Did Woody Allen fire Bruce Willis from his latest movie, currently filming in LA?


Bruce Willis has been on everyone’s sh-tlist for a while now. I’m not sure when it really began. Was it when Kevin Smith devoted so much time and energy discussing how Bruce Willis is a total douche? Was it when Bruce acted like a total d-bag while promoting Red 2? Was it when Sylvester Stallone declared that Bruce was greedy and lazy? All of the above. And now Woody Allen has pushed Bruce out of his new film.

These photos are of Bruce hard at work on Woody’s new film last week in LA. This is the same film with Kristen Stewart (dressed as a bobbysoxer), Jesse Eisenberg and Blake Lively. Bruce definitely filmed scenes for this film, he was fitted for costumes and everything. And still, Woody had enough. The official excuse was “scheduling,” as in Bruce had to be in New York to rehearse for his stint on the Broadway adaptation of Stephen King’s Misery. Bruce was still at work on the film as of Tuesday, which caused Vulture to note: “Actors tend to notice scheduling conflicts before they begin filming.” Then, unsurprisingly, The Wrap’s Jeff Sneider tweeted this response:

So, yeah. Woody Allen fired Bruce Willis. Was it for cause? Probably, but we don’t know for sure. How much of a d-bag is Bruce Willis these days? Woody Allen is known as a “particular” director, but he’s not known for driving actors to madness or anything. Woody gets his shot and then goes home for the day. Actors always say that Woody’s sets are pretty quiet and breezy, so it’s not like Woody and Bruce got into some huge screaming match or anything. My guess is that Woody simply didn’t like Bruce’s ‘tude so Woody just fired him outright. Woody has already let it be known that he’s going to quickly replace Bruce and resume filming immediately.


Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Sassback says:

    Ugh, just once, I would like someone to not do a Woody Allen movie. Blake Lively has a daughter. Bruce Willis has many daughters. Jesse Eisenberg has a sister. How can of these people work with this man? His “art” does not overcome nor excuse his disgusting nature. It’s audacious that he didn’t excuse himself to go live quietly in France or something.
    And I will always forgive Bruce Willis’s ‘tude, he’s a hot dad and Kevin Smith’s ‘tude isn’t much better.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I agree. I’ll never understand how people can “compartmentalize” with a child molester. It makes me sick to look at him. I can’t imagine working with him. I think less of everyone who does, including Colin Firth, who I used to love.

    • laughing girl says:

      Whilst I agree with you on Woody Allen and everybody who’s dying to work with him – enough already people – I can’t help but feel tremendous schadenfreude at Bruce Willis’ firing. The man is a mega douche. His interviews for the Red press tour are legendary. There’s no excuse to be that much of an arsehole to reporters just because you can. Also, if he’s that awful to reporters in front of a camera what the hell is he like to work with in general?

      • Kate says:

        Agree. I’m delighted someone actually fired him instead of just putting up with him then bitching later.

        Woody is human garbage and his films are terrible these days, but the way he sticks to small budget films is something young directors should take note of. He’s not a particularly powerful figure in Hollywood and his films never make that much money, but he gets to do exactly what he wants because his budget is less than the craft services budget on a superhero film.

      • korra says:

        @Kate ….interesting. I figured Woody was a pretty powerful guy to have A listers wanting and being excited to make movies for him.

    • doofus says:

      right there with you.

      I side-eye ANYONE who works with Allen.

      ETA: oh, and Willis has been a d-bag since the Moonlighting days.

    • Franca says:

      Maybe they can compartmentalize because it hasn’t been proven and he hasn’t neen charged? Has it been proven? I’m not that familoar with the case.

      • Chinoiserie says:

        No it is not proven. And many people do not believe bad things about people based on gossip alone and Woody is very infuental person in Hollywood so I do not think it is strange that people keep working for him.

      • Zapp Brannigan says:

        He started a relationship with his son’s sister, when she was still a teenager. Whether people think he committed a crime or not, whether he abused his daughter or not, this action tells you everything you need to know about him as an adult and a parent. He put his own wants above what was right for his family as a stable, healthy emotional unit. Simply put he is scum.

      • Tiny Martian says:

        No, but it is a fact that he was in therapy (at Mia’s insistence) in order to try and deal with his sexual attraction towards his then pre-school aged daughter, Dylan.

        So there’s that.

      • Threadkiller says:

        What is to prove?? He married his paramore’s daughter.

    • ell says:

      not to excuse these people, but I think that as long as hollywood is led by this sort of people, it’s hard for actors to take a stand and say no, without being immediately downgraded for doing so.

