“Marion Cotillard has said some really strange things over the years” links

Marion Cotillard

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Chris Brown got joint custody of his daughter, Royalty. [Evil Beet]

Marion Cotillard

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  1. paola says:

    I always had the impression that Marion is dumb as a rock.
    Luckily other people give her words to memorize in films.
    She’s the Beyonce of the movie industry: not very articulate when it comes to express her own thoughts and opinions and taking inspirations from other people’s quotes. I bet even she gets confused by her own words.
    At least Beyonce doesn’t try to convince us that she is some sort of deep thinker like Marion does.

    • Madly says:

      She’s your typical actress without a script who doesn’t really understand the world outside her little bubble. I remember bumping into them so many times in LA.

      I think sometimes Benedict Cumberbatch is like that too. Well-intentioned, but clueless on how things work outside of film and theater.

      • Cate says:

        Hmmm, I don’t think Mr. Cumberbatch is quite as unworldly as you think he is. Nah, he’s not an idiot, he’s very much an ACTOR with a capital A, but I do think he’s very aware of the world outside his little bubble. I think Cotillard is just not very bright.

    • Eleonore says:

      I am French and I can tell you that she IS dumb as a rock. I could give her a pass in English because it is not her first language…but in French she appears to be very slow in her thought process, struggles to elaborate a sentence that is actually deep and full of sense, and never has anything interesting or meaningful to say. She is just a good actress who is given roles written by amazingly smart screenwriters. ..However she as a person is just not that smart unfortunately. I always thought she was lucky to be where she is especially since she is not even our best actress. ..I guess she has Harvey Weinstein to thank for that. He was the one putting her on the map.

  2. Don't kill me I'm French says:

    I remember when I wrote here that Marion was uneducated and said idiot stuff ,every wrote I or we ( the French people’s) was/were nasty or jealous of her success

  3. Vanessa says:

    I love marion but what she said about feminism was really stupid

  4. Margareth says:

    I’m sorry to say this and I don’t want to generalize, but I find most actors dumb, at least the famous ones. Sometimes you can be deceived by their charisma and charm when they speak in interviews, TV shows, etc., but in their printed/written interviews, when their looks and charisma can’t help them, they sound at best boring (and at worst like dolts).

    • Luce says:

      Most have very little education as well. Ellen actually joked about this at the Oscars a couple of years ago.

      • EN says:

        Yes, Kristen Stewart comes to mind. I like her and I think she has an intellectual spark in her and it pains me to see how she is completely unable to express herself and frame her thoughts properly. Such a waste.
        Emma Stone is another example of that. The girl is smart but if she had more polish and formal education she’d be even more successful.

    • Anne says:

      Yep, I know it’s unrealistic for actors in this media landscape, but I think more of them should remember the attraction of someone like Greta Garbo. Be quiet and keep a bit of mystery. Seems like Beyonce’s onto that. . .

  5. OhDear says:

    Poor Royalty. I hope there are people keeping an eye out for her.

    • smith says:

      How does a guy with a documented history of abuse and who failed the before custody drug test then gain custody?

      I’m curious/scared/angry.

  6. EN says:

    Why do we expect actors of all people to be on the cutting edge of the social activism and social trends?
    They are actors, not politicians or scientists. Why should we care about what actors say anymore than about something said by an average Joe or Jane? I don’t. I’ll discuss what they said just like I would discuss something anybody else said but I don’t expect earthshattering insight.

    And we just discussed on Matt Damon’s thread that for actors it is better to be chameleons and not well known because otherwise people have hard time seeing the character instead of the actor in the movie.

    • Neah23 says:

      ( We just discussed on Matt Damon’s thread that for actors it is better to be chameleons and not well known because otherwise people have a hard time seeing the character instead of the actor in the movie)

      In reality, that’s not true if it was, then why are any of us on a celebrity gossip site? And how many actors/actresses, singers, athletes, photographers, director, producers and so on are actually hurt by the public knowing about them?

      Look at the million, maybe even billion dollars business Reality TV is, just for people selling a version of their private lives. It seems to me people only feel that way when the celebrity they like turns out to be the opposite of what they thought they were.

      • laura in LA says:

        Yep, celebrities and the media are just feeding our compulsion for a constant cycle of more information. As much as I dislike this, I must be a part of it if I’m here everyday!

