Robin Wright & Ben Foster broke up & called off their engagement… again


I have no idea why Robin Wright and Ben Foster’s relationship is so full of drama. They have been together, off and on, since 2011/12. They apparently got engaged in late 2013, then they split a year later (November 2014), then by January of this year, they were back together and the engagement was back on. And now it’s off. Again. And they’ve completely called it quits as a couple. I’m sure they’ll get back together by December!

Robin Wright and Ben Foster have broken up and called off their engagement for the second time. The Princess Bride and House of Cards star had confirmed in January 2014 she and the X-Men actor were set to marry. E! News learned in November of that year that the two had split. In January of this year, Wright and Foster reunited at the 2015 Golden Globes.

On Saturday, E! News learned the two split and called off their engagement a few months ago. Wright, 49, and Foster, 34, have not commented. People had earlier reported that their engagement was off again.

The two met on the set of the movie Rampart, which was released in 2011, and began dating months later. After confirming their engagement to E! News, the actress had called the actor “the hottest,” adding, “I’m very blessed.”

This would have marked the first marriage for Foster and the third for Wright. Her first husband was Dane Witherspoon, her co-star on the soap opera Santa Barbara, who died last year at age 56. Her second was Sean Penn, with whom she shares daughter Dylan Penn, 24, and son Hopper Penn, 22.

[From E! News]

Is Robin Wright just the kind of woman who enjoys drama-filled relationships with intense men? I think she might be. At the age of 49, she knows better and she’s still doing it, she’s still seeking out and participating in all of this drama. She enjoys it. So yes, my guess is that they probably will have a few more rounds of this on-and-off stuff. And we already know that the makeup sex is apparently phenomenal – Robin said as much in her Vanity Fair interview earlier this year. Oh well. Have fun, you guys.

Incidentally, I kind of think Ben Foster might be a sleeper Oscar contender this year for his work as Lance Armstrong in The Program. The film debuts in Toronto in a few weeks and it looks SO GOOD. With all of the conversation about the Best Actor race, I think Ben Foster is going to quietly wage a sleeper campaign. And how best to navigate a campaign then with a lady like Robin on his arm?


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  1. Jayna says:

    I think Robin is no day at the beach. Just because Sean was/is a prick doesn’t mean Robin gets elevated to sainthood. She may have her own issues in relationships. I doubt it was all this guy’s fault and she picks the wrong men. Maybe she is part of the problem, too, not just all on this guy.

    • tracking says:

      Yeah, I suspect this is true. It says a lot about her that she is still all about tempestuous relationships as a mature woman. Regardless, the age difference here is significant (and I would think that if genders were reversed).

      • Jen43 says:

        Yes, but as a mature woman,, you get to a point where the kids don’t need you as much and you have more time to think about yourself. She could be in a midlife crisis type situation. Older doesn’t always equal wiser.

      • perplexed says:

        I did wonder if the age difference was affecting the on-again, off-again quality of the relationship more than any kind of drama.

    • C says:

      Amen to that.

    • alice says:

      I think she admitted to be a control freak and that’s one of the reasons she’s enjoying being a director and considering directing more. She certainly is very convincing as Claire Underwood and it may not be such a stretch. Remember this woman was with penn for 20 years, i don’t think many women can be that strong.

      • qwerty says:

        Interesting how you say strong like it’s a flaw…

      • Boo says:

        “Strong” is a flaw when it makes you stay in unsafe situations. Strong is great. But without reason and maturity, strong is dangerous and can hurt you and your children.

        I’ve never thought Robin Wright was better just because she stayed with Penn. I thought more likely she was sympatico with him to some extent that allowed her to be in that and not be affected. I mean, look at her and read her interviews – she hasn’t suffered by being with Penn. He may be a nightmare but if she was able to put up with that, chances are good she’s not a catch herself necessarily.

    • Tara says:

      I agree. I remember an article back about She’s So Lovely with people saying she gives just as good as she gets when it comes to fighting with Sean. People gave Charlize so much crap, and acted like Robin is a saint when Charlize kicked Sean to curb the moment he went too far. Robin kept getting back with him. Maybe she likes the drama. Oh well. I still love her as an actress.