      • Sassback says:

        He has no real pull in Hollywood anymore and most of the stars in his movies have already made it, ScarJo, Emma Stone, and the like. There’s no excuse for them to do one of his films. It doesn’t make or break a career anymore like it did 30 years ago. It’s just something to put on your resume.

        And he molested his girlfriend’s toddler daughter in an attic-there are some insane articles about how the court case went. But all of Mia’s children stick by Dylan including Ronan. Dylan famously wrote an open letter about a year and a half ago to all the people who work with Allen, asking them how they can continue to support him in the industry. And then ScarJo responded saying it was irresponsible of Dylan to call her out. And then Diane Keaton wrote in her autobiography that Allen is her friend and she doesn’t believe the allegations.

      • Div says:

        I believe Woody is guilty but not all of the children turned away from him. Moses, who is a therapist and was a teenager at the time, claimed that Mia abused him and coerced him into making a statement against Woody. I believe that a few of the other children haven’t come out one way or the other. Basically, the situation is messy af and a lot of them turned on one another during this ordeal.

    • aha says:

      Agreed! Bruce over Woody any day. I don’t why people still work w Woody, guess they’re just used to closing their eyes in HW.

    • Neah23 says:

      Their are many actor and actress who haven’t worked with Allen.

    • chaine says:

      Are there any actors who have come out and said they refuse to work with him?

      • lucy2 says:

        I can’t find info on anyone who has refused when offered, but Susan Sarandon is clearly not a fan.
        I do think it’s possible some of the younger actors didn’t know about the accusations from Dylan until it was all made very public again last year, I know I hadn’t heard about it before, but everyone knows about the whole Soon-Yi thing. And now that all the old stuff came to light again, I don’t understand those who choose to work with him.

    • Maggie the Cat says:

      Totally agree, I have no idea why is is underscorned by the acting community

  2. Jag says:

    If Bruce was being awful, then he deserved to be fired.

    The tailoring on that suit is horrible!

    I used to really like Bruce, but the way he acts off-screen has changed my perception of him.

  3. Ronda says:

    As much as Woody is repulsive it does not mean that Bruce is the innocent little lamb here. from his public appearances in the last years i would not be surprised if he was a dick.
    or it could simply be creative differences and they both agreed on it.

    • ican'tsnap says:

      No one thinks Bruce is an innocent little lamb. More like Woody wasn’t gonna put up with his bullsh!t and fired his a$$.

  4. Liz says:

    That interview of Willis for RED is a must see to appreciate what a cantankerous ass he is. Does this man have any friends? Who would put up with him? He and Billy Bob Thornton should be friends. They have the same disgusting attitude.

    • Sofia says:

      I had no idea about his attitude and just saw that RED2 press junket yesterday. I got so angry about it, like I was the journalist! Bruce was mean and cruel and lacked professionalism. He used his star power to bully the journalist and his questions weren’t even bad! And he talked about selling the film but he clearly didn’t want to do it, like he was above it all! He IS PAID to promote and act. I’m still angry has I’m typing this! What a douche! I’ll NEVER see another film with his again.
      People bash on Woody and I agree that his personal life has an icky vibe, but if we focus on professionalism we don’t hear bad stories about him, so in this case and considering Bruce Willis background I totally believe he was fired. I hope he feels humiliated somehow.

      • Maggie the Cat says:

        So if he acts professional on the work set all is fine with the world!!!!!!! Really great get out clause for all those pedophiles out there – be great at work and gee whiz, makes up for everything else

  5. Lilacflowers says:

    Can we get Cybil Shepherd to weigh in on working with Bruce Willis?

    • laughing girl says:

      She couldn’t stand him. At the time I thought her response was exaggerated, after watching the Red press tour I had to adjust my opinion. I mean, can you imagine working with that every day. Urgh.

      • Joan says:

        I thought that they actually got along, so much so that they decided not to have affair so to conserve a good working relationship and atmosphere on the set. Hmm.
        Of course, that’s the version Cybil gave. She was such a stunning woman back in the day but perhaps convinced herself that every male start automatically wanted to bed her and she had to be the one to let them down!

    • Chichi says:

      Lol. Although Cybil had a diva reputation, I think its now safe to say that they both contributed to the drama on the Moonlighting set. That blame has been squared solely at Cybil for far too long.

      • lucy2 says:

        Yeah, I’ve heard so many people flat out complain about her by name, but I’m sure it was both of them.

        If Bruce hates all this stuff so much, why doesn’t he just retire? He’s got plenty of money, and a couple of little kids at home he could spend more time with.

    • doofus says:

      ha! I just wrote up above that Willis has been this way since Moonlighting.

