George & Amal Clooney adopted a third dog, a rescue basset hound named Millie

clooney dog

George and Amal Clooney have adopted a new member to their family. George and Amal actually have a mixed family of dogs – before George even got together with Amal, he had adopted a cocker spaniel rescue named Einstein. Einstein is all-black. When George and Amal got together, she adopted/bought a honey-blonde cocker spaniel, Louie, from a breeder in in the UK. And now they’ve added a third dog to their family! They went to the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society in LA to adopt a basset hound named Millie. Millie is going to have to put up with two boy cocker spaniels! Millie is probably okay with it. Here’s a little bit more:

Millie is a 4-year-old Bassett hound who came into the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society earlier this month, having been discovered outside a local restaurant called the Macho Café. The couple first saw Millie’s picture on Petfinder, and then showed up at the shelter to meet her, says shelter spokesperson Lynn Collmann.

“It definitely added to the excitement on one of our busiest afternoons when we do vaccinations for the public,” Collmann says.

A spokesman for George Clooney confirmed that the couple adopted Millie from the shelter “and they love her.”

The Clooneys brought their other doggie Louie as well, to make sure that he and Millie would get along. They spent an hour and a half playing, and asking questions of (thrilled) shelter staff.

“They took the time to get to know her and vice versa, making sure she was a good fit for their other rescue dog, and would be a good family member,” says Collmann.

With a rags-to-riches story worthy of Hollywood, Millie then left the shelter a Clooney.

[From HuffPo]

If Amal is a total dog person – and she seems to be – that makes me like her more. But now they’re going to have to travel with three dogs, which just sounds crazy to me. But I’m biased – I have a 100-pound Newfie mix who hates to travel. I recently had to put him in the car and he was NOT HAPPY. Anyway, welcome to Hollywood, Millie Clooney!



Photos courtesy of Facebook, PCN, WENN.

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  1. Christin says:

    Great for Millie. Always good to see a shelter dog get a home.

    Looks like she is even trying to learn from her mistress how to pose for the camera. Or is she just leaning to the side so the tequila shirt shows up better?

  2. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    That’s sweet. I love it when dogs find a good home. I want a dog so much right now. Our dog died, which broke my heart, then we inherited the two cats from hell, then they died, then we adopted the coolest cat ever and he died this summer. I want a scruffy little mutt dog sort of like Benji. He can’t be too big because he has to fit on our sailboat. Any suggestions? I want her from a shelter or a rescue.

    • islandwalker says:

      Go to the shelter and your dog will pick you.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        I’m sort of scared I’ll come home with 25 dogs, but that’s what we want to do. I need to have a general idea in my head, though, so I won’t fall for every pretty face.

    • Jayna says:

      Many rescue places have their dogs online and you can look at them and see if they have that type dog or a dog that just melts your heart, as they usually give descriptions about their personality or previous life or even a little video on some. Like I love cocker spaniels or cocker spaniel mixes. When my beloved goes, we will go to the cocker adoption rescue a few hours away. The same for one of the shelters in my area. They have all their photos on their website with some other little mixed dogs they take in. Then you go and visit the doggies and find your match, the one you connect to.

      It’s how George and Amal found Milly,, which I’ve been on before for my area, looking at the rescue dogs in need of adoption. They saw Millie on there.

    • Belle Epoch says:

      CORGIS RULE! And would fit on your boat! And like water!

    • Rachel says:

      Gnat is there a shelter in your area where you could volunteer? Islandwalker is right that your dog will pick you, but you might not find the right dog for a while. Volunteering at a shelter, you could share your love with the dogs who need it and eventually find the right pup to add to your family.

      Petfinder is also a really good source. And you can narrow your search by size. I’d also suggest having google help you out by searching for smaller breeds who are good swimmers and aren’t too susceptible to heat, since you’ll be out on your boat. I’m a big dog type of girl, so I don’t know much about the smaller terriers, but you definitely want to make sure any dog you adopt fits in with your lifestyle. You may even consider fostering to adopt, then you could take the dog on your boat with you. My dog loves the water… as in, he loves to attack it like a shark. We tried to take him canoeing, and he almost capsized us diving in.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Yes, I actually did that for awhile but wasn’t in the position to have another pet then. I enjoyed it. I also thought your fostering idea was a really good one. Being a good boat dog and liking water are both nice, but as you found out, they don’t necessarily work together. If the dog wants to jump in the water at inappropriate times, it could be dangerous for the dog. Also, some dogs find sailing very boring. So fostering might work to see if the dog enjoyed our lifestyle. Thanks!

