Henry Cavill, 32, has a new girlfriend & she’s a 19-year-old university freshman

Back in December 2014, we got a tip that Henry Cavill, then 31 years old, was dating a 21-year-old lady who absolutely loved to hunt and brag about all of the animals she killed. It seemed like Henry likes women who are A) a lot younger than him and B) sort of sketchy. Well, Henry might have a new girlfriend. She’s 19 years old (he’s 32 now). She’s a freshman university student in England. Ugh. I mean, she’s legal and everything but what in the world would a 32-year-old movie star have to say to a 19-year-old college freshman? You can see the 19-year-old in these photos. She looks a bit like Chelsy Davy to me.

As a beautiful blonde in her first few weeks of university, Tara King will undoubtedly have caught the eye of countless young suitors. The bad news for them is that they’ll need a pocketful of kryptonite to get anywhere near her. For unknown to her fellow freshers, the 19-year-old is spoken for – and the lucky man is Superman star Henry Cavill, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

Miss King was spotted cosying up to the Hollywood heart-throb in the crowd at Twickenham as England played Australia in the Rugby World Cup earlier this month. Dressed in an England jersey and sporting a beard, Cavill, 32 – star of the 2013 film Man Of Steel – held his arm around the Bristol University history of art student as they chatted and joked together, despite England’s defeat. The couple are believed to have met in August at fashionable London nightclub Mahiki. According to social media, they have been seeing each other ever since.

Privately-educated Miss King headed off to university last month after leaving the home she shares with her mother Toni, 50, an investment banker, and PE teacher father Jonathan, also 50. She was educated at New Hall School in Chelmsford, Essex, where fees for full-time boarders are £27,000-a-year. A source said: ‘At school she was really popular, especially with the boys, and always having a laugh. She was very sporty and played hockey and netball.’

When asked about her daughter’s romance yesterday, Miss King’s mother said: ‘That’s something you would need to speak to her about, not me.’ Cavill’s publicist did not respond to requests for comment.

[From The Daily Mail]

Well, now we know why Henry has been getting pap’d in England these days. He’s sticking around London to spend more time with his teenage girlfriend. Here’s the thing… would you feel differently about this if he was dating a 19-year-old model instead of a 19-year-old college student? I think I might feel like that scenario might be less skeevy, although I would be rolling my eyes at both scenarios, let’s be real. I’m just saying, I think it’s the “college freshman” thing that bugs me just as much as the “she’s 19 and he’s 13 years older” thing.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, Getty, WENN.

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  1. Sayrah says:

    Wow, she does look like chelsy Davy in those bottom pictures.

    • OverFirstAve. says:

      I know I thought it was Chelsy at first. Lol

      19 he likes me young I guess? I don’t see a problem with it right now if it’s just dating and enjoying their time with each other.

      I could have never dated a 30 something at 19,…. well…unless it was Superman and one of the Tudor’s stars. LOL :)

    • Caro says:

      Don’t know who that is, but she certainly spends a lot of time in the tanning booth and getting her hair bleached to white gold Malibu perfection.

      Unless climate change has affected England in ways I didn’t know about, that tangerine complexion and trump colored hair seems out of place.

      • AG-UK says:

        NO honey climate hasn’t changed it’s rainy and cold and yes that’s bronzer and tanning bed and foundation. You do still see many a orange person walking around still.

      • Betti says:

        Hahaha – its been pissing down with rain on London and its gotten so cold that i have to put my heating on now.

        Maybe its just me but bright orange and bright blonde don’t really mix – hurts my eyes. Now that its winter its only going to get worse as they cake it on even more.

    • WinnieCoopersMom says:

      Same! I saw a pic of her before really reading anything and was like woah, Chelsy!!

      • antipodean says:

        Ha, ha, that woman behind Henry looks absolutely sozzled. A friend of Carole’s perhaps? Also, ha, ha, the Aussies thrashed the English. Go the ABs.

  2. Patricia says:

    This is going to majorly derail her freshman year of college! I hope she comes out on top. This is a lot to handle for a woman just starting out on her own.

  3. OrigialTessa says:

    I was waiting for this one. She looks JUST like a cheap Chelsy Davy. Nightmare. This guy has issues, serious issues.

