Octomom denies reality show, minimizes hospitalized baby


Nadya Suleman has no interest in being famous. That’s right – there is nothing she’d like more than to fade into the background and never be heard from again. Or at least that’s what she claims in a recent suck-uppy chat with Life & Style. In the interview – done this past Saturday – Nadya also claims that she’s not doing a reality show, despite saying in an exclusive upcoming interview with In Touch that a show is indeed in the works.

Octomom’s always had a loose relationship with the truth, so it’s no surprise that “no” really means “yes.” Nonetheless, the Life & Style piece is somewhat interesting because she describes the birth of her kids, along with telling us how she’s not at all the person the media has made her out to be.

Nadya Suleman’s home in La Habra, Calif., should be a scene of chaos, yet when Life & Style arrived on April 4, things were quiet and serene. Nadya seemed less concerned with her appearance than spending time with her kids. “This is who I am,” Nadya says. “There are so many lies out there, and they’re all just so different from the person I really am.” Here, in her first extensive print interview, Nadya finally sets the record straight for Life & Style.

L&S: You’ve never talked about the birth itself. What did it feel like to give birth to eight babies?
Nadya: It was extraordinarily painful. With that many babies, it feels like your insides are being torn apart. The babies were ripping apart my organs. Afterward, people thought I went into hiding. I wasn’t in hiding — I was in pain. I could hardly move.

L&S: Did you ever dream of having a family the traditional way?
Nadya: No. I was married at one point, but it didn’t work out. I decided to go on my reproductive journey alone. But people think I just woke up one day and decided to start a family. I’ve been trying to have kids since I was 19 years old! I’m 33 now. I’d just been saving my money. I was a psychiatric technician — almost every day I was working 16-hour days. For years, I worked non-stop until I saved for the first four in vitros.

L&S: How did you approach the babies’ father to donate the sperm?
Nadya: Years ago, I said, “Hypothetically speaking, would you ever help a friend have children?” He said he would. And I said, “Then help me.” And he did. I kept going back to him, and year after year, he kept helping me. He was upset when I did it again. He said the same thing everyone else did: “You have six beautiful children — why do you want more?”

L&S: Baby No. 8, Jonah, is still at Kaiser Permanente Hospital waiting to be released. What’s wrong?
Nadya: He has a little cleft on his lip. But it’s not a big deal. It’s cosmetic. Eventually, they can close it. Jonah won’t be coming home until he gains a little weight. He’s only 4 pounds but he’s growing bigger and stronger every day.

L&S: Are you going to do a reality show?
Nadya: Absolutely not! I have no interest in being famous. I’d love to vanish from the public eye as soon as I can.

[From Life & Style Weekly]

Nadya says two contradictory things about Jonah. Her first reply to “what’s wrong” – i.e. what’s keeping him from being released from the hospital – is that he has a little cleft on his lip which isn’t serious. But then she says he’s only 4 pounds. Which is a big deal, and has been the reason given thus far. But she’s got 7 other kids, so why worry about one? Something tells me nothing that ever happens to any of the kids will be a “big deal,” because none of them will be able to get much attention.

The reality show is obviously happening. In Touch’s editor confirmed that Nadya said so. I wish an interviewer would ask Nadya about all of her inconsistent statements, one by one. She had to explain her claims of never being on welfare a long time ago, but since then she’s told a bunch of different lies (not stripper, anyone?), and I’d love to hear how she accounts for them.

While I don’t want to reward Octomom for what she’s done, and don’t want to encourage her famewh*ring, I do want her to be able to support her children on her own. I wish there was a way to do it that wouldn’t bring her so much attention and satisfaction. A reality show just feeds into her issues. But I doubt we can make her work in a mine, so this’ll have to do.

Here’s Nadya running errands on March 12th. Images thanks to Mavrix.

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  1. Belle Epoch says:

    I don’t understand why this woman has not been sued for all her fraudulent money activities – everything from defaulting on student loans to the parents “divorcing” so they can deliberately put the grandma’s house into foreclosure – there are so many scams operating here. Can she get away with all of them? While the rest of us play by the rules?

