OK! Mag: Pippa Middleton & Prince Harry have been hooking up for ‘months’

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I really don’t pay attention to OK! Magazine these days. To me, they are the lowest of the low-class tabloids, completely and utterly making stuff up with no connection to any legit gossip. At least tabloids like Star Magazine and In Touch Weekly keep it fresh and tethered to reality. Anyway, this week’s OK! Magazine cover is getting a lot of attention because… Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry. They’re hittin’ it and they have no intention of quittin’ it, apparently. Some highlights from the cover story.

Pippa and Harry’s new romance. They’ve “been enjoying a ‘secret romance’ for three months, but have only ever been caught in the act by their older siblings.”

The first attraction. Apparently, Harry felt attracted to Pippa at Will & Kate’s wedding, and they “spent the entire reception flirting – and then some.”

Snogging in the bathroom. This happened at Will & Kate’s wedding – an insider says, “At one point, Kate went to check her make-up and found them snogging in a bathroom.” Kate was “quite unhappy” about it.

Harry in hot pursuit. He allegedly pursued Pippa “for months” after the wedding, but Pippa didn’t reciprocate because she didn’t want to upset Kate.

Now that they’re single… “There’s always been sexual tension between them, even when they were dating other people,” a source claims, and in the last days of Pippa’s relationship with Nico, Harry turned up at her house and “lit candles and put on some soft music he thought she’d like – Adele, Ellie Goilding, Bruno Mars. They sipped wine and then ate a pasta carbonara that he’d prepared himself.”

William caught them. Apparently, he’s not pleased about it either.

[From The Daily Mail]

Yes, none of this is true. My take? Pippa would have LOVED if Harry was interested in any way, shape or form. She would not play hard to get. Remember, this is the same Pippa who spent the night with an ex-boyfriend while she was still “with” Nico Jackson. As for Harry… I get the feeling that he flirts with every lady he meets. He probably did flirt with Pippa. Maybe there was even an attraction between them. Maybe they even fooled around at one point? But this nonsense about Harry pursuing her and then turning up years later to cook for her and light candles and whatever? No.


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  1. Fran says:

    It’s like “the royal we” is real! god, that was such a good book.

    • Hudson Girl says:

      I had mixed feelings about that book. I loved the first half (they are so funny). But, felt the plot went off the rails with the whole Freddie thing in the 2nd half.
      Also, I didn’t like their portrayal of Prince Charles & Prince Harry who were obviously changed a lot as a plot device. Yet, still, I found it very distracting and it prevented me from getting lost in the book.

      • suze says:

        That book was pure wish fulfillment on the part of the authors.

        It was a fun read but if anyone is thinking that the characters in the book track to the royals themselves, they are deluded.

    • Abby says:

      This was my first thought. I lovedded that book. A lot more than I thought I would. I was sad when it was over. It was really interesting. I didn’t see it as reality at all of course.

    • Jib says:

      I wasn’t crazy about that book. The first free chapters were good, but then, God!! It never ended!!! And there was no plot. The characters whined, moaned, complained, they never did anything at all. No character development. And it made no sense – the main character had NO IDEA who this guy was???? And I thought the ending, which I skipped to because it was sooooo looonnnng and soooo borrrrrinnng, was absurd.

      But maybe I don’t get what people like anymore. I thought Fifty Shades was the worst written book ever.

  2. minx says:

    Yeah, not buying this.

    • Lizzie McGuire says:

      I love the really bad photoshop they did for the cover but as for the “story” yeah no I get zero chemistry from them together.

  3. Betti says:

    HahahHa. If there was even a hint of truth in this we’d know by now with all the ‘leaks’ from Ma Middleton – it would be a rerun of the William campaign.

    Carole and Pips can only dream of this.

  4. Lilacflowers says:

    So, he just turned up for no reason with a bag containing candles and the ingredients for pasta carbonara?

    • anne_000 says:

      The OK story says that while in the final days with Nico, Pippa showed up at Harry’s doorstep in tight jeans and a sheer top. Then Harry made her dinner and Pippa left at 3 am.

      • Pandy says:

        She gets carte blanche to wander Kensington Palace at 3 a.m. looking for a hook up? Despite her sister living in Norfolk? Have to call BS on this one – not that the details about Harry cooking pasta carbonara for her didn’t already reek of BS.

    • Hudson Girl says:

      I DIED laughing yesterday when I got to the pasta carbonara part!!!! LOL!!! I love it when the gossip rags are so oddly random and specific.

