L&S: Did Prince Harry get a 19-year-old one-night-stand pregnant?

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Last weekend, the Daily Mail had a very curious story about how Prince Harry is rather aimless and how his family believes he needs to settle down with a nice girl. There were many, many details about the Bridget Jones of the Windsors, but one particular detail was new to me: the idea that Harry seeks companionship with older, discreet women who will keep their fun times on the down-low. While Harry’s well-known type is blonde aristocratic girls, his less-known type is “anything goes along as they don’t speak about it.” So… do you believe that Harry would hook up with a 19-year-old and accidentally get her pregnant? Hm.

Life & Style claims Prince Harry was said to have told his family “I’m going to be a dad,” leaving the Queen “furious”. The magazine claimed the Prince was having a child with a 19-year-old after a one-night stand. According to the report an “insider” said: “Harry’s hard partying has finally caught up to him. A 19-year-old blonde claims she’s pregnant with his child.”

Quoting their source the article added: “Harry getting a one-night stand pregnant has been one of Queen Elizabeth II’s worst fears. It’s the biggest scandal the royals could ever face. And the Queen is especially upset because this isn’t the first time such a threat has rocked the palace. She’s angry about the whole situation. The Queen adores Harry, but she would do everything in her power to keep the child a secret.”

The magazine, one of America’s biggest and owned by Bauer media, adds that while the Queen loves her great-grandchildren George and Charlotte, which they said were her grandchildren, “an illegitimate child won’t get the same reception”.

Life & Style alleges Her Majesty would not allow a “shotgun wedding,” adding Prince Harry won’t listen.

“He’s a decent man, and would want to marry the girl and try to make it work. It’s the right thing to do,” says the magazine’s source, before adding, “Harry could be forced to give up his title as prince.”

[From The Daily Mirror]

While I don’t believe this particular story, I do believe something like this could happen and might have possibly happened in the past. I’ve always wondered if Prince Charles has any secret love children out there that were “hushed up” by Lord Mountbatten back in the day. I’ve always wondered if both Harry and William ever hooked up with a girl who later had a pregnancy scare too. It wouldn’t surprise me at all. But a 19 year old and a one night stand? And Harry’s prepared to marry the girl? No. That’s not happening. Because if that’s all it took, don’t you think some random blonde would have done it already?

Here are some photos of Harry on Thursday at Westminster Abbey’s Field Of Remembrance. His ginger beard is so fuzzy and soft-looking.



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Sayrah says:

    No way this is true. If he was that careless it would have happened years ago.

    • NYer says:

      There is no way the family hasn’t tutored both brothers a long, long time ago on the need to wrap it up. It’s unthinkable that he hasn’t had this (pardon the pun) drilled into him since puberty.

    • Trashaddict says:

      If you read your history, royal affairs and royal bastards are the norm, not the exception. Frankly, it lends a bit of needed color.

    • Decorative Item says:

      It tells you on the box that it’s not 100% effective.

    • ISO says:

      Puhleeze. They probably have a Royal Penis Guard that stands there stony silent protecting literal crown jewels on all party escapades. The Ginger Ninja isn’t the first Stray Cat Prince, and it’s only logical there would be protocol to -ahem- protect the lineage.

  2. Wilma says:

    Yeah, no.

  3. bluemarie says:

    Yeah no, no way would he be dumb enough to let that happen

    • boredblond says:

      I know little of royal anybody’s, but isn’t this the guy who wore a swastika and got drunk and naked in a room full of people, with camera phones, in Vegas?

      • KB says:

        That’s him! I think the Las Vegas photos really made him reevaluate his position. He has really endeared himself to people though. He served multiple tours in Afghanistan and has devoted himself to supporting veterans and injured veterans. He did a 200 mile trek with other veterans to the South Pole to raise money for Walking with the Wounded. He helped start the Invictus games where injured and wheelchair-bound veterans compete in different Paralympic type sports. He’s always meeting with injured veterans and attending/participating in events that support them. He has really turned things around in the last several years.

