Duchess Kate wore a blue Reiss coat to the Rugby World Cup: lovely?


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were back to work with a vengeance! “With a vengeance” = three events between William and Kate in one week. And one of those events was just Will and Kate tagging along at the Rugby World Cup Opening Ceremony, which was clearly intended as just a Prince Harry event. Harry is the honorary president of the England World Cup, and he was the one to do a cute video for the event, plus he gave a speech to open the games. Will and Kate were just there to have fun.

Fashion notes: Kate wore what looked like black tights and a black dress, which we didn’t get a good look at because she wore her blue coat the entire time. The coat is by Reiss, and it sold for £325, but is no longer on sale (meaning, I think, that this is a few seasons old). I almost always like Kate in blue, and this was a nice shade, plus I appreciate the fact that the coat didn’t have a million buttons on it (Kate LOVES buttons). She matched the coat to a special scarf (which she carried but did not wear) – the scarf was from Beulah, at a cost of £85. Interestingly enough, the proceeds from the sales of the scarf go to support the UN’s blue heart campaign against human trafficking. Do you think she did that on purpose, or did she just like the scarf? As for her bangs… they don’t look so bad here, maybe because she’s pushed them to the side?

Here’s part of the spoof/funny video Harry did for the Opening Ceremony. A prince making a cameo as a gardener, how charming.



Photos courtesy of Getty, Pacific Coast News.

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  1. PHD Gossip says:

    Her nose looks tweaked. bangs are meant to distract.

    • Yoohoo says:

      I don’t get the bangs. It looks like someone took all of the hair in the very front of her head and chopped it to 4 inches long. It doesn’t blend. They aren’t layered. It’s just chopped like she’s growing blunt bangs out. She has access to the best hair stylists in the world and that’s what they do?

      • Bridget says:

        She could be stuck with crappy postpartum hair. Bald spots, wiry re-growth, brittle texture. I know my bangs especially looked awful and were really difficult to deal with. I had about a year of bad hair.

        Or she could just have a bad haircut. Money doesn’t buy taste.

      • waitwhat says:

        Hear here! They aren’t bangs, they’re chopped off strands. Dreadful….

    • hmmm says:

      It’s been puzzling me because she does look different somehow. What did she do to her nose? Her veneers also look bigger.

      It’s a nice coat, and a good colour. She hunches in it and looks swamped by it. It looks as if it might have great lines, but on her the tailoring is lost.

      • Pipa says:

        Attire should have worn for reversed outings.

        Too covered up for a fun day (may be orders from HM day /The Firm after previous day attire) for a Rugby Game; while at a professional (serious mental illness), children’s charity meet greet, we were flashed to the high thigh!

      • aurelia says:

        Kate had bonding done to her teeth for the wedding. They are the softer option to veneers. They are transparent covers basically. But now she has gone the full porcelain hog. Weird as her real teeth were better than average. Only wish willie would see her dentist.

    • ncboudicca says:

      She’s definitely Botoxing her forehead. Look at the photo where her eyes are crinkled and she’s got a big grin – forehead is smooth as ice. I’m not knocking that, I Botox, too. I might be crazy, I think she had something done to her boobs – hence losing the bottom two buttons on that shirtdress so everyone would look at her thighs instead of her chest.

      What I will knock is her hair. God Awful. I have bad hair days, too, girl – put it in a damn bun. Even better – use that scarf to tie a ponytail or just cover the hair. Would’ve been nice to highlight the scarf, since purchases go to such a good cause. Just sayin’

      • Ellen2 says:

        I have no doubt that Kate will have a breast lift eventually (and no shade for that, I want one), but I believe the reports that she wants at least three kids and I think she will wait until she’s done with pregnancy/breastfeeding to do the lift.

      • wendi says:

        Ellen2 – I was reading speculation on another site that she ALREADY had the boob job. It would explain why her breasts look much bigger (and don’t seem to move) yet the rest of her is shrinking. Since it’s been pointed out that she doesn’t seem to be breast feeding anymore – long absences from the baby – I’m inclined to agree. Either that, or she’s just reverted back to those heavily padded bras she was wearing before the pregnancy.

      • notasugarhere says:

        The botox bunny lines are back on her nose.

    • Olenna says:

      Agree, it’s a new nose, and teeth look bigger than ever. Hope this is not the start of a cosmetic surgery addiction, but to each her own.

    • seesittellsit says:

      It does, doesn’t it? Looks like (as opposed to the usual trimming, a la Letizia in Spain) she added something on the bridge to lessen the “chipmunk” look her small eyes and little ski-jump nose and chubby cheeks gave her. I hope it’s not the case. Whatever Kate’s problems in life are, they aren’t her looks, which were perfectly good enough.

      You know, William’s mother had obsessive narcissistic tendencies. They always say you go “home” in serious relationships and even if the person seems different in many ways (in this case, social class, decent education, not a 19 year old virgin, stable family home) you unconsciously find ways to replicate. Kate strikes me also as having obsessive narcissistic tendencies . . .

      You can run but you can’t hide.

      The coat is pretty and of course the jewel color (I dislike them generally) is meant to ensure that she is visible in the crowd.

    • Milly of the valley says:

      She had her nose done. I had mine done a year ago and became a hermit for two months due to awful unexpected bruising . Her highness also botoxed that forehead like there’s no tomorrow.

    • OverFirstAve. says:

      Oh My! Did anyone read the Hit piece Katie Nicholl did on William. Someone in the Palace wants William to get his act together and is leaking. IMO

      William , Won’t or Refuses to take on role, or things for future of his role.

      Someone in leaking what a problem William is, seems like the Palace is trying to figure out how to get a handle on him. His refusal to do his role!
      Check out Katie Nicholl article from this weekend in Daily Mail

      • Feeshalori says:

        Do you have a link to that article?

      • Blackcat says:

        I have looked but can’t find it. Link?

      • Jib says:

        And here’s what I noticed from this event – look how far Harry is from Kate. He couldn’t be much further and still seem to be with them. I think something happened pretty serious that pissed Harry off and he no longer is a Kate fan.

  2. vauvert says:

    Pretty coat. Her hair looks better here. I don’t understand carrying the scarf like that – either put it on or leave it home but whatever, thats nit picking.
    I am sure they will be counting this as an engagement of some sort when it is clearly something they wanted to do for fun. Pretty soon we’ll be asked to count her breathing and taking a shower as work. I know that sounds really snarky but I had such high hopes about her and she has been so incredibly disappointing.

  3. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I have mixed feelings about the color of the coat. I like it, and it looks good on her, but it’s one of those colors that goes in and out of fashion, and when it’s in, it’s everywhere and I get tired of it. I have a dress that color, and I started to wear it last week but just decided I was over that color for a while.

    • Liberty says:

      a friend calls that color Charity Resale Shop Blue. It’s one of those peculiar synthetic GAP-type colors that gives me the harsh, so I get sick of seeing it too.

      BUT — it reminded me of the pivotal “Cerulean Blue Sweater” scene in Devil Wears Prada. I looked at the youtube and — !!!! suddenly realized maybe this is all Kate trying to channel the Hathaway character but hasn’t made it past pre-makeover Andrea —

      — compare the character’s hair and blue to these Kate photos and it’s eerie….


      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Love that scene! Made me want to watch the movie again. And made me decide to donate the dress.

