The View: ‘We discussed backstage whether it’s better to be bulimic or anorexic’

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They’re always saying dumb sh*t on The View, they really are. That’s pretty much the point of that show, to annoy, needle, offend and meddle. I don’t know how people find that entertaining, but it can be mildly amusing to occasionally discuss the ridiculous things they say, which pretty much explains their business model. That’s how they get press.

During a day of hot topics, the women on the panel were discussing weight, specifically the fact that Donald Trump has lost weight and that co-host Paula Faris is fit. (I’m sorry, thin women, that people pick on you so much. I’ve really noticed this happening more to thin women, like of course their bodies are up for discussion.) Faris was defending herself a bit. Later Joy Behar and Michelle Collins, the same fools who claimed that nursing was “not a real talent” and were forced to grovel to nurses everywhere, brought up eating disorders as some kind of alternative method of weight loss. At least that’s what it sounded like in context, and it was bad. As you can see in the title, Joy Behar said “We were discussing backstage whether it’s better to be bulimic or anorexic,” and then Collins chimed in about how bulimia lets you eat first so that’s preferable. Luckily, Candace Cameron Bure stopped them to say she’d had an eating disorder and it’s no joke. (She says dumb sh*t too, this was a rare moment of reason from her.)

E! has the best overview of this story so I’m going to quote them:

Faris said she could relate to the story about Trump’s accidental weight loss. “When you guys are really busy, though, do you take the time to eat, or do you end up eating a lot late at night and gaining weight?” she asked. “I know that I kind of forget to eat during the day, but then I’ll have a huge meal at the end.”

“That is such a lie,” Behar said. “I see you eating all the time.”

“I said when I’m super, super busy,” Faris replied.

“I see her eat all day long, and she’s skinny,” Behar said. “That’s why we hate her.”

“Don’t hate me!” Faris pleaded.

“Don’t hate Paula because she’s beautiful,” Candace Cameron Bure said.

“You’re sweet,” Faris replied, to which Behar added, “And skinny!”

“I’m not skinny. I am not skinny,” Faris insisted. “I am thin, I would say. But I think there’s a big difference.” In response, Collins asked the group, “Is there a difference between skinny and thin? Because I’ve never been in that in-between area.”

Cameron Bure and Faris argued that yes, there is a difference.

“Thin is healthy,” Faris argued. “Thin is healthy.”

“Skinny’s not healthy?” Collins asked.

“Not always,” Faris replied.

“Ooh, girl,” Collins said. “They’re gonna come for you for that, I’ll tell you right now.” Faris apologized, but soon after, the conversation took a turn for the worse. “We were just discussing whether it’s better to become bulimic or anorexic backstage,” Behar informed the audience. “What do you girls think?”

Collins fired back, “Definitely bulimic. You get to enjoy the meal.” Then, singling out a woman off-camera, she said, “She’s nodding. We have two bulimics here. They agree.”

“Please know that while this is in jest, as someone that has dealt with an eating disorder, I don’t want to make light of anyone that has it,” Cameron Bure told viewers. “But we were talking about it.” Goldberg explained that they “were kidding” about the touchy topic, while Collins argued that the “are always kidding.”

“Just know that, everyone,” Collins said. “No, but it’s a disease.”
Cameron Bure clarified, “I think I can joke about it because I’ve been there.”

[From E! Online]

When they came back from commercial break, Behar offered one of those “we’re sorry to the people we offended” apologies:

“You know, we always offend someone on this show. We’re always in trouble—the comedians, in particular, are always in trouble. Although you got in trouble recently,” she said, pointing to Faris. “We keep getting into trouble on this show. We upset some people. We understand that bulimia is a serious illness. We’re just trying to have some fun over here. So, you know…and then I got a text from my accountant saying, ‘Don’t worry, Joy. Your IRA is in tact, Signed, Bernie Madoff.’ So, there you have it.” Goldberg added, “As Candace pointed out, she knows what this is like. We know. We understand. And, of course, we never want to offend anybody.”

[From E! Online]

They tried to rein that in and apologize quickly, but how do two grown women, who both work in the media and have had to apologize multiple times for being insensitive, still say such insensitive things? Especially Joy, she’s been in television for decades. It’s not funny to have an eating disorder, these are mental disorders, they’re not some great option for weight loss. I get making a stupid joke with your friends, but not on a national television show.

In Wednesday’s episode Candace Cameron Bure argued for young earth creationism and intelligent design so that wasn’t even the most idiotic thing they said this week.

