Will the Cambridges sue Woman’s Day for publishing photos of Charlotte?


Back in August, Prince William and Duchess Kate’s press guy, Jason Knauf, sent a lengthy open letter to the press about paparazzi photos of Princess Charlotte and Prince George. The gist of the open letter was “pity the poor Cambridges or they’ll sue your brains out.” The letter was met with large public indifference and widespread media side-eyeing. In fact, after the open letter was published, the UK press began publishing their most damning stories about the Cambridges and how Kate in particular is “prickly,” work-shy and she can’t deal with her royal life. After a month of media hissy fits and increasingly negative stories, Will and Kate finally came out of hiding and all was forgiven. Or was it?

Well, an Australian publication, Woman’s Day, bought some paparazzi photos of George, Charlotte and Nanny Maria. Woman’s Day published them earlier this week, although that link is currently dead (go here to see). I know the photos came out because they were all over Twitter:

From what anyone can tell, these photos were taken in public, outside of the gates of Kensington Palace and in the public sphere (Maria and the kids were watching Princess Anne’s helicopter land on the grounds). This is the first non-authorized photo taken of Charlotte that I’m aware of. Kate and William consented to Charlotte being photographed on the day she was born, in portraits taken by Kate, and on the day she was christened. And that’s it.

So the question is… will the Cambridges sue? Are we about to see a tantrum from William? Is Poor Jason going to write another harshly worded open letter? We’ll see. For what it’s worth, it seems like the Aussie publications are largely “forgiven,” probably because there’s not a hell of a lot the Cambridges can do to the Aussie media outlets.


Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Loopy says:

    Lol I love how the Aussie press couldn’t care less.

    • wolfie says:

      Kaiser’s link to Woman’s Day has been updated to show only official photographs. However, The Daily Beast published a story with the renegade photo and states that there is no legal action the Cambridges can take, other than public shaming: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/09/28/aussie-mag-publishes-pictures-of-princess-charlotte-and-prince-george.html

    • Pipa says:

      The poor pampered dears – public funded (‘private/ regular’) family – how about British mags boycott the donothing-Lambridge appearance until a written apology from threats to the much needed UK media.

      • evermore says:

        I wonder if William is stomping feet and livid behind the scenes that he can’t control the world’s press and shut down another magazine!!!!!

      • FLORC says:

        It’s Cambridge. I fixed it for you.
        “Lambridge” reads like the animal “Lamb” being “ridgid”.

      • Olenna says:

        Pipa, I say we fix it to read “Lamebridge”. I see it on the DM a lot and it’s nearly on par with the funny but benign monikers they’ve been tagged with here on CB recently. My all-time is favorite over the years, though I never use it, is “Waity”. For some reason, it just makes me want to giggle (I know–arrested development). “Katie Bucket” (bouquet) is a close runner-up (thanks, Sixer!), and “Normal Bill” is just genius.

    • drunkenjd says:

      To learn more about the history of Aussie gossip magazines check out a fun Australian mini series called “Paper Giants- Magazine Wars”. I think it is streaming on Netflix (or Acorn or Hulu, I can’t remember which). It shows the Murdock Sr. and Murdock Jr. editorial period, and is really amazing gossip itself.

  2. DivineMsM says:

    For crying out, just suck it up. You’re living on the public dime; the public has the right to see what they’re paying for.

    • Lala says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth

    • FingerBinger says:

      They’re kids. Nobody needs to see photos of the kids.

      • anne_000 says:

        I agree that they’re kids, but I think W&K need to be realistic and should play this smarter . They should accept that there is going to be public interest in them and their kids for the rest of their lives so long as W&K stay in the positions they chose to be in.

        I agree that there should be some level of restricted press photography of the kids when they’re in private settings. But W&K need to accept that there will be photos taken by the public.

        I saw two of these pics on another site before I saw this one here. Because internet. And W&K can’t control everybody. They need to stop making unrealistic demands of the UK press (which the BRF needs in their favor in order to keep existing) and play this media game with more savvy.

        Also, if W&K want only photos of public events with the kids, then they need to stop giving the press private-time photos of the kids. They should follow their own rules.

    • chaine says:

      I have no sympathy. There is daily news of children who drowned as their families tried desperately to escape horrific genocide in Syria, and these millionaire d-bags, wallowing in luxury and with copious security, and who will become billionaires and among the world’s richest people when they ascend the throne, are complaining that someone TOOK A PICTURE of their pampered baby? Suck. It. Up.

