Us: Rob Kardashian has lost 15 pounds and is preparing to make a comeback


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This story has been kicking around for about a week, but I’ve been hesitant to discuss it after doing so many stories about Rob Kardashian’s weight. Granted, he has made the subject one for public consumption on many occasions. He’s also been Instagramming photos lately, which is unusual (he tends to delete them right away). This photo ^^^ has caused many to believe that Rob has lost a drastic amount of weight, as his face looks much thinner than it has in years. Then again, our photo agencies haven’t captured him in over a year, although he was papped outside of In ‘n’ Out Burger in June (looking heavier than ever).

Earlier this year, Rob reportedly had a huge fight with Kim about how she joked about his weight in Rolling Stone. Something about how he was a pothead, and maybe a meth habit would be different because then “he’d be skinny.” Now Rob, who has publicly lamented his weight, appears to be losing some pounds (although who knows when the Instagram selfie was taken. Us Weekly says the photo is current, and Rob is motivated by money:

Rob, who has been battling weight gain and depression for years, gave followers a glimpse of his slimmed-down physique via Instagram on Aug. 31. In the selfie, Khloe Kardashian’s little brother looked noticeably thinner, and captioned the image “Gnight.”

He hasn’t stepped out publicly since bailing on Kim and Kanye West’s May 2014 nuptials, and hasn’t appeared on the family’s E! Show since 2012, when he started to put on weight after finishing in second place on Season 13 of Dancing With the Stars.

But the reality personality has a big incentive to get in shape, and that’s cash.

“He’s not getting paid if he doesn’t film,” another source explains to Us, adding that Rob has already started filming scenes for Season 11. “He has a $2 million-a-year contract. He realized he couldn’t give up this huge opportunity.”

[From Us Weekly]

Well, this can only be good news, right? I can’t knock Rob’s financial motivation here because that’s how all Kardashian’s operate. A $2 million paycheck to get picked on by Kim in onscreen, well, he’ll earn that cash. Maybe she’ll be nicer to him if he comes back to the show. They have reportedly gone hiking together recently. So sure, I will buy that these Instagram photos are current and wish much luck to the Kardashian black sheep in his further progress.

Way off

A photo posted by ROBERT KARDASHIAN (@robkardashian) on

Rob Kardashian

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  1. MediaMaven says:

    Can’t wait until he writes his tell-all book about the Koven. Maybe one of their men will come out of that family victorious?

  2. QQ says:

    hasn’t this been the long game for him though??

    I’d hate to have the kind of family where they write you off their dynamics and vacations cause you are too fat to present a unified pretty facade to the world

    • kri says:

      QQ-that is the least of their sins…look at My Little Prostitute being show groomed By The Kween Egg Layer and Terry Richardson for god’s sake. And just thinking of “Stimulated” does one thing-stimulates my damn gag reflex. I wish they would all just get thee gone!

  3. Shambles says:

    I really hope his “comeback” is more Caitlyn-style. As in, he “comes back” to the spotlight on his own terms, living his own life, maybe even with his own show. And I hope the first thing he does is give an interview to Diane Sawyer about all the dirty nasty nastiness that goes on in the dungeon *clears throat* I mean, behind closed doors with this family. One can only dream.
    #FreeRob #SockItToEm #SockPunIntended

    • Katie says:

      If he makes a comeback ….PLEASE ROB……don’t do it on your mother/sisters show! Do something honorable in your own right instead. Step away from “reality” completely!

    • BRE says:

      I think a good comeback for him would be to go back to college and become the Lawyer he has always wanted to be. I think part of why is is probably battling with depression and weight is because he has never seemed happy with what he is doing in life. He talks a lot about wanting to follow in his father’s footsteps and be a lawyer. I think he is just lacking something he is passionate about.

  4. Lilacflowers says:

    In order to have a comeback, doesn’t the person have to have had a career of some sort?

