Kelly Osbourne banned from two parks for yelling at little kids: ‘I’m protective’

Since I don’t have kids of my own (my choice) and have loved having the role of “cool aunt”, I can kind of relate to this story. Television personality Kelly Osbourne (I’d say singer, but we all know how that turned out) confessed in a recent interview with Meredith Viera that she might have been a little over enthusiastic in defending her niece while she was out playing. The 31-year-old aunt to brother Jack’s oh-so-cute 3-year-old daughter, Pearl, hasn’t made any friends at the playground, telling Meredith, “I’ve been banned from two parks in the area because this kid was mean to my niece and I yelled at the child and the child’s mother.”

Is anyone really surprised? Kelly has always been an outspoken woman, and has courted controversy due to some of her recent remarks regarding Donald Trump’s stance on immigration. And, don’t get her started on her feelings for her former Fashion Police co-star Giuliana Rancic. She’s even making international headlines as a judge for the upcoming season of Australia’s Got Talent. Hey, back when she was on The Osbournes, Rolling Stone described her as “a wickedly funny, brutally honest, pint-size, potty-mouthed spitfire.” Well they did nail the “potty-mouthed spit-fire” part.

Her “spitfire” quality may have helped her land an upcoming TV role. Kelly is once again heading to the small screen on an upcoming episode of the CBS procedural CSI: Cyber. Kelly is set to play a computer hacker nicknamed “The Angel of Digital Death”.

I’m not sure if Kelly added any expletives to her rant, and it’s likely she could very well have. I mean, swearing is a way of life for Kelly, she’s been around it all of her life (you DO remember who her father is) but, she should really try to behave herself and set a good example for that adorable niece of hers. I mean, look at her on Daddy Jack’s Instagram! If I saw anyone be mean to this adorable kid, I might have a thing or two to say myself.

My little storm trooper is at it again. #starwars #HerForceHasAwoken

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Exclusive... Kelly Osbourne Takes Her Niece Pearl Out For Dinner & Ice Cream

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  1. Chelly says:

    Shes a child herself. Im glad she was banned. The parents who were yelled at by her likely had more class but I will say if it were ME & she yelled at my niece/nephew, she wouldnt have time to come to me & “let me have it”. The situation would have been a lot different. Shes just a bully & tries to justify it by “being protective”

    • Luca76 says:


    • Mon says:


    • JudyK says:

      Agree. Can’t stand her.

    • Cran says:

      Kelly is an a$$.

    • JustJen says:

      Totally agree. I also think she’s seriously playing down the yelling involved. I’ve yelled plenty of times at parks and playgrounds when my daughter was younger, for various reasons. Kids abusing the equipment, pushing other kids off of the teeter totter, using profanity, deciding it’s fun to throw a football around while toddlers are scampering on the tiny slides…etc. I didn’t use profanity EVER when doing so, however. I have a feeling that she not only yelled the f-bomb, she also threw in some seriously awful insults and heinously shamed toddlers for behaving like toddlers.

    • ISO says:

      Yup. Entitled to be a “little potty mouthed spitfire”; methinks she wears it like a badge. Most of us non-celebrity spawn must nor only mind the law but be respectful of our fellow plebeians.

      • Wentworth Miller says:

        U all sed exactly what I came to say. You know, until that whole Fashion Police debacle, I thought that I was one of few who couldn’t stand this crass loud mouth chick.

    • ladysussex says:

      Yeah, and why does she keep getting jobs??? She has zero talent of her own, yet she’s hired to judge a talent contest? And with no kind of eduction, what the h@#$ qualifies her (or that other purple-headed dim wit) to be on the view commenting on social/political issues? I really just want her to go away.

  2. NewWester says:

    Pearl is just adorable! But did anyone also notice that cute puppy Kelly is holding? Too much cuteness in that photo!

  3. minx says:

    She has no talent or discernible skills. I have no idea how she got to be regarded as a “fashion expert” because has no taste and her critiques on FP were a joke.

  4. t.fanty says:

    Okay, one, I don’t think someone can get banned from a public park. Asked to leave? Maybe. Two, is screaming at kids she doesn’t know really something to brag about?

    Horrid woman

  5. neelyo says:

    Like mother, like daughter. I don’t think of Kelly as outspoken but closer to a schoolyard bully.

  6. DivineMsM says:

    If that’s the case, she wasn’t being protective, she was being an a-hole, which is par for the course with her. I hope it was hyperbole that she was actually banned; because imagine the abuse you’d have to heap on someone to actually be banned.