      • bluhare says:

        Charity Resale Shop Blue! HA! I think I’ve donated half of those because this shade of blue is one of my best colors, then I donate it all away. Except for one jacket. I’ve kept that.

      • Liberty says:

        @bluhare, oh I had a sweater that color I remember well, and a dress! A good color then boom I am tired and off it goes by donation too! So I know it’s not a collection piece for me.

    • Citresse says:

      I like that shade of blue during the winter season. Diana wore it during Harry’s Christening and looked great. I think she wore the same dress at others times while on tour with Charles.

  4. Sixer says:

    In other – far more important, obviously – news: I wore a Wales top and jeans to watch Ireland vs Canada in Cardiff. Mr Sixer wore an Ireland top. The Sixlets wore Superdry. Because, y’know, Superdry. Ireland won. Woohoo!

    And our Glorious Leader Al-Bin-Corbyn wore his vest to a constituency surgery, where he SNUBBED the rugby in favour of HELPING people. Katie Bucket has nothing on the Glorious Leader. He’s sending this country to hell in a handbasket.

    Anyway. We know it wasn’t really her in that blue coat. She’s still permaflashing in Weston-super-Mare.

    • bettyrose says:

      Snort! I turn daily to whatsixerwore.com for fashion inspiration.

    • byland says:

      Off-topic, but I wish I had as great a nickname for my offspring as you do yours. As it is my username comes from a inside joke between The Mister and I.

      Also, yay for Wales! I went mountain climbing there when I was in grad school. Such a lovely place.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Minibylanders? Bylandettes? Bylandbabies? Weebylands? It’s a tough one.

      • Sixer says:

        I think Weebylands is the winner!

      • bluhare says:


      • byland says:

        Oh, wow! Thank you! So going with Weebylands.

        I actually did (and sometimes still do) call my oldest “wee one.” It started because we were England during my pregnancy and my midwife would always start our appointments by saying “and how are mum and the wee one today?”

        So didn’t expect a nickname-a-thon. Thanks for the smile and laugh. I’m sure my husband and kids are going to be thankful for the break in my crankiness today. Babies feel like they’re playing soccer (football – I know, I know) with my bladder.

    • Betti says:

      The vest comments has given me images of Rab C Nesbit now. LOL

    • bluhare says:

      That bastard! Helping people? The nerve of the man. Right when there’s a story about his wife, Diane Abbott and events from 30 years ago on the front page too!

      • Sixer says:

        Oh bluhare, honestly, it’s like a tripping chapter from Doors of Perception in the British press at the moment. They have lost their shiznit. And yet, in the meantime, my brother – who didn’t huff off from the Labour Party over Iraq like I did – reports that he went to his constituency party meeting last week as usual, to find almost three hundred people there when there are usually only a dozen or so.

        I have no idea how all this will pan out. But we might as well enjoy the ridiculous lurid tales of a beardy old man in a cardigan being the biggest womaniser in the history of womanisers for the nonsense they are.

        Otherwise, we’d all be committing hara kiri at the sheer uselessness of British media political commentary. It’s turning out that the Trumpenproletariat have nothing on us!

      • bluhare says:

        I confess I do enjoy tootling on over to the DM these days just to see the latest. Arsonists in the cabinet!

      • Betti says:

        Haha – that article really did make me laugh. The Fail seem hell bent on painting him as some sort of scruffy bearded tantric sex god (who likes to wear vests and cardigans).

      • frisbee says:

        Betti – “scruffy bearded tantric sex god” – well I must say that sounds rather interesting…*mooches off for a bit of a ponder on the tantric sex god bit*…

      • Sixer says:

        The Times was my favourite today. They quoted an anonymous serving general who will apparently initiate a coup if a Corbyn-led Labour wins the General Election in 2020. It’s beyond la-la!

        But y’know. If we’re going to discuss tantric sex in conjunction with cardigans, I really think we could give the movement a boost.

      • bluhare says:

        I’ll knit the cardigans; report back on the tantric bit! I’m thinking if you meditate while engaged in interesting activities, it might get a bit chilly.

      • Liberty says:

        I can’t with Jeremy Corbyn! Oh he reminds me MUCH too much of govt-slash-academia sorts I had to contend w at fancy gov and social events in Munich, all pontificating and pure with drab earnest women practically licking their rumpled pants until these hero-man-goats saw the free food tables.

        Then — true attack!! Beards flying! Grey papery organic skin and pencil necks suddenly aflame with desire at the FREE NO CHARGE HELP YOURSELF GOVT PAID FOR IT EMBASSY GUESTS ARE WORTH IT foraging trays! Into to trough up to their cardigan elbows, shoving away hungry students and snarling at waiters for more savories with greasy veal flying off their thin prissy lips. So much for the people and world good! I wanted to kick their pompous phony bony asses with my boot.

        He is thus impossible to me, I smell goat.

      • LAK says:

        Liberty: I can’t comment on Jeremy Corbyn’s politics, BUT!! You’ve described him perfectly. He is a goat. We all know where academic politicians lead – Gordon Brown anyone?!

      • Sixer says:

        Ha. Liberty! You make me laugh. And reminded me of The History Man by Malcolm Bradbury.

        In fairness, I don’t think you can accuse Corbyn of freeloading goatery. He’s a veggie who grows his own produce on an allotment and in the MPs expenses scandal he famously had the lowest claim of all MPs. £8 for a printer cartridge. That was it.

        If you want the non-positive labels that could be fairly applied to him, I’d go with something like priggish, sanctimonious, holier-than-thou, etc.

        But we’ve moved on to the Prime Minister himself today, with #piggate. I shan’t elaborate other than to say – in 24 hours we’ve gone from beardy, cardiganned tantric sex to porcine necrophilia. I kid you not. The British press needs total disbanding. We really should start again from the beginning.

  5. Deedee says:

    Harry is everything. Love the video. Who are these other hangers-on?

    • hmmm says:

      Interesting that Harry is sitting apart from them.

      • The Original Mia says:

        He’s the rugby fan. This was his event. They kinda shooed in on it in their vice patron role’s.

      • MinnFinn says:

        O’Mia, It also eliminates photos of Kate flirting with Harry.

      • Jib says:

        I don’t think it has anything to do with Kate flirting. I think Harry and Kate are not longer buddies. Harry seemed cold to her at the Trooping the Colours, and on the balcony. Add missing Charlotte’s baptism. And this just seems to add to the evidence that there was some kind of falling out. THey haven’t even seemed to talk in a long time. I bet it has to do with her family always horning in, or how lazy they are.

    • Feeshalori says:

      I think Harry resembles his ancestor Henry VIII with his ginger beard.


      • daisy says:

        Ah i wish he would get rid of beard don,t like him with ot
        he looked so much better before
        cant believe cressida bonas messes with his head
        she should either be his girlfriend or stay away from him
        i wish he would get back with chelsy davey she is lovely

      • FLORC says:

        You speak like Harry is naive and easily manipulated. I really doubt that’s happening. And i’m over Chelsea. They had young love that 2 people without having to want for anything can have. And they grew up and grew apart. And Everyone loves Chelsea for all the reasons she’d never work out with Harry or as a royal. But they pick and choose the parts to keep and the parts to toss for history.

        And Chelsea quit her job. I wonder what she’s planning. Nothing? Something?
        I doubt they’d reconcile. Friends, but different people.

