Kristin Cavallari: ‘I’m not ashamed to say that Jay & I consistently go to therapy’


I’m actually sort of surprised that Kristin Cavallari got knocked up a third time. I guess she enjoys being pregnant and for what it’s worth, she’s never complained about pregnancy or any of it. Maybe they were trying for the girl – after two sons, Kristin is finally expecting a girl! Kristin covers the new issue of American Baby, a publication just waiting to be mocked with a French Baby cover featuring a cigarette-smoking baby wearing a beret. Kristin and Jay Cutler have only been married since 2013, although they’ve been together since 2010. So, more than five years. And they go to therapy together! Like, relationship counseling. Some highlights from American Baby:

She & Jay go to therapy: “I’m not ashamed to say that Jay and I consistently go to therapy, because it’s been extremely beneficial for our relationship. For example, when you’re fighting you should never place blame on your partner by saying, ‘you do this’ or ‘you do that.’ You should say how those actions make you feel. It goes a long way.”

Finally getting a daughter: “She’s going to steal Jay’s heart, which will in turn melt mine! I’m excited for the boys to grow up with a sister. I think it will help them to better understand and respect women.”

She’s already thrilled about shopping for a little girl: “Stuart Weitzman makes the cutest baby-girl shoes! I am excited to make some girly purchases. But we’ve been lucky and have been able to use the same Restoration Hardware crib for all three kids.”

When Jay retires, they’ll probably move to Nashville: “Jay went to school there, and I fell in love with it the first time I went. It’s beautiful, and the people are genuinely nice.”

Every child is different: “Every child is completely different. My two boys are opposites. Camden was such an easy baby. Jaxon is more of our rebel wild child, but he’s also a mama’s boy. Our little girl will have her own personality. I know I can’t change who they are. It’s important to let kids be themselves and to let them make mistakes. Self-discovery goes a long way.”

[From E! News]

Meh, utterly harmless. A nothingburger, if you will. I do tend to side-eye celebrities who proudly announce that they’re in couples counseling or marriage therapy though. It’s not that I side-eye the fact that certain couples find it beneficial – if it helps you and your partner, God bless. But I’m not sure about celebrities talking about it publicly, because almost every celebrity couple that proudly announces they’re in therapy ends up breaking up.


Photos courtesy of American Baby.

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  1. Bridget says:

    American Baby sounds like a fake magazine.

    Also, I’d be in therapy if I had to live with Jay Cutler too.

  2. Nancy says:

    She goes to therapy to try to forget she was on The Hills, a reality show even sappier and more pathetic than KUWTK. But, somehow she manages to keep her name out there. I’m sure trained actors and actresses everywhere are applauding her. Good luck in therapy Kris. Kris…seems to be a theme name in reality tv. Ugh

  3. DONNA MARTIN says:

    I agree it seems like when they announce it they do break up. Having said that I hope therapy is seemed like a new normal because there’s nothing wrong with it. You need it even more once kids are involve! They really do test a marriage.

  4. Locke Lamora says:

    Nope, she’s anti vaccination, so not harmless at all.

    Are Camden and Jaxon made up names?

    • Pedro45 says:

      I was going to say that she should be ashamed of not vaccinating her kids. And of the fact that she bestowed such terrible names on them. But mostly the first one.

    • Nancy says:

      How do you not vaccinate your child. This trick is putting other innocent children at risk. I don’t want to start a debate on this, but it makes me cringe at the lack of knowledge some people, such as this Kristin woman, have. I’m going to my doctor in a hour or so, wonder if I’ll get the flu from the shot. I’m quite certain she thinks so. GET EDUCATED

      • Francesca says:

        There are valid concerns regarding the current childhood vaccination schedule. I selectively vaccinate my kids. And not because I believe they cause autism, but because of how little science understands about the immature immune system of young children. Their hepatitis shots can wait. The only childhood disease we have contracted is whooping cough, which we had fully vaccinated against. I think most moms are just doing their best.

    • Daria Morgendorffer says:

      I’m from New Jersey and Camden is a part of this state that has consistently been voted the most dangerous city in the entire country, so anytime I read that she actually named her child “Camden,” I can only shake my head. I’m sure she doesn’t know, but still.

      I had no idea her children weren’t vaccinated. I would love to know why so many people with absolutely ZERO medical/scientific knowledge suddenly believe that they know more than scientists and doctors. For the sake of other children and society as a whole, parents who refuse to vaccinate their children should be fined or even jailed. It is not OK to jeopardize the health of everyone else all because a group of people believe that they’re medical experts because they read a blog, or that they know better than practices that have been proved time and again to actually work.