    • woodstock_schulz says:

      Yeah, I call BS. There is no way in hell Pippa eats pasta carbonara! It has pasta/carbs! cream! butter! bacon! If they had said he made her a nice kale salad with a balsamic and olive oil dressing, that MIGHT be more believable…

  5. Chrissy says:

    I guess the source is Carole. I call it laughable.
    Unlike like Pippa, Harry is not desperate, I’m sure.

    • Size Does Matter says:

      Oh, exactly! Someone needs to tell Pimp Mama Carole she can’t have both the heir and the spare.

      • WinnieCoopersMom says:

        Doesn’t Harry supposedly love older women?? Maybe he and Carol are the ones having a fling and next week OK will state that this Pippa story was a cover up of what’s really going on!! Hahaha BRF Fan Fic is the best.

      • aaa says:

        That would be awesome!!!

  6. suze says:

    It’s been five years since that wedding, right? They have both aged a great deal. You don’t see it in the day to day.

    Yeah, this isn’t happening. I do love the Photoshopped bikini swim trunk cover, though.

    • boredblond says:

      I’m wondering why it took them so long to cook this story up? Hehe..would make an interesting ‘double date’..

      • COSquared says:

        The weeks post-wedding the tabloids spent their time trying to make Pippa and Harry happen. 4yrs later, they’re bored out of their minds(I’m assuming) so they put out some good ol’ garbage recycling.

      • boredblond says:

        Thanks for the info, COsquared..I guess I missed the ‘first round’..it’s such a natural for tab fodder, it probably won’t be the last..

  7. Shambles says:

    BUT WHAT ABOUT HIS SECRET LOVE CHILD? Will no one think of the children?!?!

    • anne_000 says:

      HA! 😀

    • vauvert says:

      The child is being raised together with Sparkles love child (that he has with KStew) by Battfleck’s former nanny while Brad drops by to give parenting advice after he storms off on his motorcycle and the wind dries his manly tears.
      I can write fanfic all day long😜

  8. Crumpet says:

    Hmmm. Sometimes younger brother wants what older brother has and Pippa is the next best thing (totally and completely speculating, but the older brother younger brother dynamic does happen).

    • anne_000 says:

      I think the dynamic is the reverse with these two brothers. William is enticed to want something or to do something if it’s offered or done by Harry first.

      • Crumpet says:

        I’m quite sure he envies Harry’s more carefree existence, definitely. So you could be right.

        As an aside, Pippa is certainly attractive with a banging athletic bod just like her sister. Harry could do worse for a bathroom snog.

      • LAK says:

        What Anne_000 said.

  9. InvaderTak says:

    OMG SO HAVE I. Harry, how DARE YOU.

  10. TessD says:

    They would make a cute couple tho

    • anne_000 says:

      I doubt it. While he’s heading out to work, she’ll be getting dressed in clothes bought on Charles’ credit card and nagging at him that he’s not spending enough time with her going to parties. He’ll have a devil of a time getting her to do as much charity work as Sophie does. And she’ll always try to stay pregnant just to keep him in the marriage, have an excuse to work less or not at all, and to stay financially secure for the rest of her life if the marriage ends.

      She’ll also try to use her royal connections to make money from one business scheme or another and James will feel emboldened to do the same from having both his sisters married to both the princes. It’ll be a complete nightmare for Harry and the BRF and they’ll be selling Pippa dolls and Pippa’s organic juices in the Buckingham Palace gift shop.

      Also, all of Pippa’s ex-‘boyfriends’ and those she’s slept with just to try to get them to be her boyfriends will be spreading salacious tales in high society circles of intimate details of Pippa, since she’d be that much more of a target of gossip if she was Harry’s wife.

  11. COSquared says:

    Sales must be extremely dismal. O/T: No Nobel coverage?

  12. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I wish I had an eyeroll emoji.

  13. moon says:

    they mistook carole middleton’s daydream for something more

  14. coconut says:

    There’s that Middleton crotch-clutch.

    • antipodean says:

      True, but I always like to think of it as the Cambridge Crotch Clutch! Alliteration is all.

    • anne_000 says:

      @ coconut

      Yup and it’s weird that James is doing it too.

      Somebody posted yesterday that Kate did it out of nervousness, but when you see four Middletons doing it, including the brother covering his crotch, I think it’s done out of some pre-discussed decision they had that it would be their go-to positioning of their hands.

      I know that William does it too sometimes, so are they trying to copy him or did they read it in some old-timey etiquette book or did they see some theatrical actors do it in some old black-and-white movie, the ones with the posh accents that Kate is trying to emulate.

