“STP frontman Scott Weiland has passed away at the age of 48” links


Stone Temple Pilots’ Scott Weiland has passed away at the age of 48. Rest in peace. [Dlisted]
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I thought Kylie Minogue was Jerry Hall in these pics. [Moe Jackson]
Ben Dahlhaus is beardy, which I like, but the Fabio hair has to go. [A Socialite Life]
Kyle Richards looks… different. Right? [Reality Tea]
Here’s Mark Hamill dressed as a Storm Trooper, for some reason. [Buzzfeed]


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  1. Zigggy says:

    RIP Scott.

    • LeAnn Stinks says:

      Loved Scott, Loved STP with Scott. This is very sad and even more tragic because he has kids.

  2. tealily says:

    This news isn’t exactly a shocker, but it still felt like a gut punch when I read it this morning. As an adolescent/teen in the 1990s, STP was a big part of my life. R.I.P., Scott.

    • Size Does Matter says:

      The memories! All the 90s girls should pour out a Zima for Scott. RIP, youth.

      • Becks says:

        I was so sad to hear this….. I actually saw STP in concert during the 90’s. Those were some good times.
        RIP, Scott.

      • Bettyrose says:

        Zima. Stop! Such a sad thread but your comment made me smile. Only because I was late teens and someone got us a case of Zima can I justify drinking that swill. Good times.

      • Fishfishbirdcats says:

        Lifting my Zima. RIP. Life well lived, Scott.

    • funcakes says:

      I can’t believe it’s been that long since their first CD. I had to buy a second one since I played it so much.
      It had to be heart disease because the body can stand so much abuse after many years of use.
      I feel sorry for his children.

      • JR says:

        Longtime Scott fan. Devastated to hear of his passing. According to his memoir (came out in ’11), he was diagnosed with drug-induced cardiomyopathy (I think it’s heart muscle deterioration) in 2002-3 when he was detoxing from heroin. His brother, Michael, had the same condition (though his was undiagnosed until autopsy) and passed away in his sleep in 2007 so I’m guessing based on early reports that it’s the same scenario. He wrote in his book, “Why Michael and not me?” Scott claimed in interviews that he had been free from heroin for over a decade and off cocaine since the end of Velvet Revolver in ’07-’08. He still drank and smoked which I’m sure did little to help his heart, but as somebody who saw him several times in the last few years, I do believe he was trying to manage his addictions the best that he could. He was also bipolar and a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. In addition to Michael’s death, he lost another stepbrother in childhood. He had a lot of difficulties in his life but he accomplished a lot. His list of hits speaks for itself. Two Grammys with two different bands. Unfortunately, I think the damage to his body was already done and his past caught up with him. A few years back, I watched as he brought his kids onstage during an STP show. The smile on his face said it all; he adored them. Thank you for the years of beautiful music, Scott. May you be reunited with your brother and may you both finally be at peace.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I didn’t know of the rape he experienced when he was 12 until today, and it broke my heart. That is so very, very sad. I wonder if his life would have turned out differently if he had been able to get help back when the assault happened. What a horrible thing for a little boy to go through alone.

        I loved STP back in the day. I think he was the first “bad boy” I had a crush on. He had a great voice for rock.

      • mom2two says:

        I loved everything you wrote JR. I found Scott to be incredibly talented with a distinctive voice. He will be missed.

      • tracking says:

        JR, thanks for the info. So, so sad, especially for those poor children.

