Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green have separated after 11 years together


SUMMER OF SPLITS. The Year of Breakups. Another couple has been claimed. This one is actually depressing to me: Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have quietly separated, according to Us Weekly. BAG and Fox have been together for 11 years overall, although there were some splits here and there before their 2010 wedding, when Megan notably hooked up with Shia LaBeouf for a time. Megan and Brian have two little boys, Bodhi and Noah.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are going forward as solo acts. After 11 years together, five of them as a married couple, “Megan has separated from Brian,” an insider reveals exclusively in the new issue of Us Weekly. “They decided on it six months ago.”

Their romance has recently been plagued with issues. Though sources remain vague on the exact cause of their split, “things have been rocky,” says one source close to the parents of sons Noah, 2, and Bodhi, 18 months. (Green, 42, also has son Kassius, 13, from a previous relationship.) The pair were last photographed together grabbing lunch in Beverly Hills on June 9.

Their reps could not be reached for comment.

At the height of their relationship, they couldn’t help but gush over one another. When the Beverly Hills, 90210 alum guest starred on her ABC sitcom Hope & Faith in 2004, “it was like magic,” admitted Fox, who was just 18 at the time.

But by February 2009, Fox and Green, 13 years her senior, called off their three-year engagement. “Marriage isn’t a realistic goal for someone who is 23,” the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles actress, 29, told Us in June of that year. Still, the time apart worked in their favor. Green re-proposed in June 2010 and just 24 days later they said “I do” at the Four Seasons in Hawaii.

“I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life,” Green said at the time of their beachside vows. “It was the absolute perfect start to what we hope will be an amazing life together.”

[From Us Weekly]

While Megan and BAG always seemed to be less “solid” than previously thought, I really did believe that marriage and babies had made Megan settle down in particular. Not that she was ever really “wild” – she wasn’t. She liked to pretend she was wild, but she’s more of a quiet homebody than anything else. Hm… I wonder. Do you think one of them cheated? I’m getting that vibe.


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  1. tracking says:

    I’m glad for her. He always seemed like a super-controlling @ss.

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      Was just going to comment that the stories of him being controlling were always floating about.

      Good luck to them both, they have very young kiddos sad for them.

      • whybenice says:

        It has been the summer of splits, hasn’t it? As envious as I get of the perks, paychecks, and the fame these folks receive , any breakup sucks. It’s a death and to have to live it out as public fodder is the price of celebrity. I’m glad my divorce didn’t play out in the media.

      • QQ says:

        THIS, from all reports he is kinda awful about her having a better career and generally controlling of her personal time

      • Liv says:

        Is something in the water in Hollywood? I can’t take another breakup! 😉

      • V4Real says:

        I’ve also read about him and his constant need to control her. She does have the better career. She had TMNT. I saw him in a straight to cable horror movie called Don’t Blink.

        He is the better looking one of the original cast of 90210, I will give him that.

      • FLORC says:

        Rumors for ages he is like Mohr in how belittling their spouses appearance driving them to too much cosmetic surgery. I don’t like him…

      • Elle says:

        I wonder if it was a bit of, when she was younger she looked for a guy where the dynamic was part partner part “daddy” due to the age. Then she grew up a bit, had some children of her own, and realised she didn’t want a overcontrolling daddy anymore, but a partner.

        I think sometimes the age gap isn’t a big deal, 18 and 31… there are few relationships like that I have seen that haven’t been eww

    • Sarah says:

      Exactly. Lots of those overly controlling – almost isolating – stories about BAG and Megan Fox. He gives me the creeps and she can do better.

      • Sabrine says:

        I thought he was unsuitable even when she married him, no surprise here.

      • Petunia says:

        The last week’s episode of Bravo’s Flipping Out had them working on Bag and Meghan’s house…. He was on the episode, she was not seen at all. The house was one they were planning to live in but suddenly, “she” decided it’d be a flip and didn’t want to live there.

      • joan says:

        Yes, the Flipping Out episodes to come should be interesting.

