Nadya ‘don’t call me Octomom’ Suleman’s reality show is coming

Nadya Suleman
In Touch has a new cover story with Octomom Nadya Suleman in which they feature exclusive photos of the mother of 14 posing with her newborns as accessories to set off her surgically-enhanced beauty. On the cover they ask “Loving mother or… Mom from Hell?” in that all caps bright yellow font that the tabloids love. The answer may be somewhere in between. The article relies heavily on the reports from the terminated Angels in Waiting agency that you’ve probably already heard about. Suleman had a jacuzzi installed in the house instead of paying for proper security and is said to have allowed a nanny with tuberculosis around the babies. She is also said to have only held the children when cameras were around and to not have insisted that caregivers sanitize their hands before holding them. What’s more is that the camera equipment and all of the media people in the house were deemed a threat to the babies.

Clearly Suleman is not the best or most devoted mother, but whether her actions constitute neglect or not is up to Child Protective Services to investigate. She has enough help with the babies and it’s not like she’s leaving them alone. There are said to be several people watching them at all times.

Seven of the eight newborns are now home with Suleman and she’s said to be preparing for her next stage of fame and earning cash. In Touch claims to have a source that states that a reality show is indeed in the works. What’s more is that Suleman hopes to shed her ‘Octomom’ moniker. Like J.Lo and Brangelina before her, she hates the nickname bestowed on her by the media:

Nadya may soon be starring in her own series. According to an insider, a deal is in place for her to be filmed 24/7 for a reality TV show as soon as sons Jonah and Josiah are released from the hospital. [Since this article was printed, Jonah has been released.] “It’s about Nadya trying to raise 14 children while looking for love,” the insider explains. And since she hates being called “Octomom,” she’s been assured that word won’t be a part of the show’s title.

[From In Touch, print edition, April 13, 2009]

Suleman told Radar Online that she considered a reality show “exploitation,” but then quickly backtracked as she often does to say that she would consider some kind of “documentary” type show. Maybe this is what she means and a reality show is coming. It’s hard to see who would touch that show as the woman is pretty much universally disliked. She represents a kind of extreme conspicuous consumption and abuse of the system in America. At a time when people are struggling, it angers many to see this single woman getting rich off having more babies that she could ever afford without infamy. Suleman also claimed that she wasn’t looking for a boyfriend and that she would be celibate until her kids were 18. How much do you want to bet that she hooks up with some C or D-list celebrity and starts showing up on the red carpet at events? That would tie in well with her reality show.

Nadya Suleman is shown out with some of her kids on 4/1/09. Credit: Eric Brogmus/

Nadya Suleman

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  1. heh-heh says:

    On the one hand, she might be crazy. But if not, she’s a con artist who’s abusing the system during a Depression.

    My vote’s on the latter.

  2. geronimo says:

    Really can’t believe the amount of space this woman is given on celebitchy. All the outrage about the amount of attention/money/notoriety etc etc she’s getting and yet, here she is, everyday – sometimes twice a day – getting exactly the thing – attention -that people most resent her for. Bizarre. WTH, she’s not even a celebrity!? Sorry, just don’t get it.

  3. saintdevil says:

    There are lots of names worse than “Octomom” that fit her…

  4. Hieronymus Grex says:

    I agree, ‘Octomom’ sounds like a bad 80’s comic book villain.

    How about Alotta Fagina?

    How about a Native American name, ‘Doe With Wide Canyon’ ?

  5. DD says:

    Octomom is the only reason why we will ever know her. She should wear that nickname proudly, she earned it. I guess the reality show of her raising her 14 kids wasn’t enough that they had to throw in the looking for love storyline as if she’ll have time to look for love with 8 newborns and 6 kids.
    Oh I forgot, it’s not like she’s doing the work, her 500 nanny’s and round the clock help will be there to fill in while she’s going out on dates.

  6. DD says:

    even better will be the schmucks that consider taking her out for dates, you know they will be real class acts.

  7. gg says:

    Last time I checked, it was reportedly J-Lo who made up her own nickname.

    Anyway, if somebody does a show on this woman it should probably Martin Beshear, who will probably speed her appointment with the court and welfare systems.

  8. Eileen Yover says:

    “Insane Mother of 14 looking for love?” Haaaaaa ha ha ha. I can’t wait to see THAT Harmony profile. THis is so sad and wrong on so many levels. Again Geronimo, I agree with you on this story as well.
    BTW-why is that kid always crying? Every photo he’s in he’s going nuts.

