Us Weekly: Lamar Odom told Khloe Kardashian ‘to get out,’ he needed space

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For more than a week now, Khloe Kardashian has been stepping out in LA. She attended Kim’s baby shower, she went to see James Harden play ball, she’s back to posting on stuff on her social media, she went to Kendall’s birthday party and more. Considering Khloe was basically on lockdown and spending practically 24-7 at Lamar Odom’s bedside just a few weeks ago, it does seem like something dramatic happened. Like, either Lamar got better really fast… or someone told her to leave the hospital. Us Weekly claims that Lamar told her to go after she kept his kids away from the ICU.

Don’t expect a Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom reconciliation just yet. In Us Weekly’s new cover story, the tense ins and outs of the estranged spouses’ current relationship are uncovered. Odom, 35, who is still recovering in L.A.’s Cedars-Sinai hospital after being found unconscious in a Nevada brothel on Oct. 13, has been hearing some negative things about his famous ex from those closest to him. One Odom family source asserts to Us that Kardashian, 31, kept the former Lakers star’s kids from visiting their father. As previously reported, the reality star was the one who paid for his family to fly to his hospital bedside.

Though Odom’s estranged wife has stuck with him throughout, reports of her using his condition to elevate her own fame and keeping his family away from him reached a head on Oct. 23.

“Lamar said he needed space and wanted to be alone,” a source tells Us. “He told her to get out.”

A source close to the Strong Looks Better Naked author denies that Odom ever told her to “get out” or that she has been controlling who visits her ex in the hospital. The reality star, who put their divorce on hold and postponed her book tour once her the basketball pro was hospitalized, did temporarily leave to spend some time with her sisters and reconnect with her boyfriend, James Harden. But she returned soon after despite Odom’s supposed request.

Kardashian is “focused on making sure Lamar is stabilized,” a close source tells Us.

[From Us Weekly]

The Daily Mail’s coverage of Us Weekly’s cover story uses harsher language. As in, “Lamar’s close friends and family… told him the reality star had been exploiting his tragic overdose for publicity.” A source also claimed that someone in Lamar’s family told Lamar that Khloe had tipped off the paparazzi about the Kardashian-Jenner clan’s comings and goings from the hospital. Oh, and some people think Khloe “has taken credit for his miraculous recovery after a series of strokes.”

While it would not surprise me at all if Lamar’s family had a grudge against Khloe and her family, I also kind of find it hard to believe that Lamar would basically shut down Khloe and tell her to go away because of those grudges. If he did tell her to leave his bedside, it might have been because she was trying to micromanage everything to the point where she was in a bad place herself. There’s also a rumor that Khloe stopped some of Lamar’s shady friends from coming around to visit, and that could be another reason why Lamar wanted her to go, you know?



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  1. Bettyrose says:

    “Get out” is always the best response when a Kardashian is around.

    • Sarah (another one) says:

      So very true, Bettyrose. I would add “And stay out.”

    • holly says:

      “The people said they needed space and wanted to be alone,” a source tells Us. “They told the Kardashians to get out.”

    • Kitten says:

      LMAO! Yes, the go-to response, if you will.

    • Nicolette says:

      Yes it is however “Get out and don’t let the door hit you in the ass” would be an impossibility.

    • lkaye says:

      Haha! that is funny! I also heard a family member say she had to sign a non-disclosure agreement regarding North West and the family member basically said that he could care less about this child. So weird.

    • robynsing says:

      I called this one the second she was at a Harden game. There’s no way she wouldn’t be there CONTROLLING EVERYTHING if she was welcome. My comments a week ago were, “I just know Lamar told her to hit the bricks”

    • fee says:

      Why did she stop the divorce? I get wanting 2 help a loved1 but she never left his side, why? And we all knew that she never left,was tired, was involved in all…from “sources” aka the Kardasses. I do not know his medical condition except from the doctors who said he gave thumbs u n down for answers but “sources” had him on deaths door,50-50 to live,dialysis,transplant and in days he’s better.According to Kim he squeezed her hand,”glad to make u laugh” eye roll. And now they all have dropped him.
      Visit the man, stick around, but it is his family n kids who come 1st.Her stopping the divorce is sending mixed results. They come off as if it was all about them yet they are offended that we think that when they make it all about them.
      Their fan base is teens,they are obsessed with them and will bite if you dare say anything against them.

