sell photos. That ways it’s not traced back to her and she’s not in violation of her NDA and/or she can deny she’s calling them because there is no proof from her regular phone. We’re nt dumb. Everyone knows she’s selling stories and setting up photos right and left.

      She wants everybody to think she and Ben have secret phones and are in contact. She has been ruining him for two weeks now. He is not in contact with her. For what? So she can go sell those messages or texts or proof of calls?

  34. karen says:

    Imagine if your claim to (15 minutes of) fame was banging Ben Affleck, because that’s the only thing this girl is ever going to be known for.

  35. karen says:

    Another thing ….wouldn’t she have had to sign an airtight confidentially agreement from the nanny agency that would make it impossible for her to spill any dirt or risk serious legal troubles ?

    • Neah23 says:

      For one Her “friends” are selling these stories “not” her so they cleared of any agreement she may have signed. The second is that she is not talking about anything but her none work related relationship with Ben She hasn’t mentioned Jen, the kids or their marriage which is what those agreements usually contain so she could be in the clear there also.

      • Izzy says:

        The NDA would also cover her telling people who would in turn cause the information to become public. So, I don’t know if there is one, but if there is, her spilling to her friends would still count – IF it could be proven that she did so.

  36. ladyg says:

    I don’t know guys, I just have SUCH a hard time believing that anybody could be this fame hungry. I just don’t. Nobody has that much emotional teflon — to endure the ridicule she’s getting — and still come back for more? Nah, not UNLESS said person knows the real truth, and it isn’t nearly as bad as the press is making it out to be. People HATE her — pretty much universally — and she keeps coming up for more. I have a very difficult time believing she is really that thirsty — to endure that much hate. Something else is going on here. Has to be.

    • frivolity says:

      Well, sociopaths do not care about love or hate or any real emotion. They just want whatever they can get and they will manipulate everyone around them, no matter who suffers. They just want whatever is best for them to make them rich and happy and to “win.”. Just sayin’.

    • laura in LA says:

      Apparently, you haven’t met anyone as delusional and personality-disordered as this – lucky you!

  37. cheryl says:

    On a totally unrelated note, isn’t it a bad idea to be using cell phones near gas fumes?

    • laura in LA says:

      Yes, exactly what I posted upthread. If she keeps it up, this girl (and the gas station itself) really will be “on-fire”.

  38. Carey says:

    She is so basic. You can go to the Grove in LA and see hundreds of girls who look like this. I can’t figure out why Ben went for it, unless it was just a matter of sheer laziness and inability to say no to what was dangled in front of him.

  39. JoJo says:

    The nanny story is really so boring at this point. What I’m wondering is, how is Ben going to spend his birthday tomorrow? People’s article yesterday said he was headed back to Atlanta again now. He didn’t spend Jen’s last birthday with her, or Mother’s Day. Think he’s going to do a “family bday” this weekend?

    • Christin says:

      Yes! Let’s guess what the pap stroll will involve. Something very kid-friendly, I think. Pizza place, amusement park, or maybe just a stroll with kids and cute puppy.

      • JoJo says:

        Ben doesn’t even realize it apparently, but I think if he/they just took off their wedding rings and stopped the charade of making people wonder about the status of their relationship (Ben/Jen), I think a lot of this media frenzy would die down faster because they’d both be perceived as moving on with their lives (aside from co-parenting.) By continuing to keep their rings on, it just fuels a public perception, whether true or not, that Ben is still wronging Jen, even if they’re no longer together. I don’t get it. Gwen and Gavin’s are off, even Halle Berry’s ring is off.

      • WinnieCoopersMom says:

        A day in the park with lemonade and hot dogs, yes the cute puppy, and a frisby or kite for the kids.

    • Starrywonder says:

      If he has any sense he will.

  40. Sasha says:


    I’m on celebitchy, but, most of us here are over 30, have some type of professional experience under our belt, and we don’t like this Hollywood life!

    This girl was the nanny, she’s young, and a powerful , rich fellow and her had relations. She’s never experienced this stuff before, she feels like hot shit.. Let’s not pretend she’s the villan in all this. Many grown adults made mistakes, but let’s just hate on Affleck! He’s such a sleeze.

    • ladyg says:

      Gotta agree with this, mostly. I cringe at who I was in my twenties (and honestly, even my earliest 30s). This girl is super naive. Some people just take longer to mature than others. (And yes, yes, shame shame, got it.) But at the same time, I’m not sure i even care enough to focus on Ben Affleck, ya know? It’s tough to explain. What is making the Gatfleck divorce such a “gossip draw” for me is the daily installments. I mean, it really feels like an orchestrated “media play.” And I think because I look at it this way, I’m not offended by the Ouz at all.

