Kate Hudson doesn’t want to have a traditional family just for the sake of it


Kate Hudson covers the new issue of Harper’s Bazaar, and I’m struggling to care. I’m saying that as someone who feels general warmth-to-ambivalence for Kate too – like, most of the time I don’t really care about her, but when I do think about her, I mostly like her. I like that she’s not a whiner. I like that she just bangs guys and does whatever she wants without “needing the ring.” But I also have to say, she needs to get her career in order. She’s needed better projects for years now, and in lieu of actually working as an actress, Hudson is just doing the “celebrity for celebrity’s sake” thing. Showing up on magazine covers for no reason, going to the opening of an envelope, and promoting her sad line of workout gear, Fabletics.

Anyway, you can read the Harper’s Bazaar interview here. The photos were done by Creepy Terry Richardson, in his classic, over-saturated, surgical-theater lighting way. Some highlights:

She’s training for a triathlon. “Why not now? It’s about pushing yourself. Making a choice. It sort of becomes a metaphor for everything else.”

She’s single & enjoying it: “It’s nice to get acquainted with myself alone. You know, the goal when you get into a relationship is not to be out of the relationship. It’s to try to stay in the relationship. But if it doesn’t work, you can’t force those things. It’s good to take a second to make my life about getting myself centered, clearing the energy, no overlapping. I’m at that age now. I really do feel very lucky. I’ve had my kids and my relationships. I’ve set my life down—I’m in my house, and I’m alone with my children—and I’m at peace, and that’s a really nice feeling. All I really want in my life is to maintain that.”

Letting go of old lovers: “It’s hard to let go of something even when you know that it’s not right. I’ve chosen something in my life that I’m very comfortable with that goes against a lot of people’s more traditional feelings. If something’s not right, I don’t believe in maintaining something for the sake of what’s considered a traditional family, because I believe that there are different ways to raise children. It’s far more effective to raise children in happy homes…I always laugh when people go, ‘Hollywood … look at them.’ I’m like, ‘No, look at the world!’ Statistically it’s tough out there—relationships have a fifty-fifty chance. The odds aren’t great, you know?”

She loves Instagram: “I was looking at my Instagram and someone said to me, ‘Who manages your Instagram?’ I would never let anyone manage my Instagram! I enjoy it.”

[From Harper’s Bazaar]

She basically got the cover of the December/January issue to talk about how she’s single now. Seriously. Actually, though, Bazaar previewed Kate’s 2016 and it does sound like she has some legitimate work coming up. Her book (about health and fitness) will come out in February. She’s already wrapped on a film about the 2010 BP oil spill. She’s part of the ensemble for Garry Marshall’s Mother’s Day. And she’s about to play Richard Pryor’s wife Jennifer Lee in Lee Daniels’ Pryor bio-pic. So… that’s good, I guess. At least she’s doing something other dressing up for random red carpets.


Photos courtesy of Terry Richardson/Harper’s Bazaar.

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  1. Hudson Girl says:

    Did they do something weird to her nose in Photoshop? Or did she do something weird to it in real life?

    • mimif says:

      Lol Hudson Girl, IRL.

    • Happy21 says:

      Yes, that’s either photoshop or a new nose because that is so not her former nose.

    • Bess says:

      I was just getting ready to say, her nose job is not serving her well as she ages.

      I think it’s the way she was photographed, nosejobs can look real nose jobby if not lit well or the angle is off.

    • Evie says:

      I came here to ask that too!! Is it generally the mags that are fiddling with pics or the celeb messing with their face? Cause that Kate doesn’t look like the Kate.

  2. aims says:

    She’s been busting her behind trying to stay relevant.

    • knower says:

      yea…what is she even promoting???

      Blind Gossip had the skin shots blind about her yesterday.

    • Bess says:

      Her career baffles me.

      She got off to an amazing start In Almost Famous and was an ‘IT,’ girl for half a second – and then just pizzed it away.

      I think she wanted her own money. She had celebrity, and two famous parents, but a lot of these folks are not as well to do as you would think. I think she just wanted to puff up her bank and so took every dumb rom com out of the gate.

      She’s still trying to get those product line and lifestyle dollars with her athleisure line. Can’t hate the player. They’re all doing it. I’m sure a lot of these barely A and B list actresses whose careers we’re going gang busters a decade ago, but see the gravy train is slowing…look at people like Kim Kardashian, and all the other Kardashians, Lisa Renna, Wendy Williams (HSN), Paltrow (goop), Blake Lively and her lifestyle site, Ellen Degeneris and her tri marketing deals (cover girl, QVC, etd) Sarah Jessica Parker, Nene Leaks (clothes and video games) and Aniston who are just raking it in money wise and think to themselves…oh shi!!..I need to get on this train too!

