Rita Ora thinks she could be the next Bond girl & sing the theme song too

4Rita Ora

Rita Ora used to annoy me, but I’m starting to admire her level of chutzpah. Even when others don’t believe in her, she thinks she’s the most awesome U.K. import to cross the pond. She constantly refers to her American takeover without a trace of irony, and Rita doesn’t care what anyone else thinks (or so she says). Now, she’s a sketchball for excusing Chris Brown’s past during their collaboration, but that was largely a dig against Rihanna. There will always be a feud there.

Not too long ago, Rita was detailing her plans for her (nonexistent) “Lady Marmalade” remake. That song will never happen, but Rita doesn’t care! She’s already moved onto her next delusion, which has to do with becoming a Bond girl. Actually, Rita thinks she can star in the next Bond film and sing the next title track too. No one has ever done that before (although Madonna sang one and played a minor role in the same film), so Rita is cool with being the double-threat Bond pioneer. Speaking at a KISS haunted house party in London, Rita details her latest dream:

On being the next Bond girl: “I’d rather sing the theme but has anybody done both? Maybe. Maybe I’ll do both!”

Who she’ll duet with next: “Probably like Celine Dion or Cher, or David Bowie or someone like, I don’t know, just one of my legends that I’ve always loved growing up. Maybe Gwen Stefani, she’d be cool.”

[From TV3.ie]

Bless her heart (and yes, I realize what that means). You know, Rita is not a very good singer. She’s good at self-promotion, and we still don’t know if Harvey Weinstein’s claim of her being a “breathtaking actress is true because both of her high-profile roles — FSOG and Southpaw — were pretty nonexistent. She may have been left on the cutting room floor, which is never a good sign. Oh well, at least Rita is true to herself. She’ll never let herself down, unlike with Calvin Harris and that dumb song they made together.

Rita Ora

Rita Ora

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  1. Franca says:

    Rita IS a very good singer. Watch her acoustic performances. She has a strong voice ( mich stronger than Rihanna if we’re comparing the two).

    I like her. She has hustle ( she has to have it, I suppose, considering what she and her parents have been trough). I also find her so pretty.

    I think she was joking about the Bond thing.

    • Mimz says:

      Totally agree..
      And maybe she’s using the law of attraction, just putting random ideas out in the universe and we might be surprised one day if she does one of those “crazy delusional” things she just blurts out.

    • Bae says:

      I’ve been watching the UK X Factor and I’ve come to like Rita quite a bit. Cheryl on the other hand, what a piece of work that woman is.

      • antipodean says:

        Cheryl Versinihow’syourfather is famous for being famous, and has no record of doing anything useful or productive in her whole life (if you discount the many and varied parade of men she chooses and looses). Her only talent has been to insinuate herself into the good graces of Simon Cowell. Her brief foray to the US was a monumental embarrassment to all.

      • Lurker says:

        Ugh, Cheryl. I actually used to really like her in the Girls Aloud days, but by god, she got real pointless, real quick.

        It just bugs me so much that she’s “mentoring” singers. I mean, she has had 3 albums worth of chances to release something of substance, and nothing. Her music seems to strike a chord with precisely zero people. She has no point of view as a performer. Also, she never seems to sing live, which is pretty extraordinary considering she judges other people’s singing for a living.

        So, needless to say, I don’t watch X factor anymore. I’m all about Strictly – such a better show!

        Edit: “Cheryl Versinihow’syourfather” is utter perfection, antipodean!

      • Grant says:

        Cheryl was great on the US X Factor–and she got great reviews. Never understood why they replaced her with Nicole Scherzinger.

        Also, Call My Name is a pretty epic bop. The best Calvin Harris collab by far, IMO.

    • klein says:

      She is a good singer I agree. The rumours about her sleeping her way to the top don’t stop her being talented as well.

      I think she’d do a better job of the Bond theme than Sam Smith did; the new sing is dreadful IMO.

      @Bae Cheryl is indeed a ghastly piece of work. I suspect getting on the wrong side of her is an unpleasant experience…

    • Artemis says:

      I think she’s bland and try-hard but I can’t deny I respect her hustle. She is determined to be successful in the US and will claw her way to the top. And it helps that she does have singing skills. Overall, despite being called the ‘Budget Rihanna’, I prefer the budget version as the real version has been lazy, messy, rude, racist and overall not particularly talented.

      It’s interesting how we root for women to climb to the top but we only allow certain women to do this. Rita wants to be successful, she is HUNGRY. I like that too to be honest. It’s quite a vulnerable position to be in especially when she’s not there yet, not at all but she’s in the public eye all the time. Compare that to people like Rihanna, who seems to be loved just because she’s so beautiful and ‘rebellious’, I don’t know, that’s not the example of being on top that I want to see. That’s not work to me, that’s being lucky with genetics and people’s obsession over ‘badass’ women.