      Speaking of shaming, though. Are we sure she even slept with him when he wasn’t allowed to sleep with other people? IDK, I feel like there is a very “But we were on a BREAK!” element to all this.

      Although I’ve tried, I still don’t understand the timeline at all. Which, has me super suspect. Why is it so complicated? And the thing I keep coming back to — if Ben and Jen were separated for 10 months, and Ben and the nanny just recently started “dating” – why was it such a problem? (I mean, of course mixing business with pleasure is never wise — clearly; but again, this may be the rookie mistake of a girl who lives in LA — Hollywood — where the power and fame rules are vastly different than the rest of the country — maybe even world; I mean, I could legit see this girl thinking she had a shot at being the next Mrs. Affleck. Remember that smile he had when he saw her!? She fell for that HARD! Cause she’s young and dumb — but maybe not necessarily evil. She had visions of Vontrapps dancing in her head). I mean, don’t separated people date? (I really don’t know, I’m married but have never been separated; but I always assumed it was nearly synonymous with divorce / estranged.)

      • Starrywonder says:

        Timeline in my head came out after the fact because and I will keep saying this, Ben Affleck was going to come out with someone else so to make it look better it was this whole hey we’ve been separated for 10 months mess. I still say it was Gal or someone else he worked with because this fool likes to meet people on movie sets. Even Lainey had this as several blinds and other places and then Nannygate happened. Now Lainey is just calling him a fool. I honestly don’t think anything happened besides he was drunk and did something dumb a freaking gain and that’s that. I do think real side piece mistress is done though since now this would mess their timeline up since it makes her look like a fool to be with him and he was with the nanny at the sam time.

      • Jayna says:

        But that photo of him smiling at her she was already setting him up. She set up the photo to catch them together to have proof to sell and make money. She wasn’t some sweet girl showing up at his house in luvvvv. She had a pap waiting to catch them. Opportunistic and conniving, I say.

      • laura in LA says:

        *Whoops, posted in the wrong place*

    • Starrywonder says:

      Eh she’s 28 or 29 at that time I had been overseas working at one job for several years and did not at all ever use my position to mess around with my boss. She’s not some dewy eyed teenager. She knows what she’s doing which is why I throw shade at her. I throw shade at Ben for being a fool though. Don’t mess with people you don’t know when you are an actor/star.

      • ladyg says:

        Yes, you were amazing when you were 29. Your life situation made it so you had a healthy understanding of the world at that age. Not everyone is on the same maturity schedule.

      • Kitten says:

        What Starrywonder said.

        Why are we pretending that this woman is a child?

        I also don’t understand why people feel the need to repeat “this is Ben’s fault! don’t blame the nanny!” on every nanny-related thread. I mean, does anybody here NOT blame Ben? I could understand it if people were giving him a free pass but that’s not what’s happening.

        People overwhelmingly blame both of them–as they should.

      • Christin says:

        Agree with Kitten. This nanny is nearly 30 years old, not a teenager. I don’t think she is a naive little thing who has been sheltered from the world. Takes two to tango.

    • laura in LA says:

      Sasha, she’s not “a young girl”, and you insult many other responsible, hard-working 20-somethings by saying this. At what age is this not okay?

      That you hate Ben (or men in general?) does not excuse what this almost 30 yr-old woman has done in her desperate grab for money and 15 mins of fame – by creating more problems for the children she was hired to care for!

      This isn’t innocence or naiveté; it’s narcissism and maybe even sociopathy. Just because she’s female does not make her “the victim” here.

      • ladyg says:

        Some might define “sociopathy” as still judging people based on Iron Age morals, in he 21st century. Others might say sociopathy is making all kinds of assumptions about a person’s entire life based on 5 paparazzi shots and a couple of quotes from entertainment gossip outlets. Just saying….

      • laura in LA says:

        Well, ladyg, it’s clear you don’t know or understand what sociopathy is.

        But you do have the “logic” of a narcissist because your response here is so circular, non-sensical and defensive, you may as well have said, “I’m rubber and you’re glue…”

        Lemme guess, you’re another one of Christine’s “friends”.

      • ladyg says:

        LOL. No. I don’t even live in the U.S. But I do love this divorce drama — and people’s reactions. And yes, I LOVE playing Devil’s Advocate. Personally, I believe something else is going on here, so, I’m not as critical of Old Ouz as some others.

