Olivier Martinez ‘not happy’ that Halle Berry is ‘the breadwinner’ in their marriage


People Magazine has had the most extensive coverage of the Halle Berry-Olivier Martinez divorce thus far. It makes sense – Halle and her people have always gone to People Magazine and TMZ to drop information in the past, and People’s coverage has been gentler to Halle thus far. While People Magazine didn’t get any juicy quotes from Team Halle or Team Olivier this weekend, they still ran two fascinating stories about The Money and The Lawyers.

You can read The Money story here. Halle owns at least three pricey pieces of real estate (two in the LA area and one in Quebec), and her net worth is reportedly around $70 million, although I think there could be a chance that the number is inflated. If we’re being overly cautious, I would say her net worth is probably $50 million or so, including real estate holdings. Olivier is worth significantly less and his career has been on the down-swing for years (as has Halle’s career, which is why she jumped over to TV). While everyone maintains that Halle and Olivier had a prenup, it’s looking more than likely that Halle will have to pay Olivier a significant amount in child support simply because of the disparity in their incomes. Olivier also wants to keep spousal support on the table, even though the terms of their prenup did not include any spousal support. A source also told People Mag: “He’s not happy she’s the breadwinner.”

You can read The Lawyers story here. We already knew that Olivier hired Laura Wasser, divorce lawyer to the stars. Seriously, if I was a celebrity getting a divorce, I would hire Wasser. She’s handled so many of the big-name celebrity divorces, usually taking on female clients, but she takes on male clients too, obviously. Halle is being represented by Stephen Kolodny, who I believe will quickly earn the title of “Halle Berry’s Poor Lawyer.” Halle used to have Neal Hersh as her go-to lawyer but she fired him back in 2012 in the middle of the Gabriel Aubry mess because Hersh wouldn’t go after Aubry hard enough. Kolodny is known as a shark, someone capable of “going nuclear” if need be. Wasser is known as an even-tempered, no-drama lawyer who gets fast results for her clients. Kolodny is called “assertive,” which means that if he was a woman, he would be labeled a raging bitch. A source tells People:

“I think Halle Berry sent a clear signal across the bow of everybody’s boat that she wants to resolve it amicably. The petitions filed indicate they understand they have to co-parent and you have two lawyers who are extremely well versed in how to keep their clients out of the press. As a result, I suspect that most or all of this will be resolved behind closed doors and we will get a very small glimpses of what happened in the divorce.”

[From People]

Horsesh-t. I mean, for anyone who believes that some serious drama is NOT going to go down, bless your heart. I want to believe that Halle Berry understands that she can’t “go after” Olivier the same way she tried to destroy Gabriel Aubry, but I believe Halle is absolutely incapable of having a drama-free divorce.


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  1. Lindy79 says:

    I can rest easy now the daily Halle Berry divorce story is out.

    As you were people, as you were.

    • cannibell says:

      I’ll rest easy when Liberty shares the latest installment of her sitcom. On a separate count, what is that getup Halle is wearing? It’s as appalling as her taste in men (Aubry excluded).

  2. Saphana says:

    Halle is really overplaying it and trying hard to get the gossip audience on her side. the “he is intimidated” is a classic and works well because most women believe that.

    Olivier certainly is a douche but he has dated very wealthy and powerful women before, Halle has always dated douchebags.

    • Lahdidahbaby says:

      A lot of them were douchebags, yeah (including Olivier, in my opinion), but I thought (and still think) that Gabriel Aubry was a decent guy, a devoted father to Nahla, and probably tried to be a good partner to Halle. What Olivier Martinez did to Gabriel’s face – which was in many ways the source of Aubry’s income – was vicious and unforgivable. That Halle was nearby at the time and did nothing only suggests to me that she had been egging Olivier on and inciting him behind the scenes. She is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, but I do believe she is a man-hating, selfish, and cruelly unstable woman who will never maintain any relationship with a man – and every time a relationship fails, she will color the man as evil, violent, and a slacker after her money. But note that she NEVER picks a guy who is her professional or financial equal. Queen-bee/drone relationships – that seems to be all she is drawn to. What does she expect to come of such an imbalance?

      • notasugarhere says:

        +1 Lahdidahbaby. You summed it up beautifully.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        Well, David Justice’s career was in better shape than hers was when they were married.