      • bluemarie says:

        Ahh yeah, you right he is kinda dumb

      • M79 says:

        Hm. I do question aspects of his military service. I remember when an IED went off near a base he was staying, security took him to a safe location. That isn’t normal protocol for soldiers. He does get special treatment and if anything, his presence likely endangered his fellow troops as he could be targeted. This was more of a show and display of PR, while he did go to Afghanistan, evidence suggests he was considerably protected and not in extreme danger, and it’s his job as a royal to do charity work and he has to associate himself with ones so he picked the veterans. He doesn’t just do this out of the kindness of his heart, it’s what is expected for royals and keeps them around, the monarchy can continue and public support gets shored up. Not unlike William and the security detail that protected him from below on water with armed soldiers protecting his chopper when he flew around in support of the Falkland Islands, and while he gets to fly around in a helicopter and get all the credit when a full crew rescue someone. I’m not saying there isn’t any danger there, but there’s a lot of PR and public rationale behind these choices which are largely orchestrated. Not to mention, being in the military keeps them on bases and living a life away from the spotlight to the best of their ability, which is what they want and a luxury that would not typically be afforded.

  4. lower-case deb says:

    Harry has been doing so flawless lately, it’s time to bring him down a peg or two!
    remember how he used to be a bad boy!

    at least that’s what i get from the tone of it.

    and the queen has many great grandhchildren! not just G and C!

    • Scarlet Vixen says:

      You’ve got the generations mixed up. George and her Charlotte are the queen’s GREAT-grandchildren. Beatrice, Eugenie, Wills, Harry, etc are her grandchildren.

    • MizFabulous says:

      The Queen has other great-grandchildren. Princess Anne’s children, Peter Phillips and Zara Phillips, each have children, who would be The Queen’s great-grandchildren.

  5. lala says:

    I´ll believe it only when it is confirmed by BP. Otherwise…another science fiction by Lifestyle Mag. I am pretty sure his RPOs have condoms in their each pockets and even double and make sure those are used. May sound pathetic, but I just cannot imagine Harry not realizing what a one night stand being unprotected can cause.

  6. m says:

    Lol is all I’ve got
    In other Harry news, according to the Daily Mail, he will officially become a full time royal on Sunday after he attends the Remberance Ceremony in his own right for the first time. Meanwhile his brother still doesn’t think that’s his job…

  7. Citresse says:

    There was another story recently stating Kate was tired at the Spectre appearance since she’s pregnant with twins.

  8. FingerBinger says:

    I don’t believe this. The real story is the price of life & style going up.

    • Colette says:

      When you are not selling as much as you use to,I guess have to raise the price to make up the difference.I am surprised this tabloid hasn’t going out of business.At least InTouchWeekly breaks stories occasionally like Josh Duggar stories.

      • KB says:

        In Touch is also willing to pay for stories, like when they bought all those photos from Affleck’s nanny.

    • KB says:

      Even funnier, the article refers to Life & Style as one of America’s biggest magazines! Or maybe it meant biggest tabloids? Either way, no.

  9. Triple Cardinal says:

    Not buying it. He’s been lectured for years against this, and there’s a drugstore on every corner.

    • Brittney B. says:

      But what if the condom broke or failed…?

      I’m not saying I believe the story, but everyone is nixing it on the grounds that he wouldn’t be “that stupid”. There’s always a margin of error, even if you use protection… I know at least one child who wouldn’t exist if condoms worked every time.

      • WinnieCoopersMom says:

        To add to that, also think about the stats. If he has hooked up let’s say a total of 500 times in his life and this was the one time protection didn’t work, that’s still amazing odds. But at some point, the 1/500 thing does happen.

      • Marian says:

        That’s aboslutely true. And with condoms the error margin is not that small even. I have a gynecologist in the family, have been lectured for years on this.