        BG was very subdued and meek on the show, compared to any other celeb they’ve had. Or anyone ELSE they’ve had. It was odd.

      • qwerty says:

        They started dating when she was 18 or even younger, and he’s 13 years older. Ugh.

      • sauvage says:

        My first reaction to this was to actually exclaim: “Thank God!”.

    • OhDear says:

      Same here! Am glad she’s getting out.

    • Talie says:

      I think she’s even said that he isn’t very supportive of how successful she is. The one year at The Globes, he wouldn’t even show up with her.

    • Wren says:

      I read that too, on more than one occasion. Like he’d flip if she wanted to go out without him, checking her phone, not allowing her to have friends, etc. If it’s true, good for her. It always made me sad to think about, though.

    • bettyrose says:

      Yep. She needs to run fast and far.

    • MoxyLady007 says:

      Total controlling narcissist. So glad she got away. Be free girl!

    • waitwhat says:

      Yep. Does anyone remember when she was on the red carpet without him, 2009 or 2010, and said he didn’t want to watch her accept an award cuz he was too manly to be arm candy to her? Something like that…he seems emotionally immature. Like he never got used to life post-90210 without the fame.

      • qwerty says:

        Yep, before kids when she gave all those stupid interviews paps would always follow her and every pic was of him getting in the way lol. He’s grab her hand and drag her behind him. I guess you could say he was being protective but the way it seemed to me was that he wanted to make sure he was in all the pictures.

    • Betti says:

      The divorce will get messy as she is the main breadwinner so am betting he will sue for alimony. With is career as a bit part player in TV shows and straight to Netflix movies he certainly ain’t bringing it in.

  2. SypherMomma says:

    It’s all because Shia tried to drunken face-time her…..Damn you Labeuf!!

    • Shambles says:


      I’m sure that was the straw that broke the camel’s back because BAG always knew that Shia was the one who got away… *barf*

    • SnarkySnarkers says:

      Bahahah! I thought the same thing! #itsallyourfaultShia

  3. Div says:

    Wait, she was 18 and he was 31 when they got together! Not really surprising then…

    • Pinky says:

      Plus, he was on gross Charlie Shern’s show Anger Management. Nothing good came out of that. .BAG probably learned the “tricks” of the trade from Shern.

      Speaking of, what about that. Rhett Rosdi Twitter rant in which she accuses him of sending goons her way in the middle of the night to intimidate her and keep her from talking.

    • manta says:

      But when Coco, who was apparently 19 when she began dating Ice T(then in is 30s) , announced her pregnancy recently, everyone gushed about the couple.
      Dakota Fanning was 19 when she started her relashionship with a 32 year old model, and the general reaction is “How wonderful, a former child star who didn’t turn wild and is mature enough to sustain a stable relationship”
      Candice Swanepoel just announced her engagement to man she’s been dating for 10 year, met when she was 17 and he was in his 30s. Same reaction of gushing.
      So basically people say these types of relationships were doomed and they had foreseen it the moment the break up is announced, but before that, if it lasts long enough, it’s perfectly OK, I guess.

      • supposedtobeworking says:

        I read that people are happy for her because she was being controlled, and its been openly discussed by others and by her. The fact that she got together with him so young likely made it easier for him to control her. If any of the relationships have a male partner behaving the same way, they would likely be commented on similarly. You are using a small lens to critique the opinions.

      • Eva says:

        Agree with Supposedtobeworking.

        Plus, I’m pretty sure Candice Swanepoel’s boyfriend is only a couple years older than her if that.

      • qwerty says:

        Hermann Nicoli can’t be in his 40s, no way. Where did you get that? The only website I could find that gives his age is and apparently he was born in 1986 so he’s 2 years older than CS.

    • don't know says:

      I think Hermann is 3 years older than Candice. She was 17 and he was 20.

  4. Alyce says:

    I’m actually kind of surprised about this one. Can’t really work myself up to caring, but surprised nonetheless. (I know that I’m a terrible person).