  4. E says:

    The lady’s eye roll in the third picture totally expresses my thoughts on this. lol

  5. vauvert says:

    Eh. She is legal, he obviously likes young and pretty, I doubt there is a lot of discussion going on, but he doesn’t strike me as the type that would really look for or be capable of deep conversations anyway. They are both just looking for a good time, I doubt a he is looking to settle at her age, and he most certainly isn’t. So if they both want a fling, what is wrong with that? ( I would have been bored stiff by a 32 year old at 19, because I wanted to talk about things like classes, careers, travel etc. whereas a 32 would be interested in his savings plan and mortgages. But to each their own.)

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      Agree about the lack of deep discussion with these two, quick fling for both and back to classes for her.

      He has all the charisma of a foot.

      • funcakes says:

        I imagine him just grunting while she mass text her friends letting them know her every move.

        Never trusted men that age who want to date someone still in there teens. I could care less if it’s considered legal,she’s still a child in many ways.

    • carol says:

      I aggree, they are probalby just doing a fling. On the other hand I am young too but when I see this happening I think ‘geeze, is youth/beauty my only worth as a woman? when I get married will my guy leave me as soon as I get ‘old’ at 30?! I think thats only in hollywood but still it makes me feel kinda crappy.

      • megs283 says:

        32 and going strong here. :-) Luckily my looks aren’t the only reason my husband married me (and it’s not the only reason I married him) because life has been rough the past 2.5 years. Marry for character and you’ll be helping yourself and your happiness! Any guy who dumps you for hitting a natural age progression isn’t worth trying to hold onto.

  6. Moon says:

    Wow she’s posh. And Maliki is a sketchy club where all the bankers and rich posh kids go to get wasted.

  7. Mia4s says:

    “what in the world would a 32-year-old movie star have to say to a 19-year-old college freshman? ”

    You honestly think their relationship is about talking? ;-)

  8. BeBeA says:

    Who’s surprised? …… really?

    • OverFirstAve. says:

      Not me. Lol

    • Pandy says:

      Not me. Aging man looking to prolong his youth with a young thing. Young thing looking for a meal ticket to easy street. I’m sure they talk about her prom.

    • Saywhatwhen says:

      I am, actually. That man hasn’t an ounce of chemistry with that girl. Stop fighting your natural urges chap. I’ll still watch your movies and objectify you.

  9. Sarah (another one) says:

    Maybe she’s just his designated driver. ;-)

  10. Kitten says:

    Beautiful beard.
    ….and I’m not talking about his facial hair.

  11. vanessa says:

    i don’t think they dating, more like a hook up and he just got played again by another girl who sold him for her 15 min, no disrespect but he really needs to get his sh*t together, he want his his private life private and he is picking up girls like that

    • FingerBinger says:

      Men don’t take hook ups to sporting events. They usually take their girlfriends.

      • V4Real says:

        They do if they are trying to hide something. Lately Henry has been seen with a couple of different women in various places. He seems to be trying to paint himself as a ladies man to debunk the rumors that he’s batting for the same team.

        Oh that Henry can’t be gay; he gets more butts than ashtrays.

    • D says:

      Yeah if you follow the path of crazy on this one (and it’s hilarious but also frightening how much people dig on places like IMDB), apparently these pictures are 1- Not new. They’re from within the last month/few weeks. 2- The story was initially “broke” by OK Middle East, because dun dun dunnnn, the girl’s cousin works for the tabloid and so it was written with the girls full consent either by the cousin, or a colleague

      Let that speak for itself on the nature of this “relationship.” I do have to say though, it has to really suck being famous at times when things like this happen. We’ve all had relationships that aren’t really relationships, but only those nearest and dearest take us to task for it when we’re idiotic, and then we get to move on. But on the internet, everything is forever, and everyone is a critic.

      • vanessa says:

        he was seen with other chicks in brazil in september thought, highly doubt this is a seriously relationship, maybe im wrong we’ll see

  12. OhDear says:

    Gah, ungood!

  13. Anna says:

    I immediately thought it was Chelsey Davy. Wild.

  14. littlemissnaughty says:

    His dating behavior has been douche-y for years. I also somehow keep thinking “Well, yeah, sure. He wears a pinky ring, it kinds makes sense.” I have no idea where that is even coming from but these pics make total sense to me.