  3. Princess Consuela Bananahammock (paola) says:

    Ahaha!! they think they can sue anything that breathes for no reason. Get a grip Royals. The time of beheading and hanging for ‘desrespecting’ the crown have long gone.

    • fee says:

      Apparently there was a deal with the media that the kids would not be photographed by paparazzi unofficial channels per Queens orders. Silly. I don’t get the medias attack Kate on all fronts because she is not out there working, again,working as in visiting places,posing for pics and smiling. Monar/by is over rated, they should get rid of it. But Kate is not a royal by blood,it is overwhelming, especially with 2 kids back to back. Let her enjoy her time with her kids, on
      Y because the Queen never played mommy does not mean Kate has to follow.

      • anne_000 says:

        I don’t think anybody expects Kate to do the level of work Elizabeth did, because the latter was Queen by the time Charles was 4 and Anne was 2. Imo, nobody expects Kate to do as much as the Queen.

        But Kate is royal by marriage of her own choice. She enjoys all the perks and benefits of being a royal. So she should at least at appreciative of how her family gets their money and lifestyle and do at least one or two 45-minute charity visits and help give those charities media attention and help raise funds (and not just do fun stuff like going to galas and sporting events, getting work credit for giving birth and going to her own children’s christening, etc.).

        If she can spend hours or even a whole day at a time doing the fun public stuff, then she can spend a little bit of her time doing something important for other people. 45-90 minutes a week is not a significant time away from her kids.

      • Betti says:

        Anne, i agree to a point. No one is expecting that level of commitment now but when she is Queen she will be expected to do similar levels as the DoE (the Monarch always seems to do more) and again when she is Princess of Wales there will be the expectation to up her game (or numbers). Until then yes, 90mins at least once a week won’t kill her or make her kids forget who she is.

      • Deedee says:

        The kids have two parents, right? And multiple nannies? And Carole? Kate chose a lifestyle and the duties that go along with it. To get her hair blown out, choose a dress or one of her 70+ coats, step into a limo and spend an hour visiting her carefully chosen patronages wouldn’t mean she was abandoning her children.

      • anne_000 says:

        Correction. Charles was 3 and Anne was 1.

      • anne_000 says:

        @ Betti

        I agree that Kate needs to step up when she’s PoW or QC.

        I think she needs to step up now, but the way W&K are steering all of this, I think stepping up isn’t ever going to happen with these two, no matter what their upgraded titles will be.

        There’s no way William is going to do as much work as Charles has being PoW.

      • notasugarhere says:

        I have never read anywhere that HM has a secret deal with the press through unofficial channels not to photograph the children. Never. IMO, all of this is coming from Bill and Kate, not HM.

        Their obsessions with privacy in public places is a separate issue from their intrinsic laziness and lack of duty. They need to step up now to aid the pensioners currently doing all the work, not as some unknown point in the future.

    • Nancy says:

      And it doesn’t seem feasible that any publication could be sued for pictures taken in public. A long range camera in the bedroom windows, yes. Public pics. No fricking way.

  4. Betti says:

    Normal Bill only really saves the tantrums for the British Press however given how image conscious these 2 are there maybe push back, particularly if it reflects badly on the ‘normal hands on parents’ narrative they are pushing. So where is the SAH royal super mommy and part time pilot daddy? Shopping and hunting respectively instead.

    Given that they are due to go off for their 3 wk family holiday to Mustique we’re due some ‘official’ photo’s taken by Katie ‘Mario Testino’ Bucket. Wheel out the children to divert from the hair!

    • Beatrice says:

      I’m behind the times. What does the Katie Bucket nickname mean??

      • frisbee says:

        Sixer called her that after Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced Bouquet) a ridiculous, hilarious social climber in a Brit TV Sitcom called Keeping up Appearances. Katie Bucket has stuck.

      • LAK says:

        It’s a reference to a sitcom character, Hyacinth Bucket, from ‘Keeping up appearances’. Carole and Kate have been deemed to behave like Hyacinth.

        Hyacinth is a social climber who is desperate for the world to see and know that she’s finally arrived in the upper echelons of society. She’s forever acting in ways that she assumes the upper classes behave whilst hiding her humble beginnings and wider family starting with her surname which she insists is pronounced ‘Bouquet’.