If you want to see these comments in context, E! has a brief video and this segment starts right at the beginning of the episode on Hulu.

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  1. Shambles says:

    Stop. Turn around, walk out the door, and close it. Stop. 50 shades of mother f*cking NOPE right here.

    • Size Does Matter says:

      Seriously. Coffin, meet nail, disgusting out-of-touch idiots.

      • Sara says:

        Honestly who cares? If people don’t like what they have to say there’s a simple solution. Just don’t watch the show. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, whether it’s stupid or not. How bored are people that they are outraged at what some women on a talk show said?

  2. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    God, they don’t have a functioning brain cell between them.

    • Bridget says:

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: it’s like someone put together that panel of women with the goal of finding the most off-putting, combative, embarrassing women possible.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        And they did an excellent job!

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I think they know from the reactions to the Rosie/Elizabeth Hasselback feuds that the stupid comments get the show the most attention. I think they might have intentionally put together people who would say idiotic things.

      • Bridget says:

        It gets them gossip and Twitter mileage, but not viewers – The View has been circling the drain for years.

    • Pinky says:

      Comediennes are allowed to joke about whatever they want, though likely not on what was (once) a somewhat reputable newsish program. Change the name of the show and its context, change the outcry.

      This material would work in someone’s standup, just not in morning talk television.

  3. mia girl says:

    This makes me so angry.
    F*ck these women. They should absolutely know better.

  4. AlmondJoy says:

    This show is a total and complete embarrassment. Can’t wrap my head around this one…

  5. LadyMTL says:

    Seriously, why is this show still on? The number of idiotic things they’ve said this season alone is almost beyond belief. What’s up next week, they’ll make jokes about Jared Fogle or the attacks in Paris?

  6. AmyB says:

    These women need to SHUT THE F**K up!! How ignorant can you possibly be?????????? First it was the insult to nurses, then they insult Carla Fiorina re: her appearance, and now they insult people with eating disorders???? Fire them all and take this piece of crap show off the AIR!! Talk about NO CLASS!

  7. aims says:

    Why is this show still on? They’re always opening their mouths, spewing BS, whether they are knowledgeable or not. I can’t with these women. We’re all entitled to our opinion, agree or disagree , but they’re just noise. It’s almost always unintelligent, white noise. Please, pull the plug on this crap.

  8. swack says:

    My daughter works with both men and women who have eating disorders. It is not something to joke about. And Candace, just because you had it does not give you permission to joke about it.

    • Redd says:

      Yeah. They can be fatal! Or they can cause permanent damage, like heart failure. F@$! people who joke about this shit.

    • antipodean says:

      I saw the Wednesday show where this Bure person was wittering on about Creationism etc. I was literally gobsmacked. How can a grown woman, supposedly educated, first of all believe, and then, to add insult to injury, spew this ignorant crap? It beggars belief. Makes me despair for the future of womankind. She seemed totally unaware of how gormless she was showing herself to be. Maybe this is the way they inflate viewing figures, and keep this nonsense on the screen.

      • Carrie says:

        Until you are able to prove that Darwinism vs creationism is the is the real reason the Earth, and hence you, were created, you should not criticize anyone for their beliefs.

    • Lisa says:

      I’m of the belief that someone who has experienced something can joke about it within reason, and within the right company, if that’s how they deal with things. I don’t think this was really the right place or time.

      • Lady D says:

        I agree Lisa. Having a condition, or going through a horrific experience,, or a killer illness absolutely gives you the right to joke about it. There are times when its make a joke or literally breakdown. Trust I know this, and so do many other posters here.

    • Lady D says:

      I agree Lisa. Having a condition, or going through a horrific experience,, or a killer illness absolutely gives you the right to joke about it. There are times when its make a joke or suffer a breakdown. Trust, I know this, and so do many other posters here.

  9. StormsMama says:

    I will never watch this show or give my support to any endeavor these bored b*tches take on.
    They are truly doing a disservice to all women. In this country and globally.
    I’m so thoroughly disgusted by this ignorant and dangerous line of “joke” commentary.
    Eating disorders are a form of hell I would wish on no one. No one. You need food to live. And to be healthy be happy and have a quality of life.
    F@ck these ladies. Seriously.

  10. j.eyre says:

    A quote I heard years ago on the radio applies beautifully here:

    “If you are going to shoot yourself in the foot, take it out of your mouth first.”

  11. Elisabeth says:

    nothing but a bunch of clucking hens with nothing important to say

  12. SuperMoist says:

    In total agreement – I hate this show. I don’t know anyone who watches it and amazed it’s lasted this long. On another note – the sound of Joy’s voice is like sandpaper on my balls (as ex-moist used to say).