        As far as I can tell Cressida is a socialite. Like all of that group is. And she kept Harry and their relationship under wraps for months and months. I doubt she’s playing Harry either. He’s his own man.

  6. katyw says:

    I just wish she’d look to someone like Angelina as a role model and do some real work.

    As a social worker myself I find her sooo disappointing.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Yes, imagine all the good she could do if she was even mildly interested. It’s such a waste.

    • Vava says:

      Exactly. Can you imagine her spending the same amount of time with a charity? No, I can’t either. The Paper Doll Duchess is all she is. If I was Harry, I’d be ticked that she and her husband crashed this event.

      • Pipa says:

        Spot on!

        …and, what body language at the game, btw Petulant & km (distant- looking off the other side, while km was over excited for the camera); compared to Petulant relaxed, happy Tusk Dinner with Joss and others.

      • FLORC says:

        I think Harry is too busy to care. And he seems to have distanced himself a bit. It’s a good thing.

        Body language in selected photos is hardly a read unless it’s a very deliberate action. Outside of that it’s just assumptions based on whatever personal bias the interpreter has. And i’d glance at the cameras too. It’s a fraction of a moment in time. I wouldn’t read into it.

        And William enjoys the conservation work. This and flying helicopters is his calling. Even if it’s just half effort.

    • Supposedtobeworking says:

      I wish she would be an embassador or role model for girls in sport. It seems a natural fit and would bring in funding for families in need of it to get their kids involved.

      • pat01 says:

        I don’t know about that – she’s not exactly the best role model for promoting a healthy body image.

      • FLORC says:

        When she played field hockey at a visit she wore pink jeggins (I think) and looked perfectly healthy. Volleyball too. Also, many female athletes do not look like they have ideal healthy bodies like most people envision. Muscle doesn’t always look like muscle unless it’s engorged with blood from acctivity. These women can look a bit over weight. They can also look emaciated when in physical activity. All you see is threaded muscle and bone with skin pulled over. It’s important to know just because you look fit doesn’t mean you are fit. And if you look unfit that doesn’t mean you aren’t.

        So, it would be fine from a physical perspective and she would be engaged in something she appears to have enjoyed. No issue here.

      • notasugarhere says:

        People keep writing that she is sporty. I don’t think she’s sporty so much as a fitness and exercise fanatic. The only team sport she played was field hockey at Marlborough. She plays tennis privately, but she hasn’t participated in team sports for almost two decades. One dropped rowing-for-charity scheme doesn’t count. Pippa strikes me as sporty, not Kate.

      • FLORC says:

        She played sports and was active. On top of connecting with physical activity since academics were not her strong suit. I consider myself sporty and haven’t played on a team in nearly a decade with a single exception for a relay. Still, the relay I ran alone. Does that mean i’m not sporty because I don’t play publicly and on teams?
        And pippa is sporty in the same way Kate is only on a bigger scale and that has become a large part of her public identity.

        And she appears most at ease when active in that style.

      • LAK says:

        I’m with Nota on the subject of Kate’s sporty-ness.

        She’s a gym rat, not sporty. There is a difference. By her own words to Wimbledon champion, she hasn’t played tennis for a while, so whilst she’s dedicated fan, I don’t put her in that category.

        Pippa uses the gym, but she also does lots of sporting activities. Kate seems to only do fitness and health activities argo gym rat.

        And Florc, from everything you’ve posted about your physical activities, i’d rate you as sporty, not a gym rat.

        Gym rat : hours in the gym, healthy food choices, doesn’t take part in outdoor activities or if they do, it’s very rare. These people tend to obvious muscles, but are actually terrible movement because their gym activities aren’t about movement like sports gives a person.

        Going back to Kate: see her recent interaction with the child on her engagement where she has to play hand-eye co-ordination game, her movements aren’t fluid which indicates gym rat rather than sporty.

      • pat01 says:

        FLORC – you’ve noted yourself on several occasions that Kate USED to be athletic and healthy looking prior to embarking on a strict, extreme diet and exercise regimen that has left her looking unnaturally thin. It’s not only apparent in her frame (masked by padded bras and flowy, loose dresses) but the state of her skin and hair too. I’m trying to be tactful and diplomatic, but posters on the likes of Royal Dish aren’t as charitable but essentially say the same thing – overwhelmingly.

        LAK – I like the distinction you made between gym rat and sporty and concur that Kate with her focus on weight loss and maintenance falls into the former category.

      • FLORC says:

        Maybe i’m just not going to be so strict with labels. She still seems “athletic/sporty” because You can’t really have 1 without the other.

        It imo comes down to perception. Loads of athletes have strict regimens and are considered gym rats. Their routines seem extremely strict.

        Your observation of hand eye coordination sinks my stance. That tends to come from machine workouts islating muscle group without working the secondary or stablizing muscles. Things you get from balance and immersion. Multiple sensory stimulation. She does lack this. It’s a clear sign of regression to lose these reflexes and movements that your body hasn’t had to rely on that.
        Much like simple treadmill vs trail running.

        Her skin hasn’t been good for ages now. Smoking and sun damamge imo are the culprits.
        I stand firm though. The perception of what looks healthy/athletic vs what is healthy athletic can be tough to distinguish from just glances.
        Look at someone starting a marathon. Then look at someone fnishing. They look healthy to emaciated.
        And on more than a few occasions in races i’ve been passed by people who are easily twice my weight carrying much more fat. So, my perception argument still stands. You can’t really tell overall with most people having an untrained eye.
        I’m part time fitness instructor for a few styles of classes and just training. And it’s still tough to tell until you see them in action with an evaluation.
        Kat does appear to have lost significant muscle mass and it’s only in her legs leading me to think she is limited to cardio for weight loss. That’s where my opinion has stemmed from.

  7. kri says:

    Nice coat. OH Harry!! So much ginger spice,that beard is killing me!!

  8. Saraphina says:

    She looks haggard in the picture carrying the scarf. I know she has two young children, but she also has a nanny (that we know of) and servants and chef, ohhhh yes, and ma Middleton. So I do expect her to look better.

    And i agree Yoohoo, the best stylists and this is her new look? REALLY??? I get a better cut and color for less than $200.

  9. Beth No. 2 says:

    I don’t understand the point of bangs if you’re just gonna flip them to the side. But her coat is fine. I’m also over that colour.

    I can’t watch the Harry video on my phone; sigh.

  10. Tina says:

    Harry got massive applause after his speech. I think we all know who the star is in that generation. Also, there was a story in the DM this morning about how William is reluctant to take on the Prince’s Trust and Charles is upset about it. It’s the first time I’ve seen him called out so blatantly.

    • The Original Mia says:

      Charles needs to parent. Give the Prince’s Trust to Harry.

      • Tina says:

        I completely agree. The article implied that Harry was reluctant as well, but I think that’s because it really should be William’s to take over. Harry would do a much better job with it.

      • Sunsetsnow says:

        Yes! Harry would be amazing as head of the charity. Charles would never do it though, for appearance sake.

    • Harry should get the Prince’s Trust. He has the charisma, passion and drive for it. Will would undo everything the his dad has done and let it fall apart.

    • frisbee says:

      I totally agree (my original comment has mysteriously disappeared!) Charles is now essentially a figure head so I can’t see any reason why Harry can’t take over instead of William.
      ” Prince Charles founded The Prince’s Trust and is now its president, a figurehead position with no legal responsibility. The Prince’s Trust Council are the trustees of the charity and are legally responsible for management, administration and deciding policy.