        Episodes on youtube. Very funny sitcom.

      • NUTBALLS says:

        It’s on Netflix streaming too…

      • FLORC says:

        I watch it here and there on Netflix. It’s so bad, but still funny. The Cambridge context gives it new life.

      • jwoolman says:

        I remember the episode when Hyacinth got her first “mobile phone”. She was trying to get something in the local newspaper, I think, and when she mentioned that she was talking on the mobile phone, she decided she had to start marching around the room with it since it was a “mobile” phone…

    • Amber says:

      I could swear there were photos taken of Kate in a park with George while they were on their trip in Australia (on one of their “days off”). People in the British media were holding their breath, waiting for the explosion. But William and Kate turned around and made a point of actually stating that they didn’t care that the pictures were taken. (I think it was mentioned on some Royal docu-series on Ovation tv, and that’s why I remember it.) Yeaaaah… consistency. Even if I’m mis-remembering or misrepresenting that, we could also get into the obvious pap strolls that are obvious, “The Letter”, etc., I’ve also felt there was a major difference in William and Kate’s behavior in the US versus the attitude they give to the British press. I just don’t get the extremism alternating with capriciousness with them.

      • anne_000 says:

        That’s the word. Consistency. Good description.

        I think William is trying to ‘train’ the UK media to do what he wants so that he can do what he wants (be a slacker). I think that’s why he needs and expects them to obey his orders because they have more opportunities to catch him doing things he doesn’t want the public to know about.

        So I think that’s why he’s OK with the foreign media posting photos and also the fact that he can’t control them anyways. The foreign media isn’t there 24/7 in the UK and so aren’t able to follow him around in his private time and isn’t as interested in seeing how the UK tax money is being spent by W&K via their expenses.

        Also, I think it’s about William’s ego. He wants to be popular worldwide, not just in the UK.

      • notasugarhere says:

        On the same trip, they screamed bloody murder about pictures of KM and PGTips taken in the yard at Government House. They were in full view of the press who were just across the street, and they complained that photos were taken.

  5. Hudson Girl says:

    So, if she’s not working every day and the nanny has the kids, what the HELL is she doing?!

    • Betti says:

      Shopping and getting new ‘dos’. Anything to do with her appearance which seems to be the only thing she cares about – other than Normal Bill.

    • Guesto says:


    • LadyJane says:

      She is busy growing all that hair.

    • zimmer says:

      Suing and going on extensive vacays.

    • Crumpet says:

      Meh. If I’d had the means, I would of liked help as well. Time to work out, read a book. Take a seriously needed nap.

    • gayle says:

      Hanging out with her trainer – there were pictures of them on twitter in the park – daily and then exercising on her own in her posh home gym

    • Pipa says:

      Spot on!
      Hardworking, loving Nanny Maria look as if she need a good night rest (tell us who really is the ‘hands on’ parent).

      While Willnot*cannot look well rested, happy out, spend hours away at WC games but, refuse duties to charities (War Memorials), taking under an hour to wave/grin and chauffeur driven.

      Other royal children embrace their role/ people the paps – Princess Estelle Sweden, Prince Christian Denmark parents/RF teach the children very early.

      • FLORC says:

        As much as I love Estelle there are different standards between the 2 royal families. 1 gets far more coverage and that can lead to far more security issues. You can’t expect 1 to carbon copy the other unless you dismiss dozens of facts.

        These negative posts without much of any cause make me defend them. And it must be extremely negative for me to do that.

      • anne_000 says:

        @ Pipa

        Good points.

        I agree with you. William is trying to get the media to help him cover up his slacker ways.

        I also agree with you that the other country’s royals are smarter in the way they’re handling the media and their kids.

    • evermore says:

      Treadmill, ordering maid to make smoothies, Yoga, Hair magazines, calling hairdresser, weighing self, weighing food portions, Looking at Celebrity events they can put on their schedule so they can schmooze and she likes watching one of those British reality shows about young posh , forget what it’s called.
      Chatting w mum , wondering why Pippa can’t close on engagement to an Aristo somewhere?

      • Green Girl says:

        When you put it like that, it’s obvious how the days just fly by!

      • Christin says:

        Dealing with that hair has to take time. And ordering eyeliner, because she probably goes through a pencil once every week or two.

