Angelina Jolie & Brad are house-hunting in London & balking at the prices


Back in the day, Angelina Jolie owned a really beautiful converted farmhouse in Berkshire, England. She fell in love with the area when she was filming Lara Croft, and for a while, England was her home. Then she met Brad Pitt and suddenly she didn’t spend a lot of time in Berkshire. I guess she sold the farmhouse at some point in the past decade, which is too bad because now Brad and Angelina are looking to relocate on a semi-permanent basis in England. They’re shopping for some decent real estate in London, which… I mean, good luck with that. Even though Brad and Angelina are very well-off, they’re balking at the London real estate prices.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are selecting a new residence. “They’re house hunting in London,” says a source in the new issue of Us Weekly. “Angie wants to slowly immerse herself in E.U. politics.”

Though the parents of six toured a $39 million, seven-bedroom Westminster mansion in June, they have yet to produce the pounds to buy it. Explains the source: “It’s a huge investment. Neither of them wants to throw down that amount of cash.”

The couple were also in London in late June so that Jolie could attend a luncheon as part of her work on UK foreign policy and her ongoing campaign to end sexual violence in war crimes. While there, the pair also had tea with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, a Kensington Palace spokesperson told Us exclusively at the time. “They discussed their shared interest in combatting the illegal wildlife trade.”

There’s no rush to make the big move, though. The By the Sea director, 40, isn’t interested in making “a sudden career change,” adds the source. “She doesn’t want to lose her directing momentum.”

[From Us Weekly]

Moving to London has always seemed like it would make a lot of sense for them, especially since Brad and Angie have both filmed several projects in England in the past five years. But in that time, they always rented. While I’m sure Angelina does want to immerse herself in EU politics, maybe she also wants to spend more time in a country that Dame’d her. Dame Angie wants to live in a country that will refer to her as “Dame Angelina” all the time.



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  1. Megan says:

    I heard there is a fantastically renovated apartment available at Kensington Palace that isn’t being used….

    • aims says:

      Yes, with a state of an art kitchen I’ve been told.

      • LAK says:

        2 kitchens no less.

      • notasugarhere says:

        There’s the family kitchen, formal kitchen, staff kitchen, nursery kitchenette. She’s really more like 8 Kitchens Kate (staff kitchen at her parents house, Anmer main kitchen, staff kitchen in security quarters, nanny kitchenette in her suite).

        $39 million for 7 bedrooms starts to put it in perspective. Conservatively, what would you estimate W&K’s abandoned KP space to be worth on the open market minus historical significance? £70 million?

    • vauvert says:

      Ding ding ding! Best comment of the way😜
      Seriously though we have been hearing this for a year. They want to move, prices too high, but they are in no rush. If they really want to move, they will. If they just want to tour nice properties in the meantime, they will. With their family and all the staff they must employ, I am sure they need a huge property.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Meanwhile, someone in Norfolk is doing cartwheels at the idea that AJ would be so close. Oh the stories that will be spun around the new best buddies.

    • anne_000 says:

      This post was the first big laugh of the day. Thanks 😛

    • Vava says:

      LOL! So true!

  2. Dvaria says:

    I would take Saint Angie more seriously if she put down that $39 mill on the causes she wants everyone else to support rather than spending it on another lump of bricks she’ll live in a month or so out of the year when she’s not in her chateau or penthouse or New Orleans mansion etc.

    • doofus says:

      by all accounts, she donates PLENTY to the causes she supports and to many others.

      what she spends the rest of her money on is her business.

      are you really going to shade her for not giving what you consider to be “enough”? should she donate every cent she makes? would that be enough?

      I’m not even a superfan but bashing her for her “lack” of supporting charities is kind of weak.

      • Careygloss says:

        There’s no doubt that she really cares about the issues she advocates for. And I think that’s great. But I’m not going to pretend (and neither should anyone) that she’s not a calculating, vain celebrity at the end of the day. Because, well…I think that’s a little precious for someone to believe. I also don’t think that showing up for photo-ops is going to change the world. BUT every time she gives a chunk of change, it’s wonderful and she does deserve applause for that. It’s just that I wonder if the applause is truly what she’s after.

      • HoustonGrl says:

        When it comes to most celebrities, I tend to agree with you. But I can’t really fault brangelina on this one. This is a strategic move on their part, much of it having to do with her platform on refugee issues. She’s getting way more support over there than she is here.

