Taylor Swift may have ejected Kendall Jenner from the squad but Kendall’s fine

Taylor Swift’s squad is full of drama, secrets and (likely) petty grievances. I used to have a tight girl-squad in my late teens/early 20s, so I know how it goes. It’s not sexist to say that the bigger the group of girlfriends, the bigger the drama – that’s just stating a fact, especially with women that age. Most of Swift’s girlfriends are in their late teens or early 20s too. They date the same guys, they wear the same clothes, they all must pray to the Goddess of Cats, and the goddess’s minion on earth, Olivia Benson.

There are some girls closer to the Swift inner-circle, who will always be part of the “core” squad, like Karlie Kloss, Lorde and Ed Sheeran. Some of the ladies are more on the outer fringes of the squad, like Cara Delevingne. And maybe Kendall Jenner? Kendall and Taylor have never seemed all that tight, honestly. Kendall is more a friend-of-a-friend than anything else to Swifty. So is this squad feud really all that surprising?

Taylor Swift left a restaurant Monday night, which is no big deal … but the restaurant was just a block or so up the street from the place where her Kendall Jenner was throwing a birthday bash, and Taylor was nowhere to be seen.

Swifty was at The Little Door, which is very close to The Nice Guy, where the party was held. Taylor and Kendall definitely run in the same squads — they’ve hung out backstage at Taylor’s shows — but there were stories their friendship imploded over their relationships with Harry Styles. It’s interesting … Gigi Hadid, one of Taylor’s close friends, was at Kendall’s party.

[From TMZ]

Fascinating. Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles? Did that really happen? I know Gigi was with that Jonas Brother who broke Swifty’s fragile little heart (although, BREAKING NEWS, Gigi and Joe Jonas just broke up). Anyway, it wouldn’t surprise me if there were cracks in the squad structure. And poor Gigi Hadid has to choose! Surprisingly, Gigi is sticking with Kendall, and Cara Delevingne seems to be sticking with Kendall too. Cara got Kendall a cake for her birthday this week, and Gigi and Kendall have booked the Victoria’s Secret runway show. #squadfissures



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  1. Loopy says:

    And middle school all over again.smh

    • John says:

      Everyone knows that Kendall and Gigi are thick as thieves. Cara also rolls with that crowd. Those three are all way more loyal to each other than to Tay-Tay. Why? Because those 3 have no real skill other than standing straight up. At least Swifty attempts to make music, and she’s hot doing it. She’s better friends with Selena. Oh well.., back to work.

  2. Allie says:

    Kendall and Harry were rumored years ago but I think they were more of a casual hookup. If that, because I see rumors all the time that Kendall is gay.

    Can we please talk about Jordan Dunn getting kicked off the VS show and being replaced by Kendall? I’m so embarrassed for VS and everyone else who cares more about internet popularity than real talent.

    • knower says:

      They desperately need young people to keep watching the VS fashion show. If they put Kendall and Gigi in it, they are more likely to pull in the 18-30 demographic that they both appeal to (who would otherwise not waste their time, frankly – live TV is becoming old school). That demographic is the one that matters most to VS. It’s funny cause most people 20-30yo like myself are cord-cutters. We don’t have cable, we watch everything online – and I mean EVERYTHING. If we can’t get it the normal way we find another way. VS fashion show is in major trouble if they don’t accommodate that change in the future…

      Kendall is SUCH a pain jane. Model body, boring face. Gigi reminds me much more of a future supermodel than Kendall. She’s got it in her genes, literally!

      When it comes to Harry Styles, Kendall I feel sure….likes women. She pings for me HARD. Gigi pings a bit too….actually. PMK links Kendall to all these random guys and then I heard next season her questioning her sexuality will be A PLOTLINE. Figures. And I never trust Taylor’s romances, pretty sure she beards in exchange for song fodder. Harry Styles being one of those situations……..

    • The Eternal Side-Eye says:


      Okay I was completely ambivalent to Kendall doing VS before but now I’m pissed.