    • aims says:

      I agree. I’m sure he’s been told from an early age about how to handle his “behavior. ” Yeah,Harry likes to have a good time, but I also believe he’s responsible. I so believe if he did have a whopsie, he would step up. He’s never made it a secret that he wants kids.

  10. Naya says:

    I believe it. I have been expecting a Harry reveal for awhile now. He is our modern day Prince Andrew after all, and boy did Andrew fall off that pedastall. Tick Tock, Harry fans.

    • hmmm says:

      PoorJason would be proud of that statement.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Please, getting one random hookup pregnant comes nowhere near all the bad things Prince Andrew has done! Consorting with sexual predators, gun runners, and dictators is far worse than having a condom break.

      • wolfie says:

        Andrew’s scum. I feel for his daughters.

      • JenniferJustice says:

        So, as long a royal’s bad behavior doesn’t reach to or beyond Andrew’s, it’s all good? That’s an odd viewpoint.

        It’s not the condom breaking by the way, it’s the fact that a 31 year old man would be banging a 19-year old in the first place. And yes, that’s gross on multiple levels. One year out of highschool does not a woman make. I don’t beleive this story, but if it were true, there would be plenty to be disgusted about.

    • KB says:

      No way! Harry has a good heart, Prince Andrew is just a bad person.

  11. Nanea says:

    Bauer Media?

    Yeah, not true. I have no idea how they’re still in business.

  12. littlemissnaughty says:

    So he’s keeping the beard then. Love it.

    That story is such bs. I don’t doubt Charles had a scare or two in his day and possibly Harry as well. But William? I don’t think that’s likely.

    • WinnieCoopersMom says:

      Can you imagine the scandal if PW did or were to get someone else pregnant? They would hush that up so fast, no one would ever hear a word. I’m sure there’s even protocol if that situation does arise with any of the RF men: NDA’s, contracts, money until birth, DNA testing, new round of contracts/money if legit..

      • Green Girl says:

        I wouldn’t be surprised at all if there’s a whole set of rules for “What to do if a member of the BRF accidentally gets someone pregnant.”

      • AntsOffTheScent says:

        discreet abortions, large payouts, NDA’s … so yes to everything said by WCM and GG

        This has happened and they definitely have plans in place to protect the Royal image. They’ve had a thousand years to figure it out.

  13. CarrieUK says:

    This isn’t true cause I’ve been busy recently so we’ve not been about to hook up sheesh!

  14. Dena says:

    Damn that Cambridge bus moves fast. It’s dogged & relentless too. I saw it being gased up the day Harry appeared in DC with President Obama. Harry got nicked somewhat with the aimless and depends on William for direction & advice story but this time . . . this time, there will be a severed limb if not a full-on body blow.

    Harry, my advice to you is always remember to look both ways before crossing the street, never walk head first into oncoming traffic, and always, always just be careful and cautious of the sound of slow moving vehicles because anytime time you get more favorable publicity than your brother, you will be thrown under the wheel/Will.

    • NUTBALLS says:

      I was thinking the same thing, Dena…

    • anne_000 says:

      @ Dena

      I like the way you put that. 🙂

    • Cricket says:

      I agree too! This seems to have poor mason written all over it… Seems the PR spin on WK not going so well… Time to bring Harry down he is getting too many ‘Harry for King’ comments

    • notasugarhere says:

      What term did we decide on for this? #cambagging? Or was that just for when W&K horn in and take credit for Harry’s work?

    • caitlin says:

      Well said, Dena!

    • Liberty says:

      Dena, all this.

      Plus, are we all still pretending that Philip doesn’t have that second family? The kids must be what, early 40s now.

      • wolfie says:

        Really, Liberty! – a family?!! Charles used to target married women. I’ve wondered if the old rules still come into play with this new generation (Lady Slippers had the royal rundown of these hi-jinx). The rules go that William could choose someone’s bride, and the husband stands aside while an affair develops – like Camilla’s husband did – like lots of husbands did for Charles while he was married to Diana. Perhaps Diana began to believe these were the rules of the road and joined in eventually. I believe that Lord Mountbatten thought that affairs with married women were more discreet – and love children less problematic.

