The Sun: Single Kate Beckinsale has reached out to former boyfriend Ben Affleck

I used to follow Ben Affleck’s love life closely in the late 90s and early ‘aughts (don’t ask) but I honestly do not remember that he used to date Kate Beckinsale. Maybe it’s because I never watched that horrible movie they starred in together, Pearl Harbor. It’s like I blocked out all memory of them as a couple and even these cute photos of Ben in his Sonny Crocket suit kissing on Kate are not bringing that back. To be fair (to me), The Daily Mail admits that they never confirmed that they were together and it was just assumed that they hooked up right around the time that Kate was splitting with Michael Sheen. Seeing these photos of Affleck pulling the same red carpet shenanigans with Beckinsale as he did with Jennifer Lopez make it clear to me that Lopez is not to blame for that period of his life. Ben loved to play up for the cameras and get press. Little did he know that, 15 years later, we would still be talking about it.

The Sun [via The Daily Mail] is claiming that newly single Kate Beckinsale is reaching out to Ben Affleck now that she’s single again, in the wake of her estranged husband dating a 20-something. (Affleck knows all about dating twenty somethings, but he does it on the side.) I doubt that this happened, Beckinsale seems smarter than this, but if so maybe it was just a quick email to catch up.

They were thought to have enjoyed a brief romance after starring alongside one another in Pearl Harbour back in 2001.

And it’s believed Kate Beckinsale has found solace in former flame Ben Affleck following her alleged marriage breakdown from husband Len Wiseman.

According to The Sun, friends of the pair still believe the actors share a ‘spark’ and are even going as far as to suggest the the two should begin dating again now that Ben has split from wife Jennifer Garner after ten years of marriage.

‘Kate used to be madly in love with Ben. He would make her giddy with excitement any time they were in the same room,’ a source told the publication.

And it’s claimed the Argo actor has been a welcome source of comfort for Kate after she and Len allegedly called time on their marriage in February.

‘She’s turned to him for support as a friend because they’ve stayed in touch during her difficult time,’ the insider added.

‘Some of their friends have suggested that they’re made for each other and give a proper relationship a go.’
Nevertheless, a second source told MailOnline on Saturday that Ben has been wrapped up with work lately and is currently prioritising his children.

And a represenative for Kate said: ‘This is absolutely untrue and no validity to this story.’

Neither Ben nor Kate ever confirmed a romance, though it’s claimed the two became close during the final throes of her relationship with long-term boyfriend Michael Sheen.

Any semblance of romance would have been short-lived however, as a year after wrapping up Pearl Harbour she was loved-up with

[From The Daily Mail]

If this did happen, I bet Affleck was receptive. He’s admitted that he keeps up with his exes, like Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow, through email. He seems like the kind of guy who needs a lot of validation. Still, this sounds totally fake, the reps have denied it and I hope Beckinsale has other people to rely on for support.

Affleck and his estranged wife, Jennifer Garner, were both seen outside the gym separately over the holidays. (We don’t have those pictures but you can see them here.) As for what Kate Beckinsale is up to, she’s been filming Underworld 5 in Prague. Luckily her estranged husband, Len Wiseman, is not directing the film. The two met on the set of the first Underworld movie, which came out in 2003. I can’t believe they’re still making those.

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  1. tracking says:

    I’m sure Ben is “in touch” with lots of ladies, though his dalliances will likely skew much younger.

  2. Kate says:

    I don’t think they ‘dated’. Maybe they hooked up, who knows, but the Sun is re-writing history a bit, no one was really talking about them being together back then.

  3. Jayna says:

    Ben is off working on a movie. Kate is off working on a movie. But the Sun knows this from “sources.” LOL

  4. t.fanty says:

    I forgot that Ben Affleck used to be hot.

  5. Esmom says:

    Those photos are kind of a hoot, like a USO wedding or something.

    This does sound totally fake. Why do the tabs insist on trying to re-connect old flames? Rebounds like that rarely happen in real life, I’d think things are fairly similar in HW, as tightly knit as it may be.

  6. Louise177 says:

    I seriously doubt this. Everytime a celebrity breaks up with someone the tabloids claim they are getting back together with an ex, even if it’s a decades old relationship.

  7. LAK says:

    This is such a random story that I believe it.

    ‘getting in touch’ isn’t just about physicality, and we all know the Murdoch press are the hackers in chief of celebrity phones and messages.

  8. Nancy says:

    Run Forest run….I mean Ben or her or both. I hope it isn’t true that she went to a recently single man for support, I hope she’s stronger than that. Love the pic of him side eye kissing her, just like the one caught around the world before he dumped JLo.

  9. Hejhej says:

    I doubt it’s true.

    Btw Jennifer was in Pearl Harbor too. I wonder just long long she had her crush on Ben before they got together.