      • Sixer says:

        I just hope it gets passed into a safe pair of hands. Is such a good charity. I’d hate to see Normal Bill ruin it.

      • anne_000 says:

        Also, the article mentions that Charles has had to tell his charities to start running things with little involvement from him, because of his increased work schedule filling in for the Queen.

        I think the problem with Charles still trying to depend on William is it gives William a sense that he’s indispensable having been first-born. Charles should start putting Harry ahead of William in public. Make it look like William can’t be depended upon.

    • bluhare says:

      I’m hoping Kaiser does a story on this tomorrow!!!

    • anne_000 says:

      Thanks for mentioning that article.

      If true, then William used his go-to excuse of being “Normal Bill,” because normal people don’t work and do charity, right? All they do is get millions, live the life of a work-shy rich and famous, and don’t give back anything in exchange, right?

      Another excuse mentioned in the article is that he wants to create something with his own identity and not piggy-back on his dad’s – but, of course, he doesn’t want to do that yet, because he wants to live the normal people’s life, which to him means us normal people are slackers.

      How is he going to create something in his own identity if he keeps piggy-backing on Harry’s work? The foundation is with Harry’s name, this rugby is Harry’s, the wounded soldiers thing is Harry’s, the one who does actual conservation work is Harry. All William does is soak up whatever’s left of the credit that Harry worked for.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Every perk William has is because of someone else’s work, whether the taxpayers or the other Family Firm employees who just keep plugging away. But he doesn’t want to take over the Prince’s Trust because he wants to make his own way in the world and put his own stamp on things? More excuses.

      Charles could pull a Diana. Whenever William refused to do something Diana would say, “Oh well then, Harry will do it. Harry will have all the fun” and William would come running.

      At the end of the day, The Prince’s Trust is better off without William. I don’t think Charles can publicly hand it to Harry. Perhaps Harry could be given a seat on the board and continue support that way.

      • Lady D says:

        Why can’t he hand it over to Harry, nota? Is the Prince’s Trust something that has to be handed down to the next heir? Or will it just make Normal Bill look bad, which must be avoided at all costs?

      • notasugarhere says:

        I think it would make Normal Bill look bad. PR and perception would be bad if it went to Harry instead.

        Is William so lazy that he cannot work on both environmental causes AND The Prince’s Trust? Of course he is, silly question.

      • Pipa says:


        Prince Harry will be a better caretaker, dedicated to his dad legacy – The Princes Trust (and the Duchy).

        The Firm need to remove Petulant royal perks, the millions to support he/his family so they live ‘regular’.

  11. Cora says:

    William doesn’t wear a wedding ring. I just noticed that now. Not that it matters.

    The DM has another new story out about Prince Willnot and Charles being worried about his son’s lack of work ethic. They’re claiming Charles wants Will to take over the Prince’s Trust when he becomes King, but Will is shying away from it. Also, as Charles takes on more responsibilities to help out the Queen, he wants Will to help out with POW duties because Charles is stretching himself too thin by filling in for the Queen. William is bucking at that idea, too, because he just wants a “normal life” right now and doesn’t want anymore royal responsibilities. Apparently, Charles will undertake 650 engagements this year. I can see why he might want his son to help out.

    • Liberty says:

      I think I want to write the Tale of Scrounger and Scamp, two brother bunnies, one lazy and sour and losing its bunny fur and expecting others to find it lettuce, and the other a bright-eyed ginger-colored cheery bunny who does happy flips through the meadow with the birds and defends the tiny chipmunks, and helps Farmer Charlie plant carrots too.

      • frisbee says:

        Oh good you’re back, you’ve been missed 🙂

      • Hudson Girl says:

        OMG, Liberty. Ha ha ha!!!

      • ncboudicca says:

        That’s a best-seller, do it!

      • bluhare says:

        And Scrounger’s nanny, a lovely and industrious bunny kicked out of her warren and forced to watch Scrounger’s minibunny because Scrounger’s mate, Princess Puffball, won’t do anything except get her tail fluffed?

      • Sixer says:

        We must have badgers.

      • bluhare says:

        I love the badger idea! The head one can be Palmer. 🙂

      • MinnFinn says:

        You could sell your story in BP’s gift shop! I would like to see it displayed next to the kids’ book about George’s first birthday.

      • bluhare says:

        Hahahaha!! frisbee, those photos! Not sure which one i like best.

      • Anne tommy says:

        Does the ginger cheery bunny go to pool parties and get photographed flashing his junk? Or wear a nazi uniform at a fancy dress party? Bunch of freeloading idiots the lot of them.

      • bluhare says:

        No, but the Anne bunny wears a wet blanket.

      • FLORC says:

        Lol bluhare!
        Wet blanket and always emerges from the shadows to ruin everyones good time frolicking in fields.

        Ginge bunny

      • notasugarhere says:

        The lazy and sour one shows up dressed as a Native African bunny at a party, hops around public thoroughfares inebriated on organic carrot wine, gets caught on video making the beast with two backs in a public warren, and has his junk photographed while he’s weeing in public.

        Should they be bunnies or hares? If we’re having badgers, I’m thinking Brian Jacques warrior hares. Eulalia!

      • Anne tommy says:

        Bluhare, I wear my egalitarian wet blanket with pride. It’s a bit uncomfortable and impedes my hopping but it’s worth it.

      • bluhare says:

        Worth it to ruin some general silliness the rest of us were having? If you say so.

      • Anne tommy says:

        Wow. I’m all for general silliness. Not that keen on the junior royals’ crass stupidity though.

      • Liberty says:

        LOL!! You are all brilliant!!!!! Nanny bunnies!! Wet Blankets on bunnies! dress-up bunnies!!! I am dying laughing. I ran out of juice earlier and am finally back with my charger and…..hooting.

        Bunnies v hares is an EXCELLENT question!!!! Hm. I see Scamp as a delicious floppy earred caring bunny with lovely ginger silky fur with the party personality of a Smorkin Labbit…..whilst Scrounger as a sort of molting rangy wild-eyed hare skittering aimlessly around from airfield to big game hunt to premiere event looking for something to rabbit kick, like missing nanny bunny Sweetie, a European rabbit.
        Anyone else?

        Scrounger’s mate, Succubus, is a passive common garden rabbit, descending from stewpot woodland rabbits, who nests in an abandoned silk gown. Their stout baby, Snaw and more fragile new sibling Sisi, have shared species traits.

        A concern re Snaw: “Rabbits may grunt, lunge and even bite or scratch. Usually they do not bite hard enough to break skin.”

        A concern re Srounger: “Rabbits become aggressive when they feel threatened or are cornered. The House Rabbit Society says that the owner of the pet needs to win its trust, with certain behavioral tools.” – wiki rabbits

      • FLORC says:

        I don’t think they’re talking about bunnies. Trashing royals we make fun stories about is too important. Too Important Bluhare!

      • Liberty says:

        Badgers, squirrels and hedgehogs!! Frisbee, I’m in.

        Bluhare, Princess Puffball is so perfect — I somehow missed that name — I am dead tired and trying to catch up, sorry! Succubus is now the mum of Princess Puffball.

