Does Jennifer Aniston want a baby with David Schwimmer?

The National Enquirer is reporting a doozy this week that Jennifer Aniston, who is filming IVF comedy The Baster in New York, wants invitro fertilization in real life to make her dream for a baby come true. Her top candidate for sperm donation is said to be Aniston’s former on-screen baby daddy, David Schwimmer. If she did get pregnant by Schwimmer it would certainly help promote this film:

Jennifer Aniston has decided on her dream baby daddy – her former “Friends” co-star David Schwimmer!…

“Jen’s been telling everyone on the set this film [The Baster] should be promoted as the story of her life,” a set insider told The Enquirer.

“But the real shocker is that she says her top candidate for artificial insemination is David Schwimmer!”

And it yet another twist on life – maybe – imitating art, Schwimmer’s character fathered Jen’s baby on “Friends”!…

“Jen isn’t afraid of raising a child on her own. She says David is perfect father material because he’s the whole package – handsome, tall, smart and with a full head of hair!”

And at 42, Schwimmer is still a bachelor after a string of failed romances.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, April 20, 2009]

Part of me wants this to be true. It would be fulfilling for Aniston if this is what she wants, and it would also make for great gossip. I would love to hear that she’s pregnant by some unknown guy, only to find out right before the baby is born that it’s Schwimmers! These two were so great together as Rachel and Ross and maybe the friendship they formed over the years would translate to successful co-parenting. If Aniston had a baby with Scwimmer’s sperm it also might help the poor guy dust off his star a little. We haven’t heard from him in a while and I really enjoyed his character on Friends.

On the other hand, this sounds too good to be true and it’s just as likely to be either made up by The Enquirer, or a joke that Aniston is making on set. You can imagine her quipping that she wants to have a baby with Schwimmer, only to have some crew member overhear her and repeat the story like it’s true.

According to the upcoming issue of Parade Magazine, Jennifer Aniston earned $27 million last year alone. That’s plenty of compensation to have to put up with seeing lies printed about you whenever you go to the supermarket. Would you take a million bucks if it meant the gossip magazines would talk smack about you for the rest of your life? It’s like a Faustian bargain for these people.

Jennifer Aniston is shown on the set of The Baster on 4/9/09. David Schwimmer is shown at the premiere of Madagascar 2 o 10/26/08 with Zoe Buckman. Credit: Header image is a still from Friends via iconlovely’s Live Journal

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  1. photo jojo says:

    I guess that would mean his schwimmers were working… ba dum dum! Yeah it’s a crap joke, cut me some slack, it’s early….

  2. diddy says:


  3. Lilou says:

    If it’s true, that would be the saddest thing I have ever heard… Seriously!

    But I doubt that’s true. After everything that has been said about her (how she is desperate etc..), that would be the worst for her… “desperate jen, unable to find a man, turn to former costar”.

    But I won’t fell sorry for her. After all, she is the one who first talked about babies and keep telling everyone she will have one soon… Some women admit the fact that they don’t want kids of their own or are not ready (bullock, diaz), and no one blame them.

    Her whole attitude towards children is just weird. On one hand she keeps on saying she wants kids, but she never actually do something to make that happen… It’s like she doesn’t know what she wants… For instance, she just turned 40, keeps on making movies, acts like she is 30 and has plenty of time ahead of her to start a family!

  4. nikky says:

    I agree Lilou, i feel like she thinks its better for her image to want kids, but something tells me she actually doesnt. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, she shouldn’t feel the need to pretend if thats the case.

    In that way she brought the ‘is she or isnt she, when will she have a baby, poor desperate jen cant find a man to father her children’ on herself, because she opened that door, and has kept it open, instead of saying no comment, or, its not in my immediate plans, but who knows in the future. or something like that.

