Jessica Alba doesn’t let her family eat white foods


Women often have to get pretty hardcore to lose weight after having a baby. And the pressure for celebrities is even greater: they’re expected to drop the pounds in record time. Jessica Alba employed a fairly common weight loss strategy after giving birth to daughter Honor nine months ago. She banned all white food from her diet.

But apparently Jessica has a hard time sticking to the rule if anyone else is allowed to eat so much as a piece of bread. Not only does she refuse to let her husband eat white foods, she’s even barred her mother from enjoying them in her presence.

Jessica Alba keeps her post-baby body slim by avoiding processed foods — and implementing a “white no bite” diet, meaning she eats no white flour or sugar, reports Life & Style.

Alba, who quickly shed the 35 to 40 pounds she gained while pregnant with daughter Honor Marie, now 9 months, is making her whole family follow her strict diet.

“In order for her to stay thin, she needs everyone to be eating how she is,” an insider told Life & Style. “Even at restaurants, Jess will tell her mom to stay away from something.”

[From MSNBC’s The Scoop]

It seems a little of out of line to tell your mother what she can eat in your presence. Or anyone, really. It’s one thing not to keep or serve foods you can’t eat when you’re in your own home. The constant temptation can be too much to handle for some people. But to tell your mom she can’t order what she wants at a restaurant? That’s a bit extreme.

I’m a constant dieter so I completely understand how hard it is to be around the foods you can’t eat. But I tend to remove myself from the situation – like not go out to eat at restaurants and do something else with the person. It’s so unfair to say “I can’t eat this so you can’t either.” I will admit Jessica looks amazing… though I’m guessing she probably eats a lot of meals alone.

Here’s Jessica playing with Honor at Coldwater Park in Beverly Hills yesterday. Images thanks to Fame Pictures .

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  1. Hieronymus Grex says:

    That’s racist!! (j/k) 😆

  2. GuyIncognito says:

    Is she afraid their blandness will rub off on her? Too late…

  3. AlaskaJoey says:

    Bitch! If she has a problem with willpower that’s her problem, it shouldn’t become everyone else’s. Banning any category of food from your daily diet (meaning eating plan) is a recipe for disaster, IMO.

  4. Jen says:

    God, what an unpleasant bitch. She could really use the sugar…sweeten that sourpuss up some.

  5. HEB says:

    Its actually kind of comforting to hear these sort of things, makes me think that if I had money and clout maybe I could go to the extreme to get thin too.
    Right now I can’t afford to be on anything other than the “generic blue box macaroni and cheese diet”

  6. Leandra says:

    More fat Americans should follow this plan…but on the other hand it costs money to eat healthy. A loaf of white, no nutrient bread is cheaper than the 8 grain whole wheat kind. She can afford it and it isn’t a bad idea.

  7. MomInNH says:

    I used to know a woman who didn’t eat meat and tried to force other people not to eat meat when she was dining with a group. A couple times several of the other ladies ordered fish and got SCREAMED at in a public restaurant over it. Eventually we stopped asking her to join us… I hope the same doesn’t happen to Jessica. Being a tyrant about what you put in your body is one thing, but trying to force other people to adhere to the same regiment is just rude and disrespectful to THEIR choice.

  8. El says:

    Seriously???I eat only white bread, white sugar, white everything 🙂 and i’m so skinny! I can’t seem to get any weight!So it’s not the white sugar or bread that are making you fat honey, def not!

  9. walker says:

    This ho is arrogant, and boring. She just needs to go away. “Uh I know I have curves. My aunts are all fat.”

  10. kubi says:

    Chances of her daughter growing up with either a full-blown eating disorder or, at the very least, some seriously disordered eating habits?

    The moment you ban a type of food it becomes naughty, appealing and you end up craving it. Follow the 80:20 rule (the proportion of healthy veg, wholegrains, lean meats, etc… to higher fat & sugar foods/treats) and you’ll have a healthy body without completely messing with your mind!

  11. Marann says:

    Has anyone EVER seen a picture of Jessica’s baby, Honor Mare smiling? EVER?

  12. Marann says:

    Sorry…Honor Marie on my last post. Seriously though, does that baby ever smile? She seems autistic or terribly unhappy in every picture ever published of her.

