Courtney Stodden is happy her marriage is over: ‘I feel like a little girl again!’


So much Courtney Stodden news! First off – these are photos of Courtney enjoying her newly single life last week. She went out with some androgynous-looking friends, as one does. I think we can safely say that her lips have gone Full Kidman. What a shame. Alright, now that you’ve absorbed that, let’s move on to what Courtney’s all about these days: defending her decision to split with her husband Doug. Courtney gave an amazing interview to E! this weekend and it’s all fake lips, horrible makeup, blonde weave and candor. She’s only 19 years old y’all. Does anyone else feel sorry for her?

Courtney tells E! that she understood when she was 16 years old that the relationship was “unconventional” (re: “illegal”) but she says “I didn’t get how weird and strange that it came across.” The turning point in her marriage was her decision to appear on Celebrity Big Brother in the UK, where she went without Doug for the first time in years, and Court says: “I was missing him, but not intimately. I couldn’t neglect my desires and wanting to embrace my independence and my freedom.”

She also says that because everyone abandoned Doug professionally, “I became his world. I just felt like there was a lot of weight on my shoulders.” That’s remarkably honest. Is it weird that I believe that? Or is she just talking about her crazy implants? We’ll never know. Of course, Court also says that she’s “happy and excited” to be single now and “I feel like a little girl again, just being able to start over. At 16, I got my marriage license instead of my driver’s license. Come on.” Yes, Courtney. COME ON. We knew it was freaky from the beginning. Welcome to the club.

Now, of course Courtney had to undo whatever good work immediately. After making such a big deal about wanting to be single, Courtney was seen with Doug on Thursday night at Musso & Frank’s. A source told Radar: “Courtney and Doug were all over each other at the restaurant, acting like they always did when they were together. Doug told people in the restaurant that he and Courtney were back together and working it out.”

So… are they really over or is this just some dumb stunt they cooked up together?



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Anna says:

    Oh jeez, her lips looks ridiculous.
    I wonder what her parents think about the split?!

  2. YummyMummy says:

    She looks like a 40 something who had work done to try and look younger. Uggg I do feel sorry for her. She is a mess and I blame her folks. Reminds me of lohan

  3. bowers says:

    I do feel sorry for her, and it’s not going to end well. I still think this separation is b.s.

  4. Dani2 says:

    She looks so much older than her real age, it frightens me to think what she’ll look like when she’s actually 40.

  5. Bianca says:

    I seriously don’t know who she is, but I can’t believe she’s 19…? Is she, really? At any rate, I feel rather sorry for her. Doesn’t she have a friend? Or a mirror? I don’t get how you can get so detached from reality without even realising it. She looks like a nightmare and her life is one.

  6. brin says:

    I just see her being exploited unless at some point she takes control of her own life.

  7. MrsBPitt says:

    I keep thinking of that “music video” she shot, and how she looked so much more attractive and younger, with the short dark hair and was dressed age appropriate! Then I look at her in this video, and she looks like a transvestite! She is still only 19…I wish someone would save this girl from her husband, her parents, and herself!

  8. GiGi says:

    Seriously. She should be the poster girl for sex trafficking in America. Sadly things like this happen every day and yet these two have somehow made a career of it.

    I do feel bad for her – when you listen to her “mother” speak she talks about how she had “offers for her daughter from all over the world”. WTF. Why do the rich creepo men of the world even *know* about your 14 year old daughter? The parents should be arrested along with her “husband”!

    • tracymd says:

      seriously! I feel so bad for this girl as a TRUE VICTIM of abuse. I don’t, can’t understand the victim blaming, hatred and downright hostility toward this child. She was married at 16! TMI coming so avert your eyes if you must, but I didn’t even get my period till I was 16.

      I personally can’t understand how a girl this age can be held responsible for being a famewhore, slut, gold digger, etc. when it seems obvious to me that she was using what she had learned was her only value to make something of herself. When I was 16, I still believed I could be a lawyer, psychologist and rock star with a side order of veterinarian thrown in.

      It seems like her mother wants Doug for herself and used Courtney to get him. The adults exploited her but she has to do the walk of shame. I hope she gets those dreadful boobs out, lets her lips deflate, never has another plastic surgery, and finds out she’s got an IQ of 189. Poor thing.


