Jennifer Lawrence works so much that she’s ‘aging like a president’

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence knows how to take a breather from the spotlight, but she’s fixing to be everywhere for at least the rest of the year. If she receives her presumed Oscar nomination for Joy, then she’ll be in our faces for a few more months. I’m excited not only to see her but also see a bit of Internet implosion. JLaw makes an impression whether people like to admit it or not.

These are photos of Jennifer with Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth at the Grauman’s Chinese Theater hand (and foot) print ceremony. She was not wearing Dior! JLaw’s outfit was A.L.C. with a snug white shirt atop an asymmetrical flared skirt. This was sort of dressy casual, and I liked it. In addition, Jennifer didn’t have to worry about flashing the world when she bent over. Good call. While on the red carpet, she spoke with People about a lot of stuff including her op-ed about pay disparity between men and women:

On her equal pay essay: “I would love to straighten up that I wasn’t writing about not making as much as my male co-stars, as complaining about that I wasn’t getting paid more because I’m a woman.”

On fame: “Your entire world changes. Now it’s very easy for me because I’m isolated. I have a new normal now. I feel very stable, and normal, and happy, but it took a few years to get used to being looked at differently. It’s kind of an alienating feeling. You don’t feel different but everyone reacts to you differently. It was a few years of getting used to it. Then it was ‘OK, let’s get back to work’ and people react and can do whatever they want. That’s fine and it’s on them. I have a job. That’s how I think of it.”

She can’t take time off: “I remember there have been a few times where I would have loved time off. But I was very aware of how overwhelming these movies and this character was, and that was a big fear of mine signing on to these movies. I want people to be able to lose themselves when they’re watching a movie and not see the same character. I try to keep working so people can see other characters and other things I can do instead of taking vacation time, and now I’m aging like a president. I hate waking up without a goal or going to sleep without achieving nothing.”

[Via People& NDTV]

She’s talked about fame before and how she had difficulty coping despite knowing that she could potentially reach a Twilight level of insanity. But JLaw learned how to disappear and make the best of things. As for aging like a president? This is a harmless joke, but some will likely take offense. I completely understand what she’s saying though. Lack of sleep feels terrible if that’s what she’s dealing with. Granted, she’s making many millions of dollars, so JLaw isn’t like one of us peasants who work the same amount of hours for normal-people lives. I admit accepting this statement from Jennifer because she’s one of my favorites. Is she complaining, or was this just an offhand comment?

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

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  1. Esteph says:

    I like her a lot, but I am not looking forward to her being in my face all the time

    • Jules says:

      I am over her and her flat acting………….

      • jamie says:

        I’m SO GLAD I’m not the only one who thinks her acting is flat. Its so odd to me, she seems so animated in person but her acting sucks.

      • WinnieCoopersMom says:

        Thank you. I recently saw the preview for Joy and the movie looks really dumb and pointless. On top of that, it’s like the same character as SLP and American Hustle. She needs something different than the “young, struggling female” role. I liked her in Winter’s Bone the most.

    • ... says:

      I don’t care for her as an actor, and don’t really love the things she has to say in interviews. The Cool Girl gimmick is unlikeable to me.

      • Helo says:

        @Jules and …says: Inmho, I think Jennifer Lawrence has more than proven her talent and range and has the critical acclaim on her side as well long before she became a household name.

        I am however, very interested to see the kinds of roles she will play now that the franchise films are over.

    • Korra says:

      Yeah. She’s fine it’s the adoration for her that goes way over the top. I’m much more excited for her post franchises phase of her career. There are some interesting projects.

      Anyways her outfit looks phenomenal here.

      • Helo says:

        @Korra: Regarding new projects, I like the prospect of Lawrence working with Darren Aronofsky.

        Of all the projects she has in the pipeline, the Aronofsky film, It’s What I Do with Spielberg, the comedy with Amy Schumer and Red Sparrow are the ones that sound very promising.

    • Caro_ says:


      Of all the Jennifer’s that have been in my face, I would much rather she be the Jennifer than the other ones…especially the one who has been in my face for what seems like a century, with no discernible talent and her sad sack personal life.

      When Lawrence goes on Oprah and starts begging me to love her because she went thru a breakup, then she can gtfo, until then I don’t mind her.

      She’s trying to say important things and use her position to affect change. It would be awesome at 47 if she was doing that, the fact that she’s doing it at 24 is great.

      THAT said, and to be completely superficial and talk about hair like that other much lamer older Jennifer has for 60 years: the white blonde does nothing for J-law’s complexion.

      Maybe it’s for a film.

  2. Abbott says:

    *dusty Dorito fart*

  3. Pandy says:

    I get her comment about ageing, but I’m not sure I want to constantly see her in movies. Especially when she’s playing a 45 yo. That’s totally misplaced casting.

    • V4Real says:

      This reminds me of President Obama. He went into his role as POTUS with minimal gray hair. At about six months or more into his presidency he had a full head of grays.

      • KB says:

        GW aged a lot too during his 8 years as well. I think Obama’s aging is most noticeable because he looked so youthful when he took office.