  5. polonoscopy says:

    They’ve been together since she was a teenager, got married when she was 24, she had two babies back to back in her 20s… I think this is a pretty clear cut case of a very young woman settling down before she knew what she wanted.

    • Esmom says:

      That’s kinda how I always saw her/them, too. I didn’t think it would really last. And his initials, BAG, always felt like a harbinger of doom to me, lol.

      Summer of splits, nail in the coffin! 🙂

    • lucy2 says:

      That’s a lot very young for a regular person, but add in that she got super famous in the middle of it too.
      Hope they can keep things pleasant for their kids.

    • Suzy from Ontario says:

      Plus they met when she was 18 and he was 31?!!!

      That’s kind of a big age difference at that age. I’m a little icked out by that. I mean 18 …and 31? Plus he had a child from another relationship. It’s even worse than Tyga and Kylie! I think their age split isn’t even as big as that (and I don’t agree with the Tyga and Kylie thing either).

      I think if you meet when you are older and have both experienced life a bit and matured, then that kind of an age split can work and isn’t a big deal, but I think when one of them is so young and hasn’t really had a chance to mature and have fun and grow on their own…. I think later they might feel they missed something and resent the other person a bit. Maybe that’s what happened. She was tied to him soooo young, then they get married and two kids, heavy responsibility and she might have gone…wth happened? Plus he has never been as successful with his career since 90210 while hers is still growing. She’s not a great actress, but I think she’s smarter than people think she is and she may surprise people one day with what she is capable of. I have to say, that listening to how she’s raising her kids and how seriously she takes it compared to some… I was impressed! I wouldn’t have thunk it!

      • MsMercury says:

        @SFO- You make some very valid points. I do think a 31 year old man that hangs out with teens is probably a little on the immature side. I have seen it in real life and usually the girl grows up but the guy doesn’t and that is usually where the problems start. My cousin fell in love with this older man when she was 18 and he didn’t have a job or anything, once she had a child she moved on from him because she realized the hard way what a loser he was.

        But I agree with most of your post that it could be her who needs to have a little fun.

      • supposedtobeworking says:

        @MsMercury – or sees a great opportunity to be in control of a relationship.

  6. Birdix says:

    Having 2 kids a year or so apart is hard on a lot of marriages. I’ve noticed a lot fail when the kids are toddlers, then there’s another wave when the kids are in the middle elementary years 4-6 grade).

    • Tulip says:

      I agree. I don’t think anyone cheated. Just trying to keep up with your job, your kids and any other stuff life hands you will be enough.

    • Wren says:

      Even when one can afford nannies, housekeepers, maids, cleaners, chefs and such like?

      I agree that having kids back to back is a huge strain on a marriage, but I’m wondering how much that would be mitigated by being able to hire people to take care of the day to day stress that ends up building up and tearing things apart. I read that in this giant study of married couples, equitable division of household chores was the single biggest factor in the marriage being happy or not. If you didn’t have that worry, I wonder what would be next?

      • qwerty says:

        It changes the dynamic of a relationship, and no nanny is gonna prevent that. This guy strikes me as someone who throws a fit when he’s not in the center of attention. And you’re not gonna be when there are 2 toddlers in the house…

        Plus I’m pretty sure she said in some interview that they barealy ever have sex since she’s had kids. Another reason why many many couples struggle after kids, in some cases it just never goes back to normal.

  7. StormsMama says:

    Well it’s possible that her expectations for the relationship changed after kids. Suddenly the things she loved about him maybe didn’t work in the context of everyday parenting.

    Or he cheated.
    In addition, her career is still chugging along right? And his…?

    • Suzy from Ontario says:

      That’s a great point and I think that happens a LOT! Women often love a bad boy, for instance, but then have kids and want someone more responsible and reliable and who helps out and suddenly they look at that guy and the stuff they found exciting is annoying and immature.

  8. minx says:

    This surprises me.
    I mean, he does nothing for me, but they knew each other a long time and obviously wanted to get married.