  7. ncboudicca says:

    mmm yeah, Kelly’s an a-hole, not to mention that 9/10 times kids can work out conflicts on their own. All she’s doing is stunting Pearl’s growth by “protecting” her like that.

    Pearl is super-cute, by the way. I love that IG photo.

  8. als says:

    Actually if a kid yelled or hit my niece and the kid’s parent didn’t interfere, it’s fair game.
    You see my kid being yelled at and/ or hit and you do nothing and I am supposed to respect your parenting skills? No.

    • Louise177 says:

      You’re assuming the parent saw the incidents or did nothing. Kelly didn’t go into detail so who knows what happened. Besides shouldn’t you try talking before yelling? A small incident could be blown way out proportion ie Kelly Osborne’s situation.

      • Chelly says:

        Exactly what i was thinking. Whos to say the parent even saw what happened & was even aware. Easy to assume. Either way you discuss it w the parent you dont use your power as the adult to yell at, intimidate and scare the child.

      • Trashaddict says:

        The problem is, having been in parks multiple times and seen kids whose parents were doing absolutely NO monitoring (too busy on their cell phones or yammering between themselves) and were letting their kids get away with murder. I am not actually a helicopter parent, I would also give my kids a stern talking to if they were acting obnoxiously. The other scenario that drives me crazy is at the lake, when I’ve seen parents not monitoring their 3-4 year old child near the water. A kid that age, even if perceived to be a “good swimmer” can go down in an instant. My kids are older and I still can’t relax on the beach when there are little ones around.
        It’s difficult to say anything to those parents because they’ll either cuss you out or in this day and age they might actually get physical.
        She’s probably potty-mouthed and inappropriate, but on some level I get where she’s coming from.

    • chaser says:

      Physical force is actually part of kids growing up (don’t get me wrong lines can be crossed and I take my daughter away from areas where it is simply unsafe for her). By yelling at other children and parents you are actually negating your own child’s resilience to successfully deal with conflict.
      My daughter has pushed, and she’s been pushed in return. The greatest way to get her to stop doing the former is to speak to her calmly about how she didn’t enjoy or appreciate the latter.

      • chaser says:

        Also, I have intervened before on a number of occasions. One recently where I simply asked the child to stop doing what they were doing. Then I looked around for a parent. I didn’t see one at all so then I removed my child from the situation.

        The other child would learn absolutely nothing from me yelling and ‘losing my shit’ and its certainly not the type of reaction that I want my own child to learn. Later we talked about why I removed her from the situation and we talked about how we would have dealt with it if a parent was there.

      • Chelly says:

        The responsible action/reaction

    • ladysussex says:

      Eh. Pretty sure she made the whole thing up anyway. Public parks don’t have any employees, managers, or security guards there to “ban” anyone.

  9. Lindy79 says:

    I can only imagine Kelly and her rich kid entitlement rocking into a park and shouting at people for probably zero reason beyond what normally goes on in playgrounds and parks with kids. Obviously you need to keep an eye on things but all she’s teaching her niece is to be a douche

  10. Ben Dover says:

    Who does this fat tongued, moron think she is??

  11. Div says:

    Kelly is awful. I remember back in the day she made some underhanded comments about Angelina Jolie and Brad’s kids that just crossed the line, and not to mention her ranting about Lady Gaga’s weight when she herself has struggled with weight issues. There are many, many more incidents so I tend to not be team Kelly.

  12. Aussie girl says:

    Newsflash Kelly, your an adult and they are children. Meaning they are exploring and learning about boundaries, interactions and what social norms are. As an adult it’s up to us to set a good example of how to deal with minor or major issues in situations. Yelling at child and its mother in a childish manner is not leading by example. I know it can be difficult seeing your kid or niece on the rough receiving end and not all parents can be proactive in helping, but monkey see, monkey. Teach them a way of taking the high road. . But most parents are reasonable and God forbid if it was your niece being the bully, you would hope that they didn’t get screamed or yelled at by the child’s carer. But the adults would be on par & mature enough to deal with correcting the bad bahaviour, promoting and encouraging bahaviour in promblematic social interactions. Half of me thinks that she see this as a cool funny story, which really does her no favours and shows what spectrum of the celebrity stuck at one age maturity scale she is at.

    • Patricia says:

      Exactly. My little toddler boy is sweet and gentle and he’s my little angel. But he has had his moments where he’s been rough with another child, and he’s been the bully. He’s a baby still, still learning.
      When those incidents happen I always quickly intervene and make sure we apologize to the child, comfort the child, apologize to the child’s parent, and all that. And you know what? Parents laugh it off. Just like I do when another child is rough with my boy and then the parent corrects and apologizes. They are learning, and as long as the situation is handled properly it is no big deal at all.
      I would be so hurt if someone reacted by yelling at my sweet baby boy. She’s a horrible woman.