      • Liberty says:

        Well, I’ve heard it hinted at over the years. But I have a friend who workedin foreign service some years ago. She was assigned to a detail during a trip he took to the Caribbean, to a party at an ambassador’s residence. Among other odd things, related to behavior issues, she was fielding phone calls that weekend to what was apparently the other family, a woman and three children living in some warm sunny seaside local down in Europe. My friend was a lifelong royal fan, and it threw her for a loop. She finally came to see it as similar to de Gaulle: what will be will be, in that world. Kind of like Charles and Kiri Te Kanawa, Kanga, etc.

        Don’t forget about Philip and Pat Kirkwood, and that he was in a sort of romping men’s club with David Niven, Profumo, and Philby. The “Naked Waiter” thing?

        So Harry having a one-night stand seems very tame. Though maybe the famous men having affairs this is also expected through the generations, and thus, tame as well, right?

  15. Shambles says:

    You guys… I have a confession. My deepest, most painful secret. I have never dared to speak of it before. Three years ago, I was on a wild, post-graduation trip to London, and I heard that His Ginger Princeliness was to be partying with his merry band of misfits at a club just down the street from my hotel.

    I managed to convince the hotel’s marketing manager, Denise, to spend her afternoon dying my hair blonde. That night, I put on my sequin-iest halter top, and set out to find my Prince.

    When our eyes locked across that sea of sweaty, gyrating Coke-heads, what passion! What heat! Falling in love to the tune of Flo Rida’s “In the Ayer.” And… In the bathroom of a nearby McDonald’s… Our child was conceived. All I can say about that night is that it was the most poetic and beautiful of my life.

    Flash forward three years… and the last letter I received from Her Majesty told me that little Bunburry is doing well, and even making a foray into acting! He’s enjoying his stint as “The Horse” whenever Prince George wants to play Napoleon, I’m told. He and Harry take secret father-son trips to the movies disguised as women. It all sounds rather charming.

    I will never forget the night I shared with His Royal Ginger Gloriousness. Every few weeks, I get a text message from him at 3 or 4 am, and it usually says something like:
    “Miss ur boobs”
    Always the romantic, my Harry. And now you know my secret. I feel as if the weight of a thousand Ginger beards has been lifted from my weary shoulders.

    • Betti says:

      “Miss ur boobs” – hahahahahahhaha

    • ncboudicca says:

      “across that sea of sweaty, gyrating Coke-heads”…I’m totally buying this part. 🙂

    • Olenn says:

      Haha! Your story is much better than the L&S one!

    • InvaderTak says:

      Lol you write better than l&s. They should offer you a job.

    • Harryg says:


    • Hudson Girl says:

      This was a beautiful and truly touching memory. Thank you for sharing it with us.
      At least you’ll always have that McDonald’s bathroom.

    • anne_000 says:

      Brilliant! 😀

    • Dena says:

      Like everyone else, I too feel honored that you feel comfortable enough with us to unburden yourself like that & to share what has to be . . . could only be one of the most, if not the most, sweetest, romantic and private moments of your life. Thank you, Shambles. Thank you for that.

    • Liberty says:

      I too am charmed by your sharing. How lovely to think of your moments of pure innocent passion and joy!

      But beware — having conceived the baby in a McD bath makes Bunburry MORE NORMAL than wee Georgie and little what’s-et-name and really anything BIll can do! So please, you should also follow Dena’s earlier advice upthread, and watch out for those peculiar slow lorries, and offers of free tea sandwiches in the street from very tanned hip-less ladies in low hats.

    • eliz says:

      A very charming story and hilarious! Dry humor is my absolute favorite!

  16. LAK says:


    L & S are very entertaining.