  9. Shambles says:

    Sad for their boys. I’m sure the adult parties will both be alright, and I see this being much quieter and more amicable than… Other splits. I have a weird soft spot for Megan, so this bums me out more than it should.

    • kai says:

      I have a soft spot for her, too, but I was actually very happy to read this. I don’t think their relationship was healthy.

  10. Abbott says:

    I’m always suspicious when a timeline of the split is leaked.

    Good for her.

    • Mia4S says:

      Yeah the timeline announcement makes we wonder if there is a nanny waiting in the wings so to speak. *Cough* 😉

      • Abbott says:

        The Summer of the Nanny! It does kind of look like he’s trying to get ahead of this, though. DailyMail already has “sources” saying she was too obsessed with her career, which… I don’t really buy. She seems like a pretty dedicated mom.

      • kai says:

        And that’s just SO f-cking low to pull the guilt card, “she didn’t care for the kids”, when, really, he just can’t stand that she’s a bigger deal than him. If given the opportunity, I have no doubt he’d have no problem being away from his kids to work. Talk about being supportive…. smh. Really makes me angry.

    • bluevelvet says:

      Bye Bye BAG… Megan could do so much better. Maybe someone who would actually help her with her career. I’d like to see her succeed in a big way (though that prob won’t happen). Plus, Brian gives me really bad vibes, she had better be extremely careful regarding her personal safety..

  11. Lara K says:

    This makes me sad, but I hope she moves forward well. Always had a soft spot for her.
    Him, I can take or leave, but I don’t wish him ill.
    Hope the kids come through OK – they are so, so little!

  12. Loopy says:

    Wow I actually did not realize he is 42, which is silly because 90210 was a million years ago, so he was 31 and she was 18 hhmmm

  13. Rachel says:

    If one of them cheated, I’d guess it was Brian Austin Green. He seems like someone with an inferiority complex.

  14. LAK says:

    Not surprising considering they were together from 18-29 (her age). Those are critical years in terms of emotional development. If you are in a long term relationship at 18, the best you can hope is that your partner will grow with you. No one has to cheat or even behave badly for the inevitable split to happen. It’s simply human development.

    In this current age of personal choices, anyone who commits as a teen or even those early 20s and is still with their partner in a happy relationship in their 30s and beyond deserves a medal.

    • Kori says:

      I became engaged at 19 to my first boyfriend after dating just a few months. He was 21 and we met in college. Married at 21, first child at 24, last child by 31. Almost 25 years of a very happy marriage (and a military one to boot) Would I want my kids to follow that path? Only the happily married part. The timeline not so much! But we were both old souls and nesters and it has worked for us. However, knowing the odds, I would prefer my kids wait and experience more. But I do like that our youngest will be off to college before I’m 50. 🙂

    • Andrea says:

      I couldn’t agree more with the above LAK! My ex is dating a 22 year old (he is 30 going on 31) and I can’t wait for it to crash and burn because he does not want kids AT ALL and she doesn’t know what she wants at this age, but most likely does want them.

      If I married my 18 year old bf (whom I was with for 3 years) or my 21 year old bf whom I was with another 3 years, I would have been less of a person honestly. I needed to experience those relationships then end them to grow as a person. I’m 34 now. Very few people can grow with someone and not grow apart, particularly in one’s 20’s. I have two other friends in long term relationships in their early 30’s having major issues (one is married) and thinking of pulling the plug.

  15. InvaderTak says:

    Wow. What is in the water this summer? This ain’t the summer of love for sure. Blue Oyster Cult take it away.

    • Crumpet says:

      Some people don’t want to work at love. They think marriage should be all the feelings, and it’s not.

  16. meme says:

    She looks like plastic.

    • Anne says:

      She does look quite different. It always makes me feel like I’m looking at evidence of some hidden insecurity when I see a face . . . “adjust” that way over time.

      Wish her well after this split, though. I expect it will be quite an adjustment after so many years.