      • laura in LA says:

        By the way, ladyg, what are doing here then?

      • ladyg says:

        Laura in LA? So, you’re actually saying that people who aren’t currently living in America shouldn’t be following Celebitchy? Oh dear, bless your heart.

      • laura in LA says:

        No, ladyg, I’m asking what you’re doing on CB yourself if you think all the speculation makes everyone here…sociopathic?

        Sorry, that doesn’t make any sense, no matter where you live.

        And that you say you’re enjoying this divorce drama from outside the US as if you’re above it all…yet, here you are on CB, commenting on this thread, just like the rest of us!

      • ladyg says:

        Laura in LA:

        1) I don’t think enjoying celebrity gossip, and immediately jumping on the “ho, slut, shame! train” are mutually exclusive.

        2) Celebrity gossip is a lot more than just point and shame. Depending on how you approach it, it can be nuanced. Just like CB’s tag says: escapism can be smart.

        3) I personally get the most satisfaction out of trying to parse out what is PR-managed and what is authentic. Some people like Sudoko, I like the hunt of the PR craft and marketing.

        4) I also enjoy CB for how it serves as a reflection on the current “mood” of a culture. It’s fascinating to read the opinions of people from all over the place.

        5) I don’t think I am above it all. You originally proposed the idea that Ouz could be a sociopath; I countered with the idea that, well, depending on the optics, extrapolating an entire character profile out of 5 pics and a handful of quotes could be seen as sociopathic, too — in some circles. Clearly, since I am engaging in the conversation, I recognize that I would be seen in the same way.

        6) I’ve done nothing but admit that I am enjoying this particular gossip soap drama. I am.

      • laura in LA says:

        ladyg, I actually agree w/you on all these points, so I think we’re here for the same reasons!

        As for whether she’s sociopathic, I’m only reiterating what others have suggested, but I’ve said so a few times here before that she’s rather more histrionic/narcissistic than anything else.

        (No matter what, though, I don’t think age or mental state is any excuse for what she’s doing here.)

        Like you, however, I’m rather fascinated by this type of personality, her delusions or motivations and how she’s playing the media – moreso than the Ben/Jen divorce at all anymore as that’s done.

        So wherever you are, have a nice weekend – and we’ll see if Christine has any more tabloid tricks up her sleeve. 😉

  41. kgg says:

    I don’t think she has any master plan. I think it went as far as: date a rich man so I don’t have to work anymore. I really think that is as far as it got. She has been exposed to super rich people who lounge by the pool all day, make paparazzi coffee runs, drive nice cars, and then go out for drinks at night without having to worry about getting up for work in the morning. And she wanted that. And so Ben Affleck was her way of getting a taste of it. And I think she’s living the life that she wanted. Ben probably gave her a chunk of change when he ended it, and she’s been making money here and there selling photos. I don’t see a huge conspiracy. It’s not going to last but she’s not smart enough to know that.

    He’s such a fool, though. I don’t feel sorry for him.

    • siri says:

      Agreed, no big story behind this. If you look at those pics with her bringing champagne (he’s a recovering alcoholic, so shouldn’t drink anyway), they are so staged, it hurts. She’s trying to milk this for as long as she can, but there are no pics of her actually entering his place. You can also see he’s aware of the paps at one point. This woman must be relatively dumb, and he probably wonders how he can get her out of his life for good. Too bad for him she doesn’t just want to disappear.

  42. Cindy says:

    All I can think of to say today is, Ben Affleck really got the nanny he deserved. Odds were, at some point, he was gonna meet up with shameless crazy. Ben is a silly, reckless fool.

  43. Stephanie says:

    I enjoyed Lainey’s take on this — that Ben was blindsided by the ease with which Christine’s generation effortlessly manipulates social media to their advantage. This fiasco should send chills down the spineless backs of other male celebs who casually use women behinds their wives’ backs.

  44. FWIW says:

    Please. This affair has shown Ben Affleck to be a liar and a cheat and he keeps on lying to cover his ass. Ben has ZERO credibility.

    Jennifer Garner had to put up with his lies and dumbest explanations for 10 long years!

    • frivolity says:

      I’ve already said this but, I think Ben’s a narcissistic douche and I think the nanny’s a self-centered opportunistic POS. As for Jennifer, I really do kind of want to have sympathy for her, but I think she brought a lot of this on herself by being either so stupid or naive to either fall for Ben’s nonsense or to think she alone could change him. Most of all, it irks me how she projected this perfect family image when her’s was anything but. Phony people like that really, REALLY annoy me. Better to just say nothing about the family.