  9. eliza says:

    She is so gross San Fernando Valley will probably reject this sad trick.

    Her mother should be in an asylum for what she did to this girl. The pervy Hutchinson is bad but the mother, who sold her daughter into Zlist sexual slavery is even worse.

  10. dcypher1 says:

    Those lips are almost as big as her head. Those are cray Cray lips. All that surgery makes her look old.She does not look 19. She looks like she’s in her 30s.

  11. Jacqueline says:

    Oh, honey… You may feel like a little girl, but you look like shit.

  12. Tammy says:

    I think that Courtney wants to test the waters of single life but also be able to stay married to Doug until she finds someone else to take care of her. As creepy as their marriage is, I believe she relies on him a great deal for a lot of things & that he is like a father figure to her. And because their creepy marriage is what made her a tabloid fixture, she wants to exploit it for all it’s worth. It’s all she knows how to do really. It’s all she was taught by her parents & I do feel sorry for her. She never had a chance, not with parents like hers. My mom would not let me date a 22 year old when I was 15, much less sell me to some 50 plus guy.

  13. yuck says:

    The only thing I find sad about this situation is that it manages to get national publicity. A couple more years–maybe–and this girl’s life in the spotlight, such as it is, will be over. So what’s she gonna do then? Find another old rich guy to marry? She’s unrecognizable from a year ago, and that kind of makeover is only going downhill from here. It would be sad if it hadn’t been wholly engineered by the people who are making money off her.

  14. Alycia says:

    Oh dear lord – she’s hanging out with Bobby Trendy…

  15. blue marie says:

    So many things wrong, I can’t..I don’t know where to start. (at the risk of saying something mean, I’m gonna stop right here)

  16. Nicolette says:

    “I feel like a little girl again”. At this point I don’t know who is creepier to me, her, or her husband.

  17. Quinn says:

    She looks like a used-up porn worker.

    My compassion for this girl is waning.

  18. OhMyMy says:

    Oh yes, last Tuesday….those were the days.

  19. Audrey says:

    She didn’t get tge reality show offers that she expected. So.

  20. jaye says:

    The lip injections and the XXL breasts make her look absolutely ridiculous. I will say, however, she sounds a lot more…lucid in this interview.

  21. msw says:

    I hate this pedophilic fantasy crap. So gross.

  22. Jules says:

    White trash nightmare situation, so sad. Her parents should be shot for pimping her out at such a young age and effing her life up they way they did. Chris Hansen would have been arresting Doug if he hadn’t bargained to “marry” this poor kid. She is the oldest looking 19 year old I have ever seen.

  23. Ok says:

    She feels like a little girl.

    She looks like a 35 year old

  24. Arock says:

    I think I might miss old, rill Courtney. Poor girl. Doug is a moron and that’s what happens to morons it’s fitting, but wow, if he thought his life was over before….


    That marriage was a SHAM to get her recognized. Her her husband looks like a Closet gay. He was probably trying it with her to get some hetero legitimacy.
    BTW her Parents are total PIMPS who should be in JAIL!

    Now on to her face – I am at a lost at how a 19 year old could look like an Albino Iguana with with hemorrhoids. I don’t know what is happening with the mountainous hairline, over bleached hair that looks like it is ready to flee, and those painful looking Boobs that look like they were pumped by a truckstop on the way to Juarez.

    I really feel for this girl because her 15 minutes will be up and she will wither away in the depths of untalented hell. The marriage is no more so there is no real reason to follow her unless she gets a prime part in SHARKNEDO 3. Just sad…

  26. Eleonor says:

    She is painful to watch, not only for her implants.