  13. demetria says:

    I agree with Marann, I’ve never seen a picture where Honor is smiling. It’s very unusual for a child to never smile.

  14. Orangejulius says:

    The right idea…for all the wrong reasons.

  15. lisa says:

    I hate that whole torn-jeans look. Tacky! How does she get her hair to grow so darned fast? She said before in an interview she worries about her mom since she is overweight, so maybe she is trying to help her mom in a way. I don’t think anyone should monitor other people’s eating habits, but education on food is necessary.

  16. Annie says:

    I don’t get the whole cutting something completely out of your diet, diet. That’s just torture.

    Right now for Lent, I’ve given up chocolate, and can I say that I want it more now than when I did when I wasn’t giving it up?

  17. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    Ha ha ha ha LOL Grex, I like it.

  18. BELLADONNALV says:

    I hear ya Annie! I gave up fast food and now that’s all I think about!!!!

  19. brianne says:

    This is ridiculous, if she has no will power to follow her own self imposed eating habits, that should be her own problem. I stopped eating meat about a year ago, and although I don’t really like to be around it anymore..I would never think to be such a snot to tell others what they’re “allowed” to eat in my presence, who the hell is she?

  20. lrm says:

    whatever-she probably just asks her close family to refrain to help her…and i’m sure they dont mind cuz it probably is better for them,anyway.
    if you’ve ever avoided white foods,you know what i mean.
    unless you are a distance runner or my 8 yr old very active athletic child,you just dont feel that great.
    Stick with some amazing,real european white bread from some specialty shop or restaurant,and otherwise avoid the stuff.
    So,let’s not assume the actual situation is as dramatic as the article. They are selling magazines,people.
    Alba is a bit boring,but she is who she is. I’ve seen her in interviews,and she struck me as ‘herself’,which,anymore,is a very refreshing thing,both in hollywood and the ‘real world’.

    I LOVE her style-not digging those shoes she has on-get rid of the bow,and she looks great-always does,IMO. And she is definitely gorgeous,airbrushed or not. You cannot say she is unattractive. [not that anyone is,but i’ve heard her picked apart like that before-and i dont even care;i’m not a fan. Just saying’-she’s hot.]

  21. the original kate says:

    that diet is ludicrous. people in france, for instance, eat bread every day – they just eat smaller portions. if you want to avoid over-processed wonder bread, there is such a thing as a bakery, or bake your own. if she has such a hard time dieting that nobody else can eat then she is setting herself up for a big binge later on. moderation, people…it works. and i should know, as i am a baker and surrounded by yummy goodness all day long!

  22. tish says:

    She need to eat some she dont have no curves or anything( just like she said skinny stright up and down). Its not that serious because you still dont even qualify for body of the year award !

  23. morgs says:

    Obviously the bitch-face gene got passed down…

  24. aw! says:

    I went on a “no white foods” diet and lost 40 pounds. It works!

  25. Exterminator says:

    The real point here is that “white foods” are destructive to your body vs. their brown or whole counterparts.

    I am sure that she is excited with the changes to her body and energy level and wants the rest of her family to eat more healthily and share the benefits.

    It is a lifestyle choice and not a ridiculous “diet”.

    She may be a bitch, but that is entirely beside the point. heh heh

  26. geronimo says:

    @Hieronymus Grex – LOL! best comment of the day! 🙂

  27. TinaWithPom says:

    The baby looks like the daddy. What does Cash Warren do for a living again? As for Jessica Alba, she is an untalented woman and I wish her well.

  28. Blah Girls says:

    so basically no white foods means a no carb diet

  29. Ana says:

    I think people are confused about no white foods diet. White foods such as bread, white rice, and sugar are overly processed. When it’s processed they take out almost all of the nutrients and all of the stuff left is pretty much junk.
    She can have carbs and bread, just whole grains which taste the same to me anyway. If I’m not mistaken, the sugar cane plant that they make sugar out of isn’t that bad for you (not that great for you either), but when they process it and make sugar is when it gets very unhealthy.
    While it does cut a lot of junk food out of your diet it is a pretty healthy way to eat.
    El-You probably just have one of those high metabolisms. Lucky you. 😀
    But I’m not expert….so if i’m wrong feel free to correct me 😉

  30. Valensi says:

    The whole idea of this just screams diva. Especially the fact that she won’t let her own mother eat white foods when “in her presence.”
    That makes her come off as extremely unpleasant – and it’s not like she’s earned it. You could scroll through her filmography and you wouldn’t find anything impressive.
    Besides, you can never earn the right to be an asshole. It just doesn’t work that way.