    • Nimbolicious says:

      I’m sorry, GNAT. My coolest cat ever died in August and it was horrible. We’re just now getting ready to adopt another that I found at a local shelter via Petfinder. And yes he picked us. He’s black so they won’t let us take him until after Saturday because it seems that a lot of sickos do bad things to black cats around Halloween.

      I know you’ll find love again 😻

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Oh, I’m so sorry. It really broke our hearts. He was just that special guy who would wrap his little “arms” around your neck when you cuddled him. I always kissed him about five times on the head, and he would be really still and close one eye, giving me side-eye with the open one, like “I know you mean well, but why do you make those noises on my head?” I miss him every day. I’m so happy you found love again, and I hope we will, too. Thank you.

      • JudyK says:

        Nimbolicious, sorry about your cat but congrats on your soon-to-be black cat. I have two black cat brothers that I’m totally in love with. When Mickey gets on my lap, I’ve taught him how to hug me, and he lets me kiss his little cheeks while I’m getting hugs…well, briefly, very briefly.

        GNAT, sweet story about your dog. Let us know when you adopt.

  3. Sandy says:

    This is the happiest and most natural George and Amal have ever looked together. Nothing but love for them today, for rescuing Millie!

  4. Citresse says:

    Practising with dogs first?

    • browniecakes says:

      I didn’t think George and Amal wanted kids, but 4 dogs in the US? Do they have any pets at their home in the UK? My sister, who never wanted/had kids, has never even had a goldfish, let alone a dog. Every female friend I have had in their 30’s that went crazy for pets soon had a baby. Practicing with dogs first? – maybe. Time will tell.

  5. aims says:

    Basset Hounds are my favorite. They’re such sweet, chilled out dogs. Our dog is half Basset and she’s so loving and kind. I will forever sing the praises of Basset Hounds.

  6. lowercaselois says:

    Ha Amal doesn’t seem like a dog person , especially a Bassett hound owner, more like a cat person or she carries around a purse dog dressed up in designer outfits. Doesn’t matter anyway, she probably doesn’t have to walk or feed her dogs, the help does that. She just poses for publicity with them.

    • SusanneToo says:

      Why so cynical?

      • Sochan says:

        Because every single this about this woman has been aimed at raising her image to the public. Why do we need a press release and photos when they adopt a dog?? “I want my privacy” is the siren song of George Clooney, yet he can’t keep himself and his hair-obsessed wife out of the public eye.

      • mvp says:

        Even during a moment that should have been about the rescue animals. She’s still at the hair touching/flipping/lightly fingering. Dang it woman.

      • Sochan says:

        @ mvp

        YES, you can clearly see she’s in mid-flip of the hair. And with the smug smile too.

      • Amal's Wardrobe says:

        I think it’s probably the rescue centre’s owners snapping a pic and then going, “Oh, can I please put it on the website or use this as a little story?”

      • doppelganger says:

        Great the rescue gets free media attention from them. But, good Lord up in Heaven, can’t this

    • boredblond says:

      True…and how many celeb couples call the press to announce they’ve got a dog? Maybe that’s who she’s got on the phone she’s holding. Let’s see, the black dog was a pc pup (the L.A. shelters are full, but he insisted on a Katrina doggie) the other is a pedigree that would insure gc a friend in England..(aren’t pets held in quarantine when they’re taken to England? ) Klooneyism back in gear.

      • Jayna says:

        They were photographed by the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society for adopting an animal and wanted to put on the website. That’s who took the photo,the shelter, for their website. Why wouldn’t the humane society use them for advertisement and publicity? It’s an average little shelter.

        They showcased on the site two little doggies on there that it took two and a half and three and a half years to get adopted. They were cared for in that shelter the whole time.

