Kim Zolciak blatantly lied to Andy Cohen about her nose job, duck lips

Tune in now for the after show 😁😁 love this pic of @bravoandy and I 😊

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This ^^ is a photo of Kim Zolciak (Real Housewives of Atlanta) and Andy Cohen during Watch What Happens Live on Sunday. During the episode of WWHL, they took a call and the caller asked Kim if she had gotten some recent face work. Kim starts to deny it, claiming that she’d just gone through several back-to-back pregnancies and her face changed naturally. Cohen wasn’t buying it – he told her:

“I interviewed you for the Atlanta Housewives’ 100th episode special. I was staring at your face for a long time, and it was clear to me that you looked a little different to me, I couldn’t tell, you said, ‘No, no, no, no.’ Tonight you arrive wearing glasses, and I’m thinking, ‘Why is she wearing these librarian-that-can-be-seduced glasses?’ And now I realized, it is to take away from the fact that you have had a little bit shaved off your nose. I really feel that way…You have a little shaved off your nose, and your lips are bigger.”

Still, Kim insisted: “Andy, I’m very honest with plastic surgery. Obviously I’ve never hidden anything. We all know I do Botox, I’m a big fan of it. My lips are definitely overdrawn.” I’m including the video below so you can see her face in close-up and in motion.

Obviously, Kim is full of it. I guess she’s thirsty for attention and she’ll get it any way possible, even if it means blatantly lying to Andy Cohen. Her nose looks different, she has duck lips, her forehead doesn’t move, she’s had eye work, breast work, a tummy tuck and probably like a dozen other procedures to her face and body.

Here’s Kim’s face in 2012:


Here’s Kim’s face in 2014:


And here’s Kim’s face in May 2015. Homegirl is lying.



Photos courtesy of WENN, Instagram.

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  1. cleveland girl says:

    I don’t get these women that blatantly lie about this crap when it is sooo obvious. Then they go on social media and post full pictures of their boobs, tush, tummy tuck, etc. What is the point???

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I agree. First, we have pictures and we can see that your nose is totally different. Second, if you’re ashamed to tell people you did something, don’t do it. If you’re not ashamed, why lie about it? It’s normally nobody’s business, but you have chosen to be on this tacky show, and people are going to ask. It’s stupid to lie.

    • Nancy says:

      Hey Cleveland girl, I’m right down the street in Lakewood. So is Tristan going to sign or what?!

    • Daria Morgendorffer says:

      I agree. Her body is ridiculous as well. She’s had how many kids now? Yet can’t wait to show off her unnaturally small waist within a few weeks of delivering. It’s so obvious she has had extensive work done to her face and body. I don’t understand it, but there are women out there who have a need for people to believe that they’re perfect. Gisele, Kim K, Kim Zolciak all have that need so they lie profusely. It’s pathetic and strange.

    • Tifygodess24 says:

      They want everyone to think they are perfect and born this way so it places them above everyone else. They forget there is proof of the opposite all over the Internet.
      It’s crazy to me how many people on social media believe she’s never had work done (same type of people who believe the Ks/Jenners are all natural) because she has admitted to a few other things (Botox, boob Job) so they believe she can’t possibly be lying about face work.Yeah ok. Some people will never admit to work on the face no matter how often they admit to work on their body.
      She also claims it’s all the work of a new makeup artist and contouring which is hilarious. You can’t contour away your nose to look like ski slope. Haha. She just needs to own it. She even allowed her oldest daughter to get a Breast augmentation at 17. Brielle admitted it on social media and then deleted the comment. Of course they still deny this too.

  2. Dewdrop says:

    I think the bigger issue is she is in her 30’s and doesn’t know when to properly use “me” and “I”…

    • lassie says:

      This chick is on the other side of 30 looking back…

    • Daria Morgendorffer says:

      Is she really only in her 30s?! I was expecting her to be in her late 40s.