  17. Jayna says:

    Throw a few kids in the mix in rather quick succession and marriages change. Some don’t survive it. I remember one of those Ladies Home Journal articles, “Can This Marriage be Saved.” The couple was married five years without kids and had a fantastic relationship. Two kids later the marriage was over. She couldn’t believe the changes in him and how little he helped and differing views on childraising that caused arguments, finances, selfishness. Their great marriage turned into fighting and disillusionment with one another. He had his version about her also.

    As the comic/actress/writer in the UK, Sharon Horgan, said this year, mother of three, “It’s hard to stay in love and in a relationship when you’ve got kids.” She and comic Rob Delaney filmed a show based loosely on events in their own marriages.

    • Embee says:

      I agree with your take on this, Jayna. And Sharon Horgan’s. I think it is truly incredible when a marriage survives young children when both parents are working. There is simply not enough time/energy to go around. Very, very sad. I sometimes cynically wonder if the best strategy for a working woman would be to have children with the most reasonable, best parent-figure you can find and split custody, rather than try to have a romance with the person you live with/share parenting skills, etc. Especially when you consider that the default (not true for every family, I know) is that the mom does 3 times the childcare and twice the housework even when both parties work. Resentment is inevitable.

    • Kitten says:

      My bf and I are both of the “undecided” mindset when it comes to having kids. I think he leans slightly more towards not having them than I do. But stories like these make me start to think that he’s probably right.

      • Esmom says:

        Kitten, it’s a tough decision, that’s for sure. I was positive I didn’t want kids until one day I just did, right around the age of 30. It was that out of the blue. I wouldn’t trade my kids for anything in the world, they are my greatest loves, but it has been far, far harder than I ever imagined.

        I can imagine you, with your wisdom and wit, being a great mom, but I have come to realize that way too many people have kids that really should not.

      • waitwhat says:

        How old are you? I know sooooo many women who didn’t want kids in their youth and then they wake up at 33-35 desperate for a baby. Be careful, we have evolved but nature hasn’t and its so hard getting preggo after 35.

      • Andrea says:

        I’m 34 and still don’t want children. I did have a friend desperate for a kid at 34 so much so that she got tired of waiting for her 8 year long boyfriend’s divorce to go through and jumped on the next guy who’d have her and after 2 months got pregnant. She doesn’t even talk about the guy, just is happy to be getting the kid. You don’t want to end up in that situation at all; I personally believe it would have been better for her to wait it out with old boyfriend then use some literally average Joe as a sperm donor. She barely knows the guy and now he’s stuck in her life forever.

      • Crumpet says:

        But it can be the best thing that the two of you will ever share.

      • Zip says:

        When in doubt don’t have them.

    • megs283 says:

      ah, I love that feature. The marriages always seem so HOPELESS and lots of hard work and counseling later, most of the couples are in love again and seeing each other in a new light.

  18. idsmith says:

    I’m sad for them. I do remember worrying about her a little bit before they got married. He seemed very manipulative. I remember a time when she was being interviewed on a red carpet for something and they asked her where Brian was. She seemed a little sad and said – well tonight is my night, all about me, and he didn’t want to come and just be the purse holder I guess. She tried to play it off lighthearted but it made me so sad for her and I thought what a douchebag! She was in spotlight so he stayed home to pout.

    • FingerBinger says:

      I don’t believe he’s jealous of her career. I wouldn’t call a Teenage mutant ninja turtle reboot grounds for jealousy.

      • WinnieCoopersMom says:

        HAHAHA….Though maybe this was during her Transformer days? That was a big deal when it came out.

      • qwerty says:

        She did become a household name though while he was one of those “Oh, right, I remember that guy” actors.

  19. Janie says:

    I think she’s the money maker in the family. I know how many times she talked about being a full time mom, maybe he didn’t want that. She’s so gorgeous and sweet, I wish them both well.