      • lola says:

        Ohhh, someone is getting their feather’s ruffled. LOL

    • mia girl says:

      If there’s one thing to take seriously about Angelina Jolie it is her true and ongoing commitment to the causes she believes in, both with her time and her money.

      I say buy whatever real estate they want.

    • Peggy says:

      She works for her money and she contributes more to charity than Donald Trump, why don’t you ask him to sell one of his Jets to be taken seriously.

    • Tiffany says:

      BAAAALLLLSSS!!! Are you serious?

    • Kdlaf says:

      She has said in numerous interviews that she gives 1/3 of her (and brad’s) money to causes she feels strongly about. She and Brad’s net worth is nearly half a billion dollars for christ sakes. Yes this is my inner Brangaloonie coming out but regardless, what she does with her money is her business. Are you her accountant? How would you even know how much she gives?

      • doofus says:

        and you don’t even have to be a Brangeloonie to know she’s serious about giving back, both time and money.

        I’ve never been a huge fan of her acting, but I admire her humanitarian work greatly.

    • BNA FN says:

      Why is it some people really believe Angelina must solve all the problems in the world? Brad and Angelina are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Anyway, keep on helping Brad and Angelina, you are making a difference in the world. I have never read one of Jennifer A fan asking her to spend her entire fortune helping the poor, Ect. it’s always Brad and Angelina are not doing enough.

      For those people who generally asks why don’t they help the poor in the USA. I know I pay taxes from every pay check and some of those fund is for social programs, like to feed the poor, pay rent, Ect.

      • Judd says:

        Why bring Aniston into the conversation? Is that your “go to” when one says something remotely negative about Jolie? Put your bug girl panties on and deal with it! It makes you seem so bitter…..

      • Sarah says:

        Judd your comment would have more credibility if you similarly addressed it to Dvaria….

      • Jessica says:

        @Judd All your comments on Jolie/Pitt articles are bitter so pot meets kettle.

    • bree says:

      Enough with this Saint Angelina stuff. She does not refer to herself as a saint, & neither do her fans.

      Only those that despise her call her that.
      She is a human like us all who is just trying to do some good with her life, influence, & time.

      For example, I think the students who attend the schools she has had built in Kenya & Afghanistan would disagree with you!!

    • Greata says:

      @Dvaria…Stop trolling! You really cannot question the woman’s commitment to her causes at this point.

    • meme says:

      OH NO YOU DIDN’T. get ready for the backlash (though I agree with you)

      • Maya says:

        Of course you agree Meme – even Stevie Wonder saw that coming.

        I find it pretty funny and ironic that you always critize a woman who gives millions (1/3 of her salary) to various humanitarian causes, spends hours visiting dangerous places to listen to refugees and gives them a voice, co founder of a program that now has been accepted by several countries etc and yet you idolise (we all know who that is) someone who gives neither money or time to charity, lives in a £30-40m worth house, pays for her friends to go on holiday etc.

      • meme says:

        @maya…you have NO idea what you’re talking about since the only celebrity I “idolize” is MALE who is well known but lives a very low key life and has never been photographed on vacation. So there’s that to consider.

    • Pmnichols says:

      I know I will catch hell for this, but I’m so over these two. Bored.

    • Hanni says:

      But they’ve had the New Orleans house on the market for two years now. (I have family who live in NOLA and i visit every year, and one is a high-end real estate agent). New Orleans house is nice, but by no means is it a mansion by Southern standards. Pictures were online but can’t remember where. I think they were asking about $5M US for it.

    • Jib says:

      Right? Why do they need 7 bedrooms? The kids can’t share rooms, two to a room? How many nannies do they have?

      I have started to dislike her less, especially when compared to Duchess Dolittle and most Hollywood celebrities but I think they are being excessive in their choice of a part time home, especially since they want to have real cred as humanitarians. Can you imagine Mother Teresa living in a 5 million dollar flat? I’d give her side eye for that, for sure.

      And I do realize they need some property if just for security purposes. But 39 million? Crazy.

      • darkdove says:

        Jib you should read more on.mother Theresa she was one of the most corrupted people took money from dictators did not give to the poor.