  13. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I would like to know more about the circumstances. If a child was hurting or threatening to hurt one of my nieces or nephews and the parent was just standing there, I would intervene. If an older child snatched a toy away from one of them, I would say something. But it sounds more like she went off the rails over something minor and handled it in a way that set a bad example for the child. We don’t really know, though.

  14. Meatball says:

    If kids were being mean to her niece and she (Kelly or Pearl) can’t handle it, take the kid home, you don’t get to go aound yelling at small children. Usually the kids end up getting over it in a minute and play with each other.
    There are parents who do nothing when their kids are being little jerks and if you are that concerned that your child may get hurt then remove them from the situation. In the summer my daughter begged me to take her to the park behind our home, which I hate because lots of older children go there and they are little assholes and have no parental supervision. Some kid walked up and sprayed me in the face with a water gun, his dad was sitting there on his computer, said nothing, some random lady was the only one to ask me if I was ok. I was pissed, told my daughter to put on her stuff and left. Did I want to say something to the kid? Yes. Did I want to kick the dad’s computer across the park? Absolutely, but you have to be an adult and move along.

    • Trashaddict says:

      This really bugs me. It’s happening in the parks, in the schools and on the roads. We are basically letting bullies have their way. Sad.

  15. Belle Epoch says:

    I just saw Project Runway Junior and Kelly was nice to the kids there. But she doesn’t seem to have any filter. She must kinda like this persons or she would cool it.

  16. Anoneemouse says:

    Protective? Or demented? Losing it at a kid’s park to the point of being banned. If that doesn’t scream anger issues, I don’t know what does.

  17. chaser says:

    Words like ‘protective’ and ‘passionate’ are what my father used to defend his emotional and verbal abuse.

    • anon33 says:

      Yup, passionate is the CLASSIC abuser excuse word. “Oh I’m just passionate, I just care so much…”

  18. SusieQ says:

    Besides being protective, she’s an asshole.
    She should be praying to the stars every single night, thanking them for having famous parents, they are the only reason she is where she is.

  19. Kym says:

    How this spoiled woman-child was ever considered to be an appropriate judge of talent and fashion is beyond me. The world should have imploded at just the thought of it.
    If a house fell on her tomorrow …I would chuckle inside.

  20. Jenni says:

    Why is this talentless, uneducated, spoiled brat still here? Oh right her last name is Osborne.

  21. Tifygodess24 says:

    My opinion might not be popular but oh well. I personally would like to hear the whole store before I jump to a judgement. I’m not going to assume because it’s Kelly. And the reason why is, as a mother of two children I have witnessed plenty of nasty out of control kids on the playground and everywhere else. And I’m not talking about LITTLE kids learning about boundaries. (but even then there are limits on appropriate and not appropriate behavior) There are parents who absolutely refuse to parent and teach their children and when their kid does something nasty or mean the parents just shrug their shoulders and go on ignoring their kid and the situation, or they do my favorite- “oh aren’t they cute, kids will be kids!” and then go back to ignoring their kid with no redirection or correction. So frustrating. Thankfully My kids were never the a-holes in the park or anywhere else for that matter, because they were taught better from day one. I worked with children for years (thanks to my degree) and I can tell you most learn by example and if your kid is constantly pushing, shoving, bullying and acting like brat – it’s you, not the excuse of oh s/he’s learning boundaries or kids will be kids. Even a toddler who bites can learn very quickly it’s not acceptable behavior, yet I have dealt with parents who had biters for longer than they should have all because they didn’t parent and thought oh it’s ok. So who knows Kelly could have very well came across a parent who thinks their little angel can do no wrong and kept bullying her niece. I would step in too. I’m not above correcting your child if you won’t and the parent won’t be far behind. And before someone gets in to this with me – no it’s not about being a perfect parent with perfect children, there is no such thing . Kids will act like butts and brats from time to time, but it is about actually being a parent which many don’t want to do. Well behaved, happy children come from parents who try, not parents who don’t bother.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I agree with you that people are jumping to conclusions and there’s just not enough information to really judge what happened. I can see circumstances where you might say to a child, “hey, sweetie, lets don’t pull Sara’s hair like that; it hurts her,” and the other parent might say don’t correct my child, and it could snowball.