  3. Nicolette says:

    She looks fabulous.

    • Lensblury says:

      I agree! She looks healthy.

    • kate says:

      yeah she really does look great. i like what she’s saying about being happy on her own. so many young girls i know (and myself included at one time in my life) are too scarred to be single so they stay in lackluster relationships.

  4. minx says:

    Why does she get any attention? Is she doing any movies? There was a blind item yesterday that had to be about her–an actress from a famous family who is desperately trying to stay in the news.

  5. mkyarwood says:

    I struggle with this feeling. I was raised by parents who were business partners first. From the time I could read, my dad would be telling me not to get married. Or, if I had to, don’t even think about it until after 35. Work on your career, be your own woman, care about yourself. Unfortunately, watching them, I learned caring about yourself meant caring about your image. Being your own woman meant not allowing your sentimental or loving side out much. Work was everything, and you were measured by your success there. It’s still like that. I can’t see the purpose. I broke away, learned that for ‘work’, I like working with my hands. Gardening, baking. I like caring for people; my two daughters. I like being a relationship partner first, and worrying about money later. I don’t like that my six year old thinks ‘Mommies stay home’. I don’t like that sometimes I have to ask my husband for money like a child, and sometimes he makes me justify it like a child, until we both blink and realize what’s happening. I have worked, before kids, in between kids, and now I’m trying to create income from home while my youngest weans. I don’t know how I got here, but I don’t feel it’s wrong. I don’t feel it’s un-feminist, as long as I remain aware and do the work to present a well rounded role model to my kids. I also don’t think it’s worth tossing away when things don’t seem like they’re working. Nothing worth having is easy.

    • shewolf says:

      Thanks for commenting! This is me right now! I have degrees… I was never one for dreaming about the perfect wedding… thats just not how I am. Yet somehow its worked out that I have been at home for seven years raising children. Part of me feels like I should be embarrassed of myself and my life and I should just change my name to Duggar (vomit) but the other part of me feels like there’s nothing wrong with my life. I dont have to tell myself “its ok to be like this so long as my kids know that Im smart and educated and feminist and blah blah blah.”

      I think we’re all kind of fed up with having to justify our lives whether we are married and raising kids, or single mothers, or career focused with no desire for kids, etc and all the different variations of “woman” today.

      • knower says:

        I’m not married, but I think if it brings you happiness then f**k everybody else. You do you 😉 and your children will learn from the love you obviously give them greatly.

      • shewolf says:

        Thank you all for your thoughtful contribution!!! SO appreciated.

    • Shambles says:

      Thanks for sharing, ladies. Though I’m not married or a mom, I, too, am feeling the gravity of the choices we make in life and the weight of feeling like we have to justify the way we choose to live. But, in the end, we are the ones who must live with ourselves when we close our eyes each night. As long as YOU are happy and at peace, screw everyone else’s opinion. We can’t win, either way. We’re either too “career focused” and therefore soulless, child-hating beasts, or we are satisfied with being wives and mothers first and foremeost and therefore are weak and “non-feminist.” But feminism means that you don’t have to justify yourself. You do whatever fills your soul with joy, and the people who love you for that are the ones you keep in your life. Much love to you guys, you sound like wonderful wives and mothers.

    • sofia says:

      @mkyarwood, you should look into this book: “Unfinished Business: Women Men Work Family”, by Anne-Marie Slaughter. She wrote that piece called “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All (look for it too) that became famous.

      Our definitions of success may come from good intentions but are shaped by our reality and by the expectations and conditionings of it. This idea that anything else beyond career is a step backwards for women breeds from that. More and more we should ask what we want and WHY we want it. Living a life like a political manifesto for the sake of it (“I can do it all, look at me”), for the sake of proving a point doesn’t get us far, actually I find it truly unfair and limiting. We have to find our own path and sometimes that may lead us to a more traditional existence and other times we may need to step of of conventions. Real freedom and feminism should allow us to choose what’s right for us without inner conflicts that come from the need to fit into someone else’s expectations. Otherwise we are going from one type of oppression to another, right?