      • Sarah says:

        Jib most of us normal people have our own bedroom. Why shouldn’t they? If this were anyone else, you wouldn’t expect their kids share rooms. And why bring up Mother Theresa? Angelina has never in any way acted like or insinuated that she thinks she is Mother Theresa. Neither has anyone else

      • bree says:

        Uh, what is wrong with each kid having their own room?? Of all the things to whine about…..

        People can live in nice homes & still give back.

        If you dislike her for living in million $ homes, you must dislike everyone in Hollywood!

      • Jib says:

        Seriously? Most of your kids had their own rooms? My sister and I were lucky enough to share a room and my sons did, also, and loved it. And, no, most “normal” people in the real world do not have heir own rooms unless they are adults. Many kids share…the horrors, I know.

        Amazing how out of touch so many here are. You all must live in rarified worlds.

      • KAI says:

        Mother Teresa is one of the last people who should be named as a example of goodness and charity. It is known that she flew first class, she stayed in five star hotels during her so-called fund-raising missions, hobnobbed with brutal dictators, including Duvalier, and very likely had a very expensive home base.

        Very little of the money raised went to the charities she promoted. The money did not go to hospitals and hospices for the destitute as many thought. They were just places for the poor to die without comfort or medication.

        Anti-divorce and anti-abortion, regardless of the circumstances were causes she campaigned for. When India, under Indira Ghandi, imposed forced sterilization on the poor however, she lauded their efforts.

        Read The Missionary Position by Christopher Hitchens. It’s very enlightening.

    • Emma - The JP Lover says:

      The “US” article is using the famed ‘Source’ and we all should know by now that there is no ‘Source’ giving out information on the Jolie-Pitts because–HELLO!–two secret surgeries and a wedding.

      But even if it’s true, so what? They have plenty of money and they give plenty of movie to charities and causes. And to whoever said they should have their children share rooms? Right, good luck with that, especially as their kids are getting older. How many preteens do you know who will willingly share a room when they have an option (due to their parents’ means) to have their own room? Isn’t it enough that the Jolie-Pitt kids all wear hand-me-downs, and have since they were babies? Why don’t the Jolie-Pitts get credit for that?

      Unlike other celebrity kids, the Jolie-Pitt children don’t have personal fashion designers turning out their every outfit. The Jolie-Pitts are also teaching their children (by example and life experience) that there are people in the world who aren’t as fortunate as they are. These kids will grow up and give ‘their’ money to people in need because their parents take them to the ‘not so pretty’ places in the world where there truly ‘are’ people in need and in humanely abusive situations. These kids are learning ’empathy’ for others thanks to their parents.

      • Jib says:

        Jeez, my kids shared rooms and they survived – actually, two out of three of them went to Ivy League colleges and the third went to a top art school for photography. And in my house, the kids didnt make the rules and decide who slept where. Do people seriously let their kids dictate to them like that?!?!

      • Sarah says:

        Jib the fact is in the real world, most children do eventually end up having their own room. And where do you get the idea that kids ‘dictate’ that to their parents? It has nothing to do with the kids dictating and everything to do with ordinary human behavior. I think you’re the one out of touch. I think you’re getting a little hysterical and petty. Fact is, I grew up in a low socio-economic area and unless families were large, most kids had their own room. Besides, as they go through teenage years, they need privacy and space.
        Agreed Emma, I cannot believe how desperate and petty some people are being. As if a child having their own private space to sleep and study is such a ‘bad’ thing.

      • Jib says:

        @sarah, again, I have taught for 25 years in middle class and lower economic areas, and most kids share bedrooms. There is no way kids in lower socio-economic areas have their own rooms. What is your experience in making such a statement?

        And privacy? Too much alone time in a room with computer/tv is not healthy for kids. If that makes me hysterical, so be it. As I said, my kids shared rooms and are well adjusted, generous, empathetic people who are doing pretty well in life so far, knock wood. As are most of my poor, unfortunate students forced into the horror of shared bedrooms.

    • RainbowBrite says:

      How petty of you.

    • lola says:

      “St. Angie”, only FF loonies call Angelina Jolie Pitt by that name.

      As for Brad and Angie looking to “buy”, a house, more than likely they’re looking for a place to settle their family for the next couple months, while Brad films War Machine.

      And really, Angie wanting to get into UK “politics”, I guess the fact Angie is a US citizen has not crossed the loonie’s minds.

      Common sense, people, common sense. Sheesh.