  6. Sarah says:

    I really don’t understand the Cambridge’s media strategy. Surely they must understand that there must be a little give and take in regards to the press? Or do they believe themselves to be so superior that the world’s press will just do what they say when they click their fingers? I truly hope its not the the latter. The press’s patience will soon snap and it will be open season on the Cambridge’s. The future will not be easy for Will and Kate if they keep up this sanctimonious rubbish. You either play the Royal game, or step aside and let people who will do the job justice take over.

    • Betti says:

      There is no media strategy – that’s the problem. It changes with Normal Bills mood. And yes he thinks the world press should just do whatever he says as after all he’s the future King.

    • littlemissnaughty says:

      It IS the latter. And on top of that, they are utterly stupid and probably immune to advice. There is no other explanation. I know the Diana comparisons are getting old but she’s a good example of someone who knew that it was give and take. Yes, it got out of hand (and I’m not even talking about the worst here) but at least she knew it was a game. That’s all this is. And these two refuse to play which would be fine if Willy abdicated and they both paid their own way. This is just bullsh*t. My god, even Chaz knows the game at this point.

  7. LadyJane says:

    I wonder if Diana had a hissy fit when the pics of her and the boys at the theme park came out – the ones that so joyously show how she wanted them to be normal. Normal – like OUT IN THE WORLD, not encased behind the golden gates of the palace. The Cambridges talk about honouring Diana’s memory. It’s a pity they don’t honour her ethos.

  8. Kori says:

    I understand it on one level given the experience of Princess Diana. Both sons don’t like the press and specifically paparazzi. But I don’t know that it will be beneficial in the long run for the children. I think the Swedish royals like Victoria and the Danish royals do a better job. They bring the children out regularly for photo ops and are mostly then left alone. By hiding George and Charlotte they’re only making the demand greater, not acclimating them to what the future holds and also keeping them from the public over which George at least will reign. You can see how relaxed Estelle of Sweden is and it’s building a bond between her and her future subjects. Like it or not, the Cambridges are in the direct line of succession and aren’t regular children.

    • Sarah says:

      You are so right. All Kate has to do is show up at one of her children’s charities with Prince George with her, let the press snap a few pictures of them and those pictures will be the ones the magazines buy, not the paparazzi ones.

    • Betsy says:

      I’ve always wondered; do those boys (men, now) not know that their mother and the press had a relationship? She used them as needed, they got reams of press in return. She excelled at media relationships, until they got completely out of hand, and all we hear now is that they were just a pack of wolves.

      But they still need them. If no one can see the good you do for your country, no one’s going to want to pay for them. Although I don’t pay for them, what with being an American.

      • Green Girl says:

        Can you imagine how Princess Diana would have just owned social media?!? She may have played up the fact that she was “thick,” but she was a LOT smarter than people give her credit for.

    • kaiko says:

      I’m in a weird mood this morning admittedly, but I got the biggest chuckle from the statement “…keeping them from the public over which George at least will reign.” That word! REIGN. Ha, just the thought of one person, least of all this coddled little boy, reigning over the gen. pop. of the UK, with all it’s educated men and women, people who will save lives, make history and change the world….it’s just freaking ridiculous!

      But hey, George is so cute and photogenic and has dimples like his mommy (pre op)…so it’s all ok in the end I guess…

      • cristine says:

        Birth rights like this are unbelievable in this day and age. Quite shocking that nobody from a royal family has to prove themselves worthy before they receive any titles.

  9. daisy says:

    She does her exercises has hair done makeup god knows what she does S she has an army of staff doing every mortal thing on taxpayers money they crrtainly
    are cringeworthy … An utter disgrace to our brf…
    she has flashed her bum and lady parts so many times when on foreign
    royal tours its so disgraceful she is allowed out with her manic expressions

  10. DanaG says:

    They were out in public and the paps took some shots and sold them something that has been going on for years. William has no recourse cause it is in Australia guess the poor brits will have to guess how Charlotte looks. I think William and Kate need to understand they need to put out more pictures etc of the kids. Keeping them out of sight isn’t going to help them in the long run George will be King Charlotte will be his sister the press will always intrude. It’s raising them not to be scared and to have a fine line between being private and public.

  11. Talie says:

    They also need Australia more than Australia needs them.

  12. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I don’t think they should sue, and I think it would be smarter to give the public more access to pictures of their children, but I hate the attitude that the public has a “right” to see them like they are animals in a zoo. They’re babies. I wish we, as adults, could leave them alone pretty much, at least until they could understand a little. And in case you wondered, I was talking about George and Charlotte, though Will and Kate are babies, too.