  9. HEB says:

    I love how people make fun of how “loose” she is, when all of her children were artificially inseminated and c-sectioned out of her….

    its completely possible (and probable) that she hasn’t had actual sexual intercourse in years

  10. neelyo says:

    They may shop a reality show around, but I don’t think any network would touch it (well maybe Ryan Seacrest and E!).

  11. nanster says:

    My vote is that everyone should just start calling her “Octopussy” then, since she doesn’t like her current moniker. Sorry, Nadya honey, but you can’t have EVERYTHING that you want! 😉

  12. Jogi says:

    Let the boycotting begin!! I will boycott every TV station and every Advertiser that gets involved with Octo-Mooch. Google “boycott Octo-mom” and join the cause! We can stop this by hitting the advertisers where it hurts most, by messing with their money.

  13. sexy says:

    What’s sad is the fact what should of been a special occassion right after birthing 8 kids, has turned into a nightmare for this woman with the media and everyone judging her. What’s worst is the fact that they call her OCTOMOM. It’s a disgrace, people should worry about their own fu>@ed up lives.

  14. Sara says:

    She is so ugly!! Nobody wants to see her deformed face on TV. People loathe her, no one would watch. I wish she would crawl back under her welfare rock and stay there.

  15. sexy says:

    To Sara, you don’t have to look at her. And why do you think she has a deformed face. Let her have a reality show. That way her babies will be secured, that’s right. Have a freakin heart, she needs to feed those babies and provide for them. Do you have a mother?

  16. waldemar says:

    hey GG, it was her fans who made up J-Lo and she liked the name and adopted it. Later she found it insulting or whatever and ditched it again. So nice.

  17. tasteT says:

    OctoPUSSY should have thought about feeding her damn kids before she had
    100 eggs inserted.

    The country is in a recession, two parent families (that both work) are struggling!

    Who the hell wants to see that crazy looking monster, spazzing out!!

    I am for the boycott and since I work at a very large famous University-I am spreading the word!!

    boycott Octopussy MOM and any network that sponsors her train wreck on TV, no one woud hate her if she was not in our damn faces, looking ugly and dustraught all the time w/a cup of Starbucks..

    TRUST most of America would LOVE to forget about her horrible, crazy, ugly butt!!

  18. Eileen Yover says:

    Hey Sexy: Ok let me get this straight….you’re blaming the MEDIA and public for this womans downfall?? Are you kidding me? She calls them, invites them into her home, and talks to anyone who has a microphone and camera. While you’re here defending this sicko-go get 14 children throw them in a three bedroom home along with a film crew, Dr. Phil, and a nanny with possible hepatitis and see how healthy an enviroment that is. Then tell yourself that you asked for all that. That’s three out a long list of bad decision this woman makes on a daily basis, then blames everyone but herself. Sad part of it is-the system is set up for this to work to her advantage. Us judging her only helps this woman.

  19. tasteT says:

    Looking in the cameras like “woe, is me”

    “Oh lord, I have some many kids, poor me”.

    She made the decision, on purpose.

    looking like a long faced alligator with diaper lips, and then she opens her mouth and sounds like a damn annoying fool…

    If I feel sorry for anyone its her parents that have been saddled w/her unappreciative butt all this time.

    I hope they get far away.

    I’ll have to work on my email to be sent out–then sent out to others.

  20. tasteT says:


    I agree..Thank you

    I will be letting everyone know about this show and to not partake in any of this foolishness.

    maybe that poster is Octopussy mom herself.. 🙂

  21. Leandra says:

    TLC might very well take it. They feature every “unusual” family or person out there…eg. “half man – half tree”, “the man with two faces”, half ton mom, dad and teen, etc. This sounds right up their alley…why not do reality t.v.? She’s infamous anyway, why not make some money for that brood of hers? Go for it Nadya!

  22. Obvious says:


    Maybe it would be a joyous occasion-if she could raise her family without government assitance. If she wasn’t using tax payer dollars-in the middle of a recession when that money could potentially be used for oh i don’t know, not firing teachers from our schools-and student loans to get surgery and have more babies.

    If she could afford these children without exploiting them I’d be happy for her and my company would send her products, blankets and such, but as it is she is such a disgrace many companies like mine don’t want to get involved, sh’es gotten enough free stuff handed ot her in life.

    She’s made her bed, now she has to lie in it.

  23. Wow says:

    I don’t get why people are still ticked over this. So what if she gets a talk show. She’s trying to provide for her kids finacially without depending on CA. tax payers and people still b*tch about it. Yes, I know the site is called celebitchy, but still. She’s making the best of a situation that she got herself into. People have offered tv shows shows to others with no talent before her, so let her have her stupid reality show.