    • MARCUS says:


  3. aims says:

    They’re just your average couple who get shell shock by the prices of homes, lol. But in all honest Angie has said she’s good with money.

  4. Esteph says:

    I like that they are “balking” at the prices, shows that they’re not above us peasants and they feel the hurt on their wallets too 🙂

  5. frisbee says:

    Oh come on I don’t for one minute believe she want’s to spend time in the country that Dame’d her – as a distinctly non-Brangeloony even I’d credit her with a bit more substance that that! The EU politics I can believe in. We have a massive humanitarian crisis at the moment with thousands of genuine refugees fleeing to Europe from the conflicts in Syria (amongst other places) that the EU as a whole seem incapable of dealing with. I can how a humanitarian with a platform would want to help with that.
    I don’t blame them for balking at London house prices, sadly they’ve been massively inflated by the international criminal element buying property in London to hide their ill gotten gains. I have no idea how ordinary people get to live there when the average price for a flat in Central London is £1,233,289

    • Sixer says:

      My brother’s house is in Zone 5, as far from the centre as you can get. Pretty normal decent sized 3 bedroom semi – it’s worth a million plus. When interest rates eventually go up, nobody will be able to pay their mortgages and the true cost of austerity will become painfully apparent to a lot more people than it is now.

      I’m so glad I got out when I did. That bubble is unstable and when it pops, there will be carnage.

      Angie – don’t buy!

      • frisbee says:

        It’s going to get really messy, massive rises in homelessness and nowhere for them to go. And where the h*ll are the nurses, firemen, policemen, doctors, teachers – all providing vital services – going to live – they can’t do a two hour commute twice a day. The lack of genuine planning is so short sighted it infuriates me.

      • Lady D says:

        I read about Kate Gosselin when the housing bust happened in the States. She had bought a house worth 1.7 mill, and a year later the bust happened and the value of her house became $700,000. She was on the hook for a mortgage of 1.7 mill, but her house was only worth the $700 grand.

      • Who ARE these people? says:

        Sixer, your comment could apply to a lot of typical and often run-down semis going in Toronto, Canada for about that much now. With interest rates still being cut even from their prolonged “emergency low,” household debt very high, and it being Toronto instead of London.

        Ditto on the “Angie, Don’t Buy,” all the signs are flashing red!

      • Pandy says:

        @LadyD – I know it’s mean, but the Kate Gosselin anecdote just makes me snicker.

      • lucy2 says:

        I just stayed at a 3 br place last month on the outer edge of zone 2, and a similar home on the street was for sale for 2 million GBP. It’s craziness. Similar to the San Francisco Bay Area here in the US, the prices are so out of control. And a client of ours just bought a place in NYC that we think was about $25 million!

      • Sixer says:

        The powers-that-be think of it as asset-based welfare. The idea is that we all pass on valuable assets with inflation-busting value growth (our houses) to our kids and so nobody will ever need welfare from taxation. But those of us at the coal face can see what they can’t see – it puts us even more on the hook of too-big-to-fail banks than we were before, we have ageing populations who will use their assets to pay for care in old age not pass on to their kids, private debt is much more unstable than national debt, the 0% interest base rates can’t be maintained forever, etc etc etc.

        The average age of a first time property buyer in London is now over 40!

        I paid down all my mortgage debt by running away from London a few years back now. And I really am glad I did.

        How gloomy it all is.

      • teacakes says:

        for real, London house prices are insane.

        One of my friends is a lawyer who’s been at a major firm for the last seven years – so she’s not low-paid at all and not a spendthrift – but STILL can’t afford to buy a one-bedroom in Zone 2 or even 3. She makes enough money to rent in that area, but nowhere near enough to even think of buying. It’s officially insane.

        and maybe it’s just me, but I was in London earlier this month (the weather was really nice that week) and it felt like there seemed to be more homeless people than ever, on the street. I feel like these things are not unrelated – the rising house prices and homelessness, that is.

      • laura in LA says:

        Wow, and I thought LA was bad…

    • Who ARE these people? says:

      Sixer, ditto, and we rent as well because it’s so much cheaper than buying. It’s nice to have the money at hand for when it’s needed. Not giving my money to the bank. The whole situation is wildly distorted — bass ackwards!

  6. The Original G says:

    The European market is on the verge of a possible crash. Why would anyone buy at peak prices? BTW, I don’t really believe “sources” on this kind of thing at all.