    • BunnyBear says:

      YES!!!!! That was suuuuch a lame move on VS part.
      Apparently Rihanna turned down performing in part to support Jordan!!

      • knower says:

        @BunnyBear – omg, that’s wondeful, go RiRi!

        Yea I noticed the Swift Squad swooped in to “save the day” – talking about Ellie Goulding and Ed Sheeran. It sure helps their careers to be under Swift’s friendsurance plan. I met Ellie Goulding in 2011 before she was super famous. Not only was she terrible live (all those beautiful nuances/tones/vocalizations she makes with her voice don’t translate well live…….) but she was a bit mean to the 50 fans she was playing to at this small venue. Sucks cause I love her music!

      • Lara says:

        Isn’t it the other way round? That Jourdan wouldn’t walk because Ri wasn’t doing the show?

    • Franca says:

      Jourdan is a better model than Kendall, but I wouldn’t call amy of them as having “real talent”.

    • Hannah says:

      Oh that’s pathetic. Jourdan is a much better model then most of these girls , I guess she doesn’t have the celebrity connections of Kendall. Cara and Gigi. Jourdan is just a working class girl from London.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Jourdan getting replaced by K is CRAZY!

    • Ayra. says:

      nothing like replacing Jourdan with the modeling world’s poster kids for nepotism. I’m actually annoyed, has anyone SEEN Gigi’s walk?

  3. Abbott says:

    Maybe Kendall didn’t want to be dragged around like an accessory?

    • claire says:

      Or maybe Taylor wasn’t in the mood to go to a party or didn’t have the time. lol.

    • Sea Dragon says:

      You mean the way her Pimp Mom has treated her since she was born?

    • Gatita says:

      Seriously. I can’t figure out why ANYONE would want to be part of the squad and play second fiddle/minor appendage to TS. It makes no sense to me.

    • iheartgossip says:

      You are so right. And, it’s difficult for me to stick up for any of the KarKenners. I’m sure the rules are STRICT to be a part of Tay-Tay’s butterscotch crowd.

  4. Tacos and TV says:

    I prefer Kendall over Kylie (I know, off topic) and I am happy if Taylor Swift Bangs loses her “girl squad”. I wish I had the power to dismantle it because… I think I’ve made it clear, she grates me nerves!!!

  5. The Eternal Side-Eye says:

    On the island of thin hungry girls only Taylor may reign supreme.

    Swim! Swim dear Kendall! Back to Kardashian Island and the mishapen embrace of your sister’s pillowy butts.

    Kardashian Island, where you can check out anytime you want but you can never leave.

  6. TessD says:

    I feel so sad for these women. This is not friendship. It’s an exercise in meanness. When I was a teenager and young adult, I remember having a few close girlfriends and we were real friends. We had our fights and what-did-she-saids but I never felt like I was in the midst of an wasp hive.

  7. StoryBrook says:


    • Pandy says:

      Right? Kendall and Gigi had the same pampered Hwood upbringing. I’m sure they’ve been on the party circuit together for years – while Taylor was still country lol. And does anyone watch the VS shows anymore? Ill-fitting bras and undies and silly wings. Big whoop.

  8. Bridget says:

    When you step back for a moment, isn’t it amazing that this is actually a thing?

  9. J says:

    I just keep thinking about Adele’s comment in Rollingstone about squads and that hers is not filled with supermodels. I have always found Taylor’s antics both ridiculous and entertaining but with Adele coming back she is looking more high schoolish than ever before.

    • knower says:

      I LOVED Adele’s comment about that. So perfect.

    • Ib says:

      And Adele and swifty are about the same age. Is that crazy? Such a difference between the two of them. If Adele had been around the last few years Taylor swifts life and supremacy would look (not completely) but significantly different I think. Taylor has Adele to be grateful for, for that.

  10. Rainbow says:

    I am not a fan of Kendall for sure, but If I were at their age i would take Kendall’s squad (Gigi, Cara Delevigne) instead of Taylor’s (karlie kloss, Ed Sheeran) anyday. At least they seem fun and would party instead of baking cookies and wearing ugly sweaters.