  15. Hannah says:

    He has the worst taste in women.

  16. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Pretty gross.

  17. Linn says:

    At least the girl’s mother seems to have some sense not to comment on the story.

  18. thaisajs says:

    I want to like him but then he pulls stuff like this. Ugh. He is so sketch.

  19. j.eyre says:

    Ah, the difference a few decades makes; I was going to say how this dismayed me and something like, “honestly, Henry” or “that girl should know better,” but then I remembered that when I was a 19 year old freshman in college I was sleeping with a 35 year old man for a short while (not a fairytale romance situation, much more of a OMG – he is so hot! situation) so I shall refrain from casting any stones at them.

    • V4Real says:

      When I was 19 I dated a guy who was 28. And yes we had a lot to talk about. He was getting his adult education while I was completing my freshman year at the same college. We had two classes together. That’s how we met.

      • Lol, now that I am actually the age that these women are, that these dudes are dating………I’m kinda grossed out. Lol.

        And is it just me or is Henry loosening up a bit? Before, I could hardly stand to watch him in Superman, because he held himself, so uptight throughout the movie. In Uncle, he seemed to be a little more….loose.

      • V4Real says:

        Watch it VC Liam Neeson said he’s looking for a woman around your age.

        Now you now you would jump all over that man if he came a calling. LOL…..

      • @V4Real

        Haha–if he ever says that, I’m gonna have to count on some NYC and London/Ireland Celebitches to help a sister out and give me a spare room while I “audition”…….just imagine if he actually did a la Tom Cruise…….God. I’d need to have my slutshank handy.

        I can’t even deny it. I’d climb him like a tree. I’ll tell you what–I got one thing from my deadbeat “dad”…..he’s Black Irish. And I swear–if I ever get married or date anyone–it’s gonna be a tall Irish guy. Maybe I’ll meet one when I go to London next summer (or Liam) *fingers crossed*

        Plus…..mine and Liam’s love transcends age. Because OF COURSE, he’d want to hear all about the Jane Austen variation book that I’m writing. OF COURSE he’d watch Jane Eyre (2006 version–that’s important!), Pride and Prejudice (BBC)….and just to throw in some flavor–Sherlock and Peaky Blinders…………..WITH ME! And being that he’s had to get so skinny for a role (well, that’s what his PR says, I hope he’s okay–but he’s gained some weight back), and Thanksgiving is coming up….guess who I wanna stuck full of pecan pie bars?

        That’s TRUE LURVE right there.

        Now obviously it helps that I’m 20 and have big boobs…..but he’s got a huge dong, so that’s an even trade, right? And he’s tall…..so our babies would (hopefully) inherit that from him.

        Lol–girl, you’re about to get me started. *Sigh* I should change my username to Mrs. Neeson……maybe Lady Neeson, lol.

  20. Louise says:

    Meh, so what. It’s not creepily older and most 32 year old guys i know still are very much in the 20′s mindset. When i was 19 i would have jumped at the chance to date a hottie like Henry if he was into me. It won’t last – they are just having fun! NBD

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I get what you’re saying, but she’s still a teenager. Idk, that’s just sort of off limits to me when you’re 32. I don’t think anyone is blaming her – she’s probably impressed and of course interested, but I don’t think it speaks very well for his maturity level. Not the end of the world, either, like you say, but my nose wrinkled. Lol

      • noway says:

        So agree, not the age span so much as the difference between someone in your thirties with a teenager just left home. Kind of yuck!!!

  21. Jen43 says:

    Henry is kind of sketchy, isn’t he? He seems image oriented yet awkward at the same time. Could it be a British posh thing?

    • Saywhatwhen says:

      No chile. That’s a “I don’t know where to find the vag!na kind of thing”.

      • kaiko says:

        ouch, you are on fire from that BURN!!!

        starting to agree bytheby, he’s strangely public with all his ladies…and that brunette who was a wrestler, what was that about?

  22. Jess says:

    Ugh. He just needs to go away.

  23. WinnieCoopersMom says:

    How does a college freshman even meet a big movie star? A bar? It’s just odd. And seeing a budget Chelsy Davy gets me defensive. Like we all know Chelsy isn’t some incredible beauty, but we liked her bc she was like not giving two f**ks about anything, had a career and wasn’t some distressed lady-in-waiting/clinger. This girl is a clinger, budget Chelsy and I dont like her. Ugh.