      • MizFabulous says:

        I think she probably stopped the divorce for legal reasons, not relationship reasons. Someone needed to be able to make medical decisions for LO, and being his spouse, Khloe is legally his “next of kin.” Also, this IS a Kardashian we are talking about here, so we must remember that with them, money is ALWAYS an angle and motivator in EVERYTHING they do. Since the divorce was not final, if Lamar had died, as his wife, Khloe would have stood to inherit a portion of his estate. Lamar does not have a will, so the laws of intestate succession of the State of California would apply. Not sure what they are (and don’t care enough about it to look it up), but here in Georgia, she would get a “child’s share”, which means that the estate would be divided equally between Khloe and Lamar’s children.

  2. jennabean says:

    Liza the children’s mother tweeted that kloe did not pay for them to get to Lamar. I hope he did kick her out.

    • Loulou says:

      Was she supposed to?

      • swack says:

        No, but some “source” put it out there that she did fly them in. Everyone must take “sources” with a grain of salt.

      • Josephine says:

        She let people believe that she was the hero that brought his family in. I’m a firm believer that those “sources” were the K family.

      • jennabean says:

        She’s very fast to squash the rumors that put her in a bad light. The ones that make her look good, regardless how they make other people look she’s silent about. That’s a very good way to judge someones character.

      • Jag says:

        No, but outlets keep reporting that she paid to have them come to his bedside, and that is incorrect.

        It makes her look better than she is.

  3. yuck says:

    It seems clearer in the past couple of weeks that, no matter how good her original intentions, Khloe has actually had to talk with her momager about how to play this whole tragedy on their stupid show. Why would Khloe not have just shut that down from the get-go? Are these girls really so weak-willed when it comes to Kris? Or are they really just as nakedly greedy as she is? I know many want to give Khloe the benefit of the doubt, but really? What am I missing here?

  4. Rhiley says:

    She should get out and never look back at his sorry ass.

    • Gabrielle says:


    • Hannah says:

      I hope she does. For his sake. They are both unhealthy for eachother. Her with her addiction to fame and attention he with his substance abuse addiction.

    • wow says:

      @rhiley so true. And he should just focus on getting better and leave her completely alone.

      I was trying to give Khloe the benefit of the doubt before. She did sounded rather reasonable in her last interview. But oh well, they both are good for no one it seems.

  5. Rinny says:

    I give Khloe the benefit of the doubt. I don’t believe she would keep his kids from seeing him — unless there was a medical reason to. Don’t buy it. Kris is greedy and the family is vapid on a whole. But I do believe Khloe loves Lamar unconditionally and I respect her recent moves in supporting him. He has had very tough things happen in his life and I believe she and the Kardashians are some of his only support.

    • snowflake says:

      + 1

    • Dani says:

      +2, it’s widely reported Khloe got/gets along really well with Lamar’s kids.

      • jwoolman says:

        I think his daughter was happy when they split, she said some things at the time that indicated she was resenting having less time with her dad. Their dad got married very suddenly without even introducing the kids to Khloe. I think they were used to him being in and out, but I don’t think anybody in the family (their mom included) expected him to suddenly marry someone else. He actually proposed to another woman just a couple of weeks or so before meeting Khloe, I wonder what exactly was going on with him at that time. Anyway, it was probably hard for the kids for it to happen so fast and I always wondered why Khloe didn’t think of that – as a child, she had a really hard time with her own parents’ divorce (she said she was in therapy at 5 years old because she was having so difficult a time with it). Step parent/child relations can be difficult anyway and it can take years to adjust, even under more normal circumstances.