  27. vvvoid says:

    I feel like she was being really honest in the interview. I don’t dislike her, I don’t dislike Tooms either [mostly because I love him as an actor, he's great, but also because eh, I dunno, I don't feel like he's aware enough of reality to recognize that regardless of how he treats this girl, marrying her at such a young age was abusive and detrimental no matter how you look at it. I dated a 38 year old very seriously when I was freshly 18 and broke up with him because I realized the fact that he wanted to be with me at 18 was an indication of serious insecurity and immaturity on his part, not necessarily perversion though. I feel the same way about Doug.] I do pity them for their obvious and blatant personality/mood disorders, but they don’t incite my ire very much most of the time. Their relationship is a major indictment against modern Western society and popular culture though, as are not only her lip implants [?] but also those god awful cheek implants [not to mention breast implants, Jesus]. I get why she would want bigger lips, even though they look terrible on her, because she had embarrassingly thin lips before, but why on Earth would she go for those cheek implants? I swear, every exaggerated feature I have that always made me uncomfortable with my face and body [overly pronounced cheekbones, big lips, butt, since I was in high school right before that look became popular] have become the go-to cosmetic procedures of the decade, ensuring that in 5 or 10 years there will be a cultural reflex to see them as flaws once again.
    Seriously though, why does anyone go for those kind of cheek implants after seeing Adrianne Maloof or Lil Kim?

  28. loveisthecoal says:

    I’ve never seen implants that are always such an angry reddish-purple color. Is that normal? I kind of feel like she should get those checked. They almost look infected or something…not sure if that’s even possible but something’s not right there.

    I just feel sorry for this girl. Her parents and “husband” are repulsive.

  29. Liz says:

    Oh my. Bobby Trendy just completes the Anna Nicole Smith loop of horror.

    There was something about Anna that really made it impossible to hate her. That same sentiment applies to Courtney as well. While the both have been very obviously exploited much of their lives, there is something else too. They both come (or rather came in Anna’s case) across as actually quite sweet. Courtney has also struck me as far more intelligent than most give her credit for.

    Meh. I’m not sure what my point in commenting was, other than to express the sort of sad/worry feelings that show up whenever I read about her. Like watching a tragedy in the making. I hope I’m wrong.

    If you haven’t seen it, check out her driving with Rupaul video. It’s adorable.

  30. raffy says:

    how can someone claim they’re confident and happy with the way they look when they’ve done so many plastic surgeries so young? She looks ridiculous!!!!

  31. ctkat1 says:

    Frankly, I think that what her parents did to her at age 15 (when she first started being ‘courted’ by Doug) should be illegal- I think she should have been removed from their home by child protective services. To look at her now, at 19, is to see the damage that those parents have inflicted on her. The sad thing is that she is now an adult, and by that measure she is responsible for her own choices and decisions, when she clearly lacks the foundation to be a successful adult woman.

  32. mikhail says:

    forget about courtney i think her friend peed on herself and her fly is unzipped too
    can anyone else see that?

  33. I Choose Me says:

    I still think the whole marriage was a stunt that was designed to launch her as reality star or something, only it didn’t quite work out the way they hoped. I seriously doubt those two (Doug and Courtney) ever had sex.

  34. GT says:

    My Lord those lips. That is the worst lip job I have ever seen in my life. That poor young woman is delusional if she thinks that she looks good. I feel sorry for her and hope that she can get some counselling. Wow. That’s the thing with being so young though right? You go through different phases before you find out who you really are and she will probably look back one day and just cringe.

  35. Leila In Wunderland says:

    Even though she is/was just desperate for fame, I feel kind of bad for her, both because of the exploitation and because of some of the things that were said about her. It’s one thing for a 16- or 17-year old to be attracted to a 20-year-old, but it’s an entirely different thing for a teen to be willing to ‘marry’ a 50-year-old. And who knows how much of this was just her own desperation for fame and money, and how much of it was her parents convincing her that this was a good idea. Plus all the plastic surgery. I hope this breakup is really happening, and I hope that she’ll be able to have a somewhat normal life.

  36. Kerrboom says:

    God, she is so ugly! She should not have had all that plastic surgery. If she had stayed the way she was pre-surgery, she’d be a very pretty young woman. If I looked like she does now, I wouldn’t even want to get out of bed in the morning, let alone be seen in public. She used to have a very pretty “all American, girl next door” look but now she just looks like a used up porn star. If any of my younger sisters tried to do to their body what she’s done, I’d smack the shit outta them and then drag them to a psychiatrist. A mentally healthy person does not do this to their body.

  37. Lauraq says:

    I don’t think she necessarily looks good now, but she looks better and younger than when she first appeared three years ago. We all thought she was in her 40s then, remember?