      • EN says:

        I am here more to listen to other people’s opinions. And because this site is relatively advertisement free.
        Celebrities are fun to read about, but in the end they have probably even less qualifications to speak publicly than many of us. I tend to treat them just an average coworker who said a stupid thing.

    • JWQ says:

      The problem is that most of these actors talk like the dumb s**t they say IS some groundbreaking insight, and I have no doubt that they actually believe they are making amazing comments!
      No one with two functioning brain cells would consider their ramblings more than what they are (dumb stuff said by people who are too detached from reality to function), but as long as they try to sell themselves as some sort of human pinnacle of intelligence, I am all for calling them idiots!
      In fact, I wish that this particular brand of idiots got what they deserve during an interview/convention or in the form of actual smart people refusing to watch their stuff/hire them for their movies. I know it’ s not going to happen, but a girl can dream!

      • Josefa says:

        Honest question here: How many people do you encounter in real life that, admitedly ignorant on the matter of discussion, decide not to comment? Go read the comment section of pretty much any big news site on the web, and keep in mind odds are none of those people are famous. Maybe these people really think they are so obviously right about what they are saying. But it’s the audience’s fault if they take any of it seriously.

        And why should I stop watching a movie or hire an actor because (s)he’s dumb? They are not lecturing me on their views of society in their movies. Sean Penn is a total assh*le, but I’m not paying him to live with me. I’m paying to watch him on a screen playing someone else, which he’s very, very good at.

      • JWQ says:

        01: Lots of people, and if I know that they are wrong for sure, I try to correct them. If they keep going that way, I avoid them, because they irritate me and I don’ t want to spend time with people who irritate me. I try to do the same with actors: if someone pisses me off, I don’ t watch his or her stuff. “Macbeth” and “Assassin’ s Creed” will be the next that I will probably skip because I find the two lead actors unbereable and not as good as anyone keep saying, and one of them happens to be Marion Cotillard.

        02: If you want to keep watching movies, no matter how idiotic/morally shady the actors are, you are free to do so. Personally, when someone comes out with something like this or with something criminal, I lose all the interest in watching his or her stuff and give them my money.
        If you are fine doing so with Sean Penn and you are not bothered by his political/social views and personal life, and if you are fine with doing so with Marion Cotillard even though everytime she talks she says something problematic and offensive, then good for you. I can’ t, and the only way I have to protest is to avoid their stuff.
        They choose to speak like that, no one is forcing them, and they have no negative, long lasting and meaningful effects because people keep thinking that they are artist and what’ s important is that they do their job.

        I disagree: they are public figure and if they choose to say dumb things, they should get what they deserve, which is being called up, in person, about what they repeatedly say, or be ignored so that someone who is less dumb or who knows when to shut up can replace them.

  7. BobaFelt says:

    But it’s so simple. You have 2 choices:

    1.) You are a feminist, which by definition means you believe in equal opportunities and treatment of men and women under the law.

    2.) you are not a feminist, and therefore do not believe in equal treatment of men and women.

    THE END.

    • jwoolman says:

      Some people refuse to just look up words they don’t understand in a dictionary…

      The word feminism is admittedly a source of confusion although it made sense back in the day when it was invented. If you just say “equal rights and opportunities for women” and ditch the label, few people would say they were against it. So I would advise not pushing for the label. And getting interviewers to stop asking people if they are “feminists”, it’s so stupid to do that especially when obviously so many people have no idea what the word means.

      • laura in LA says:

        The problem is that too many women don’t even realize how they’ve benefitted from all those who pushed for equal rights before them and now conflate “feminism” with being anti-men.

        If only they would actually bother to study history and learn about the movement before opening their mouths and spouting such uniformed opinions, or maybe (just maybe!) consider for once women other than themselves?

      • LAK says:

        It’s nonsense to suggest that a person needs to learn/research/educate themselves about feminism.

        It’s as basic a concept as understanding the need for food. No higher learning required.

        Marion is a grade A idjit for not understanding that feminism has helped her forge her way in the world AND have her own agency. Perhaps someone should drop her off in a country that doesn’t practise feminism and see how quickly she comes to appreciate the concept.

    • EN says:

      If she says she is a feminist she automatically alienates about 30-40% of the US audience who are very conservative.
      Many actors are scared to use such trigger words as feminism because of that.
      Just look at what happened to Emily Blunt over a silly joke.