    • Sochan says:

      It’s funny that people on here are calling her a “budget Chelsea Davy”, because Chelsea Davy herself looks hella budget.

  24. kibbles says:

    I liked him most with Gina Carano. It was age appropriate and a pleasantly unexpected good match. Ever since that breakup he’s been on a losing streak. Too bad he is still playing around with practically a child at age 32, but it doesn’t seem like he’s interested in settling down anytime soon.

    • V4Real says:

      I actually thought there was hope for him and Gina when they briefly got back together after The Big Ain’t Banging Her Theory fiasco was over.

    • Sochan says:

      Gina is a bar girl, too. He might not have MET her in a bar, but there are many pictures of Gina having a ball at some bars, drunk and rowdy. I’m not suggesting theres anything wrong with having a good time, but that is a type. That’s how HC likes ‘em.

  25. BendyWindy says:

    I started dating the man who eventually became my husband when I was an 18 year old college freshman and he was 28. What did we talk about? Books we liked, movies, current events, places we’d been or wanted to go, people we knew, music, goals, etc. What does anyone talk about with someone they’re dating? Also I don’t understand how this would be “more palatable” if she was a model. That would mean she was younger and less educated. At least she’s doing something that is less reliant on her physical features and looks.

    • Naddie says:

      I have the feeling that you and your husband are from a diferent league of them ( based on what I’m thinking about these two, it’s a compliment, trust me).

    • Mxemm says:

      Men who date teenagers generally aren’t overly concerned about whether their level of education. Nor does being in university necessarily equate to being educated, other than in the most narrow sense of the word. The modelling industry is not a cakewalk by any means – self reliance, street smarts and independence are essential and typically get acquired very early. Probably are a good deal more worldly thawork your typical college freshman.

  26. Vesta says:

    Blergh. There’s something odd about Henry.

    • Isabelle says:

      Swear he would love to hang out with my redneck friends back in the south. He has that good ole boy feel to him just talks more proper.

  27. kris_jenner_is_my_idol says:

    1- ‘College’ means nothing. Everyone goes to a college. University of Miami is a college. It is what you do after high-school. Meaningless.

    2- It’d be the same situation if she were a model, maybe even worse. Most models are stuck in being eternally 16 in their minds, because they quit school midway through, start their careers when they are just kids, get solely judged by their looks and tend to place their entire value in how they look, and as long as they remain in the modelling business, they never actually have to face the music and grow up. That is why the likes of Kate, Naomi and Cara act like 14 year old girls. The only diff. is that they are allowed, and even being pushed, to drink and do drugs.

    3- Maybe he likes to play ‘Daddy’ in the bedroom.

    4- Or maybe type A purebred closet-case.

    5- Or maybe let’s let them enjoy their sexuality; it’s not a crime. He is not 55 and she is not 14.

    • Faith says:

      I am sorry but who are you to judge anyone’s level of education obtaining a Master/PHD is not obtainable or everyone, a degree isn’t something to sniff. Uni isn’t just what you do after school especially if you’re working class.

    • Veronica says:

      College doesn’t make you intellectually superior to other people, but it does give you the opportunity to see different aspects of the world through education you might not have received otherwise. Graduating well also requires discipline, dedication, and drive, which does require some maturation.

      This being said, it also doesn’t mean you’ll be more mature than someone who hasn’t graduated.

  28. Jayna says:

    What would he have to say? LOL I don’t think that’s what his mindset is. I would say it’s just a physical attraction and has a shelf life to the relationship once that dies own.

  29. Tiffany says:

    Of course he is, why would he be with 32 year old woman with her own life experiences and also call him on his crap. When he can be with a barely legal junkbox ( RIP Happy Endings) who thinks he walks on water.

  30. london says:

    a friend of mine who works in healthcare (she’s a type of nurse) ended up volunteering backstage at the BAFTAs a couple of years ago, and she got tasked with ‘looking after’ Henry Cavill. Apparently he was very pleasant but just a bit odd – like lacking in social skills. Possibly just a combination of being shy and boring. He didn’t talk to any other celebs and she felt quite sorry for him so chatted with him throughout the evening. At the end he asked for her phone number – she was 33 at the time, and pretty but just in your average day to day sort of way. So while its kinda gross that he’s dating a 19 year old – it’s probably that he’s lacking the social skills and is so boring that he needs to date younger where they are more easily impressed. bless him.