    • atrain says:

      It’s not just that she’s anti-vax, she also believes that vaccines cause autism. So she’s a moron, and she’s spreading harmful misinformation.
      I find anti-vaxxers deplorable.

    • snakecharmer says:

      its just funny bc you know that antivaccination proponents would be so up in arms and self righteous if their child were to become sick with one of these infectious diseases.

      • Patty says:

        You’d feel differently I’m sure if your child dies from a vaccine. My pediatrician wouldn’t let me get the DPT vaccine, because I used to get really high fevers and then go into convulsions all the time as a baby. My parents were always having to stick me into tubs filled with ice, and making trips to the hospital. When I was in my early 40’s I got a tetanus shot, the T part of that vaccine, my arm ached and burned at the shot site for over a WEEK. My great nephew just got a flu shot recently, the same day he ran a fever and had a seizure. How many other medications has the FDA approved and then years later they take them off the market??? I keep getting emails recently asking if I’ve suffered internal bleeding from taking something being recalled. Luckily, I don’t go to doctors. So I’m not on anything. Even if you’re perfectly healthy, a doctor will put you on some medication they can make money off of. Lipitor is a big money maker, something you can avoid mostly if you just eat right.

    • Sara says:

      I choose not to vaccinate my child but I don’t believe that they are a direct cause of autism. In fact, the latest research indicates that autism is caused by environmental toxins while in utero so vaccines can be an insult to injury so to speak. If they directly caused autism then their would be no autistic non vaccinated children and we of course know tthat isn’t the case. I am in the healthcare field and have done my research and chose not to vaccinate but never ever do I encourage others not to vaccinate. It’s not my place.

      • kariodi says:

        So you are a free-loader who relies on the fact that most people vaccinate their children to keep your children healthy. I hope that keeps working out for you. Recent outbreaks of whooping cough and measles in areas with less vaccination rates have shown that herd immunity is not always a given.

  5. schmoopy says:

    I’ll bet they name the girl something like Hayden or Harper or Piper. Anyway, a marriage counselor once told me that she felt like the majority of the couple’s she counseled ended up going their separate ways. Like they took the tools they had acquired through therapy and applied them only to make themselves strong enough to split up.

    • Triple Cardinal says:

      A counselor once told me that the purpose behind therapy was to become your own therapist. To learn enough about yourself and counseling whereby you didn’t always need to have a therapist on speed-dial. You should be able to figure out most challenges by yourself–after sufficient counseling.

      She’s not doing herself any favors by going to sessions constantly. There should be an end-point.

  6. Green Is Good says:

    She named one of her kids after a scary city in New Jersey? Poor child.

  7. MsMercury says:

    I irrationally hate her because of 500 days of Kristen on Gawker. But I also don’t like her because she is anti-vaccination.

  8. littlemissnaughty says:

    I have no opinion on this girl, I’m not entirely sure who she is. But can we please PLEASE not start using “nothingburger”? There are so many words that say the same thing without sounding so gross. There is something vile about that word, at least to me.

  9. Sabrine says:

    Not sure why this non-relevant bimbo warrants so much coverage. She’s not vaccinating her children so you know she’s a complete and utter airhead. There’s an outbreak of whooping cough in my area with small children in danger of dying from it, of not being able to get enough oxygen and their lips turning blue. She may pay the price one day for her stupidity.

    • M.A.F. says:

      Whooping cough seems to be making the rounds again. You in California? It’s been a “thing” here for the past two years.

      • Francesca says:

        As I mentioned above, My family is recuperating from whooping cough, and we were fully vaccinated against it. The health dept told me most of the cases are in vaccinated people. The vaccine is not effective.

      • rosy says:

        @Francesca, just because your family were unlucky enough to get whooping cough despite vaccination does NOT mean the vaccine is not effective. No vaccine is 100% effective but to make a blanket statement that ‘ the vaccine is not effective’ because an unlucky 5% may still get the disease’ is frankly ignorant. Be lucky that the cases of these diseases are now so few, that they make the news. Otherwise without vaccinations rest assured, our communities would be riddled with crippled polio victims, or children long dead from measles.

      • Marigold says:

        @Francesca, the whooping cough vaccine is 95% effective or higher depending on vaccination rates in a given community. Meaning, communities with lower rates of vaccinations are going to see higher rates of illness. The fact that you don’t know this VERY simple bit of science and also think “doctors don’t know enough about the immune systems of children” tells me everything I need to know about you, i.e. you used google to educate yourself about something far more complicated than you are capable of understanding.