    • Kitten says:

      There is just NO way that she’s on her 30s. She looks about 45 to me.

    • lana86 says:

      all I can think of is what a lame job it is for a 50 smth man to discuss some bimbo’s duck lips and to ponder whether she has shaved her nose of. I realize the money is huge, but i dont envy this dude’s life’s vocation lol…

      • WinnieCoopersMom says:

        He gets paid very well to sip martinis and talk sh*t about people. Yes, he has a few other responsibilities, but come on….not a bad gig at all.

    • JudyK says:

      Thank you! If I’d read this before going on my rant, I might not have.

  3. QQ says:

    That Is one FUGLY lucky Lady…in that I Never Understood how a woman With polyester hair and that brown bag special of a Face can Bag dudes perfectly willing to support her lifestyle, and then That sexy Big Lunk of Ginger … i follow her shenanigans here and there (when Bravo has Marathons) and she seems just crazy, whiny demanding whereas Kroy comes off like a dumb easy going puppy eager to please and cater to her every ridiculousness (and DAT ASS!) and also eager to coparent her girls Too…. i also theorize she stays Pregnant to give him no country for new groupies

  4. lassie says:

    The real question is why is that skein of yarn on her head? That’s the falsest horse hair wiglet I’ve seen since the Barbie styling head. How horrible it must be to live inside her head to think that this is how to age gracefully.

    • Olenna says:

      Yeah, the “hair” is bad and it’s probably from her own line of wigs. Chick has no taste.

  5. Po says:

    Wait, isn’t she supposed to be broke? How does she pay for all of this surgery with 7 kids, a chef, an assistant, a huge home, and a husband on the injured list. Does Bravo pay that much or are a whole lot of people really out there buying that tardy for the party song? I saw this special on HBO about football and it made it seem like her husband was not exactly 1st string. I know nothing about football. Is he a big deal or something?

    • Jayna says:

      He is back. But he is making half of what he made last year. He is down to around 2 million this season. One-year contract.

  6. Grace says:

    Who is this woman and why does she look so… hurtful to my eyes?

  7. Lindy79 says:

    I used to watch Real Housewives of Atlanta, when she had some sugar Daddy no one ever saw who then dumped her. She certainly landed on her feet when she met Kroy and was smart enough to start squeezing out the kids almost immediately.

  8. neelyo says:

    She’s still a thing?

    I haven’t seen a nose that fake since Lucy Ricardo met Bill Holden in Hollywood.

    • Sugar says:

      So fake! People need to consider the geometry of their face when they’re altering it. Her new nose, just like the noses of Kim Kardashian and Candy Spelling, is way too tiny for her face.

    • JudyK says:

      OMG, that was the funniest Lucy episode EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

      • MadMenluv says:

        totally agree about the best epi ever, my ultimate favorite part is when lucy is eating lots of pasta in a hurry and ethel has to cut it with her little scissors lol!!!!! omg i love that show!!!

  9. Norman Bates' Mother says:

    I never watch reality shows, apart from House Hunters, but maybe I should. It’s fascinating. These people are the closest thing to aliens we’ll see in our lifetime – such a different universe they live in. And it’s such a nice, symbiotic relationship – reality stars think the viewers are just a bunch of dumbasses, the viewers watch them, because they think it’s them, who are just the bunch of dumbasses and all sides are happy and fulfilled. The viewers are entertained, the narcissists are thriving in thinking they are above and able to fool everyone. I don’t know this lady, but I love her already – she really thought she can put on a pair of glasses and no one will notice her completely new face. What is this move called – a reverse Superman?

    • Wren says:

      No, don’t. It’s a bunch of plasticized morons screaming at each other over nothing. I’m not joking. Nothing happens except they all talk a bunch of smack about each other, then there’s a “showdown” which is just a bunch of yelling and bleeped swear words. Every freaking episode.