    • Sixer says:

      I’m kinda with you there, GNAT. I have no sympathy whatsoever for Normal Bill and Katie Bucket and think #poorjason’s letter was an outrage.

      BUT. I’m of the general opinion that nobody should stop photographers taking photos – even candids of royal babies. But that publications should self-censor. We don’t need candids of toddlers.

      The royal Twit and Twitess should supply sufficient images of the Mini Twits. Publications should use them and pass up pap offerings.


      • Birdix says:

        I agree with this in theory, but in the age of social media, this (not publishing photos of them in public) seems harder and harder for publications to adhere too, makes them more irrelevant, etc.
        That said I still can’t wrap my mind around the delicate dealings between the press and the Royals–feels so communist Russia/control the press to me.

      • FLORC says:

        Agree. No candids are really needed. Still, William needs his children’s photos to be in demand or he has no bones to toss the press for doing as he wants. He can’t saturate the market.

        He’s playing this all horribly wrong. And in the end George and Charlotte will be the ones to suffer from poor adjustment to the public.

      • notasugarhere says:

        I can sympathize, but often what they’re doing is demanding privacy in a public place. They don’t get to have more privacy than the rest of us. There are plenty of places they can go and not be photographed.

        You don’t want the kids raised on all those thousands of private stolen acres? Then when they step out in public, they have to deal with the fact that they can legally be photographed like everyone else’s children. There was no harassment here. Someone stood in a park and took a photo legally from a distance. Odds are they only became aware of it after the photos were taken.

    • Beth No. 2 says:

      Thank you. Pap pics of babies just rub me the wrong way, royal or no.

      Though I have to say that W&K do themselves no favours with their lazy and entitled ways. Had they pulled their weight with the royal work instead of being two complete wastrels, there might have been greater public goodwill and sympathy towards their stance.

      • Vava says:

        They may not be pap photos though. After all, the last rear-end shot we had of Kate in AU was taken by a tourist.

    • vauvert says:

      I agree with you completely. No one, not even these lazy gits, “owe” the world pics of their children. I am completely non famous and if anyone posted pics of my kid without permission I would sue. Heck, the school has to ask for written permission to use our children’s pics in their brochure and website.

      • Nancy says:

        They are not private children. George is a public figure. Kate knew that going into this. I agree that stalking them from trunks of cars is wrong. But pics in public places should be allowed.

      • Vava says:

        They can’t prevent photos taken by someone in a public place. Nobody knows who took that photo, it could be a tourist or a private individual. Heck, if I snapped the shot, I’d probably sell it, too —- only because I know it would make William angry.

        OK, going back to my corner now.

    • bluhare says:

      I agree too. I think there is a middle ground here.

  13. MinnFinn says:

    If Willy wanted to sue, not sure what his claim would be because there are hints that the photos are cut and paste from other photos readily available online. Also two royal journos on Twitter discussed the [suspicious] fact that the photos have no byline only a photo agency. Plus it’s suspicious that the people are all very grainy but the heli is very sharp and clear. Also no date was given for when they were taken.

  14. The Original Mia says:

    I’d like to see him sue just for the giggles.

    The kids are at KP. Daddy is at work in Norfolk. Mommy is somewhere in London. I thought they moved to the country.

  15. Murphy says:

    Eff off Bill!

    He’s probably more annoyed that the helicopter is in the picture-not Charlotte.

  16. Betti says:

    Just had a peruse over @KensingtonRoyal (their official Twitter account) and Normal Bill is going to be making a speech on national television to the plebs in China on the illegal Wildlife Trade – maybe he should stop the with hunting trips in Africa first.

    Oh and some lucky military school kids got to see Harry Hot Fuzz in his army uniform on Monday and today he’s taking part in the #WalkofBritain. They should just rename that account – ‘Prince Hot Beard’.

  17. COSquared says:

    And many Normal Family sugar blogs were posting this pic. Don’t we all remember when a few weeks back they were all moaning over press & privacy? Hypocrites.

    • bluhare says:

      Yes. And some of the fans who were screaming SECURITY!! PRIVACY!! STALKING!! when that letter was released on a blog that did not publish this photo were at one of those blogs talking about the photo.

      Hypocrites indeed.