  13. ldub says:


  14. MexicanMonkey says:

    It might be easy to dismiss it as ‘oh, we were just joking’ but what they’re doing is making light of a very serious situation. I remember in the late 90s early 2000s when every tabloid and every TV show was talking about this actress and that model and this starlet having eating disorders and making it seem like it was no big deal. Like you can have an eating disorder and have a busy, successful and glamorous life. They made EDs seem like a life style choice and not the mental illnesses we know they are. Growing up at the time it was almost considered cool to be anorexic.
    You can’t make light of a disease that can, and does, take lives. What a bunch of idiots.

    • Kitten says:

      Thank you for this. I’ve been struggling as of late with my ED but I can’t say that I’m personally offended by what was an incredibly dumb joke on the part of these squawking hens.

      That being said, ITA completely with the idea that they’re contributing to the stigma of having an ED by reinforcing the idea that it’s a choice or some sort of fun fad. It’s a struggle, a rollercoaster and it never goes away. It’s sad and super-lonely at times, it’s actually NOT a funny joke.

      Mostly, I’m just angry that these women are allowed a platform. They’re all so f*cking brainless.

    • AmyB says:

      Exactly. I suffered from anorexia for almost ten years and nearly lost my life to it. It’s a mental illness and it takes serious effort and psychotherapy to recover from, which I have done. Nothing funny about it AT ALL!!!! I agree with what someone else posted, are they going to joke about Jared Fogle’s affinity to be a pedophile or joke about which cancer is better to have? Jesus, these women are truly clueless and should be ashamed of their behavior.

    • Lambda says:

      Kitten and Amy, stay strong! I’m sure there’s scores of people who love you and who would hate to see you suffer.

    • swack says:

      Congrats Amy and Kitten for winning your battle. My oldest daughter, who is a nurse, works with men and women with ED. My youngest was also bulimic. Stay strong!

    • Kitten says:

      Thanks Lambda and Swack ♥

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Kitten and AmyB, thank you very much for sharing with us. Your comments are very enlightening and make great points.

      Hugs to you both, sincerely.

    • AmyB says:

      I want to say thank you as well for the kind thoughts Lambda, swack and Tiffany!

    • Colette says:

      So it’s not OK to joke about anorexia or bulimia? But when they joke about compulsive overeater Chris Christie nobody cares Isn’t compulsive overeating an ED? Don’t millions of people die because of obesity related illnesses?

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I don’t see anyone supporting Chris Christie obesity jokes here. When it comes to politicians, if you can’t focus on policy then you don’t really have a point. There is plenty to critique him for policy wise, no need to attack his figure.

      • AmyB says:

        I agree with @Tiffany: I find people bashing overweight people JUST as hurtful and shameful as bashing people who are too thin with anorexia or bulimia. There is a group related to AA called Overeaters Anonymous which caters to the eating disordered community…anorexia, bulimia, binge-eating, overeating etc. It was never until I went into rehab for my anorexia that I realized overeating has MANY of the same route causes as other eating disorders. Like I posted earlier today, eating disorders DO NOT have to do with food/and your body, but that is where the war against yourself is played out. That is why it is so hard for other people to understand: just gain weight or stop over eating. That only changes the behavior. The same underlying psychological problems are still there unless serious treatment is sought.

    • Lisa says:

      I was journaling about this last night, strangely enough. I was in high school at a time when calling someone an “anorexic bitch” wasn’t out of the ordinary. It wasn’t met with the same criticism that it is now. Cultural attitudes have thankfully changed, and there’s more awareness.

      Like KItten, I’m not personally offended (I’m mostly recovered, going on five years), but they should be careful about making light about it so publicly. It’s not fun, funny, or cute. There’s a lot more to it than just being skinny, which is what statements like that reduce it to.

  15. Lala says:

    Everything is offensive to someone to certain extent. Let’s just all be very politically correct and careful not to offend anybody and die a slow and painful death of bordernes.

    • mia girl says:

      This is not about being PC. This is about being vile and engaging in absurdist banter at the expense of a serious mental health issue.
      And this coming from a show that purports to speak for women.

      Sorry, but IMO this is not about the “joke/discussion” being offensive, it’s about the “joke/discussion” being shameful. There is a difference.

    • embertine says:

      I visit a number of comment sections which are “politically correct”, with trigger warnings and people being warned or banned for making mean jokes about other people’s problems. No discussion has been stifled and no-one has died of “bordernes”.