  17. WinnieCoopersMom says:

    For good measure, they should have thrown in that it happened during his recent trip to the US, so it’s an American college girl. That would really help sell the rag. “Harry’s American Baby: All you need to know about the The University student he hooked up with after meeting Obama, his impending move to The States and how The Queen really feels!”

  18. Lucky Charm says:

    Yeah, No. 19 year old’s aren’t exactly known for being discreet. And pregnant with the prince’s baby? No way. This is just another example of when there’s no “actual” news to report, the tabloids have to resort to making up stories about someone.

  19. Malificent says:

    If you love wear the glove…. If you’re royal wear the foil?

  20. Jib says:

    I must have missed it – what was Kate’s surprising advice???
    Another hit job on Harry for working harder and bring more popular than William.

    • anne_000 says:

      It’s at the Daily Mirror link. She supposedly told him:

      “You don’t have to listen to your grandmother. Follow your heart.”

      Which I suppose would fit with how Kate would react if told by the BRF what to do.

      • WinnieCoopersMom says:

        LOL that seems to mimic Kate and Will’s joint attitude: don’t listen to what the Queen wants, you do you.

      • anne_000 says:

        @ WinnieCoopersMom

        Yes, I agree.

      • wolfie says:

        It’s disappointing that the Queen of England has so little power of command in her own family. I was shocked that William discredited her long standing traditions at Christmas for dinner with the Middleton’s.

        Who is responsible for bringing Harry down just because he is a better fit for king than Willy? Does the media care so much for William that they are willing to hurt Harry in order that Wm looks good by comparison?

        William openly rebels against the Queen. Harry is the golden child of the BRF.

      • Trashaddict says:

        Be much more fun if he got Kate pregnant. She always seems to smile a lot more when he’s around.

  21. Talie says:

    He always has a bodyguard next to him who no doubt shoves a bunch of condoms his way when he goes into a bedroom.

    The older woman thing is true…he hooked up with a haggard chick from the Real Housewives of DC.

    • MadMenluv says:

      what??? which one? don’t tell me it was that weirdo Michaela whatever that snuck into the White House

  22. Merritt says:

    I doubt it. The British Royals seem to have learned how contraception works. Unlike the Monegasque royals.

  23. anne_000 says:

    Of course there’s a possibility that it could be true. Just like I think it could be true that Philip might have an illegitimate child or lovers who’ve had secret abortions, because back in those days, women were considered to be solely responsible for anything that happens in an illicit affair. I think that it might be a possibility for Charles too. I think the possibility for William in this might be a little lower though still a chance.

    As for Harry, if it is true and he takes public responsibility for the child, then that might be good for him in the end. I think he’s wanted kids for years but hasn’t found the right woman to marry. So, as it could have been for a Normal Harry, he could have a kid at the same time not having to be in a committed relationship with the mother.

    I don’t know why he wouldn’t be a prince anymore if he public acknowledges this possible kid, or does that pertain to his marrying the mother without the Queen’s OK?

    If Harry does have a kid and on a regular basis is seen out in public with him/her as I think he would do, I think that would hurt W&K’s excuses as to why G&C can’t be seen in the media on a regular basis.

    Also, it would hurt William in that Harry would be seen by the public as a better father.

    • notasugarhere says:

      anne_000 did you include William’s rumored on-camera shagging in a nightclub stairwell when you were creating your odds?

      • anne_000 says:

        @ notasugarhere

        You’ve changed my mind. Though I originally thought that William was more tame than Charles, I guess his possibility rate is about the same or even more than his father’s based on his lower intelligence level.

  24. SavageGrace says:

    So everyone is taking tabloids seriously now? LOL How convinient for this to pop up right when the stuff about Chelsy dies down and he is at the top of his game and outshining lazy, duty shy William.

    • anne_000 says:

      I’m not saying I take it seriously. I’m saying there’s always a chance that any of the male BRF can have illegitimate children or have gotten a woman pregnant and who then went on to have a secret abortion.