  2. Nancy says:

    Run Forrest Run…………..oh my Jenny she never learns.

  3. Flounder says:

    I think she’s really beautiful

    • evermore says:

      I think she is beautiful on the outside, anyway.
      Saw her once years ago ….her personality was hell on wheels, hard girl or hard lady,

  4. Saywhatwhen says:

    I agree with Kaiser. At 49 the on again- off again relationship sounds like drama to me. At 49 a woman knows what she is about, what she wants and what she will tolerate. After Penn you would guess that Robin would have no time for college-boy games. She should be at a point where she can say it was fun, it felt delicious even, but run along now while I get on with the business of being fabulous.

  5. Ronda says:

    “the hottest”
    uhm Robin my dear you should get your eyes checked.

    • Ennie says:

      Well, physically she has a type, especially if she had Penn before he became a piece of baked ham.

      • alice says:

        “a piece of baked ham” LOL
        I must say that Penn in his prime was kind of attractive in a asshole kid of way. I think I get Robin and her digging for intense not really good looking guys…they are more interesting that pretty boring quiet and calm guys. OK i’m exaggerating I know, but I got her same taste in men and I own it.

      • Ennie says:

        As an a**hole as he has been for a long time, I think that Sean is an EXCELLENT actor, really, really good. I was blown away by him in the movie Carlito’s way (yes, I am THAT old!)
        Broken, difficult characters are tailor made for him, and he can do comedy, too, buut I think he hasn’t been in one in a long time.

  6. Lama Bean says:


  7. Nibbi says:

    she is still so stunningly beautiful.
    i love to see these hot women getting with younger dudes. it feels like a sort of affirmation that everything doesn’t necessarily fly out the window for women with the end of their 20s.
    i hope to god i’ve got myself as pulled-together and fabulous-looking as she is when i’m 49.

    • evermore says:

      I honestly never understood the attraction to much younger men, but that’s just me…

      whatever floats a persons boat is fine…

    • itzblissy says:

      argh, i saw this for both genders. it’s gross to date someone so much younger… i mean sure

  8. Ann says:

    I have to say it: any woman dating Sean Penn must be a massive asshole.

    • alice says:

      She fits the pattern of Charlize and scarlet and madonna perfectly: blonde icy commanding bitches. I think Robin is a tough one and she doesn’t take any shit anymore, but she truly gives herself 100% on relationships and is very intense and passionate, hence the on/off.

  9. Liberty says:

    After all that she went thru with Penn, she may be a little jumpy or subconsciously nervous even with a new man she cares about. Saw similar happen w a friend who was otherwise very together. Post bad relationship trauma. She my like drama etc as has been suggested here, but…

  10. OTHER RENEE says:

    In my late 40s I had an on-off 3 year relationship. I should have known better but when we weren’t arguing about his level of commitment or lack thereof, we got along great. I finally wised up then met Mr. Other Renee who put a ring on it in less than a year and is a sweetheart. So women of Robin’s age can still make mistakes. What happens is you think that the on-off person is so much better than your ex spouse that you overlook something substantial that really shouldn’t be overlooked. Hence the on-off business.

  11. Tia says:

    Maybe she has shit taste in people, but she has great taste in actors. Both penn and Ben foster are extremely talented. Foster is almost like a young penn. I suspect the talent is what attracts her.