  4. ali.hanlon says:

    Great! Soon she will be believable playing all those older roles!!!

  5. Jules says:

    Love the outfit on Lawrence!. Gorgeous!.

    I’m looking forward to Mockingjay…love these three and their friendship.

  6. FingerBinger says:

    In 5 years she won’t be in demand like she is now. She should work as much as she can.

  7. smcollins says:

    I like her, too. I know she has her fair share of detractors, but I find her harmless. And I agree that the “aging like a president” comment was nothing more than a throw-away joke, but you know there are going to be those who will use it to throw around the negativity and bash her. More power to them, I guess.

  8. Rachel says:

    Is that quote correct? “Without achieving nothing”???

  9. ... says:

    I always think the opposite when I see a picture of her; she doesn’t even have any fine lines on her face! Compare her skin to Emma Watson’s or someone else her age. She’s aging very well.

    I wonder if she’s the type to get botox or if she’s too ‘down-to-earth’ for that.

    • hmph says:

      She may not have any lines but I have always found her face to be weirdly puffy and looking very post op/post nose job because her mouth and nose area looks strange, plus her puffy/bloated looking cheeks. It’s hard to tell with fine lines and things when they wear make up because a good primer takes away all the fine lines.
      She sort of looks like Renee Z minus the charm and twinkle in her eyes that Renee has (or had).

    • danielle says:

      Emma Watson’s skin is flawless, and she definitely looks younger than Jennifer.

      • ... says:

        I just meant because Emma has a lot of lines on her face. She still looks gorgeous and really young, just her skin is aging very differently than JLaw’s. I was just surprised to hear Lawrence say she’s aging rapidly because… she’s not.

  10. Marty says:

    Is it just me or does her face look kinda different? Not bad, just a little different.

  11. Loulou says:

    Why would anyone get offended by that joke? Jesus.

    • Jules says:

      Exactly!…I mean, seriously?. I get it, the age progression from first year to the last in office. I think a person might have to be extremely uptight to get offended by a harmless joke. Lighten up.

    • lucy2 says:

      I know, I wondered that myself. People are weird.

  12. mkyarwood says:

    … ‘without achieving nothing’!? Am I the only one seeing that and being irked by it? I know the joke she’s making, because Presidents do seem to age a lot in office — but they’re often there for close to a decade. That’s what happens when ten years pass.

    • Korra says:

      It’s a harmless throw away comment. I doubt her accomplishing nothing is related to the comment about ageing like a president. She just wants to be productive, that’s where she is in her life. Work comes first. Which I can completely understand.

      But to be honest….. I also am amused at these high profile Hollywood actors and what counts as a productive day for them. That’s really mean and I would probably hate their jobs but….really.

    • Hawkeye says:

      “… without achieving nothing” when she meant “not achieving something/anything” irked me too. I’m one of those people. =P

  13. Helo says:

    Or, quoted incorrectly perhaps?. I first read the quote in (God help me) the Daily Mail/Fail so…perhaps she was quoted incorrectly.

  14. Jbap says:

    I think ‘ageing like a president’ is a good, sharp one-liner. I struggle to see how it could be viewed in any way as offensive, even by her detractors who tend to be absolutely desperate to find fault with her, in the face of all the available evidence.

  15. TopCat says:

    I absolutely love Jennifer.

    She’s talented, beautiful, funny, kind and she is herself. As far as I’m concerned she breaks the mould when it comes to female starlets and she is paving the way for huge Hollywood change. She refused to lose weight for her role as Katniss and she speaks about women’s rights in Hollywood plus she is just a fun, happy person.

    I am a huge fan of her as a person really and I wish her every success in Hollywood. She is definitely a role model for women. Reach for the stars, share your opinions and most importantly, enjoy it!

    • Lou says:

      Katniss was supposed to be a starving kid who barely could feed herself and her family. I don’t think it was particularly ‘brave’ for Jennifer to ‘refuse’ to put in some work to fit an important aspect of the story. I remember seeing the first movie and rolling my eyes at how fit, healthy and able to beat Peeta’s and probably Gale’s ass if she had to. It was so unbelievable.

      She’s not any different from a lot of starlets. She’s just treated differently because the internet decided (for the most part) that she’s acceptable to like. She plays on the whole unfiltered thing because it worked for her in the beginning. I suspect even she must get sick of having to play Goofy Jen all the time…. we can see from her letter that she isn’t always herself.

  16. cat says:

    I find her exhausting, somewhat likable, but utterly exhausting. I have friends like her, and I can only take them in super small doses. Like most “American Sweethearts”, Jennifer is not as cute, funny or talent, as she is rumored to be. I hope she never receives to black lash so many “America Sweethearts” before her have received.

  17. danielle says:

    Her face looks a little weird.

  18. JoJo says:

    “I hate going to sleep … without achieving nothing.” K.

  19. Mrs Odie says:

    I’ll never understand why they cast Frodo Baggins to play Peta in The Hunger Games.

    Did his agent have something on the casting director?