  20. Mimz says:

    Dang… I wonder who’s next. Summer ain’t over yet and Divorces keep coming.
    My money is (NOT) on La Jolie. 😀 Imagine if that happened. The internet would have a meltdown “they broke up because Jen got married” and so on.
    Maybe Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting? that one’s been fishy for a while. Ok, since the beginning…
    But anyway it’s always sad when couples separate after a long time, I think some couples are just announcing now since there are so many divorces, some of them might be able to keep a lower profile and succeed at moving on much quicker.

    • minx says:

      Yeah, Kaley Cuoco got married when she was in that infatuation phase. She’s going to get tired of him doing nothing.

    • DTX says:

      I’d say Halle & Olivier. They’ve been weird for months!

    • WinnieCoopersMom says:

      Didnt she JUST get married, like 1-2 yrs ago, max? I feel like we were just hearing about the pink dress and upside-down cake..ughhh

  21. GreenieWeenie says:

    Whenever a beautiful woman seems extraordinarily insecure about her looks….I always side-eye the man next to her.

    • Anne says:

      Yes. But something in her is/was choosing him. So, two are playing that game.

      • yellow says:

        But sometimes (esp.) younger women are fooled. Manipulative/Controlling and abusive guys often don’t show their true colors till much later in the game. It’s not a case of laying all the cards out on the table, and the female knows exactly what she’s getting into… Far from it!

    • Mark says:

      Obviously it’s the guys fault

      Not the people on the internet calling her ugly

      • Greenieweenie says:

        Who called her ugly? She was/is famous for her looks. Ppl called out her completely unnecessary plastic surgery and her constantly changing appearance. She talked about her own insecurity. Yes, it strikes me that if you have a man next to you also critiquing your looks, or simply making you feel unvalued (like Gwen Stefani), you will be highly insecure about your appearance. Many women struggle with insecurity, but less so if they’re in fulfilling relationships. Someone doing a lot of tweaking from a young age–that’s struggling hard, and one wonders what the dynamics of her relationship were.

    • Ronda says:

      thats a terrible way of looking at things. No one can make you feel beautiful, it has to come from you. you can have the most amazing guy, if you are not willing to accept the love and yourself you wont go anywhere, thats not his fault.

      if you are insecure and someone truly loves and desires you it can make things even worse because you will doubt them and question all of their compliments because you dont feel worthy.

  22. JRenee says:

    He always seemed very controlling of her, I could be wrong but it just seemed that way.

  23. word says:

    Well this came out of no where !

  24. funcakes says:

    Gross. He’s morphing into Courtney Stoddens husband in the second picture.

  25. Penelope says:

    He’s always seemed like a jerk. She’ll be fine. Sad for the kids but this is all too common.

  26. don't know says:

    “Their reps could not be reached for comment.”
    “Do you think one of them cheated?” No.

  27. Nikki says:

    I think she grew up a lot and changed, and a 31 year old who gets with an 18 year old is used to being the “leader”. It also takes a very secure man to be married to such a stunning beauty, and I don’t think he’s that guy.

  28. bettyrose says:

    And men of the world rejoice!

  29. MediaMaven says:

    I watch a show on Bravo called Flipping Out (if you haven’t seen it – it’s hysterical, in all the wrong ways). Anyway, they Greens wee having their house totally redone by Jeff Lewis – BAG was the focal point, never a sign of Megan. I thought that was weird. Now it makes sense.

  30. Quinn says:

    Man, it’s truly been Summer of Splitsville!

  31. Andrea says:

    My ex is 30 going on 31 dating a 22 year old, he thinks it will last even though he adamently does not want kids and she doesn’t know what she wants at her age. It is hilarious. I am just waiting for it to crash and burn.

    • bettyrose says:

      22-30 is a whole different ball game than 32-40. I knew a young woman who was recently married to an 8 year older guy that was beyond ready to start a family, while she was still enjoying her bikini looks and all night partying. I assume they had talked at one point about both wanting kids, but she was thinking ten years down the road and he thought it would happen on the wedding night. It sounded like he was constantly pressuring her and it was a stressful situation.

      • Andrea says:

        What a train wreck!

