Suri Cruise munches on her flip flop

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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have some unusual parenting philosophies. A lot of which are based on Scientology teachings. Barley water, anyone? But I’m guessing there’s no rule that says it’s a good idea to let your little kid roam the streets of New York without a coat in chilly weather, or without shoes or socks in rainy weather. Tom and Katie seem to be very lenient in terms of Suri’s clothing proclivities. Even when she’d rather eat her wardrobe than wear it.

Yesterday Suri and Katie went to the American Girl store in Los Angeles. I’m less embarrassed than I should be to admit I’ve gone to the one in Manhattan several times. That in and of itself sounds like a pretty good Wednesday to me. But I guess Katie forgot to feed Suri or all those 1711-era fake doll-sized pies made the poor girl hungry, because Suri was seen chomping on her flip flop as Katie carried her out of the store. And not in a subtle, “Maybe Mom won’t notice,” kind of way.

At first I was hopeful that the shoe had just been purchased at the American Girl store – albeit probably not for Suri’s dietary pleasure. But I was hoping the shoes were new, and even though it’d be weird to let your kid munch on them, it wouldn’t be the grossest thing ever. But then I examined the other pictures, and as per usual Suri is shoeless. Which means she was wearing them, and those bad boys were on the ground before they were in her mouth. Probably for a while. And probably on more than one occasion.

I am really looking forward to hearing how, exactly, this happened. Until then, I’m going to do my best not to think about all the germs, dirt, grime, and everything else that is probably on those flip flops. Shudder.

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  1. lisa says:

    OMG! Who knows what is on that shoe! Wake up Katie! That is gross.

  2. aleach says:

    isnt she a little old to be chewing on things?
    anyways, shes probably doing it as comfort ynow how some little kids chew on a blankie or something. poor things always got people in her face with cameras, yelling at her.

  3. Shelly Shellz says:

    O PLEZEEEEEEE…GIVE ME A BREAK! Kids put shit in their mouths all the time! It’s what they do! Suri has her face turned away from Katie & Im SURE once she saw it she took the flip flop from her rite away. Nit pickers….always finding sumthing to complain abt. Im POSITIVE that if every mom was photographed & followed all day everyday w their kid it wouldnt always be rainbows & butterflies w probably much worse shit caught in their kids mouths so stop the nonsense.

  4. Prissa says:

    With all the stories about how Katie had to wipe down all the playground equipment before she’d let Suri play on it, I’m kinda surprised by this. But of course Robot Katie wouldn’t dare tell Suri no!!! Perish the thought!!!

  5. Kaiser says:

    Yeah, totally gross. But I ate my fair share of dirt when I was little – hey, at least it’s not barley water.

    Katie’s got a new nose, yes?

  6. lrm says:

    c’mon.i know you hate tom cruise,but this is a LAME post.
    so what: OMG barley water!!! You’re freakin’ kidding!!!
    Have you reserached it? A quick google search will show you how good it is for you,and that is not exclusive to scientology.
    chinese medicine,grandma’s folk remedies-all tout the stuff.
    It’s just soaking the barley and drinking the water-helps build strenght in the body,and helps women w/lactation,for starters. Good for convalescence/general weakness.
    My god-is that really part of their strange scientology parenting?
    wow-how freaky.
    Seriously,celebitchy-you gotta get better material sometimes on these tom cruise,GOOPY,and madonna pieces. Cuz you’re reaching for straws at times…often times,really.
    Flip Flop in the mouth-who cares?
    And that barley water? helps regulate kids’ body temps. A strong body is adaptable to weather changes,and everyone who has a kid knows they are little thermal heaters,anyway. That’s the real reason we parents co-sleep. Not for the kids’ sake-lol-but to keep warm!!!!

  7. JayBird says:

    Excellent point Kaiser – I would much rather chomp on some flip flop wholesomeness than drink barely water.

  8. Annicka says:

    Usually I roll my eyes when I see articles like this. It usually means it was a slooow news day, but in the case of cute kid pictures, I will make an exception. Suri is such a cutie! And she won’t die from chewing on her shoe, that’s how kids discover the world. She’s still young enough that she puts things in her mouth to examine them. Besides, the pictures of her with the shoe in her mouth are too cute.

  9. Ashley says:

    MMMMM, e.coli is good!

  10. KateNonymous says:

    Considering how much they carry her, it seems highly likely that those flip-flops have never touched the ground.

  11. YoMomma says:

    If it is cold enough for the mom to wear a hat and sweater, the child should have shoes or at least socks on her feet. Maybe they were only outside a minute. We really can’t tell from the picture. But that is kind of gross.

  12. Annie says:

    The people calling it gross evidently haven’t been around many kids lol.

    Kids eat gross shit. All the time. They live off it. Like dogs and their whole catpoop eating business.

    How cute does Suri look despite the dirty nomnom choice?

  13. geronimo says:

    Suri is invincible. It’ll take more than a dogcrap tainted flipflop to see her off.

  14. photo jojo says:

    Geronimo: *snort* 🙂

  15. morgs says:

    I licked the bottom of my shoe in Kindergarten on a dare. Plus the boys were doing it all the time to prove their coolness. Kinda gross, but at 4 I thought it was awesome! Anyway, I’m still alive. Kids stick odd shit in their mouth all the time, get over it. I caught my niece licking the restaurant booth the other day b/c she thought it tasted great.