    • OrigialTessa says:

      I’ve known people that are just terribly wooden and boring in real life, but very good looking. In college I was asked to a fraternity formal by a guy that everyone thought was really cute. I almost died of boredom. It happens.

    • Jayna says:


    • J says:

      Was that the BAFTAs he attended with Gina Carano? That would be almost 2 years ago.

      I kind of wonder if those things aren’t very fun when you don’t know a bunch of people anyway…

    • WinnieCoopersMom says:

      I could see how this could be the case with an introvert, regardless of fame/status/looks.

  31. Kate says:

    Eh. I went through an “older man” phase when I was in college. The biggest age difference in my relationships was when I started dating a 36-year-old while I was 20. I broke it off when I started law school a couple of years later because I didn’t have time for a long-distance thing. I think it has its benefits for both parties. I’m not bothered by May-December flings when one party is a teenager (as long as it’s legal), but it’s easy for such relationships to become exploitive and unbalanced. When a 30-something-year-old robs the teenager of his or her youth, straps them with marriage and children and stunts at their psychological development as a human being, then it’s a problem. Seems like this is probably squarely in the “fling” category. Also, I’m surprised at the tone in some of these comments. Calling her cheap or trashy or maligning her looks because she’s with an actor in a public place? Weirdly mean-spirited.

  32. Otaku Fairy says:

    The age gap isn’t big enough to be creepy or funny to me. He can’t be her grandfather or even her dad. It’s similar to the Kate/Nick thing. I’d say get it girl, except for the rumors I’ve heard about him being homophobic and having a drinking problem (although I don’t know if both of those are 100% true).

    • kris_jenner_is_my_idol says:

      He is def. a homophobe (toward the more effeminate type of gays) and he drinks a lot. But I am not sure if that can be assessed as a problem just yet.

  33. Andrea says:

    My ex is nearly 31 dating a just barely 22 year old who just graduated college and still lives at home. Needless to say, I am displeased at nearly 35 thinking well who will go for me then yet comforted to know that clearly he has not matured much at all. She apparently has major father issues and loves to playfully call him old man. I guess some men are drawn to daddy issues.

    I dated a 36 year old when I was 25, but after the passion wore off a touch, I realized what an age gap it was. He acted like my daddy sometimes, which I was not cool about and he also disliked I had guy friends. I dumped him after 4 months. I think age gaps are fine once you hit your 30′s (say 30 dating a 40 year old etc) but it is very obvious when you are in your 20′s. I got so much flack from my friends about dating that much older guy (they really felt like they had nothing in common with him and he had a condescending tone with them, which he did)and my friends closer to his age were a bit resentful that he was dating someone so much younger. It was just not a good thing for me personally in my 20′s.

  34. The New Classic says:

    I was really down for Henry till I started noticing the receding hairline, premature wrinkles and beer bloat he’s had going on for the last year or so. If the only thing you really have going for you professionally is your looks it’s probably a bad idea to ruin them so young. The difference in appearance between when he did promo for MOS vs. when he did promo for Man from Uncle is astounding. If the 19 year old wants to hit it though, good for her.

  35. Emily says:

    I have to say, I’m not all that bothered by this, but that’s probably due to my own experiences. I dated a 30 year old when I was 20. Ten years later we are still together, very happy, and have a young daughter.

  36. Patty says:

    Can we talk about Chiwetel Ejiofor’s new girlfriend instead.

  37. Dani says:

    He’s gorgeous but he does not come off as exceptionally smart (or at all, really) and has as much personality as a wet towel. So, it seems fitting he’d date a 19 year old because mentally they’re probably on the same wave length. As long as she’s legal and consenting I couldn’t care less. But the hair and the tan? Girl, no.

  38. Sway says:

    He should just come out of the closet already.