      You do get inured to their crazy faces after awhile, though, and at certain angles for fleeting moments you can believe they’re “natural”. Then you blink and shudder because they all have scary catfaces.

      (I did a bunch of traveling a couple years ago for work and my friend/co-worker HAD to watch this trash all the time we were in the hotel room. Only reason I’ve seen these shows.)

    • MsMercury says:

      If you want to watch please watch the first two season of Real housewives of Atlanta. They run on Hulu. She isn’t on that show anymore but the first couple seasons of the housewives are gold imo.

  10. mollie says:

    She’s lost all of her originality in her face. I liked her look in the beginning, it was fun, out there, wigged out and voluptuous in a a fun way.
    Now it’s just…fake. She looks nothing like herself anymore, it’s hard and sad. Wish people wouldn’t do that to themselves.

  11. Talie says:

    The upturned nose looks awful… it makes her look younger, but it’s not good.

    • Annie says:

      Agree. Her previous nose did not turn upward. She looks a bit younger now, but not better.

    • Ellie66 says:

      I agree her nose is looking a bit Michael Jacksonie. So stupid to lie about its very clear she has a crapload of work done.

  12. locamochagirl says:

    She looks like what Heidi Montag turned into after her various surgeries.

  13. Nancy says:

    She is very ordinary looking. Like the girl that was in your homeroom and laughed loud to get attention. She hit the mother load getting a housewife show, though I’m so over watching any of them. I guess she’s taking the Kylie Jenner route of denying the trout pout. Guess they believe if you tell a lie long enough, people will believe you. But Miss Kim, we always have the before pictures to remind you of the truth.

  14. JudyK says:

    She clearly has an entirely new nose. Better be careful, Ms. Pinocchio, or it’ll grow back to the way it was before.

    Off topic, but this drives me UP THE WALL…caption in her Instagram pic: …” love this pic of @bravoandy and I 😊”.

    NO NO NO!!!! It should be “of @bravoandy and ME.” ME ME ME…good lord, these people are stupid. In none of the Bravo reality shows have I ever heard anyone get it right. How can these people be so rich and yet so dumb.

    They all think saying “I” at the end of a preposition makes them sound smart. Oh, forget it, they wouldn’t even know what a preposition is. I’ve wanted to get that out for a long time. Vent over.

    • Mintessence (the original Minty) says:

      I hear you. It’s a pet peeve of mine. I’ve seen this mistake on regular SCRIPTED tv shows, not just on reality crap. It makes the speakers look either lazy or barely literate. Where are the editors?

      One way to avoid it is to temporarily make the object singular: “love this pic of me”. . . so then it follows: “love this pic of @bravoandy and me. ” Nobody ever seems to do this. Ugh.

      I think Kim has Reverse Pinocchio Syndrome – the smaller her nose gets, the more she lies.

  15. kitty28 says:

    Gosh, I kind of like Kim, and I kind of like her show, but omg! Whyyyyyyy!? Why do people always feel the need to change what they look like? Own it and be confident! Man….

    • Nancy says:

      It’s all about money. I’m okay with my body except for the upper arm flab. It’s gross and I won’t even wear tee-shirts. If I had a little change jingling in my pocket I just may suck the fat out of these guns. I understand how they must feel looking at themselves on tv and not liking what they see, and with the coin they can afford to alter the flaws. But, as you say, a strong person will own it, embrace and not hide from it like I do in longer, fuller sleeves!

  16. Esteph says:

    That whole saying “money can’t buy you class”…well this is a prime example of that

  17. stinky says:

    when doesnt she lie?

  18. HatetheletterKf says:

    They should really show some side-by-side photos of Kim from the Sheree hair pulling incident and now – you would see a HUGH difference in her appearance and the extensive surgery would be obvious. I put this trick down there on the Kartrashian level, but I am sure she would consider that a compliment.

