Courtney Stodden’s mom regrets letting her 16 yr-old daughter marry a 51 yr-old

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I just creeped Courtney Stodden’s Instagram (NSFW) and it’s clear that she’s still with her husband, Doug Hutchison. It’s also clear that Courtney is drugged and/or drunk in most of the photos. Maybe her eyes just always look glossed over as a coping mechanism. These two married back in 2011, when Courtney was 16 and Doug was 51. He’s a character actor who has had parts on The X Files and Lost and she’s an aspiring model and singer. The only way Courtney was able to marry Doug was with her mother Krista’s consent, and Krista has defended the marriage and admitted encouraging Courtney to get to know Doug through email after they contacted him for acting lessons. So this whole relationship was probably orchestrated and encouraged by Krista, who was Courtney’s manager for quite some time. Only now Krista says she’s estranged from Courtney and that it’s Doug’s fault. As a result, she regrets letting Courtney marry him. Incidentally, Courtney just turned 21 over the weekend. She already has a solo sex tape. Here’s what Krista told Radar Online:

Krista Stodden, the former teen bride’s momager, was by her side when she moved to Hollywood after marrying Green Mile actor Doug Hutchison, who she met online. While her young daughter has run the gauntlet from nude photos to a sex tape and even a trial separation from Hutchison, she was there to guide her the entire way. But now, Krista insists she’s done.

“Courtney is turning 21 and this will be the first time in my life that I have not been with my daughter on her birthday. Things are still very icy between us and I have not talked to her since she and I went our separate ways,” Krista told Radar..

“I believe there are external influences without any names being said,” Krista told Radar. “I do not believe mothers and daughters should be separated.”

“I think that if a husband can see that there are problems between his wife and her mother I believe he should stay out of the situation,” Krista continued, calling out Hutchison. “There are some really horrible things that he has done to me since she and I have not been speaking that will be very hard to ever forget about…

“I do take full responsibility, however because I am the one that did sign the paper for her to marry this man,” Krista admitted. “If I had to do it all over again I cannot tell you if I would be signing that paper.”

Krista, who has started her own management company, Krista Keller Talent Management, and is representing stars like award-winning TV talk show host John Kerwin, told Radar that she is distraught over the situation with Stodden.

“I encourage husbands to not divide but encourage a healthy relationship between mother and daughter,” she insisted. “And it is not unusual for mothers and daughters to occasionally have their disagreements. Maybe he just doesn’t know any better.”

“I really do miss her. I am not sure what is going to change us not speaking. I worked so hard when I was managing her and I learned a lot so I will be grateful for that experience. I have handed it over to God because when you are separated from your daughter that is a big thing to try to deal with on your own.”

But Krista told Radar that she hasn’t given up hope for a reconciliation.

“Our professional relationship unfortunately got in the way of our mother-daughter relationship,” she explained. “I’m hoping when Courtney gets a little older she will understand that I will continue to pray for Courtney and I to someday be able to speak and have a loving mother and daughter relationship. I am blessed to have three daughters and four grandchildren, but when there is one child missing out of your family it can be very sad and heartbreaking.”

Ultimately, she said she believes Hutchison is standing in the way: “That’s what makes it so difficult is that he loves the way things are right now he has my daughter all to himself. She and I were so close and I think that really bothered him.”

[From Radar Online]

Read between the lines. This is not about Krista not having a relationship with her daughter, this is about money. Krista is no longer her daughter’s manager and she’s pissed that she’s been cut off, not that she’s not in contact with her. Courtney is old enough to make her own decisions, but she’s been controlled and managed and sold off to a man the same age as her dad. The only thing she is in control of is her sexuality, and she has one setting for that. It’s really sad. I thought she was breaking away from this guy but apparently not.

This is Courtney Stodden in July (below). She looks drugged out of her mind. The header image is from October. Credit:

Mr. Pink Summer Soiree

Had a sweet birthday ❤️

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  1. mimif says:

    Hello nip slip (pic with the dog). Not that I care, just a heads up for the NSFW crowd. And that’s all I have to say about this poor creature.

  2. Shambles says:

    Good grief am I thankful for my parents.

    She looks like a really sad, misshapen caricature of Marilyn Monroe in the photo in white.

    • meme says:

      I thought the same thing. This girl is doomed.

    • Tifygodess says:

      Yes! That’s exactly what I thought as well.

    • FLORC says:

      Same. That droopy on the ends, weighted down with makeup, glazed over sadness.

      I can’t mock this girl. She was exploited by the people that should have protected her. Sold to a man as a teen. And now she just appears drugged up as a way to survive the day.
      And those neighbors complaints and concerns of the screaming and crying haven’t stopped.

      This is tragic.

