Khloe Kardashian: ‘I haven’t had any fillers or done any plastic surgery’


If it was 2010, I might say that Khloe Kardashian is the sister with two brain cells to rub together. I would have said that she was the most “natural” of the sisters, and that she was my favorite. But at this point… I don’t even know. We’re living in a Pinocchio Butt World and Khloe has succumbed to the family business of tweaking and lying about it. To be fair to Khloe, I don’t think she has that crazy-plastic look that Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have. Kim looks like a half-melted Barbie doll at this point and Kylie… that child has issues. Still, Khloe has spent the last two years going through a massive physical transformation, and not all of it is “diet and exercise and makeup.” Khloe recently posted something on her subscription app about how natural she is, only pay careful attention to which words she chooses.

Khloé Kardashian is shutting down rumors of plastic surgery use. After receiving harsh comments from fans recently, Kardashian, 31, denied going under the knife in a new post titled “My Face Is Filler-Free, B—hes!”

“Let me set the record straight, once and for all: I haven’t had any fillers or done any plastic surgery,” the wife of Lamar Odom wrote on her app and website. Although Kardashian is saying no to plastic surgeries for now, she did admit she has one procedure in mind for the future.

“I’m going to get fillers eventually – that’s the procedure I want to do when it’s time – but I don’t think I have wrinkles right at this moment,” she continued. “When I do get fillers, I want some normalcy to my face because you are supposed to have expressions!”

In the meantime, the Strong Looks Better Naked author credits regular laser treatments and her glam squad for always making her look good.

“I don’t need work on my face just yet because I have an amazing makeup team. Their contour game is so on point that I feel like I get a nose job every single day – and I love it!”

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star doesn’t let the rumors about facial surgery affect her, but when it comes to comments regarding her body, that’s where she draws the line.

“It doesn’t bother me too much when people say that I got plastic surgery on my face because I know that I haven’t,” Kardashian wrote. “However, it DOES bother me when people say that I got procedures done to my body because it absolutely discredits two and a half years of constant workouts. Literally blood, sweat and tears.”

[From People]

Pinocchio Butt, PLEASE. Hush. While I’ll say that she might not have fillers in her cheeks or Botox in her forehead, can we all agree that she’s getting a crazy amount of lip injections? Which is why she didn’t say “Of course I don’t get injectibles,” because that would be a lie. Much like her Ass of Lies. No, Khloe, I will never believe that you got that crazy Pinocchio Butt just from working out. You got it through surgery. Stop treating your fans like they’re too stupid to figure that out.



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and Khloe’s Instagram.

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  1. Lilacflowers says:

    So, she picks up heavy objects and whacks herself in the mouth with them every day? How do her teeth withstand the force?

    • Square Bologna says:

      It’s Hollywood! Break one set of teeth, you just buy new ones! :D

    • Ankhel says:

      Perhaps her secret dad was actually Jaws, the henchman with steel teeth? That would explain her height too. And I can picture a young Kris attracting a servile guy who’s used to greedy supervillains…

    • Anne tommy says:

      I’m sure she’s telling the truth when she says she’s not done any plastic surgery. It’s illegal to practice medicine without a licence. Whether she’s had any plastic surgery is another matter. Her lips and backside look ridiculous.

      • I Choose Me says:

        I had to scroll back up and read but yeah, carefully chosen words indeed. The Kardashians are such masters at BS at this point that you can’t help but side-eye everything they say.

      • Christin says:

        Glad I am not the only one who read that sentence word by word, and came up with the same conclusion. Oh, the word games!

      • Josephine says:

        i think you give them too much credit – they don’t strike me as bright enough to play word games. My guess is that she has little command of the language and just outright lied instead.

      • Lindsay says:

        Lol. I love it! Plus its work and gross.

        I was thinking along the lines of Khloe Kardashian: ‘I haven’t had any fillers or done any plastic surgery… Today.”

      • ekaterina says:

        Lmao!!!! Love it Lindsay. That got me giggling n laughing…must share. Ahhh…
        Now, these girls need a reminder that the “internet” exists, which we have before n after pics. Who loses all that weight only to have their ass grow? Her whole face has changed. Sad thing is, her teen fans r so obsessed with them that I wonder if they have parents? And if they’re adults, that’s scary. Quotes on twitter of love u/queen/happy for u/made my day/ with is wrong w/ people

    • robynsing says:

      My take…way too much Botox, Lip injections, way too much makeup and removable butt pads because the butt changes sizes and you can see them many times through her dresses.