    • mary b says:

      the war of the wales continues – POW v Willnot

    • byland says:

      Like Tina said above, Harry is clearly the star of his generation. He’s going to end up being the one to help pick up the slack for his father. He preforms his duties with such grace, ease, and good humor that it’s not hard to see why the public responds to him the way they do. I’ll take a hard-working prince who likes to let loose and occasionally makes bad decisions as all humans do over a spolied, selfish, lazy man-boy who can’t be bothered to care about the citizens he is one day set to rule.

      Oh, and he’s never worn a ring. It was put out by the palace PR staff before the wedding that they would not be exchanging rings, as only Kate would wear one. To each their own, and he might have his own Very Good Reason, but I’ve always found it a bit odd.

      • FLORC says:

        He never even had a ring made.

      • byland says:

        Oh, I know. Considering how scarce Welsh gold is if he’d had one made and then said “f#ck it,” the queen would have been pissed, I’m sure.

        Personally, I think he doesn’t wear one because he didn’t, and still does not, want a visual reminder that he’s married. I don’t think he wanted to get married, but out of “duty” felt (read: was told) he had to. So he coasts through life, not preforming even a fraction of the duties of his elderly father and grandparents, on the basis of being forced to marry and produce children when he didn’t want to and feels justified in it. (Wow, can you tell I think he’s a spoiled brat?)

    • pleaseicu says:

      Ridiculous. The 66-67 year old is doing 650 engagements a year, to ease the burden off his almost 90-year old mother, while 32-33 years old William and Kate can’t muster 250-300 per year between the two of them.

      Is it true that Princess Charlotte’s birth and christening were counted as official events for Kate in the Court Circular but the christening didn’t count as an event for anyone else in attendance? Is that normal protocol for royal births?

    • OhDear says:

      I wonder if the royal family have discussed the possibility of William abdicating in private.

      • bluhare says:

        I’d bet they have. They have to prepare for any eventuality, right?

      • frisbee says:

        I think they have as well, you don’t survive for over 1,000 years without planning…

      • Sixer says:

        Last time the succession went tits up, we imported some sensible Germans. Who would we import this time?

      • MinnFinn says:

        Sixer, No need for foreign imports. Bucklebury has a capable lady named Carole who could be the queen mother and either of her 2 unemployed offspring would step in as Prince and Princess of Wales in a heartbeat.

      • bluhare says:

        I dunno, MInnFinn. . . . I think I’d be in favor of a few Swedes. Attractive AND industrious!

        Apologies everywhere for the generalization. I’m thinking of the Swedish royal family and some of their members as compared to their British counterparts.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Cora, William doesn’t have a wedding ring. It isn’t just that he doesn’t wear one, he doesn’t have one. Philip, Charles, Andrew, Edward – they all had and wore wedding rings. Philip doesn’t wear his anymore because of his hands, but he wore it for years.

  12. mary b says:

    she looks terrible – i hope she is OK

    • Chrissy says:

      My thoughts exactly. Either those are just awful pics of her or something is up. She doesn’t look like herself. Perhaps the criticism is getting to her, making her more self conscious than she already was? My answer to that is to do some real work and get to know people but what the heck do I know. Ha!

      • Lori says:

        I wonder if she would do more work if her husband would let her? If she was out doing things all the time, surely that would make his lazy arse look bad.

      • anne_000 says:

        She was doing zip before the marriage, so I doubt she’s aching to do work now.

    • pleaseicu says:

      I always wonder if this is just how she looks and we just don’t really see it because of all the heavy photoshopping and airbrushing media outlets do on her pictures. So when non-touched up pictures of her come out it’s jarring and it seems like something might be wrong because it’s so different from how she’s usually presented to the masses.

      • LAK says:

        Yep. Media have been photoshopping her less in the past year.

      • FLORC says:

        It’s interesting to see how they’ve been letting her natural self shine through the edits. There’s still a mix of heavy edit photos released by KP vs press photos where they just stopped caring to do so.

    • The Original Mia says:

      She’s fine. This is what she looks like normally. When one’s husband pisses off the press, the press stops making the fairytale princess look like Elsa.

    • Betti says:

      Have seen her in the flesh and she’s better in the heavily photoshopped photo’s. Her make up is applied with a shovel to hide bad skin caused by the heavy makeup, smoking and tanning obsession.

      • aurelia says:

        My husband saw her in the flesh when she was in wellington on the NZ tour and he said exactly the same thing. Her make up was shovelled on like the kartrashians and she has bad skin.

  13. ickythump says:

    Im not interested in what shes wearing – I am always irritated that her n Willnot can be coaxed out if Anmer for prestigious sporting events but can barely attend th very few charity gigs theyre supposed to support. Disappointed doesnt come close.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Yes, this was Harry’s patronage and they showed up for the fun and applause. Gotta get those numbers up before the rumored November Mustique trip.

      • FLORC says:

        To spectate means time away from their home. No matter if they wanted to go or not. No matter if they do anything. It counts as an event because their numbers are suffering.

  14. Stacey says:

    Can you imagine leaving your house every morning and having the entire world think it’s their job to pass judgement on your every clothing item, hair comb and scarf? Not a one of us would survive.

    • Mich says:

      Nope. Because I would never settle for diminishing myself to that when I could be busy bringing attention to the causes I care about.

      • Olenna says:

        Well said.

      • Sharon Lea says:

        Exactly, that’s how Princess Anne and Diana dealt with it.

      • NUTBALLS says:


        ps: I’m really enjoying the spirited convo on these Bill & Kate posts. They seem most useful for mocking. I wouldn’t want to be paying for their lazy, lavish lifestyle tho.


      • frisbee says:

        @ NUTBALLS – get stuck in! I suspect the mockery is a form of trench humour – which is basically born of despair, especially from us Brits…

      • anne_000 says:


      • NUTBALLS says:

        frisbee… ha! I sort of come here to get my royals gossip and then get so much more gossip when I start reading the threads. I still don’t get the point of the monarchy, but they are fun for mickey-taking. Besides I learn new fun words from The Excellent Wordsmith, HRH Sixer. Y’all are a hoot.

      • Sixer says:

        I have suddenly remembered that I forgot to explain Pete Tong to you, Nutballs. Pete Tong is a DJ. It’s all gone Pete Tong is modern rhyming slang for it’s all gone wrong. Sorry to be late with that one!

      • NUTBALLS says:

        Thanks, Sixer!

        I’m making my own CB dictionary of international expressions. Not surprisingly, most of them are British. Tho’ “She’s got a cat” from Poland (thanks to Nighty) has been one of my most reused. It’s ranks high on my list with “going tits up”!

      • Liberty says:

        brilliant reply, Mich!!

      • FLORC says:

        Going tits up is a new phrase for me too.

      • Liberty says:

        Nutballs, Bed Ragged Hair will be handed to my artist friend to turn into a word art PICTURE For me to stare at forever. I love these threads.

        Signs happily, cocoons self in favorite big old cashmere nighty night travel sweater.

      • NUTBALLS says:

        You know what’s so nice about the Royals posts?? No one is a big enough fan to get offended at what’s written about them. It’s like a no-nanny zone. This kind of fun USED TO exist on Cumbers and Hiddles posts, but not anymore. I need a daily dose of snark. Y’all are my people.

        Carry on.

      • JulieM says:

        Ah.. I can expound on tits up as I was in the US Navy for eight years. Tits up means your Navy vessel has lost all power and is dead in the water. Otherwise known as Tango Uniform. I knew those 8 years weren’t wasted!