  2. Jen says:

    Wait, is she saying she delivered those babies naturally?! There’s no way that can be true…

  3. kiki says:

    why did’nt someone down her crazyroad ever say NO to her?
    her parents
    her sperm donor
    the Drs who helped knock her up with 6 kids
    the Dr who help knocked her up with 8 kids
    the welfare system
    its rickDicklous
    she is a scammer and will be for the rest of her life

  4. amanda says:

    Jen ~ No she did not deliver them naturally but c-sections can be painful too although you are numbed you can still feel the pressure of them pulling the baby/babies out of the uterus. Also the week or so afterward is SOOO painful and that was my experience with just one 11 pound 4 ounce baby couldn’t imagine 8 of them

  5. tasteT says:

    @Amanda, aaawww, a 11lb baby! I bet her or she was a cute chubby lil sugar lump!!

    I am not going to get all evil today in reference to the OctoPussy mom…BUT

    All the saving in the world cannot cover the costs of six kids..she did not work that long, because she is not that old. Heck, she spent more time on disability than employed. (Dr Phil pointed this out and he told her she was not even making 30,000 a yr)that’s
    when she started over talking him and saying she is going back to school to get another degree and he told her in Social work she would be lucky if she made 60 a yr for 14 kids..she then shut up.

    She lies, sooo much and I wish she would disappear, she reminds me of some kind of Frankenstein monster lady-fresh out of a botched plastic surgery..

    all of that damn lying is a sign of craziness..SMDH

  6. tasteT says:

    meant HE or SHE….

  7. Mel says:

    Nadya can’t control how fast the baby gains weight! Why try to make it look like something serious is wrong? For all eight premie newborn octuplets to survive at all is a miracle and proof that Nadya and the hospital have done their jobs well.

  8. Codzilla says:

    Amanda: 11 lbs! And I thought I was a badass for delivering my 8.5 pound son (with another 8 pounder two years later). My hat goes off to you, my dear.

  9. K.L. says:

    Uggh, I’m 30 weeks along and the idea that my daughter might possibly be 11 pounds scares the bejeezus out of me. In other news, I hate this crazy b—h the more I hear about what come out of her clown mouth.

  10. Trillion says:

    Jen, it’s strange the way she answered that. I think any normal person would indicate in their response that they delivered by C-section. Although that’s obvious to some of us females, it still seems she should’ve included that in her response.

  11. Pookie BD says:

    OctoMom is a complete psycho! She is not in touch with reality.

  12. Lem says:

    Jaybird she has 13 other kids!

    we’ve learned by now if and when she denies something, then said thing was the truth.

  13. Lem says:

    you’d think for public perceptions sake if nothing else, she’d grab a child or two or 12 to run all these errands.
    she runs ALOT of errands

  14. OXA says:

    Why is she coming out of Banco Popular?
    That seems odd to me that she would be doing business there.

  15. the original kate says:

    “I have no interest in being famous. I’d love to vanish from the public eye as soon as I can.”

    okay, is there anyone in america who believes this?! god, she truly is delusional.

  16. Corina says:

    Apparently when she was on the radio last week (Big Boy’s morning show) she was on her blue tooth while driving the kids to school. Everyone says she wasn’t even getting paid to do that interview, so she was just on the air…to be on the air. I’m sure her kids don’t mind that mommy is talking to radio people instead of giving them a precious second of her time while driving them to school. I feel so bad for those children!

  17. Jen B says:

    I think the best way to help the kids would be to set up 529 college accounts in their names and theirs only. That way the greedy cow can’t get her hands on the money, and the kids will have money to escape from her and go to college. That’s the only thing I could think of that would help them without helping her as much.

  18. amanda says:

    TasteT & Codzilla

    Thank you!!! Well I didn’t naturally deliver her so if you pushed an 8 pounder your prolly more a badass than me although after the c-section I was wishing like Hell I would’ve tried cause those suck!!!! Yes she was such a chunk, she’s 5 months old and already 20.8 pounds lol

  19. nanster says:

    I think giving Octopussy her own reality show is a great idea – that way, people will tire of her quickly and she’ll fade into obscurity like she was meant to do.

  20. fridak65 says:

    I am going to assume all of you who are bashing this woman do not have any children. Sure what she has done is wrong in so many ways BUT there are children involved and you may as well direct these comments to them by being hateful about this situation. Her children will be aware of all that has been said about their mother in the near future. That is really quite sad.