      I don’t know if this story is true or not. Either which way, it doesn’t make Harry look bad imo, since I think it just reinforces what most of the public already think of him regarding children – that he will be a good father and that would just add to the list of the good qualities he has (compared to his brother).

      So if whoever came up with this story thinks it takes away from Harry’s reputation, they have made a mistake, imo.

      • SavageGrace says:

        Him having a child out of wedlock wouldn’t matter to some people – myself included – but you can bet it would matter to the people who still hold Vegas and all his other partying and poor judgments against him. Not to mention those in the UK who consider him a listless, unneccessary and unneeded leech. His work with vets and being a vet himself is nice but it wouldn’t make up for having an illegitimate child who they have to support (and even if it were announced he was supporting said child with his own money, they’d still complain that money was from them to begin with, yada, yada, yada).

        Being seen out and about with said child might salvage some of his rep but I doubt anyone who still sees him as such would be able to get passed the reckless Party Prince image and see him as a stable, reliable, etc., person, as seems to be what he’s trying to do at the moment. IDK.

        As for why this isn’t believable (at least to me – and it’s apparently been confirmed as being total bull)): it’s coming from a bottom feeder tabloid who has yet to get a single story right; even National Enquirer and US Weekly have gotten a story or two right in the past but this one just throws out fairytales and hope it sells issues. And also I cannot picture Harry announcing this to the Queen. As nice as it would be, and as close as they are, this would probably be one subject she would not want to know of – and probably one he’d want to keep from her; she has enough on her plate as is. LOL

        JMO 🙂

      • anne_000 says:

        I understand this is all ‘jmho’ on both our parts on an interesting, hypothetical topic. 🙂

        So I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree then. 🙂 because I just don’t see it as having a permanently bad effect on his PR image but ONLY IF he plays it right.

        What can the minority of critics do to him? And I believe it will be a minority, with most people not so offended by the situation and having not a load of personal interest in it beyond how much media gossip can affect them. Imo, these critics can’t do anything truly effectual against him, so long as he keeps up his usual pace or more so of being seen out in public working for the benefit of others and if he continuously and unashamedly portrays himself as an involved single father.

        Many female critics, especially those who are Gen X and younger, may even soften their hearts if he’s seen enough times being a good dad. Same with the male critics of this age range, as no doubt, since with today’s high divorce and out-of-wedlock children rates, many of them may be single fathers too.

        Who will complain about this? What is the demographic of those who’d try to use this against him? Baby boomers and older? I doubt this age range consists of the majority of tabloid consumers compared to younger buyers.

        And I think a fake tabloid debate about ‘Who is the better father, Harry or William?’ will be a better seller than the old ‘Harry the Party Prince’ topic, especially if Harry doesn’t demand the same type of restrictions of published photos of his child (especially when together with Harry in the pictures) as William has done.

        So long as Harry’s PR team (if he gets one separate from W&K’s) keeps pushing a warm and fuzzy, young fatherly image of him, he should do fine imo, but again, only if it’s conjoined with a busy work schedule and work interests.

      • SavageGrace says:

        We can def. agree to disagree 🙂

        I can’t see it going over well right now but in a few years, after he’s proven himself and moved away from the Party Prince image? Maybe. But now… I personally can’t see it – but that’s just me. 🙂

      • notasugarhere says:

        My guess would be the monarchy is supported by the staid and traditional. An out-of-wedlock pregnancy would be used against Harry and it would be very bad for his reputation. I can see it being an excuse to drag up old rumors and go on about Hewitt being proud of his grandson, etc. “Diana’s lovechild has a lovechild of his own” claptrap.

      • anne_000 says:

        If in an actual situation…. I think if Harry shows himself to be brave enough to stand up to his family and certain social circles by owning the situation and manning up to take care of his son personally and in a very public manner and if the PR is done just right, then he could/would be admired for showing parental responsibilities and might be a role model for other young men to own up to their own responsibilities too. This would probably be appreciated by a lot of single mothers and grandparents who’ve been forced to help out because of the lack of two parents for their grandchildren.