      • swack says:

        Wasn’t there reports that he stopped seeing his children when he married Khloe? Could be wrong.

      • jwoolman says:

        I remember seeing photos of Khloe with his kids, so I don’t think he never saw them while he and Khloe were married. She probably did the best she knew how, but step-parenting is not easy no matter how carefully you tread.

    • Jayna says:

      The Kardashians are some of his only support? I doubt Momager and Kim and Kourtney have even seen him once since he’s been moved. They all made sure to get every trip to see him in Las Vegas documented by the cameras.

      Khloe may be his support. The rest of them are all show for the camera and PR.

      • Rinny says:

        For show? Kim, sure. But Kris and Kourtney genuinely seem to love Lamar. Regardless of their fame wh o re ways!

    • Veronica says:

      Speaking as somebody who works in a hospital, it’s rare for ICUs to allow anyone under the age of 12 or so in due to the fact that young kids tend to be reservoirs for infection. If the kids are younger, that’s the more likely reason they were denied entry if they were. I would seriously hope that she would not do that to him or his family.

  6. swack says:

    Read this earlier in the week. Honestly think it is the best interest of the both of them if she is not around 24/7 anymore. She needs to get away and he also does not need someone there 24/7. In the beginning when it was touch and go and decisions needed to be made it was fine. Lamar is obviously okay enough to make his own decisions, good or bad, and therefore she is not needed there constantly. She needs to let go of managing his life and taking charge. He should be getting therapy (other than physical) to handle his life and the problems that go along with it.

  7. duchesschicana says:

    I doubt it . Let’s face it he loves the kardashians . Khloe was seen at the hospital tuesday and she also posted a halloween pic and in the back round there looks to be medical stuff. she also has tweeted this to somebody on nov 1:

    @JasonRoach77thank you!! I was laying low, spending time with lam so he wasn’t alone but it was nice. How was yours?

    Besides the article contradicts a lot of things Daniel Artest has said about lamar’s hospitalization, lamar’s kids have visited him perhaps not as much since they live in NY obviously the tabloids left out Daniel a friend of Lamar’s whom supported khloe :

    October 15

    “The Dr’s are nixing all visitors. And that’s a great thing. LO needs to get all the rest he needs. I’m headed home today. Upbeat feeling. 🙏🏾Even if LO saw Fam and gets excited it’s not that good. Docs want him in calm state and rest up. All family in wait mode. I’m just glad he’s doing well. I can leave happy knowing LO is good.”

    “Khloe is with him. Father and kids as well. Just that tho. Others are in lobby chilling.”

    I’m going to go with what what Daniel said:

    “The media be lying.”

    If there is any truth to that he probably told her to leave and get out some if we are to believe posts thats she’s been to the hospital with him 24/7.

    Best wishes to Lamar, may he stay strong.

  8. Really? says:

    Khloe is in an incredibly unhealthy and co-dependent relationship with an apparent drug and sex addict Lamar Odom. I would hope that she stops trying to “save” Lamar from himself because only he can do that. Being a co-dependent and trying to “fix” others is soooo unhealthy and self-destructive. It will mess up her own life if she doesn’t realize how hopeless and unhealthy it is to be involved with someone that is self destructive. I know this because I have been there myself, trying to “save” and “fix” someone I loved very much. It did not work. The person I love now has end stage liver disease and was taking me down with him. I was stressed, unhappy and exhausted for years while I tried my best to “save” him from himself. If I was Khloe’s friend, I would give her a few books about co-dependency and refer her to a great therapist that specializes in that area. Let us not forget, that unfortunately, celebrities are role models that many people look up to and emulate. When celebrities are engaging in unhealthy behaviors and relationships, they are harmfully influencing how many thousands of others to do the same?

    • Cricket says:

      Really? .. I’m in a similar position as you have described and I’m finally realizing that I can not fix the person. It is very difficult, especially when it’s your parent. Can you please provide name of the book(s) you mentioned? It could be very helpful for me and maybe other posters here. Thanks!