  21. Lem says:

    Dear Octochildren all 14 of you,
    Your mother is a psycho nut job who knowingly brought you into this world. One by one, then as she became more delusional or just greedy (hard to tell with a pathological liar)a set of twins and lastly you poor quads. Your dumbass mother brought you into this world not by some accident. There was no condom breakage no cup slippage. No, if fact she paid for you. Bought you fair and square. Now I don’t want to you blame each other. Even though you mother had no job, no job prospect and no money it is not your fault. Despite the fact that the first 6 of you were shuffled from house to house while they were being foreclosed upon, it is not your fault. Your whack job of a mother could have spent the money to feed and cloth you but instead she spent your lunch money on plastic surgery and lipstick for her new lips. Have no fear children mommy had a plan. The state of California just wasn’t paying enough to cover all your specialized need let alone Starbucks. So she needed more of you. Dear sextuplets try not to feel so sad when you are completely ignored and raised by volunteers. America wants to help you. We want to make sure you have diapers and formula and clean sheets to lay in but alas, we cannot sent you money you see. Your mother is a fame wh*re. She will spend the money we send on fancy clothes (for herself) and designer glasses and designer coffee and oh well I’m sure you’ve noticed your mother’s pretty pretty fingers and toenails. I’m sure financially you children have hit the mother load what with your mother’s load … However emotionally, mentally I sincerely hope you each take on a special friends mother or father who can help steer you on a decent moral path. It sounds as though Granny may be around but she and you mom don’t get along so well. This is not your fault as it seems they are both a bit loony. I hope you get to meet your grandfather. I hear he is headed to a war zone so that he may better provide for you. You see your bat-sh-crazy mother thought it would be a good idea to leave him in the dark as to the arrival of each of you and well somebody has to work 14 mouths + all your help is a lot to feed.
    Dear Octochildren all 14 of you,
    If you are aware. If you are reading a gossip site. Go find an adult! Please know, you are just children, we mean you no harm but that mother of yours will cause you lots of harm. For she dear children is a fookin nut!

  22. Lem says:

    Ps your father lives nearby and apparently ‘is a great father’ I’d hunt his ass down if I were you. Because you have some more sibling out there and maybe just maybe their mommy will help you.

  23. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    Lem, by quads, you mean two sets of quads, right?

    I can’t freaking stand this woman. WHY is she always out by herself running errands??? She has so much help she’s almost ever seen with her kids. Lucky gal.

  24. morgs says:

    Awesome Lem!!!!!

  25. Aquarius says:

    Is it me, or does her face look waxy on the cover of Life & Style? At first, I thought it was a drawing; just struck me as an odd image for the cover, photo editing aside.

  26. Lem says:

    anastasia; good catch. double quads. better make my sextuplets octuplets lol. Sorry kids I lost a few of you.
    I know I’d lose a few children regularly if I had that many.

  27. tasteT says:

    @Amanda, you still did good 🙂

    @Lem, PERFECTLY WRITTEN, Thank you!!!

    If PEOPLE REALLY cared about the kids they would PRAY that Children Srvcs removes them. There are plenty of couples that have the time and money for children–her disability was probably runnning out and she thought if i can get money for about 4 or 5 more hmmm

    HAVING kids has nothing to do with anything, I know one thing this dizzy psycho monster does not need any.

    Take her litter away, so they will have a fair chance PLEASE!!

    ps. Trust me kids are already teasing them in school.

    Even if the kids are adopted out, her parents are the ones dogged out, they will never get back any of the money or years they wasted back from her lying sneaky behind! Too bad her parents did not sue the quack doctor.

  28. Duggie of SoCal says:

    For those who wish to boycott the producers and sponsers of this reality show, add your signature to the website http://www.thepetitionsite.com. Type in the keyword Nadya Suleman and you will see dozens of petitions to boycott anything Octomom.

  29. raunnie says:

    I read a quote in readers digest that says “Mother is a verb not a noun.” It is what you do to raise your children as a mother that makes you a mother, not the fact that you can shit out kids.

  30. Carrie says:

    What in God’s name is a “psychiatric technician”, which 888 claims to have been for years. Is that fancy-speak for nut-job?