      • notasugarhere says:

        NB’s Mother had another good one, “she has an excavated beret.” Loosely translated as, no matter how far we dug into her head, we couldn’t find a brain.

      • NUTBALLS says:

        NOTA, I’m putting “excavated beret” into my dictionary, right now!

      • notasugarhere says:

        JulieM, thank you for your service.

    • OTHER RENEE says:

      No, I can’t and I wouldn’t want to. Every single thing about her is picked apart, analyzed, criticized and dissed. It’s just horrible.

      • LAK says:

        Or do what all the other royals like Anne or even the glamourous European royals do and actually work so people stop focusing on your clothes.

      • Sharon Lea says:

        LAK – I just posted a similar response too, if you look around, most royal ladies are very busy with their work.

      • Vava says:

        @ LAK, yes this what she needs to do. And stop all the new clothing, too – that just fuels the fire.

    • wendi says:

      I would focus all my efforts on my work and when people saw what I could accomplish they would be less interested in the superficial stuff. When you aren’t doing anything meaningful or come across as forced and insincere, people tend to focus on what they see. With Kate, all you can see is the fake teeth, tan, veneers, heavy make up, blablabla.

      Oh, and I’d hardly call going to a rugby game “work”. Seriously, what is this world coming to?

    • OhDear says:

      Yes and no. I do feel bad for her, as I get the impression that the people closest to her seem to think of her as a means to an end, considering their own wants/needs before hers. However, she’s dated William for a decade before she entered this role – you’d think she’d have known what she’s getting into.

    • notasugarhere says:

      If she spent much more time working and a lot less time shopping for expensive new clothes and getting new hair cuts, the focus would be on the work. Her behavior and choices focus the attention on her appearance. She can change the narrative but she chooses not to.

      Personally I think she likes the attention. She always has. Photos, videos, and stories from the girlfriend years show it.

    • anne_000 says:

      If Kate thinks her job is to look good for the cameras, then she’s wrong. They don’t give W&K a huge income plus expenses just for their physical appearances. They get the big bucks because the BRF still have the good will of the public and for that, the BRF needs to show that they are deserving of that.

      If she stopped putting more thought into her looks and shows the public that she wants to work for their benefit, then she’ll get the respect that the Queen, Anne, Sophie, and the other Duchesses in that family get.

      Sorry, but her job is not to be a work-shy, self-indulgent, famous-for-being-famous, super model.

      • frisbee says:

        And this is how they are going to modernise the BRF? By becoming ‘celebrities’ who are famous for being famous and absolutely nothing else? Brilliant idea I can really see that lasting *sarcasm*

      • bluhare says:

        If that’s the case I vote for Katie Price to replace Kate. She could be Catherine Price and they wouldn’t even have to change out the monograms.

      • Liberty says:

        @bluhare, that’s genius. A new Public Royal Family . Send Waity back to Pity Pieces, get refund, get Catherine Price out there shaking hands, talk shows, and more books:

        “Make My Welsh Wish Come True!” The tale of a buxom climber with a heart of gold, and the princely dolt she married for the set of monogrammed towels.

        “You Only Live Ginger!” Behind the scenes in the real royal family headed by a hardworking tingle-making prince and his laughing lawyer wife..

  15. Sunsetsnow says:

    Harry looks gorgeous as usual. The Duchess looks boring and frumpy as usual.

    • zinjojo says:

      Agree on both counts! DK looks so frumpy — she could have been at any type of events, but at the Rugby World Cup, she didn’t have to be so boring. At least could have worn well tailored pants, different and more interesting shoes or boots — just something different. Her style has become SO boring and monotonous.

      She should go flip through a Queen Letizia look book.

      • realitycheck says:

        I agree! There are so many other royals who are so graceful and beautiful, especially Letizia. I think what this shows is doing absolutely no work equals no self confidence and your image being tarnished.

        She is not attractive at all. Inside and out.

  16. Nicole says:

    Adorable commercial. I was uplifted. I was amused. My heart swelled with pride. What the $@#Q% are they on about though?

    • frisbee says:

      Rugby was invented at Rugby school when someone broke the rules by picking up the ball and running with it. The rest is Rugby players through the ages. I have to admit, when I see some huge great hairy fella charging down a pitch with a rugby ball under his arm, my heart soars a little as well…

      • frisbee says:

        @ bluhare KILTS! The BESTEST advert I have ever seen, roaring with laughter, collapse, die….
        (and that one at the front is seriously drop dead gorgeous!)

      • bluhare says:

        The Scottish front man is No. 1 on my Freebie Five list. And if he recites poetry or would like to live in the Outer Hebrides? Done for.

        I just read there’s disturbances on the Poldark set from rabid fans trying to get a peek at a topless Aidan. I read that, and thought, “frisbee!!!!!!”

      • Liberty says:

        bluhare please tell me you’ve seen Harry in his acting role as gardener in that rugby opening ceremony little film????? I posted the link below~scroll down–Vanity Fair has it on their site.

  17. Crumpet says:

    Look dear, the cameras are pointed our way. Smile! ‘I am smiling, can’t you tell, my teeth are showing.’ ‘No, dear, that is gritting, NOT smiling.’ ‘Well, when you look at me your silly floppy bangs flop and I remember your old nose. It makes me grit.’ ‘Well turn that sad face into a happy one darling! For your country! Darling? Will? Are you listening to me yet?’

  18. qtpi says:

    It’s becoming more and more clear that Wills and Kate want a more normal middle class life style. Which is fine. But they shouldn’t get all the lovely perks that come along with the lifestyle if they won’t put the “work” in.

    I didn’t take it seriously when people said they do events right before an athletic event but low and behold there they are in the stands right after Kate is at an event for the mental health of children.

    Seriously… Duchess Doolittle is spot on. These two are an utter embarrassment.

    • anne_000 says:

      I think it’s insulting of them to say that being normal and middle class = slackers who barely work.

    • Natalie says:

      It’s extraordinary how obvious they are. Doing a few engagements? Must be going on vacation and so they are in November. Actually visit a charity? Must be going to a sports or celeb related event. And they’re doing both: Rugby World Cup and James Bond film premiere. Very limited bag of tricks.

  19. Sarah says:

    I wish we would have more coverage of the Swedish royals, these lot are boring.

  20. Betti says:

    These 2 – i guess now that they’ve used up all the good will from Diana they are not turning onto Harry and trying hitch their wagon onto his good PR image. Interesting to note that Harry is getting some great press over the Rugby and Billy Normal’s Tusk Trust was relegated into side articles and Duchess Normal’s PR for her charity visit was mostly about her dress and hair. Says it all.

    Re: the Daily Fail article. Was interesting in a few levels but for me the biggest worked in snark was the ‘alleged’ work they do for their own foundation – what ‘alleged’ work? The only person who does anything for that is Harry on top of Invictus and Sentebale. I can see why both are reluctant to take over the Princes Trust – Chuck is leaving big shoes to fill. It has been his passion for so long and his commitment to it is the reason why it is so successful. When the time comes it will be Harry who steps up and takes over just like he seems to be doing as it is.

    And as for the ‘normal’ life they want – well I don’t call sitting on ur arses, breeding and taking money from the taxpayers normal unless you are a certain ‘low class’ kinda person (aka chavs = Jeremy Kyle guests), who sole aspirations in life are to do sod all and expect others to pay for you.