      • Maia says:

        Popping in to say that one of the blogs – the sugar blogs where the language is exceptionally flattering to the point of being fulsome, that blog published the photo under the rationalization that the author could not “resist” viewing the picture. And her super fans were all with her, lauding her for her non-hypocrisy. Very amusing to read their reactions.
        And then on top of that she goes and opens a new blog where she is chronicling all of Kate’s clothes. Her readership seems to be mainly older ladies who may not be aware of how bloggers monetize. So basically she is sending everyone from her sugar Kate blog to her Kate’s clothes blog so that they can click on the numerous links and she can make a buck or MANY. Talk about monumental hypocrisy. This super fan woman has no problems exploiting Kate when she wants to and making money off of Kate. Yet she falls over backwards, calling Kate a lady, her highness.. and all the superlatives in the English language.
        I called her out on it and actually sent her a comment – first time ever, but as predicted, she did not post it. For some reason she got me really rankled last night and I had to make a special point to come and vent here, even though I really shouldn’t be online now.

      • bluhare says:

        Don’t just pop in! Stay a while. I like the way you think.

        People are funny; they really are. Also not surprised at all your comment wasn’t published. 🙂

      • Vava says:

        You know all those people looked at the photo and then they started screeching about privacy, etc. LOL. Once a photo hits the Internet, it’s out there. This is something that William apparently doesn’t understand……………!

        @Maia, yes do stay awhile! I like the way you think, too!

      • Maia says:

        Thanks ladies – I am here for good 🙂 This forum is a lot of fun. So I will definitely come when I can.

  18. frisbee says:

    Bit torn on this. On one hand I agree that the kids should be left alone. On the other haven’t they invaded their own privacy with photo’s of George on a beach in the UK with Carole Middleton? Where those photo’s a set up and were the pap’s tipped off that she would be there with George that day? Can somebody remind me, I’m getting old and my memories going! If they have/are invading their own privacy when it suits them, they don’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to complaining about pap shots. I just feel sorry for the kids, they are going to grow up surrounded by mixed messages from these two and that can’t be helpful.

    • Betti says:

      I think those photo’s of Carole on the beach were mentioned in the ‘letter’ that #poorjason sent out chinning the press. Can’t recall whether the ones from the Zoo were but still either way the paps were still tipped off, was pretty obvious by the way Carole was looking in the photographers direction and making sure to lead George around like a prize pony.

      These 2 have always given mixed messages but one thing is clear they will do whatever to protect their image of a ‘normal middle class family’, even if its threatening the press if they report the truth.

      • frisbee says:

        Well yeah, it’s the self serving hypocrisy that grates.

      • bluhare says:

        I think we need to get going on our band, Hectic Whirl, frisbee. I will start working on our first single, “I Love Spending Other People’s Money”. I’m torn on the B side. Maybe “Our Tennis Court Spoils The View” or should it be “Working’s for Suckers”?

      • Betti says:

        Hahaha Bluehare. I can sing reasonably well – can i be backup signer/sometime lead?

        B Side could be a cover of Abba’s ‘Money Money Money’.

      • frisbee says:

        Righto, you can be the singer with attitude, agree on all the tracks and we can also do covers/adaptations.
        1) ‘Whats work got to do with it’ (rewriting Tina Turner should’t be difficult)
        2) Take the money and run (Steve Miller Band)
        3) Money (Pink Floyd)
        4)’We are the Champions [Spongers]’ (Queen -rather more appropriate than expected)
        while Betti’s suggestion of
        5) Money Money Money is genius.
        We can also have
        6)’Money makes our world go around’ – from Cabaret and
        7) ‘Money for Nothing’ (Dire Straits obvs – how’s you ear worm?)
        I think it’s turning into a bit of a concept album 🙂

      • LAK says:

        Frisbee: may I suggest ‘I want to break free’ by Queen for the concept album (words adjusted to reflect Normal Bill’s desire to break free from royal work)

      • bluhare says:

        I love the way you guys think! Betti, you’re in. LAK, Queen tribute noted.

        Our debut album: Never Mind the Poors, We’re Hectic Whirl.

        I think when we tour we should ask Sixer s to be our opening act. Keeping the Queen tribute in mind I think she’d do a great cover of “Another One Bites The Dust”. And she can promote her debut effort “Great Gob Almighty, I’ts Sixer and the Ball Gags!”

