Howard K. Stern and Anna Nicole’s doctor being arraigned, won’t cut deal


Today is the big day in the case against Anna Nicole Smith’s lawyer/parasite Howard K. Smith and her shady physician Kristine Eroshevich. The duo is being arraigned on felony drug and conspiracy charges. The case claims that both Stern and Eroschevich knowingly provided the late model with an array of pharmaceuticals that ultimately led to her overdose and death. Despite claims by Anna’s father that Stern is the reason she’s dead, the lawyer has maintained his innocence and sources say he refuses to cut a plea agreement. Both defendants are expected to plead not guilty today.

Howard K. Stern won’t cut a deal with the D.A. in the Anna Nicole Smith drug case, and sources tell us the only reason he’ll plead not guilty is because there’s no such thing as a plea of innocent.

Our sources say Stern will show up in court for his scheduled arraignment today, but the matter will likely be continued. But when he does enter a plea it will be a loud “not guilty” to all felony drug and conspiracy charges.

This case is the opposite of Chris Brown’s, where Mark Geragos and the prosecutor are wheeling and dealing. We’re told Stern wants a fight to the end, because he believes he did absolutely nothing wrong.

[From TMZ]

Howard K. Stern has arrived in court to answer to charges that he helped unlawfully supply Anna Nicole Smith with prescription drugs.

He and Smith’s former psychiatrist, Dr. Khristine Eroshevich are due to be arraigned on various felony counts, including prescribing, administering or dispensing a controlled substance to an addict.

All 11 of the prescriptions found in the Hollywood, Fla., hotel room where Smith died of an accidental overdose in 2007 were written by Eroshevich, none in Smith’s name. Eight of the meds were prescribed to Stern.

The duo were charged along with another of Smith’s docs, Sandeep Kapoor, on March 12, shortly after a second raid on Kapoor’s Studio City, Calif., office.

Kapoor’s arraignment is set for May 13.

[From E!]

Howard K. Stern is audacious enough to drag this out into a jury trial, and it sure will be interesting to see what the evidence is against him. The only hard part will be finding 12 jury members who don’t have a predisposition to hate this notorious slimeball. But he’s a lawyer- so he probably already knows that. I definitely believe that Stern and Eroshevich were conspiring to keep Anna – and maybe even her son – incapacitated. But I also think that Anna was partly at fault too. She was way too trusting of Howard and let him have too much power – both in her court case and in her personal life. In the end, she paid the ultimate price for that bad judgment.

File photos of Howard K. Stern on 4/10/2007, two years ago, when the paternity of Dannielyn Birkhead was revealed. Photos: Fame.

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  1. mel says:

    OMG Howard looks awful in that picture. No wonder he couldnt take care of Dannylynn, he’s too old.

  2. Nina says:

    Donald Hogan, Anna’s father was convicted child rapist who raped Virgie’s sister aged 9.That’s why he left Anna when she was a child.Anna abused drugs to forget bad memories, sexual abuse, family violence.Howard did what Anna told him to do.She was middle aged woman who made her choices.

  3. Chiara says:

    Finding jurors without bias, yes problematic. I wonder if Birkhead will be called to testify considering the fact is on film stating Howard dispensed drugs in the hospital to ANS.

  4. j. ferber says:

    “Skank” is a word I’ve never used, but it fits Howard K. Stern. What a skank.

  5. barneslr says:

    A deal shouldn’t even be an option. Who in their right mind would offer them a deal? They need to go to jail and serve some hard time for what they’ve done. Anna Nicole wasn’t completely blameless, but these people are definitely guilty of manipulating her toward her demise.

  6. vsmith says:

    I agree with Nina. She chose to take drugs and could have gotten them anywhere. Sad, but true. And I believe she made most of the decisions.

  7. Ophelia says:

    In the first sentence, his name is spelled Howard K ‘Smith’ as opposed to Stern.

  8. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Well we’ve already dug up her corpse, might as well urinate on it- (metaphorically speaking)

  9. yae says:

    I smell a serious movie deal after his “vindication”. Stern knows he’s immune simply due to birthright. Oy yey

  10. Legend says:

    The guy drips sleaze, but I’m surprised he’s facing any charges. If enabling is a crime than there’s a lot of drug addicts whose families should be in prison. Charges against the doctor I can see but I can’t see anything sticking to Howard.