      • Pumpkin Pie says:

        What concerns by neighbors about screaming and crying?

      • Betsy says:

        I don’t know about the complaints, but cosign to the rest. It’s so sad.

      • FLORC says:

        During the last major break up the neighbors called the police for a domestic dispute happening in their apartment. It was covered here and a few other sites with disturbing details. Also, with massive begging on Doug’s part to get courtney to return to him.
        Apparently he’s an alcoholic and their nightly routines of her crying and him screaming was nothing out of the norm. It was also during this time Courtney appeared to be doing a little better and there was talk of a divorce.

        Then they reunited and she looked worse.

        Maybe a few months ago. Let me search the archives.

      • FLORC says:

        Links are not my friend today, but this site has made it quite easy to archive search. It’s all scattered througout 2014 with some late 2013 with lots of threads in the mix on how crazy Courtney looks.
        The sum of it… Courtney and Doug split atleast 2 times. Her mom pursuaded Courtney to take Doug back both times. Courtney single and Courtney post vow renewal looks like she’s worse off with Doug. And he comes off extremely unstable and can’t be alone.

    • Deedee says:

      Yeah, I was thinking Anna Nicole.

    • stoner says:

      I don’t think she’s doped as a way to survive – I think she’s been doped up to make her more pliable and accommodating to whatever it is that she’s doing to bring an income into that household. Her husband has turned her out, plain and simple.

    • Wren says:

      I looked at her Instagram (I know, I know) and it’s a rabbit hole of boob pics, glazed over eyes and homages to Marilyn Monroe. Her new style icon, I suppose. She looks better now that she’s not frying her skin tanning it a glorious orange, but the rest of it is just too sad for words.

    • Ysohawt1 says:

      I always feel sorry for Courthney when I see her in photos. She never looks happy, her eyes look sad , distant and possibly drugged.
      Her parents sound awful. This young lady was let loose with a predator type of male, IMO.
      She needs someone in her family to talk to her, protect her.

      I Just feel sorry for her.
      I hope one day soon she can get her life back and educate herself and stay away from the users and people who basically abused her youth.

  3. SypherMomma says:


    Momma sounds bitter, she turned her poor daughter into a blowup doll.

  4. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Ah. So she’s not sorry she sold her child to a old pervert, just THIS old pervert. Got it.

    • theotherCleo says:

      I love how she doesn’t seem to consider that maybe her daughter is the one who doesn’t want to speak to her. She’s a fantastic mother, not at all controlling ,ready to sold her child to a pervert or talking about her family issues with radar, why would Courtney wants to be away from her?

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        So true! It must be that husband calling the shots, because we all know that she has been the perfect mother. Ugh.

  5. Dhavynia says:

    This girl looks like a younger version of a drugged up Courtney Love crossed with a porn star and not in a good way

    This woman is worse than the Kardashian mother who IMO is one if the worst human beings.

    • Louisa says:

      Mom of the year. She even gives a bad name to stage mothers, who don’t need any help in that regard.

  6. OSTONE says:

    Poor girl. At 21 I was still pretty much a child figuring things out while at college. Her parents not only used her, but sold her to the first D lister that they met. At 16!!! She gets all my sympathy, hopefully it won’t be too late when she realizes that she has been abused and needs to cut ties with her parents and pedo husband.

    • Belle Epoch says:

      Do you think the husband is pumping her out now?

    • holly hobby says:

      I think she aged out in the pedo hubby’s eyes so he is pimping her out. This is so sad.

      • Ysohawt1 says:

        Her husband is truly creepy.
        I was watching a old behind the scenes video of Xfiles and her husband had a scene with David Duchoveny, her husband ( creep) demanded to do the scene with David nude, even though tit did NOT call for him to be fully nude…..David was thoroughly CREEPED out by him, the scene involved David basically running away from the actor but they were both encased in a tube, David got the hell outta that tube so fast and ran like hell.
        The video said in real life even though they were doing a scene, he made David Really uncomfortable. He was creepy.

        Courtneys husband is a creep and Courtneys mother should burn in hell for what she did to her daughter.
        I just feel sympathy for Courtney. I hope she gets some therapy and gets away from all of them.

  7. DEB says:

    Those fakers look PAINFUL.

    • It'sJustBlance says:

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Felice. says:

      Over the muscle (subglandular) and did not let her skin stretch over smaller implants before upgrading to large implants. It’s a lose-lose situation. (I have subpectorals I’m a pro at this now lol)

      • Genny says:

        So what’s the difference between implant types, Felice? Can you tell by looking at them? Hers look super painful.

        Loooooove your icon, by the way. Sailor Moon was my obsession when I was little.