  9. LMR15 says:

    In the end, Khloe is a Kardashian and a complete media manipulator fame-whore. Deep within herself she may vaguely care for Lamar but its ALL publicity. It’s all careful strategy and pap games. I feel bad for Lamar because he doesnt have ANYONE who is there simply for him. Except maybe his children, but they are too young to make decisions or really support him. Khloe is there, working the PR angle, his kids mom is there presumably only so her kids can see their dad. Lamar’s dad is a total crackhead and sells warped stories to the DM and all of Lamar’s friends are either fame-whores or druggies making sure their meal-ticket stays alive. Lamar needs a sane relative who he isnt bank-rolling to advocate for him, and to actually care about him (not what HE can do for THEM) for his long-term success. Traditionally these people would be your parents or grandparents. Sadly, Lamar’s grandma and mom have died and his dad… yeah no..

  10. random says:

    “…be another reason why Lamar wanted her to go, you know?” Lamar’s shaddy friends? Does it mean Khloe went to rehab to recover from coking? Thought their shared the same friends still. OR does it mean Kaiser is on Mrs. Jenner (Kris, not Kaitlyn) pay roll?

  11. Hannah says:

    Let’s not dismiss this as only shady friends whining.He has many friends from the nba too and I think one of them already said that he was concerned about how old friends and especially his kids didn’t have easy access. He suggested khloes family was basically taking up time with Lamar so that his own kids had to wait in line to see their father.
    Lamars cousin also complained he was asked to sign a paper to not discuss north west, and he said why would I do that? I don’t have any interest in that child,
    It does sound like they swooped in and made it all about them.

  12. saras says:

    She should have let the divorce play out. Greed and spin took precedence and now it will have to start all over again. Storyline surprise to no one. Horrible people all around!

  13. Ohreallynow says:

    Why do people give her the benefit of the doubt all the time?? She’s a Kardashian…she might be smarter about things than her siblings, but she’s still one of them…she knows how to play the game. I don’t get why they always give her a pass on things…I also heard that his aunt or cousin had to sign a non disclosure to not talk about North West…I think they did tip off the paparazzi and leaked things to make them sound good. I think Khloe is no different than her family, she just knows how to come across as a more likeable person than the rest of them, but she’s no different.

  14. Daria Morgendorffer says:

    Maybe he really did. Maybe he doesn’t want her running her mouth all over the place about him and his condition. Metta World Peace said he reached out to Lamar and hasn’t heard a word back despite the fact that they’re like brothers, so maybe Lamar really just wants to be low key right now. Maybe he also didn’t know that Khloe would rush to cancel the divorce only to turn around and start talking about a future with James Harden. If I’m Lamar, I’m saying “Wtf? Why bother? No one really NEEDS you to be here”

  15. jwoolman says:

    Why would Nori have anything to do with this? They weren’t dragging her to the hospital, were they? Why would any of Lamar’s friends or family even see the kid? She’s not the future Queen of England. Here the guy is in intensive care and visitors are getting non-disclosure agreements shoved in their faces for a kid they don’t know and wouldn’t see?!? Meanwhile, the Kardashians are spilling it about Lamar any chance they get. The K Klan needs to all sign non-disclosure agreements prohibiting them from talking about everybody, including themselves.

  16. EN says:

    I would need “space” from Kardashians as well. They are suffocating.

  17. Talie says:

    He’s isn’t the hero of this piece, but neither is she. No one is. He has a long road paved with demons that he has to walk alone. He’ll either continue messing up or see this as a wake up call.

  18. robynsing says:

    Gruesome, rapacious, monstrous family. Lamar’s medical tragedy should HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM…yet, surprise, it’s all about them.

  19. Nancy says:

    If we all count to three and scream GET OUT, will they all leave? Could it be this was the answer all along. Wishing and hoping.

