Andrew Garfield might be telling people that he & Emma Stone are dunzo


For such a bland couple, I’m sort of surprised that there’s so much tabloid-level relationship drama between Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield. Back in April, the tabloids picked up on the fact that Garfield was out of the country on an endless film shoot with Martin Scorsese and there were many, many claims that Emma and Andrew had taken a break. The story originated in Star, but within a few weeks, Us Weekly, E! News and People were all saying they were on a break too. But by May, Andrew was back in the US and he and Emma stepped out for some super-casual pap strolls (convenient) and all was well. For what it’s worth, I always believed that they did take a break and then just got back together when he came back.

Well, that was months ago. After a pretty quiet summer, Andrew is now in Australia filming a World War II drama, Hacksaw Ridge. He’s being directed by Mel Gibson. Which… well… um, is that where Andrew’s career is at this point? Anyway, this apparently went down in Australia:

After the new Spiderman movie came out, the world fell in love with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone’s connection on and off the screen. The couple were just as sweet off camera as Gwen and Peter were on screen – and the world swooned.

However, our worst fears have been confirmed, when KIIS discovered exclusively that it is definitely over between the two.

Garfield is currently in Sydney with Vince Vaughn and Mel Gibson as they are set to star in Mel’s World War II drama, ‘Hacksaw Ridge’. The threesome were spotted out and about on Saturday night, at the luxe Pelicano bar in Sydney’s Double Bay.

Garfield was spotted leaving with a young blonde woman. An inside source has revealed that the couple were seen leaving the venue together, and passers by allegedly yelled, ‘Where’s Emma Stone?, to which he said; ‘we’re not together anymore.’ Ooh la la!

[From Kiis 1065]

Once again, it wouldn’t surprise me if Andrew and Emma had broken up again, probably because I already believed they went through one cycle like this in 2015 already. Plus, I’ve read Andrew’s recent interviews. I imagine being with him full-time is exhausting. I think it’s interesting that with both alleged breakup cycles, the gossip around the cycles is that Andrew was “seen” with another woman. Meanwhile, Emma is working with Ryan Gosling again and some believe that they two of them just need to get together for real. Hm.


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  1. Yana says:

    I just cannot imagine Andrew responding to someone passerby about his personal relationship. He has always been very private. But I do think the couple is done. They seemingly got back together right when Emma was doing promotional work and haven’t really been seen since.

    • Amide says:

      I actaully believe it, because Australian radio has ZERO filter.
      While the US press used to turn a blind eye to Leo’s womanising and cheating (yes while with ‘official girlfriends’) the Aussie media went full on mode on him and his catting around, naming names while filming Gatsby. It was a bit much, and Leo hated the intrusion to the extent that he snubbed the Gatsby Sydney premiere later. I guess he was used to some level of protection from the showbiz press, which he did not get Down Under. I think they would happily do the same for any other celeb.

      • Magpie says:

        Amide, this is super interesting. This is around the time when Blake vsited him downunder and then they where dunzo, right?? Details please!

    • alice says:

      it makes sense that, after a night of drinks with Mel Gibson and being caught leaving with another woman, he would respond to that question with the clear intent of avoid being called the “cheater”. So, yeah, it was a random passerby, but in those circumstances and without a clear statement of being over from any of their PRs he might try and clarify his situation to a stranger. Like: “yeah, I’m leaving with a blonde because I’m free”….

    • Diane says:

      @Yana they weren’t only together when Emma was doing promo in May. There were tons of photos in the summer that were never published that would refute that claim. They were even spotted together late August/early Sept just a week before he left for Australia. I hope everything is ok, but if something did happen, it must’ve happened very recently. And I agree I can’t picture Andrew yelling to random strangers about his personal life.

  2. Jess says:

    I really hope this isn’t true. They’re one of my fave celeb couples. Major girl crush on Emma.

  3. ... says:

    Something about him irritates me. He comes off as really pompous.

    He’s the better actor, but Emma seems much more likable.

    • Birdix says:

      Maybe because he has a thousand clones, walking around Dogpatch clutching artisanal coffee and avocado toast, acting hipster and downtown, then slinking onto the Google bus.

  4. Annie says:

    He definitely sounds exhausting, and Emma is the opposite. She can do so much better. Andrew became so bitter in recent years. It was such a mistake to take on Spiderman. He thought it’d be different and now that he’s been replaced he’s worse than ever.

    • WinnieCoopersMom says:

      He seems like a little bit of a diva who gets his panties in a wad pretty easily. I think that role in ‘The Social Network’ suited him (an Jesse Eisenberg too) quite well. Total whiner.

  5. OSTONE says:

    Emma can do so much better! I like them both, but Emma is such a darling!

  6. Chinoiserie says:

    Gibson is trying to a comeback as a director (I do not think he will succeed but he might) and whatever Gibson might be is actually a good director so I do not think Garfield working with him implies that his career is in bad shape (but is definitely worse now that the Amazing Spider-Man films are over).

    • alice says:

      I agree that Gibson is a better director than an actor. But here is the Vince Vaughn the association that makes me doubt this is a good career move for Farfield.