        Yeah, it’s so awful to encourage animal adoption. Shame on George and Amal for posing with their new baby for the shelter.

      • mvp says:

        Even during a moment that should have been about the rescue animals. She’s still at the hair touching/flipping/lightly fingering. Dang it woman.

      • laura in LA says:

        boredblond, this was in my Facebook newsfeed yesterday as I get updates and listings from area LA shelters and rescues. So, full disclosure, I asked CB to post this because I thought it was some nice news for a change.

        And what’s wrong with promoting animal adoption? This just shows that if those as famous as George and Amal can go straight to the shelter and get a (purebred) dog in need of good home, then anyone can.

        As with most American cities, LA desperately needs people to step up and do this. Fact: At another shelter here, 70 dogs will be PTS this week due to overcrowding if they don’t get willing fosters/adopters to save them.

      • boredblond says:

        Yes the shelters are overflowing..I volunteered at one and have adopted more than once..sorry if I see pr intent but I do. When the Italian model lived with him she adopted 2local shelter dogs and said she couldn’t get him to go along..instead he had a dog flown across the country, well that’s a better story. And she is not flipping her hair, she’s on her phone.

      • Fishfishbirdcats says:

        The San Gabriel shelter is a high kill shelter, if I remember correctly. I visited there when I was looking for a dog. It was sad. I didn’t adopt from there, but I remember cages and cages and cages and cages of chihuahuas. So, good for the Clooneys. This makes me see them in a different way.

    • Cricket says:

      When we rescued our pup three years ago, the rescue took our photo with her as well. They do that with all their adoptions and post them on their website as success stories.

  7. georgia says:

    I love her dress in the top picture. Good for them being dog parents.

    • Jackie.aka says:

      Do you really need to wear a $1300 dress to adopt a dog at a shelter? Why not jeans and a t-shirt?

  8. SusanneToo says:

    George and Amal both look great in the shelter pic. As do Millie and Louie. Congrats all around for adopting a shelter dog. All nine of my dogs are rescues and they’re the loves of my life. In fact, we’re going out for a walk and a tinkle right now.

    • Esteph says:

      Nine?! Wow! I can’t even handle one, but she’s a pit bull/dalmatian mix, weird I know. This post is making me miss her

    • MinnFinn says:

      9 dogs 😀 I am jealous. It would be comical to come across your potty parade. I bet you get lots of comments, hopefully fun and positive ones.

  9. DaSH says:

    It’s great that they got a rescue dog! There’s thousands of dog in shelters that needs home. Millie is so cute! But, why is this a news? Lol. Her jeans and her shoes in the last photo are atrocious and embarrassing. And may I add that the shelter pic (first photo) is probably their cutest photo together, but they still look awkward in it – no connection and chemistry.

    • Jayna says:

      You can’t be serious. They are smiling with their new doggie for a shot and you can discern there is zero chemistry. LOL You see what you want to.

      I just see a couple out for the day adopting a dog they fell in love with and are happy and taking a photo with their newest family member with their other little baby, Louie..

      And maybe now more people in that area will go to that animal shelter instead of buying a dog. It’s not a fancy place and could always use publicity to help adopt out more animals.

      • DaSH says:

        Lol. Like I said, it’s their cutest photo I’ve seen together but they look more like father and daughter with the dogs and not a real life couple (like what you mentioned) because I’m not seeing any connection between them. And i’m sure the photo is about the dogs (that’s why he wore the promotional tequila shirt and she made sure she’s out of the way for the tshirt shot). Lol.

        I doubt that them, adopting dogs in the shelter will boost the adoption rate because so many other celebrities have done it before and it’s still the same, but good for them for trying to bring awareness and actually giving some dogs a home.

    • laura in LA says:

      Why shouldn’t it be newsworthy, DaSH? Or would you rather discuss more important things, like Amal’s clothes…

  10. lila fowler says:

    AWWWW! I am obsessed with basset hounds! The basset is my spirit animal. My opinion of George and Amal went up about 200%. I look forward to pap pics of Millie!