    As much as I love the OctoMom moniker, it doesn’t really hold true to her being that she actually has 14 kids. It’s going to stick regardless of whether she wants it to or not though. lol.

  24. Ryo says:

    Sexy, why don’t you just go live with her and support her million kids if you like her so much?

  25. yadira says:

    So over this crazy chick. I feel like I have octomom overdosed.

  26. Chiara says:

    First picture of her with the obvious plastic surgery was enough to see where the clown car headed for a train wreck was on her life’s path.

    Yawn …..

  27. persia says:

    to those that defend nadya… come on now.. this was her choice. she didnt get pregnant on accident- she plunked down $ and made her babies medically. yes, now that they are here- there has to be SOME way to support them, i just dont see why someone with 6 kids already and no job would start such a process anyway.
    the part that brings out the rage in me is that i’m 28 and cant afford to even GET pregnant with my first child b/c of the cost of daycare and i dont feel like as a able bodied working person i should rely on govt assistance… but daily i get to read about a woman that saved up her govt checks to MAKE MORE babies. its sickening…

  28. idkwhattowritehere says:

    wow…this is just what she obviously always wanted…although i kind of hate that, it will probably end up being better for the kids. plus no one should have to raise all those kids with nothing even if they did intentionally put themselves into that situation. And she clearly has some mental problems which isnt her fault

  29. Codzilla says:

    Yadira: You and me both. Christ, it never ends.

  30. abbizmal says:

    I vote for Octopussy or Octoduck. What ever happened to that doctor who made all this possible? Maybe he should be sending her some money.

  31. Citizen says:

    Boycott. Boycott. And Boycott! It’s the only solution to the problem. Anything else is just a reward for selfish, stupid and bad behavior – a bad signal to send to other people. And let the sponsors know you’re boycotting and why you’re boycotting.

    Obvious, I liked your comment about your company not wanting to get involved with her – I hope more companies take that point of view.

  32. tasteT says:

    I think that maybe one of the posters is OctoPussy herself…I just do..

    GOOD luck! but I will make sure her program station is boycotted.

    All the ignorance on television..

    I hope no young girls or her own daughters decide this is the way to go.

    Her and that damn QUACK were both looking for fame..she resembles a monster and he resembles an imp..

    Her mom looks so ashamed and tired..

    Maybe I’d watch if she were just coming out of a mental institution after a long stay-THEN I’d give her the benefit of a doubt but NOW…

    its all downhill, ignorant and selfish.
    This is not about those damn kids!
    Find her horrid looking butt a date/mate..

    Two losers and a bunch of kids in three bedrooms…

  33. tasteT says:


    THANK YOU! I have been looking into the whole boycott thing and I think I can get something started here in my city for sure..

    There have been so many lay-offs here, foreclosures etc.


  34. KateNonymous says:

    Her show is coming? Not to my TV, it isn’t.

  35. jaym says:

    she can have her reality show under the condition that the producers make her live in a shoe

  36. babymama says:

    Regardless of how she did it or why she did it you cannot forget about the kids/babies. I’m a mother and the thought of all those kids possibly going without basic necessities becuz everybody is trying so hard to make sure this crazy bia don’t profit kinda ticks me off. You don’t have to like her, hell I don’t, but she has 14 mouths to feed(she looks like she could skip a meal or 2) and 14 bodies to clothe.

  37. Ggirl says:

    Wow! It looks like she purchased a brand new white outfit to wear to a PARK for a charming little outing with one of her very unhappy children. She even looks like an idiot trying to manufacture some fun with that poor kid on a swing.

  38. K.L. says:

    Though I try to tune out all information about this woman, every time I get sucked in. She’s infuriating in her blatant attention seeking and manipulation. And sure, I realize that I hate her because a small part of me is jealous that some a**hole like her has managed to figure out how to catch a break.

    I got laid off back in November at 9 weeks pregnant. I looked for another job until I was really starting to show, and I can’t tell you how disheartening it is to go through an interview with a potential employer nervously looking at your expanded waistline and knowing then and there you’re not going to get the job. I put off public assistance for as long as I could, but living off just my husband’s minimum wage income just wasn’t putting food on the table. Last month, we came close to not making our house payment, and all I can say is thank God we have a good family support system. I’ve just made the decision to go back to school and add on to my Bachelors degree, so that maybe I can be qualified for a more diverse number of jobs.(Because those graphic design factories just aren’t hiring right now.) Somehow, I still believe if I work hard enough, I’ll be rewarded. So here I am, 30 weeks pregnant with my first child, unemployed, broke, and terrified for my family’s future. F**K Nadya Suleman.

    Where’s my – and others like me- reality show?