        I love this stuff. 😉

  19. Jaded says:

    OK so Normal Bill and Vapid Kate are still putting up the veneer of being just one of the regular folk while living a totally cossetted, pampered and work-shy lifestyle, mostly funded on the public dime. And they’re wasting the time and effort on having Jason, a.k.a. The PR God, send out threatening missives about photos taken in public?

    If they spent as much time working for their luxe existence that they do blustering and complaining, maybe the rest of the world would give a f*ck.

  20. Vava says:

    I think in the whole scope of things, William and Kate are handling all of this very poorly. For them to direct Jason to compose a letter like that illustrates their own inexperience and refusal to confer with those who do have experience with such things. Not only does it reflect poorly on them, but Jason will be the fall guy for it.

    I don’t think children or anyone for that matter should be hounded by the press. They need to throw them ‘a bone’ now and then and that would reduce the obsession. The British public should be able to see the family from time to time, there’s no need to hide out in the mansions like they’ve been doing. They are not ‘normal’ and never will be. They are celebrities and that need to understand that they will be photographed whether or not they want to be. They just need to loosen up and relax, and stop with the threats.

    • FLORC says:

      Agree. And at this point it’s more interesting to see how William handles his fragile relationship with the press and attempting to restrict their freedoms illegally.

      If there was even a bit more exposure done on their own terms photos of George and Charlotte would be worthless and no one would bother.

      Judging from the last PR statement requesting a ban on photos of their children with the exception of select photogs. And knowing William does use those kid photos to line his own pockets or as “gifts” to the press for doing what he wants he still needs these photos to be in demand. If not William has nothing to offer reporters or publications to continue with their narrative.
      that’s my stance anyways.

  21. anne_000 says:

    There’s a solution. Including the kids: take away the titles, get out of the line of succession, stop living off of public money, go live in a country with strict paparazzi laws (like Monaco), and be commoners.

    Stop expecting everything to be given to them. Stop expecting everybody to obey them. Stop expecting that people shouldn’t want anything in return.

    It can’t be a one-way street when you live your lives off of other people’s money and good will.

    • gayle says:

      In my wildest, craziest dreams, no matter how deeply I dig into my imagination, there’s no way no how those two would choose that option lol. They aren’t called helpless and hopeless for nothing (or similar names) – they don’t have the tools or wherewithal to survive like normal people. He has had everything done for him and handed to him from day one and she has no work ethic, skills or inclination to be self-sufficient. They are like pigs at the trough — take, take, take, greedy, selfish ingrates.

      • anne_000 says:

        @ gayle

        I agree with you that they don’t have the cajones nor the mental and emotional strength to live like a normal person. So I hope they just stop whining so much. They need to stop acting so prickly.

      • Vava says:

        They’re not going anywhere, but they will b!tch about it. These two are such losers. They want all the perks but are completely unwilling to put up with the irritating stuff that comes with being a celebrity. They better get things together FOR THE SAKE OF THE CHILDREN.

      • @gayle, That’s a terrible thing to say! Pigs are intelligent.

        But I agree with the previous commenters that they should either give up their positions or get to work. But I think they are too greedy to do something like that.

  22. msthang says:

    anne 000 , ditto annie!

  23. ickythump says:

    Ive seen pictures of european royals with their beautiful children – the children are with their parents – they are being introduced to the people who live in the land they will one day “serve” for want of a better word. In contrast we hardly see normal bill and katie bucket in public undertaking royal duties never mind with their children. They have so much to learn. If the british public do not see the BRF or their children people start asking what theyr for and why are we paying for them. Th brf needs a good relationship with the press or theyll lose the goodwill of th people who keep them where they are – its already happening in th uk – the tide is starting to turn against them – normal bill is playing a dangerous game which he isnt winning. If there were more official pictires of will n kate with th kids as a family th value of a pap shot decreases and they can go back to taking pics of celebs falling drunk out of nightclubs.

  24. msthang says:

    ickythump, may-be it is because they know it is over for them so, why bother?

  25. Lillylizard says:

    The helicopter lands on private land at Kensington palace behind the fence bars, I’ve seen it many times over the years while strolling in the park, usually with Pss Anne alighting, so the pap must have had his lens pointed through the railing, that said anyone passing by could take the same photos so its hardly private. Interesting that Anne never gets flack for her frequent Helicopter trips, maybe because she works her butt off on royal duty, but more likely the press doesn’t care as Anne doesn’t rate the same media clicks as the slackers.