      • JR says:

        Thanks for the nice comments guys. I’m really pleased with how kind everyone is being here. I mostly lurk, but I wanted to post that about his heart condition because it’s not being reported anywhere so people are assuming overdose. I adored him and it’s hard to read some of the negative reactions elsewhere. (“Once a junkie, always a junkie”, “should have gone out in the 90s” etc.)
        Tiffany- I often wonder that same thing. He was interviewed on Howard Stern a few years back and he spoke about the rape and still seemed deeply, deeply traumatized by it. I don’t think he ever healed. He was drinking heavily then (by his own admission) and it was a very difficult interview to listen to; he had a lot of trouble putting words together. I don’t know if he was on psychiatric medications, but I knew someone who mixed benzo’s and alcohol and had a similar stilted speech pattern. I ended up playing the interview at 2x speed to make it listenable.
        His book is interesting, but not as in-depth as say Keith Richards’ or Joe Perry’s books. You get the sense that he was always a very sensitive, artistic person, even when young. At the heart of it all, I think he was just a nice Catholic boy from Ohio who had a tough go of things. He did a cover of the hymn “Be Not Afraid” after his brother Michael’s passing. It’s a beautiful version and should be floating around on YouTube.

      • GingerCrunch says:

        JR, your last post brought me to tears cuz I vividly remember that Stern interview. I LOVED when Scott would go on and the disclosure of his abuse was so heartbreaking! You could somehow better understand his struggle. I always hoped he coulda beat his addictions, but always dreaded this day too. So thankful for the music.

      • FLORC says:

        He was a talent and another senseless death.
        This is upsetting for many reasons. How drugs can ruin lives and families. Price of fame. So much more.

        He lost his battle with addiction by the news filtering out. Despite word of his wife that he was clean and only drank.
        Slash was said to only leave groups when drugs become a factor and while not announced it was a known secret Scott fell back on. Although briefly and then getting clean again for stp reuniting.

        And knowing well a man who had an on and off business relationship with him over the past 8 years. A man who adored him from high school fan time. Even he saw Scott wasn’t free of addiction. Cocain and crack were not out of his life by my source’s observations and neither from what was found on the bus and with those near him in his final days.

        Let’s not sugar coat a tragedy. It’s sad, but it happened and should be a cautionary tale. That’s not to trash a man. I hope this comment is not read as that.

      • Fishfishbirdcats says:

        JR, thanks, beautiful posts. You do justice to his soul. May it RIP.

      • zinjojo says:

        JR, wonderful tribute to Scott. May he find peace that was so elusive for him in life.

      • Dana m says:

        I listened to all the STP/VR albums this weekend in memory of Scott Weiland (remembered most of the lyrics too). A lot of memories from almost 20 years ago came rushing back. I cried for the sadness felt during my struggles but felt elated happiness for the good times too. Never before flashbacks from Senior year of high school and UT college days popped into my mind! Along with a break up & 1st corporate job out of college day memories! Ahhhh. A bag mixed with different emotions and thoughts from my past. I had suppressed these emotions because I didn’t want to deal with them and besides, my motto was to live in the present moment; the past is the past. But they came out this weekend and I felt them again and surprisingly in an intense way . It’s interesting how songs I heard over and over again to help me cope 15-20 years ago can bring me back to that place even when it was so long ago. The brain’s function is so mysterious to me.

        RIP Scott. Your voice was so healing and made me feel so comforted and happy especially when I needed it. Your lyrics and melodies were my therapy, thank you. I was looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday night at your show in Austin but the heavens had other plans for you. My heart is broken. Rest peacefully and may your children find the strength and support to carry on.

  3. Tash says:

    Not surprised but it’s still sad. I hope he’s finally at peace. I saw him perform a few times – he had such a great stage presence. RIP Scott.

    • Esmom says:

      I would’ve liked to see them live. A friend of mine who’s in the music industry said he was among the very best front men he’d ever seen.

  4. LA Juice says:

    not surprising, but still heartbreaking. Seems to sum up a great deal in our world, these days.

  5. H says:

    I was a huge fan of STP in the day. My heart is sad hearing the news.

  6. V4Real says:

    Used to be one of my favorite groups along with Pearl Jam and Sound Garden.

  7. TulipOHare says:

    Been heartbroken and listening to his songs all day.

  8. Luca76 says:

    Sad news though not surprising. Had to listen to Interstate Love song as soon as I heard,,,the memories.

  9. kri says:

    How awful. He was very talented. I hate heroin. It’s all a lie, and look at how many we have lost to it. Anyone out there who is struggling, please, please try to get help. Rest in peace, Scott.