      Have a good life! I hope to have my garden one day too:D

    • Charlotte15 says:

      I love this comment thread so much! It’s been an issue on my mind lately as I see friends who are still single not by choice struggling with it, as well as married friends in which one partner wants a children and the other doesn’t…my friends alone are all over the map.
      I was a lawyer before becoming a SAHM and it does bother me that sometimes I feel as if I’m being made to feel “ashamed” of not working, but I like being home with my kids. I don’t miss office work at all, and I enjoy supporting my husband in his career.

      Society can be so judgey; I think most of the people I know who are grappling with these issues wouldn’t be half as concerned if it weren’t for some of those awful stereotypes out there (things like “spinster” which is utter nonsense IMO; some of the smartest and most interesting, well-traveled ladies I know are single and lead fulfilling lives). I don’t exactly know what my point is here, lol, but it’s nice to know I’m not alone. It absolutely feels very strange for my husband to be paying my law school loans off when I’m not using the degree, but we’re both okay with my being home with the kids.

  6. Saphana says:

    “relationships have a fifty-fifty chance”
    yeah and lotteries also have a fifty-fifty chance, you either win or you dont…

  7. Kerry says:

    What are you talking about? She is a whiner didn’t you see her doing that show with Bear Grylls??? all she did was whine.

  8. JenniferJustice says:

    I used to be a fan, but now I find her desperate and annoying. She seems more concerned with her physique and the attention it garners than building on her career. I use to view her as cute and quirky, but now I see shes actually just shallow and silly.

    • Granger says:

      I agree. I looked at her instagram recently, and I was really grossed out by how narcissistic it is. I know instagram is (or can be) inherently narcissistic, and I know she has an image to sell, but all she seems to post are pictures of Kate in skimpy workout clothes or bikinis, Kate at a big Hollywood party, Kate out for dinner and drinks with friends, Kate getting her nails done, Kate on a photo shoot, Kate dancing and giggling. It makes her seem so vapid and empty.

      She’s just part of that world of celebrity that I will never understand. There is so much more to me than how I look — I can’t imagine putting so much focus into that one small part of myself.

  9. tmbg says:

    I long for the days when Bazaar and other fashion magazines put models on the cover. The celebrity interviews and articles are typically so mindless. What’s the point?

    • Betsy says:

      Me too.

      Vogue tends to have better lifestyle stuff, although the recent Angelina issue was a bit of a snooze.

  10. Nimbolicious says:

    I don’t know……I can’t really get on the meh bandwagon here. I’ve met her, and she seemed like a kind, down-to-earth person. And I actually like her workout line a lot.

    She’s getting older. The thing is, in Hollywood forty is the new eighty, and it’s really hard as a woman in that business to be viewed as relevant by the people in a position ( i.e., male studio execs) to bestow relevance-making movie roles. Not impossible, but difficult, particularly when your thang is ingenue or romantic comedy leads that you age out of pretty fast. So it doesn’t seem like a venal sin to shift the focus to family, business ventures or international causes, because it beats sitting around waiting for the phone to ring in between Botox appointments.

    Maybe she’s thirsty and flits around from red carpet to red carpet out of desperation – I don’t know. But she seems to live her life in a way that works for her, which seems reasonable to me.

    • Mare says:

      Totally agree with you. Also, I never understood what’s wrong with branching out of acting and trying other things? People in the comments seem to dislike that very much as I saw on articles about Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba etc. But I always think it’s very smart of them to start other businesses, especially someone like Alba who I don’t think is very good actress. It’s great to use the money you earned in movies and invest it in something else. And it’s great to have the opportunity to do more than one job all your life, if you’re interested in other things and you have the means, why not?

  11. perplexed says:

    She’s got a fitness book coming out? Okay, I’ll probably actually buy it (or check it out from the library). She seems less annoying when she’s concentrating on fitness — something she seems quite good at!

    • Carol says:

      Right? I feel that way too. Im not a fan of her acting … at all. But I love what she says about health and fitness. Yeah, probably will get tge book.

  12. She looks freaking amazing. I have always loved looking at her because she somehow exudes the appearance of happiness, sunshine and laughter. I do not know if she is like that in real life, but she radiates good vibes. I agree wholeheartedly with her about it being hard to let go of past relationships even when you know you have to leave for own good. I have just done the same thing myself. Clearing the energy. You go girl. You are inspiring to me today with your attitude. Thank you Kate, I needed that!😃

  13. Gabby says:

    I actually really love what I’m assuming is the subscriber’s cover, the bottom photo. I’m not usually into Richardson’s photography (or anything about him really, he’s awful), but that’s a striking image

  14. Betsy says:

    For as much as I like her mother, Kate Hudson just leaves me bored. Meh in the dullest of ways.