  16. ChristinaT says:

    my brothers and i put all kinds of things in our mouths when we were little… rocks, dirt, drywall, etc… people are so loony about germs these days… that’s why more and more people develop allergies… not one person in my family of 8 has allergies… not one…

  17. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Ha! Cute. My great-niece does the same thing. What is it with kids and dirt?

  18. Jocelina says:

    Kids chew on much more disgusting things than flipflops and don’t die.

    I think Suri will be fine.

  19. truth-SF says:

    The problem is not that she put her flip-flops in her mouth, yes all children do that at one time or another. My daughter, who is 5, has done so on numerous occasian. But when I, as i’m sure many other parents as well, sees my child or a child put nasty unclean things in their mouths, I take it out. and Katie is just letting her do it. Now that is not normal.

  20. MSat says:

    I guess I must be a bad mom too- cause god knows my kids put a lot worse stuff in their mouths when they were little. And sometimes, I admit it — as long as it wasn’t something that could kill them, I looked the other way, because it kept them occupied and granted me a few minutes of peace.

  21. Shelly Shellz says:

    Truth SF:

    How can Katie possible see it when Suri has her face away from her??????? U must’ve been born w eyes in the back of ur head to catch ur child putting sumthing in their mouth behind ur back

  22. Shelly Shellz says:


  23. caribassett says:

    Oh that is so gross. Why, oh why do kids have to be weird when people are taking pictures. Our church ran a charming photo of my daughter picking a winner during the Christmas pageant one year, while my other daughter was lifting her dress over her head and bowing. Oh, memories.

  24. TinaWithPom says:

    Legos, chapstick, crayons, dog chew toys, dog food, plastic shoe horns, dirty dish towel… these are just a sampling of the things I’ve wrestled out of my THREE daughters’ mouths while they were growing up. They have all managed to grow up into healthy, alive adults.

  25. Blah Girls says:

    normally this would be eww but she’s so adorable!!

  26. UseYourBrain says:

    ShellyShellz: Thanks for clearing up the “possibly” part while all your posts are still studded with horrendous grammar, 2nd grade spelling issues and profanity. Time to write like a big kid now to get your point across.

  27. lisa says:

    LOL, Use.

    Do you all think this “barley water” story is true? I would be lucky if my kids drank such a thing unless we had started right off before they got a taste for apple juice.

  28. Valensi says:

    She looks absolutely precious in this photo! It makes you overlook the fact that she’s eating a freaking a shoe, but come on! That look of glee on her face? That’s just priceless.

  29. KateNonymous says:

    You know what else I noticed? Suri looks really happy chewing on that flip flop. Considering how many shots we’ve seen where she looks sad, alone, or traumatized, I think this is a welcome change.

  30. Annie says:

    Of course she’s happy. *lol* She’s doing what kids love to do, eating weird things.

    Msat: Dog food? haha Reminds me: the other day, my boyfriend’s dad AND brother almost ate my dog’s treats. No joke. They saw the bag, thought they looked appetizing and almost bit into it and would’ve if he and I at the same time, didn’t notice and go “GUY’S THAT’S TOBY’S TREATS!!” His brother shrugged and almost ate it anyway, but we took the bag away.

    Grown. Men.

  31. KateNonymous says:

    @Annie, clearly you didn’t have my 7th grade life science teacher, who said, “Go ahead. Take a bit of the rat food–it won’t hurt you.” Yes, I did. The answer? Kind of like cardboard and grass.

    I say give Suri all of the flip flops she can eat!

  32. Leandra says:

    My son is healthy and alive after taking a large chomp out of a June Beetle, eating some kind of weird blue grease used for tractors, caught in the act guzzling shampoo…doesn’t appear to be any doggie do on that flip flop – she’ll probably be okay.

  33. gossipmonger says:

    I can’t get my kid to stop eating boogers..

  34. hazel says:

    that is a normal for a kids put anything on thier mouth, it just a kid doing her things being a kid that makes her happy and relax, shes nothing to do is to put the flip flop in the mouth for fun, it wouldn’t hurt her and beside kids needs germs sometimes to fight germs inside the body. and don’t said it gross cause that normality and who knows when you are a kid you do worse than that. don’t said that katie let her suri eat the flip flop because, it just happened here eyes is in the front and doesn’t have an eye at the back of her head to see what suri doing on her back .

  35. Kylie says:

    how is this news worthy.

    Maybe hang out more with some little ones and then you might understand.

    Just another boring, same old same old attack at Katie Holmes.
    My 3 yr old niece put a snail in her mouth the other day. Does that mean my bro is a bad father for not getting it off her in time? No. Kids eat weird stuff!

    Stop insinuating she is a bad mother.
    Its really not nice. 🙂

  36. gia says:

    in equally important news, an elephant takes a dump in india.

  37. victoria says:

    She is finally looking like a normal kid! Yah totally gross, but normal. I had assumed that they were the kind of parents that would chase her around with hand sanitizer and wipes.

  38. terra plana says:

    I agree, not particularly news worth stuff!

  39. Babies usually have habits like older people. Some of them can’t sleep without their favorite blanket or pillow. Some would eat something or do something just to be comfortable. Maybe she was eating that slipper because it’s her habit, but sometimes those things are not that good for them. Like for her, that slipper can have dirt in it, so she might have eaten some of it which is really bad for her.

  40. Lias says:

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