    • Twink says:

      People assume because of stuff she does, like that she had a meltdown and ranted and ranted because SHE hit HER OWN head with a TV screen on a plane, or when she criticized Xtina for her weight, etc. She doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt because of her own behavior.

    • meh says:

      You are right that there are tons of a**hole children and parent pairs out there. But if you have worked with children, then you must also know that responding to those people like an a**hole is terrible not just for them, but for your kid too. There is a huge difference between sternly yelling “stop that now” when you see someone hurting your kid, and tearing into them with verbal abuse. She is bragging about being “banned” so I feel safe assuming she did the latter.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Right, but we don’t know for sure how she responded. Haven’t you ever tried to be as nice as you can about something with a stranger, but it all went to hell anyway? I have. I’m not saying that’s what happened, I’m just saying that we don’t know.

  22. tealily says:

    I forgot Jack had a kid.

  23. Cindy says:

    This story doesn’t make sense. I have a daughter and when she was little we went to countless parks. I have never, ever seen a parent behave the way Kelly is describing. And she was banned? By who? There is no such thing as a “park boss”. If your child is being mistreated, you deal with the situation by intervening, talking to both kids, and at most removing your child. But it isn’t some extreme situation. When kids are little, they act like lunatics sometimes. It’s part of normal growing up. But screaming at the kid/parent? That is ridiculous and tyrannical.

  24. islandwalker says:

    Generally speaking, she is an under-educated bully and she learned it all from her awful mother. Both a-holes. You know there is something missing from her story, she always exaggerates and embellishes to make herself seem cooler (in her mind.) I hate her on the Project Rumway shows. She has no right to be judging people who create for a living, she knows zip about fashion except how to buy it (and she learned that using daddy’s money.)

    Niece is adorable.

  25. Bridget says:

    Are other people’s aunts supposed to come in and yell when Kelly’s the one being a bully? Cause that’s pretty rich of her to complain about this kind of stuff.

  26. suze says:

    This is such an incomplete story and she is the very definition of an unreliable narrator.

  27. kri says:

    I’m of 2 minds on this. Was the other kid really being cruel or physical? Obviously you NEVER touch another person’s child, but i can honsetly say if some kid was bullying my niece at a playground I would be upset, too. Of course, I would locate the parent/guardian and speak with them. But if the kid was hitting my niece or something similar, I would yell, too. On the other hand, I cannot bear Kelly. But I like Jack. Oh well. Too much thought.

    • JaneS says:

      And if your niece was the one doing the hitting… would you advocate a grown adult, double her size, screaming at her? You’d think that was ok?

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        If my niece was hitting another child and an adult started screaming at her, I would tell the other adult “thank you, I’ll take it from here.” I would not have handled it that way myself, but my niece was in the wrong, and actions have consequences. I saw my niece snatch a doll away from another child once, and I marched over and she gave it back when she saw me coming, even though she was only about four. She knew better.

  28. Anti Bieber says:

    She’s an ill-mannered loudmouth just like her mother. The apple does not fall far from the tree.

  29. Marianne says:

    I think it all depends on the situation. Being “mean” could mean a variety of things. Are we talking about physical violence? Teasing? Not sharing? Etc.

    Also, were the parents of the other kid doing nothing about it? Or were they talking to the their own kid about their behavior? Did you even give them a chance before you stomped over there?

  30. Kori says:

    Yes all adults should yell at small children–mean ones or not. Great example in how to settle differences there.

  31. MB says:

    I think she probably means banned as in forbidden by Jack to take Pearl to those parks again due to her bad behavior. It’s embarrassing for the kid and may impact any social relationships jack and his SO have with the other people who frequent the park.

    As for Kelly, she is just awful. And I am secretly thrilled that she is gaining back some of the weight because she only managed to establish some sort of career thanks to getting skinny after DWTS

  32. jane berk says:

    I don’t give her much credence-dont really care what she says or does BUT it’s a shame what she looks like-here’s a girl who could look really pretty if she looked normal. It’s too bad to waste her sort of pretty face -you KNOW no one is telling her the truth about how she looks.