      • Betti says:

        I think its something that they think posh people do – much of how they behave is how they think the posh upper classes behave. I have worked with privileged people some of who are landed/titled gentry and they behave like you and me. They are in fact some of the most down to earth people you can meet, the don’t talk about their backgrounds much and def won’t rub their wealth in your face. They also work, wether its for a charity, company or their own business, they work hard to be successful in their own right. Many have trust funds and live in houses that Mummy and Daddy bought for them but it doesn’t stop them from getting out there to work like the rest of us.

        In my experience the only ones who like to ‘flash the cash’ and be SAHM are the middle classes – people like the Middletons. The neauvo riche – they are the worst people to work for and with. I have quit more than one job because of people like that – they treat you like crap.

  15. wow says:

    This would just seem so icky if true but I would love for this to happen. People’s heads would explode over this harder than those Twihards fans did when Robert Patterson became engaged to FKA Twigs. And I would enjoy witnessing that.

    But nah, I can’t see this happening. Harry even laughed it off and said something like “Pippa? No.” So I’ll go with what actually came out of his mouth as oppose to what tabloids say. Bummer though because that union would be epic just on the entertainment factor alone.

  16. grabbyhands says:

    Dear Ok!-

    If you’re going to try and sell a BS story, please gets a better art department so your cover story photo shop doesn’t look like it was done by a drunk fifth grader.

  17. Mich says:

    This is obviously not true. I hope the side story about Sarah Hyland drinking two bottles of wine a day is also not true!

    • teacakes says:

      yeah, didn’t Sarah Hyland have a kidney transplant a few years ago? I REALLY hope she isn’t drinking two bottles of wine a day either!

  18. FLORC says:

    Star is tethered to reality? This reads like Star wrote it. Bits of truths like names and events is all Star does and all OK! Mag did here.
    They’re equally awful. At least In Touch, L&S, and National Enquirer have all printed actual stories they did the digging on to support. (Cannot believe i’m defending tabloids. This is just a wrong that needs to be righted)

    • Betti says:

      Since they broke the Duggar scandal i have some respect for In Touch (but not too much) – hell even News of the World got it right sometimes. Tabloids exists for a reason – they print what the ‘intelligent rags’ won’t, for the most part. Can’t believe I’m defending NoTW.

  19. kri says:

    South Park has better Photoshop skills. That being said, I would chase that Ginger until he collapsed and just gave in.

  20. sauvage says:

    As far as I can tell, Harry has a type, and that’s busty blondes. Pippa would be a very much out of character choice for him.

  21. I just finished writing a piece about this for another outlet. Google the photos of the two of them at the Royal Wedding Reception. I think there was probably a hookup there. A (single) one…maybe. But that would be it. But the rest would likely be wishful thinking on the part of the Middleton part of the equation. There is simply NO WAY they would have kept it out of the papers for three months. she loves publicity (and bankers) too much for that.

    • anne_000 says:

      I don’t think there was even one hookup because I don’t believe the Middletons are capable of being discreet.

  22. Anna says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! He is way too good for her. 🙁

  23. Citresse says:

    Don’t believe that.

  24. Ashley Atta says:

    Lady Adelaide

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    Re: Royal Predictions 2013/2014/2015 Parts Two and Three 😀
    « Reply #5 on: December 01, 2013, 06:05:00 PM »
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    My predictions for the upcoming year:

    1. CP marries his Snakegirl. She becomes a duchess and all hell breaks loose.

    2. Vic & Dan announce another pregnancy. It’s twins!

    3. Zitaleen and Imbred make baby number two (or three?).

    4. Mosh & Fred continue to be unhappily married.

    5. JC steps down/dies.

    6. Prince Philip passes away. Sad

    7. Harry and Pippa get engaged (but not to each other!)

    8. Kate continues to fiddle with her hair and flash the birth channel in public.

    9. I seduce Hotkon..er..uhm, Haakon and MM get divorced.

  25. Ashley Atta says:

    anonym fragte:
    how do you imagine harry’s wife?

    I imagine her to be independent, well educated, girl. A girl who respects herself, who respects others. A hard working woman, who has done charity before meeting Harry. I hope that his future wife will be a foreigner, and she won’t be anyone he knows already or anyone who’s part of his inner circle.

    I also imagine a short girl, shy but with enough self confidence that a future Princess needs, strong inside, who truly loves Harry and who Harry truly loves. She will be a brunette and dark eyed (just to break the pattern the press put to his girlfriends). She won’t be a model, but she will have a natural beauty and people will love her because they will feel like her beauty is reachable, and because she’ll be a loving and caring person, down to earth.