  45. Susan says:

    Okay the conspiracy theorist in me is curious…
    I always wondered about that “ten month separation” line. It’s so specific and yet so odd…it’s not like they said, “oh they’ve been living separate lives for months”, it felt very specific. And it’s technically not true based on multiple photos of Jen and Ben looking like a couple for months prior to the separation, with and without kids. Could that date be a way to protect Jen’s ego/reputation based on what is about to come out? Could this be connected to the NPH/ Gone Girl babysitter trade off? Just thinking out loud.

    • frivolity says:

      The 10 month separation IS very specific. It was said for a reason. For awhile, I thought it might have to do with an unintended pregnancy. Now, I’m not sure. But it does mean something.

  46. anon33 says:

    I think we are being punked. She is a distraction from the real story, whatever that is. That’s why none of this makes sense or is following a logical famewhore path. See the above comment for just one example of how none of the stories weve been fed-from either side-make sense.

  47. lile says:

    Someone is paying for it and it’s not the nanny. However she sure is doing a great job of showing off what a skeevy skank she is. SMH

  48. iheartgossip says:

    This THOT makes the Trashassian’s look lazy

  49. rudy says:

    I think he is lying. Ben is all about appearance and arrogance. NO ONE tells the truth in Hollywood, even the reality shows are not real.

    Just looking at the facts – the KIDS’ nanny flew on a private plane with Ben and Brady to Las Vegas for a poker event. Come on. They think we are idiots. And we are. We believe something it if is written in the paper or spouted during an interview. All the 1D fans know Louis is having a baby so he must be straight.

  50. JoJo says:

    Oh boy, here comes the next theme in this saga – everyone’s worried about Jen. What a massive mess this is. Ben’s going to get crucified.

    • laura in LA says:

      Oh, brother, here come the “weight-watchers”…

      “On June 8, weeks before announcing her split from Affleck, Garner looked healthier and calmer, unlike now. ‘She’s really starting to freak out about facing life without Ben,’ explains the source.”

      This is normal for breakup stress, and though I don’t wish divorce on anyone, they really just have to do it – and move on.

      • JoJo says:

        @Laura – I agree! It’s stress weight loss,, and while sad, these two need to move on now. I don’t blame Jen for the nanny situation obviously, but at this point, why on earth would she continue to wear her ring? She’s really fueling the ‘wronged wife’ story (partially) by doing this.

        Looks like Ben’s mom, Chris, is in Atlana to spend his bday with him and the kids. We shall see if Jen chooses to insert herself.

      • Christin says:

        Not as many people would be paying attention to this if not for all the photos and narratives tossed around in late June until now.

        Not to pile on Jen, but the pudding was over-egged (to borrow LAK’s recent comment).

  51. o_o_odesa says:

    The gold sandals are from Payless. I have the same ones. I wonder if she took a police escort there.

  52. Peachy says:

    Well, that’s one way to pay for the Merry Pop-Ins!

  53. LO says:

    I wish I had enough money for a new “Lexi” and I’m also a celebrity nanny! Lol
    We make good money, but not THAT good….
    Oh Ben. Smh.

  54. JRenee says:

    What if she really is a red herring? What does she have to do with the selection of the 10 months as separation date?
    Is there another story she is diverting attention from?

    • Jayna says:

      Ben having an affair with a normal co-star and it getting out is far preferable to him banging the nanny on his wife’s kitchen table and in the Bahamas when it’s supposed to be a family vacay to break the news to the kids. If you think this is better than the alternative and trying to deflect, you are mistaken. Stars fall in love with their co-stars all the time and survive just fine. It happens. Natasha Richardson was married and had an affair with Liam Neeson and left her husband and her stepchildren and told the world how much she loved Liam and they were married within a year.

      Claire Danes had an affair with the actor whose longterm girlfriend was eight months pregnant, Mary Louise Parker. It didn’t ruin Claire’s career. And he left Mary Louise for Claire and they were together for a couple of years. She became a huge star on Homeland.

      And it’s been known Ben and Jen’s marriage was struggling for a while. Stars break up and move on and often an affair is the catalyst or the final nail in the coffin. They don’t have the other star selling stories on you that you are seeing now or had an affair with.