  5. Patrice says:

    OK. We’ve all heard some doozies about Jennifer Aniston in the past, but THIS is one of the most ridiculous ones that I’ve ever heard! Has anyone ever stopped to consider that maybe this woman just does NOT want childern? Look, I know that she said she did in that Vanity Fair article after Angelina was announced to be pregnant, but to me, even at the time, it just seemed like she was trying to save face, and understanably so. I think it’s high time we stop trying to get her pregnant all the time via the press, and just let her live her very happy, childless existance in peace : )

  6. j. ferber says:

    She spins the story to keep the money rolling in. As a not overly-talented actress(I’m being kind), gossip is her best friend. It keeps the interest alive. Mediocre, but driven is my take on her. Reminds me of Demi Moore. She is the most persistent woman on this planet and that is her greatest strength. So I don’t see babies in her future, which I don’t believe she wants. On the other hand, her zeal, if better directed, could probably save the world. She could out-Angelina Angelina if she wanted to, because she wouldn’t have the distraction of children. But I think she’s more interested in her hair and her incredibly toned yoga body than anything else. I don’t think she’s a diva, but a typical insecure actress. I don’t dislike her and I have to admire her success and work ethic.

  7. Maritza says:

    I hadn’t thought about it but David and Jen would make a really nice couple. He seems like a sweet guy and he is handsome, oh and he does have beautiful hair just like her. A baby with him would not be a bad idea. I know it’s just gossip, but it would be cool if it were true.

  8. someone says:

    I seriously doubt this story is true! Of all the men in the world, why would you choose him????You can go to a sperm bank, and pretty much choose the daddy you want!

  9. Dirty Martini says:

    Hey, check out the fact she actually had forehead wrinkles in the photo from Friends….

    ….Clearly this was before her very unfortunate Botox habit took hold!

  10. Granger says:

    I can’t believe you devoted a whole article to a story from the National Enquirer. It’s crap like this — and the people who write/talk/harp on about it — that keeps Jennifer Aniston in the spotlight, and keeps people from taking her seriously as an actress. Of course, she ISN’T a good actress, so we have to find something to talk about, but for pity’s sake, when is it going to end?

  11. Tia C says:

    Man, this is a rare treat, I agree with everyone on here today! The theory that perhaps she really doesn’t want kids is probably right. She should just cop to it, it would kill half the stupid rumors and BS stories about her, like this Enquirer one.

    Oh, and BTW, those of us who have chosen to not have kids prefer to be called “child-free,” not “childless” – it just puts a more positive spin on it and sounds less like a defect or a lack.

  12. HashBrowns says:

    What makes any of you think she ‘Doesn’t really want children?’ Just because she hasn’t satisfied your time line of when she should have had a child? You can say you want children until the cows come home and never have any but it doesn’t mean you were being disingenuous, it just means the timing was off.

    I suspect she just hasn’t found the right time (for her), to have a child. Maybe she’s more traditional and feels like she she should be married when she has a kid. Maybe she’s just not ready yet to deal with a screaming, stinky, poo machine.

    This story is total nonsense, but it’s funny gossip.

  13. czarina says:

    This strikes me as a ‘Friends’-fan-fantasy!
    I agree that Jen does not now nor has ever wanted kids.
    I don’t understand why it should be considered a bad thing–it’s not as if the world population will sink if JA doesn’t have a child!!
    And yet, there are always people who get defensive about it–she’s “only 40”; the “time isn’t right”; she “hasn’t met the right man”; it “doesn’t mean she doesn’t want kids”.
    I think sometimes we are still struggling with the pre-feminist concept that a woman SHOULD have–or want to have–children, and that if she doesn’t, that makes her less feminine, or selfish.
    Notice, though, that men aren’t pushed that way. People might think George Clooney should/will get married, but he feels perfectly free to say publicly that he doesn’t want children, and nobody makes a big deal out of it.

  14. Jacks says:

    People need to stay out of her uterus and love life, period. Perhaps there is a reason she doesn’t have children that we are not aware of… maybe she tried and didn’t have success… like the general public would know if she had fertility or miscarriage problems. Good lord, just leave the woman alone. She purposely didn’t talk about her divorce for a very long time and people acted like she was having a pity party, then she talks about it and people act like she’s having a pity party. It’s just plain annoying at this point. Life isn’t about picking teams – UGH lol.