      It just means that the spiteful, overprivileged idiots who are in love with the sound of their own voices have to STFU and let someone else speak once in a while. And so we learn more about the world instead of only hearing the stories of one kind of person, while stamping down those whose issues don’t fit the narrative.

      Lala, no-one’s listening.

    • Emma says:

      I agree to some extent. People have become too sensitive nowadays. However, I think people who have influence need to be careful about what they say. I have family members who suffer from mental illness but I wouldn’t be bothered about jokes about schizophrenia or PTSD because most people know that these are serious disorders and aren’t to be taken lightly. EDs are different. Most people think of EDs as vain girls dieting too much rather than serious mental disorders. Jokes that reinforce that false perception are dangerous. Yes comedians should be able to make jokes but they also need to be responsible and careful when addressing topics like EDs or sexual assaults where ignorance is often widespread.

      • AmyB says:

        I think what you said Emma is spot on. There is a vast misunderstanding in general about eating disorders. It’s not about food/and body but that is where the war is waged. It’s about psychological deep seated issues that developed in childhood; many times ED patients have a history of sexual abuse, abandonment by parents, etc. You will never truly understand it unless you, or someone you love is affected. Attitudes such as the ones expressed by the clueless women on The View only perpetuate the idea that EDs are a choice and a means to lose weight. When if fact, it is a slow form of suicide and means to be extremely self-destructive; it’s NOT about losing weight.

  16. FingerBinger says:

    They were talking about weight ,made jokes then apologized if they offended anyone. I don’t see the problem.

    • swack says:

      “We were just discussing whether it’s better to become bulimic or anorexic backstage,” Behar informed the audience. “What do you girls think?” This is not talking about weight.

      • AmyB says:

        Agree swack 100%. They are making a joke about a serious mental illness. And I do realize that comedians can talk about whatever they want, but that does not mean that people will not take offense to it. Example, I love Louis CK as a comedian. He is very offensive to many, however most of the time, I find him hilarious. However, when I saw his monologue on the latest SNL joking about child molestation….that crossed a line with me. Some things are just NOT funny. And to me, eating disorders fall into that category.

      • FingerBinger says:

        I’m still not offended. I stand by that. The women on the view are a joke. I refuse to take anything they say personally or be offended by it anymore.

      • Emma says:

        I’m not offended by what they said. But I do think they were irresponsible to be joking about an illness there’s widespread ignorance about. How about using their influence to actually educate people about these disorders rather than making childish jokes?

      • Colette says:

        Do you think it is wrong for them to joke about Chris Christie who has an ED, compulsive overeating? Why is one eating disorder OK to joke about.Many people who overeat were sexually abused just like many anorexic were sexually abused.Many people die due compulsive overeating.So what’s the difference.Why is there no outrage when they joke about a fat man?

      • Kitten says:

        Colette-What exactly is your point? It sounds like you’re giving a free pass to people who make fun of others who struggle with anorexia or bulimia because there are *some* aholes who make fun of overweight people, which is…completely illogical at best.
        It’s not ok cool to make fun of people with eating disorders whether it’s BED, anorexia, bulimia, whatever.


  17. Sunshine says:

    Oh my gosh, all these comments. Everyone needs to lighten up. Wow. My friends and I joke like how they were talking on the show. Everyone is so politically correct these days. What happened to having an opinion, freedom of speech, laughing about life? Who cares if you’re discussing anerexia, bulimia, race, sexuality. Geez. People talk about these things. I don’t find this shows comments offensive at all. Very tame in my opinion and my circle.

  18. Nancy says:

    This show was never any good, well maybe once upon a time when everyone fought with the most annoying woman alive behind only Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter, the supremely unintelligent Elizabeth Hasselbach. The show has lost any relevance and making light about an ED to an audience of women at home trying to keep down their cheerios is just wrong. Even Whoopi can’t save it…..or in my opinion The Talk, same show, different talking heads. Afterthought: Didn’t Joy Behar retire? She’s lame and doesn’t add anything to the show but a familiar face to the older audience.

  19. Dani8 says:

    Ok so I am a nurse and thin. Double whammy for me I guess. I had never heard the difference between thin and skinny. I’ve heard a lot of people’s’ opinions regarding weight but never that one. Personally I am not a big fan of the word skinny but I get called it a lot and let it roll off my back because most people don’t think calling someone skinny is an insult. Joking about eating disorders is a whole other issue though.

  20. kri says:

    There are more intelligent discussions going at right now amongst the hooved denizens of petting zoos. Why WHY is this show still on?!