    • ISO says:

      When I did a yoga training fifteen years ago, another Khloe kardashian was there – fake hair, fake arse, fake t*ts- the works. Some of us were from the mountains and this was way before the explosion of the internet, paparazzi, etc. The mountain hippies among us actually wondered if the girl had a cystic condition. We’d never seen a full on blown up lady part display. In the changing rooms the girl looked distorted. My point is- maybe Chloe just has a cystic condition, poor thing.

    • Jj says:

      Damn… khole. U used to b my favorite. Now your looking fake like the rest… so disappointed

  2. K says:

    Oh sweetie no one cares…no one cares.

    So keep lying

    • Loopy says:

      They lie so much, see the new pics at DM at her book signing she looks a fright and its obvious she has had her chin shaved.

      • burnsie says:

        I just checked over and you’re right! When she smiles it looks like her face looks like it’s melting. Not trying to be mean, but if she’s going to redo her entire face, why not redo her nose?

    • Crumpet says:

      IKR? *sigh*

    • Shaunna says:

      She has definitely shaved her chin and there is more than fillers going on with her mouth.

      • Mimi says:

        If she wants to get plastic surgery, that is her choice. Lying about it is also her choice. I’m not really surprised since everything “Kardshian” is a lie. What ticks me off is this twat has fans, actual fans that believe this BS.

    • Wren says:

      Why bother saying anything, ya know? It’s painfully obvious and painful to look at.

      • lucy2 says:

        Saying that gets another round of publicity, even if it’s everyone calling her out as a liar. They don’t care if it’s positive or negative, they just want the attention.

  3. ldub says:

    Sit yo lyin ass ALL THE WAY DOWN.

  4. paolanqar says:

    Apart from the obvious work on the lips and ass, I think she has definetely done something to her nose too.
    In the old pictures with Lamar she had a more squared nose – the bridge of her nose was much bigger compared to now – and I don’t think it’s all due to contouring.

    It’s very suspicious that she spends so much time at the gym and she has absolutely no muscle definition, especially when she states that her butt is due to her constant workouts.

    I don’t know what is more ridicolous: her statement, her lips or her butt.

    • parissucksliterally says:

      She has had two nose jobs!

      She is SUCH a LIAR! I cannot STAND these people and their LIES!

      • LeAnn Stinks says:

        That entire family is full of liars.

        I cannot believe that Khloe is ignorant enough to follow in Kylie’s footsteps. Kylie, had to eventually cop to using lip fillers because so many girls were sticking their lips into plastic bottles trying to make their lips looks like hers. Do they understand the concept of Google images? All anyone has to do is compare their old pictures with new ones. Sheesh.

        They are such a delusional, socially irresponsible family. Again, I do not understand why people continue to support this band of no talent phonies.

  5. Tifygodess24 says:

    Does she think we are blind? And stupid? Does this whole family think we are? She has transformed with the rest of them, and how exactly does that happen? Is she still claiming puberty at 30 or something? Give me a damn rest Khloe. I feel like people would actually respect this family to a certain degree, if for once they were just honest. There is no shame in the game, but there’s shame in denying it and straight up lying.

    • Josephine says:

      I think the game is to lie. They are trolling, always, and this statement is an example of that. Look outrageous, say something outrageous, treat people like crap, marry someone to be on tv and get gifts … it’s all one big troll to get negative attention. When you are not interesting enough or beautiful enough or talented enough for positive attention, you humiliate yourself for negative attention. It’s the way they make their money.

  6. longhairdontcare says:

    I want to see an ass of lies timeline!!!

  7. Mrs. Wellen Melon says:

    The Kardashian Kircus, starring Ringmaster Kris and her sideshow of freak daughters.

    There is natural sideshow talent – contortionists, knife swallowers, very short performers, etc. Then there is created, the performers who aren’t naturally unusual but have enhanced themselves in order to have a job – the tattooed man, for example. The Kardashian freaks are 100% created.

    I believe the outlandishness of their enhancement is part of the business plan. Kris is the modern P.T.Barnum.

  8. Elisabeth says:

    I was born at night…but not last night Khloe

  9. Toot says:

    Well, they’re her fans so they might be too stupid to figure it out. Remember Kylie’s fans.