    PS. Harry – he’s taking a leaf outta Grannies book and turning to acting. I think being a Bond girl is better than a gardener for a debut.

    • wolfie says:

      Did William fail the courses he was taking for managing an estate? He took those quite some time ago during his second gap year, before he decided to fly copters. He had to leave Kate for a period of time. We were never told much about them other than that they were specially designed for him. The story just faded.

      • FLORC says:

        He couldn’t fail I don’t think. It was a tailored to him program that was 1 of the same he’s taken before. He only had to turn in some things and finish. And since it was tailored to him that was no issue.

        It was something how William took a residence away from his young family and wasn’t often there. Living alone and vacationing without his wife and infant son. I can see why Kate said William was barely around during George’s 1st few months. And how that pap got a private location of William vacationing over seeing his family.

    • Liberty says:

      Betti! in this one case, Lady Chatterly’s Lover trumps Bond, I think!

      ….when I saw Harry’s turn as gardener in that little film I had to wonder how many other women will see Ginger and reference that famous naughty gardener of literature.

  21. Citresse says:

    That shade of blue looks nice on Kate and goes well with the black dress.
    Kate, at age 33, has jowls. You can really see them at her last outing from the side views.

    • FLORC says:

      Side effect of smoking and dehydration. Jowls.
      Deep, rich colors look goood on Kate. She’s best in jewel tones imo.

  22. Anaya says:

    While I think it would be an excellent choice to have Harry take over the trust I don’t think it’s fair to have him pick up the slack for his brother. Is Harry always going to be called on or sought after to do things William doesn’t want to do? Harry is the spare to William the heir. If anyone should take over the Prince’s Trust it should be the next in line to the throne aka William.

    Harry is the most suitable for the top job, as Diana referred to it, but that’s not his place in life. Somebody needs to have a Dr. Phil style get real talk with William and Kate. They can’t keep slacking like they are. They aren’t a normal middle class family so stop pretending to be what you’re not. It’s a shame and embarrassing to have 4 elderly people (HM, PP, C, Cam) doing 600+ engagements a year while W & K do less than half of that. It’s almost cruel of them to not want to do more to ease the older royal’s work load.

    • FLORC says:

      Harry is already doing that.

      When the Queen started pulling back on her heavy work schedule Charles started transitioning to take over some of those duties. Since he already had a heavy work load also he needed someone to help. William was thought to step up and slowly come into some POW duties. Instead Harry and the cousins too the overflow. William took another gap year. So, Harry is already doing what William would only benefit from.

      And WK do far less than half of 600 events. Many of their events are not events. They’re like this. Where it’s activities of private time and no work involved. Or a 15 minute chat on a tarmac while they wait to get in their awaiting car counts as a full event.
      It’s unfortunate.

      • anne_000 says:

        The article hints that it may have been a bad idea for Charles to streamline the family core so much because it’s not enough to depend just on W&K and Harry. I agree. He should have involved more of the other younger branches. I know he wants his own children to shine, but he should have acted based on the greater good than on his ego.

      • bluhare says:

        I totally agree anne.

      • FLORC says:


      • Liberty says:


        Charles needs to address the WK problem hard and fast. And while they move to an affordable house near Willy’s copter base,, bring in Princess Bea and hand her to Anne to train, then give Sophie more camera time to help out Harry.

      • notasugarhere says:

        It isn’t just engagement numbers. On top of W&K not doing enough public engagements, the others are doing of loads of work behind the scenes that isn’t counted. HM does all of that plus that whole “advise the government” gig. Philip was actively managing Sandringham, Balmoral, Windsor Great Park until recently. Charles has The Duchy and Prince’s Trust. Ditto Harry and how Invictus Games, WWTW, and Sentebale are outside projects and not counted.

        As someone wrote elsewhere, W&K think just showing up for an hour is the “work”. They aren’t doing the behind-the-scenes meetings, they aren’t working the network to get support. They think the job is just show up and wave for an hour, and they think that is the “work”.

        If William wants to make them all look bad, he could easily be doing the part-time co-pilot gig AND doing hundreds of engagements a year. But he doesn’t want to. He wants to use the EAAA job as an excuse to not do any royal work, in front of or behind the scenes.

    • anne_000 says:

      W&K do less than a third put together.

      The article mentions how the Queen’s knees and back are giving out and how hard it is for her at her age. But apparently, nothing can shame W&K into stepping up and doing their share.

    • notasugarhere says:

      I think Charles is getting Harry’s feet wet in estate management with the Romanian estate. Harry has been pictured there several times in the past few years.

  23. Citresse says:

    In photo second from last, William really is looking like Wallace from Wallace and Gromit LOL

  24. Kate says:

    Judging from the photos and all the people wearing coats and scarves, I’m assuming it’s chilly in the UK these days? I noticed that the DM has yet another exhausting installment in the “William just wants to be NORMAL while courtiers fruitlessly prod him to do his duty” saga. Because receiving a luxurious apartment in a palace with millions of dollars of custom renovations at taxpayer expense is “normal.” Taking private jets to travel 100km is “normal.” Receiving an enormous manor house from the Queen as a wedding gift is “normal.” Free, unfettered access to the Royal Box at Wimbledon is totally “normal.” Supporting a paid staff of nannies, housekeepers, cooks, bodyguards, etc. at the expense of others while you have the luxury of donating your entire salary to charity for PR purposes is oh-so-normal. I could go on and on. I think all the comparisons between Kate and Diana is really letting William off too easily. The comparison should be between William and his mother. He appears to have inherited her lack of intellect but none of the warmth, compassion, charisma, media savvy and charity that defined Diana.

  25. anne_000 says:

    W&K apologists say that William will step up and start doing the work once he gets the PoW title.

    But that’s not realistic time-wise, is it. The Queen’s going to stay in her job until she dies, which may be another 20 years and during that time, her body will become more frail and will need the other BRF members to step up and help her. Same with Charles as he gets older.

    Charles, while still PoW has been taking over more of his mother’s duties. That means that William is needed to step into the PoW’s role, even without a title.

    So is the only incentive for William to work is to get the title? He has to get even more than he does now before he can be coaxed into giving back?

    Again, it’s not realistic. Time, duties, and age-related limits are not going to wait on William’s timeline and need to get his ego inflated with this or that title.

    • Liberty says:

      it’s like telling your boss you’ll start working when you’re made President.

      you learn by doing, not being a lazy petulant git! gah

  26. Nicole says:

    If I recall, she also had bangs after Prince George. My guess is that she’s hiding post-partum regrowth. I have long dark hair similar to hers, and I had “baby hair” for several months after each of my children.

    • notasugarhere says:

      She got the 70s bangs 1-2 weeks before the news that she was expecting the first time. She spent time at her engagement that week telling people she wasn’t sure if her new bangs were a mistake, instead of talking to people about the event itself.

      • anne_000 says:

        Smh literally.

      • Citresse says:

        The gringe:
        Insanity: doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result

      • Deedee says:

        So, how long did it take for those “bangs” to grow out? Or did they disappear quickly?

      • notasugarhere says:

        Difficult to tell, as she disappeared for much of the pregnancy. They were growing out at the unveiling of her official portrait in January 2013. It looks like she had them cut again in late 2013 or early 2014. They were back in growing-out action February 2014 when she and her stringy hair made the Nizam necklace look like costume jewelry.