    • WinnieCoopersMom says:

      Eh..Garfield’s career is fine. the post above states he was working on a Marty Scorsese film earlier this year. No worries.

  7. Courtney says:

    If they are done I would be happy for her. I feel like he holds her back and isn’t supportive of her booming career. He’s a good actor but seems like he would be difficult to work with because he’s so fussy.

    • Diane says:

      He’s been nothing but supportive with her career. I don’t get why people say that. And I wouldn’t say her career is booming. Magic in The Moonlight, Aloha, Irrational Man – three back to back box office duds. Garfield’s career is in better shape than hers, he’s in the critically acclaimed 99 Homes right now, the lead in the next Scorsese film and now the lead in the Mel Gibson film. Say what you want about Mel, but he’s one of the best directors out there, no one can deny that.

      • Amide says:

        “And I wouldn’t say her career is booming. Magic in The Moonlight, Aloha, Irrational Man – three back to back box office duds”.

        Yep. If she wasn’t Emma Stone, no one would describe that as a booming career.

      • Andrea says:

        Nah. I’m pretty sure most people would describe a mid-20s actress coming off an Oscar nomination and currently working on the highly anticipated follow up from the director of Whiplash as having a booming career.

      • Jegede says:

        At one point the Cameron Crowe flick, ‘Aloha’, was highly anticipated too.

        Meaning being highly anticipated does not mean much, when it comes down to the grind of actually delivering.

      • Anne says:

        @Andrea La la land is a small movie being released in the summer. Will be for sure another flop. Hopefully will get good reviews, but if they had better hopes for the movie the release date would be different. She got an oscar nomination, but after 3 flops she still has to book something interesting. I think she can do better, but she isn’t right now.

  8. FingerBinger says:

    Boring couple. Attractive but boring.

  9. Saphana says:

    i believe they are done but i dont think Garfield would tell this to a random person on the street.

  10. Amide says:

    Meh. They are both tiresome, and yes they BOTH play the pap game while proclaiming to be “above it”.

    • alice says:

      yeah. that was clear when she did the “Andrew Garfield bag holding” and she even admitted she knew the paps were there. she juts could have turn around the bag to hide his name but nope, she wanted to let us know…

  11. kimbers says:

    They’ve been done for a while. Soooo not tabloid worthy….

  12. Ctkat1 says:

    Totally believe they’re done (I think they broke up, got back together over the summer, then broke up again). Totally don’t believe he’s telling randoms on the street about it.
    It makes sense- Spider-Man was 4 straight years of his life and it didn’t pan out at all for him, so now he’s got to try and rebound his career. Add his career dissatisfaction to several on location shoots and the fact that her career seems to be in a better place (notwithstanding her recent string of flops: Magic in the Moonlight, Aloha, and An Irrational Man) and I can see how a breakup happened.

    • Neah23 says:

      I can see him telling random people if it was after a night out drinking with Mel and drunk people have no filters.

      • DonatellaVersayce says:

        Yeah, maybe if he’s been drinking, and he’s trying to take this girl home, and maybe the person asking about Emma was doing it to be c*ckblock. Otherwise, who knows?

    • Clarke says:

      Unless Emma suddenly goes to visit him in Australia i will buy the break up. They used to live together and after she was done with her play she was free and never visit him on Silence set. Isnt that weird? She had months off while he was working. They had a break. It was obviously a temporary thing, but it was a break. The press wasn’t crazy. Now again, she has nothing lined up for after la la land while he is working. If she doesn’t visit they are over again. Hopefully for good, the back and forth is not worth it.

  13. OhDear says:

    So he’ll be photographed with a paper bag saying “Emma Stone” on it soon?

    • DonatellaVersayce says:

      LMAO. Ah yes, the Emma Stone School of Playing with the Paparazzi While Claiming You Are Private.

      • mom2two says:

        Anyone remember the little messages they’d write out and hold up when they were being “snagged” by the paps?

  14. BobaFelt says:

    I didn’t even know they had gotten back together.

  15. Mia4s says:

    I’m not so concerned about a break up (whatever. it happens.) I’m more concerned that he’s out drinking with Mel Gibson?! Ummmm…that never ends well.

    Something is up with Garfield, something not good. I hope I’m wrong…but I don’t think I am.

    • alice says:

      He’s so self aware and never lets himself go, always feels like he’s extremely calculated in every interview and desperately wants to come across as some artistry, depth type, that he’s not.

  16. American In Oz says:

    I believe it. I think they only let blondes in to Pelicano

  17. WinnieCoopersMom says:

    I don’t really care about them as a couple. Would love to see her with someone a bit more exciting, maybe even British. Like Orlando Bloom or something.

  18. Hauschka says:

    Kiis, Kyle and Jackie-O, the most notorious (yet high rating) shock DJs in Australia. Trashy and really, really superficial, like how you might describe the city of Sydney on a bad day. Anyway, Emma Stone seems sweet – but boring in movies – and Andrew seems self-important. Celebrity coupling is very hard. You can have unlimited money to travel anywhere at any time but if you can’t take a break in your work schedule, you won’t see each other for months.