      • Felice. says:

        Well when I had my consultation I told the nurse I wanted the exact opposite of Courtney’s and she was like “Oh yeah those are over the muscle.” You can tell because they look so hard. When it’s under the muscle, the fat is still on top so they look softer and more natural. I mean you can go that big if you want but you should start with smaller ones so your skin stretches and then go bigger. She’s tiny so she didn’t have a lot of skin there so of course the implants would go purple. You can get the tear drop ones that look super natural but it seems she went with the more high ones, which give you the barbie permanent cleavage boobs.

    • MSat says:

      But don’t you remember Courtney saying her boobs were “rill”?

  8. aims says:

    This girl has been let down by everyone. Her mother being the first. It says a lot about the mother that she’s more concerned about money then the fact that she sold her daughter to the highest bidder. This girl never had a chance.

    • Ysohawt1 says:

      I feel nothing but sympathy for Courtney. She needs to get strong, get therapy , get herself an education and get away from all of those disgusting creeps and users as well as that horrid mother.

    • joyce thomas says:

      I happen to know the minister whose church the family went to when Courtney was growing up. The Dad was active in helping at the Church. Courtney apparently was rather isolated and alone growing up with few friends. Her mother had a hair salon (maybe out of their house) in the small town they lived in. She became gung ho Hollywood and pushed the whole sorry situation. I believe the mother did divorce the Dad when Mom got to Hollywood.
      I was surprised when I saw pics of Courtney celebrating her 21st birthday recently as she had been rather quiet with no over the top crazy publicity photo ops of late (probably instigated by her mom) . Who knows, maybe Doug has his problems, I don’t know him, but maybe he’s the one trying to keep Courtney out of the tabloids making a spectacle of herself and she may become more normal in time – and mom-o has lost her managerial job, Hollywood lifestyle/notoriety and income, and is pissed. Wasn’t she living with Doug and Courtney? So Doug threw her out and she has to earn a real living???

      • Ysohawt1 says:

        There’s nothing nice about that disgusting predator creepy husband or her disgusting mother.
        Poor Courtney. It’s tragic what two adults managed to do to a sixteen year old, I just hope at 21 she starts to get some strength , courage and her mind together to get away forever from both her mum& husband they are two creepy,disgusting users.

  9. QQ says:

    So it wasn’t like she woke up this am having grown shame overnight??, yep Got it

  10. Swofty says:


  11. Nicolette says:

    21? No I don’t think so.

  12. Cindy says:

    Oh no. I never followed this story because it turned my stomache, but that gross “husband” is from one of my favorite x-files. 🙁

    So her mom just prostituteded her daughter. That’s it. There is no spin on this, she pimped her out. Wish I did not know this. Mother should be in prison for horrible human beings.

  13. kri says:

    Oh my god. Another sick pimp mama.And now she’s sorry. Lady you were always sorry. Look at your baby.So sad.

  14. snowflake says:

    Ewww, gross. Does she actually think she looks good?

  15. Jaded says:

    What she did to her daughter should be a jailable offense.

  16. sassy says:

    god she’s gross and her daughter is tragic those boobs look so disgusting and poor Marilyn Monroe would surely be mortified with this trick fancying herself to be like marilyn

  17. COSquared says:

    Satan’s Homegirl 2.0. A real mum wouldn’t allow THAT to happen.

  18. littlemissnaughty says:


  19. Dani says:

    I have to admit…I like her Marilyn Monroe wannabe look so much more than her porn-star look. It actually is kind of flattering.

  20. Neah23 says:

    This is Kylie sad future.

  21. Cinderella says:

    Oh well, time to get a real job!

  22. smcollins says:

    I don’t see a happy ending for her unless someone intervenes. But WHO?? Absolutely no one is looking out for her wellbeing, but really, who ever has? I have nothing but sympathy for this poor, lost girl. I really really hope she finds a way out.

    • piecesofme says:

      Yes. Who are her friends; where are her friends? On that couch with her on her 21st birthday… Ugh. Unlike the Kardashian women, I feel like this girl doesn’t even know what her choices are. She thinks she is making grown up sophisticated decisions, and all I can see is a girl who never had a chance.

  23. Naddie says:

    I’m shocked.

  24. Stacey says:

    Anna Nicole 2.0

  25. Doodle says:

    Her face is so different, too.

  26. Elvis says:

    Her body language in the last photo (on her birthday) is so telling. And all the men sticking their fingers up for the camera. Look at their faces, then Courtney’s.

    This story is all around horrifying. It’s a medieval situation in 2015. Mother sells her daughter to an ogre for social favor and a wood-burning oven.

    • Louisa says:

      Yeah that picture is really hard to look at. Doesn’t this girl have anyone to save her?