        Where they are in the south, the society/family etc pushes them to have kids before 30. Most of my friends that wanted kids had them before 30 in NC.

      • bettyrose says:

        Northern Midwest.

      • Andrea says:

        It is amazing how different regions have totally different social norms. I grew up in Ny and it was a whole new ballgame. My best guy friend had his first kid at 26 and they were viewed as the youngest parents in their area. LOL

      • bettyrose says:

        Yep. I’m a west coast girl, myself, but what really struck me as strange about this young woman was that she was extremely proud of being married before 25. It came up a lot in conversation that she had beaten many of her friends to the alter, but she and hubby had very different timelines for domesticity. My take was that she was afraid of losing the sexual desirability that got her hitched in the first place. Old fashioned thinking but in her world it was probably a legitimate concern (I.e. even hot moms are supposed to be matronly).

  32. WinnieCoopersMom says:

    He seems like the epitome of the a-hole, controlling jerk. Hope she lands with a nice guy who has an ego that can handle her beauty and (somewhat of a ) career. Maybe Orlando Bloom?

  33. serena says:

    Didn’t see that coming. Actually I’m a little bit sad, I thought they’d last, but that can happen when you start really young with a person.

  34. JenniferJustice says:

    I know it’s biased and wrong, but when I see a beautiful woman obsessed with plastic surgery, i tend to blame the husband (if there is one) because I think if he gave her the reassurance she needed and made her feel beautiful just the way she is, she wouldn’t think she needs to alter her appearance or compete with other women. When I read both Melanie Griffith and Antonio Bandarez were splitting and later John Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt and rumors about both men cheating, I thought re their respective wives/girlfriend, okay, now all the plastic surgeries and the obvious insecurities make sense. So, now I’m wondering about BAG….hmmmm….

    • DEB says:

      She denies all the botox but yet can barely move her face and can’t even smile properly? LOL – hilarious. 😛

    • Crumpet says:

      You may have a very good point here.

    • Mark says:

      How come anytime a famous is insecure or is going through troubles it’s always the guys fault?

    • LeAnn Stinks says:

      If memory serves me correct, Banderas left his wife for Griffith, so she knew what she was getting into before she even married him. I also think she was constantly worried that karma was going to come around and bite her in the butt, hence all of the plastic surgery.

      I remember there were stories all over the gossip magazines that she was on the set of “Original Sin” everyday because she didn’t trust Angelina Jolie with her husband. I am sure she didn’t exactly trust him either based on how their own relationship started.

    • Boxy Lady says:

      Antonio Banderas did not want Melanie to have all that plastic surgery. He said that in at least one interview that he thought she had had enough and was telling her to stop the surgeries. By the time she stopped, though, the damage had been done.

  35. Irene says:

    I had no idea she was only 18 and he was in his 30’s when they got together. Gross.

  36. madpoe says:

    His mid-life crisis cost him a family.

    • Jayna says:

      Or her young-life crisis. She could have met someone on set, like Keri Russell did, now dating her co-star.

      Or it could just be strain in the marriage with careers and three children, as he has a son from another relationship also.

  37. Jayna says:

    I remembered they were on Flipping Out this season. I only saw the first episode with Brian about their home and hiring Jeff and went to check out if there was anything on them and what happened. I found this.

    “Though Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green’s split may seem shocking to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans, it hardly comes as a shock to viewers of Jeff Lewis’ show Flipping Out.

    This season on the Bravo show, Lewis has been working on a house for them on Flipping Out. Green was excited about the project, but they suddenly made a shocking decision to sell the house. Fox never made an appearance on the show, and when Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos would mention Megan Fox her husband said very little.

    Green was rarely seen on the red carpet with Fox and the two haven’t been seen together since June 9 in Beverly Hills. Since then, Fox has been seen out and about in L.A. without her wedding ring on.”

  38. Miss Gloss says:

    I’ve read things about him and how he was controlling and other things that hinted towards physical and verbal abuse. I think he has some serious issues unfortunately.