    • Nancy says:

      I hate to do this but I must. If you watched the first season of the Kardashians, you would see a whole different group of faces. Kim still showed emotion and her face actually moved. They didn’t show the makeup teams dolling them up every day. It literally was more of a reality show (their reality). I haven’t watched since the second season or so, but believe me they all look different. The only one who didn’t change was Kendall who was a lanky awkward girl, all legs, hence todays supermodel. Kylie was a thinned lip, smart mouthed girl who disrespected her father who disapproved of her dark eye makeup and unsophisticated behavior. He has changed, but she hasn’t, still a spoiled brat trying to be something she will never be: a class act.

  19. sirsnarksalot says:

    She definitely got the upturn in her nose, but the lips are the same. I don’t care for the over drawn glossed lip, looks too sticky and messy. In person ( I have seen her) she is teeny tiny and actually gorgeous. She also travels with a huge entourage of hair/make up assistants who all seem fierce. I always liked her sass. Sue me. And I don’t get the wig hate, if it’s okay for every other RHOA to wear a wig or a weave why can’t she?

    • ummm says:

      because she lied about having cancer for 2 seasons simply because she was embarrassed.
      No one cares about anything Kim does. It’s just hilarious she thinks we’re deaf/blind/dumb.

    • ummm says:

      Right. In their spare time/ when their working.

      I highly doubt anyone actually thinks about Kim (expect to laugh at something stupid she says)

  20. Sonia says:

    Why does Andy Cohen surround himself with such unattractive lying blow up dolls?

  21. aenflex says:

    We all have things we would like to change about ourselves. Hers happened to be mostly physical. It’s certainly not my cup of tea, but I don’t understand all the nasty comments about her looks. ‘Brown bag special’ of a face? Such sisterhood.

  22. MsMercury says:

    This woman lies about a lot of things so this isn’t surprising. My favorite lie was that she had cancer and that was why she wore wigs. Andy pressed her on it and she said she didn’t know if she did or didn’t have cancer but she was 99% she had cancer but it then said it was something else. I’m actually amazed how she went from Big Papa to Kroy. But yeah she has had a lot of work done.

    • brokendnbysex&age says:

      ^^ this – she does get points for chutzpah!

      Remember when she did a big reveal of her ‘natural’ hair and took off one wig to reveal another underneath? Like Peter Graves in Airplane.

  23. Mixtape says:

    On the one hand, c’mon, she clearly had a nose job, and it’s fun to see Andy call her out on it. On the other hand, it’s kind of a jerk move for Andy to put his “friends” (i.e., cash cows) on the spot with such accusatory questions just to generate buzz for the fake talk show he made for himself. Back to the first hand, why do I even care?

  24. Murphy says:

    Wake up Kim-your income is going to fall through the floor in a few years! Stop spending money like it’s water!

    • Murphy says:

      I did get a kick out of the chef on last night’s episode though, she taught me a thing or two about dogs!

  25. parissucksliterally says:

    WHY doesn’t anyone say this to KIM KARDASHIAN when SHE lies???!!!! The woman has had 6 different faces since she got famous!

    • Mintessence (the original Minty) says:

      I guess the more rich and famous you are (and with Kim this is completely undeserved), the more suckups will believe and promote your truckload of bullsh-t.

  26. G says:

    Her nose is real and natural. Like Kim K’s ass.

  27. Kelly says:

    She got the kim k special. Looks like the same nose job shaving.

  28. Frosty says:

    Look at Andy calling out one of his reality stars. He doesn’t usually get that direct with them, does he? Kim definitely looks like she’s had her nose thinned and the tip refined and raised. But she’s also contouring ti, which is overkill. Unless she’s overdoing the contouring to distract from a not-great nose job.

  29. paro7 says:

    Why does she look cockeyed?

  30. ellalter says:

    And the excessively capped teeth, between those and the inner tube lips she talks funnier now.

  31. meh says:

    Call me crazy but I think she got her jaw shaved down too, because her chin now looks like it doesn’t fit her face properly, and it wasn’t always like that.