        And then, in addition to his other good works, he could become a patron of organizations that deal with single parents.

        I just think that society has become a bit more lax and more aware of single parenthood of out-of-wedlock children and I believe there’s less of a stigma nowadays. I know if it pertains to the BRF, there’d be more of a shock, but again, if played just right for public consumption, Harry could end up looking like the Royal Father of the Year. Anyhoo, jmo.

      • Liberty says:

        I agree with you, Anne_000. Very well said. Indeed, this is 2015, and not the era of Princess Margaret. A caring, cute do-good former soldier like Harry is going to get a big sympathy vote.

        Even awful Prince Albert has gone on without a problem with all his other-side-of-the-blanket kids.

      • wolfie says:

        I agree with you as well, Anne_000 – your posts always make so much sense.

  25. Hadleyb says:

    I really don’t understand why people would believe he never or would never get a girl pg

    It happens ALL the time to people, rich and famous too. He’s no different. I’m sure there are a ton of out of wedlock babies from royalty, athletes and movie stars we know nothing about.

    Nobody believed Liberace was gay back in the day either. Lol.

    Is this story true ? Probably not but it could very well happen or may have happened in the past. Men and their dicks don’t think all the time especially when drinking.

  26. suze says:

    I have no doubts that there are contingency plans in place for this possibility. It has undoubtedly already happened in the past and been dealt with.

    It would be more scandalous to have Harry *marry* a nineteen year old at this point than to admit to a child with one.

  27. Abby says:

    Ugh. On the one hand, I could see him getting a girl pregnant. But on the other hand, this story annoys me because Harry has been doing a lot of good work lately. Much better image than Kate and Will. He’s always making appearances and I really think he’s the best thing for the royal PR. Just my opinion. I’ve been waiting for a story about his visit with POTUS and FLOTUS and the Invictus games… maybe i missed it… And then there’s this. sigh.

    • anne_000 says:

      There was a story recently on CB of Harry, POTUS, FLOTUS, and the US Invictus Games. It even included a gif of Michelle giving Harry a big smile, with, iirc, the caption reading “What happens when you get seated next to the cutest guy in the room” or something like that. And iirc, there was a YouTube video in the article of POTUS and Harry’s press conference or at least a link to one.

      I don’t think this story necessarily makes him look bad though, imo. So whoever is trying to tear him down made a mistake, imo, if it leads to Harry getting his own PR team separate from W&K’s and it’s primarily focus is on him, rather than the one now which focuses mostly on W&K’s image over Harry’s. I hope he wises up and learns to protect himself over any concerns about what his brother might think of that.

  28. Jade says:

    Leave Harry alone and just go for your holiday! #poorjason #willnotkatiebucket

  29. TheSageM says:

    Because I’m sure that Harry would want to marry a 19 year old one night stand and, as the article says, “try to make it work”. Please.

  30. jwoolman says:

    I wasn’t familiar with Life & Style, but took a look at it online recently about another story. The writing seems gushy 13-year-old fangirl level to me. Or are they all that juvenile? On the page I checked, they had quite a few breathless headlines that seemed a tad hard to believe.

    Needless to say, Harry is not immune to the laws of nature. Plenty of couples have discovered that a woman can get pregnant even if she is using more than one contraceptive method and he is using a condom. The failure rate is not zero, and somebody has to be at the tail end of the curve. Abstinence and sterility are the only sure-fire ways to prevent conception, sadly. Everything else just makes the odds more favorable.

  31. Peanutbuttr says:

    Um illegitimate child? This wouldn’t be a royal family without at least one.

  32. What's inside says:

    Will somebody introduce him to J Law already? Now that would make a story.

  33. Betti says:

    LOL – this reads just like the guy from 1D’s situation. Either L&S or The Buckets are v desperate.