    • Kitten says:

      LOL. He is a known dbag. I’ve always hated Bruce Willis. I’ve never seen an interview with him where he didn’t seem pissed off and put out. Poor Bruce. Life is so hard when you get paid millions to play pretend.

      • Joan says:

        Kitten, did you see any of Bruce’s interviews on David Letterman’s now-defunct Late Show? He actually did a lot of stupid, pranky stuff and seemed rather lighthearted. (They did a compliation for his last appearance.)

      • boredblond says:

        And he does it so badly..his dramatic range goes from smug look to ..smug look.

  6. SKF says:

    Sigh. Bruce has always been my favourite action star. I love him in movies. What a shame that he is such a f*ckwit in real life…

  7. bellebottomblues says:

    just read blind item yesterday that Bruce on a movie set said to the director ” I have 2 expressions, this one and this one. Pick one and lets film this crap”
    wonder if that was about the WA movie.

  8. Mia4S says:

    Man don’t you just hate those sudden rehearsals for major Broadway productions? They come out of nowhere! 😉

    Allen can go to hell but this story really made me laugh.

  9. minx says:

    Can’t stand him, never could.

  10. whatsup says:

    Listen to Kevin Smith talk about him. Not favourable.

  11. serena says:

    I feel kind of sorry for him. I know he seems to be douchebag but I just can’t find it in him, I don’t know why but I just get heart-warmed and emotional when I see him. So this disappoints me, I hope it’ll recover well from the firing and will be his best self again soon.

  12. Grace says:

    I think Bruce is just done making movies. Why does he still bother? He’s stupid rich, he could produce movies to still have a ‘job’ as such.

    Woody is odd. The whole thing with Soon-Yi is mega creepy but i don’t know, he was never charged with anything and it was investigated thoroughly. I remember reading that lawyers felt that Dylan’s testimonies seemed rehearsed – like Mia was telling her what to say. Nobody is ever going to know the real story. It’s all a sorry mess.

    See, i love Diane Keaton and she seems like a really decent person, and i can’t believe she would defend a child abuser – she dated him for years and has been best friends with him – surely she would have an idea about his sexual interests. And it’s not so he’ll keep hiring her – she hasn’t done a movie with him in years and years.

    But yeah, who the heck knows.

    • Bridget says:

      In the most polite way possible, if that was all the information you got about the Woody – Dylan saga, you didn’t read much at all. There were some pretty serious incidences of misconduct and the whole thing was NOT investigated thoroughly. To start, I’d suggest reading Dylan’s own account.

  13. Tig says:

    Woody’s recent quotes about how getting started-for lack of a better word- with Soon Yi- were beyond the pale. Who takes up with the barely legal daughter of a woman he had been serious with for 10 odd years? So if he did get fired, Bruce should count his lucky stars. I love Colin Firth, so suffered through Magic in the Moonlight- and Allen has no idea how to direct men of that age- it was awful to see.
    Re Bruce and Cybill- Moonlighting had some of the hottest chemistry ever. Loved Cybill and those enourmous shoulder pads in EVERY outfit. But both brought their egos to work- fun while it lasted though.

  14. db says:

    “creative differences” lol

  15. Esteph says:

    Maybe this is all for the better?
    I honestly cannot see Bruce in a Woody directed film. Something about his character, and the vibes that he gives off, is too “hardcore” or just doesn’t seem to mesh well.

  16. schmoopy says:

    I remember about a year ago Sly Stallone tweeted “Willis is out” of a movie they were filming. I think it was one of The Expendables movies. IIRC he later tweeted that he was back in. So it sounds like he and Stallone had a falling out as well.

  17. Div says:

    Multiple directors have fired Bruce at this point. If he was a woman, his career would be over.

  18. FuefinaWG says:

    I find it interesting that Woody is filming in L.A. because he hates L.A. He has refused to go to the Oscar’s when nominated because he hates being in the city so much.
    He’s always firing actors after filming begins. I remembered when he fired Michael Keaton because actor/director weren’t connecting on set.
    As a former actress I would have killed to do a W. A. movie. I think I would probably still kill to do one.

  19. Dani8 says:

    Regarding Willis I am curious how a person’s ego gets this out of control. I mean does the guy have a real personality disorder which would explain his behavior or does he truly feel it is ok to treat people like crap? How can one be that ignorant? Ultimately he is only hurting himself. Boggles the mind.

  20. Brasileira says:

    Ugh…. sorry….. but no matter what kind of douche Bruce Willis is, Woody Allen is a pedophile. I just can’t.

  21. Josefa says:

    Okay, I think Im younger than a lot of posters here, because I dont recall any awful stories on Bruce Willis. I actually pictured him as a nice guy because he’s worked in so much movies with so many directors, I imagined people liked working with him. What am I missing?