Judges on American Idol aren’t getting along

Kara DioGuardi and Paula Abdul
Everyone said that adding a fourth judge to the mix on “American Idol” was a bad idea – and now that is looking to be true. Sources say the addition of Kara DioGuardi, a songwriting veteran with hundreds of hit tunes to her credit, has stirred up some bad mojo with the show’s existing judges. And Kara also has a hard time taking criticism from the live studio audience, including family members of the contestants.

Here’s what you didn’t see on last night’s American Idol:


While judge Kara DioGuardi critiqued contestant Megan Joy’s performance of “Turn Your Lights Down Low,” her brother yelled out, “Broken record!” It startled the judge.

During the break, DioGuardi approached him and the rest of her family. At first, she thought he was yelling “broken record” at his sister. When Joy’s brother told her the comment was aimed at her, DioGuardi was taken aback. “I am? Why?” she asked. He then said “packaged artist” could be her “packaged phrase.” Upset, she stormed off with her bodyguards.

She approached Joy’s brother again during the next break, tapping him on the shoulder. She then said to the people around them, “Can you believe what he said to me?”

It wasn’t her only miffed moment. After DioGuardi and low-scoring contestant Anoop Desai clashed over his rendition of Usher’s “Caught Up,” the show went to commercial and DioGuardi made an annoyed face as she turned away to walk backstage. She then greeted guest Neil Patrick Harris (who was with his beau David Burtka) as he waved wildly from the audience.


DioGuardi recently complained on the Ellen DeGeneres Show that the other judges “talk about the clothes” more than the “technical” aspects of a singer’s performance. But when contestant Allison Iraheta walked on stage in a poofy red dress and black leggings, DioGuardi ended up commenting on her look. When Simon Cowell remarked that Iraheta resembled “something out of The Addams Family,” DioGuardi leaned over and said to him off-mic, “So, you agree with me!” Cowell refused to acknowledge her.

Throughout the show, Cowell and Paula Abdul (who was “upset” over DioGuardi’s comments to DeGeneres, says a source) bonded, talking and whispering frequently. After contestant Scott MacIntyre sang, the two cut off DioGuardi’s critique by walking backstage with their arms around each other.

[From US Weekly]

Personally, I like Kara’s insight on the show. She’s the only judge who is currently working successfully in the music industry. When was the last time Paula Abdul was relevant as a recording artist? I do agree with her that the judges are way too focused on the contestant’s images and not the vocals or talent. I don’t think the judges should be allowed to say anything once the competition reaches the point where the audience votes. First of all, their opinions cease to matter once the voting part of the show is involved. And second of all, they don’t really have anything constructive to say most of the time anyway.

Kara Dioguardi is shown promoting Revolution Eyewear at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in NY on 3/29/09. Photo of Kara and Paula Abdul is from an event in NY last summer introducing Kara as the fourth judge. Credit: PRPhotos

Simon Cowell, Kara DioGuardi, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson

Kara Dioguardi

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  1. Brenda says:

    The judges should be reduced to Kara and Randy – they are the only ones who say anything worth hearing. They’re honest, in a kind, constructive way, and they always always always speak to the vocal performance rather than the contestants’ appearance (which is admittedly only a tiny bit relevant). Paula is a boob, plain and simple. She is simpering and patronizing and I always always always fast-forward my Tivo to avoid listening to her “comments”. As for Simon — whatever. By the way, why should Kara really care about the lone critic or Simon?

  2. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Paula’s used to being the only gal on the show, it’ll shake out -or not- either way I’ll sleep like a baby.

  3. Aaaaa says:

    She comes across a little ‘holier than thou’. Its annoying when she starts to sing AT the contestants to show them how it should be done. Not surprised she cant take criticism from the audience or anyone else. Very full of herself. Just go with it, you’re already a judge, dont have to prove anything.

  4. Bobby the K says:


    I think Paula’s had her tits lowered.

  5. angela white says:

    “She’s the only judge who is currently working successfully in the music industry.” – are you kidding me? simon has 3 successful shows – geared around the music industry..he works with 19 entertainment, produces several popular (albeit in europe) acts and seriously, altho he is rude on occasion i bet he has been responsible for more music stars than silly deguardi has…and randy has been working and producing very very successfully in the music world for more than half his life. randy not only is a musician, but he produces albums for r&b AND country AND pop. he is very respected world wide..do a little more research before making these across the board statements…paula, on the other hand-i couldnt agree more. dioguardi is very talented and successful…but too full of herself – she feels she needs to “prove” to everyone that she’s “famous, talented, etc” TOO even if you dont have a clue who she is… okay so, yall got more than my two cents worth. there you are.

  6. YoMomma says:

    Randy does comment on the vocalization of the contestants. But I just never understand Paula. Sometimes she appears to be reading off of a teleprompter. But she and Simon’s comments are always entertaining.

  7. Anya says:

    Paula seems jealous of Kara. Whenever Kara critiques a contestant, Paula immediately looks at Simon with a smile on her face. Kara can sing, and write songs whereas Paula can’t seem to do anything but act light a drunken old hag.

  8. Lia says:

    Um, Paula needs to purchase a bra that “lifts and separates…”. Gravity is not her friend at this age. As far as the judges go, Kara and Randy do seem to be the only two who care about the singing. Paula just twitters on about, well… who knows what she’s talking about, and Simon seems unable to form intelligible thoughts and put them into words through that persistent sneer and / or smirk that seems frozen on his smug face. It’s embarassing how some of these “celebrities” buy into their own hype.

  9. FC mom says:

    All that aside, can anyone tell me why Simon often wears what looks to be an old Hanes undershirt? My new charity -the “Clothe Simon Fund.”

  10. Mme X says:

    I am so not a fan of the new judge. I keep wanting to like her, but everything that comes out of her mouth–not to mention her facial expressions–just awful. Even though Paula is a bit wishy-washy and seems more than a little out of it, I think she knows way more about what she’s talking about.

  11. Mme X says:

    post script: it seemed to me that Kara was aware that the “broken record” comment was aimed at her. didn’t she say something like “well, you come sit up here, why don’t you?” (paraphrase) in response?

  12. Valensi says:

    I don’t watch American Idol – and I don’t plan on it. So I guess when you don’t have much of an opinion in the first place, that article really depicts this Kara chick in a negative light.
    Regardless of whether she’s musically talented or just a total moron, I still think adding a fourth judge to Idol was a very rash decision. We’ll all get used to it, of course, but it just looks a wee bit awkward.

  13. shelby says:

    I cant stand Kara, didnt like her from day one! I liked paula being the only girl

  14. Mimi says:

    OMG I personally think paula should be KICKED OFF the show she SUCKS!!!!