    Anyway, saw new pics of Khloe out with James Harden, she really needs to just finalize that divorce.

  10. We Are All Made of Stars says:

    What a wackjob. Seriously, I too used to think that she was the sane and credible one, but I guess the truth is that she was just unable or held out the longest. Are we really living in a world where fillers and injectables are considered two separate things? Please, if you’re using lip fillers, you’re using fillers.

  11. Square Bologna says:


    Laughing like a fool right now, that photo is perfect! :D

  12. Lizzie McGuire says:

    Sure, Jan (insert side eye)

  13. Eggland's worst says:

    Khloe hasn’t had work done and I’m Superman. Smile and nod, smile and nod.

  14. hogtowngooner says:

    Sure Jan…

  15. Ivalo says:

    What app is that ? Their skin looks flawless

  16. Halah says:

    When these celebs say things like this and they choose their words this carefully I wonder…sure she hasn’t had any “fillers” but Botox isn’t really a filler, it paralyzes the muscle, so is she admitting she HAS had botox?

  17. cannibell says:

    Confession: I only read Kardashian posts for all the great comments. Thanks for making my morning, everybody.

  18. The Eternal Side-Eye says:

    It’s amazing to me how unattractive she made herself with all the krap she’s done, even cat-faced Kim had a few good years? months? where the plastic surgery actually amplified her beauty.

    Khloe was the ‘ugly duckling’ but she was pretty. Her face could smile, her lips didn’t protrude like a drooling infant. Now she’s a walking collection of body parts desperately trying to look hot with an ass that enters the room 3 minute after she does.

    Sliding doors must terrify her.

  19. Darlene says:

    So lip fillers/injectibles aren’t the same as other fillers?

    • Jackson says:

      That’s exactly what I said below. Lip injections are ‘fillers.’ I’m not even sure why she bothers to deny things

  20. AlmondJoy says:

    As much as we complaine about the KKlan, I bet this thread will get more comments than the Zendaya thread.

    • Dream Big says:

      Just went to up vote this lol

    • FingerBinger says:

      The Kardashians are more interesting than Zendaya.

    • AlmondJoy says:

      Thanks, Dream Big!

      Fingerbinger: Nah, there’s nothing interesting about them. It’s pretty much the same thing over and over again. I just think people would rather complain about stupid celebrities than discuss those who are the opposite.

  21. Daria Morgendorffer says:×1024.jpg

    Come on. They really need to stop. It’s such a waste of their time at this point to even bother denying because there is not only an endless slew of pictures, there is also tons of video footage because they stupidly agreed to be filmed for the last decade. It just doesn’t even make sense that they not only won’t admit to the work they’ve had done, but actively deny it despite endless proof.

    Khloe needs to chill with acting like she built that butt in the gym. Girl has the most undeveloped legs ever yet her ass has quadrupled in size. It is literally bigger than Serena Williams’ and Serena is a professional athlete. You cannot build up your glutes in the gym unless you build your hamstrings, they go together and it is impossible to do one without the other. This is what every woman in the Kardashian family doesn’t understand–they have those skinny legs that don’t match up to their butts and it is a telltale sign of implants/injections.

    • jsilly4 says:

      Thanks for the comparison pics. I was too lazy to look it up. Hee.

    • Magpie says:

      Seriously, 2nd link says it all.

    • stou says:

      It’s a shame, she had a good natural booty… (On pic one, seriously that is a nice ass, dyt?) With the workout, she’d be banging without this bee stung ass. It juste make her look disproportionnate/mishappen. But about her face, Idk, she had quite raw features compared to her sisters, altought i’ve never tought she was’nt pretty in her way. Her face changed a lot, and i don’t think countouring gives your lips volum that can be seen in profile… (Cough kylie, cough)

  22. jsilly4 says:

    They really think we’re stupid, don’t they? What the family does is all use the same surgeons and dermatologists so that they have the same procedures done and they all land up with the same eyes, forehead, nose, lips, cheeks and butts. Then they can say “see its genetics!!!” Yet, what it is, all lies!!!

  23. QQ says:

    this *ssholes Parse Like it’s their own special version of the truth

    I also havent had any carbs this year…Injected…

  24. Nicolette says:

    These people, and I use that term loosely here, are so adept at lying they could be caught standing over a dead body murder weapon in hand with the crime videotaped and still lie. All while posing for selfies of course.