    • herladyship says:

      We have a 5 month old Basset pup named Gus. He’s the most loving dog ever! His coloring is the same as Millie too. I also look forward to spotting her in pap pics.

    • Jayna says:

      A couple in my neighborhood have a basset hound. I will see them out with him. They love that dog more than life. They don’t have any children and the husband just melts for their doggy and loves to show him off. He’s a comical little dog.

  11. Sochan says:

    I think Amal’s loves are her hair and the camera.

  12. dippit says:

    I hope Millie is happy and I have no doubt she will now be well cared for. A +point. I hope she’s not to experience too much disruption being frequently relocated for any time the Clooneys need a warming photo-op. It sounds as though Millie’s life has already experienced enough disruption.

    Yep, I’m cynical – a little like when Affleck did the break-up puppy run. More cynical because the Clooneys are now notorious PR opportunists by default. Before, George never seemed to have to photo-op his credentials on things like this, now it seems part and parcel of their marriage promo. But Millie has a safe future and the rescue centre has some welcome awareness, so, although because it’s the new Clooney dynamic I’m sceptical as to the altruism, they’ve pitched this PR just right for it to have some benefit beyond themselves.

    That said, the tequila tee shirt undercuts the positive in this pic. Also choosing to go on one of the centre’s known “busiest days” might look a bit calculated. Hey, +1 for Millie nonetheless.

    • Amal's Wardrobe says:

      George loved Max, his pig, for years and years. He slept with him in the same bed, apparently. I think he’s one of those guys who loves to roll on the floor with the dogs – totally innocently, of course. It wouldn’t surprise me if the rescue centre people wanted this photo and story to raise their profile. George’s preferred pap ops are those where he gets to look important by having lunch with judges and politicians or human rights activists.

    • Christin says:

      I do think he cares for his pets, and keeps them for years. So, I agree that Millie does have a safe future.

    • Fishfishbirdcats says:

      They most likely wouldn’t have known it was a free vaccination day.

  13. RN says:

    Good for them! We just adopted our second rescue dog from the Humane Society last month. Our first is now 9 years old. I have a special place in my heart for people who choose to adopt rather than purchase from a breeder. A celebrity couple doing so shines the spotlight on this issue, which is fantastic.

  14. Robin says:

    Good for them for adopting a shelter dog!

  15. jc126 says:

    Good for them for adopting! And bassets are such sweet goofballs.

  16. Whatever Gurl says:

    Isn’t George younger than Brad? He is looking old.

    When does Amal have time for her career? She is papped a lot right?

  17. siri says:

    Good for the dog. But since Amal can’t stop wearing snake skin clutches, like she did just two days ago at the movie premiere, I have to doubt her love for animals. Aside from the endless PR for George’s tequila.

    • laura in LA says:

      Yeah, I’d bet this was more George’s idea, maybe one of his people showed him this Basset listed for adoption because Amal wouldn’t even know where the SGV shelter is. So George wanted him, perhaps to make up for the cocker Amal bought from the breeder as a wedding gift, and decided to go get him.

      Hey, even if it’s just good PR, the dog will have a good home (or three) and get great care, even if it’s not George and Amal who consistently give it to her.

      • Jayna says:

        Nah. I believe it was him that was on petfinder looking at rescues. That’s how he found his other dog. He went on an cocker spaniel rescue site and saw Einstein, and they had a whole cute video about him, And he fell in love with him and wanted to adopt him.

        I wonder why they didn’t bring Einstein to the place to meet Millie. Maybe he’s older and more mellow, so not worried about them getting along. Einstein is probably five years old or so. I hope that’s the reason and Einstein is okay.

        I still remember George and his beloved pig, Max. He had him for 18 years.

      • Jayna says:

        Edit. Einstein was an older rescue, not a puppy, when George adopted him. So he’s probably very mellow and why they didn’t bring him to meet Millie.

        The story of Einstein always brings tears to my eyes. The Cocker rescue organization found him in a kill shelter.

        This is a video the cocker rescue place made of Einstein and his journey. The story of him in the kill shelter broke my heart. I love Einstein because I love cockers and cocker mixes. These rescue shelters do such selfless work with so little money.

