Amber Heard got pranked by Johnny Depp and her dad: funny or mean?

Johnny Depp

Amber Heard adores her Mustang. She loves to talk about her Mustang — it’s a 1968 model, and the Mustang was the first thing she bought when she moved to Los Angeles over a decade ago. The car symbolizes her “rebellious” streak and her free spirit” vibe, so I can understand why it means a lot to her. Johnny Depp also knows that Amber is wild about her car, so he and Amber’s dad (David Heard) teamed up for a well-timed prank on Overhaulin’. Johnny and David are best buds because David is so much like Hunter S. Thompson, so they probably rib her all the time.

This is a good prank in that Amber had no idea what was coming, but she also freaked out a lot on camera when she thought her car was stolen. Amber is seen flipping people off and directing a police officer to “get my car back!” Would you do the same? Probably. Any stolen vehicle provides license for the owner to get ragingly angry, and boy, did she ever get mad. Johnny pulled out all the stops by recruiting everyone in this video to play along.

Once Amber was told she was on Overhaulin’, then she was okay. In one preview, she said, “I bought it as kind of a drivable piece of junk, a beautiful piece of junk. The car cost me every dime I had.” Then she found out Chip Foose was repainting and refinishing the entire vehicle, and they made Amber wait to see the car. The suspense was almost cruel, and when Amber looked at the car, she completely freaked in a good way. Her response was visceral (she turned bright red, almost as red as the car), and I honestly wouldn’t have been surprised if she passed out. Yet she was happy with her new cherry red Mustang, and that’s what matters.

Amber Heard

Amber Heard

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  1. Jules says:

    Funny. It was cute.

  2. missmerry says:

    I don’t watch the show, so I’m confused as to why this millionaire married the a billionaire getting free car work done on a TV show…?

    I’m missing something, I know.

  3. Easypeasy123 says:

    She really is beautiful. I hate those rims

  4. ... says:

    Wow, she’s so beautiful in that top picture. Why doesn’t she really have a career? I’ve never seen her in anything; is she just really bad at acting?

    • Truthful says:

      Awful is the proper word to her acting… mind numbing can also be quite accurate.

    • Amide says:

      Yes she’s really bad. A double threat – TV and Movies!!

    • tealily says:

      I disagree! I saw her in some Nic Cage thing before I had any idea who she was, and it prompted me to look her up to see what else she had done. Granted, it’s probably not hard to be the best actor in a Nic Cage movie, but at the same time… she even looked good in a Nic Cage movie! I really like her. I think she gets a bum rap because she married Johnny.

      • karen2 says:

        …lol I also saw that movie & I cant remember its name either…something about Nic Cage returning from hell to rescue his daughter who was not Amber…sorry 4 2posts btw…

  5. Wiffie says:

    I’ve never seen much of her and her personality before. I kind of like her! This was really sweet. I didn’t know why but the reveal always makes me tear up every time I see this show.

  6. sassy says:

    D’awww how sweet of Johnny …now keep away from him biotch …he’s meant to be mine

  7. Rhiley says:

    She seems like she would be Ben Affleck’s real type. If he sees this, he will probably think, Damn that Johnny Depp is a lucky man.

  8. @ says:

    wooow! the car looks amazing! I think i read in the past that she want to be buried with that car when she dies. LOL that’s how much she loves that car.
    About her being all frustrated with the cops taking selfies, i think i would have been even more mad than her. Her reaction wasn’t that bad, maybe because her car has been stolen many times before and she’s kinda used to it.
    Sadly people trying to take sneaky selfies of her and Johnny, even when they are in bad situations, it must her every day life

    • Amide says:

      If Amber was such an auto nut as she claims, would she not be aware of who Chip Foose was??
      Not even suspicious?

    • WTF says:

      I really hope that everyone knows what this is.
      First, it was recorded December 2014. Second, it was planned by Heard’s management. Depp showed up and was told what to do and how to act, much like all actors are in their work.
      Depp, Heard and her father were ALL paid for their appearances.
      Meanwhile, the premise of this show is that they fix cars for people who can’t afford to have their cars fixed. If Depp really wanted to have this car fixed up for his wife, he would have just done it. It is highly out of character for him to allow his private life to be turned into a TV show. He has said that he doesn’t like reality shows.
      And I don’t care who you are, a normal citizen doesn’t flip off the cops. The reason she did that is because she knew they weren’t cops.
      This is ALL about trying to make Amber Heard a star. She complains that she can’t get good roles because she is prejudiced by her looks. She doesn’t want to play the over sexualized, girlfriend, fem fatal and yet every role that she take on, this is how she plays it. She doesn’t know how to BE anything else, hence she’s not a very good actress. I think she (and her management) hoped that Depp’s natural ability at acting would rub off on her. Four years later and she’s still as bad as she ever was. The reason is that she is SO ARROGANT, she doesn’t believe that she has anything to learn and by all counts she is now advising Depp how to act. He’s such a lost soul, so insecure and she is keeping him placated with drugs, he’s actually doing what she is telling him. And that’s the honest to goodness TRUTH. I don’t see happily ever after for these two. All we can hope is that Depp survives it.