  21. candice says:

    This show needs to be cancelled, STAT. It jumped the shark when Meredith left imo. Just put it out of its misery.

    Many recovered Bulimics and Anorexics aren’t out of the woods and have to live with some pretty serious health consequences e.g. ruined teeth, osteoporosis, G.I. problems from vomiting, the list goes on.

  22. BabyJane says:

    Offense is taken, not given.
    Move along.

  23. Joanna says:

    I will never ever ever watch this show. These women are idiots.

  24. Jen43 says:

    Eh. I suffered from bulimia for 15 years. I wish I could get those years back because they were lost, painful years with ruined relationships.. However, I don’t have enough f**ks to give about what is said on that show. If someone running for office said it, I would be offended, but coming from the View, who cares?

  25. Kitten says:

    Hmmmmm…yeah so I said I wasn’t offended because these women are morons and I expect nothing more than bottom-of-the-barrel-whatever-gets-the-easy-laugh sh*t from them.
    But I’m still LOLing at all these people who DON’T have an eating disorder who are so proudly proclaiming that they aren’t offended. Ok then..thanks for weighing in.

    It’s always easy to not take offense when you’re not the punch line.

    • AmyB says:

      ^^^ this is perfect Kitten!

    • Colette says:

      Well I LOL at these people who are offended when the jokes are about anorexia but laugh when the joke is about a person who is a compulsive overeater who doesn’t purge.

      • Kitten says:

        Uh ok. Except who here is laughing at compulsive overeaters?
        But nice try at derailing, better luck next time.

      • AmyB says:

        Who is laughing about a compulsive overeater? I know I never have that is for damn sure. Anorexia, bulimia, binge-eating, and overeating are all different sides of the SAME coin: An eating disorder, and there is nothing funny about it.

      • anon33 says:


  26. Lisa says:

    There is a difference between skinny and thin, but this whole discussion has a big, red, flashing NOPE sign above it. I don’t know anything about these women, but I feel like this is the kind of joke you only make in certain circles, ie, with people who get it. Who have been where you have been, or are.

  27. Cee says:

    As someone who had anorexia (and still have to live fighting against it) this makes me sad. Because I fell prey to it trying to lose weight, so I understand the lure. The only reason I was never bulimic was due to my aversion to throwing up.
    People in media should be more responsible with what they say.

  28. lucy2 says:

    I just assumed that show always returned from commercial with a “sorry if we offended you” moment.

  29. Toriontheradio says:

    I understand I am making this way too personal, but this brought tears to my eyes. I’ve had anorexia and bulimia for exactly half my life (15years). It has robbed me of everything I had in my life and the future for which I worked so hard. I had to drop out of a prestigious university, I have not a single friend, I’m not able to work and I literally just returned home from being hospitalized for a near fatal arrhythmia. My story is not an anamoloy for people with long term eating disorders.
    I have a sense of humor, but this does offend me and hurt deeply. This is 2015, do we really have such an antiquated understanding of eating disorders? It’s not about salad, diet cokes and fitting into skinny jeans. Would they make jokes about schizophrenia? Eating disorders have the highest mortality of any mental illness.
    So to answer your question, ladies, is it better to be anorexic or bulimic? Well, that depends on whether you prefer to die first to a heartattack or esophageal rupture.

    • snowflake says:

      Oh honey, I’m so sorry you’ve having those struggles. I hope you can find some peace in your life and things get better for you. Take care of yourself please.

    • AmyB says:

      I am so sorry to hear of your struggles @Toriontheradio! I too suffered for a long time with anorexia and found this highly offensive. It simply is not funny or a joke, and I stated that many times in this post; their ignorant banter only perpetuates misinformation about how deadly eating disorders truly are. I am recovered from my eating disorder, but it took years and years of intensive therapy and medication for chronic depression. I too lost much in my life while I was sick (rehabs, repeated hospitalizations)….too much to even list. I wish you peace in your recovery! ((hugs)) <3

    • Lady D says:

      Stay strong Tori. I sincerely hope you get the chance to enjoy life again.

  30. word says:

    I don’t understand how this show is still on the air. Who watches it? How can you stand any of them? If you want to watch a really good show with intelligent women discussing interesting topics watch “The Social”. It’s Canadian and by far the best show of it’s category.

  31. Toriontheradio says:

    Thank you so much, Snowflake, Lady D and AmyB. It means a great deal to me. Congratulations on your recovery. That is truly amazing and inspiring. It gives me hope when I am very much lacking that right now. I wish you all the health, happiness and peace you deserve.