      • Leah says:

        This isn’t to defend Halle her behaviour was awful in the Gabriel mess, but lets keep it real with the guys too.
        Pretty sure that Oliver dated Kylie when he was on the up and up and getting parts in hollywood. His situation was different back then. Men who were pretty when they were young and then loose their looks can find this as difficult as hollywood actresses. I don’t find it hard to think that an ageing french pretty boy may be insecure if his woman is more in demand. Its been mentioned before that Martinez is from a very traditional blue collar background so its certainly not completely farfetched that he thinks his natural place is as the breadwinner, the head of the family.
        Gabriel seems an ok guy but i wonder why he can’t work more. I still remember that his lawyer argued he needed all that money from Halle because he had to live in Los angeles and as model living in Los angeles was not good for his career. That is bullshit, one of the most commercially successful male models in the business, Noah Mills, lives in Los angeles and if he can do it why can’t Gabriel work? I hope for their kids sake Oliver doesnt go after Halle money too hard. If he doesnt i think they will divorce relatively drama free if he does she will loose her shit and it will be a long drawn out divorce battle.

      • Neah23 says:

        Two things, first when Olivier started dating Halle she was more In demand than he was so it wasn’t a problem then. It also did seem to be a problem when he asks her to marry him and she was doing movies and filming her show?

        Secondly You named one model successful model, New York is the place to be when modeling. Just like acting if your an A list actor they can live anywhere and have it not effect their career, but if your an B, C or lower listed actor you need live in LA to really get work. Gabriel was living in New York, but he moved to LA so he could get 50/50 custody of his daughter.

      • Leah says:

        Both Oliver and Halles career was on the downslide when they met arguably hers was always bigger than his. She will always be more famous. His career wasn’t always as bad as now though, back when he was dating Kylie he would have been on the up and up, at least if you go by his IMBD. Gabriel was named as one of the highest earning male models in 2012, he’s not the equivalent of a B or C actor.
        Anyway see @Dirty Martinis comment at the end of the page. She explains brilliantly how a man can be attracted to beautiful powerful women as an ego boost and still the very quality that attracted him becomes a problem if he isn’t as successful. Many famous women have spoken about this. I know Halle is very unlikeable but this bit still strikes me as somewhat true.

    • Betti says:

      I find it hard to believe he is intimated by women who are the breadwinners/more successful – he has a history of dating women who are more successful than he.

      • Leah says:

        Oliver was much more successful himself back when he dated those women.

      • Betti says:

        ^ A few maybe but both Kylie Minogue and Mira Sorvino were ‘bigger’ than him when they dated – he was known but not that well known.

    • herewego says:

      Maybe Halle is the douchebag.

      • Helena Havelock says:

        Maybe? I don’t believe there’s any doubt regarding her douchebaggery at this stage of the game.

  3. Pedro45 says:

    I think Halle Berry is absolutely incapable of having a drama-free Sunday brunch, much less a divorce.

    • snowflake says:


    • herewego says:

      Can’t stand this woman anymore.
      Still don’t get why some actually believe her pr crap and try to make excuses for her. She is a mess, and it’s so obvious, from her hit and runs leaving the scene, to her baby daddy, beat em up watching while jerk now husband pounded on his face.

      IMO Halle is a Head-case.

      • Cyn says:

        Actually Aubry didn’t ask for an increase in child support. Halle took him to court saying that he was unable to provide for Nahla in the manner that Nahla was accustomed to and that his home was not safe enough and Halle requested that the judge cut Aubry’s visitation. The judge said nope you can pay him more so that he can provide the things that you feel that your daughter requires that your ex cannot afford.

      • Alice too says:

        I rather suspect that:

        “Intimidated by her beauty and power” = Was constantly trying to make him jealous.

        “Not happy Berry was the breadwinner” = Because I have more money, I expected him to say “how high” every time I told him to jump and it ticked me off when he didn’t.

  4. Lama Bean says:

    That dress in the last picture though. Wow. (Not in a good way)

  5. vauvert says:

    So he is intimidated by her being the breadwinner… But he wants spousal as well as child support? Halle PR team, please apply logic. I understand you are trying to portray OM in as poor a light as possible, but surely you must see the gaping logic hole in this argument. If he were really bothered by all that power, beauty and cash coming her way, he wouldn’t want any of it (cash).

    • Tdub30 says:

      So you don’t think for him to take a big chunk of that money would fundamentally hurt her and make him feel better?

      • vauvert says:

        No. I think that a man who has a problem with “woman” money has a problem with it – period. He doesn’t want it no matter whether he is alone or with her to spend it.
        I think that Halle’s PR is trying too damn hard to paint him in a negative way, same way they have down with every breakup, demonize the guy once she is down with him. They should pick one script and stick with it, and choose the one that makes sense in light of his behaviour. If he asks for spousal support, (unlike GA who didn’t) then he is happy to take her money and I, for one, have a lot of trouble swallowing the “she is too beautiful and successful for him”. What, he left because having a gorgeous wife and too much money was more than he could handle? So now, not having the wife but having the money is manageable for him?
        I guess I just hate narratives that insult our intelligence. If she wants to say he was morose, drank too much wine and missed France, I can buy that. If she wants to say that he couldn’t get work and she felt she had to be the breadwinner, I can buy that too. But a contradiction in terms, no. And I am also not buying the violent temper argument because she knew full well his temper before they got married.