      • Jane says:

        Johnny hardly turned his private life into a reality TV show by doing this scripted (according to you) episode. It’s not that serious.

      • WTF says:

        It’s that serious because they used a show based on CHARITY in order to get publicity. So all of the sponsors (because that’s where the money comes from), instead of helping some poor person who needed help getting their car fixed, instead the sponsors monies went to pay Depp and Heard and Heard’s father to appear. THAT is what is so serious. And sickening and shameful!!!

  9. Tiffany27 says:

    It must be so nice to be able to flip off and shout at police officers without being thrown on the floor and/or shot and/or killed.

    • Bert says:


      Amber being Amber, showing arrogance and poor behavior.
      Not cute, not funny. Only for publicity.

    • Leah says:

      Yeah i didn’t think it was cute at all. More like quite revealing. She seems to be quite immature, this was just more of the bratty behaviour she showed when she told her mum to shut up and dog gate.

    • karen2 says:

      …wow tiff your words almost made me cry for all those lost souls…much too serious..loveya..

    • vauvert says:

      Her face could be in the Larousse under entitled and smug. I don’t care how upset you are, flipping the police officer? Another “do you know who I am” Reese, except that one is at least famous. This one only married fame.

  10. MG says:

    My dream car. I would die.

  11. Rainbow says:

    Nice car. She has so much money ( well johny has) she could have had it repainted if she wanted any time. Why go to a show and cry for the free work as if she was broke and couldn’t afford it?

    On another note she’s really pretty and has nice hair.

  12. Lk says:

    Whenever i look at the newer photos of johnny depp i unfailingly am reminded to a certain type of small chickens native to Malaysia, they are called ayam serama, they are really small, and short arsed and puffy chested and clucky and boasty and gawd help me they just look like depp here.

  13. Unmade_bed says:

    Her teeth!

  14. Leah says:

    No. Flipping off/shouting at a police officer is not something i would do.
    If she was a black man shed be arrested if she did that.

    • Jay says:

      Sorry but that’s a load of shit. My uncle is a police officer and has told my family all sorts of stories. Cops put up with being yelled at/flipped off all the time by all sorts of people, and no one gets tackled or even arrested. People see the most extreme, horrible cases of inappropriate police behavior on the news and assume that’s the norm.

      • Leah says:

        I was commenting (perhaps a bit flippantly) on what i thought was inappropriate behaviour in front of a police officer and how that kind of behaviour would be seen as threatening if coming from a black man as opposed to funny when its coming from a white woman. I know there are many good people in the police force, but there are also enough cases to the contrary to illustrate that this isn’t a “load of shit”, its a really problem.

  15. Elsa says:

    That was funny and such a sweet thing of Johnny to do. I read about it on Daily Fail and I was stunned by how much hate is coming from their comments.. People there just can’t even take a joke. And I think it’s just unfair. He just wanted to surprise his wife but somehow he still is wrong according to some. I think something is wrong with them cause even if I didn’t expect him in that kind of show I think that the whole thing was kinda cute. And that car is gorgeous! Am I the only one who thinks that it’s time to give this couple a break?

    • Jules says:

      Agreed. I think they are really cute together.

    • tealily says:

      I’ve been defending her in the comments from day one. I really like her, and they do seem like they truly love each other. I wish people would lay off. It’s always the same any time she pops up on here. Maybe folks are coming around, though.

    • Elsa says:

      You know,it’s fine to dislike someone famous.We can’t like everyone after all.But the thing that bothers me is that many people don’t just dislike her but they hate her/them as a couple with passion.I’ve seen some bizarre comments wishing her to have down syndrome children with him or even wishing her death!I mean,what kind of people wish that kind of stuff?The hate they get is just unfair and mean.I hope if not now,that one day that craziness will stop.People need to learn when to give up something and in this situation I think that that couple has had enough.It’s been 4 years and people need to get over it.I don’t say that they are perfect but they definitely are not criminals and they don’t hurt anyone.

      • Amy says:

        They ARE actually criminals. Smuggling dogs into Australia without proper paperwork. People have the right to criticize celebrities especially after they reveal themselves to be egotistical, narcissistic hypocrites like these two have proven to be. They should keep their life private if they don’t want criticism but these two love to flaunt their ” happy” marriage.

  16. emma says:

    this kind of makes her more likable.

  17. Nymeria says:

    Way to behave like an adult in the first clip.

    Also, insanely rich person getting an awesome tricked-out car? Yeah, totally heartwarming.

  18. Hannah says:

    amazing that she’s almost 30, she behaves like a bratty teenager.

  19. Zen says:

    As drop dead stunning as she is, she’s sooooo boring and Johnny’s so try-hard indie cool. The love of a car by Amber? This can’t go anywhere close to making them slightly more interesting.

  20. Oprah says:

    Love it.

  21. TopCat says:

    I think Amber is absolutely stunning, very naturally pretty. Love her hair. I don’t watch these kinds of shows so no real comment on that. Lovely thing for Johnny to do for Amber. I’d probably be equally if not more mad if someone stole my car and the police just wanted to stand around and take photos of me.