      • FLORC says:

        They vanished pretty fast.
        Blended with extra hair.

  27. pat01 says:

    Most of the regulars who come to post acknowledge and lament how W&K are so work-shy and seem to lack drive, ambition and a work ethic – all qualities Diana had in spades. When I was on another site someone provided a link to an interview William did where he speaks about Diana’s passion for her causes, her commitment and genuine concern for others. I’m appalled to say that he seems to think he is following in her footsteps.

    It’s worth a listen – go to you tube and search: Prince William Watching Princess Diana In Angola

  28. perplexed says:

    Harry and Kate look fine. William….idk…

  29. Betti says:

    I’m getting a strong Prince Albert of Monaco vibe from Willy, particularly with the glasses.

    Given how badly he treated her during the GF years she still looks at him like he’s god’s gift. On one had i pity her that she literally changed herself to please him (looks, friends, personality) but on the other the feminist in me rages against them both (her for doing it and him letting her).

    • FLORC says:

      It’s a sad situation. It’s the depenency dynamic. She can’t survive without someone else paying the bills. Parents and Husband. And by Husband I mean his family and the wealth they funnel to themselves.

  30. GracePM says:

    The comments on these Kate threads are much more interesting than Kate is herself.

  31. ladybosca says:

    I’m wondering if willnot wants duchess do nothing to fail. Charles had a difficult time with Diana’s popularity (he eventually admitted it and praised her work). Does will not want Kate to outshine him? Also wondering if he has mentally beat her down..the dependency?

    • FLORC says:

      William likes Kate and her family. He wouldn’t want them to suffer. He’s gone through great lengths to protect all of them. And if they looked bad it reflects poorly on him. Also, I’ll refer you to a DM journalist that wrote about a time when William sent goons to speak to the journalist about not writing anymore negative Kate stories. Also, Whitaker’s own thoughts were that William loves Kate a a friend. So, still. He wouldn’t want them to flounder for him to shine.

      And beat down…. William was always raised as a golden heir. It just was the way. He got blanket protection and never had to take the consequences. He also got girls throwing themselves at him. There was a time Kate put her foot down that he wasn’t being descreet and he ended it in 1 of their break ups. So, if you always got away with things what reason do you have to change your behavior? Kate learned to just go with it. That he wouldn’t change for her. Even william saying he was testing her before he would propose. To know she would accept what he does and wouldn’t bring it up as an issue.
      If anything I think she’s put herself in whatever mental state she’s regressed to.

      and Kate had personality at a time. Her own style too. It all suited her naturally. Before she put her life on hold for the phone to ring. All sad.

      • Vava says:

        FLORC, the entire situation with William, The Middletons, and his father and brother (it seems) is quite sad. William is at the hub of the sorry story, but it really doesn’t seem as if he’s becomed enlightened enough just yet to see that.

      • FLORC says:

        Time and secrets Vava. They always get revealed. And William has lived a life of acting as he pleases knowing there will be blanket protection. 1 more push or slip up on top of social media and a camera in every pocket. He won’t like what comes out.

  32. ladybosca says:

    And what is the difference between ma Middleton and PMK?? They both pimped out their daughters… At least Kate and Pippa have educations?

    • FLORC says:

      Not a huge difference, but Carole and PMK exploited their daughters relationships for their own gain. More for PMK than Carole. And Carole assisted Kate is hanging onto William imo. Even if that meant stunting her daughters growth. Kate had to put her wants and life on hold to be there if William requested. As a result all Kate’s bills were taken care of and she never had to earn her way in life.

  33. jammypants says:

    Her hair is hideous. HIDEOUS.

  34. Alsima says:

    It seems like a subtle nose job.Her nose looks norrower now.

  35. Tudom says:

    Google Johnny Wilkinson (the guy with Harry in the video) – you’ll forget all about the Prince in an instant.

  36. Liberty says:

    Probably someone posted this before and I’ve missed it (away working on massive projec) but—-

    HARRY acting, AS A GARDENER in the Rugby World Cup opening ceremony film, and he speaks….and rakes…and is a rake, speaking, and….

    Happy pre-Monday joy, everyone. His holy Ginger Hotness appears at about 02:15 but start at 2:08::


    • FLORC says:

      Thanks Liberty! My plug in wasn’t supported for the other one.
      And looking forward to your Scrounger and Scamp series!
      Sort of like Goofus and Galant I would imagine.

      • Liberty says:

        HAHAH!!! Oh my — Goofus and Gallant — yes! there we go, brilliant. What a perfect approach that would be. Orig I was thinking a sort of warped Beatrix Potter mixed with shades of Snorkin Labbit.

        FLORC, I finally got back online and replied upthread with some additional bunny/rabbit thoughts and questions re character development. Please read, and advise. 🙂

      • FLORC says:

        Lol Liberty. I had nothing to add! I love it all! With exception to the Succubus…
        Maybe a Hotot bunny? Famous for their thick eyeliner appearance? The ears ofcourse to be everwatchful on all things that might concern their family. JMO the succubus drifts from the woodland creatures theme.
        And a super special style badger or mole to play tanna?
        Happy you’re back Liberty! Remember us when you make it big! 😀

  37. khaveman says:

    Her style of dressing is a total snooze. She could do much better.

    • Feeshalori says:

      Love the video and Harry can hoe my garden anytime. 😉 But Kate’s teeth/veneers are HUGE! Did she have more dental work done, I wonder? They really seem too big for her face.

  38. trxhunt says:

    She should really stop with all these surgeries and botoxing, it doesn’t look good on her at all! she’s trying for a more refined, classic beauty face, but she’s stuck with her average pretty english (chipmunk) girl features. basic b* with money all start looking the same in the UK, same nose boobs hair. also, her total lack of style or personality makes all of this maintenance work look out of place. She looks so painfully uncomfortable, bland and boring, GO AWAY PRINCESS VALIUM! really, she bugs me so much, not even the kardashians are able to get me to rant in comments.

  39. HoustonGrl says:

    OMG I could NOT handle having Harry as a brother in law. I would be in love with him!

  40. FLORC says:

    Regarding the Nose. Because i’m bored…

    I doubt she had a nose job. Maybe some touchups, but nothing major. Pregnancy can change a woman’s face. And the nose will keep growing and shaping itself. She’s certainly had a nose job, but in the period of time for her escape from work? When she was still entertaining Jolie/Pitt. When she was still seen shopping. Still taking in sports. Doubtful it was major.
    Kate profile on her wedding day.

    Kate with a fly on her nose, but ignore that and look at the nose. http://d.ibtimes.co.uk/en/full/1375019/kate-fly.jpg

    And Kate a few weeks before she gave birth to George.
    Compare this with the smiling photo of a side angl above and it’s about the same.
    Slight difference, but i’m not putting a stamp on it.

    The woman’s face isn’t the problem. It’s her apathy towards anything that isn’t her own self gain in a postition unique to the world to bring change with as little as approving her pr team to do the work.

    • caitlin says:

      Good point about pregnancy changing a woman’s face – I agree with you that a (recent) nose job is unlikely. The veneers are indisputable though and painfully obvious – ill-fitting too.

      Yes, her real problem is apathy, lack of empathy & a genuine interest in people and of course no work ethic. You’d think her self-made millionaire parents would have instilled that in her! – work ethic, that is.