  25. SusieQ says:

    Hahahahahhahaahaha, yeah okay hahahahahahahaha Khloe, haahahahahahha, we believe you, haahahahahahahahaha.

  26. Kitten says:

    LOL..Yep, just like Kylie’s lips were due to “lip liner”. LOLOL!!

    Sad thing is that even with all the stuff she’s had done to her face and body, she will never be a great beauty. Harsh? Probably, but it’s true.

  27. snowflake says:

    No muscle tone, at all and her butt is from working out, puleez. More like lipo and fat injections plus occasionally working out. Why won’t they just admit it? People have eyes. Don’t make all these kids think you’re natural and beat themselves up cause they don’t look like her

  28. Lama Bean says:

    Was she throwing shade at Kim by saying “I still need to be able to smile”?

  29. Jackson says:

    Lip injections ARE ‘fillers’ though. So, really, she’s made of lies.

    • yuck says:

      I suppose we’re now supposed to parse the definition of “filler.” How Clintonian of her. She is beyond ridiculous.

  30. smcollins says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…*deep breath*…. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha….

  31. Mar says:

    No Kardashian has ever had surgery or fillers, ok guys??????

  32. Ohreallynow says:

    Right, and your hair is real too!! Her nose and whole face looks a lot different than it did a few years ago and its not from diet and exercise…there were pics on the Daily Mail and her face in pics looked like it wouldn’t even move…they are all fake..the only ones that can somewhat get by w/ that lie are Kourtney and Kendall…but even they have done stuff, but just more subtle. They are all liars.

  33. Dani8 says:

    I respect peoples’ right to privacy regarding their medical history but….please don’t turn around and constantly lie about it when silence would be a better option. That is what is annoying to me. I think she has had several procedures done to her face and body both as previous posters have mentioned. She looks nothing like she used to.

    • SydneySnider says:

      That’s what I came to say, Dani. There are – apparently – things they just don’t comment about or ever address, so why not just shut up about this? I’m surprised there were any negative comments on her app/website; I’d have thought a moderator would have removed them instantly, so as to avoid any cracks in the perfect life they are trying to make their fans believe they live. Then again, perhaps no one said anything at all, and this is yet another ploy to garner some attention. Sigh. They are exhausting.

  34. saywhatwhen says:

    You see that nose on her face? She better be careful that it doesn’t start to grow…

    Lying liar.

  35. Ciru says:

    Bye Fat-ass Felicia.

  36. benchwarmer says:

    I’m not going to dispute did she or didn’t she. She says she didn’t I’ll believe her. But for the love of all things good, please stop with the lips that extend a mile beyond the natural lip line and the obnoxiously long lashes that make me sing twinkle twinkle in my head bec. they look like flickering stars. Ditto for the foundation and contouring yuck! Show everyone the pretty girl underneath it all. The best look is when you catch them coming or going to the gym, sans makeup, that’s when they look pretty. Why don’t people get it, that covering up your beauty with a mask actually makes you look deformed, not pretty. These girls are naturally pretty but they make themselves look fake and tacky with the over the top makeup application.

    • SydneySnider says:

      Bu(t)t, like. It’s not “fake and tacky”, benchwarmer. The word you’re, like looking for is “sexxay”, you know?

  37. TheOtherViv says:

    Yes, nose contouring can be marvellous and miraculous and I am guilty of it myself- but relying on a MUA team every day to give you a new nose is as silly as it gets.
    As harsh as this may sound, girl: just get a nose job, you know you want one. Then stop telling us about it.

  38. Nick says:

    Every interview all the Kardashians talk about is that they don’t get fillers or have had plastic surgery. That their makeup game is on point. Every single interview. How are they not bored? They are just so small and naive. Even with all their money, I pity them because no one could be happy living that life.

  39. grabbyhands says:

    So, you came by your prolapsed anus mouth naturally? Okay…….

    I guess you have to have a kind of grudging respect for her being able to sit there and tell bold faced lies. That she has had some kind of surgery/fillers on her mouth and ass is undeniable, and yet here she is. Bizarre.

  40. My two cents says:

    I think this is all a big PR game to them. They have to realize everybody knows they didn’t grow those magical butts or luscious lips over night. They get tweaked and know people are going to talk about them. Then the more they deny, the more people talk about them and look at their pics. Must be PimpMom’s great mind at work!

