Oscar parties are boring and pretentious

The NY Times reveals the cut throat etiquette at Oscar parties, where only fresh nominated faces matter:

IF YOU’RE SOMEONE’S DATE, DON’T EXPECT TO BE INTRODUCED. No one cares about spouses, relatives and arm candy at Hollywood parties. You could be a Nobel laureate, but if you’re a plus-one during Oscar week, no one will want to meet you. And your significant other probably won’t introduce you. Don’t take it personally…

IF YOU HAVEN’T WORKED ON ONE OF THE NOMINATED FILMS, CONSIDER STAYING HOME. Being at an Oscar party without a nomination is like bleeding in an ocean surrounded by sharks. The safest course is to stay out of the water…

KNOW WHEN TO SAY WHEN… Moderation is the word. Your behavior is always being watched, by the industry and by the press.


GIVE YOUR ENTOURAGE THE NIGHT OFF.”It is truly the one night of the year where entourages are not tolerated,” said Judy Levy… For those who don’t make it into a party, rejection at the door can be painful since you are forced to do a reverse red carpet: a humiliating walk past the hundreds of publicists, television cameras and paparazzi who just witnessed your attempt to get in.

DON’T EXPECT TO MEET YOUR HOST. Although everywhere else it is considered good manners to seek out your hosts and thank them, in Hollywood the opposite is true.

If you’re lucky enough to get invited to an Oscar party, you’re meant to talk to people you know, not drink or eat, keep a low profile, and never introduce your significant other. It sounds like so much fun.

Here are Kiera, Sienna, Nicky & Paris at the Endeavor Pre-Oscar Party on 3/4/05. The Endeavor party strives to be press-free:

Endeavor agent Patrick Whitesell avoids competition by throwing the very last of the post-Oscar parties, a tightly exclusive bash in a mansion in the Hollywood Hills that begins in the wee hours and raves until dawn. Journalists aren’t welcome there, either.

Four more of Nicky and Kiera after the jump. Pictures [via]

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