  7. Neah23 says:

    The media seems to always have a story about them “looking” for house in London evey time they film there.

  8. Korra says:

    Did they not know? Lol us plebeians have been complaining about real estate in these major urban areas for years now. New York, London, SF, Boston, etc it’s the worst. I’m gonna have to move to the Midwest one day. I guess they wanted something nice and modern with tons of space for $20 million.

  9. Sofia says:

    They probably just look for properties that will always be over the top price wise, but London is where you find the most expensive real estate. There are so many empty houses bought just has an investment it’s not even funny, sometimes 90% of a building is empty which is really sad given the shortage of houses. And there are luxury developments being built everywhere. I actually feel that in London to have a decent place you need to have the same amount of money that would make you rich in many other places in Europe. In London you are just middle class. It’s crazy:/

  10. BNA FN says:

    I believe Brad is supposed to start shooting a movie at the end of this month, in London. I’m thinking they may be looking to rent a house because they always bring the entire family with them on location. I just thought.

  11. MrsBPitt says:

    I don’t know if I believe this story! Why would they buy a house in England, when they have a house in France. If Angie wants to get more involved in European politics, why can’t she do it from France?

    • doofus says:

      totally off-topic but when I read your comment I thought of “We are from France!” a la the Coneheads.

      just made me laugh… 🙂

    • notasugarhere says:

      Maybe she’s working with the new Centre for Women, Peace and Security at the London School of Economics? She helped launch that in February. If you get things done by attending meetings, it is easier to do if you already live where the meetings take place.

  12. Evasmom says:

    Are the rumors true that they are hav uh ng financial troubles?

    • Sofia says:

      I don’t really believe that. They are both rich. But are there rumors? Never read anything about it.

    • KellyBee says:

      I would say no because it came from a tabloid and they’ve proven time and time again that they keep their sh* t lick down.

      That story is as believable as the Island they didn’t buy, they 20+ kids they did have/adopt, Frank Lloyd Wright hous she didn’t buy him as a gift and so on.

    • Peggy says:

      Yes , eyes rolling, they’re having financial trouble.
      Easy solution, Brad owns four or five house in his compound, property in St Barbara, a Chateau in France, NO house on the market, Art Work, shares in an a couples of business, the list is too long.

    • ican'tsnap says:

      Yeah, just minutes ago I read something about $35MM debt. LOL.

  13. Colette says:

    Usweekly doesn’t know anything about their plans, if they did they would know where the family is today .

  14. Colleen says:

    “They discussed their shared interest in combatting the illegal wildlife trade.” Oh Really?

    • Neah23 says:

      I don’t know I remember reading comments that illegal wildlife trade is something that Will actually care about.

    • Colleen says:

      It was the Duchess I had in mind. The quote kind of lumped them together in this cause.

  15. db says:

    I have a feeling that they’re waiting to see how the world economy fares before fully committing. It’s interesting she wants to get involved in EU policies, not sure how I feel about that one.

  16. leigh says:

    I think they already own a property in London.

  17. Snowflake says:

    I wish they’d adopt me 😫

  18. lucy2 says:

    I doubt this is true – unless they were planning on moving there permanently, it wouldn’t make much sense to buy at the height of the market right now for a place they would barely use.

    It’s amazing how many big properties sit empty most of the time. Once a person has more than 3 or 4 properties, I can’t imagine that they spend enough time there to make it worthwhile. And it seems so wasteful.

    • Elisha says:

      It’s probably true that they toured it, why not? Brad is an architecture fan, they could’ve just been curious and wanted to have a look. I often look at homes I’m not serious about buying because I enjoy looking at homes, like Brad. They probably were never serious about buying it but it’s plausible they looked for the heck of it.

  19. My Two Cents says:

    Brad and Angie both keep their private matters very private from what i have seen. They are both awesome humanitarians and give of their time and money. I am sure they are wealthy beyond most all celebrities so they will never have money problems. I swear the crap that comes out in gossip rags is not worth the paper it is written on but so many take anything they say as the gospel truth.

    • Div says:

      I doubt they have any money problems, but are using common sense if they balk at the idea of dropping $39 million dollars. They are worth hundreds of millions but they also have multiple homes, nannys, kids, and donate a lot to charity. $39 million is a lot of money even if they have $200 mil in liquid assets (liquid, as I’m sure they are worth more when you factor in their properties) and perhaps they wish to use that money for something else.