  41. Christin says:

    I think every single thing they do and say is to generate a dollar. They can ‘sell’ makeup tips and maybe workout tips. Admitting the true source of their clearly changed selves would not benefit their pocketbooks.

  42. DEB says:

    So full of sh*t her eyes are brown. She’s had at least three nose jobs. She’s having the whole thing reconstructed. Other facial procedures too. But implants which are plainly visible in some pictures. Google some old pictures of her. Shameless liar. This family become more of a turn-off every day.

  43. Dawn says:

    Wow…this family just is not happy unless they are telling lie after lie. Please her fans may be believe her but the rest of us know that she is full of it. How can these awful people actually have fans when they are nothing but a sack of lying sh!t. The media just keeps on pushing them for some strange sad reason.

  44. Debutante says:


    • Sochan says:

      A nose job? JUST a nose job? Her mouth is absurd. Her butt is absurd. Her orange skin color is absurd. Her hair is absurd. Her face with no lines is absurd. She’s fake, fake, fake. The lies infuriate me.

  45. The Original Mia says:

    Her ass and lips of lies kinda prove her to be a lying liar.

    • Fancypants says:

      Dlisted had posted a family pic of them last night that was probably taken a couple of years ago, they look like totally different people, they actually looked good compared to how they look now

      • Sochan says:

        The most shocking change – to me – is Kylie. I swear, she looks like a totally different person. Not just the same person with enhancements. A completely, unrecognizable person. The most unfortunate change is Kim who was so, so very pretty before all this mess. And she used to smile a beautiful smile!

      • Fancypants says:

        @sochan that’s exactly what I noticed! Kim looked pretty and happy, now she just looks weird and miserable. Kylie and Kendall looked completely different, like normal teenagers.

  46. Sochan says:

    OMG. The disgusting, pathological lies of the people in this family and in the celebrity world in general. Christ.

  47. holly hobby says:

    Hahahah. That’s all I have.

  48. Wentworth Miller says:

    It’s all about word play, with these people. It isn’t considered “lying” if they choose the correct words. And speak specifically about say, not having work done…on her face as opposed to saying that she hasn’t had any work done, at all. If I say that I haven’t done any plastic surgery, I wouldnt be lying because I’m not a plastic surgeon. It’s all semantics. Oh, the lies!
    I followed Khloe. I just liked her. Had a “Team Khloe” t-shirt. I don’t even remember when she lost me.

    • Jayna says:

      Ding, ding, ding. We have a winner.

      Also, I was once a big Khloe fan also. I’m over her and have been for a while once she tried to turn herself into Kimmy.

  49. Mixtape says:

    Usually I’m a Khloe defender (I have a soft spot for the Jan Bradys of the world), but I don’t even know how she says this with a straight face when her entire bone structure seems to have changed within the past week! I saw pics of her at her book launch and she was unrecognizable. I guess it’s pretty convenient to have an excuse to be at Cedars Sinai for days on end…

    • Wentworth Miller says:

      DEAD!!! 😁😁😁😁!! U said how could she say that with a “straight face!!!”

      I think this is the 2nd or 3rd Jan Brady reference I’ve seen, in as many weeks. I don’t get it.

      • Mixtape says:

        Heh, Wentworth–you’re right, poor choice of cliches! With all the ‘tox, the only thing she’s capable of these days is a straight face.

        At the risk of revealing my age… Marcia Brady was the older, popular sister. Cindy was the younger, cute one. And Jan had a lot of inner turmoil over being the awkward middle sister always trying to forge her own identity through misguided means. Bad wigs and fake boyfriends were involved. But for many, she was the easiest to relate to.

  50. Paris says:

    In her dreams?

  51. Cara says:

    I think she meant to say, “I’ve never contributed to the betterment of society”, or “I’ve never gone 30 minutes without talking about myself at length”….

  52. word says:

    This family is allergic to the truth.

  53. Alana says:

    If you have to keep telling people that you DID NOT have ANY plastic surgery because you look like you had surgery then its obvious you did
    I would like some trainers to start saying that there is no way in hell you ass can look like that no matter how you exercise. That ass looks and IS fake

  54. Tacos and TV says:

    I find it funny how these people claim to never have had work done or whatever, but do they forget that there is a such a f**king thing called Google? All I have to do is type in Khloe 2007 and BAM! The truth! It’s ridiculous.