  11. sherry says:

    Cara looks so young in that photo. Wow!

  12. Arock says:

    Taylor swift is mad Adelles back, she’ll have to take a seat in a folding chair and revisit country music to stay relevant once #squadlife is over. I just always assumed the Lisa Frank-kitten-unicorn routine was just part of the package, which is fine, she’s a great product (just not the same as great talent) but it’s hard to mature that schtick into a long term career/image. Dude, if I was a signer and Adele showed back up id be like “shit, I better learn to juggle or something”.

  13. Cindy says:

    Isn’t Taylor about 25, 26 now? Her prefrontal cortex is fully formed at this point. Might be time to mature a little.

  14. j.eyre says:

    I realize this isn’t the point, but The Little Door is a great restaurant. Tay-Tay was right to have dined there instead.

    • toby says:

      Right! And it’s actually not all that close to The Nice Guy. They phrase this as if Taylor was literally “a block or so up the street.” More like two major streets south and then 8 blocks around the corner. Fishing for drama.

  15. Loopy says:

    What did Jordan do to get kicked out??? And she needs to not tweet negative stuff, the fashion world is small and bitchy she will burn her bridges.

    • Ayra. says:

      So, what you’re saying is that if she was treated unfairly, which seems to be the case, she should just keep her mouth shut? Let’s not even discuss the fact that Kendall, while being pretty, lacks the charisma a VS model has on the runway… Gigi’s walk can speak for itself with a simple lookup on Youtube. THOSE are the two new runway models? Lord. But I digress.

      I think Jourdan will be fine without VS, she has other stuff besides modeling anyway. While the FW IS small and bitchy (can’t argue with that), she has a right to be pissed off. VS is just slowly going downhill in these past few years from their choices.

  16. Jess1632 says:

    I think I would be team Jenner in the case. Only cause she seems WAAAAY more laid-back compared to lil swiftly and her big ego

  17. Steph O says:

    The Little Door is soooo tasty. I’d skip a social engagement for their food! Very beautiful as well.
    …I have nothing else to add to this tale of high school-esque drama.

  18. Lauren says:

    It isn’t surprising at all that Gigi is sticking with Kendall. She was friends with Kendall before Taylor.

    On a side note: I know people like to gush about Karlie and Taylor being besties (not on this site of course lol) but I much prefer the best friend duo of Karlie and Jourdan Dunn. They seem real and tight/ have been through a lot together. It is so cute that Karlie is also the godmother of Dunn’s son.

    • Halvin Carris says:

      Kind of off topic but I’m STILL pissed the way Tay-Tay dissed Karlie with that sh!tty birthday IG post. Karlie may be boring but she’s harmless and sweet. She IS supposed to be Taylor’s BFF maybe DL GF rite? Not kool Taylor, not kool……

  19. kimbers says:

    Kendal and harry have the same dealer prob. Eyeroll no drama here. . . Just another drug deal so they can have “energy” to pretend they are “drug free” lol

  20. Halvin Carris says:

    The Hadids the Jenners/Cartrashcans along with that DJ douche bag Taylor’s been supposedly been “dating” have no shame what so ever. THIS is what celebrity status has become. Just a bunch of talentless hacks who’ve sold their souls for fame…..

  21. sophia phawkins says:

    Yes, Kendall and Harry were some kind of thing for a little while because I went to Kathy Griffin’s stand up show in January 2015 and she told a story about the two of them being together at I think an Eagles concert or some kind of rock ceremony for them and even used it to end the whole act (Harry was high as a kite and drunk off his ass and kept making her hold his jacket, Kathy calls her Candle and it pisses her off, and Harry finally gets back stage where he runs into Tom Hanks and tells him that he was great in a movie that he wasn’t even in and Tom Hanks made a funny, smart-ass comment about him being a talentless punk).

  22. Snap Happy says:

    Maybe the contract is over? I think Taylor paid those girls to be her friends. She gets her squad in return they get paid and publicity.

  23. Tala D says:

    Kendall slightly reminds me of the Manson Family girls – creepy look.