  10. My Two Cents says:

    Very sad indeed. Another life lost in the battle. While they haven’t said, I’m sure it was drug related in that his body was wore out or an overdose. Either way, heartbreaking we can’t all be rid of this world wide disease of drugging ourselves.

  11. Gingercrunch says:

    Husband sat me down this morning to break the news. Hated the horrible inevitability of his death, but god, did I love the music he created. At least that remains and we were lucky enough to see STP live a few years ago when he was at the top of his game. Huge sigh.

    • Bridget says:

      I’ve never been able to get over how badly he messed up his voice. Weiland was so talented but such a mess.

      • Gingercrunch says:

        He was very poor indeed.

      • Bridget says:

        Heroin was a nasty, nasty mistress to him. Even when he got off of it, it was so clear it had taken such a toll on him and his body. That is a man that never managed to outrun his demons.

  12. Jackie says:

    Yeah, for some reason this is really affecting me. I loved STP back in the day. Shocking, but not entirely surprising given his history. Really hoping it’s not drugs though.

  13. BendyWindy says:

    I’m a little surprised that The Wiz didn’t get much coverage, it was easily better than NBCs version of Sound of Music and Peter Pan, which both had a few posts.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      My theater friends were loving it according to social media. I had a thing to go to last night, but after checking my feed, I wish I would have recorded it!

  14. OrangeCrush says:

    Louis CK has said something about how “drugs aren’t bad – drugs are so f*cking good that they will ruin your life.” I feel like Scott Weiland is an example of that. Even if ends up that he didn’t overdose, his past drug use probably contributed – he was only 48. RIP, man.

  15. funcakes says:

    Pamela Anderson…… Enough already!

  16. Pants says:

    I’m so heartbroken about Scott Weiland. It’s not a surprise, but it’s just one of those things that since it hadn’t already happened, you just can’t imagine it when it does. I kind of just thought he’d keep ticking along like Keith Richards. Hope he finds peace on the other side.

  17. OTHER RENEE says:

    I was so angry yesterday reading an article in Rolling Stone (my stepson’s) promoting a new trend in taking very small “microdoses” of LSD to promote high tech corporate creativity particularly among 20 domethings. Apparently it’s very bug in the San Francisco area and spreading. I couldn’t believe how irresponsible it was. And yes, the way the article was worded it DID promote snd glorify drug use. I was furious. And a few hours later I read about Scott dying. One thing leads to another and before you know it you’re a full blown drug addict then you’re dead on a tour bus and your kids suffer the consequences.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      LSD is so different from heroin, though. One doesn’t necessarily lead to another.

      • OTHER RENEE says:

        Drugs are drugs, and glorifying them in any way (especially to young impressionable people) is just so wrong.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I don’t think drugs are drugs…because they are all very different from caffeine to aspirin to pot to LSD to meth to heroin. They aren’t created equally and if you exaggerate the consequences of a less harmful drug, you run the risk of people ignoring the legitimate risks of more dangerous drugs.

      • Kitten says:

        I agree that it’s not a good idea to glorify drugs. I also agree with Tiffany that there’s a VAST difference between LSD and heroin.

        Drugs like heroin are almost instantly addictive. That alone puts them in an entirely different class (literally): LSD is a Class B substance and heroin is Class A.

        You must also take into consideration the drug trafficking and violence that comes with each drug. Heroin isn’t considered highly dangerous *just* because it’s highly addictive, but also because Mexican cartels are providing 50% of what’s floating around the US and most of it is imported from Afghanistan. You can be sure that at least part if not most of that profit is funding terrorist organizations.

        Then you have LSD, which is primarily manufactured by a handful of large scale producers and a few small chemists and isn’t a huge concern for the DEA. It is “homegrown” if you will and along with that comes a limit to the amount of international trafficking as well as the violence inherent with riskier modes of transport, higher penalties for substance class, and larger profit. It’s just not a huge threat to our country’s safety and well-being the way heroin is—the stakes are not as high.