  10. MrsBPitt says:

    hmmm…here is a thought….maybe they became FRIENDS on the set of Pearl Harbor! Maybe, they got along really well, as some people are want to do, and could make each other smile and laugh. And, maybe, because they were starring in a movie together and doing press together, there were pictures of them smiling and laughing at premieres of said movie…but, of course, we are talking about Ben Affleck, who has the amazing ability to just say “hello” to a woman and she just falls into his arms. It’s a good thing all these women he is supposed to have gotten, have no minds of their own, no morality, and no will power when it comes to Ben Affleck. I know everyone loves to hate on Ben, but what you are really saying that these grown up, intelligent, classy women, turn into dumb, bimbos the minute Ben says, come here. That they have no minds of there own. Do I think Ben is a huge flirt, yes, I do…but not all theses ladies drop their drawers the minute they meet him! Geez, give the women some credit!

    • Wren says:

      You know, if it were a “normal” dude I’d agree with you. I believe men and women can be friends without a sexual subtext, and it’s not weird at all to reach out to an old friend when things get tough. Hearing a friendly voice really helps when you’re feeling bad. Or even just reading a friendly text.

      Buuuut this is Ben Affleck, who isn’t exactly known for his close and enduring friendships with women. If anything I’d believe it’s the other way round; HE’S the one who needs the support and the knowledge that someone is thinking about him. If Kate is talking to him, I’d be willing to bet he contacted her first.

  11. JoJo says:

    Wondering if Ben spent Thanksgiving with the family. There were pics of him that day outside a gas station in sweats buying cigarettes. And it’s now being reported (again) that they’ve put the divorce on hold.

    • MrsBPitt says:

      I think the divorce planning is going on behind the scenes, and one day, we will find out that the divorce is finalized…period…the end….they don’t want the divorce drama to take away from their “aren’t we the best co-parents in the world shtick”!

  12. lisa2 says:

    Just shows I little I follow other celebs.. I never knew Ben and Kate were couples. Never saw any of these pictures. Interesting. She does look a bit like Jennifer in some ways. But I’m still in shock by learning this new info.. I’ll read comments to learn more..

    funny the things you learn.

  13. kell says:

    A little off topic, but I’ll say it anyway — in the DM photos of Kate & Ben from way back when, it looks like someone else’s teeth have been superimposed on his mouth. Check it out, I think it’s the fifth photo where Kate is wearing black & white.

  14. Fd says:

    Wow she has barely aged.

  15. Lucy2 says:

    This sounds completely made up. Didn’t she andher husband split a long time ago and it’s just gone public now?

  16. littlemissnaughty says:

    She looks the same goddamn it. o_O

    Now you’ve reminded me of Pearl Harbor. What a turd but Josh Hartnett was my life. God, he was cute as f*ck in that. Michael Bay is a douche and a terrible director but he does make people look good (not just the women).

    • elay says:

      I hate Pearl Harbor and I never thought Josh Hartnett was attractive but he has aged into a fine specimen. He looks amazing in Penny dreadful with Eva Green.

  17. SKF says:

    He has maaaajor douche face here. Also… I kind of think he may have been high? The whole look of his face in that set of photos reminds me of how my friends looked when we went clubbing in our early 20s. Slight sheen of sweat, something about the eyes, the set of the mouth and the jaw… He 100% looks like he was on the gear to me. Coke and/or ecstasy or something.

  18. Miss M says:

    The same narrative over and over again: ” (insert lady’s name) is/was madly in love with Ben.”

  19. Sarah says:

    i think somethings wrong with me because I DON’T find her stunning/beautiful, like, at all. I can’t pinpoint why? But its definitely something..

  20. Liz says:

    Yeah this sounds completely made up.

  21. Tina says:

    I don’t think Kate and Ben are an item. I think the real item is Ben and Sienna. Several blinds about them already hooking up and both were in Los Angeles this weekend. I think something huge will happen with them and force Jennifer Garner to speed up the divorce.

  22. mp says:

    his body language is the same as beckinsale as it was with garner and j lo, it’s true! his eyes and thoughts are always somewhere else, no matter the relationship he’s having.

  23. justagirl says:

    Well, she looks cute, happy, in the moment…and he looks watchful & smug, bordering on confrontational. He’s like that with every woman he’s been with, so yeah, major douche.

    Another douche trait is to triangulate your women, so that your current one is very aware that you’re still in contact with your prior(s)…not like they’re in competition, but it just kind of messes with them, keeps them on their toes. He absolutely has that pattern.

  24. jessoutwest says:

    Is your first instinct after divorce “I wonder how that guy I saw for a couple of months in my 20s is doing?” Because I’m inclined to think it’s not.

  25. Joni says:

    The Sun is not reliable but ok.

  26. serena says:

    I would think, since the recent nanny-events, that no exes or wise women would want to date him or ‘catch up’ with a d-bag. Anyway I think Beckinsale is smarter than that (now).

  27. Shake says:

    Honestly, I dont’ think they ever dated. I think Kate’s too smart to date an obs sleazy like Ben. I think she though Len would be throwing rose petals at her feet for the rest of their lives.

  28. Jag says:

    Man, he had the most arrogant look on his face even way back then.

  29. poppy says:

    no way did they “date”. both were so very very thirsty for PR at the time -they would have been “caught out”.
    there’s a reason you don’t remember, celebitchy!