  12. alice says:

    ok , I got a pice of info about this movie as I know people that works on it’s production (I’m afraid I can’t say more than that.) Is not any kind of gossip, just insider info and most of it it’s verifiable.
    Frears had to reshoot some scenes pressured by Studiocanal because the movie wasn’t “cinematic enough” it was said it looked like a Lifetime movie. Frears even had to wait until Foster would lost some weight to play Armstrong again, since he was out of shape after 2 years production finished. The fact is that they STILL have no US distributor, it was rejected at Cannes this year because mediocre and the record track at TIFF says that a premiere gala of a movie without US distributor never went well.
    Now I think Foster will be ok and if he’s lucky and campaigns like crazy and gets the studio to put on some money on it, he may get a nom, but it’s highly unlikely as the movie is not that good at all. Wait and see. The people who watched the screenings already have been prevented to give reviews because they fear to get burnt before TIFF. The managed to make a good trailer, but that’s all. Foster is over the top as his usual, but makes an impact on people who can’t see the difference between good acting and overacting, so he certainly be called “badass” “awesome” and more. The critics were meh. Remember no US premiere date yet!

    • qwerty says:

      Oh hello there Sean. Not taking the Charlize thing well then are you?

    • Shoe_Lover says:

      have you ever seen any of Ben Foster’s work? I wouldn’t say he over acts or is over the top.
      and i can see the difference between good acting and overacting and can see how hard some actors and actresses are acting which is why i’m not a fan of certain actresses this site worships.
      I’ve seen a lot of his movies and I’ve never once thought “dude, tone it down”

  13. MrsBPitt says:

    I don’t understand, why, in this day and age, and after two failed marriage, Robin would even want to get married again! If I were her, I would do the Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russell thing….

    • qwerty says:

      As would everyone lol. You don’t just decide to go out one day and get yourself a life partner…

    • enike says:

      Maybe she doesn´t want to get married…. she got engaged to Ben to satisfy him (he was not married yet after all, so maybe he wants to, but she doesn´t really in the bottom of her heart) so on-off happens….. maybe she is always postponing the wedding date and Ben get frustrated

  14. OrigialTessa says:

    Ben Foster has always reminded me of Sean Penn, and that’s creepy to me. The similarities in looks and acting styles and even voices start to stack up and it gets weird.

  15. TessD says:

    My god, that black coat on the first picture is so fabulous! Robin looks absolute perfection!!

  16. Mrs Odie says:

    She has a type.

  17. TessD says:

    “Perhaps it’s not ladylike [to say], but I’ve never laughed more, read more, or come more than with Ben.” – did she actually tell the magazine that he made her orgasm more than Sean or am I reading it wrong?

  18. Bridget says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I can believe that career issues are a bone of contention between the two of them. Foster has been an actor since he was a kid but still hasn’t managed to really break through despite some close calls, but still works pretty steadily. Combination of professionaly unsatisfied and away working doesn’t really help make a relationship last.

    • Xavier says:

      Robin Wright is 7 months filming HOC on Baltimore and this year she is directing also 4 episodes of the show, so I guess she’s so busy.

      • Bridget says:

        I didn’t say she wasn’t busy as well. But there’s no denying that they’re at very different points in their careers – my point (that I didn’t articulate well) is that I think it’s possible that HE’s unhappy with where his career is right now, that he hasn’t broken through to that upper echelon of actors, especially when Robin is being honored right and left for HOC.

    • alice says:

      I agree with this. It must be frustrating for an ambitious and talented actor like Foster to be the plus 1and be called a toyboy. I would add to that also the money factor: she’s like 4 times wealthier than him, that had to be on the equation too. Not to mention that he had to “compete” with the ghost of a powerful and one of the most talented actors ever as her ex-husband.

  19. Maxine7 says:

    Halle Berry 2.0. Back picker of men, has her own emotional and psychological issues. Not mutually exclusive.

  20. seesittellsit says:

    She just can’t take those multiple orgasms anymore.

  21. holly hobby says:

    I know there were comments that said she was hard and probably the female version of Penn but she didn’t start out that way. I read Cary Elwes memoir of the princess bride and he and the cast had nothing but compliments about Robin. I’m pretty sure whatever rough exterior she got came from Honeybaked Ham because she did not come across as a hard ass in Princess Bride. Yes Princess Buttercup is in my heart forever!

  22. Elisha says:

    Before there was Shia and Even Stevens, there was Ben Foster and Flash Forward. I will always be a Ben Foster fam but it’s weird thinking of him as an A lister/Oscar winner.