        So yeah, LSD and heroin are very different drugs for a lot of reasons.

      • Kath says:

        Nick Cave’s 15 year old son died because of LSD. Didn’t know where he was and fell off a cliff.

        Anything that messes with your brain and perceptions in that manner is scary, IMO.

      • FLORC says:

        And salvia is still legal though it can make you enter a catatonic state and lose the ability to swallow saliva leading choking deaths. Thank god I had friends that turned my head!
        And LSD is with precautions, like anything. Even alcohol. Even weed. Even prescription drugs of legal means.
        It’s not LSD as much as it’s being uneducated and unsafe to your experience. And buddy up.

        Still, not to be messed with, but if choose to don’t be foolish and uneducated.

    • Dangles says:

      With LSD I’d be more concerned about the risks it poses to someone’s mental health more than I’d worry about the risk of heroin leading to an overdose. A strong dose of LSD can be really hard on the brain and if someone had a genetic predisposition to mental illness then who knows what LSD might trigger in them. From personal experience I’ve actually found heroin to be less detrimental than LSD. I went through a six month stage where I used heroin once or twice a week. But because I was wary of how addictive it could be I was vigilant about not using more than two days in a row and I usually only used on week ends in order to have gaps between use. I also tested the strength of the heroin when I used it to prevent overdose. So I’d have a little bit first and then the rest if I thought I could handle it. I also ever used alone just in case of overdose. All in all heroin never caused me any problems but I was never truly comfortable doing it because as I said I was also wary of becoming addicted, so eventually I stopped. LSD on the other hand I’ve tried a couple of times and I remember having one particularly strong trip that left me feeling like an alien for about a week and I don’t think I was ever quite the same after it.

      • FLORC says:

        Not things I openly admit to, but hey. Anonymous here.
        Did a heroin detox drug before. Easily something I could get into as once in that state it’s tough to escape and then too late.
        Personally shrooms were far more appealing while lsd was not my bag. The floor was water and it made walking very difficult. No thanks. I had places to be and was frustrated.

      • pinetree13 says:

        That is correct. I took a pharmacology class in university and the professor said that LSD and Mushrooms are much more damaging to the brain than cocaine and heroin are. Yet everyone thinks of them as the *safer* drugs to take.

    • isabelle says:

      This new generation is becoming the exact replica of the baby boomers. They don’t realize it, claim to dislike boomers, yet they are just living out their parents/grandparents generation trends and acting much like them. Come on millennials don’t f** up like the boomers & you headed down the same path.

  18. Norman Bates's Mother says:

    It’s just so sad. Same as others – I’m not surprised, but deeply saddened and disappointed that it happened once again. So many talented, young people lost in a similar way (even if he didn’t OD and died of a cardiac arrest as reported – the drugs have ruined his body). As a tween/early teen, I had a huge crush on him and I’d spend my free time waiting in front of TV, hoping that MTV or other music channel would play Velvet Revolver or STP’s videos. I can’t believe he was so young, only 48. He was so thin and unhealthy looking in the Fall to Pieces video back in 2004/05 (I was obsessed with that song) – that was the time he was really struggling with his addiction and he wrote that song about his struggle. I thought he was already in his late 40’s back then, but he looked much healthier lately.

    Condolences for his two young children and other loved ones.

  19. stinky says:

    SPOOKY-wicked-stage-presence & talent.
    Oh MAN he was mesmerizing to watch live.

  20. ISO says:

    I’m surprised Pamela Anderson is on the cover of PB. When she cut her hair short she made a beautiful speech about feeling like a shell of a person trapped in an objectified body. I was really touched by her reveal regarding her history of a sexualized career. I do realize she’s broke, but I actually find it sad that’s she’s giving in to all that is Hugh Hefner and the lie of ‘”feminist propaganda” that is playboy.