      • Hannah says:

        sorry that’s just factually wrong. Riri is actually known for her work ethic. Work hard play hard is what they say about her.How many albums has she released, how many tours? Rita has been signed to roc nation for almost a decade. She’s released one album and a couple of singles.its Rita that lacks work ethic apparently. It’s one thing to hustle in a celebrity fame sense which Rita seems very good at, but to focus on the work is quite another.
        As for messy, all Rita’s relationships seems to end in bitterness and mudslinging, I think she’s as messy as they come. Riri made some racist comment, Rita brushes domestic violence under the carpet, pot meet kettle. Both of them are ignorant.

        There are plenty of women who have hustle, Madonna has it, Katy Perry has it, Beyoncé has it. It’s not like Rita is the only one. Kim Kardashian has major hustle, I am not going to root for her just because she’s a woman with hustle when I hate what she stands for.

      • Bae says:

        I think Rita didn’t release a new album because of the Calvin Harris fiasco.

      • Hannah says:

        But she’s been signed to roc nation since she was 17. She only released one album almost 4 years ago. That’s not all because of Calvin. Her album was already long overdue the year she was working with and dating him. Rihanna was releasing an album a year and constantly touring for a while there so I think it’s a bit rich to call her the lazy one.

    • non says:

      Anybody has a better voice than rihanna. Check out the clip of her “singing” Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black from yesterday; utter garbage. That was on The Voice. Pharrel was even trying to cover up for her and the girl she was coaching was visibly cringing.
      Compared to rihanna, anyone is a good singer

  2. KR says:

    I cannot stand her at all. When will she go away??

  3. Naddie says:

    She’s annoying, but amusing at the same time, that’s why I always click on her posts. It’s funny that she doesn’t like Rihanna, since they have exactly the same facial/body expression. But that’s what happens when pot meets kettle.
    And about Bond, I think she was just kidding. You were kidding, right, Rita?

  4. BengalCat2000 says:

    Her hair color is the absolute worst!

  5. Nicki says:

    I thought she just copied Rhianna’s style

  6. Bucketbot13 says:

    Ohhh I do think she can sing and quite well. I also for some reason like her, she hustles but its not in our faces all the time although that may be because her coverage isn’t great. She is pretty but comes across as obnoxious and has so far shown bad taste in men. Other than that she seems harmless, and I hope is, I don’t follow her much outside of listening to her popular songs and this site. She is an airhead and a dreamer, I can’t blame her for that.

  7. NewWester says:

    Rita is certainly keeping herself in the public eye. She always manages to be around some of the current news makers. She will not be ignored that’s for sure.

  8. Donna Martin says:

    “breathtaking actress” isn’t that the same as ‘bless her heart’?

  9. ds says:

    I’ve just “youtube’d” her acoustic singing and covers. She can sing. I’ve only heard one of her songs on the radio, and I can’t listen to that crap, but she can sing. Pretty solid too.

  10. Mika says:

    The girl can sing but her songs are shit. She should get a better songwriter.

  11. Beckysuz says:

    The thing is that she can sing. She’s just so thirsty and desperate that it’s off putting. And her music is super forgettable. I’ll give her this though…even though I dislike her hair color and her general style, girlfriend has a banging body

  12. Skins says:

    I like that she likes Bowie, but that is all I got on her. There has been no “American Takeover”

  13. Jess says:

    Sounds like someone asked her a question and she answered it. Is she supposed to say “I’m not worthy!”? She really is everyone’s punching bag. The level of snark she gets is ridiculous.

  14. mar says:

    She has a good voice but all of her songs suck.

  15. Hannah says:

    Nah, I am not excusing her defence of Chris brown as sticking it to Riri. Even if that’s true it makes her a pretty awful person that she can brush aside domestic violence because of some dumb feud with Riri.
    I think she’s ignorant and ambitious and doesn’t care as long as it could further her career. If Riri wanted to work with her she’d come runnin.

  16. Bridget says:

    This woman needs to step back and regroup so badly, because whatever she’s doing PR wise is simply not working.

  17. Tia says:

    As a feminist I dislike that she’s been slutshamed.
    However I don’t feel that I have to support her hustle when her product is nothing special.
    You can compare her to twigs, a strong woman with hustle. Twigs writes her own songs, directs videos, produce. This is the sort of woman with hustle I would like to see more of. Rita is essentially a good singer but she’s not a woman in control as the Calvin fiasco so clearly showed.

  18. Ange says:

    Hee! Little Britain for the win.

    ‘i’ll write the feem tune, and sing the feem tune.’