Miley Cyrus saves a chicken from union contract

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This is one of those rare Miley Cyrus stories that doesn’t have me muttering obscenities at the teenage star. While filming Hannah Montana: The Movie, Miley “fell in love” with some of chickens on the set. Miley’s co-star Jason Earles told Fox News that Miley felt like she had to “save” a chicken, and so she hijacked the chicken in a cardboard box and talked her mother into taking the chicken home.

Were these union chickens? Was there a chicken wrangler on set? Probably “yes” to both of those questions. I don’t believe that Miley “stole” a union chicken, somebody probably gave it to the young star. Fox News has more:

Tennessee-native Miley Cyrus has a strong passion for animals and felt so sorry for one of the wrangler’s live chickens on the set of her new flick Hannah Montana: The Movie that she actually stole it to take home as a pet.

“Miley picked it up thought it was real cute and decided she needed to save this chicken. So she put it in a cardboard box with some pine straw and got her mom to take it home,” co-star Jason Earles told Tarts. “She is funny with animals — she was like ‘I have to have that chicken’. She falls in love like you wouldn’t believe.”

The sweet 16-year-old admitted she actually stole “a few” chickens but it was because “they were sad to be working.”


So seeing as how the Disney darling is turning 18 next year, she may very well be on PETA’s hot list as the next celeb to “Go Naked”… Stay tuned.

But with the highly-anticipated release of “Hannah Montana,” is Miss Cyrus in any way afraid that it could kinda be a flop like what happened to the recent Jonas Brothers’ 3D film?

“I think there are reasons everything happens and there is no reason to blame it purely on the economy,” she said. “If it’s a good movie, if it’s a great movie then people will find a way to see it and find a way to relate to it and get you out there. But there is nothing to worry about, that’s why as an actor you get into it and all you have to worry about is that role. You let other people take care of that and think about that kind of stuff.”

From Fox News

I doubt Miley will become a PETA spokesperson, but it’s a cute story, especially for this Easter holiday. Lots of kids are probably getting little chicks this Easter, which PETA has tried unsuccessfully to stop. Too many parents still buy those little chicks, often dyed, and then act like the chick isn’t a longer-term responsibility after Easter. My parents never did that, thank God, but when I was little I did get a duckling. And I totally raised it, too! That duck was awesome. Her favorite thing to do was to clean my dog, who was a surprisingly good sport.

Miley Cyrus is shown performing on Good Morning America on 4/8/09. Credit:

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13 Responses to “Miley Cyrus saves a chicken from union contract”

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  1. Annie says:

    Hahah. Yea. I totally would’ve done the same :X Especially if it was like a baby chicken! ZOMG.

  2. MomInNH says:

    Am I the only person who notices they say she’s turning 18 next year?? How is that even possibly when she’s 16 now??

  3. Samantha says:

    Maybe she has a birthday coming up this year still, so that would make her 17, making next year her 18th birthday? I don’t know though, I know jack crap about Miley Cyrus or her birthday, but that is a thought.

  4. renne says:

    i don’t really understand we do we care about them.

  5. cherryblossom says:

    Wow, I usually avoid all things Miley…but that headline was too absurd to ignore.
    Good for her…a story that doesn’t involve 20 year old boyfriends, stupidity, or the creepy relationship she has with her father.

  6. Vibius says:

    Sad thing is, with her and all of Disneys media manipulation I am having a hard time buying this. Plus cant the owner file a report for stealing it? Where was the humane society if these chickens really were sad? Plus as a person with some redneck relatives, I can guarantee you that chicken isn’t safe at her parents house.

    This story just seems like a load of BS.

  7. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    Save the chicken from what exactly?

    Shame she still hasn’t been able to find the time to get her busted-a55 mouth fixed. Those teefs give me the night sweats.

  8. Aleksa says:

    In my view, anyone who likes animals, is in my “good books”…even if she sings really annoyingly.

  9. raunnie says:

    It would be nice if Miley would use her star power to help the caged chickens in factory farms. She has influence over a generation of young people; she could use it for the good of the earth, instead of encouraging people to buy crap that fills the landfills. She could endorse a cause instead of a product.

  10. Kat says:

    Miley is a chicken thief ??

  11. Sue D. Nimm says:

    I didn’t look at the header photo properly and I thought she was actually waving some helpless chicken around.

    Anyway, a friend of mine has chickens and they need lots of care. Miley will probably just hire some kind of chicken maid and forget about it.

  12. Maria says:

    I noticed (TMZ photo Miley in NYC) that Miley’s Yorkie, Roadie had a red tag on it’s collar. II thought it was a flea deterrent but turns out, Miley is big on fragrances. Her people use a product called Frescopet. I went to their site and it sells fragrant tabs. I just wish Hollywood would stop being so secretive with what the celebrities use. What’s the point?

  13. Luigi Fulk says:

    Thanks for the post, I stumbled upon