      • Elvis says:

        It doesn’t appear she does. And if she’s even allowed to create a social circle, what are the chances she’ll be meeting psychologically healthy people who can empower, or look out for her?

        My heart breaks for her. What can anyone actually do in a situation like this? She’s of age. She’s self-medicating to deal with the shit that is her situation but she doesn’t yet know she’s got options because she can’t know. She doesn’t know better because her mother is a monster who turned her into a sexual object because it suited the mother. Mother, my ass. I just wish Courtney the best and I hope she has the strength to pull herself out of her current jailed mentality.

      • Deedee says:

        I think the only person who try to give her good advice was RuPaul 2 years ago.

      • FLORC says:

        All of this!
        At this point this is her norm. No one close to her will help or let her leave. She’s tried that and was always pulled back looking like they added more drugs to keep her compliant. It’s all so sad and scary.
        We’re watching this girl just decay while everyone around her smiles.

  27. Vampi says:

    Damn. This will not end well for her. A sad situation. My heart goes out to Courtney because she knows no better. That Krista lady revoked her “mom” card the day she signed her daughter over to a pedo. No, that’s not correct. She revoked that the minute she even okayed their interaction.

  28. Eleonor says:

    Poor girl.
    Married ad 16 with an abuser. I would be on drugs all the time too.

  29. Neonscream says:

    Her mother is gross but let’s not let her just as gross, just as happy to pimp out his daughter father, off the hook.

  30. Pandy says:

    That birthday pic – who is that lizard on the left??? Yow. Krusty doesn’t seem to realize that mothers and daughters should separate as they grow older. Helicopter parents aren’t good for emotional maturity. The Momager relationship is a different level of messed up however.

  31. justagirl says:

    This is sick. And sad. Clearly he’s a predator…and what predators/abusers also do is divide & isolate – so they can maintain control. So yes, I believe that part of the story.

    Also, I would not be surprised if her mother was also a victim of abuse as a child or adult, so that she did not see the guy for the creepy predator he is.

  32. holly hobby says:

    These pictures make me sad. Congratulations momma Krista for turning your daughter into a porn star. I’m sure that’s what everyone wants their daughter’s to aspire to. This poor girl will not live to see 30. 🙁

  33. Dita says:

    O so now she regrets pimping out her daughter to an old man?! Then she’s gonna hand it to God? Where was God when she singed over her daughter?! I hate when people involve a higher power in their mess.

  34. Grace says:

    Oh please, I don’t believe a word from this momager. She lost her money maker and now she trying to get the public on her side. She’s shameless. How could a mother help make her own daughter into a full-on sexpot at 16 and ok a marriage to a creepy 50 year old. I can guarantee Krista would never let Courtney marry Doug Hutchinson if he wasn’t a “movie star”. – using the term movie star lightly here

  35. pk says:

    As a mother of a daughter close to her age, this situation has always disturbed me. Its obvious the POS mother only cares how it affects HER and not about her daughter’s well being.

  36. LMB says:

    She looks a bit like MM nowadays and we all know how that story ended.

  37. piecesofme says:

    Apropos of nothing, I always wonder if they know when they do their 2 fingers like that it means f-you and not peace. Or maybe they are trying to make gang hand gestures?

  38. Ginger says:

    Despite the crazy hair, makeup, boobs and stripper heels, Courtney used to have a spark in her eye and a youthful glow. I no longer see it. Just sad

  39. jwoolman says:

    Actually, the headline is a bit off. Mom didn’t regret marrying her 16 year old daughter to a 51 year old, but rather to that particular 51 year old now that she thinks he broke the financial bond, er, I mean the emotional bond between loving mother and beloved bank account, er, I mean beloved daughter. A different, more mom-friendly 51 year old would have been just fine.

  40. Brasileira says:

    Oh, you mean, she regrets the price tag she put on her daughter at that time and wishes she had asked for more on the cash cow? Yeah, I see how that could fill one with regret.

  41. Buckley says:

    So depressing. Even the dog agrees.

  42. coffeeisgood says:

    that is so sad. that girl looks so drugged up. her boobs look painful as well. poor thing she never stood a chance.

  43. Tara says:

    So the mom is mad Courtney got a new pimp?

  44. Fluff says:

    All I feel for this girl is sympathy. I normally would never say this, but she so clearly shows signs of being a child sexual abuse survivor, it’s tragic. I don’t know why the media mock her rather than treating her as the evidently emotionally disturbed minor she was. I hope she’s able to get proper therapy one day.

  45. Sabell says:

    Krista = Pimp Mama Kris x 1 million

  46. wolf88 says:

    “WHAT?! An entire 6 years and she’s not be catapulted into A-List stardom?!” said the snarkastic wolf 😉