    • boredblond says:

      Evidently his gluten intolerance is only triggered by her bread 💰.

    • Sass says:

      Absolutely correct – if he was as offended by Halle being the breadwinner, he would not accept a penny of her dough. Bet he will, though!

  6. Tiffany says:

    What the hell was he thinking not focusing on what was left of his career to become a pawn in a unnecessary custody battle. Not only is his career crap, so is his rep in the media. How is he going to dig himself out of that hole.

    • notasugarhere says:

      “Unnecessary custody battle”? Are you completely unfamiliar with Berry’s behavior for the last 8 years regarding Gabriel Aubry? Martinez has seen how Berry has consistently tried to destroy Aubry.

      He sees he’s in the fight of his life – for his son. If he focused on career now, Berry would no doubt use it against him just like she used it against Gabriel. If Aubry didn’t work, she called him lazy. If he did work, he wasn’t a good father because he was a away from Nahla.

    • Truthful says:

      Olivier Martinez invested his money in several successful food and wine companies a while ago since then he has been working less and less

    • Tiffany says:

      @ Sugar. I was referring to the Berry/Aubry custody battle. He was the pawn in that one.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Makes more sense. I agree, Martinez was the willing pawn in Berry’s planned beatdown of Aubry.

  7. Sochan says:

    Who did he think she was when he starting dating her??

    I really think they didn’t intend to have a baby together. I think Halle was genuinely super happy that it happened, but I don’t think Olivier intended to ever be married to this woman.

    • original kay says:

      “Who did he think she was when he starting dating her??”


      when people show you who they are, believe them.

    • someone says:

      I still believe she did IVF so not sure how surprised they could have been, unless they didn’t think the IVF would work.

    • Leah says:

      I disagree, he seemed to enjoy being around Nahla. I totally think by being around Halle and her child he wanted a family.

    • FingerBinger says:

      @Sochan That was planned pregnancy. Halle had problems getting pregnant with her first kid. The second one wasn’t a surprise. I’ll agree they most likely had no intention of getting married.

      • herewego says:

        A Hollywood doctor said it was most likely IVF and he said a lot of these actresses have been lieing to the public, the ones mainly past 42 or so. Not that it’s not possible because my family is fertile into the 50’s with two 50’s babies born in our history, but he just said he felt Halle lied or didn’t tell the exact truth on the pregnancy.

      • Sochan says:

        @ FingerBinger

        Okay, fair enough. I guess I was just going by what HB said (and I probably misunderstood) that she was very surprised and never thought that it could happen again. There was something about the wording that gave me the distinct feeling it was unplanned and that had thought her body was done being able to make a baby. Also, it just shocks me to think that she and Olivier planned a child/life together when they are broken up so soon.

      • notasugarhere says:

        I think Berry stressed that is was “all-natural” as a PR move and it wasn’t necessarily true. Kate Winslet insisted her first labor was “all-natural” and was outed later as a cesarean.

  8. Dena says:

    It’s too bad people can’t divorce and fall out of love and lust with the same sweetness that they fall into that state.

  9. swack says:

    Could someone explain to me if there is no mention of spousal support in the prenup then why can’t he go after it? If I was doing a prenup then I would specifically state that NO ONE would receive spousal support if there were a divorce. Maybe it is in the prenup that way – I don’t know. I know nothing of prenups.

    • vauvert says:

      The prenup states NO spousal support. he is trying to put aside the prenup.

    • Alice too says:

      The fact they got married in France might actually come into play with this. They don’t have pre-nups as such and the “marriage contracts” they do have don’t preclude spousal support.

  10. Greenieweenie says:

    Since Olivier dates women who are massively more successful than he is, I find it difficult to believe that he has a problem with his wife being a breadwinner

    • Hannah says:

      Meh.Look at Chris Martin when he dated Paltrow and Lawrence he would rather hide in a dumpster than having his picture taken with them.
      Now that he’s dating a fairly unknown actress he is dancing in the street, and making out in front of the paparazzi. Just because a man dated a famous woman doesn’t automatically convince me isn’t intimated on some level. Peopl thought Martin was so private turns was weary that his very famous partners would overshadow him.

      • Neah23 says:

        In his relationship with Lawrence it could be that she was the one that wanted the relationship to be on the DL and he was willing to be open about it. He’s more open with his co parent relationship/ friendship with Goop now then he was when they were married.

      • Jayna says:

        Chris wouldn’t be photographed with his wife during their marriage, all his doing. Now Chris Martin is in the middle of a midlife crisis. His version, in his late 30s. All of this being papped and PDA is odd. And now that he and his wife are over, let’s not forget suddenly they are seen a lot together, when he was so private before. It’s like he’s loosened up.
        I also have a feeling Jennifer dumped him and his PDA has an ulterior motive with that new girl he’s with.