  33. joe says:

    worthless talentless person who is only famous because of her dad. nothing good about her

  34. Frank Drebin says:

    Jack Osborne’s the pretty one

  35. ɮɛʟʟa-tɦɛ օռɛ&only says:

    Lɨʋɨռɢ ɨռ tɦɛ քaʀtɨċʊʟaʀ aʀɛa I ɖօ, tɦɛʀɛ aʀɛ a ʟօt օʄ քaʀɛռts աɦօ ɛɨtɦɛʀ sɦօʊʟɖռ’t ɮɛ օʀ ɦaʋɛ ʟɨttʟɛ tօ ռօ sɨtʊatɨօռaʟ-aաaʀɛռɛss օʄ tɦɛɨʀ ċɦɨʟɖʀɛռ’s ɮɛɦaʋɨօʊʀ. Tɦɛʏ’ʀɛ ɛɨtɦɛʀ քʀɛօċċʊքɨɛɖ աɨtɦ tɦɛɨʀ քɦօռɛs օʀ ʄʀɨɛռɖs օʀ ʝʊst ɖօռ’t ɢɨʋɛ a ɖaʍռ. Sօ I ʀɛʍaɨռ ʋɨɢɨʟaռt aռɖ ҡɛɛք aռ ɛʏɛ օռ ʍʏ ҡɨɖ.

    Wɨtɦ ʍʏ օʟɖɛʀ 2, աɛ աɛʀɛ at a քʀօ-ɮasɛɮaʟʟ tɛaʍ ɢaʍɛ ɨռ օʊʀ ռatɨʋɛ ċօʊռtʏ. Sɛatɛɖ a ʀօա օʀ tաօ ɮɛɦɨռɖ ʊs աas a ɢʀօʊք օʄ ċօʟʟɛɢɛ-aɢɛɖ ҡɨɖs ʊsɨռɢ ʋɛʀʏ ʄօʊʟ ʟaռɢʊaɢɛ aռɖ ɖʀօքքɨռɢ Fɮօʍɮs ʟɨҡɛ ɨt աas ċօօʟ. I ċaʟʍʟʏ ɛxքʟaɨռɛɖ tօ ʍʏ ɛʟɛʍɛռtaʀʏ sċɦօօʟ-aɢɛɖ ċɦɨʟɖʀɛռ tɦat sʊċɦ ʟaռɢʊaɢɛ աas ɨռaքքʀօքʀɨatɛ aռɖ sɦօաɛɖ a ʟɛʋɛʟ օʄ ɨɢռօʀaռċɛ ɖʊɛ tօ tɦɛ օʟɖɛʀ ҡɨɖs’ ʟɨʍɨtɛɖ ʋօċaɮʊʟaʀʏ (ɮօtɦ օʄ ʍʏ ċɦɨʟɖʀɛռ ɦaɖ ɨʍքʀɛssɨʋɛ ʋօċaɮʊʟaʀɨɛs at ʋɛʀʏ ʏօʊռɢ aɢɛs). Bʊt I աas a sɨռɢʟɛ ʍօtɦɛʀ aռɖ աօʀҡɛɖ ɦaʀɖ ʄօʀ tɦɨs tʀɛat, ʊռաɨʟʟɨռɢ tօ ɦaʋɛ ɨt ʀʊɨռɛɖ ɮʏ tɦɛ tօxɨċ ʀʊռռɨռɢ ċօʍʍɛռtaʀʏ ɮɛɦɨռɖ ʊs, sօ I stօօɖ, tʊʀռɛɖ aʀօʊռɖ, aռɖ stɛʀռʟʏ ɮʊt քօʟɨtɛʟʏ saɨɖ “Iʄ օռɛ օʄ tɦօsɛ աօʀɖs ċօʍɛs օʊt օʄ ʍʏ ċɦɨʟɖʀɛռ’s ʍօʊtɦs, I’ʍ ċօʍɨռɢ aʄtɛʀ YOU.” Tɦɛʏ ɨʍʍɛɖɨatɛʟʏ aքօʟօɢɨsɛɖ tօ ʊs aռɖ tօռɛɖ ɨt ɖօառ. Pʀօɮʟɛʍ sօʟʋɛɖ, ċօռʄʟɨċt aռɖ ċʊʀsɛ-ʄʀɛɛ.

  36. Denise says:

    How do you get banned from a park? I mean…do these parks have offices where one could file a complaint? I wonder if Kelly is elevating the story all on her own. I mean she’s getting headlines from it.

  37. NativeAtlantaGirl says:

    Rather ironic that she is such a bully herself, that she now has to bully kids under 10.

    Let kids on the playground try to settle their own issues – short of violence and being similar stature, etc. Our mommies and daddies can’t intervene in everything. Amazing previous generations survived… yeah, I got more than my share of tormenting – I was fat as a kid and have a physical disability, but I survived, learned to use my wit and allies. As I say today “toughen up buttercup!”

  38. JenniferJustice says:

    We can be “protective” and still communicate like adults. She gets no pass for being beligerant to other little kids. There are ways to handle such situations and ways not handle them. She’s trashy. Just goes to prove money can’t buy class or intellect.