    • Nicolette says:

      Really it’s not that surprising. She’s been on the cover of Playboy more than anyone else and it pretty much launched her sex symbol career. I had hoped that when she cut her hair, changed up her wardrobe and gave that speech that she was ready to turn a new leaf. But she’s not stupid either, she knows where her bread is buttered. What else has she done career wise other than be a sex symbol? It might be all she knows. There’s a lot of photoshopping being done on that cover and she looks good but it’s back to the same old Pam of the 90’s.

  21. DavidBowie says:

    RIP Scott. I still remember the first time I heard “Plush”. I ran to the music store on campus right away to get the CD.

  22. Madpoe says:

    “time to take her home
    her dizzy head is conscience laden
    time to take a ride
    it leaves today no conversation
    time to take her home”

    one of my fave STP songs – RIP Scott.

  23. Happy21 says:

    Had the good fortune of seeing STP for the first time only a few years ago but man did he have talent! He sounded different, probably from the years of abuse, but he had presence! I was sadden upon hearing of his passing this morning but not surprised. I have read multiple rock star memoirs over the years and didn’t even know he had one. I guess I’ll have to pick that up.
    What a loss :'(

    As far as Pam Anderson goes…not a big surprise she would grace the last nude cover of Playboy. I realize they’ve probably photoshopped her into oblivion there but she looks freaking fantastic! That is a great cover. I’ve always been a Pam supporter so I have no problem with this. It’s who she is, can’t change that. She got her start with Playboy, it seems fitting she on the final cover.

  24. ella says:

    Sad about Scott Weiland. 🙁

    But not only about him specifically, but how so many of the voices of our musical generation (“our” for those of us who came of age in the 90s) are gone or ruined.

    Layne Staley & Mike Starr from Alice in Chains, Kurt Cobain, now Scott. And I’ve just been reading about Sinead O’Connor’s recent troubles with a suicide attempt … Looking at her FB, she seems completely off the rails and it’s doubtful she’ll continue in music. And I’m sure there are many others I’m not remembering at the moment. It’s heart breaking when you think back to how all of these people were in their prime, how vibrant and beautiful and talented, and we had no idea back then how it would all turn out. Well, in some cases we could’ve logically guessed, but it doesn’t mean we could’ve accepted it.

    The passage of time can be so cruel. All the decadence and fame and madness that seems glamorous at the time cannot be withstood in the long run and it’ll catch up with everyone, whether via overdose or suicide or mental illness. At least there are still a few from that era who continue to thrive – Mike Patton from Faith No More was one of my favorite singers from the early 90s and he is in fine shape, physically and creatively. He’s not as famous as some of the others but is an example of someone who was able to avoid the pitfalls of that career and come out on the other side. Chris Cornell is also still in good shape.

    RIP Scott and all the others we’ve lost.

    • Bridget says:

      One thing that those men who’ve past all had in common was that in their prime they were heavy, heavy drug abusers. These were some seriously screwed up individuals. That their deaths seemed inevitable doesn’t make them less sad, but it’s always put a different perspective on their music (I realize Weiland only *just* passed, but it’s always been something for me to think that was the era when STP made their best music)

    • FLORC says:

      Sinead should be on meds and in treatment. Still, it’s no secret she’s lived a tortured life and people have taken advantage of her. I hope she’s well. Whatever changes her life needs to find peace I hope she finds it.

  25. M.A.F. says:

    I only saw them once, at the Hollywood Bowl when he reunited with the band in 2008. Every single person was standing the whole time and singing to every song. I had half a mind to throw on some flannel with my Doc Martins. Yes, we all knew this could happen but damn, It’s still a shocker.

  26. Trashaddict says:

    Tragic. Sad. Predictable.
    I’d rather focus on Mark Hamill, who was walking Hollywood Boulevard shilling for charity. The video was great. Truly nice guy.

  27. Lina says:

    Rip to my idol.
    I still can’t process this

  28. Nicolette says:

    Loved STP, some of my favorite 90’s music and it holds a lot of good memories for me. He struggled a long time with his demons. Whatever the cause of his death will wind up being it is sad to see him go and I wish his family well, especially his children. May he rest in peace.