      • Even if I had that much money, I’d balk at $39 million dollars for a HOUSE. I mean….it better come with diamonds and tiaras if I’m gonna put down THAT much.

      • teacakes says:

        @Virgilia – I’ve known people whose families put down even more than that for houses in a certain area, but the house they bought was actually in an area where further development was banned so they could preserve the architecture (designed by Edwin Lutyens, to be specific).

  20. Maya says:

    Don’t know if it is true but Brangelina are always welcome here in Britain especially London.

  21. Armenthrowup says:

    Please god no, we already have bloody Lilo, we don’t want this awful pair too!

    • lisa2 says:

      I don’t think you speak for the entire Country.. so change your “royal WE”.. to YOU.. and I’m sure there are many MEs that would love for them to grace the UK by living there.

      or maybe they are waiting for you to vacate first.

    • Sarah says:

      There is nothing ‘awful’ about them. You should be so lucky to have them.

    • norah says:

      you may not like them but there are others who do

  22. brincalhona says:

    Way to change the world, accepting a title from and simpering in the presence of a representative of a system that likes everyone to know their place.

    • Who ARE these people? says:

      Simpering? More like smiling graciously. The title gives her more clout to work with that system and be respected by it, out of date as it may be.

  23. ican'tsnap says:

    London home prices ARE insane, but they definitely don’t have to spend $39MM to get into central London. But I guess they are used to living in proper mansions.

    • TrixC says:

      Yes. I live in a very nice part of London and you could get an amazing huge house here for £5-10 million, not sure why you’d spend any more unless you’re an Arab sheikh obsessed with being walking distance to Harrods.

  24. MadMenluv says:

    Jeez, in that picture with Angie curtsying to the Queen, her legs look way older than the Queen’s. I know HRH is wearing some hose but still…

    • Judd says:

      Her entire body is beyond her years…. Not aging well at all!!

      • bree says:

        Her body has looked the same for over a decade now. She is aging just fine.

        Your idol aniston’s skin is looking beyond her years now….the sun damage on her skin alone is a fright.

      • Grant says:

        LOL! Aniston looks ten years younger than Angelina does. Not that it’s a contest or anything but Ange looks like a bag of bones.

      • Lara says:

        You’re dreaming Grant. Aniston looks like a tubby and greasy blob of tanned leather. Angelina looks in her 20s. Lets be honest.

    • Jib says:

      Being very thin is actually worse for health outcomes than being overweight up to the point of obesity, about a 30 BMI. I know it’s not popular in our country, where we love to shame overweight people, but the fact is that anything under a 19 BMI shortens life expectancy and decrease health outcomes if one gets sick. I think Jolie is WAY under that. I don’t think she diets to get this thin, unlike Duchess Kate. I just think between her health concerns, busy life and worries about the world, she can’t keep,weight on.

      • norah says:

        well considering the fact that angelina jolie has always been rather slim from the start it is very kind of u to take an interest in her body shape – perhaps you sd look at amal clooney who looks even thinner than angelina for reference. dont forget that aj has had 2 major operations in the past 2 years as well

  25. Grant says:

    I love that peplum miniskirt number she’s wearing and that’s really something because I usually find Saint Angie’s fashion to be pretty abominable.

  26. Sarah Ziman says:

    Every time I see this photo I think it’s Robin Thicke getting frisky with Princess Anne!

  27. TripleThreat says:

    There’s really only one brain behind these decisions. That conniving temptress. Who?
    Our Angie, that’s who. My stars, she really is Mama Marchi
    Haven, also
    Not just genetic. Voight was a crappy dad. But these kids favor Mama.
    As my old aunt would say “French Canadians can squeeze the crap out of a Buffalo nickel”.
    She’s aware of her worth and knows to wait and leak stories of high falutin’ prices re: real estate. Just watch…some duchy or earldom, with plans to renovate in future (cuz u know kids gon wreck da place) gifts the family a place to reside temporarily. What Angie lacks in formal education has no detractor when you’re a savvy, conniving brilliant biatch. Especially entertainment for those of her ilk who can predict her moves. Watch this one score a large manor home for free while enriching the whole town

    Lucky merchants et. al. Remember : manure from a Buffalo nickel. Just watch her.