  55. JudyK says:

    Saw her on tv at her book signing (congrats to her ghost writer for writing it and getting it published) and had no idea who she was…she looked like she had just walked out of Madame Toussaud’s Wax Museum.

  56. Roller74 says:

    I’ve thought for awhile now that Khloe is trying to shape her face/body so she looks more like a ‘biological’ Kardashian and less like the person who really fathered her. The results make her look worse with each procedure she gets done. Her and Nicole Kidman must have attended the same “How to Unconvincingly Lie about Surgical Procedures You Have Had Done” seminar training.

    • SydneySnider says:

      I’ve started thinking the same thing, Roller74. At first I thought she was having all the “enhancements” to attract a new fella, of the sort they all seem to prefer. Then I wondered if it was to look more like Kim in order to bolster her profile, because she might feel she’s getting overlooked by Kim’s pregnancy and impending birth, Kourtney’s drama with the ex, Kendall’s Kareer and Kylie’s shenanigans. I wonder if, deep down, she didn’t secretly feel a frisson of delight that Lamar’s drama came bout? Now I’m thinking there might be some truth in what you say, especially since some posters on other sites speculate a lot about her parentage.

  57. Heather says:

    She used to have a personality, now she’s as desperate a fame ho as her sisters.

  58. redd says:

    Oh, F me. Now, there’s no one in that family with a brain. And how arrogant of her to think we’re all this stupid. She just lost what little (default) respect she had

  59. khaveman says:

    hahahaha lies lies.

  60. Smd says:

    I really wish she would have owned up to the work. In addition to the ridiculous butt implants this link convinced me the nose and lips done as well. Own it!

  61. Aubrey says:

    There is evidence that she is doing something to her butt. In the Montana episode Kylie calls her out, saying that Her butt gets bigger and bigger every time we see her. Kloe laughs it off.

  62. Melly M says:

    I’m still trying to figure out how it is possible that people like her apparently believe that their surgeries and procedures have made them more beautiful while the rest of the world is shocked because they used to be so much more attractive before.

    • Mare says:

      They all have self esteem issues.

      • Wentworth Miller says:

        I wonder why. Sh/t, if I had parents like theirs, I’d probly be fckd up, too. Crazy how ALL of them turned out the same. Some worse than others, but they’re still fckd up.

  63. Chloe says:

    When I first saw the thumbnail of the header pic I thought it was Katie Price! Then I couldn’t stop laughing.

  64. iheartgossip says:

    Sure, Jan. Pretty sure you’re not being honest.

  65. Megan says:

    She’s had at least one nose job.

  66. LAK says:


  67. Christin says:

    I have never understood why people choose to be untruthful, when it is obvious they have done something. Back in high school, I remember a girl who claimed her hair was not highlighted (it suddenly turned blonde streaked – very much so, yet she claimed her family’s annual winter Florida trip gave her that look, which lasted for years). Another claimed her hair was naturally curly and she’d never had a perm (yet someone in our class saw her at a salon getting one).

    If someone doesn’t want to reveal their beauty secrets, that’s their prerogative. But to completely lie about it is ridiculous.

  68. yep says:

    Her makeup team deserves the award of the century for the “conturing” of her ass! Mind-blowing!

  69. NeNe says:

    Who gives a sh*t!!!! She’s so full of sh*t that it’s spilling out of her mouth…. The whole family is pathetic. They’re all a bunch of liars. How can anybody actually believe anything that comes out of any of their mouths????

    Sorry honey you weren’t born that way…. you bought it!!!! The whole klan is nothing but famewh*res!!!!!

  70. Bapril says:

    There’s no way in HELL she hasn’t had something injected into her ass! Now, it may be her own fat that was transferred from elsewhere on her body, so perhaps by saying she’s had no “fillers” she gets by on a technicality, but still…she’s full of shit.

  71. 7-11's Hostage says:

    ” Literally blood, sweat and tears.” No, not literally. But you have been the cause of blood, sweat and tears. You and your E! / Ryan Seacrest enablers. That much is true.

  72. phlyfiremama says:

    Who does she think she is, a republican? Bald faced lying like that I haven’t seen since last nights debate!!!