Kristen Stewart & Chloe Sevigny sign on for a Lizzie Borden bio-pic: what?


Here are some photos of Kristen Stewart in Paris this week. She’s wrapped on the Woody Allen film, and now Kristen is in Paris filming a new movie called Personal Shopper, being directed by Olivier Assayas, who also directed K-Stew in Clouds of Sils Maria (which won Kristen a Cesar Award). It’s amusing to me that Kristen has turned into the girl who films artsy little movies in Europe. She really is making some interesting and smart choices with her career. Speaking of, Kristen has signed on to a new movie. A movie about… Lizzie Borden. And Kristen isn’t even playing Borden!

Chloe Sevigny and Kristen Stewart will help tell the tale of Lizzie Borden. Pieter Van Hees, who helmed the 2014 film Waste Land, will direct the new untitled psychological thriller about the grisly murders of the Borden family. Bryce Kass will write the script.

Sevigny will play Borden, the strange and fragile woman who was infamously tried and acquitted for murdering her father and stepmother with an ax in 1892. The film will explore the events that led up to that night.

Stewart, who is in early negotiations, will play the Bordens’ live-in maid, Bridget Sullivan. Sullivan was a witness to the family tension, and may have been in the home when the murders were committed. She testified at the trial.

The crime was salacious and notorious for the age, inspiring children’s rhymes such as: “Lizzie Borden took an ax/and gave her mother 40 whacks/when the job was finally done/gave her father 41.” It also spawned many theories about who committed the murders and why; one theory insinuates that Borden and Sullivan were lovers.

[From THR]

I always think of Lizzie Borden as a very young woman when she took an ax to her parents, but really… Lizzie was 32 years old when she committed those crimes. I also think of Borden as a small, dark-haired woman. Like, a version of Wynona Ryder. But the real Lizzie Borden had light hair and a somewhat stocky build. What I’m saying is that Chloe Sevigny isn’t the worst choice for the role. And putting Kristen and Chloe in the same movie? Hipster brilliance.



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  1. hadlyB says:

    I don’t really care for either one of them but I will see this movie as it sounds like it could be really good if done right.

    Hopefully it won’t be lifetime-esq.

  2. Arlene says:

    KS looks exhausted in this photos, utterly exhausted.

  3. bns says:

    they’re both bad actors tbh. tumblr will eat this up tho.

    • mia girl says:

      I finally watched “Still Alice” last night (love Julianne Moore).

      Had read in a lot of online comments how good Stewart was in it. Was interested to see a strong supporting performance from her. But NOPE, it was the same “run hand through hair, stutter, awkward pauses” acting she always delivers. It didn’t even fit the energy of the other actors. I swear, when people say she is good in something I just can’t see it. I feel like Mugatu taking crazy pills!

      Also, Alec Baldwin wasn’t great in the film either.

      • funcakes says:

        You’re not the only one. This girl has been in everything as far as I’m concerned. The only reason she’s relevant is because of the Twilight phenomenon.
        I see Lifetime movies in her future.

      • Lou says:

        Funny, I see Woody Allen, Ang Lee, Kelly Reichardt, Olivier Assayas, an ensemble with Glenn Close, Corey Stoll etc and this movie!!!!

        Strange how you can so wrongly forecast a person’s career when your perspective is so clouded with personal bias 😉

    • Amide says:

      @bns – And neither of them can put bums on seats.
      Stewrat has an active/strong internet/tumblr base but they don’t pay to see her films, American Ultra is latest proof.

  4. L says:

    I don’t care about Kristen Stewart’s clothes, attitude, or dating history.

    Sure, her perpetually greasy hair and asleep appearance are annoying, but not dealbreakers.

    Yes her revolting rape comments a few years back were troubling, but she apologized and hasn’t repeated them or anything.

    And I have seen her movies aside from Twilight. Almost all of them. Including Sils Maria and Adventureland.

    I can’t effing stand her because she CANNOT EFFING ACT.

    That is all.

  5. The Eternal Side-Eye says:

    Have to admit this doesn’t interest me at all, I guess I got my Lizzie Borden fill from the movie and series starring Christina Ricci.

    • Alana says:

      Yup I did too but didn’t finish the series. However I loved Ricci in it. Think KStew is bad actor she just can’t

    • Cindy says:

      The only way I’d be interested is if there is a lot of back story as to the motive for this woman to do this. I can only think of two- severe childhood abuse (maybe sexual abuse by the father while mom turned a blind eye), or Lizzie Borden was was a psychopath/sociopath who either got angry one day or stood to gain financially. I don’t think she was mentally ill, because from what I understand she carried on with life normally after the murder.