  39. Wonderbunny says:

    This is a horrible thing to say, but I’m really curious with whom he’ll hook up next. He’s been with some really gorgeous actresses, who’ve all had bigger careers than he has. What is it about him? I can’t see it.

  40. Betti says:

    Granted he got better looking as he got older but he’s always been a douche and i never got what she saw in him. Maybe she liked having an older man whisk her off her feet. She can do waaay better than him.

    If anyone cheated it was him – i’ve never gotten that vibe from her, for all her blustering about being ‘wild and sexy’ I think at heart she’s a normal, homebody kinda gal who was never really interested in the whole Hollywood party lifestyle. If he’s as insecure as the many reports of him are he would have to get back at her for having a more successful career than he. That’s a common warped excuse – using her success as a reason to be a douche as you’re not man enough to actually be happy for her.

    • Alicia says:

      “If anyone cheated it was him – i’ve never gotten that vibe from her…”

      Vibes? Jesus.

      And what is all this talk about her having a more successful career? Her career has been dead and buried ever since Spielberg said the words “fire her” to Michael Bay. They’re both equally C-List, at this point.

  41. Andrea says:

    Doesn’t he have a kid (the 13 year old) with Vanessa Marcil and cheated on her and that’s why they split?

    • MichLynn says:

      Yes and he was pretty much an asshole to her too. Tried to sue her for money he said he “loaned” her which was prob child support.

      • Andrea says:

        Ugh really? How gross. I hope he is alone for awhile. But something tells me he will manipulate someone else who is young and naive.

    • K says:

      If rumors are to be believed with Megan fox. He also was an ass about her child from what I read using him to try and control her. So Megan had some fun to look forward to there.

  42. Tara says:

    How come she always looks so greasy and plastic? I thought it was annoying that she tried to pretend she was wild just for attention.

  43. Erin says:

    How is it possible that their sons are 2 and 18 months? Did anyone else catch that?

  44. WILZ says:

    Maybe now she can meet someone who cares enough to convince her to take those crazy cheek implants out and focus on getting more roles in movies rather than more work to her face before its too late to save her career…she hasn’t done anything relevant since jennifer’s body and I feel like he’s part of the reason why.

  45. InsertNameHere says:

    There was a Lainey blind a while back that was widely thought to be about them – something about him threatening her with going public about terminating a pregnancy as a way to control her? Does anyone remember that one?

  46. Pmnichols says:

    Who knows what really ever happens? It’s just life. If she dated Shia and he’s the one that got away….yikes. Clearly if BAG is controlling or emotionally abusive than she has other issues that she should work on. I feel bad for their kids too. Such a shame in the end.

  47. Jana says:

    All I know about this couple is what I saw during a 5 1/2 hour flight to Hawaii, where I sat next to Brian Austin Green and Megan was across the aisle. He held their 6 month old baby the ENTIRE flight. He never took a bathroom break, had no food and never slept. And when their 2 year old (a few aisles up with a nanny) started crying midflight, it was Brian who went and held him to quiet him down. Megan Fox never even looked up from her Ipad. I’ve never seen a mother more disconnected from her two small children.

    • Jag says:

      I could take that two ways: either she’s emotionally distant to her children – which I hope is not the case – or he’s so controlling that she’s not even allowed to parent her own children because she’d “do it wrong.” I hope that’s not the case, either, but it would bode well that she’s getting out, if so.

  48. Jag says:

    I think she got tired of his controlling, allegedly emotionally abusive nature.

    Good for her!

  49. Swofty says:

    Maybe they got in to an argument about who THE plastic surgery will see first?
    Brian shouldnt mess with his face.

    She was to Young to get married, she said, a year before they got married.
    For Megan, so true.
    He just wants to ‘play’ house. Megan doesnt look like THE type

  50. Lely says:

    She might not be “conventionally” wild, but there’s always been a certain dose of trouble in her. I think she comes from a troubled childhood. That “dark” element was always very prominent in her.