      • JWQ says:

        The point is that there are things that should make you think “F**k it, I am doing what’ s right!”. I know that conservatives would probably be pissed off if a woman dared to say that she is a feminist, but if you really care about equality, you shouldn’ t give a damn, even if this might cost you some money. Trying to appeal to people who will never consider you more than a baby/washing machine isn’ t what the feminists in the past gave a damn about, and it’ s the reason why women nowadays have a better social status than them.

        I know that actresses aren’ t activists and politicians and shouldn’ t be put on their same pedestals, but they are public figure, and whenever a woman talks like this, she does more damage than what 1000 women who know what feminism is do good.

  8. INeedANap says:

    Was anyone actually body shaming Gigi Hadid? And if so, man, I give up. Screw dieting, I want a three way with a couple of guys named Ben and Jerry.

    • Katenotkatie says:

      Right? I’m guessing there are trolls telling her she’s not skinny enough for the runway because she does have a more athletic build than the majority of runway models. Totally ridiculous, she’s got nothing to worry about, she’ll be cashing checks on that body for years to come.

    • HK9 says:

      I’m perplexed as well. She’s got the toned body of a ballet dancer and is absolutely beautiful, I have no idea what these people are seeing.

  9. sofia says:

    About Marion, some nationalities carry a glamour effect and French is just that. It’s like someone with a British accent usually sounds really smart and classy.

    If she didn’t look like Miss Dior and didn’t have the french accent on her side I’m not sure if she would get the media and public perception so much on her side.
    But as an example of the opposite we have Audrey Tautou (from Amélie) who is actually interesting and doesn’t engage at all with anything celebrity driven. I never read an interview from her where she didn’t come across as thoughtful and interesting/quirky.

    • Anne tommy says:

      Just to say Sofia that there are dozens of accents in the British countries of Scotland, England, and Wales – I assume that the British accent referred to is the ” Received Pronunciation” of the Middle / upper classes. I don’t particularly associate it with being smart or classy – privileged and with a sense of entitlement perhaps.

      • EN says:

        Every single English accent I hear, as well as Scottish and Welsh and Irish ( not even British) all sound heavenly. I don’t know why but they do. Even though I don’t understand 50% of what people with Irish or Scottish accents are saying.

      • Solanacaea (Nighty) says:

        @EN I’m not English and I distinguish the accents rather well. There’s a British TV series, VERA, that takes place in Cumbria and I find the accent so funny: Instead of “my house” – it’s “mee house”.. Love to learn all this distinctive patterns across the UK. And they’re so delicious. There’s also a program on National Geographic channel that is presented by a Scottish professor, his accent is amazing and you can understand every single word…

  10. Madly says:

    Good for Keanu. He deserves to be happy.

    • Samtha says:

      Yes! No mourning line here–it’s great to see him with someone and enjoying himself. (Though I still secretly wish he and Sandra Bullock would hook up and live happily ever after!)

  11. June says:

    Obviously, she’s not the brightest, but I don’t understand the outrage I’m seeing in some areas of the internet (not necessarily here). She’s just an actress who holds some idiotic opinions, it’s not like she’s harmed anybody, a la Polanski or Mel Gibson. As long as she does her actual job well — acting — I don’t understand feeling the need to avoid her films or claiming that you’re no longer a fan, unless you don’t like her as an actress to begin with.

  12. Iqlikmovies says:

    She should concentrate more on good script rather than this negative Jargon languages that she is frequently using.

  13. belle de jour says:

    I couldn’t care less if she wants to see into an animal’s dreams or doubt the government or doesn’t like to watch herself on personal videos… her mouth is like a fondue pot offering unsubstantial appetizers dripping in idiosyncrasy when she serves up those morsels… but her vapid comments about feminism do get up my nose, because every little bit of stupid sauce on that subject hurts more people than the ones at her own quirky personality party.

    • frisbee says:

      Well, that wasn’t a comment bdj, it was poetry 🙂

      (and what she say’s about feminism gets right on my tits, as we say hereabouts!)

      • Sarah01 says:

        Even though I disagree with your comment bdj, I enjoyed reading it as it was vivid yet eloquent.

      • belle de jour says:

        Thanks. But I like your idiom better; next time, I’ll leave my poor nose out of it and bring my tits to the table instead. 🙂

      • belle de jour says:

        @Sarah01: I’ll take a respectful “I don’t agree with a thing you said, but I appreciate the way you said it” ANY day of the week, so thank you for taking the trouble to say so.