      Doing it with the nanny in your wife’s own home or vacation home and the nanny out there acting like a fame-ho humiliating you right and left, making a fool of you, dragging your famous friends (Brady) into it, and hurting your wife and family is about as bad as it can get publicitywise compared to the usual scenario, falling in love with your co-star on set. Well, knocking the psycho nanny up would be the worst.

  55. phlyfiremama says:

    Can she go away now? This is reaching Kardashian levels of “famous for screwing somebody” levels of ridiculousness.

  56. MAC says:

    Nanny go away. If she has proof than show it, sell it, go on a tv show. She is dragging this out. I think IF she has proof of anything negative he would only really care if it was drugs with the kids in the room or something that Jen could use to keep him from seeing his kids or getting joint custody.

    His image is fine unless she has serious neglect with the kids type of photos. American society is still the same. I do not believe in it or condone it but if you look at other directors/actors who have done more than bang the nanny there careers are fine. Boys will be Boys and Batman will be watched.

  57. Jayna says:

    This girl is soooo nothing special. I guess she’s selling more photos. She’s like on a deck by a boat or something.

    • Christin says:

      Thank you for that link. The top comments are not exactly appreciative of her “nanny fanny”.

      The top comment right now is, “Sell the Lexus and hire a personal trainer.” Also references to SpongeBob (square looking).

  58. Seems more like a wicked nanny lifetime movie with the nanny set on making money off the deal. When she couldn’t snag the hubby permanently and got fired, she created this hoopla which rag mags will pay quite a lot for the scoop til the public starts catching on. He may have got drunk and slept with her a few times but it meant nothing I’m sure. He can hire discreet hookers in Vegas cheaper and better looking than her.

  59. Pmnichols says:

    Regardless of what did or didn’t happen between them, she’s a pretty s***** nanny because clearly she has zero concern for the children. They (This girl and Ben) are both losers IMO.

  60. Tilly says:

    She was given up to $100k severance / ‘I feel sorry for you, no longer having a job’ money by Ben.

    This is how she’s choosing to spend it – about $35/$40k on pre-owned Lexus convertible from Jim Falk Lexus (personally, I would’ve gone with the cute grey-tone one he has in stock), and a few nights of luxury at their love nest (hotel). She’s probably bought a whole lot more … or she could be playing frugal, waiting to see what comes her way in the form of ‘exclusive’ stories and interviews.

    She reminds me a LOT of Farrah Abraham.

    In a couple of years time (possibly not even that long), the Lexus will be back on Jim Falk’s lot with ‘reduced to clear’ signage.

    • captain says:

      You know a lot, wow! If this is the truth, then I have loads more sympathy for her. That means she was treated like some piece of meat and not a human being. By BOTH Jennifer and Ben.
      He used her, she fired her, letting her take the blame and punishment, while still clinging onto her husband. Then he gave her the money, like Is that how he treats his wife too? Hey I’ve slept with Blake, here you go $5K, sweetheart, sorry for the inconvenience caused.

      • Tilly says:

        I’m speculating, as someone who knows full well how these types of ‘arrangements’ work.

        I doubt he would’ve been able to give her a whole lot more as his and Jen’s money would no doubt be tangled up in some way, but $100k is not an outrageous amount for someone like him to part with ‘quietly’ (considering how much is at stake) and it was probably won in a poker game anyway.

        The house she’s living in was reported by D-Listed as being $10k per month; I highly doubt she’s got that in savings or is stupid enough (I hope!!) to think that the money will come rolling in once (if) she breaks her silence … besides, she presumably would’ve had to put a down payment, or make an advance rent payment, in advance to show she was good for it … her parents live in Orange County (or thereabouts) and could be helping, I guess … but i doubt it.

        I don’t know why people are saying professional nannies don’t make a lot of money – I know of a couple who are working for celebs and earning upwards of $100k plus benefits (cars to use as they wish; live-in perks; travel; etc.). Of course not everyone pays that well, but the jobs are out there.

        ~ ~ ~

        Also – bear in mind that some things aren’t quite what they seem. What if Jen is the one paying for all of this, and set Ben up – a la Honey Trap style? You never know … considering she was humiliated when those “alleged” nude selfies of Blake were released, along with the story they were for Ben … maybe she just had enough and wanted to serve Ben up with a nice plate of revenge? From what I can gather, despite him being the unfaithful one with addictions (gambling), he’s the one who’s wanted to hold onto this marriage for as long as possible.