      *sighs* but no, Kristen can still not act…..critics love her, so she won’t ever go away, but at least she’s not playing Lizzie.

    • PennyLane says:

      FYI I am a secret true crime fan, and this is the best book I have found about the Lizzie Borden case: “A Private Disgrace: Lizzie Borden by Daylight (Library of Crime Classics)”

      It is great! If you are interested in the context and details of what happened, this is the book for you. The author is from New Bedford and grew up on the next block from Lizzie Borden. She grew up to become a successful author and in her 60’s she decided to go back and really take a look at the case. Her descriptions of the intricacies of upper crust New Bedford society and Lizzie Borden’s attempts to fit in and be accepted both before and after the murders is fascinating. (After making sure Lizzie Borden was acquitted for appearances’ sake, the upper crust folks took her back into their neighborhood and then shunned her for the next thirty years. Fascinating.)

      There is some great gossip in this book. If you are curious about the Lizzie Borden case, I strongly recommend it.

  6. Alessio says:

    “one theory insinuates that Borden and Sullivan were lovers.” sooooo that’s where the story will go in this film? i cant imagine kristen playing a “passive” role and just stand there watching, although it’s pretty much what people think she does in film anyway.
    the personal shopper film seems very interesting, and i love sils maria, so i really cant wait to see that more!

  7. Tiffany says:

    I think the opposite of her career, she is working sure but at the expense of no one seeing her films. How long can that be kept up.

    • Lou says:

      Still Alice was the highest grossing indie of last year. American Ultra didn’t do big box office but a lot of people still saw it and it will most likely be a cult classic because people who do see it really love it and spread the word. Kristen is famous for life, as Olivier Assayas has said, she has a lot of options and right now (as before TWILIGHT) she wants to do small indies. But she has the opportunity to pop up in a blockbuster if she wants… and really – when you are working with the likes of Ang Lee, Woody Allen, Kelly R and Olivier Assayas is writing movies for you ….. what has she got to worry about????

  8. iheartjacksparrow says:

    I thought the third line of the poem was: And when she saw what she had done,….

  9. Caro says:

    I think her eyebags are hereditary. Has nothing to do with age. However if she still smokes like a fiend they are probably being made worse, I predict she’ll look like Margot Kidder looks now in less than 10 years. Smoking can and does age you, before it kills you prematurely.

  10. Caro says:

    OK. Confessions of a former Robsten stan.

    I wanted so bad to like her acting, I tried, I tried to see the ‘method,’ in it, and while there were some scenes that she nailed, like Welcome to the Rileys (agitated strung out angry stripper/Hooker) it wasn’t until I recently watched eclipse over again, and she’s paired in a scene with Taylor lautner, and she looks/sounds woefully inadequate in comparison to HIM…when Taylor Lautner has it all over you – the jig is up. After that I had to face reality. She’s not that good.

    Maybe she’s better now. I believe people can get better and even become great. But I don’t think she’s there. I haven’t seen Sils yet, I’ll see what she does with that.

  11. mkyarwood says:

    Well, well, well a Kristen Stewart project that interests me. I could see her being good in this. Those are some serious booze tired eyes tho, girl.

  12. Rainbow says:

    Am I bad if I say that she looks like a junkie here? I am not saying that she’s one, but with her frailness, eye bags, greasy hair and wrinkly clothes gives that vibe.
    The Cartier bag looks mismatched with her appearance lol

  13. FingerBinger says:

    Bridget Sullivan was irish. I’m nervous about Kristen attempting an irish brogue.

  14. Dawn says:

    I thought the Lizzie Borden story that starred Elizabeth Montgomery was the best. Lizzie and her sister lived together until their death but it is said they never spoke again after Lizzie brought her woman lover home. I don’t think I need to see another story about Lizzie and the ax.

  15. senna says:

    uh oh, am I seriously going to be the only stan for Kristen’s acting in this thread? I thought she was great in “on the road” and “clouds of sils maria.”

    • mädchen says:

      I love her acting style too. “Speak” is devastating to watch. She’s so young in it. Amazing performance. I really like the characters she plays and how she plays them.

  16. Tacos and TV says:

    Another one? How many times will they make the same story? Seriously. I just saw one with Christina Ricci.

  17. Div says:

    She’s playing a woman who is an insomniac and going kind of crazy because of a ghost in this film, so for all the people commenting on her looks she’s supposed to look awful. Love Chloe, so I’m in to the Lizzie Borden idea

  18. Laura says: