Samantha Ronson won’t get restraining order again Lindsay Lohan

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Don’t lose hope for a Samantha Ronson-Lindsay Lohan reconciliation. God knows, the past five days could just be some sort of elaborate foreplay. Samantha has spoken out (through her attorney) to People Magazine about the break-up, saying that the rumor of a restraining order against Lindsay is totally false. The lawyer said, “Samantha has no plan to request a restraining order. There is no basis for one.” Do you believe him?

A source close to Sam is also telling People that Sam does not feel in any way threatened by Lindsay. My guess is “not threatened” is code for “turned on”. Sam also thinks the whole drama the past few days has been “absurd”. Yes, it has.

Samantha Ronson may have split from Lindsay Lohan but she doesn’t need help from the law to keep them apart.

The Beverly Hills cops confirmed that Ronson’s family members asked about a restraining order following the couple’s recent breakup. But Ronson’s attorney, David Bass, tells PEOPLE: “Samantha has no plan to request a restraining order. There is no basis for one.”

And a source close to the deejay offers this spin: “Sam does not want a restraining order against Lindsay Lohan. Sam had nothing to do with the restraining order against Lindsay that the police are talking about.”

Adds the source: “Sam and Lindsay are broken up, but Sam does not feel she’s in any danger whatsoever. She thinks the whole thing is absurd. ”

On Friday, Ronson, 31, and her family blocked Lohan, 22, from the “I Heart Ronson” bash at Bar Marmont, an event celebrating Charlotte Ronson’s clothing line. Though Lohan was banned from the party, another source says that she and Ronson “are totally communicating.”

From People Magazine

Is this all just another facet of Sam enabling Lindsay? I think it is. They were together for a year – Sam knows all too well Lindsay’s ups and downs, her self-perpetuating drama, her love affair with getting attention by any means necessary. If I was Samantha, I would be concerned. Lindsay is like a wounded animal, ready to attack. If Samantha thinks Lindsay can be controlled, Sam’s delusional. Would Lindsay actually hurt Sam? I actually think the answer is “yes”. Samantha is playing with fire if she thinks that she can still control Lindsay’s behavior once they’ve broken up.

Samantha and Lindsay are shown out on 3/12 and 3/19/09. Credit:

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  1. Jazz says:

    It sounds like my friend’s sister. It’s all “fights, police, fights, restraining order, fights, court, fights, drama” all the time with every girl she dates!

  2. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Some people just love their toxic co-dependency too much to break loose from it.

  3. gg says:

    HG you said it exactly. If one makes wise decisions, one does not have drama, and the reverse is true. Ergo, if you want drama, you can sure have it, baby. Maybe she’ll shave her head.

    All kidding aside, she is probably going through pain because she is stuck in this cycle of not knowing wtf she is doing wrong – it’s probably second nature for the girl. She needs loving help from some quarter. But where is that support? She doesn’t appear to have any.

  4. Nudgie says:

    Take a look at the other side of the coin – SamRo was just ‘another Hollywood DJ’ until LiLo came into her life (uh…must not let pun slip out…)

    Then she starts getting better gigs and MORE money if LiLo shows up with her. I don’t want to be a Mean Girl (damn! Pun escaped!) but SamRo has used LiLo equally — if not reported as frequently.

  5. SolitaryAngel says:

    Yes, Kaiser–Sam IS playing with fire.
    Not only is LiLo capable of hurting Sam–she’s going to hurt herself; the narcissistic personality that she is, she’ll think “If I’m hurt badly enough, Sam’ll be sorry she treated me like this and come back”. I see an OD (or 3) in the very near future.

  6. Orangejulius says:

    My guess (based on nothing at all) is that she’ll be more likely to hurt herself than anyone else. I would guess that most people are more self-destructive than vindictive. Could be wrong.

  7. L says:

    I really dont think you would have a relationship with somebody for a year or more just for the sole intention of using them to get yourself gigs. especially somebody like Lilo – she seems like you would require a lot of energy to deal with her frequently.. drama queen… you don’t do that for so long if you don’t have some feelings for them. If sam dated anybody famous, everyone would say the same thing, so she can’t really win there can she? I think they make a good couple and this is just another one of their rows.. which do seem to be escalating.. but it seems like they do luv each other.. explosively.

  8. L says:

    Sometimes, you see photos of LL & she has too much fake tan on. Other times… god damn!! that girl is gorgeous!