  61. JoJo says:

    Unlike last weekend, Ben staying in the same house with Jen this weekend, apparently. What has changed from last weekend to this one? They’re kind of unreal. I find it kind of hard to have sympathy for Jen at this point:

  62. The Old KC says:

    I feel sad that Christine has gotten slammed for being “average-looking” – I think she’s actually quite pretty. That being said, I feel better about saying this:

    DUCKFACE MUCH?! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

    • Tilly says:

      She does seem to look quite different in every photo. When she’s wearing her sunglasses, and has her hair down, I think she looks a lot like Jennifer Esposito (who I think is gorgeous).

      Lately she’s looked nicely presented (and prepared for pap shots), but when she was photographed doing her job as a nanny she looked very average and without meaning to sound rude, a little rough and scruffy.

      I don’t really understand the jibes about her weight – she’s no ballerina but she’s not exactly overweight either.

  63. Emily C. says:

    Pfft, does he think being “the fun dad” is all it takes to be a dad? Actually most of these Hollywood types do seem to think that. It’s utter nonsense. He’s being the entertainment, not a parent.

    A decent parent doesn’t sleep with the nanny. I mean, come on. I know our standards for rich men are low, but this is ludicrous, and I don’t see how he can expect anyone to buy it.

  64. Jets says:

    Why do I get the feeling the nanny is gonna drop a “bombshell” tomorrow to coincide with Ben’s birthday? Which of course will make tabloid headlines all over again. This has to be the worst birthday ever for Ben. He probably regrets the day he met the nanny… even though his problems are of his own doing, who knew that THE Nanny ,of all people, would single-handedly ruin his life, not a co-star, not an extra, not a stripper, hooker or cocktail waitress, but a nanny!! You can’t write this shit!! It’s too bizarre! Everything has been perfectly timed since she hooked up with a PR Crisis manager, right after Ben made an appearance to promote his HBO Project Greenlight show, the next day she stole his thunder with the Brady Superbowl rings picture, front page on Page Six. Then of course the corny ass Lexi instagram, insinuating that Ben bought it for her. You know something big is coming, and what better time to drop it but on your ex-lovers birthday, the one that promised you he loved you and that you would live together…. geez…. I’m worried for Ben tomorrow, and because of that I feel for Jen right now too.

  65. cruiz2 says:

    Maybe Nanny learned her “Pap” ways from THEM! She’s using all her D-lister actress skills & it’s working for the moment. She’s got nothing much more to lose. Can we expect a tell-all book? Haha…

  66. KNOW-IT-ALL says:

    Jennifer Garner is so dumb to have gotten involved with Ben Affleck now he is turn her into his mistress and treting the nanny like a prize.She is really one of the dumb ones in L.A not like most are intelligent but comeon can people not see that he is humiliating his wife.

  67. Mayavaly says:

    Wasn’t there a blind from Lainey a while back that suggested that an A-lister couple’s impending break-up was precipitated by a nasty drug habit and not the endless number of affairs? Sounded like the drug was heroin and a lot of posters suspected it might be Bennifer. If the nanny has that on him, no wonder she’s smiling…all the way to the bank.

  68. Laine says:

    Why do a lot of people (like the nanny) hold a phone in their hands whatever they are doing?
    If there is some kind of emergency situation in their family, wouldn’t it be better to stay at home?

    • Christin says:

      I wonder the same. Maybe she is expecting such an important text from her Benny-poo, or has search engine alerts for whenever her name appears online.

  69. jccw says:

    Birthday in Orlando with the family I guess. I would love to spend my big day at Disneyworld, but somehow I doubt Ben wants to. (I’m guessing that’s where they went in Orlando) Good for the PR though. Supposedly Garner and his mom are with. Might be great for the kids.

  70. Liberty says:

    …and, nanny in her bikini today, on People. If we look at the photo, is there a little clue?

  71. Lilacflowers says:

    In happy Affleck news, the Red Sox finally broke the Ben Affleck Birthday Curse.

  72. Jayna says:

    Looking at this photo from three years ago, it makes me realize how much Ben has porked up. What a difference. I like the leaner Ben better than even the in-shape Ben who was more buffed up before he porked up.

    • Jets says:

      Ben was on full Oscar campaign mode in that picture. How times have changed…. Ben and Jen are really horrible at this “conscious uncoupling” and co-parenting, they are so miserable together, clearly they are both hurting, they are not ready to be civil or be friends yet and move on. At this point, they need to stop wearing the damn wedding rings, file for divorce and spend time away from each other, Jen in particular could use a long vacation with girlfriends, she might benefit from even having a little fling.