    • laura in LA says:

      A fondue pot…in a quaint boho Parisienne pad where the ghosts of Gertrude Stein, Hemingway and Picasso partake of opium, while discussing the dreams of lions and tigers…and the dulcimer notes of Edith Piaf can be heard wafting through the streets from a nearby club or cafe.

  14. Mispronounced Name Dropper says:

    Meh. I always thought she was overrarated anyway. Seemed like one of those actresses who was liked for being attractive but not too attractive.

  15. BobaFelt says:

    I’m not abandoning the world ‘feminism’ because jerks like Rush Limbaugh choose to make jokes about ‘feminazis’ and crap like that. Let’s take the word back.

  16. lisa2 says:

    Merly Streep just said she was not a Feminist; but a Humanist.

    are people going to come for her and say she is uneducated, dump, bringing down women. I’ve seen so many women attacked because they didn’t answer the question the way others thought they should. Just wondering how those people will view what Meryl said.

    I don’t know what the “correct word” is when asked. I think every woman has to answer it for herself. Everyone can scream that they are a feminist; or not. But judge a woman on how she is living what she stands for. Does she support other women. Does she try to by example to show other women what they can achieve. I feel like everyone is asked the question; but not asked how they are helping women grow and become better..

    • Alice too says:

      I know I’m going to get hammered on this, but what Meryl said is a more eloquent version of what Cotillard said.

      Humanist is to me, taking the labels off and treating people based on who (and not what) they are. Experiencing the people around you as if you’re doing a blind taste test and not because the “label” influences you one way or another. And yes, not separating people into categories.

      Of course, getting everyone to think that way is a totally different story.

    • belle de jour says:

      “Merly Streep just said she was not a Feminist; but a Humanist.”

      This is not unrelated to the “Black Lives Matter” and “All Lives Matter” distinction & debate, imo. It’s why someone would put the “vs.” there between the two ideas that always gives me pause.

      • Alice too says:

        Completely agree. I don’t like the “vs” mentality either. I also think that we have missed out on enriching ourselves (not in a money sense) and have held ourselves back as the human race because of discrimination and/or lack of opportunity.

        How many Gallileos, DaVincis, Teslas, Einsteins etc have we missed over the centuries, simply because they didn’t fall into the category of “who is worth educating” or “who is worth listening to”?

  17. Zombie Shortcake says:

    I was once hit up for $20.00 over a wine tour I didn’t go on.

  18. Josefa says:

    I guess I’m an idiot too because I’ve always wondered how animals dream as well. They literally don’t see the real world the same way we do – I can’t even imagine what their dreams would be like.

    • Alice too says:

      Yeah…when you see your dog “running” in it’s sleep, you have to wonder…is it chasing a ball, dreaming of being a wolf?

  19. Alice too says:

    As for the earth and everything around it being connected…It might sound “hippie dippy” but quantum physics actually supports that idea. Einstien’s “spooky action at a distance” aka quantum entanglement is exactly that.

    Also, light goes from being a particle to a wave by the mere fact of being observed. Why that happens is a mystery to me, but clearly there are unknown or as yet, unexplained “connections” going on.

  20. non says:

    how did Marion become this week’s victim?

  21. Lima says:

    Lol THE MERYL STREEP just proclaimed she is NOT a feminist either. Love it.

  22. Pondering thoughts says:

    Cotillard probably wanted to point out that the story in movies or respectively their content shouldn’t be limited by feminism or political correctness. She would probably argue that a movie should be allowed to show mysogynism and fundamentalism and machismo and discrimination such. And these topics do truly make for good stories.

    She is right to argue that the quality of a movie should matter and not the biological sex of its director. She perhaps doesn’t get that some high-quality movies are ignored because their director is female or because it is a “female topic”.
    And what is it with Oscars? There is “best male lead actor” and “best female lead actress”. Should there be a “best female director” and a “best male director”, too? I am not sure …

    She didn’t articulate that appropriately so she was misunderstood. But she ain’t arguing women should go back to being the property of their husbands and obey his every command. So I am not going to hang her.

    Btw. Earlier versions of feminism did create separation because they tended to paint every man as evil. I think those are outdated by now.

  23. GoLightly says:

    Honestly, I don’t see *that* much “strange” in Marion’s quotes. Then again, perhaps my threshold for strange has been heightened by years of unwanted exposure to reality television and Trump.