  5. Rachel says:

    Does hiking mean something different in LA? Because I cannot imagine any of them hiking. I feel their idea of hiking is walking through a park with some gentle rolling hills. Maybe Khloe. She’s on a real fitness kick, and I can see her wanting to push her body.

    • swack says:

      And it can’t be too grueling if Kim is also hiking. If you’re not used to doing something while pregnant then you need to start off slowly. Especially if it is hot.

    • Neah23 says:

      Hiking in Katdashion speak means that they were photographed in workout clothes on what look to be a hiking trail, It doesn’t actually mean they went hiking.

      just like hard work or strong work ethic in Katdashion speak means to spend hours in a chair getting your, hair and makeup done, calling the paparazzi, photographed in multiple outfit a day and taking a million selfies.

  6. Miran says:

    That is LAs exact version of hiking.

  7. Mrs. Wellen-Mellon says:

    Rob, here’s your fortune cookie: The ones who escape will be the ones the public loves.

  8. Merritt says:

    Comeback? Whatever. His only moment of glory was placing second during his season of DWTS.

  9. Smd says:

    Kim hiking in a too tight black onesie with two pairs of Spanx on and a long black velvet duster. Why? Because she is ridiculous. Yet, she is so critical of her brother who while having gained weight isn’t out doing the daily pap stroll in clothes that look painful. She looked ready to deliver at that recent wedding she and Kanbeard attended, but she still has 3 months left, right? Much whining to go 🙂

  10. swack says:

    He looks like he lost more than 15 pounds (a good thing) unless he loses it all in his face. It is a lot thinner than it was. Just saying.

  11. word says:

    A “comeback” to what? What did he do? Is he resurrecting his singing/acting career? LOL I mean come on. Oh let me guess, E has been secretly filming him for his own show about how he lost the weight right? God forbid this family do anything without cameras involved.

  12. Reece says:

    If someo…ANYBODY paid me $2million, I’d have my butt in a gym right now instead of interneting (it’s a word!) on my phone.

  13. StormsMama says:

    I just came to say Who is that Kim impersonator next to him? Oh that’s Kim?
    Dear lord she’s unrecognizable – yes she looks like a Kardashian but she doesn’t look like the Kim we see everyday in 2015.

  14. Sassback says:

    Honestly, I was always on Kim’s side with this one. Being a sufferer of depression, people can only help you so much until you want to get help too. I failed out of therapy for years and my family was losing patience and money until *I* realized that I was my worst enemy. I think they tried to help as long as they could but people with depression push others away. Kim was right, he has so many choices, like trainers and chefs at his disposal, and he clearly was also abusing substances.

  15. Kate says:

    I don’t understand why he doesn’t just get like by-pass surgery or something like that. It could help him drop the weight and encourage healthy eating habits. I always thought it had to do with more than gaining weight. I think that whole Lamar situation did a number on him

  16. Zapp Brannigan says:

    Apparently that top picture is from 2014, so who knows what the truth is with this lot.

    link to when it was used in 2014

  17. MediaMaven says:

    it’s always so refreshing to see the KKlan with some of their original body parts. Memories…….

  18. iseepinkelefants says:

    He would never go against the family and tell on them. You guys forget how close he is to Khloe. And maybe once a long time ago Khloe was the rebel but now she’s happily one of them.

  19. icy says:

    I can’t believe people fell for his ‘story’. I figure that when the show’s ratings hit rock bottom, he would all of a sudden lose weight and center a story around it. I never believe the drama about him and the family, just scripted for the show. Wake up people!!

    • me says:

      Could be true. I mean I’m sure Kris tried to think of how she could get people interested in Rob and how he could make money “doing nothing” like the rest of the family. I think her plan worked !

  20. nikko says:

    I bet he had that bypass surgery like Magic Johnson’s son. Plus Rob is a big baby, the only boy with 5 sisters…he’s use to getting spoiled. I was watching an old KUWTK show when Scott and Rob were drunk in Las Vegas. Rob was like coming on the Scott laying in the bed with him, very touchy. I wonder…….