  31. L says:

    Irm if you have been eating white bread your whole life, changing to wholegrain can be tough. You might feel crap at first, but give it a couple of weeks and you will not be able to eat white bread again.

    Wholegrain is delicious out of the toaster with heaps of melted butter mmmm.

    But, that’s my opinion, which is backed by nutritionists. If you guys want to be fat and unhealthy that is all the more awesome for people like Jessica & I. You make us look so much better in comparison, so thank-you 😛

  32. Ana says:

    “If you guys want to be fat and unhealthy that is all the more awesome for people like Jessica & I. You make us look so much better in comparison, so thank-you.”
    That’s a little harsh.
    Not everyone who eats white food is fat. I try to eat wheat bread but that’s as far as it goes when it comes to banning white food and I’m far from fat.
    And heaps of melted butter isn’t exactly healthy. I suppose you could be talking about I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter or something but still not very healthy.

  33. Kylie says:

    Im actually doing the same thing right now. No bread, no rice, no pasta…
    Its a no carb diet..
    Its KILLING me watching the rest of the family eating it. All I want is vegemite on toast…
    I kind of get where she is at in asking people around her not to eat them infront of her. Its pure torture.

  34. ll says:

    I love how no one questions this story. If it were about Angelina, everyone would be like, well, maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not. But if Jessica Alba being bitchy, hey, we’ve all seen the cherry picked pictures that the blogs can afford where she’s not smiling for the cameras.

    I think this story is bs. Alba doesn’t look like she’s doing any sort of diet, and she’s not the scary stick thin she was back 2007.

    Oh, and seriously? Her daughter smiles. I’ve seen pictures on more than one occasion. Here’s one for you:

    Though really, I hate to stop the tacky, crass and rude discussion of whether a stranger’s baby is autistic based on a series of photos you didn’t even really look at.

  35. the original kate says:

    “If you guys want to be fat and unhealthy that is all the more awesome for people like Jessica & I. You make us look so much better in comparison, so thank-you ”

    ummm…ok. first, heaps of melted butter? butter = fat. and second, looks like someone out on their bitchy pants this morning.

  36. omglolzers says:

    She can tell them what to eat… she IS the meal ticket after all. LOL.

  37. Miranda says:

    I guess this is okay, except for the fact that she claims to still be breastfeeding. I highly doubt any doctor would approve of a diet like this, and most breastfeeding moms lose that baby weight pretty quickly while still eating the recommended 2300 calories a day, especially if they’re young and thin to start with.
    This story just screams bogus.

  38. FF says:

    You guys are all assuming this is the truth in print.

    It’s like people just look for a reason to hate the woman. If you want to hate just be honest about it.

    If anyone around her is curbing their eating because of her preference then either they:

    a) don’t mind

    or b) want to follow the plan too.

    If they didn’t want to they’d tell her to stick it.

    From her own quotes most of her weight loss is down to the strenuous work outs she did before the Campari shoot. I don’t doubt there was some diet involved but there was a hell of a lot of EXERCISE as well.

    And yes, there are pictures of Honor smiling but just like the ones of her mother frowning they non-smiley pics get more mileage.

  39. Jan says:

    I just hope that she doesn’t include her daughter in this ‘white’ food restricted diet. If that poor child is going to be brought up worrying about diet and the color of her food, she will likely be sickly or one of the eating disorder statistics. Hey, some natural white foods contain potassium calcium, and serotonin which prevents depression.
    Jessica needs to watch out; she may wind up eating alone.

  40. alice says:

    well how’s that going for her? she doesn’t look that thin.

  41. Wolf1 says:

    For an individual that has been studying nutrition for awhile, there is nothing wrong with this diet. I don’t agree with the fact that she’s forcing this diet on her family especially if its for selfish reasons as the media suggests. Even if the motives are more pure such as showing a concern for the health of her loved ones, it is a little bit more understandable but still not right.