      • Goldie says:

        You vaccinate de adults snd teenagers against whooping cough because they are usually the carriers. The hospital where I did my peds rotation would vaccinate mum and dad before sending the kid home. It’s known as “cacoon” vaccination. Also can we stop we the not vaccinating kids against deadly diseases? A kid in spain recently died of difteria because he wasn’t vaccinated. It’s been so long since a they so a case of that they didn’t have the antitoxin!!!

      • Frankdiabetes says:

        Marigold: YES!!

    • cheryl says:

      Also, even if someone vaccinated does get whooping cough (or other bug they have been vaccinated against) often it is a more mild form of the disease. So, annoying vs. life-threatening.

      At the end of the day you must remember – HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people over the last century have had their lives saved by modern vaccines. MILLIONS have avoided significant morbidities and long term health complications due to illness because we have amazing vaccines. This compared with the very, very few who are injured by vaccines (which is often questionable as well.) Life is risky, but vaccines are a pretty good bet.

      • kate says:

        I contracted whooping cough, but because I was vaccinated it wasn’t that bad at all, just a cold with an extra nasty cough. A friend also contracted it, but she’d never had the vaccine as she was allergic. She was in the hospital for ages, had all sorts of complications and a year on still isn’t able to go back to because she’s too weak. She’s very lucky to be alive, it was touch and go for a bit when she had pneumonia. It doesn’t hit every un-vaccinated adult that hard but it certainly has the potential to kill.

        We both contracted it off a friends son, who didn’t vaccinate because autism. As it turns out her son is showing signs of it anyway, which is hardly surprising since her ex-husband was very obviously on the spectrum. But no, now she thinks it’s something in the drinking water…

  10. funcakes says:

    Why is she even relevant? The mental decay of society as a whole is the reason such shallow, souless and morally bankrupt people are in such high demand.
    There are so many people in the world that make a positive imprint in the world, but they’re not on rv making a total ass of themselves so we’ll never know about them.

  11. Rhiley says:

    Jaxon rhymes with wax on? Or is it a fancy spelling of Jackson?

  12. Alex says:

    She’s anti vax so nope

  13. rubywoo says:

    I think she looks great here and I really like her shoe designs. I’m delighted she’s gotten her baby girl. I’ve got 2 small boys also and think about going a third time for a girl but more often than not it doesn’t work out the way you want and gender alone as a reason always stops me. Good luck to her I say.

    I’m seriously sick of the vaccine conversation though, especially here!! There’s always 2 sides to every argument but I’m here for gossip and some fun. The comments get more PC by the day! There’s a permanent stick up all you’re arses!!!

    • cheryl says:

      It’s “YOUR” arses, rubywoo.

    • KP says:

      Actually, there aren’t two sides to this debate. In fact, there isn’t even a debate. It’s proven science vs. crazy nonsense.

      • bellenola says:

        Its a choice that should be left up to the parent.

        Have a nice day everyone! 🙂

      • Who ARE these people? says:

        Um, except leaving it up to parents results in child neglect and the rampant spread of infectious disease. Parents don’t “own” children. Children have a right to good health, as do the other children and other people with whom they mingle.

        Vaccination is a shared, community responsibility. This isn’t being PC, it’s just an old-fashioned value generated in a time when people saw the devastating consequences of unbridled infection. Infectious disease was once the most common cause of death. Medical scientists figured out how to deal with much of it, which is why people now die of cancer, heart disease, stroke and Alzheimer’s.

      • Valois says:

        Nope, not if you’re putting other children’s live in danger.

      • Frankdiabetes says:

        Herd immunity helps protect those who cannot get vaccinated, i.e. the very old, very young, and immunocompromised. It should NOT be a “parental choice”, it is a social responsibility.

  14. Whatever Gurl says:

    I’m not going to throw any shade for couples working with a counselor.

    They have children;

    Seems like the responsible & mature thing to do!!

    Besides, some grow up in such dysfunctional families that they need to be coached in therapy on how to communicate and listen.

  15. Katrina says:

    I think this is her publicist’s attempt to get her to try to reach the “everyday woman” so people will buy her book. Cause face it, right now, she is kind of hard to relate to – she’s been pampered her whole life, she never went to college and never had to work. She’s sitting pretty with Jay’s 15 million dollar salary and will never see the inside of an office.

  16. Sara says:

    I hope those that feel so strongly that parents shouldn’t have a right to choose if their child has vaccinations also feel strongly toward everyone that pollutes the air we breathe, sprays the food we eat, and pollutes the water we drink. As the saying goes, people their are way bigger fish to be frying. A good day to all.

    • Kariodi says:

      I’m sorry, wtf were you trying to say? Are you equating vaccines with some kind of anti-environmental mindset? Cause vaccinating your children to help protect the health of an entire community of people including the elderly, newborns, and people who are immune-compromised is somehow like pesticides?