        The same with Matt Bellamy. Jeez, He and his new Blurred Lines girl need to get a room. I’ve never seen so many photos of him all luved up. Back in the day you never saw this with him. I think it’s some midlife crisis too, another late 30s crisis.

      • Hannah says:

        Goop is on record as saying he wanted them to be private. It was very much his idea. She’s was fine with being photographed with previous boyfriends, it’s only With Martin that everything became super private, she said she was not allowed to talk about him etc. They never arrived or left together.

        Since Lawrence had no problems being photographed with Nicholas Hoult it doesn’t seem like she’s the blueprint here.

        I just get the feeling he has a huge ego and is one of those insecure nice guys.
        People always blame the woman, I see a lot of people saying that Wallis is publicity hungry but let’s face it if Martin didn’t want to be seen with her he wouldn’t be. He managed to not be seen with the most famous actress at the moment for a whole year. All of a sudden he’s being papped all over the shop with the relatively unknown Wallis. This isn’t a coincidence.

      • Jenjen says:

        Martin has a massive ego. He seems controlling. Women just prefer to hate on icequeen Paltrow. He was cast as the good guy who didn’t get to eat burgers everyday. IMHO.

    • Holmes says:

      Precisely. I notice he has no problem with this disparity when he agreed to marry her. What a contemptible dolt.

      • notasugarhere says:

        I think a big part of the marriage was him securing rights to their child. He saw what she did (and continues to do) to Aubry and he wanted to make sure his name was on the birth certificate. In California, the husband’s name is automatically put on the birth certificate iirc.

  11. Montrealise says:

    I wish Halle’s PR team would stop with their nonsense. She wants to resolve the divorce amicably? Please. Anyone who wants an amicable agreement does not hire a lawyer who has a reputation for going nuclear on the other party. The only clear signal across the bow that this sends is that Olivier is about to become Aubry 2.0.

  12. G says:

    It’s really the only publicity she has at this point. She doesn’t garner this much attention for say a movie she’s been in. Like Oliver didn’t already know she was the bigger draw in this coupling? Whatever.

  13. Kitty says:

    Well, unlike most of you here, I am not a Halle hater. In fact, I feel kind of sorry for her. To be beautiful, rich and famous does not mean she is exempt from loneliness, a lost sense of self and negative energy. When she’s not being abused in her relationships, then she’s fighting against things in what seems to be an abusive way. And let’s face it, Oliver isn’t a saint by any stretch of the imagination, either.

    Therefore I’ll say that I hope things don’t get too nasty for the sake of Nahla and Maceo and I’ll leave it at that.

    • Leah says:

      I am not a fan of either but it seems odd to me that commentators are now almost taking Olivers side. It seems as if commentators hate Halle so much they’ll even take a guy who is prone to violent outburst over her.

      • KB says:

        I think that’s because Olivier’s camp isn’t leaking things to make him look like the victim. She’s so predictable. They’re both awful.

      • Jenjen says:

        So leaking stuff is worse than beating someone up? Geez!! 😳

    • Holmes says:

      “To be beautiful, rich and famous does not mean she is exempt from loneliness, a lost sense of self and negative energy.” Very true. It also doesn’t exempt her from being an a$$hole, though. I think that’s everyone’s issue with her here.

  14. BarbieDoll says:

    I’m not a fan either, but if I had her relationship problems I would probably choose a sperm bank and never marry (my choice).

  15. karen2 says:

    …Im genuinely shocked by that photo of the 2 of them walking around together…both look like being together has worn them down & out….sheesh…

  16. Dirty Martini says:

    My comment about the relationship and him wanting her money, and whether or not it was a turn on or turn off is this:

    Its a conundrum. My read is this: A man’s ego is initially FED when he can attract such a successful woman…….he reasons she could have anyone because she’s successful, and she chose him, so yeah–its a rush. ANd of course you have the bloom of new romance going on…..AT FIRST.

    But then the relationship progresses. The real world kicks in. And what made her successful is then part of their lifestyle. ANd his previously bolstered ego takes a hit because it isn’t him driving that lifestyle. She’s powerful, and most powerful woman don’t have the time or inclination to continually fed some guys ego….shes got work and business to do.

    ANd he gets resentful of being second fiddle to her power. The original ego boost is long gone–in fact he feels like a pawn or one of her employees.

    • Leah says:

      Great comment!

      • Dirty Martini says:

        Lets just say I’ve been there. Obviously and of course not in the same league as Halle Berry, haha. But I had a VERY successful executive career……..and there is more than one ex Mr Dirty Martini. And a couple of prenups.

        I know of which I speak. Unfortunately.