  39. the original kate says:

    i will never watch her show, as i have had more than enough of this ignorant,selfish baboon-faced jackass. i don’t think she is making the best of a bad situation by “agreeing” to have a reality show, i actually think she planned this out a year ago in order to get a reality show. lunatic.

  40. tasteT says:


    I wonder why people keep saying, she is doing it for her children..yeah right.

    Her kids would be better off with families that can afford them, instead of exploiting them with a lunatic on TV..

    “what about the babies” I am sooo tired of people saying that..Did she think about “the babies”? BEFORE sneaking and lying to her family about only having a few implanted..(like she did not have enough damn kids already)Give them to a family that can afford them.

    If she would just go away quietly and not remind the world how much of a con she is..she is exploiting her kids to get a free pass to Starbucks and The Gap..She already was on disability and received plastic surgery, she supposedly had a back injury but birthed 14 kids while off work for her back injury. (without a damn daddy)

    Damn crazyie woman circus

    I can’t wait to find out more about this show..

  41. SolitaryAngel says:

    I will boycott the HELL out of anything I see her on; I’m a single mom (divorced since my son was 4) and we lost everything we owned in Katrina. We STILL are struggling to make ends meet and I’m SO MAD at the fact she got that gorgeous house and my son and I (both of us work)are living in a #$#^& mobile home falling down around us and there’s THIS b*tch exploiting the system and I’m so mad I can’t see straight.

    **end of rant…** (sorry)

  42. Astriastar says:

    This the most unnatural looking mother and child moment I’ve ever seen. She looks so awkward holding her child, it’s almost as if it’s foreign to her. She’s pathetic and needs help before she destroys these little children.

  43. KIDSat RISK says:

    adya DELIBERATELY had ALL 8 eggs IMPLANTED! NOT 1, 2 or 3. She COULD have implanted LESS, GONE BACK for MORE IF it didn’t take.
    BUT Nobody would give her A REALITY SHOW w/o MORE THAN 8 JON & KATE have.
    A cold, calculating FREE-loading ABUSER,she played the system/stupid Dr Phil. A WELFARE CHEAT her ADULT LIFE –she has NO intention of PAYING BACK taxpayers who SUPPORTED HER, the kids, BIRTHS & CREEPY lifestyle … to the TUNE OF millions $. MONEY BETTER USED for needy families workin 2 JOBS to support THEIR KIDS. Nadya prefers SHOPPING and spending TAXPAYERS dollars.
    THE ONLY way to STOP her HEINOUS callous disregard …. EXPLOITATION AND ABUSE of those 14 kids IS:
    REFUSE to watch her stupid PORNO show *or ANY show or blog she’s in.
    BOYCOTT any advertisers STUPID enough to support her or HER SHOW.
    PROTEST the network that signs her (AND THEIR CORPORATE overlords).
    IT SEEMS CA child services refuses to GET INVOLVED and instead IGNORES this blight on humanity and childcare. SHE CARES NOTHING for the kids — JUST HER OWN wanna-be RICH & IN-famous lifestyle. A lifestyle she’d NEVER earn on her OWN! She’s LIVED OFF taxpayers & is now LIVING OFF her own children!

  44. Baby Boo says:

    This woman has received thousands of dollars but is still collecting welfare. That is why she had her dad put the house in his name and not hers. The nurses from Kaiser that are helping take care of the kids at home now and the baby still in the hospital are being billed to Medi-cal. Tax payers are still on the hook. This woman has committed welfare fraud for years and is still committing welfare fraud. The only thing Octopussy knows how to do is committ welfare fraud. Do not watch the show it is time for this crazy woman to go away.

  45. renon says:

    Really, the best solution is just to take those kids away, they’d be better off in just about any situation than the one they’re in now. You’ve got to feel for the kids, but this insane woman should not be rewarded for her reckless behavior anymore than she already has been. Honestly, I was shocked when they started letting her take those babies home from the hospital. I don’t understand why CPS hasn’t stepped in already.

  46. Valensi says:

    Documentary? Yeah – more like, Ocumentary. I swear, that’s the first thing that I thought of when I read that word. 😉
    Well… as much as I hate to admit it, I think the more we talk about this loony, the more she’s going to feed off of that and come up with these crazy ideas. Maybe we should all just ban her mental arse and carry on with our own lives – and talk more about this new Lohan-Ronson debacle.
    (I’m just saying.)

  47. SammyJo says:

    Octo-mooch is making $1,000 PER MINUTE from her online videos on Rador.

    I WILL NEVER VISIT THAT SITE AGAIN!! Please boycott Radoronline and The National Enquirer. They are owned by the same company.