    • bababoo says:

      I swear on my left booty cheek this guy is ga ga ga ga
      ay. I’m not against gays at all , I just have more respect for actors like Bomer for being true to himself as an actor and celeb. I get that Matt Damon says that it’s best to keep sexuality confidential, but this try hard (please don’t think I”m gay) bs annoys me about HC. He’s an overrated actor at rate, hot but overrated. That is all ( in a very fat nutshell :) )

  39. elle says:

    He always looks so constipated. That header pic makes me laugh.

  40. Cyn says:

    He is so gay. Google Henry Cavill gay. One of the pics is of him standing behind Cody Simpson (very out and proud) with his arms around his waist and one of Cory’s arm up and around Henry’s neck. Very much a lovers pose.

    • Dani says:

      Cody Simpson is not gay??? He dated Gigi Hadid for like three years.

      eta – do you mean Cory Spears? Because he’s definitely gay.

      • vanessa says:

        lmao, that’s when you know he is not even credible, try to get the right names at least

      • Cyn says:

        I meant Spears not Simpson lol. I’m getting my blonde singers mixed up. (Britney and Jessica) Incidentally he took Cody SPEARS to the MOS premiere.

  41. Yelp says:

    “Yeah if you follow the path of crazy on this one (and it’s hilarious but also frightening how much people dig on places like IMDB), apparently these pictures are 1- Not new. They’re from within the last month/few weeks. 2- The story was initially “broke” by OK Middle East, because dun dun dunnnn, the girl’s cousin works for the tabloid and so it was written with the girls full consent either by the cousin, or a colleague.”

    AND HERE WE GO AGAIN….. No but seriously, part of me thinks thats just karma for dating a 19yr old and part of me feels bad for him. But in a pathetic kinda way.

  42. CK says:

    It might be an age thing (24), but if I had the chance to hook up with a hot 32 year old movie star during my freshman year of college, I would have jumped on it the first chance I got. So I’m sort of like “you go girl”. I hope no one in the relationship has allusions to what this actually is about though.

  43. Tig says:

    Do I question her judgment? No, bec at that age, who wouldn’t have stars in their eyes? He’s Superman! His? That I’ll call all day long- she is one year out of high school. He’s had a ton more life experiences than her, and he has to know what’s coming her way via Twitter, etc. So he can’t find someone at least out of college? Ick.

  44. Ray says:

    Maybe they don’t NEED to talk…. Maybe they’re one of those couples who don’t need to talk constantly. :\

  45. Bread and Circuses says:

    I think we all know why he’s dating a pretty 19-year-old, but who’s to say it doesn’t go both ways? He’s a beautiful man; maybe she’s just after a hot piece of tail herself. And unlike him, she’s at the right age to be just having fun. Go you, pretty 19-year-old; use him and lose him.

  46. m says:

    I was 20 and my boyfriend was 31 when we started dating. We’ve been together for eight years now and our age difference is only a big deal to other people. Of course it helps that I was always mature for my age while he was a tad on the immature side…
    Point is, the age difference is not a big deal. I think the big deal is that Henry has a history of having bad taste in women and going for the trashy girls.

  47. julia says:

    People is getting crazy because she’s 19 (she looks older, maybe she lied lol) I don’t care that much about age but it would be terrible if it’s true that she SOLD THE STORY TO THE OK MAGAZINE. When they went to the rugby match, no one wrote something about that. After SO many details you have here, I’m almost sure that story is sold by her… sad for him

    • InvaderTak says:

      And not the first time it’s happened. He had one leaking private pics while they were on vacation.

      • Marlen says:

        Not to mention the previous fling sent pictures of Henry at her family’s Thanksgiving dinner to one of his fansites. She promoted herself in her own way. I wouldn’t be surprised if that fansite had offered her money for them.

        They’ve paid a paparazzo to follow him.

  48. Sochan says:

    Cavill really, really, REALLY loves him some women in bars.

    I don’t understand his taste in women at all.

  49. A.Key says:

    Why would it be less skeevy if she were a model?? I don’t get it.
    At least she’s trying to get an education, unlike a model, so technically college >>>>>> modeling.
    Good for her.
    He’s skeevy no matter who he dates, there’s just something unpleasant about him that I can’t quite put my finger on.

  50. amberj says:

    Late to the party! I had the pleasure of witnessing Cavill try and chat-up Carlo Carello’s ex model gf. She turned him down! LMFAO.

    32 yr old and a 19 yr old? Horrible power dynamic.