  15. courtney says:

    i know it’s not but…please dear god be true! i’ve always thought they would make a nice couple, their chemistry was just amazing. and he seems very cerebral, i think she needs someone like that.

  16. ????? says:

    Totally agree, nikky! I don’t think it’s good for her image to not want children (like Diaz who is not a rom-com queen), so she continually states she wants kids. However, when she’s wasting her time dating Vaughn and Mayer, you know that something isn’t quite right. Neither guy is daddy material. It’s clear she has mixed feelings or not being honest here. It comes down to PR basically. Her audience is composed of women who have/or want kids. And, they don’t tend to connect with swinging single types like Diaz.

  17. Cleveland says:

    I doubt Jen wants a baby, period. Do you know how hard it is to get pregnant after 40 for some? Plus, the risk for birth defects increases drastically. My advice: if you really want them, have them sooner! My sister waited until she had money, and then she was 40. She went the “natural” route w/ no luck. Next, came fertility treatments (very expensive) and still no baby. Now, she’s talking about me carrying the baby. I don’t want to be her baby machine and she thinks I’m “selfish.”
    So lame.

  18. Jill says:

    wow, cleveland, your sister has balls!! that’s a huge thing to ask of someone!

  19. Just Saying! says:

    Running out of exciting stuff at the rumor Mill?

  20. raunnie says:

    I would so love it if this were true. I think they would make a beautiful and lasting couple. They have enough money to disappear to siberia, the jungle, or some tropical island and live happily ever after…

  21. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Because there’s no real men who will take the job on, is that the problem ? Line forms on the left behind me, fellows.

  22. Casey says:

    This is one of the stupidest made up stories I’ve ever seen. And I’m amazed that the Aniston haters glom onto it as an excuse to bash her, knowing full well it’s all BS. How pathetic!

  23. heh-heh says:

    / I’m amazed that the Aniston haters glom onto it as an excuse to bash her, knowing full well it’s all BS…/

    ^^^We seize the story as an excuse to bash her because her bloody publicist probably put it out there.

  24. diddy says:

    We seize the story as an excuse to bash her because her bloody publicist probably put it out there.


  25. Casey says:

    That’s so true diddy. If it was a planted story, it wouldn’t be something that makes her look pathetic is absolutely right. She gets enough bad press on her own. Some of you folks seem to spend alot of time hating someone you don’t know. What a waste of time.
    Why not find you someone you like and support them?

  26. yeah, right says:

    Of course this could be a plant, since it reminds everyone about Rachel and Ross. This was the high point of her existence as an actress. It also makes her appear like she really wants those kids (which she talks about in every interview). Nothing is too low for her PR team, as they did email Perez Hilton and tell him to stop writing stuff on her. Like who cares what Perez writes? Aniston’s PR team–that’s who. Nothing is too low for them.

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  28. charlie says:

    well perhaps she heard this story and though hmm not a bad idea. and maybe she has secret feelings for him but doesn’t know how to tell him? lol
    i reckon they’d make a great couple

  29. baby contest says:

    Wow do people still have this fantasy of ‘Friends’ characters being in love IRL? Her eggs may be dry by now… but I wish the best of luck to Jen!

  30. Peder Thomsen says:

    Is this a late April’s fool? I hope not cuz it almost sounds to good to be true!! 😀

  31. I can’t believe you devoted a whole article to a story from the National Enquirer. It’s crap like this — and the people who write/talk/harp on about it — that keeps Jennifer Aniston in the spotlight, and keeps people from taking her seriously as an actress. Of course, she ISN’T a good actress, so we have to find something to talk about, but for pity’s sake, when is it going to end?

  32. wow, i’m not believing this story. i feel a lawsuit about to happen.

  33. mich says:

    well it would have been better than him impregnating a 20_something teeny bopper…oh wait he’s already done that, damn! Still Ross and Rachel…well it could have been funny and nice, but really? No way would Jennifer date Schwimmer EVER…. I still reckon she turned him down during the FRIENDS days. He’s just totally … yuk.