    Just stop going to their websites.

  48. Prissa says:

    tasteT: I LOVE this line: “…long faced alligator with diaper lips”
    LOL :0)

  49. yadira says:

    boycott the baffoons at Kaiser that implanted this thing with more eggs after she already had a large litter of kids.

  50. Duggie of SoCal says:

    It Octomom does not like the nickname, Jimmy Kimmel had more for her:
    Kiddie Litterer
    Lady Popsalot
    The Uter Bomber
    Lipsy Russell
    Sir Breedsalot
    Fertilla the Hun
    Mother Birth
    Nadya, try one of these and let us know which one you prefer.

  51. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    I don’t go to Radar Online, EVER. Because of them paying this woman.

    And look at her all “ooo I’m swinging with this one kid in my new clothes.”

    Why is that the only kid I ever see her with?

    And what man in his right mind would go NEAR this crazy loon with her 14 kids?

  52. Kat says:

    So next you’ll be telling us, she will be appearing on “Dancing With The Stars.” Break a leg, Nadie.

  53. ohluuuucy says:

    I just can’t get past that Trout Pout. Thank the lord she is holding one of her kids; that is all those 14 little creatures want. Poor babies. Nothing would be better than some stability for those kids. She can rot in hell. She is the perfect example of: Just because you “can,” doesn’t mean you “should.”

  54. CB Rawks says:

    “Hieronymus Grex:
    I agree, ‘Octomom’ sounds like a bad 80’s comic book villain.
    How about Alotta Fagina?”

    hehehehehh!! I snorted coffee up my nose! Nice one, Hieronymus! 😀

  55. deserae hall says:

    hate ouctomom! she is crazy1 hate her!

  56. Simonae says:

    Octomom (ms womb boom) sprinted into the face of the media. SHE is the one asking the public for donations, she is fair game, her ass is mine mine mine. She is a conniving, lying, bottom feeder, who has a HUGE sense of entitlement, and thinks the WHOLE WORLD OWES HER. SHE IS A SELF-ABSORBED,NARCISSIST, ARROGANT BOOB.

    Anyone who is a narcissist knows how to play the game pretty bloody well. She is a MASTER PLAYER.

    Oh and “SEXY” I wonder about self-proclaimed names to enhance ones stature. UGH! Very damned hard to take you seriously with a name like SEXY. Well if IT was a world of just men, heheheh NOT.

    I don’t know bout you pussycat, but when someone DECIDES TO CASUALY WALK INTO AN “in-vitro CLINIC TO GET IMPLANTED THAT MANY TIMES, Makes me shudder to think of the mind behind the DRIVE.
    When a female has six kids, already and decides to go and have EVEN one more.
    I figure,”oh hell that babe must have all of her DUCKS IN A ROW, and can AFFORD TO FEED AND CLOTHE THEM ALL.” Isn’t that what you would do? Isn’t that how A NORMAL PERSON THINKS? WOULDN’T YOU MAKE SURE YOU WOULD HAVE A PLAN “D” As in what if joe public doesn’t bite at the bait?

    oh and uuuu hooo “OCTOMOM” you look more like the business end of a mule than you do Angelina Jolie. YOU sound like donald duck. I would rather set my hair and panties on fire simultaneously than donate one dime to you.

  57. ohluuuucy says:

    Ohcheezus, what will it be a, “Yours, Mine & Ours” kind of Reahellaty t.v. Man with kids joins her and her brood of 14 – before the only kid she holds reaches maturity – and they start a ..what, help me here, They have Scientology move in and take over. There is enough of them to fill one earthship and fly to the moon. We can all wave buh-bye.

  58. Sandy says:

    To “sexy”, sorry dear, but YOU seem to be from the same planet “wacko” that Octo-moron came from! People are entitled to their opinions, just like you are, and face it! The MAJORITY is totally disgusted and don’t like this idiot flaunting the fact that she’s a horrible “mom” and is using innocent kids to get money and attention! There just are NO good things to say about this money hungry nut. She will end up losing those kids within 6 months!

  59. Marge says:

    People don’t worry KARMA is going to bite Octomom hard in the ass just wait and see. Her plan will backfire and the kids i believe they will be alright.

  60. Phil McCracken says:

    She should roll with the nickname “CLOWNCAR” if she doesn’t like “Octomom.” “Selfish Idiot Baggadouche” would also suffice.

  61. Sarah says:

    I think that it is shameful that she abuses the system like she does… I think that all 14 children should be removed from her care. b/c it seems the only reason that she had them is for attention…. I feel bad for thise poor children and for the american tax payers that have to support her….

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