      • laura in LA says:

        I love Einstein and his story, too. When I saw this photo without him, I feared the worst, but maybe they just didn’t want to traumatize the poor old guy by bringing him back to a shelter environment? Oh, well, good for all of them. 🙂

      • siri says:

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for Millie. Her life from now on will be great. And even if Amal would show up at this shelter in a glitzy ball gown, I would still be happy for the dog. Just these two people don’t seem to be able to do anything completely without any second thought. I, too, hope Einstein is ok,last time we saw him was when George was filming with Jodie Foster in NY…

  18. bored_01 says:

    I want to see a pic of the 100 lb newf mix!

  19. nicole says:

    What a cute dog, I dont care if its for pr or not, I only care that they saved a beautiful dog and are going to give him a good home. I am looking after my brothers two dogs at the moment, one is a big black labrador, the other is a three legged sheepdog who my sister in law rescued from the street, he needs a lot of attention and love, I have a feeling he was mistreated, but he is so loving, both are the most loving caring kind dogs ever, and I am a cat lover. I myself never had dogs, only cats for the past 10 years, my cat shiloh is eight years old and I love her like a child, but I am really getting attached to my brothers dogs, and I really dont want to give them back. Its amazing how wonderful animals are, I just will never understand how people mistreet them.

    • Amal's Wardrobe says:

      I totally agree. I get a soft spot for celebs who do stuff for rescue dogs and animals. But Amal looks really out of place here. Labs are one of the best dogs – they’ll put up with naughty cats too.

    • Christin says:

      I don’t understand how people can mistreat animals, either. Rescuing a pet is so rewarding. The last dog I rescued (also from the street – someone dumped him and he was a matted, emaciated mess) was a Great Pyr. He had clearly been mistreated, but has just blossomed. All he needed was love and stability. They give so much more than they require of us.

      And I am very sorry for those who have recently lost a pet, or have a pet getting along in years. Relish every memory, and hopefully another pet will find you when the time is right!

  20. laura in LA says:

    p.s. I was wrong about Louie, the 10 yr-old blond cocker spaniel pictured here, who was actually adopted from a NYC shelter last spring (not a puppy purchased from a breeder in the UK as was originally reported, unless there’s yet another dog back at their home there?) I tell ya, with these two, I can’t keep up with the PR machine!

    • Jayna says:

      Louie is ten? He has that puppy look,. That’s how my cocker mix is. She always looked like a one-year-old puppy for like ten years..

      I just think it’s great they adopt older dogs, not puppies or very young dogs. It’s so hard to adopt out dogs at that age. You always see the puppies up to two years of age getting adopted quickly. We’re facing putting our 16-year-old cocker mix down soon but I can’t face it and hang on because she still eats and able to walk, She’s blind, almost completely deaf and senile and becoming anxiety ridden when no one is home. It’s horrible to walk in the door and she’s hysterical. It’s gotten worse this year and medicine doesn’t help. I think it’s because she’s deaf also now and only wants to be with her family, no one else, and other places make her nervous.

      So I guess I’m overly emotional these days about animals getting older and rescues adopted.

      • Fishfishbirdcats says:

        Your story made me tear up, Jayna. I’m sorry to hear about your poor little friend.

      • laura in LA says:

        So sorry to hear about your pup, Jayna, and I know how it is…

        My border collie/shep mix and soulmate is about 15 now and needs fulltime care. And while my guesstimated 13 y.o. Lab, who I took in as a hospice dog 3 yrs ago, is still here and doing well, it’s always touch-and-go.

        We never know how much time we have left, but that makes every moment all the more worthwhile.

  21. Amal's Wardrobe says:

    The dogs are SOOOOOO cute. And this makes George more likeable.

    But how the heck does Amal manage to look smug at even a rescue centre?!!! Holy bonsoy! They need to release some photos of Amal immediately after birth. I’ll bet she looked super smug even then too. And yes, she’s touching her hair.

  22. golden retriever says:

    Hair flipping is attention seeking in body language speak. It’s about drawing attention to one’s self. She does it so much she should just wear a ‘look at me’ sign. This aside big ups for the dog adopting. Basset hounds are lovely.