  20. Dawn says:

    You can hate me for saying this but I always thought that Klhoe had an agenda that was not as pure as the driven snow when she and the family showed up in Vegas. They got press. She got caught lying once about paying for the Odom kids to get to Vegas or should I say a source close to Klhoe lied. Either way I think it a good thing that he has taken over his own care directives and if he were smart he would call his lawyer and make sure to get those divorce papers signed and finalized A.S.A.P.

  21. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Ok, so they aren’t going to ride off into the sunset. Another hope crushed in the jaws of reality. 😿

  22. emma says:

    I doubt she would prevent his kids from seeing him. I think his shady father got in his ear and started whispering evil conspiracy theories.

  23. JudyK says:

    Hope it’s true…and good riddance. Get away from the damned hospital…all of you Kardashian/Jenner hangers-oners. Why does everything good, bad, or indifferent always have to be about you when 99% of the time it is NOT. GO. AWAY.

  24. Moon says:

    To be fair, lamar’s family is very sketchy.

    • jwoolman says:

      They’re not the ones chomping at the bit to bring in the cameras and drag him into their dumb not-really-real reality show. The K Klan could have stopped talking about him and stopped setting up little scenarios to go along with their storylines, but they just kept on twisting the knife even after he asked them to leave him out of it. Kim went from trashing him repeatedly on TV to claiming she made him smile as he squeezed her hand in his hospital bed … They really are awful. Khloe was put in a difficult position, but she can’t keep her mouth shut about him either. Kim and Kris are just evil, but Khloe is pretty clueless about the consequences of her own actions as well.

    • Leah says:

      What evidence do you have that his whole family is sketchy? It seems like people just says this because they are poor black people. Apart from the dad i haven’t heard about any of the others in that family causing problems.

  25. My two cents says:

    I don’t believe that Lamar would tell her to ‘get out’. He is doing much better so she doesn’t need to be there 24/7. I’m sure Khloe has educated herself (therapy sessions will probably be on next season) about how to be a support system without being an enabler.
    There will be stories on how they are renewing vows one week and next week they will say they are fighting nonstop and her love for James Harden is overpowering. It seems Khloe is protecting her investment with Harden and his $$$ in case Lamar doesn’t make a full recovery physically or mentally. Typical Kardashian Kluster F!

    • jwoolman says:

      Without having actually heard and seen the exchange, if it happened, it could be a friendly “get out” (meaning you don’t need to stay here 24/7, I’m fine, go do your other stuff) or an angry “get out”. People overhear and misinterpret things like this frequently. So we don’t really know if Lamar is angry about anything the Klan has been doing. Maybe yes (he was pretty fed up with them and feeling very betrayed just before this all happened, he sounded very upset at the little stalking scenario they set up at the gym and ready for a last straw to drop). But also maybe no, he and Khloe have a history and both seem to care about each other despite the conflicts and the hurt they’ve done to each other.

      I do think this is more complicated than “long suffering noble wife tries to get husband off drugs”. I think Khloe has some secrets herself and Lamar knows them, and my bet is that a big secret is her own drug use. His earlier statement that if they did anything like that stalker nonsense again, he would spill secrets should have inspired them to do a quick edit of their show (the episode that allegedly upset him so much at the brothel when he heard about it and put him on overdrive, resulting in the current health crisis), but the Kardashian Klan tends to be arrogant and feeling untouchable about such things.

  26. word says:

    Someone in Lamar’s family probably told him that Khloe is still with Harden. Lamar was probably thinking Khloe wants to be with him and stay married. I think she is letting him think this, which will only cause him even more heart ache down the road. I hope she is being honest with him from the get go.

  27. JRenee says:

    Last week, Khloe will stay as long as Lamar stays clean. This week, he told her to scram. Papers to be sold.
    If Lamar’s condition is as serious as reported, he has a long way to go. One would hope that Khloe would not include Lamar’s od in any episode of the shows. He has a long road ahead, so be prepared for a new heading every week until interest wanes. I believe 10% of this…